Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale II (2011) - full transcript

After the uprising at Wushe, Mona Rudao faces a guerrilla war against the militarily superior Japanese and Seediq clans. He and his followers must fight for their dignity and honor so that they can truly be "Seediq Bale" or "real ...

(This film is based on the true event of
"Wushe Incident")

(Touch your bloodstained hands)

(Can they still hold the sand
from our hunting grounds?)

You've soiled me with blood

Be still!

Get out!

Who the hell let you in?

Don't you know this is
the Mehebu hunting ground?

I don't care if it's your hunting ground or theirs
because everything here belongs to us Japanese now

I hate the Japanese

no less than you do

But do you realize that

we're going to die after all this
and all our people will be wiped out?


you must keep the intruders
away from our clan

Inform the chiefs of all the 12 clans

Tomorrow morning...

we're going to gather in Wushe

and offer a blood sacrifice to our ancestors

My children! What are you doing?

What on earth are you doing, my children?


why are you doing this?

It was Mouna Rudo's idea

(How much regret do you swallow
to fulfill your dreams?)

(Oh, children! What's wrong with you?)

(Oh, my children! What exactly is wrong with you?)

(Your dreams are vast like a blue ocean)

(We, the Hanaoka brothers are forced
to leave this world)

(The savages are massacring the Japanese)

(bringing forth a situation out of control)

(Now we are driven to bay by the savages)

(and have no other choices)

(lt is 9 o'clock on the morning of
October 27th, 1930)

(The savages have already
occupied most of this region)

(The commissioner and all his subordinates)

(have been killed in the school)

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Make a phone call!

The Wushe savages are massacring the Japanese

Make a phone call!

What happened?

Make a phone call!


How did it come to this?

Hurry up and call!

What happened?

What the hell?

- What...
- The Wushe savages have revolted

The Wushe savages have revolted

Hurry up and call!




The Wushe savages are massacring the Japanese?

Get everybody here right now

- Massacre...
- Gather all the policemen right away!

- The Wushe savages are hunting heads!
- All the policemen gather up!

All the Japanese in the mountains have been killed

And all the police stations have been burned down

Only one of the Japanese survived

Go back home! Come on! Hurry up!

The Wushe savages are coming down
to kill more people

They're coming to kill us

Come on, everyone, hide!

- Don't get caught
- You bastard!

What are you talking about?

The Japanese knew already

The savages are likely
to charge all the way into Puli

We're afraid even the plainsmen
might seize the opportunity to join in the revolt

This is an emergency

All county governments please send in
their armies and police forces

to lay siege to Wushe from Hualien and Tunghih

And I want to know if the Governor-general
can dispatch the troops

from Taipei and Tainan right away

The Japanese this way, to the sugar refinery

Come on! The family members of the Japanese
to the sugar refinery

Come on! Hurry up! Put all the stuff away

This way! Hurry up!

The family members of the soldiers
to the feedstock department

The family members of the police
to the mechanical department

The family members of the officeholders
to sugar extraction department! Come on!

You too. Come on!

- Come on!
- Savages will always be savages

You're nothing but beasts

I never know what you savages are thinking

It's time for me to teach you a lesson

Speak Japanese!

No one understands your savage language

Your tribesmen have revolted

No more peaceful life for you

It's chilly!

Come on, Pihu!

Get a larger chunk of wood

Good morning


It's chilly out here

Why aren't you inside the house by the fire

instead of weaving this bag?

It's the first snow of this winter

How could I miss it?

The snow has come early this year


what are you doing?



your son will perform well
on sports day again, won't he?

Takun, what's going on?

You've got blood all over your body


What's wrong with you?


today Mouna Rudo from Mehebu Clan

led the Seediqs from Tgdaya
to offer a blood sacrifice to our ancestors

They've occupied the whole Wushe region

We Seediqs from Toda should join them as well

Let's kill this Japanese man!

No way!

Kojima is our friend

He's a good Japanese, not a bad one

Go away!


You're the chief of all the Seediqs from Toda

Why don't you drive the Japanese away

and lead your own people?

Why should you expect the good Japanese to rule us?

He's right!

We don't have any Japanese friends

Don't come any closer!


we'll let you answer the phone


do you have the guts to do it?

Have I been bad to you?


Is this how you repay me?

I can't fight back if you want me dead

But the Japanese government

will do anything to punish you

We might as well die together


We have airplanes, but do you?

We have machineguns and cannons, but do you?

Think about how Mouna Rudo used to insult you

Last time when we're out hunting
they threatened to kill you all

Don't you remember?

Are you willing to die with them
in the battlefield?

Temu Walis,

you won't have the chance to grow up


Take it easy! There's more!

Hurry up!

Come on!

Chief Mouna?

Thank you

Thank you. Thank you all

Thank you

- Thank you
- Come on!

Thank you. Thank you all

Thank you


Sapu, where's my father?

What's going on? Why did they want us back?


why did you give up Hakaw Supeitei?

So you're back!

Come on, let's go back to our clan

Back to our clan?

You're giving up here as well?


you can't think like the Japanese
when fighting them

You have to think like the wind

The wind?

The wind is invisible


give up everything, everyone
and come back to the clan with me

Japanese airplanes!

- Over there!
- Fire!

Shoot it! Come on!

Are you so scared?

Are you really so scared?

I went head hunting for the first time
when I was 15

I was so nervous
that my arms and legs were trembling

But my eyes were sharp as arrows

As soon as I cut the enemy's head off

I forgot what it was like to be scared

because I knew

I'd go back to my clan to feast and celebrate,
being treated as a hero

because I knew that

all my people male and female, young and old

would respect me for my bravery


it's different this time

We successfully offered a blood sacrifice
to our ancestors today

and are now qualified
to stride over the rainbow bridge

but what awaits us

now is not a festive feast

but to choose how we die

Run the electricity!

Before we initiated the revolt

you knew it'd turn out like this, didn't you?

My children...

...don't be scared

You've been very brave today

Our ancestors' spirits have seen it all

But the battle to come is the real one

It's a battle that will terrify the invaders

Someone's here!

Sisin babblers in the forests
are driving off the scavenging crows

The rainbow will be more beautiful
in the sunlight after the rain

It's a bunch of Hans from Wushe

Lock them all up!

My children...

...don't be afraid

Our ancestors' spirits know we're good warriors
guarding our hunting grounds

The blood stains on your hands can prove it

Every one of you is a Seediq Bale


you have to be proud

Let's cross the rainbow bridge together

Nobody's guarding here

Not a single soul on this path

How could it be?



Stop! Halt!

Don't rush uphill

I know these savages all too well

What a chilly night!

It's warm here


Hold the fire!

(I'm trekking over the high mountains)

(The creek water is so thick and muddy)

(I can't help but shed my tears)

(I'm walking along a wide road)

He's asleep


Today is our wedding anniversary

You remember, don't you?

(We're walking on with perseverance
and determination)

(We can't fall asleep anymore)

(Let's go back to the heavenly home
of our ancestors)


Long time no see


Let me introduce you, Captain

This is the chief of Tnbarah Clan, Temu Walis

Got a good head on his shoulders


I heard all your family
were killed in the venue?

We will seek revenge


Officer, nothing here

Officer Goto!

What the hell are these savages up to?

The Japanese are coming!

- Look behind you
- Yeah

This clan is over here

This clan is over there

Behind them is a creek

Where do the Hans live?

The Hans...

We're under attack! Duck!


Awata! Awata!

Contact the Oizumi Squad

and find out where they are now

This is Wushe Substation

This is Oizumi Squad

We're now by Suku Creek

We're ambushed by the savages. We need back up

We're stuck in the creek water

Oizumi Squad...


Assemble a banzai squad for a suicide charge

Where is Yamada Police Squad?


Pihu, let's go!

Watch out! Dodge!

Duck! Seek cover!

The women and children
from Boarung Clan are all here

Come on, let's go!

Have you packed up enough clothes, Mahung?

Yes, I have


you kids know how to get there

Take the Boarung women and children along

with those of us that are ready

Baso, I'm no longer a child

Don't let the dogs follow us
We don't have enough food


are you ready? Is it heavy?


you go ahead with Pawan and others

I'll wait for Sapu

Why is everyone in here?

Mother, don't touch that!

You're out of your minds!
The men in this house have all gone mad

Go ahead to Paran Clan, Obing


Jiro, let me stay with you


- Let go of me!
- All pregnant women go to Paran Clan

Auntie, I'm the wife of a policeman

but I'm the daughter of the Gungu Chief as well


let go of me!

- let go...
- Give birth to your child in Paran Clan

Jiro! I want to stay with you!

I don't want to go there, Auntie!

Give birth to your child in Paran Clan

They're all pregnant

The Japanese won't harm them


What is it?

The cavern is right up ahead

You can carry these over by yourselves

We have to go now

But where to?

- No, Mother!
- Grandmother!

- Mother!
- Grandmother!

- No, Mother!
- Grandmother!

What are you doing?

Mother, don't!

- Grandmother!
- What are you doing?

Chief Mouna and others will be here soon

- Grandmother!
- Mother!

You'll have to fight the Japanese for a long time

There's not enough food for all of us

What are you talking about?

Chief Mouna told us we're going to fight
our decisive battle soon



I'm so glad that you're a warrior now
guarding our hunting grounds

We'll be waiting for you
at the other end of the rainbow bridge

You'll be meeting us
after you finish your glorious battles

Stop following us!

- Fight for your hunting grounds
- Mother!


don't you want me anymore?


Pawan, please tell my husband Watan

that I'll have the wine ready for him
at the other end of the rainbow bridge

Watan is building up huts in the cavern

You can go tell him yourself

Lubi! Lubi!

- Stop following us!
- Mother!

- Don't follow us!
- Mother, don't!

- Please...
- Mother!

- Don't cry
- Grandmother!

Listen to me...

you're a grownup man now

Go on!

- Grandmother!
- To the battlefield!

- Fight for your hunting grounds!
- Grandmother!

To the battlefield!


- Mother!
- Grandmother!


- Don't go, Mother!
- Grandmother!


(With tears in my eyes)

(I'm walking along a wide road)

(I beseech you)

(Tell me if your hearts are at peace)

(Oh, poor innocent children)

(What's the matter with you?)

(We're really exhausted)


You look just as pretty
as you were on our wedding day

Good boy! Close your eyes!

My child, let's go together


Are we the subjects of Japan's Mikado?

Or the descendants of the Seediq ancestors?

Do it

Cut it up and end your conflicts right here and now

We don't have to go anywhere once we're dead

Let's both be free wandering spirits

Thank you

This way please, General

This is Officer Kabasoa, sir

He's a local policeman

and he knows the Wushe savages very well

Then why are you still alive?

He was not there when the incident happened


according to our investigation

there are six clans involved in the revolt

over 300 warriors in all


You call them "warriors"

Each of these clans took actions separately at dawn

and annihilated the local police stations

Then they got together to besiege Wushe

That's why we don't think it incidental

They had been planning it
carefully from the beginning

Planning it carefully?

Mr. Kabasoa?

Don't you think
you're overestimating these savages?

General, all our reinforcements

were under fatal attacks yesterday

...including here

This is nothing but animal-like savagery

Once the rain stops, we'll besiege them immediately

Yes, sir!

(Headquarters of Kamada Detachment)


are we going for the decisive battle tomorrow?

Ah, it hurts!

Chief, the wounds are still fresh


you're not a child anymore


can we fight the decisive battle now?

What's happening?

Give me the gun!

Hurry up!

Let's go!

Hurry up!

Be careful!

Go over there!

Be careful!


The savages!

Stop running!

Over there!

What the hell?



All retreat!

Hurry up and run!

Seek covers! Down there!

Signalman, call for reinforcements

Retreat downhill!


Out of the way!

Watch out!

Quite slippery here

Are you alright?

Halt, everyone!


Machine gun!

- Step back!
- Take aim!

You're aiming too high! Hold on to your guns!

Come on, fire it, Sapu! What are you waiting for?

I can't fire it

Move over! I'll do it!

Come on! Hurry up!

What the hell? Fell asleep or something?

Over there! Come on!

He's gone!

If I aim at the rock deliberately

will the bullet bounce off
and hit the officer over there?

Why don't you give it a try?

No, it won't

Have you two got too many bullets?


but that is a military officer with a katana sword


Tado robbed a couple of machineguns

Chief Mouna asked us to bring you one...


here's the ammunition and...

and this bag of sweet potatoes

Kids nowadays are so weak

Look how they pant with so little running

Do you know how to use it?

I don't think this machinegun works

Why did you give me one that doesn't work?

That damned Mouna!

Chief Dahdo...

My Paran relatives told me...

that your entire family committed suicide

Chief Dahdo,

a bigger and more powerful army is coming our way

They have lots of cannons


when I was young

I was no less strong or brave
than your Mehebu Chief Mouna Rudo

you understand?


lead the group and retreat to Rkudaya


Chief! Chief!

Retreat! To Rkudaya!

Give it to me! Let's go!

Retreat to Rkudaya! Our chief's dead!

Come on!

Pihu, come on!

Retreat to Rkudaya!

Come on! To Rkudaya!

Come on! Let's go!


Chase them!

Come on!

Run in separate ways!
Let's meet up in Rkudaya!

Hurry up! Come on!

Awi, come on!

Here comes the airplane again!

Why is Pihu still there?

Come on!

Hurry up, Pihu!

The bridge is collapsing!

Come on, the bridge is collapsing!

Medic! Medic!

Hurry up!

No matter which route we took

we were ambushed by them

These savages are too good at this

We should ask for more reinforcements,


With thousands of soldiers
and all kinds of powerful weapons

and you ended up being toyed with by 300 savages?

Our airplanes have been patrolling
and bombing all this time

without killing any savage

And you call yourselves military officers?

Those savages played hit and run

They're like ghosts

They ran easily over the ragged mountain paths

that we barely walked properly on

We never knew where they came from
or where they disappeared to

They were so unpredictable

For example, a kid named Pawan Nawi...

We saw him here the day before yesterday

but we found him here yesterday

Then he was here today

These are three different places
far away from one another

No one knows how he managed to do so

I don't know.

Pawan, have you fought any battle?

- Pawan!
- Chief Mouna!

Chief Dahdo Nokan from Gungu Clan

was killed in a battle

Has anyone seen Mouna Rudo yet?

Answer me!

No, sir

That old bastard!

He had the guts to revolt

but he dares not confront me personally

What kind of warrior is he?
What kind of chief is he?

Be quiet!

They've got lines and lines of defense

and endless reinforcement

I can't believe those savages

would have battle plans so well-knit

Ask the high command to provide us with gas bombs

Gas bombs?

I wanted you to be civilized

but you forced me to be savage

You're Mouna Rudo

but I'm Kamada Yahiko

From now on...

you're part of the Japanese
military and police forces

You'll have to follow our wartime decrees

Those of you who fight bravely

will be rewarded accordingly

But those of you

who fail to take orders from
the Japanese police or run away

will be punished harshly by law

Do you understand?

Now I'm announcing the bounties of head-hunting

We'll give every one of you a gun

Come and sign for it after this

A chief...

150 to 200 dollars

An able-bodied man, 100

A woman, 30

A child, 20

And a special bounty for the head of...

...Mouna Rudo!

Gas bombs?

But sir,

gas bombs are still being experimented on

We don't know the effects yet

Yes, sir

But currently it's not ready for use

Yes, sir

Come on!

Watan, you go that way!


I'm alright. They hit my sweet potatoes

Don't stop! Run!

Shoot! Shoot him!

Come on!

Out of the way!

Over there!

- A Seediq from Tgdaya!
- Where?

He's over there!

Kill him!

Burn it down!


Come on! Run!

Chief Mouna!

It's me, Pawan

Chief Mouna!

It's me, Pawan Nawi

Chief Mouna,

we heard what Baso told you

We know that a large number of Japanese soldiers
have gathered in Suku Clan

Time for the decisive battle, isn't it?

Chief Mouna,

we have no family now

Why don't you let us fight?

Like everyone else,

none of us can sleep or eat

and we don't want to be killed by gas bombs

Chief Mouna,

look at the tattoos on our faces

We're not children anymore

Please let us fight the Japanese

like everybody else

Then I can have a good, long rest

We're so tired

We're really exhausted

My children,

do you remember where our ancestors came from?

Mt. White Stone...

- I know. Once upon a time...
- Let me tell the story!


Can't you wait?

A good hunter should learn how to lie in wait!

Pawan, you tell the story

Once upon a time on Mt. White Stone

there was a big tree called Pusu Qhuni

The tree trunk...

was half wood, half stone

One day, a boy and a girl were born
from the tree trunk

Then the couple gave birth to lots of children

and here we are, the Seediq Bale

Let me help you, Awi

It's ready, my brother

I'm ready

Let go, my brother

Pihu Walis...

- Don't go!
- Let go!

I'm in great pain

Don't go

I'm not fighting anymore!

No more!

You son of a bitch!

What do you mean by not fighting?


- What do you mean by that?
- Kojima!

Pick it up!

Pick up your gun!

- Out of my way!
- Temu!


We fight to offer blood sacrifice to our ancestors

not to revenge the death of your family


I know what you saw

but Mouna Rudo has spread the word
asking for your head

This is not the time to make trouble


you told me only the bravest warriors

are qualified to guard
the most beautiful hunting ground

So that's why Mouna Rudo's people

and we have to fight one another constantly

to prove to our ancestors
that we're the bravest warriors?

So in the eternal hunting ground
at the other end of the rainbow

we'll become allies forever

and there would be no more hatred?

Yeah, I guess so

I want to fight them

if possible to prove my bravery

Sleep, my boy

Is that our man?

Get him! He's a savage! Come on!


What's wrong?

A savage ran over the suspension bridge
into the woods

- From there?
- Yes, from there

Gather up!

Gather up, First Team!

Gather up!

First Team!



Come closer...


Stop, you little bastard


- Okubo!
- Aoki!

- Where are you?
- Aoki!

- Okubo!
- Aoki!

Aoki! Okubo!

Let's split up and search!


Okubo! Aoki!


Everybody, stop!

These Seediqs from Tgdaya
are driven crazy by hunger


Where are you?


Where are you?


Someone's there!

- Where?
- In that tree!

Get down!

- Get down!
- Hide!


Get the mortars!

Signalman! Signalman!

Here come the savages!

It's you then

Chief, Baso is hit!

Baso! Baso!


We're in the Mehebu Forest

Baso! Baso!

Baso, are you alright?

Baso, be still!


Come on, retreat!

Get out!

Get out! Hurry!

Inside the hut! Come on!

Get in! Come on!

Out of here!

Don't come in! Get out!

Come on! Run!

Yes, sir

Is it Mehebu Clan?

Yes, sir

Aim all cannons at the Mehebu Forest

End this battle before the sun's out


Kill me!

Come on!

It hurts so badly!

Out of the way!

Cut my head off! You hear me?

Get off him!

It's beautiful

So beautiful

Stop firing please

They ran away

Fight till you drop! Seediq Bale!

Fire the cannons! Fire!

We're under attack!

You damned Japanese! Get out of our territory!

You bastards! Get out!

That's one favor I did you Mehebus today
helping you drive our the intruders

Out of my way! Let me kill them!

Temu, give me the bullets!

Come on! Look out!

Climb up there!

Sine! Sine!


Sine! Sine!


Come back here!

You take care of him!

Load the guns! Come on!


You Japanese are finished!

- Quick!
- Catch him!

Off with his head!


Don't let him slip away!

Mouna Rudo!

Stop running!

Kill until our blood runs out!

Cut off their heads like true warriors!

The heavenly home of our ancestors, here we come!

I'm a chief, not your little brother

Iyung! Iyung!

Don't touch it, Iyung


What are you doing? Move!

Look out! It's falling down!

Pawan! Get out of there!

Pawan, get out now!


Iyung! Iyung!

Are you alright?

Pawan, I've got a good gun

What's wrong?

- Batu!
- Dakis!



Come on! The Japanese are out!

Watch out over there!

There's one behind him!

Don't go there!



So you're Mouna Rudo

Now I see you clearly


how do we dodge those cannons?


let this ghost lead the way



Cherry blossoms everywhere!

(Those who come forward voluntarily will be spared)
(Come to the shelters to surrender)

(I'm crossing the rainbow bridge)

(I am Mouna Rudo)

(Look at the road I've trodden)

(No one's ever gonna stop us)

(The determined warriors)

(We're home with our enemy's heads)

(We're true warriors, like budding pine leaves)

You must be starved

and you must be exhausted

It's time to decide your future

If you want to take your own life, do it

If you want to turn yourself in, go ahead

If you want to keep fighting...


My dear son...

The hero of Mehebu Clan

Lead them to fight until
you use up all your bullets




forgive me

Forgive me

I don't want the Japanese to insult me
in front of my people

Forgive me

I'll be waiting for you on the mountain peak

Let's cross the rainbow bridge together
to the eternal hunting ground



Seediq Bale!

Chief Mouna?


bring over everyone from the chief's family


go back and tell our people in the cavern

that those who don't want to surrender
may as well kill themselves

I want to fight!

Me too!

It's over!


Mouna, where's your ancestral spirit?

Where is it?

There could be greater suffering if you survived

Wipe your face clean

Thank you, women and children

for sacrificing yourselves
to complete the men's souls

(Shelter for Savages Protect)

She's awake!

That savage woman is awake!

Officer Kabasoa!

- What's going on?
- That savage woman is awake

- Is it Mahung?
- Yes, sir

Excuse me!

Let me through!

Mahung! Mahung!


I'm Kabasawa.

I've been to your house

Do you remember me, Mahung?

Why did you save me?

My husband and children are waiting for me


100 dollars

Son of a bitch! What are you doing?

Don't put it on the desk!

What are you looking at? Next!

It's only a child. You can't get 100 for it

Get it off!

It's Temu Mouna from Truwan Clan

What child? Don't you see the tattoos on his face?

Put it over there! What a nuisance!

It's Tanah Robe, the Boarung chief

One of you from Gungu Clan killed our chief

This one is Pawan Nawi from Mehebu Clan

Ukan! Tado!

Where are you?

(Where is that father going?)

(The father carrying a child on his back)

(is setting out to shoot the two suns in the sky)

(They go on and on for a long way)

(The child grows up)

(The father dies at an old age)

(The child takes his father's bow and arrows)

(The child follows his father's footsteps)

(toward the rising suns)

(He gets there at last)

(The child gets there at last)

(The child shoots a sun down with an arrow)

(The sun loses its rays)

(The dead sun becomes the moon)

(He's a sun-shooting hero)

(The sun-shooting hero is returning home)

(The sun-shooting hero has come a long, long way)

(The sun-shooting hero is home at last)

(But the hero is already gray-headed)

(I am drunk today)

(I saw him on the way)

(The boy from the freezing winter)

(A fair-skinned boy like a budding pine leaf)

(Let's dance together)

(Let's enjoy ourselves)

(I'm drunk today)

(Young girls, let's dance together)


Why should we surrender?

We've had our enemy's sake wine

Doesn't that mean conciliation?

Why do we have to surrender?

- Tado...
- Say no more!

Come on, drink with me

Mahung, my little sister...

it's much easier for me to die

than for you to go on living

But you must endure

and have lots of children

Teach them everything about the pride of our father

Let your children have even more children

and more and more...


have lots of children

Raise them up to be proud Seediqs

and to live on with pride

Do you understand?

Father, Baso and I...

along with all our fallen people

will be watching over you from the rainbow bridge


The sun is so beautiful

Oh, my wife!

(Is the wine ready now?)

(Here I come, my wife and children)

(On my way to the heavenly home of our ancestors)

(Wait a little longer for me please)

(I'll be seeing you soon)

(We're already on our way)

(Oh my wife and children, wait a little longer)

(Wait for us on the way
to the heavenly home of our ancestors)

(Oh my wife and children, wait a little longer)

(We're almost there)

(We're about to cross the road)

(We'll be seeing you in no time)

(Wait for us on the way
to the heavenly home of our ancestors)

(Oh my wife and children, wait a little longer)

(We're almost there)

(We're about to cross the road)

(We'll be seeing you in no time)

(Pihu Sapu was beaten up to death)

(in the detention house after he got caught)

(Tado Mouna and the last surviving warriors
all committed suicide)

(Mouna Rudo disappeared without a trace)

300 warriors against thousands of soldiers

Those survived the battle
killed themselves eventually

Why did I see in such a remote mountain area
in Taiwan

the bushido of samurais
that died over a century ago in Japan?

Is it because the cherry blossoms here
are far too red?


these flowers have bloomed early this year

It isn't the season of cherry blossoms yet

(After the incident... )

(Kojima Genji instigated the Seediqs from Toda)

(to revenge the death of their chief Temu Walis)

(by killing all the remaining
defenseless tribesmen)

(staying in the shelter during the night)

Out of the way!

Hurry up!

(The few surviving tribesmen were forced)

(to relocate to a compound along Peikang River)

Out of the way!

(where the Japanese could monitor them easily)

(They burned down all their remaining houses)

(before they left)

(Four years later... )

(Mouna Rudo's remains were found)

(inside a cavern, somewhere deep in the mountains)

(Half of his body rotted to skeleton)

(while the other half was weathered to a mummy)

(ln the following year... )

(the Japanese publicly displayed
his remains and weapons)

(in a wooden crate at the exhibition
celebrating the completion)

(of Nenggao City Hall construction project)

(After that, his remains disappeared once again)

(at the heavenly home of our ancestors)

(Yes, it's for real)

(Reminisce the people from the past)

(After the second disappearance)

(Mouna Rudo's remains
were recovered 39 years later)

(in the specimen room of the College of Medicine)

(in National Taiwan University)

(Escorted by his offspring)

(after 43 years, he finally returned
to his hometown Wushe)

(to be buried properly)

(We go hunting in the mountains)

(We share food in our clan)

(We fetch water from the creeks)

(I'm willing to give my life for these)

(Oh, creek! Be quiet!)

(Sisin babblers are singing)

(Sing us a beautiful song please)

(Sing for our people)

(a song of our ancestral spirit)

(I'm willing to give my life too)

(When the lightening rifts the rock)

(a rainbow appears)

(and a proud man emerges)

(A proud man emerges)

(Who is this man so proud?)

(It's your offspring)

(A Seediq Bale)

Once upon a time on Mt. White Stone

there was a big tree called Pusu Qhuni

The tree trunk...

was half wood, half stone

One day, a boy and a girl were born
from the tree trunk

Then the couple gave birth to lots of children

and here we are, the Seediq Bale

(Behold! The beautiful rainbow over the hilltop)

(My wife and children, have you brewed the wine?)

(Drink it! The wine we offer to
our ancestors' spirits)

(Behold! What beautiful rainbow!)

(My ancestors are calling me)

(My wife and children!
Are you on your way to meet our ancestors spirits?)

(We should get going too)

(Stand still,
our people who keep the bloodline going)

(We will be proud like a true Seediq)

(Our bodiless spirits will be watching over you
from the rainbow bridge)

(Tell every child to live on forever)

(To live on like a true Seediq)

(Our bodiless spirits
will keep you company in the woods)

(Behold! What beautiful rainbow!)

(My ancestors are calling me)

(My wife and children!
Are you on your way to meet our ancestors spirits?)

(We should be on our way too)

(Stand still,
our people who keep the bloodline going)

(We will be proud like a true Seediq)

(Our bodiless spirits will be watching over you
from the rainbow bridge)

(Tell every child to live on forever)

(To live on like a true Seediq)

(Our bodiless spirits
will keep you company in the woods)

- (Look!)
- (Drink! Drink!)

- (What a beautiful sky!)
- (We should be on our way)

- (Look!)
- (Drink! Drink!)

- (What a beautiful sky!)
- (We should be on our way)


(Did you see that? We see the rainbow)


(Did you see that? We see the rainbow)


(Did you see that? We see the rainbow)


(Did you see that? We see the rainbow)


(Did you see that? We see the rainbow)


(Did you see that? We see the rainbow)