Watchers II (1990) - full transcript

A genetically re-engineered dog develops a psychic link with a monster created in a lab experiment which goes awry.

Our tax dollars at work.

Excuse me.
That's a high security area.

We're N.S.A., hon.

- Who are you?
- Um, my name's Barbara White.

Ah, right.
Animal psychologist.

A temporary employee.
- Well, yes, but I--

Freelance pet-shrinker?

That's okay, pal.
They're just a couple of federal creeps.

Son of a bitch
changed the code.

Okay, Einstein.
Let's try this again.

"A", "A".
This is "A".

"B". "B".
This is "B".


Christ, it must be
120 degrees in here.

It keeps its
metabolic rate stable.

Is that it?

Uh-huh. AE-74.



"Y". This is "Y".

"Z". This is "Z".

Okay, Einstein.
Okay. Okay.

Okay, it's time
for your test.

Okay. Okay, boy.

All right? Watch.

It's simple. Right?

Einstein, give it back!
Give it back!

Einstein, no!

Can't teach an old dog
new tricks, can you?

Do you ever get tired of running him through the I.Q. test every day?

He shows some promise
now and then.

What is so great about
intelligent animals anyway?

Because the smarter you are,
the worse everything looks.

The world must be a beautiful place for you, Melvin.

Oh, you're just not
very smart, are you?

But you sure are sweet.

Thank you, Barbara.

- Barbara, hi.
- Oh, hi, Steve.

Did you work
through lunch again?

That's bad for your health.

I'll tell you what.
I know a terrific Italian place over in Palm Springs.

- Want to check it out with me tomorrow?
- Uh, yeah. Sure.

That'd be great.

So, what's with Dr. I.Q. here?

I don't know.
He's been acting kind of weird since those N.S.A. people came by here.

N.S.A.? You mean, like
National Security Agency?

- Well, that's what they said.
- Oh, my.

- But they're gone, aren't they?
- No. Actually, I think--

I think they're still
down in the basement.

Oh, shit!


This is Dr. Maleno. I need to speak to Dr.
Glatman immediately.

Doris. Steve Maleno.

I'm in my lab
over at Anodyne.

Listen, a couple
of N.S.A. snoops...

showed up unexpectedly,
unannounced, and they, uh--

Oh, yeah, they found
the AE-74 all right.

Afraid we've got quite
a mess on our hands here.

All right.
I'll wait for you.

This was not necessary!

You should not
have done this!

What are
you doing to it?

a tracking device.

Don't bother, Steve.
Aesop Project is terminated.

All experimental subjects
are to be destroyed.

Including 74?
Especially 74.

I hope you know what
you're throwing away.

74 is one of the greatest achievements in the history of genetic science.

It's a fantastic success!
At what?

Killing bureaucrats?

74 has been a problem
from the start.

Its eyes can't handle
normal light.

Its metabolism is so delicate that it has to be kept in this sauna.

Don't you understand?
We have created a new intelligent life-form here!

It's uncontrollable.

You know that
as well as I do!

I can control it!
You can't!

I'm sorry.
It must be destroyed.

The boys in Washington will handle the rest of the cover-up.

And what happens to me?

You'll be reassigned.
More recombinant D.N.A. work in Oregon...

with bacteria.

I understand.
I'm glad you're taking this so well, Steve.


what choice do I have?

There's really no alternative.
Am I correct?


No alternative.

You're the one
who called?

That's the entry code
for the side door.

Any entrance after hours
will trigger an alarm.

You have seven minutes before the police arrive.
You understand?

All right.

This card will get you
everywhere you need to go.

All of the lab animals are on this floor,
end of the hall.

- Just stay out of the lower level.
- Why?

Radioactive materials down there.
It's very dangerous.

Why are you doing this?

I love furry little
creatures, all right?

It's my business.
Just let it go at that.

Okay. Okay.
Anyway you want it.

Yeah, thanks...
I guess.

Come on. Bring the stuff!
Let's move! Let's go!

All right. All right.
Guys, we got seven minutes. Follow me.

Come on! Let's go!
Let's go!

- No, guys. Wait. Don't go down there!
- Hey!

Let's move it!

All right.
Don't worry.

I'm gonna take you someplace
safe and get you out of here.

I won't let them
get to you.

- What the hell are you doing here?
- He's got a gun!

No, you don't understand!
Oh, for--

What was that?

Hey, guys!
Get out of here!

What are you doing?
What are you doing?

You have to see this.

It's looks like some kind of giant baboon.
I don't think so.

What did they do to it?

Hold it!

Hold it right there!

Oh, no!

No more!

I told you to stay out
of the basement.


Why don't you take these off.
I'm not gonna jump.

Can't do that--

Don't worry, Ferguson.
The stockade you're going to ain't so bad.

It's a minimum-security.
They got Ping-Pong,

video games, color TV.
Sounds better than the barracks.

What'd you do anyway?

- Struck a superior officer.
- Whew.

Smart move. Get at least six months for that.
What can I tell ya?

Guy was an asshole.

Can't go sluggin' every
asshole in the marines.

You won't have
any knuckles left.

Look out.
Dog in the road.


Two points. Hey!
Hey, come one.

- What are you doin'?
- Come on!

Let go!

Dumb bastard.
It was just a dog.

You're gonna get a couple of more years in the stir for this.

Better see if he's okay.

What was that?
There's something out there.

What the hell?

Let's find out.

Hey, buddy.

Wake up. Come on!

Hey, soldier!
Wake up!

Come on! Get up!

What was that thing back there, huh?
What was it?

Look at me. I'm talkin'
to a golden retriever.

No collar, huh?

What, you run away from a circus or something?
Who taught you those tricks?

Just a dog.

Okay, soldier, let's go.

I'm not lookin'
forward to this.


Who is it?
It's me.

Paul? It's 4:00
in the morning.

Come on, Sarah!
Let me in!

So, they didn't have a jail, huh?
Sort of.

The dog?

You have a dog?

You haven't
changed much, have you?

- Get off the furniture!
- Sarah, who is it?

I'll be right up.


It's really nice of you
to just drop by like this.

- But you can't stay, you know?
- Company, huh?

Yeah, well,
I-- I slept alone enough when I was married to you.

We're not gonna have this conversation again,
are we, Sarah?

If I had
any other place to--

Something happened tonight--

I don't understand.

I need your help
just for this evening.

And I swear you'll
never see me again, okay?

What are you up to, Paul?
You didn't break out, did you?

You some kind
of fugitive now?

It was an accident.

It doesn't make sense.

That thing, it was like
it was after us.

- It killed them.
- Paul, you're not making sense.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Look, why don't you just...
go on up back to bed?

- I'll get you a blanket.
- Uh, don't bother about that.

Why don't you get
the dog some water, okay?

Sarah, come on up!

I'm coming!

If you're thirsty,
the toilet's open, okay?

Okay, that's it.
You need some help?

Uh, my name's Barbara White.
I, uh-- I work here.

Not anymore.
There's been a fire.

Oh, my God!

Place is gutted.
Some animal rights freaks broke in last night and torched it.

- Was anyone hurt?
- It's too early to tell.

We're gonna be shiftin' through this rubble for days.

But what about the animals?
Are they all right?

Well, we're figurin'
they all just ran away.


Listen. Why don't
you just go on home.

San Bernardino Police.
Are you Sarah Ferguson?

No. Sarah McIntyre.

- But you are married to Paul Ferguson.
- We're separated.

Are you aware that your ex-husband
escaped from military custody last night?

Oh, my God.

Do you think he might
come after me?

We know he's dangerous,
ma'am-- two men are dead.

We need to talk
to him though.

You mind if we have a look around?
- Yes, I do.

You have a warrant?

Thanks, Miss McIntyre.
We'll be back.

Not my style.

Mike's a snappy dresser.

And I thought I was
gettin' sick of camouflage.

Paul, what happened
to those men last night?

Did you tell the cops I was here?

I told 'em you were upstairs givin' a fashion show to a cute little dog.

The truth, Paul.
I want the truth!

I don't know what happened. Some thing came out of the dark,
something that wasn't human.

Oh, for Christ's sake!
I don't know what happened.

It was like a bad dream.

You've gotta believe me.

So, what are
you gonna do now?

I don't know.
Lay low for a while till things...

work themselves out, or...

turn myself in.

Then again, I hear
Rio's a beautiful city.

It's good to see
you again, Sarah.

Would you get outta here?

Ooh, cherry lips!

? Cherry lips, cherry lips
Tell me, tell me do ?

She's headin' out.
We'll tail her.

? How do I, how do I ?
10-4, 1-16.

? How do I rate with you ?

So, what is it
with this dog?

He seems to like me.

It's great of you to do this for me, Sarah.
Thank you.

Hell, I always hated
this goddamn boat of yours.

It's about time I
got it out of my garage.

No, I mean
thanks for all of it.

- For believing me.
- ? Cherry lips, cherry lips ?

? Whisper loud and clear ??

What the hell?
Get outta here!

Man's best friend,
my ass.

It's so funny--
He's in my aerobics class.

? Ooh ?

? Cherry lips, cherry lips
Whisper in my ear ?

? Cherry lips, cherry lips
Whisper loud ?

? And clear ?

? Pure as rain
Red as wine ?

? Sweet as grapes
hanging off the vine ?

? Cherry lips, cherry lips
Say that you'll be mine ??

Hey. Hey, you!

That's a nice car!

It's a '63 Chevy,
uh, S.S., eh?


It's in good condition.

How much you want for it?

Even trade.


Uh, this is the S.P.C.A.

Would you mind speaking up a little?
They're working on the apartment here.

Could hold it down for a minute while I'm on the phone?
Thank you.

Uh, sorry.
I'm trying to track down a-- a missing dog--

a golden retriever.

Yes, he was-- he was lost in the desert outside of Palm Springs.

Stay low.

The stolen jeep was found
less than a mile from here.

Next thing you know,
his car is gone.

Mighty big coincidence,
don't you think?

I'll say.

So, why didn't you catch
whoever stole it?

- You were following me for Christ's sake!
- Mrs. McIntyre--

At least you could've made yourself useful!
- Miss McIntyre.

Please try to understand.
We believe this man's a killer.

Potentially psychotic.
Don't I know it.

I married the guy.

Look, fellas, if he shows up,
you'll be the first to know about it, okay?

Believe me,
he's the last person on this planet I want to see right now.

- All right, then.
- Good night, Miss McIntyre.

Good night.

Oh, Paul.

Connect me with
Colonel Reynolds, C.I.D.

Hello, Colonel? It's, uh,
about the Paul Ferguson case.

He's ready
to give himself up.

Hello. Hello?

You stupid dog.
You just hung up on a colonel.

Yeah. I was speaking
to Colonel Reynolds.

Hey! You wanna spend the night in the bathtub?
Now cut that out!

No. You can't possibly
understand what I'm sayin'.

Uh, Pizza Express?

I'd like to order
a large pizza to go...

with, um,

onions and, uh,
green peppers and, uh,


No, no. Wait, wait, wait. Hold it.
Hold it. You'd better make that, uh,

sausage and,
uh, pepperoni...

and ground beef
and, uh, Canadian bacon.

Meat all the way.

Uh-- Uh, deliver it
to the, uh,

Star Motel, room nine.

That's not possible.

Well, okay.
You're so goddamn smart.

You tell me.
What is my next move?

Do you want me
to call somebody?

Anybody in particular?

You want me to call
a pillow store?

You want me
to take a bath?


Wait, wait wait.

All right.
I have before me six objects.

What do they
all have in common?

Uh, they're all found...

in a cheesy motel room?

I don't know. Okay. Um--

They're all,
uh, fairly ordinary?

No, don't tell me.
Uh, they're all,

uh, white?

They're all white?

You want me to call
somebody named White?

Maybe I ought to call
the men in white suits.

There seems to be about two or three hundred Whites here.
You want me to call them all?


I'll read 'em to you.

"White, 'A'.

"White, Aaron.
White, Albert. White, Alan.

"White, 'B'.
White, 'B'.

White, Barbara."

White, Barbara?

On San Pedro?

All right. All right.

One bark for yes.
Two barks for no. You got it?

You want me to call
Barbara White?


All right. Sorry.

Come on, Paul.
This is crazy.


All right already.
If it means so goddamn much to ya.

It's ringing.


Yeah, uh, hi.
I'd like to speak to Barbara White, please.

This is she.
Oh, hi.


This is gonna sound
a little strange, but, uh,

my dog asked me
to call you.

What, is this
some kind of joke?

Uh, listen.
I've got this, uh,


golden retriever,
and he...

indicated that
I should give you a call.

You have Einstein?

Huh? "Einstein"?

I hear him! Are you one
of those animal people?

Wait a minute?
Are you telling me...

this is your dog? Look.
Check in his right ear.

There should be a tiny tattoo with the letters A-E.

Read me the rest of it.


Yes! Yes.

I guess he is your dog.

Okay. Well, uh,
can I come and pick him up?

Yeah, sure. I'll, uh--

I'll tell you
how to get here.

Or, uh, I could
bring him out to you.

I can come out
tomorrow morning.

Or, uh,
how about tonight?

Great, great.
Tonight's great.

Uh, my address
is 600--

Wait. Wait.

- 600 South Main, unit--
- Uh-huh.

Uh-huh. Well,
it'll take me a while.

I guess I'll see ya
in a couple of hours.

Fine, Uh, see you soon.
Thank you.

- Good-bye.
- Good-bye.

What just happened?

Yeah. Who is it?
You ordered a pizza.


So, Einstein,

you wanna pay for it?


Is that you?


Huh? An hour later,
you still wish you hadn't eaten it.

Oh, I'll get you some doughnuts tomorrow.


Lights out.
Eh, no free show tonight?


What the hell
was that?

Miss McIntyre?

Miss McIntyre,
you okay?

In here, Bill.

Oh, God.

We need you to clear this area.
- Get away from the police unit.

Folks, we need to get the area clear!
Coming through here.

Let the paramedics through, please.
Coming through, please.

Hey, Officer,
did somebody get killed?

But your sign says
there's vacancies.

Sign's busted.
We're full up. Sorry, kid.

Checkin' out.

Hey, you just got here!
Didn't you like the "dee-core"?

You're in luck.

Hey, no pets!

- You gotta pay extra for pets!
- Send me a bill.

What was that?
It was nothin'.

Are you sure?

Let me
take a look.

What the hell?

Would you quiet down in there!
There's people tryin' to sleep!

Fuckin' kids!

I know.

I'm sorry too.

Come on.

Come with me!

Come on.

Come on.

I'm taking you
someplace safe.

I won't let
anyone hurt you.

Come on. Come to me.

You can do it.
Come on!

Come to me!

Hey, nice doggy!
Got a quarter?

Okay. Hop down.

- Hello?
- Yeah. Hi.

I'm the guy
that found your dog.

Hey, Einstein!

Uh, come on up.
It's the top floor.

After you.

Hey, Einstein!

Oh, Einstein!
I missed you so much!

I was so worried
about you.

Nice dog.

Uh, well, it's, uh--

It's late. I'll guess
I'll be gettin' on back.

Well, um,

won't you come in for a minute, and, uh,
have somethin' to drink?

Oh, no. No, thanks, I--
I got things to do.

Oh. Well, uh,
thank you so much.


Well, take care of him, okay?

He's, uh-- He's a real
special guy.

And I guess you know that.

- Hey.
- Einstein.

- Let go of me.
- Einstein.

Any kind of soda
would be great.

what's gotten into you?

I'm sorry. Uh--

Um, I'm Barbara.
Barbara White. Oh.

Oh, hi. I'm Paul... Paul.

Uh, pleased to
meet you, Paul Paul.

Uh, well, come in.
Please, have a seat.


It's, uh-- It's a nice space
you got here.

Oh, sorry about the mess.
It's being remodeled.

How did you find me?

Actually, I didn't.
He did.

Um, am I missing something?

Well, he's a very
intelligent animal.


Good evening.
At the top of our news,

three more brutal murders rocked the Southland this evening...

bringing the total
to five in two days.

The third victim was

Sarah McIntyre Ferguson
of San Bernardino,

the estranged wife of marine
captain Paul Ferguson.

Ferguson is being sought for questioning.
He is still at large.

Ferguson was also identified
as having been present...

at the Star Motel in Upland...

where the bodies of a young man
and woman, as yet unidentified,

were discovered
just minutes ago.

The killer appears to be working his way west towards Los Angeles.

Anyone with any information as to Paul Ferguson's whereabouts...

is urged to contact police.

Turning to national news now.


- Einstein, no!
- Einstein.

Let her go.

Oh, my God.

Did you teach him
to do that?

Teach him?

Didn't you?

"Paul no killer."

That thing in the desert,
what was it?


This is just too weird.
What's Outsider?


Why'd he kill Sarah?
Why's he following me?

It worked!
I don't believe it. It worked.

The Aesop Project worked.
This is a miracle. What worked?

They-- They were trying to breed super-intelligent animals...

to genetically engineer
them actually.

Anodyne, the place I used to work.

But we all thought that--

that Einstein
was just... ordinary.

Or maybe he just didn't like being treated as an experiment, huh?

You've been
playing dumb all along?

One bark for "yes,"
two for "no."

Jesus Christ!


The Outsider killed
all those people?

You know what it is?

I heard about it at Anodyne.
There was always lots of rumors.

About what?
About a black project.

You know, a top-secret thing.
I didn't have the security clearance,

and no one I worked with knew what the Outsider was,
or even if it was real.

It is real.

I saw it.


I know. I know.

They shot you,
didn't they?

And you ignore the pain.


What were you doing?

Where the hell did you
think you were going?

Better to be calm,
isn't it?



You've reached the home
of Dr. Steven Maleno.

Please leave a message.

Steve, it's Barbara White.
You won't believe this. I have Einstein.

The experiments worked.
He's smart. He can communicate.

Barbara, what the hell
are you talking about?

Where did you find him?


The Outsider experiment.

No. No, no, no.

That was just some paranoid stories.
Where the hell did you get that idea?

No, of course not.
That's absurd.

We didn't create
a-a-a killing machine.

Why do you ask?

Listen. How fast can you
get the dog out here?

I need to see it.

I'd, uh-- I'd come there,
but I'm, uh--

I'm running an experiment that
requires constant supervision.


Of course.
You were after the dog.

You still want the dog.

Well, after all,

that's what it was
meant to be.

You are genetically linked.


You don't have to go,

This has all been
a little much for me.

I could use a drink.
How 'bout you?

Come on.

What's the matter?

I'm sorry.

It's just beginning
to sink in--


I can't believe
she's dead.

This couch is pretty comfy.

And you're welcome
to stay over.

Why are you doing
this for me?

You don't know anything about me,
except that I'm wanted by the police.

It's strange, but, uh,

I trust the dog.

Guess I just have
a thing for strays.

Good night.

We were on a training exercise.

Advanced guerrilla tactics.

There was this colonel,
a real R.E.M.F.

- R.E.M.F.?
- A rear echelon motherfucker.

He sent us out with
the wrong coordinates,

and we wound up in the middle
of a live artillery barrage.

One of my men lost both his legs before I could contact fire base.

On a goddamn training exercise.


I know. I know.
The dog is on the way.

But I am going to teach you two
to work together,

the way you were meant to.

You shouldn't hate
the dog.

The dog is part of you.

No. No.

I created you!


Relax, pal.
We're almost there.

I'm afraid that's
the problem.

I know, pal.
You stay here if you want.

We gotta go do this.

Well, that's funny. His car's here,
but he said he couldn't leave the house.


I don't think there's anybody home.

What are we looking for?
Anything to do with the Aesop Project.

Paul, I think this
might be it.

Paul, no!

Come on!

Come on!

Never mind who this is.
The thing that killed those people...

is loose in the Angeles Crest
above Red Box Canyon.

Yeah-- Listen--
Listen to me!

You gotta get all the manpower you can together up there to stop it--


What'd they say?

You try telling the cops there's a monster on the loose.

Hey, get away from there!

- How much is that?
- Thirty even.

Thirty dollars?
It's okay.

Shouldn't bring animals
in here. You know.

No kidding.
Not at these prices.

What's this? Anodyne.
It must be Steve's.

It's a tracking device.
We use these in the military.

What's he tracking?

The Outsider.

AE-73 was the first of
Anodyne's Aesop experiments--

Oh, look, Einstein.
It's you.

Splicing the genetic material
of mammals and humans.

Look how little
and cute he is.

At first, it learned faster
than a human infant.

Although at six months,
the learning curve tailed off,

the results bode well for future advancements,
given sufficient funding.

In our latest development,
a rudimentary psychic bond has formed...

between AE-73...

and the Aesop project's
major breakthrough AE-74.

It's a promo tape.
I've seen a lot of these.

Everybody's gotta
sell their weapons.

AE-73 and 74
are Anodyne's first steps...

towards biomedical means
of infiltration and elimination.

The canine 73s will perform efficient,
undetected espionage...

discovering enemy
command posts.

The 74s, nonhuman assassins,

will be capable
of tracking the 73s...

empathically moving in and neutralizing enemy command personnel.

It may sound like
science fiction,

but the age of selective
genetic breeding has arrived.

The future looks bright.

I would disagree.

Dog spies and
monster assassins?

This is completely insane.

Yeah, but you get used to this sort of thing in the military.

Relax, pal. Your brother
is still way out of range.

Yeah, but this thing is fast.
It covered this much ground in two nights.

It got from here to here.
Maleno must have picked it up.

It could be in the city
as early as tomorrow.

And this time I'm gonna be ready for it.
I know where you can get all the things I'll need.

I'd do the shopping myself,
but a gun store's a bad place for a fugitive to be seen.

- A gun store?
- I'll have to go with an MP5.

I can modify that. And a couple of shotguns.
Good, fast weapons.

Ammo, primer, combat knife,
black powder, caps.

Paul-- Paul, this is nuts.
I can't-- I can't go in and buy that.

What's wrong?
Don't you have a credit card?

Well, yeah. It's just that
they don't just let...

anybody walk in off the street and buy that kind of stuff,
do they?

You'd be surprised.
This is America.

Besides, too late
to do anything else,

even if I could get
those cops to help me.

Paul, why don't we just take Einstein and get in the car and go.

It's a big world out there.
We can find a safe place.

Are you offering
to run away with me?

Well, no, not exactly.
I just--

It wouldn't work.

They're gonna be looking for me.
I'd never be free.

And as long as that thing's out there,
there is no safe place.


I want it.

You want it?

I owe Sarah that much.

What the fuck
is going on, man?

Excellent. You're getting
the hang of it.

Remember, the chamber only holds three rounds,
so you're gonna have to make 'em count.

They're explosive charges. You hit this thing any place,
you ought to blow him in half.

Here's some.

It's good.

Here, have a poke, buddy.

You sound like
you could use it.

Hey, give me some.

Geez, man.
You sick or something?

What a nice teddy. the Middle East.

In local headlines, scandal in city hall,
smog levels reach record highs...

and two more savage Southland murders take
place in Glendale and in downtown Los Angeles.

More after this.

Come to Terry's Tire City...

for our special
20 % off--

Paul? What are you doing?

I'm goin' after it.

It's closer
than I expected.

Its position's stationary.

It's time to move.

But I thought we were gonna
wait for it here together.

I can't.

It killed two more people
last night.

I gotta do this.

Take care of her for me,
will ya?


Come back, okay?

? I'm going all the way ?

? With Jesus ?

? Yes, I am ?

? And I'm gonna ?


Where is this, huh?

Where the fuck is this?

Planet Earth, man.
Take it easy.

Let's get out of here.

Now you're dead,
you motherfucker!

Jesus, lady!

You can take it.
Take it all.

- Where'd you get this?
- I found it on the street.

When? When?

I don't know. Uh, uh,
uh-- You can keep it. It's real valuable.


Paul, is that you?


Paul, answer me.

Paul, answer me!

My God. You're alive.

I knew he'd come here.

He wants the dog.

You can't kill him.

No! What are you doing?

That thing will kill us all!
It won't kill me.

He took my eye,
but he spared me.

He doesn't wanna be seen.

But he felt compassion.

Why are you doing this?

All he wants is the dog.

We just have to
give him the dog.

Then the killing will stop.
Now come on, Barbara. Be reasonable.

Give me that dog!

Barbara, there's
no place to hide.

Oh, you've been hurt.
I wanna help you.

Listen. The dog,

he's right in there.

You can have him. I created you both.
I want you to have him.


No, you can't.
I'm-- I'm the only one who-- who cares about you.

Go on!

Go, boy! Yes!

Go, Einstein.


No! Einstein!





Paul! No!

The lights! Hit the lights!


Stay back.