Wasurenagumo (2012) - full transcript

This story involves the shopkeeper Suzuri of Kokumondou who sells historic books and Mizuki, granddaughter of the land owner. When Mizuki releases a somewhat cute young spider demon out of a sealed book, the pair investigate the origins behind it

"In ancient times, great arachnid beasts
wrought havoc upon the Capital."

Um, translation, please?

It's coming!
Ready your bow!

Lead Animator: Hideki Takahashi
Assistant Lead Animator: Katsuya Yamada

Key Animators: Makoto Yamada
Kazunori Akiyama Izumi Seguchi

Key Animators: Tomoyo Nakayama
Miori Tsusaka Shingo Takenaka

Key Animators: Ryo Araki
Hiroko Kasuga Akiko Murayama

Art Director: Akane Iwakuma
Color Designer: Yoko Watanabe

Photography: Fumio Furukawa
Editing: Junichi Uematsu

Music: Yasuo Sugibayashi
Sound Director: Kisuke Koizumi

Producer: Hidekazu Terakawa


Used Books Kokumondo

Directed by Toshihisa Kaiya

I said, I don't care what's in it!

- Well, you disappoint me, Mizuki.
- About what?

Is that the attitude of somebody who's
devoted their life to ancient books?

I haven't devoted my life to anything.

And I'm just here to get the
rent payment for my grandpa.

A book with a monster inside it, huh?

Wait, wipe your hands!
Put some gloves on!

Hello. This is Suzuri from
the Kokumondo bookstore.

Yes. Yes.
The book you're looking for?


Yes, it was difficult to find.
I had to look everywhere.

By the way, regarding
the book's condition...

Oh, not at all.

Yes. Yes.

Is it a cockroach? A cockroach?

Oh man.
They were very upset, you know?

Something just popped
out at me like WAAH!

What are you talking about?

T-There's something back there!
Big and nasty! Go look!

Stop freaking out. It's probably
just a rat or a big cricket.

A big cricket?

I've gotta clean this place up.

I heard something!
It went squeak!

You're not worried about me?

What was back here?

A doll?

I don't remember this thing.

It moved!
What is it?

What is that thing?

I don't know. How strange...

How cute.


It's a cute little girl!
Beautiful! She's beautiful!

What's beautiful? How is she beautiful?
She's tiny and weird!

Come here.


It's a monster!

The magician defeated the great
arachnid with his craft.

Skulls and baby spider corpses spilled
out from the hole in its belly.

But one baby spider was still alive,
in the shape of a little girl.

The magician tried to
kill her, but couldn't.

Was he some kind of perv?

He ignored the people's pleas
and took her back with him.

He was a perv!

The magician raised the baby spider
just like a human child.

But six months later, the men in the
neighborhood started disappearing.

I've finally got you, Spider Monster!
Give it up!

Spy-dar! Spider! Spi-dur!

That's what it says.

An interesting story.

Truth is more incredible
than fiction.

So what does it say
happened in the end?

I don't know.

You don't know?
It doesn't say?

The pages are blank...

Normally the fate of the girl spider
would be written here, but...


Mr. Suzuri, what do
we do with that?

What can we do? Breaking the seal
released her from the picture.

And I don't think asking, begging,
or pleading is going to put her back.

And I can't sell an incomplete book.
And I can't pay the rent I owe.

And so your grandpa won't give you
your allowance. It's hopeless.

Why are you giving up this easily?

I'm just an antiquarian.

Do you think I can seal
a monster back into a book?

But she--

She eats people!
If she eats us...

That's just an old legend, right?

That "old legend" is
sleeping ten feet from us!

It'll be fine.

She's so cute.
She wouldn't do any harm.

Hey there.
That's not your dinner.

Mr. Suzuri!

Did you find anything
out about her?

I finally tracked down the man
who got me started in this business.

He says he'll help.


She looks kind of lonely.


S-She talk--

Mr. Suzuri!

It's called "Geppoan?"

How strange.

Sounds like a certain someone...

Right? Pretty rare, huh? An ancient
monster coming out of a book!

Isn't it terrific?

Yeah, not bad. But you can't
keep her around forever.

Right! Tell him!

Can't I?

I'm fine with it if she is...

What are you talking about?
Of course you can't!


I was just kidding...

If we can get her back into the book,
I'm all for it.


This is the place described
in the book. It's all I've got for you.

Thank you.

We can discuss the price later.

Mr. Suzuri!

Girl, how long's he been like that?

Like that?

Perhaps it's too late, but...


- Let's go, okay?
- Go where?

To the place on the map we got.

You heard her whispering
on the roof, right?

I... guess so.

She said "Mommy."
She wants to go home.

I'm sure that's her home.

Maybe it is.

So let's go.


It's kind of amazing.

It must've been quite a
big town back then.

Let's show it to her.

Come on, that tickles.
Good girl.

Okay, let's go!

Come on... There you go.

If the legend is true...

What's wrong?

Okay, I get it.

Mr. Suzuri!



Where are you?

Mr. Suzuri!


Mr. Suzuri?
Wait! Mr. Suzuri!

Keep him away from her web.

Return the monster to where it belongs.
And then you can take back Suzuri.

Easy to say...

It's okay.

Where are you?

You don't have to hide.

Come here.

Please, don't follow her!

What are you talking about?

Don't follow her, Mr. Suzuri!
You'll never come back!


This is...

Mr. Suzuri!

You can't go! You can't!


Mr. Suzuri, you're back...

What's going on here?

Geppoan said to tie the threads to
something before you got dragged in...

But you tied them to the
house's support pillar!



The great arachnid!

W-What is this?


Hello there.

Thank you for lending me this.


So did you...

Well, you see?

A lot happened.

Tea is ready.


Well, you know.

I think I can give you
a discount on this.

I'd appreciate it.

Voice Cast

Amane Suzuri: Hiroshi Tsuchida
Mizuki Henmi: Asami Shimoda

Spider Girl: Tomoko Kaneda
Geppoan: Mitsuaki Hoshino

Screenplay: Daishiro Tanimura

Executive Producer:
Mitsuhisa Ishikawa

Ending Song "Yumetsukai no uta"
Performed by qujila

Animation Production:
Production I.G

2012 Production I.G