We Are Family (2015) - full transcript

Three graduating seniors, Willy, Fatty and Yaya, who have no ideas what the future holds for them, are now facing the biggest challenge beyond their imagination: their friend Kaka is back from Australia with a baby in her arms! The baby disrupts their lives and also puts their friendship to the test. Three new "Daddies" are learning the responsibility of life while taking care of the baby...

I don't know how
we got ourselves into this situation.

Hey, you no class this afternoon?

Yes, but I'll skip
the English Literature lecture.

I need a nap.
Yaya, how was your interview?

I find I really
can't talk to human beings.1500

- Are you saying you can't talk to us?
- I happen to need to talk to you.

You haven't paid last month's rent.

When will you pay it?
My dad hasn't wired money to me.

- Tomorrow!
- You lost money on snooker!

I'm so great! How could I lose?
We both gave you money.

If you don't pay it,
Grandpa will throw us out.

You know that, right?
Then how do you want to talk with me?


Young men, the rent...

Grandpa, sorry.
I'll definitely pay you tomorrow.

You guys don't seem to behave these days.

Sometimes, when I come in the evening,
I hear thumping upstairs.

Grandpa, it's me practicing B-Box!

Let me show you.

The engine of the sports car started.

The driver is revving it up.

He sprints to the front of the pack.
He's so fast!

Now, he's ahead of us!
We can't see his tail lights!

Grandpa, I crashed the car!

Crash? You're crushed!

Nonsense! What the hell!

If you want to live here,
you have to obey the rules.

Read them carefully and obey them.

Pay the rent on time, or

I'll throw you out,
and won't let you live here!

- Got it?
- Yes!

Okay, off you go!

It's all your fault! So slow!

- Fatty was messing around!
- Bullshit! You walked in front of me!

Watch out!

Goddess of Mercy! Hurry up, go!

- I was cooking... All the smoke...
- Yes

Excuse me, you're...

We just moved in.

Right, you live in here too?

I seriously suspect
this place is "unclean".

- Ghost.
- Spirits of dead babies.

Innocent people killed.


You three...

...have to be careful.

take the spring onions back.

To protect yourselves.

Sprinkle it in your room.

Swish it everywhere.

Come on, hurry up!

Make sure you do it properly!

Sprinkle it everywhere!

I'm serious. Come on!

Protect yourselves!


According to the evidence,

the result of the product test

met the industrial chemical standards.

Moreover, the authorities
issued the certificate.

Although the standards
were changed afterwards,

the company did not violate
the regulations.

The prosecutor
cannot provide evidence,

proving the damage
was caused by the company.

I've got problems with "it."

Even watching porn can't help.

Can it stand up?

I mean can "it" stand up?

It's a bit difficult...

Stand up.

Now it really can't...

I asked you to stand up!

I got it. It's curable.

But it's going to cost you...

How much? Roughly.



So cheap?

The problem is

you need to take more than
100 tablets before it works.

Positive Energy!

Welcome to
the Positive Energy Club!

would you like to join the club?

In the Positive Energy Club,

we help you overcome your shyness

and build business contacts.

It'll improve your relationships
with people!


Please have a look!

What a lovely day!

Everyone, how are you today?


Welcome you all!

Welcome to
the Positive Energy Club.

The Club was founded in 1912.

Now we have branches in more

than 90 countries in the world.

What we're proudest of are
our excellent methods and materials.

According to the science,

we use around only
5% of our brainpower.


Isn't it such a waste?


Did you get the papers?

I bet you're not preparing
for the lawyers' exam.

I've told you so many times.
I need to think about it.

What can you think?

You can't even
tell right from wrong!

What can your brain think about?

From today onwards,

you have to look after yourself.

I won't give you any money.

Suit yourself.

I don't believe
I can't survive without your money!

You ran away in chaos yesterday.

Give me the money
for the cue sticks!

How do you know where I am?

Satellite navigation set!

- Sirs, we're on campus...
- Repay the money!





Where is my money?

I'm coming down!

Thanks, my dear roommates,
for this big favor.

I'll repay you double
when I get it back!

This is enough.

Who left the door unlocked again?


Positive energy.

Positive energy...

Willy always owes me
so much money.

It should be okay
to take a bit, right?

Timely help from Willy!

He didn't stop talking
on the stage for three hours!

Wow, just like Grandpa!

Tell you what.

The Chinese medicine practitioner
is so cool!

He looks so much
like some celebrity.

I feel he's always
impersonating him on TV.

Listen to me.

God was on my side today.
I played so well!

I won so much money!

Isn't it so great?

Stop being sarcastic!

Pizza delivery!

Here comes my pizza!

Go pay it. It's on me!

Eh? Master Willy is rich!

Of course I am!

I'm coming!

Where did you
get the money for pizza?

Didn't I tell you
I won a lot today?

Cut the crap. Go get cutlery.

You order the pizza
and refuse to pay the rent!

You two, come over here.

Shut up!

It's starting!

Come on!

Just come over!

So annoying!

What's up?

You're wasting time!

Say something!

You order that too?

I'll burn down the shop
that sold it.

Count me in.

What should we do?

Should we call the police?

Why call the police?

You go tell Grandpa about it.

Damn! No!

You go!

Call the police.
Take it to the police.

Is Kaka back?

There's a baby, come home soon.

Kaka, long time no see!

When did you come back?

Where did the baby come from?

- When did you come back?
- Yeah, Kaka.

What are you looking for?
Let us help you.

We're friends.

But if you touch my stuff,
I'll beat you!

When did you come back?

Completely out of the blue!
I was shocked!

Help me look around.

See if there is an envelope,

A lot of money in it.
I seem to have lost it.


Where is it?

I'm finished!

Aren't you helping me?

Come on, look for it!

Where is the money?

It's not your money?

Damn! Where would I get
that much money?

You said you would pay the rent,

I thought the money is yours.

You spent my money?

You really
are a pack of bastards!

Grandpa, I'm back in Taiwan!

I'll be home in a minute.
Wait for me!

Hello? Yeah, speaking.


I've got the nanny's payment ready.

But I need to go home first.


Wait for Mommy
for a minute, okay?

Mommy needs to see
your great grandpa.

I'll be back in a second.

Here. Play with this.

It's fun, isn't it?

Can you please call me
when you come to pick up Dongdong?

Just let me know. Thanks!


I'm home!

Kaka! You're home!

Did you miss me a lot?


Grandpa, you're still smoking?


Or give me back what's left!

- There was some left when I took it.
- I left some as well.

When I took it...

It was all gone...

That was more than
a hundred thousand dollars!

Or we repay you by installment.

No! The baby needs his nanny now!

So it's your baby?


My friend and her family
have gone abroad.

They asked me to hire a nanny.

The money you spent
was for the nanny!

You keep looking after the baby.
We'll repay you bit by bit.

I came back to take care of my grandpa!
He's had a stroke.

How can I look after them both?

I got it!

You contact his mother and
see what she can do.

His mom has gone abroad.

How about his dad?

He's gone abroad too!

How about his grandparents?

Uncles, aunties and cousins?

One of them
must be around, right?

You shut up!

We're looking for a babysitter,
aren't we?

I'm trying to help too!

Please, I beg you...

Give me my money back right now!

If we could repay you,
why would we take your money at all?

Kaka, I'm sorry.

Please stop crying.

I'm not crying!

I'm trying to fix this!

You need to choose
between money and people.

We have no money.

But we have kind hearts.

How about we look after
the baby as payment?

Have you lost your mind?

What a crappy idea!

If she leaves the baby with us,
then either the baby dies or we die!

Then let's give her the money back.


We'll share
the responsibility evenly, okay?

Kaka should be involved.

She's our creditor!
Do as she tells you!

I'm in this too.
No need to remind me.

Do you remember

what I said just now?


Yes, I do.

Most importantly,
we can't let Grandpa

and other tenants know
we're keeping a baby here.

- Got it?
- Why not?

Grandpa just had a stroke.

I don't want to upset him again.

Right, Grandpa says
no living things besides the tenants

are allowed to stay here.

Do roaches and ants
count as living creatures?

The baby's brain isn't fully developed.
Is it a living creature?

- What did I say just now?
- I'll shut up.

I'll leave everything
in the kitchen.



You're back.

Are you feeling better?

Grandpa feels so embarrassed.

You just got back

and immediately had to take me
to the hospital.

I'm really sorry.

why are you talking about this?

From now on,

I'll do the physiotherapy.

I'll get better
so you don't have to worry.



I asked Mrs. Huang next door

to cook pig trotter noodles.

Have some.
It'll bring you good luck.

Nothing bad will happen.

Eat it, it'll improve your luck!

I'm not in jail.
What do I need luck for?

Silly girl.

It's not only for
when you're released from jail.

You came home from abroad.

You need to eat some for luck, too!

When I see you,

I always think of your mom.

She didn't listen to me.

She had a child
when she was so young.

That's why she was so unfortunate

that she went to heaven so soon.

Luckily you're a good daughter.

So understanding and obedient.

Your grandpa has no other
wishes in life.

I just hope

you'll meet someone
who cares about you.

Get married

and have a happy life forever.

Don't be like your mother.

Got it?


Can you feed him?

No, I can't!

Come on.

It's not working!
He doesn't want it.

You hold him up.

I'm scared to hold him.

Calm him down.

Stop crying! Stop!

What should we do?

I have no idea!

Hey, comfort him!

- What?
- Come on, hurry up!

Hide him somewhere
in the back! Hurry up!

I'll answer the door.

Come on!

Excuse me.

I think we heard a baby crying.

Is there a baby crying in here?

This must be
what you heard just now.


We're going to have a party
on campus.

So we're preparing for the show.


Yes, of course.

What's this?

It's beatboxing!

It really sounds like music,
doesn't it?

He's impersonating
a famous radio DJ.

He's so good!

That's right.

That's no baby crying!

We're just practicing
for the show!

Then what's this?

Well, he's impersonating

our landlord!

That's right!

I'm sorry.
Sorry for disturbing you.

I'm sorry.

We heard a baby crying!

He stopped crying.

What did you do to stop the crying?

I did nothing.

When you were beatboxing,

Start beatboxing! He's about to cry!

He's about to cry again!

- Beatbox!
- Come on! Quick!


It's so yummy!

So yummy! So yummy!

Feet, please.


who on earth is your daddy?

Can you tell me?

I won't ask you
such a serious question

when you're peeing next time.


I can't!

I'll fail if I don't turn up?

Damn! I can't...

Help me...

Okay, keep a seat for me.

I'm on my way!

Ok. Byebye.



Please look after Dongdong.

If I don't turn up,
I'll fail straightaway.

I'll buy you dinner! Bye!

Damn! You're so sly!

Sit tight. Be quiet.



...bloody kid!

It's really a baby crying!

You're right.

Decriminalization of adultery.

According to the Article 239
of Criminal code,

if those who are married
commit adultery,

they shall be sentenced
to imprisonment, this article...

Hello? What?

Hello, Willy.

Do some beatboxing for Dongdong.

Damn! I'm in class.

Listen to me.

That crazy couple
are standing outside.

Dongdong is crying.

If they hear it,
they'll catch us red-handed!

Come on!

Anyone home?

Weird... I hear voices inside.

Louder! Dongdong can't hear it!

Why did it go quiet?

Did I hear that right?

Or did I mishear?


Let's have a hearing test
or something.


How dare you clap!

Back to the class!

You're back!

You're home!

If you two are here...
then where is Dongdong?

He's sleeping.

It's fine to leave him alone
from time to time.

It's not a good idea, is it?

It's Game Night tonight!

Of course we need to stock up!

What on earth is going on here?

You not only left the baby alone

but tied him up?

What if he cries?
What if he's hungry?

Let me ask you.

If he falls by accident,
have you thought of what would happen?


We'll find his mother! What?

What are you talking about?

We look after him 24/7. Feed him.

Change diapers.

We can't sleep or go out.

He cries whenever he's not happy.

Who is being irresponsible?

Yeah. We were only out
for a couple of minutes.

Is it that serious?

But you tied him up!

Or what do you want us to do?

If you're not happy with
our service, you can cancel it.

You say you're in it together,
but you're not!

Let me ask you.

We three take turns
to look after him during the day.

You never show up at night.

You come to inspect us from time to time
and complain about this and that.

Is Dongdong's mother your friend or mine?
You're irresponsible!

I'll try my best to see him.

So please...

It's all right.

Take it easy.

I've got no one
but you to ask for help.

Thank you. I'm fine.

No need! Thanks!

Grandpa, what happened to you?

Nothing. I just fell.

He wanted to open the bistro.

He was preparing it by himself.

Why are you messing around?

What do you mean messing around?

We can't keep it closed
all the time!

It has not gone to the wall.

Kaka you are the same.

You should go back to school.

You fell just now.
Stop talking about it!

Let me push you up first.

Let me help.

Can you help me tidy it up?

I'll come back in a minute.

Let's go!

When I graduate from college,

I'll go travelling
around the world

and visit every scenic spot.

You're a model student!

How can you be so disgusting?

I'm going abroad.

I thought you wouldn't leave
till you graduate?

Are you hiding something from me?

All of a sudden,
you're going abroad,

leaving me and Grandpa in Taiwan.

I'm a bit afraid.

Go without worries.

Leave everything to me.

Hey, we're at your doorstep!

I'll sweep it later.

How is your grandpa doing?

He's fine for now.

But I know him only too well.

We stopped him today.

He'll do it again tomorrow.

He had a stroke.
He can't do these things.

But he's so stubborn.

Or maybe I should take it over.

Besides, I came back for Grandpa.

Or what else can I do?

I can look after him!

You've enough trouble yourself,
let alone helping me.

You don't believe me?


I failed to pay the rent
and my dad refuses to help me.

I lost my shirt on snooker.

I'm totally a loser
so I can't help you.

Loser your ass.

Don't say something like that.

Let me help you then.

Well, I mean you help me.

Let me work part-time
in your bistro

to make up for the rent.







Dongdong, quiet.

It's my cousin's kid.


Hey, you.

Is that your child?

No, sir.

How could you
bring a baby to class?

You're disturbing the class.


Concentrate on the class!
Continue roll-call.


Is that really his kid?

I have no idea.
He says it's his cousin's.


Why would he bring
his cousin's kid to the class?

What on earth is going on?

I didn't even talk to her.

And now she thinks I'm your dad.

Why did you cry?

It's all your fault!


Hello. Willy, where are you?

It's your turn now.

I can't do it today.

Grandpa says I can't leave
till I finish chopping 10 pigs.

I need to go to the class later.

Don't you slack!

I can't talk now. I need to go.

I'm being told off. Bye bye!


Hello Yaya.

Willy says
he's busy at the bistro.

Will you be free later?
Come help me.

I can't do it
and that's why it's your turn!

Otherwise what's the schedule for?

Bring Dongdong to the bistro.

See if Willy
is really chopping pork.

No, I can't.

We signed the agreement
we'll keep the baby secret from Grandpa.

We said
we'd share the workload too!

It's so annoying!

Can Dongdong disappear?

Hey, I've got to go.

- I'm in class. Bye-bye!
- Wait! Hey!


Last time I asked you to do

a week's positive energy
imagination exercise, right?

I believe
you all did a very good job.

Get your homework ready.

Later you'll be
divided into groups

and share the result
of your exercise.

You're home!

We need you for the Game Night!

Come play with us.

Oh, sure.
Where is Dongdong?

He's gone.

Yaya found
a super five-star children's home.

Hey, do you know
when you send a kid to a charity,

they have to spend six months
looking for the parents

before the kid is allowed
to be adopted.

We just have to take him back
in six months. Look.

Dongdong is getting
professional care there

and we regain
our beautiful lives.

Isn't that great?

The point is,
we don't have to pay!

I'm so clever,
I should give myself a medal...

Are you serious?

What? It's your fault
that my character got hit!

What are you doing?

How dare you do such a thing?

You know how important
Dongdong is to me and Kaka?

Take me to the home
to get Dongdong back.

Or I'll actually hit you two.

Say it! Where is Dongdong?

I'm sorry!

I'm really sorry.

I've seen too many
youngsters like you.

You have kids
no sense of responsibility.

You play with him when he's quiet

and leave him when he cries.

You know I can sue you
for abandoning a child?

Why didn't you see this article?

I just happened to miss it!

I've had enough of
trouble-makers like you.

I'm going to the police.


Move aside!

I'm sorry.

It's our fault
that we abandoned the baby.

It's all our fault.

But his mother
is not irresponsible.

She's a very brave young woman.

She's alone and gave birth
in a very difficult situation.

Now she has to look after
her sick grandpa

and make money
to support her child.

She's the bravest person
I've ever met.

He's such a good actor!

What's wrong with you?

It's so moving!

Every night we get up
and take turns

to change diapers and feed him.

We worry
he'll get hungry or cold.

We also worry he might feel lonely

so we give up our free time.

It's affected our studies.

But as for Dongdong...

We really don't want to
give him up.


Give us another chance.


He wants you to hold him.

we'll do our best to help you.

Cat got your tongue?

Yes... I'll help.


Then can you do me a favor?




You have to be careful
when drinking soy milk.

According to the experts, hot soy milk
cannot be drunk like coffee...

Why should I waste my life
chopping pork?

Or do you want to waste it
on Dongdong's shit?

Take your pick.

Are these the only two choices
left in my life?

Yaya, remember...

"Positive energy!"

Damn! Be quiet!

Fine. No pork. Chop tofu then.

In other news,

a 9th grader
gave birth to a baby girl

in the bathroom at home.

She was afraid of
being found out,

so she threw the baby
out of the bathroom.

The baby girl's head
hit the floor

and she died of
internal bleeding later.

What the hell!

Bastard! Unmarried mother!

Grandpa is standing up!

Shut up!

Go back to work!

I'm doing something
very important for you.

An inch bigger every night.

Face the root of your fear

and reconcile with it.

Face it honestly.

Lift up your head to see it.

What on earth do you fear?

What are you afraid of?

Are you a man or not?

Wow! He's so cute!

I think...

Men willing to look after babies

are very manly!

She finds me very manly.

Very manly...

Reopening sale.

Come in a school uniform
and get a free dish!


It's open now.

Come and sit.

Bistro reopening!




What's coming?


Kaka! When did you come back?

How was Australia?

You didn't post anything on Facebook.


I told you we'd see Kaka here.

When are you
coming back to school?

Did you take the graduation photos?
Don't forget!

Right, do you want to
apply for the scholarship?

I can bring you the papers.


You take a seat.

I'll talk to you guys later.

You call yourself a friend?
You didn't stay in touch!

We'll talk later.

It's on the house!

What would you like to have?

Oh, well, order it yourself.

Grandpa is in
a scout's uniform, right?

So cute!

And lovely shoes too!

Prof. Yeh is here! Hello, sir!

Hello, sir.


You're not in uniform today!

No free dish!

It's fine.
Order whatever you like.

My treat!

Order everything!

Congratulations on the opening.

Come back to school soon.

I'll take the trash out.



Long time no see.

Evening, sir.

Why didn't you
tell me you were back?

We've got nothing to say
to each other.

You said nothing
and went abroad,

vanishing into thin air
for more than a year.

What's this all about?

Please don't ever come back.

Why not?

I went to your home.

I even met your wife.

Is it that hard to understand?

I miss you.

Don't you touch me!

I'll call the police
if you come any closer!

Let's go flying! Fly...

I'm sorry.

I'm leaving.

You take care.

Everything tidied up?

You did the dishes
so quickly today.

You've improved!

Fatty walked past
with Dongdong just now.

In case Grandpa might see him.

I'm gonna go check on them.

Is he Dongdong's father?

Dongdong's my friend's child!

You don't think I'm so stupid
that I don't know he's your kid?

You didn't go to study in Australia.

You went into hiding and had a child.

- You don't dare to admit it!
- Keep your voice down!

You want the whole world
to hear it?

So you admit it.

It's not what you think.

It's not what I think?

What is it then?

When we were seeing each other,

I thought he was divorced.

After I got pregnant,

I went to his place
and saw his wife.

Forget it.

Why should I tell you so much?


So you came to me

in the middle of the night

to win sympathy?

So you cried on my shoulder
after you were dumped?

So I would take care of
you and Dongdong?

You used not only me

but my two friends!

I'm so damn despicable.

Because I like you,

I'm willing to do
all these things for you.

Now I feel like an idiot,

doing things
for a woman like you!

You know what you were doing?

You were the other woman!

You bore him a child.

Don't you feel so dirty, so cheap?

Tell you what.

In my eyes, now Dongdong
is as dirty and cheap as you!

Leave my child alone!

That's right.

I'm dirty.

I'm cheap.

I'm the other woman.

But my child
has nothing to do with it!

Take your words back!

Right now?

You should think about it again!

It's too dangerous
to walk out like this! Kaka.

Where are you going?

None of your business.

You're going to disappear
for another year?

Get off!

What will happen to Grandpa?

You want him
to have another heart attack?

Come on, give Dongdong to me.


I did apologize.

- Don't be angry.
- Don't touch me!

Okay, okay.

Stop pulling on each other
while saying your goodbyes.

Dongdong is getting upset.

Whoever dares to split
me and Dongdong up,

I'll fight them.

Me too.

I don't want to burden you.

Give Dongdong back to me.

I don't think he's a burden.

Me either.

Willy. How about you?

No matter how tired I am,
I won't let Dongdong leave.

We're home!

We're not leaving.

You don't play video games,
do you?

Now you know
mules never get tired.

But the situation is the same.

If we don't deal with
Grandpa and the crazy couple,

they'll find out about
Dongdong sooner or later.

Is that so?

If they start putting pressure on us.

We'll move to somewhere else.

Let's get money first.

We'll move out
when we've got money.




Where did you get the money from?

I sold some of my models.

I cleared out my DVDs.

Go find a bigger place
with the money.

It should be enough
for the deposit and rent.

After we find a place,

pay Grandpa back

and we'll move out.

Why sell your cue sticks?

A couple of games would pay for
our expenses.

I quit. No more games.


I thought you were great.

I really quit.

How about that?

Double prize.

Win it and pay the rent.

I heard you talking on the phone.

You've got a kid?

It costs a lot to raise a kid.

You have to buy milk...

and diapers

How can you raise a kid
if you've no money?

What are you thinking?

Double prize money.


Still thinking?

Should you count it?

No need. Thanks!

Will I get double
if I play against you?

You've got a kid?

Yes. I myself am a kid!

Go away!


Eat it.

So yummy!


Where did you go last night?

Yeah, did you find a new place?


They're all coming upstairs!
Put everything away!

This must be dealt with!
Yes, definitely!

Let's go talk with them.

Who knows
what the hell is going on!

Yeah, who knows
what the hell is going on!

Here we are.

Who can tell me
where I should hide Dongdong?

Grandpa, I'm serious.
We really hear a baby crying.

- Yeah.
- It cries so loud.

It must be dealt with.

You hold him.

You hold him. I'm packing.

You really have to sort this out!

The baby cries so loud.

We both hear it.

You pack the stuff first.
I'll leave Dongdong on the bed.

You hide him away later.

Dongdong's a good boy.

There is really a baby.

There must be some problem.

They're almost here. You done?

His diapers!

- Put them away, quick!
- I know!

How can we finish
tidying away in just a minute?

See where you're running to!

Go get him!

Open the door!

Hello Grandpa.

Bring the baby out. Where is it?

Hello, Auntie.

Bring the baby out!

Please take a seat.

Where is it?


What are you doing in here?

Teaching him English.

She's teaching me English.

Where is the baby?

I know you're hiding a baby!

Bring it out! Quick!

Bring it out!

Right now.

You'll be pardoned
if you turn yourself in.

Or you'll be sentenced
to 3 years and 4 months!

- Quick!
- The baby?

What baby?

What baby?

I've got evidence!

Come, have a look.

We've got evidence.

What evidence?

What'll you say about this?


It's a baby.

Let's see how you'll explain this!

Say it!

But I had nothing
on my back yesterday!

You can clearly see it!

Let me hear what you have to say.

I was climbing up
the stairs alone,


Recently I've been feeling this pain
in my neck...

Like someone sitting on it.


Didn't someone tell us

this place is "unclean"?


They did!

What the hell did you say?


The place is unclean?

You're unclean!

No, Grandpa, no.

Grandpa, please don't be angry.
That's not what we mean.

I think these kids
are playing a trick on us.

Stop talking nonsense!

In broad daylight

we've got evidence.

Now you're talking about a ghost.

Ghosts aren't here!

We didn't say that!

Search! Right, just search!

You search the kitchen.

I'll check the bathroom.

Have a look here.

Check there.

Okay. Let me see.

How can there be nothing?


Check underneath the duvet.

Did you check the bathroom?

Yes, I did!

Check the toilet!

Could a baby be hidden in the toilet?

- It stinks!
- Weird...

Why can't we find it?


So strange...

Nothing is nothing!

You're playing tricks!

- Grandpa, it's true!
- Go back!

We really heard it!

we really heard a baby crying!

Still blabbing?

Let's go.

All right. I'm sorry.

Grandpa, time to open the bistro.

Shall we go down?

I was scared to death!

You're so cool!

Where did you hide Dongdong?

Didn't you hide him?

Yaya. Where did you hide him?

Wasn't it you who hid him?

Don't try to bullshit me!

I'm not trying to bullshit you!

Then it was you.

It's really not me.

So where is Dongdong?

Go find him!


He's not lost, is he?



Dongdong, stop playing!

He's not here.


Dongdong is on the roof!

Come on!

On the roof? Are you serious?

Come on, let's go.

Wait for me!

Yeah, we did hear a voice.

It was definitely a baby crying.

Why couldn't we find it?

Yeah, why didn't we find it?

It's so strange.

There must be something wrong.
Let's go back.

These youngsters
are playing a trick on us.

We have to look everywhere.

Something's wrong.

Quiet. It's haunted.

Nobody is home. Hurry up!


How did he get up here?

Let me save him.

- What?
- What?

We're on the roof.
You trying to scare him to death?


Be careful.


Dongdong, come here.

He's standing up!

He's standing up!

Our Dongdong is standing up!


You found anything? Nothing here.

I found nothing, too.


Kneel down.
Sit down. Crawl over...

- Stand up later.
- Dongdong.

Come here, quick!

Here... slowly.

- Could the baby be outside?
- It's possible!

Come on, let's go search outside.

See if it's next to the cupboard.

Let's go!


Hurry up! They're coming back.

Let's look for it outside.

- I think I hear something.
- What is it?

- Maybe I was mistaken.
- Hurry up!

Let's go outside!

Oh, my God!

Pull him up!



You're fine now.

You're fine now.

Where did this baby come from?

Tell me!

I'm asking you whose baby it is.

You don't understand my question?

I'm asking you!

It's mine.

What the hell is this?

A baby with three fathers, eh?

You thought I was mad?

Tell me!

Forget it.
It's useless to say anything.

Tell you what.

You never pay the rent on time.

Now you've made such a mess.


You move out.

Take the baby away.

Don't stay here.

I won't let you stay.

They have nothing to do with it.


What are you doing?

Is it your baby?

Tell Grandpa!

Is it your baby?

It's not hers!

You shut up!

Whose baby is it?


Tell Grandpa. Whose baby is it?

They have nothing to do with it.

You told me
you went to study abroad.

But actually
you went to have a child.

You treat Grandpa
like he's an idiot, right?

Tell me
who on earth his father is.

I'm going to beat him to death.

Grandpa, please lower your voice.

Just pretend he has no father.

Listen to this rubbish!

How could you be so stupid

that you'd have a child
with a coward?

Your grandpa raised you
for nothing!

Grandpa, I'm sorry.



Your grandpa has admitted defeat.

You listen carefully.
Get out.

Take the baby with you.

Stop making noise here.

But, Grandpa, you're not well.

Leave me alone!

You didn't listen to me at all.

And you're worried
about my health?

Get out!
I don't want to see it.

Come on, let's go.

Anyway, we have to
move out sooner or later.

Quick, let's find a hotel.

Or Dongdong will catch a cold.

Yeah. You pay the rent first.

Are you deaf? Where's the money?

It's all gone.

Don't you kid with me!

You went gambling again?

You tell me!

You bet on snooker again?

It's all gone?

It wasn't even enough
for the deposit!

You're such a daddy's boy!

I knew I shouldn't have
given you the money.

Apart from the money
your dad gives you,

you could never make money!

- Stop it. Don't scare the child.
- You shut up!

Don't be rude to her!

I've been supporting her
till now.

Why can't I
shout at her for once?

We're already in such deep shit.

I've thought about it.

From beginning to end,

she's been using
your love for her

and you're using our camaraderie.

You've crossed the line

Isn't it too much when you
sacrifice us for your girl?

Everyone knows
you've fancied Kaka for years.

But you don't dare to say a word.

You thought
if you looked after her child,

she'd think better of you?

You don't care about
Dongdong at all!

You went gambling!

Please, stop...

I don't care about Dongdong?

Who took him
to the children's home?

It was you guys, not me!

You two, stop fighting!

You, daddy's boy.
You started it!

Damn! You say that again!

- Daddy's boy!
- You said it again!

- Don't touch me!
- Don't be so sharp-tongued!

What do you mean sharp-tongued?

Which side are you on?

You're the same too.

If you didn't get filmed,

we wouldn't end up like this.

We all have made mistakes
but you, eh?


I finally understand
why you're going to that ridiculous club.

Because someone like you
who lives in your microcosm

is so damn selfish.

You don't deserve
to live on the Earth.

You who has nothing
but dick in your head

dare to criticize me?

You've crossed the line!

- How dare you push me?
- What are you doing?

- Don't touch me.
- Dare you fight me?

- Don't touch me.
- Stop fighting!

- It's all your fault!
- Stop fighting!

What do you mean my fault?
What are you talking about?

You love gambling!

You love gambling so much!

You've gambled away our future!

Damn you, Fatty, go away!

I'll send Dongdong away
if you keep fighting!

Stop fighting!


Don't follow me!

We're over.


- Who are you?
- Jerk!

What are you doing?

Scum. You'd abandon your kid!
You don't deserve to be a human being!

What are you talking about?
What kid?

You're still pretending?

Don't you know
what you did to Kaka?


You're saying Kaka has a child?

Or you have another kid?

Another kid with another student?

Any other?


- I really don't know!
- You don't know?

What are you doing?



My bowel will rupture
if you don't start talking.

You know what you've done wrong?

Yes, I do.

And you're still
willing to take me in.

It's not what I mean.

I know.

I know I've done
more than one thing wrong.

I shouldn't get myself
into such trouble that

I could only come home for help.

I should have handed in

the topic of my report.

I should have decided
if I want to sit for the lawyers' exam.


I know I don't deserve to talk
all this bullshit.

But before I follow the path
you set for me,

can you give me some space

to breathe...
To hesitate over it.

I want to find out
what I really want.

I got it.

Eat up!

If you don't eat,
my bowel will rupture too.


What are you doing here?

It's so difficult to find you.

I asked so many people.

Your life must be hard, right?

You can't finish your studies.

With a child,
you can only work part-time.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

Go away!

What a lovely boy.
What's his name?

Don't you touch him!

How long do you think
you can keep this secret from me?

He's not your child.

You're still lying to me?

This child is mine.
Why should I go to court?

There is a dispute over the custody.

You both have your reasons.

We police really can't help.

What's up?

He wants to take my child away
and threatens to sue me.

What should I do?

Transfer of Child Custody

This is...

My end-of-term report.

Why did you choose this subject?

I want to help
someone win custody.

Remember what I said
when we were in the restaurant?

I want to know
what I really want in my life.

I had been fooling around,

had no goal in my life.

But now
I've got something to cherish

and someone to protect,

and I have the courage
to face my responsibilities.

I want to use this opportunity

to prove I'm able to handle
this responsibility.

Custody cases are difficult.

Are you confident that you'll win?

Are you confident you'll
win every case?

Of course not.

Even if you're not confident,

I'm sure you have done your best.


If I have any questions,

can I ask you?

You know my office hours.



I know I let you down.

Now I come asking for help.

I'm such an idiot.


Grandpa, if you can prove

we have the money
to support the child...

I will make my own money.

If you're willing
to testify in court,

it'd be really helpful.

That's it.


Have you been eating properly?

Have you been taking your medicine?

Have you been going to physical therapy?

I know you don't want to see me.

But please send me a text.

Let me know how you're doing.

No matter what I've done wrong.

I'll always be your Kaka.


There are pig trotter
noodles in the kitchen.

Go have some, before you leave.

I don't know what's happened to me.

Recently when I sleep at night,

I dream of you and your mother.

The three of us used to eat together.

We were so happy.

Grandpa was hoping

you wouldn't end up as unfortunate
as your mother.


I'm sorry...

for making you worry.

When you gave birth to Dongdong,

did you have anyone with you?


I held my hands together tightly,

tried my best to push the baby out.

What else could I do?

It will be okay.

I'll always be with you.

Why did you spit a seed at me?

I'll sweep the floor later.

Sweep the floor?

You always say that.

Take the broom.

All you do is laugh
and play innocent.

Come on.

Take the broom.

Someone is having
a secret love affair!

How did you know where to find me?

As a professional roommate,

I know how to locate you with my cell.

So now we are...

We heard
we were attacked by the enemy.

Time to be reunited.

Positive energy!

Finally you're back!

Operation Saving Dongdong

The four points
I wrote on the white board...

Parental capabilities.

Economic power. Financial situation.
Social relations.

They're four aspects of
this case.


I hope you can go looking into

who are these students that

Prof. Yeh has harassed or seen.

Ask if anyone
is willing to testify in court

or sign the petition.

please compile the video clips

we filmed with Dongdong
in the past few months.

They'll be played in court

to show our love for Dongdong.

We need to prove
that staying with Kaka

is the best for the baby.

Dongdong is very happy with us.

Such a loving environment
is what a child needs most.

It's also
in the child's best interests.

When Dongdong lives with us,

there will be four adults

looking after him day and night.

So we should
respect Dongdong's wish

to stay with us.

By law,

only children older than seven
are able to express their wishes.

On what grounds do you say that?

You never look after Dongdong.

You've never done
anything for him.

Do you know that children
who stay with their mom

are the happiest?

Your Honor,

I must inform you that

the defendant's representative

i.e. this student, had once

violently attacked me.

In the past few months,

the child's mother

left the child in the care of
three inexperienced students

She did not fulfill
any of her responsibilities as a mother.

In addition,

according to my investigation,

in the past,

the child nearly
fell from a building.

Accidents like this have proven that

these students
are incompetent babysitters.

The most dreadful thing is
they even

sent the child to a infant-asylum,

trying to abandon it.

An irresponsible mother.


And irresponsible babysitters.

We can never leave
the child in their care.

When talking about
one's integrity,

Prof. Yeh,

you are the immoral one.

You're a professor
and married man.

But you seduced
several female students.

You're the suspicious one.

Please don't make things up.

I only had a relationship
with the defendant.

And it was consensual.

Absolutely pure love.

Moreover, my wife...

has forgiven me for the affair.


Why on earth do you
refuse to testify in court?

Isn't Kaka
a good friend of yours?

I don't want to get into trouble.

Or can you tell me
what other victims are?

I'll ask them to testify.
Maybe they'll have the guts.

Don't say that I have no guts!

Kaka knows what he's like
and decided to have the child.

No one is a real victim.

Everyone should be
responsible for his own actions.


Isn't Kaka trying to be
responsible now?

These are just excuses. You're
worried about failing the exam.

He's on the committee of
the postgraduate school

you're applying for, isn't he?

How do you know
I'm applying for it?

Because I've always liked you

and cared about you.

But thank you
for letting me understand

the friendships between women
are shit.

These are my financial records.

I have a stable income.

I own a house and a car,
and have made several good investments.

In any case,

I have more money
than these students.

Looking at it either
subjectively or objectively,

I believe that my wife and I

will provide Dongdong
with the best care.

You've got money, but so what?

How much
do you understand Dongdong?

Do you know how long and how hard

it was for Kaka to give birth to him?

Do you know how much

time and love
we three have for Dongdong?

You have no right
to take Dongdong with you.

I'm his birth father
so I have the right.

I believe Your Honor will
consider the child's benefits

in the most rational way.


I'm Prof. Yeh's student.

These are
the signatures and records

of the students Prof. Yeh
has harassed.


Students nowadays are
so undisciplined.

They make up things
when they're provoked.

Here, it's my turn.

Your Honor,

here is the proof of my assets.

The deeds of the land
and the house.

These are the tax records.

I'm her grandfather.

My granddaughter, Kaka,

has the means to raise the child.

She has my full support.

Have a look at me.

I've had a rather unfortunate life.

My daughter didn't listen to me.

She had a child
without getting married.

I raised my granddaughter.

I was hoping she'd be successful.

But I could never expect

she'd end up the same as her mother.

At first I was so disheartened
that I kicked her out.

But when I see her

looking after her child
with all her love...

They say motherly love

moves everyone.

I'm her grandpa.
How can I not be moved?

I'll support her
till my last breath.

Don't worry! We can raise him well.

So you got it?

Stop making trouble like this.

Let's go home and rest.

Let's go!

Stop arguing with each other.

When it comes
to the child's education,

I remember Grandpa has a criminal record.

Don't you dare!

No one has the right
to take Dongdong away from me.

Although I'm very young

and have made mistakes before,

he's the child I carried
within me for nine months.

From the day he was born,

I've never forgot
my responsibility.

I remember the first time

my child could turn over on his own.

The first time he crawled.

How cute he looks
when he tries everything.

I kept him company

every night when he was teething.

Every day in the future

I'll love my child just like
I've been loving him.

I dreamed of
traveling around the world.

But now

Dongdong means

the whole world to me.

We have no car, no money.

But we love Dongdong very much.

So we'll keep working hard
in the future.

You have no right
to criticize us.

You betrayed your wife.

You attacked your student.

You have no right at all!


Please don't
give the child to my husband.

Even if you award him custody,

I won't help him raise that child


unlike these students,

I can't love a child
that is not my own.

Especially this child...

My husband had it
with the other woman!


Didn't we agree to it?

Moreover, I can no longer

live with

someone who would

attack his own family,

the mother of his own child.

Keep the child.

You're a great mother.

Let's get divorced.


We won!

Grandpa, we won!

You've gone crazy!

Days until graduation

When on earth will we

become truly mature
and responsible adults?

I think as soon as
we want to protect someone,

we'll naturally
gain the courage to do it.

Now you're interested
in human beings?

I've gradually come to like them.

Very good.

It's good that you're improving.

Don't forget the chopsticks.

Have you been admitted
to the postgraduate school?

Any rice?


Well, I came to see you...

See how you're getting on...



A chicken drumstick?


Silly boy!


Good, good!

No infants were harmed
in the making of this film

I hear a baby's voice.



Ouch! What are you doing?

What the hell is it?

Lion King.

Monkey King.

Pirate King.

Neighbor King!

Why are you dressed like this?

Playing a game of
traffic lights?

What are you doing with the toys?

We care about
marginalized children.

Bring hope. End starvation.

Give out toys and happiness.

the bill for diverse family formation.

Anything else?

Happy Birthday to you!

I really heard a baby's voice!

So hot!

So great! They didn't see you!

I was scared.