Walk All Over Me (2007) - full transcript

Alberta, a mousy young woman with the survival skills of a snail, loses cash that isn't hers, so she runs from her small town to Seattle where her old babysitter, Celene, lives - a dominatrix with a classy apartment and a life plan. She lets Alberta stay. Alberta gets a job as a checker at a supermarket and becomes fascinated with Celene's work. While vamping in one of Celene's costumes, Alberta ruins it; to make the money to pay Celene back, Alberta contacts Paul, who's sent Celene a tape asking to be a client. Alberta poses as Celene, fitfully playing the part when thugs burst into Paul's apartment looking for $500,000 he stole. Alberta is over her head. Is there any way out?

[grand orchestral music]

[upbeat music]

♪ The day I took my love away

♪ I swear I thought I

[car honks]

[hip hop music]
[car honks]

[hip hop music]

- [Alberta] Hi.

- You'll have to
pat for me, please.

- I don't think
that's a good idea.

He's kind of pissed at me.

I should go.

- I said please.

♪ I know the tension exists
'cause I can feel it ♪

♪ I'm makin' 'em sweat

♪ They're nervous, yo

[hip hop music]

[people chattering]

- Sorry.

[people chattering]
[soft country music]

I'm so sorry. I'll
just be a minute.

[people chattering]
[soft country music]


[door chimes]

Here's your change.

[soft country music]

[Alberta sighs]

- See that little fuck
head of yours made it.

He's got something for me?

- [Alberta] I put it...

- [Boss] No more
covering for him.

- I...

♪ This is as good as it gets

[man whistling]

- [Man] Wait, what?

Just a second.
- No!

- Where's the money?

- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

- [Boss] Where is it?
Where's the money?


I swear to god!

Okay, ow!

Okay, whoa, whoa, wait, look.

- Shut up!
- Look, I gave it, it was her.

Just tell them where
you fucking put it!

- Wait here.

- Tell them where
you put it! Please!

- Sorry.


- Fucking envelope!



[insects buzzing]
[bus idling]

- [Alberta] Can you get
me out of here please?


- The girl from the
store. You seen her?

- Yeah, yeah, she ran past
me towards the highway.

Everything okay?

- [Man] Alberta, please!

Please just tell them.

Look, I didn't mean it, okay?

Alberta, Please!

Tell them where
you fucking put it!

Where are you?


- [Alberta] So
where are you going?

- [Bus Driver] Vancouver.

- Mind if I ride along?

- [Bus Driver] I think
that should be okay.

[soft music]

[soft, upbeat music]

[people chattering]
[soft music]

[soft, upbeat music]

[people chattering
in the distance]


- [Alberta] Hi.

- What'd you do now?

- Nothing.

Everything's good.

I got out, like you did.

- Got out or ran out?

- Got out.

I wanted to start over.

I thought maybe
you could help me.

This is such a
cool place, Celene.

- Yes, and I like it
exactly the way it is

so take a mental picture.

Alberta, this arrangement,
this two-week arrangement

can not cause me any trouble.

I mean, zero. Understand?

- What kind of trouble?

- Your kind of trouble.

You were always jumping out
of one mess into another.

- That was a long time ago.

- We're adults now. I'm not
your babysitter anymore.

- And I'm not a helpless kid.

I promise.

- So, what's your
first move then?

What's your life plan?

You don't have one.

- Life plan. You bet.

- [Celene] Do tell.

- I'm going to do
some upgrading.

Then first I'm
going to get a job.

No later than tomorrow.

- [Celene] Good,
because I don't want you

loafing around here all day.


[soft music]

- Uh...


[soft music]


- Relax. I'm not replacing you.

You have my permission to leave.


Listen, if you're serious
about turning your life around,

I'm going to hold you to it.



I have neighbors
for Christ's sake.

Oh, and the phone.

You do not answer it ever.

Same with the door.

- Sure.

Celene, who was that guy?

- That's Spencer.

He likes to be my
slave on Fridays.

You hungry? There's some
sushi in the fridge.

[car honks]

You can crash in the back
bedroom. There's a cot.

[soft music]

[rock music]

[people chattering]

- It's bok choy.


- Thanks.

- You relax, Shifty.

[people chattering]

[gentle music]
[people chattering]

- Receipt for the yogurt?

New girl, right?


- Coledale.

- Yeah.

Well, here's the thing,
over here in civilization,

we make it a habit
of paying for things

before we take it.

- I wa-
- With money.

- I was going to pay for it.
I get my first check tomorrow.

Right now all I
have is bus fare.

- Honey, you just
became a shoplifter.

- Wait, I screwed up. I'm sorry.

The lady up front
said that it was okay

and that she does
it all the time.

- Thought I was
serious? [laughs]

Just foolin' around.

We're fine. We're fine.

We're good here.

- Is that a Walkman?

[gentle music]
[people chattering]

- Uh, here's my tape.

And uh, here's the,
here's the drill, okay, I,

my thing is dogs.

And other people
got their things.

I mean, it's, it's-
- Hi.

- [Man] Mine's dogs.

So uh, so I'd be, I'd
be down on all fours.

I'd be sniffing around.

- I picked up your dry
cleaning and your mail.

You're out of electrical tape.

- You forget something?

- Oh geez, sorry.

- Snap that leash again.

Gotta keep me in line.

You ever play fetch?

Maybe uh, you know
those pull ropes?

I like those.

I like those. I like balls.

- How do you get them
to do what you what?

- Don't give them a choice.

Believe in something
strongly enough,

even if it's total bullshit,
so will everyone around you.

- [Man] And yank it, hard.

- Tighten this, please.

- [Man] Snap my neck back.

- It's like being an actor.

You have to convince
the audience or client

that you're in charge.

You got that?
- Sniffing around.

Sniffing the grass.
- Mm-hm.

Are you going to get an agent?

And do some real acting?

I know that's what
you always wanted.

- I am doing what
I always wanted.

I'm in control of my life.

Pays well if you're
good and I am.

300 an hour.

18 more months, I'll take
my savings, go south.

Acting classes, get an
agent, execute the life plan.

- Sounds pretty thorough.

- Better be.

Been working on it
for over 10 years.

- [Man] Snap that leash again.

Gotta keep me in line.

You know, can't
let me wander off.

[car honks]

- You've been making an effort.

Don't think I haven't noticed.

[man sniffing]

- [Man] I'm a dog, right?

How else are you going
to get my attention?


[upbeat rock music]

♪ Come over here

♪ Let me kiss your teeth

♪ Let me lick your eyes

♪ Let me kiss your eyes

- You, bark like a dog.

Pick that up.


I'm going to execute
my life plan.

[whip snaps]


♪ Let me choke your throat
♪ Ew

♪ Let me spit on your face

♪ Let me spit on your face
♪ Fuck you, cretin

[electronic rock music]

[Alberta gasps]

Oh shit.




Can you help me out here?

I'm only just going
to make this worse.

- [Man] Try the orange one.

- Thanks.

Oh my god.
[door opens]

I think this is bleach.
[door closes]

- [Celene] Spencer, what
did I tell you about

not hanging up your jacket?

- Celene?

I'm really sorry.

I, I, I didn't know that
was going to happen.

I, I, look, just tell
me how much it costs.

I'll pay you back
- $800, and I need to wear

this for an appointment tonight!


Don't insult me
acting like you can

come up with that
scratch, part timer.


- [Alberta] It's just one
appointment though, right?

- [Celene] Yeah, one
that happens to coincide

with the very big bills that
need to be paid tomorrow.

- [Alberta] I'm sorry.
I'll make it up to you.

I swear.

I just, I didn't know your
hooker outfits cost so much.

- [Celene] What did
you just call me?

- Hooker. I heard hooker.


- I'm doing what I want and you
have the nerve to call me...

You wreck my shit
and then label me...

You've really changed, Alberta.

Not at all the
fuck-up I remember.

- Celene?

[door closes]


What about an advance?

- Oh, they don't
give advances, dear.

You'll be full-time
before you know it,

then you can get benefits.

- I don't need
benefits, Penelope.

I need money. I need it now.

- Mm, dear, what happened?

Fall in with the wrong
crowd or stalker?

- No. Why would I...

What about extra shifts
with the manager?

- Lance is a cheapskate, honey.

And he's a man, he
cheats on his wife.

- Seriously?

- That's what I've
been telling people.

Why not just go home?

- Absolutely not.

Put me on the night
cleaning crew. I don't care.

[gentle music]
[people chattering]

- [Penelope] Just take it.

It'll turn for ya.
Just give it time.

[gentle music]
[people chattering]

[glass shatters]

[soft, strange music]
[soft vocalizing]

- I also like, um,
confined, to be suffocated.

Not being able to breathe.

So ideally, when
you're spanking me,

you should push my
face into your breasts.

That'd be nice.

That way-

- [Man 1] Person, and I want
you to pay attention to detail.

- [Man 2] I don't want
anyone to see this tape.

I don't like exposing my-

- I am a floor to you.

Your floor.

You can walk all over
me like a carpet.

You can take a lighter fluid.


[match lights]
[man gasps]

- Uh...

Hi, um, I'm Paul.

I'm um, I'm new in town.


I find this taping
thing a bit ridiculous.

Uh, sorry.

Um, I, I'm not sure what, uh,
how this is supposed to go,

but I'd like to try giving
up control for once if...

I find this taping
thing a bit ridiculous.

Uh, sorry.

Um, I, I'm not sure what, how
this is supposed to go, but,

I'd like to try giving up
control for once,

if that's okay.

- Hi Paul?

This is Celene.

Uh, we...

I can meet your needs.

Meet me at the Cedarlane
Mall food court

at seven o'clock tonight.

I want you to wear white pants.

I command it.

[soft, strange music]
[soft vocalizing]

[door opens]

- Oh, Alberta.

- It's not what you
think, Penelope.

- There are other ways.

[soft jazzy music]

- Um...

Hi. I'm, I'm Paul.

Are you Celene?

- No.
- Oh.

[soft jazzy music]
[people chattering]

So you, you are?



- Wow? What's that
supposed to mean?

- Oh, wow means go-

Wow means good. You look
really, really good.

[soft jazzy music]
[people chattering]

- You're not a
freak, are you, Paul?

- Me? No, no.

I'm um, I'm actually, I'm
disappointingly normal.

I mean, I'm not, I'm not,
I'm not, I'm not challenging,

I mean I'm not challenging.

- You're not a challenge?
[Paul chuckles]

- Um, I'm, I'm, I'm easy.

I'm very obedient.

[Paul chuckles]

Can I, do you want anything?


- I'll ask the questions.

- Okay.

- I want one of those.

My own.

- Oh, so we're starting?

- Now.
- Yep, um...


[soft music]



- I recall asking
for extra chocolate.

- Yeah, no, I know. [laughs]

Guy charged me double.

- Extra.

- Yep.

- Stop.

[tense rock music]

Now go.

[Alberta chuckles]

[Alberta and Paul laugh]

What's your girlfriend
think about you

seeking out my services?

- Oh, no girlfriend.

I uh, I just moved here.

- From?

- East. [laughs]

- Oh.

Lovely place, east.
- Yeah.

Well, you know,
I'd vacation south,

and I traveled north.

- Now you're west.
- And now I'm west.

- West is the best.

- That is exactly what I
am beginning to figure out.

- What are you smiling at?

- Nothing.

I don't know.

I didn't expect this to be fun.

Hey, I actually don't
live far from here.

Do you think we should
go back to mine?

- We're done.

- I'm so, I'm sorry, did I...

Did I do something wrong, did I-

- No. You were great.

I dominated you.

We're done.

So pay me.

[Paul scoffs]

- You're the boss.

What about, what
about another 300?

Like my place?

Slightly less of an audience.

[Paul barking]

- What are you doing?

[people laugh]
[Paul barking]

Get up.
- No.

Not until you say yes.

[Paul barking]

- Yes, yes.

Get up! Yes!

- Okay.

That's me.

Oh, don't worry. I'm
good for the cash.

I just uh, I hit
it big at a casino.

I got a great poker face.

Hey, if you're uncomfortable
or something, that's...

- It's an extra 50
for house calls.

- Okay.

[soft rock music]

- Leave that on.

[soft rock music]

♪ You don't know
what you're doin' ♪

♪ When you turn and act tough

♪ You don't know what
it's like to be me ♪

♪ When your eyes light up

- So uh, oh uh, I'm just gonna,

I'll be one second,
if that's okay?

- Okay.
- And you can uh...

♪ You don't know
what you're doin' ♪

♪ You can only
play hurt so much ♪

♪ When you're calling
me all about him ♪

♪ And I can't hang up

[soft rock music]

Here's uh...

Oh, I can...

[soft, quirky music]

- Shouldn't you be down there?

[soft, quirky music]

On the floor, where you belong?

[soft, quirky music]

Let's hear you
bark, little doggy.

[Paul chuckles]

[Paul barking]

[soft, quirky music]

- Please tell me these
are relatively new.

- Quiet.

Dogs don't talk.

[soft, tense music]

- Oh!

- Sorry.

Are you okay?

[Paul whimpers]

Okay, we're going to take
you on a walk, little doggy.

[Paul barking]

[Alberta gasps]

- [Paul] Is everything okay?

- [Rene] I think I spooked her.

- Jesus.

- [Rene] Hm, a real beaut.

And she's into kinky shit.

Double happiness.

- This is okay, Celene.

It's okay.

- Celene.

Beautiful name.


I'm Paul's boss, Rene.

No doubt he's mentioned me.

[tense music]

So, Paul, I don't think
I did a very good job

in taking my own advice,

drawing that line,
business and personal.

I shouldn't have accused
you like that, I apologize.

Completely unprofessional.


- Rene.

- I just apologized
for disrespecting you.

Don't you think this might be-
- I didn't do anything, Rene.

You made me fear for my life.

- Or you will duck and
hide across the country?

- I'm gonna go.

- No, you know what?

No, no. I think
that Rene should go.

Uh, you're, you're, you're
freaking out my girlfriend.

Both of us. You
freaking both of us out.

- You're crawling on the
floor wearing a leash,

and I'm freaking you out?

We need to resolution so we can

go back to the way things were.

[tense music]

- What's with the girl?

- Don't be rude.

We're guests.

- Right.

- So what are you supposed
to be, sweetheart?

- Dominatrix.

[men laugh]

- Hey, guys. Why don't we just
leave her out of this, okay?

- It looks like she's
got him on a short le-

- You tell me where
it is right now.

I'll order them off you.

- I think what
he's asking, Paul,

in a nice way, in
a way that I won't,

is where the fuck is it?

- [Paul] Rene, I did
not take your money.

I told you then and
I'm telling you now.

Stop being an idiot.

[belt slaps]

- You're dumb.

Well we had no idea
Paul liked pain so much.

Let's get a demonstration.

- Just leave her out of it.

Why can't we just
leave her out of it?

Come on, I didn't not
take the money, Rene!

[Paul grunts]
- Pull those up.

No one needs to see that.

- No, it's gonna hurt
more on his bare-

- [Rene] Pull them up.

- The club loses half a mill,

and you dart across the country?

Huh? You think Renee
is that stupid?

[Paul grunts]


[Paul yelling]

[tense, dramatic music]

Help us out, mistress.

- No.


- You. Now you're gonna help me.

- No.

- No, no, come on.

Rene. Rene, make him stop.

No, no, no, no.

- No.
- Don't, Rene!

[Paul screaming]

- I'm sorry?

- It's in is closet.
- It's in his closet.

Thank you.
[Paul whimpering]

Did that excite you, hm?

- [Rene] Maybe 20 grand here.

- Rene.

Rene, that is not, that
is not your money, Rene.

- He won it at the casino.

- The casino?

You, Paul?

You have a gambling problem?

- It's not a problem if
you're winning, Aaron,

you fucking idiot.

You're even stupider than
your stupid fucking brother.

What, am I confusing you?

Am I talking too fast?

Time in the joint dull
your sense, Aaron?

[Paul grunts]


- Stop!

Stop! Get off him!


Come on, Paul.

- [Aaron] Rene, I'm sorry, but
you know he wasn't talking.

- How's he supposed
to talk now, dickhead?

- I thought that's
what you wanted!

[Aaron grunts]

- Stop!

Where's the girl?

The bag?

[upbeat music]

[engine rattling]

- Come on.


Please, come on, come on.

[engine rattling]

[engine starts up]
Oh, go!

[tires squeal]

- [Isaac] Get the car!

[upbeat music]

[tense music]

- Stupid.

Stupid girl.

Stupid girl.

[car beeping]

- [Phone Operator] 911,
what's your emergency?

- Uh, I'd like to
report an assault.

- [Phone Operator] Okay,
can I have your location?


Are you there, ma'am?

I'd like to help. I do
need to know where you are.

Can you-
- I don't know where.

- [Phone Operator] Okay,
I can send someone to you.

I just-
- I'm sorry.

- [Phone Operator] Ma'am-

[soft, tense music]

- [Alberta] I need
to find this guy.

I need help.



- Let me guess, you
hit a little adversity,

and suddenly you're what?

Back to the jackass in Coledale?

- I don't know.

- Where'd that come from?

- I got an advance.

It doesn't matter.

It's for the outfit.

- What is going on?


- I met this guy, Paul...

And I went to his place,
and these friends of his,

they came over and they beat
on him badly, and so I ran.

I just, I need to know, I
need to know if he's okay.

- How'd you meet this guy?

- At the food court.

- Classy.

He pick you up?

[Alberta scoffs]

- [Alberta] Sort of.

- Can he get ahold of you?

Find you?

- No.

No way.

- Good.

You're learning to take
precautions like me.

[Alberta laughs]


- Oh, I have his
cell phone number.

- [Celene] And?

- Well, I can call him

and if he's conscious,
he can pick up.

- Forget it.

- Well, I can't.

I need to tell the police.

- Look...

You just said you don't
know where he lives,

so where are you going?

- I don't know.

- Okay, just...

You're going to be fine.

Believe it, okay?

- Okay.

- Okay?

- Okay.

[phone dialing]

[line trilling]
[soft music]

[phone ringing]

- It's spring time.

I should be out on
Saint-Laurent sipping gin.

[tense music]

Not doing a very good job of
looking out for you, am I?

- The rest of the
money's not here.

- I'm going to go finish this.

You two are staying here.

And if anything happens
to Paul when I'm gone,

you're both responsible.

- No, but Aaron was-
- Both of you.

- Got something to
say to me, Issac?

You worthless
fucking Neanderthal.

- No.


[Aaron laughs]
[tire iron clangs]

- No, sir? [chuckles]


[Aaron whimpers]

[cars honking]

- [Woman On PA] Wet
clean up on aisle seven.

[people chattering]

- What?

- Your name tag.

[tense, dramatic music]

- Hey, hey! Coleman!

I mean uh, Coledale.

You can't just walk
out like, uh...

Well, you look exhausted.

It's understandable,
working two jobs.

Oh, uh Penelope mentioned
seeing you in some outfit.

Hey, no judgment.

You gotta do what you gotta do.


- Just tell Penelope
I'm sick, okay?

- If you ever need,
like, any protection

or a body guard for
your other work,

you know where to find me.

[tense music]

God bless.

[tense music]
[lights clicking]

[tense, dramatic music]

[tense electronic music]

[Alberta gasps]

- That prosciutto
may be a little off.

Good hiding, by the way.

Real Cracker Jack.

Who would have ever dreamt
it'd be under your bed?

[tense electronic music]

[Alberta gasps]

[tense electronic music]

It's funny. Paul
called you Celene.

Smart move lying to him.

I mean, who the hell would want

to be dominated by an Alberta?

Did you honestly think
I wouldn't find you?

So tell me where the rest is.

My half million.

- What?

I don't know anything about.

- You pay for this place
on a grocery store salary?

Are you telling me Paul
didn't share the wealth

with his skanky sweetheart?

- No, he didn't.

Is Paul okay?

- I'm concerned.

Everyone goes through
a rebellious stage,

but he's making a lot
of poor choices lately.

Lying to me, acting like a dog.

One thing I've never had to
coach him on much is women.

It reminds me of me at his age.

I mean, he's been in town
what, a few weeks? If that.

And he's already swung your-
[Alberta gasps]

Maybe I should call
my security detail?

- No.

- Have them come
over and teach you a-

[door unlocks]

[Alberta gasps]

[man vocalizing]



[tense, dramatic music]

[Alberta choking]

- Another outfit
of mine you ruined.

[Alberta choking]

- What is this?
What are you doing?

Hold on a second, officer.

Cash money.

We can settle.

♪ Tell your good friends

♪ You're gonna leave them ♪

♪ With bloodshed eyes, while ♪

[glass shattering]

♪ No need to think when

[vase shatters]

♪ This crowd gets movin'

[Rene grunts]
[glass shattering]

♪ These beats are bar beats

♪ Heartbeats and
hand claps, girl ♪

♪ And your bad friends

[Rene grunts]

- Top shelf in the
spare room closet.

Ankle cuffs. Can
you get them please?

♪ Don't turn those lights

[Rene grunts]

Need a roll of tape, too.

Any color is fine.

♪ Fight sounds, fight sounds

[Celene sniffles]

So, Alberta?

- [Alberta] Uh-huh?

- [Celene] Last night when
you told me about the guys

beating on your friend
and you running away?

- Yes.

- You um, you forgot to
mention the part where

you stole 20 grand from them.

- Yes, I did.



- And that you
stashed it in my home.

Black. Thank you.

- [Alberta] Again.


- And that they had a way of
finding you and busting...

You're paying for
that vase, ass fuck!

What I'm saying here is that you

didn't exactly
tell me everything.

You may find it nit-picky,
but to me

having prior knowledge
of these things

would fall under the
category of good to know.

- I totally agree.

And Celene?

It won't happen again.

[Celene laughing]

- You said that
when you were seven

and I caught you
eating cat food.

[clears throat]

So why'd you take
the cash anyway?

- I don't know.

It was just a big bag of money.

I just took it.

How can you be so calm?

Why haven't you kicked the shit
out of me like you did him?

- Oh, there'll be time.

Now, anything else we
need to worry about?

[phone ringing]

Your boy toys know where we are?

- Let me go and I promise
they won't hurt you.

- Pick up, pick up, pick up.

Hey, it's you know who.

I don't care. Listen to
me, I need your home.

Indefinitely. I'm leaving now.

Well, you better make
other arrangements

because I'm coming now,
and I'm not happy!

Pack up. Found a safe house.

You got a car?

- I have Paul's car.

- You took his
money and his car?

- I had to make a getaway?

[Celene laughs]

- I'm really starting
to enjoy her.

Let's move.
- Don't be stupid.


We can deal.

- So do you want me to pack
some overnight clothes?

- Any good reason why he said
my name while looking at you?

- Maybe he has one of
those lazy-eye things?

[tense music]

This is how it all started.

I pretended to be you.

♪ What's your safety word


[muffled yelling]

- I guess we should call
the police now, huh?

[tires squeal]

[Rene yelling]

- To report an identity theft?

I'm considering it.

- Think about it.

We can get the bad
guys sent to jail.

And Paul will go
to the hospital.

We can split the $20,000.
- Stop talking now.

The house was trashed total
and you're talking about what?

- Well, won't insurance
cover it?

- It's not my house.

[tires squeal]

[Rene yelling]

It's a client's place.

I'm house sitting
for a year. Poorly.

Saving a bit of money.

[Celene chuckles]

Guess that didn't work
out too well for me, huh?

I barely cover my own debts.

And, and...


- I'll make this up
to you, I promise.

There's more money.
- Just don't.


- I'm serious.

The guy in the
truck's convinced that

Paul ripped him off and 20,000

is only part of half a million.

[tires squealing]

- I don't have to
explain anything to you.

He's a new client-
- Okay, fine.

Sure, I understand
he's a new client,

but why'd you have
to bring him here?

- This is, this is our private-

- He's an extreme case and
needs extreme confinement.

- I have...

There are people coming over.

Sorry. No, I'm putting my fo-

- Alberta, open that door now.

[upbeat music]

♪ What's your safety word

[woman vocalizing]

♪ What's your safety word

[woman vocalizing]

♪ What's your safety word

♪ What's your safety word

♪ What's your safety word

♪ Please don't say it


- Do not touch that.

Do you even know what that is?

- Key to your truck.

Give 'em.

If you're lucky, I'll
drop you off at a hotel.

Rene Leblanc, hm?

Local address.

Paul's maybe?

- Celene?

Where are you going?

- I need to know who
I'm dealing with.

I need this little inconvenience

that you brought to my
doorstep to be worth my while.

- Celene. Those
brothers are crazy.

Let's just call the police.

- Right, and hope they
let us keep the cash.

Hope that Rene here
forgets to mention

the forcible confinement.


Stay put and do not,

do not not even think
about going in that room.

Are we clear?

[door opens]

[door closes]

[Rene grunts]

[Rene breathing heavily]

- My hands are burning

from the sweat.

Help me up.

[Rene breathing heavily]


[Rene grunting]

[Alberta exhales deeply]

[soft, tense music]

I have a handkerchief
in my pocket.

[soft, tense music]

- So tell me about this money.

- It's mine.

Paul took it.


- You need to know if your
employee Paul betrayed you?

I need to know if my boyfriend's

been lying to me since day one.

- He was my right hand protege.

Smart like me.

Taught him everything
about my club.

Alarm codes and the
safe was at its fullest,

and when I confronted
him about it,

he ran across the country.

- That son of a bitch.


[soft, tense music]

- Thank you.

Shows what a good
heart you have.

- Don't try and play me, okay?

I'm not stupid.

- Of course you're not.

Paul has good taste.

You met him and instantly
felt unworthy, right?

Wanted to seem exotic.


So you pretended to be your
leather-bound roommate?

You shouldn't.

I hear how she talks to you.


We have a situation here.

My security detail,
Isaac, has been looking

for an excuse to end
Paul for a long time now.

[Alberta laughs]

- They can kill that lying
prick for all I care.

- Well, maybe I misjudged you.

- You seem very
involved in his life.

- Came to me with nothing.

I've guided him.

- [Alberta] Like a father?

So who's this then?

- Put that way.

- Your son?

- I lost him.

He's gone now.

- I'm sorry.

- Then untie me.

I'll feel better.

[Alberta laughs]

- [Isaac] This isn't
about the fucking keys,

it's about you
showing me respect.

[Isaac and Aaron yelling]

- [Aaron] I want
to go home, Isaac.

I want to go home, okay?

- [Isaac] Go the
fuck home okay...

- I wanna go back home.
- Fine.

You wanna go home to
mommy, you little bitch?

You go home to mommy.

- Can you be so sure those
two lunk heads of yours

haven't found it already
and puckered off?

- We checked the
house. It's clean.

And they wouldn't
dare. I know my people.

- [Aaron] Isaac,
he's getting worse.

- He's fine.

- No, I can't get in, I
can't up back in jail.

- Then don't.

- We need to get
him to hospital.

- That's not the job.

- Well, I think the
job is sort of over

when the target
ends up in a coma.

- If I'm even going to
consider letting you go,

I need to know the brothers

won't come after me
once I get my share.

- Let's just say I have a very
strong hold on Isaac, okay?

- [Alberta] What does that mean?

- He's a wanted man.

I use my connections to
keep him out of jail,

and Isaac controls Aaron, so...

- [Alberta] Didn't
do a very good job

of controlling Aaron last night.

- That wasn't my fault.

- I wanna go, Isaac,
okay? I wanna go now.

Like you promised,
like we've planned.

We can drive south
and tell someone.

- When they called like
an hour ago, he said it's-

- He called?

Well, were you ever
going to tell me?

- He tracked the leather slut,

he's getting the money back.

He's probably dropping her
into oblivion as we speak.

- Okay, well, why
don't we take Paul in

and we can get the
out of here, then?

- Not without word.

- Okay, fuck Rene's word, okay?

Let's just fucking go, okay?

I want to go now.

- Aaron's not a problem.

A couple of years back, Isaac
got backed into a corner.

They were telling
him to take the fall.

Aaron willingly did
two year's hard time.

Won't even take a piss
unless Isaac gives the okay.

Isaac controls Aaron,
I control Isaac.

- You listen here, shithead.

Rene tracked Paul
across the country.

You think if we bail, he'll
just forget about us, huh?

Especially if his precious
little protege over there

croaks because of you?

We're on the clock here, kid.

We stay with this job.


- Fuck!

[tense rock music]


[Aaron and Isaac yelling]

I'm gonna tell mom.
- Yeah, you know what?

Go ahead, tell me.

Guess what? You're
fucking adopted.

- [Aaron] I am not.

I am not adopted!



[Aaron grunts]

Fuck you, Isaac.

[Aaron grunts]


Fuck you.

Aw, great.

Best shirt ever,
and now look, Isaac.

Mom got me this for Christmas.

- Well, then go home
and mom'll fix it!

- Fine, I will.
- You fucking baby.

[Aaron sobbing]

- You're close to making a
good decision here, Alberta.


All you need to do
is follow through.

For Paul.

- What in Sam fucking
Hell is going on in here?

- Get rid of her.

[Alberta sighs]

- [Alberta] What
if your problem?

- I don't know what kind
of shit he's pulling,

but god, stop being so naive.

- Is Paul okay? Did you see him?

- He's alive. Still in
the house playing possum.

What are you-
- I think we can do this.

- Do what?

- We scatter the brothers,

we get Paulie's ticket
to half a million.

- What is the matter with you?

- If it all worked out,
the younger brother's

completely useless
without the older one

so if we get them separate-


- No, you listen.

Those two guys are
freaking nut bars.

They're insane times 20.

- We can take 'em.

- Oh, Alberta.

- Stop that.

I hate it when you use
the condescending tone.

I'm trying to help here.

- Yeah, I don't need your help.

- I think you do.

Now listen, I just
spent a lot of time

trying to get that
guy to trust me.

- You got him to talk?

- Yeah.

So I figure if we help Paul,

he'll be willing
to share his score.

With his rescuers.

- Why are you doing all of this?

- I said, I'd make
this up to you.

I don't know, what's
wrong with wanting

to help Paul a little bit, too?


- Alberta!

I really need to urinate!

- [Alberta] You
have my permission.

- We were close to a deal.

- Thought we agreed
I wasn't stupid.

[Rene chuckles]

- This is ridiculous.

Okay. Stop it,
Alberta, I mean it.

Alberta, Isaac
will eat you alive.

He'll kill you and Paul.

You can't do this.

- Yes, I can.

[Rene grunts]

[Alberta laughs]

[heavy breathing]

[soft, tense music]

[birds chirping]
[soft, tense music]

[footsteps approaching]

[glass shatters]

- Please, mom, don't.

[soft, tense music]

[car door closes]

[tires squeal]

[soft, tense music]
[birds chirping]

- What is it?

Isaac, what does that even mean?

- It means Renee's been scalped.

[phone ringing]

[Aaron and Isaac grumbling]

- Hello?

- [Isaac] God-



- [Alberta] Hi. Can I
speak with Paul, please?

- Uh...

He's unavailable. Who's this?

- Who is it?

- [Alberta] Oh, so he's
still on the floor?

- You ran off so
quickly the other day.

- [Alberta] Cedarlane Mall,
food court, in a half hour.

- Who is it?

- How about you come here? Now.

- I'm sure it would
delight Rene to know

that his employees have so
little regard for his life.

Take Paul's cell
and don't be late.

- Let me say something.

[birds chirping]

- [Alberta] I don't
think he bought it.

- He'll show up.


Okay, so as we agreed.

- Act like I'm in
control. Got it.

- No. Keep him on the phone.

Do not poke the
bear. Do not engage.


- Okay.

- See you at
Spencer's in an hour.

- Can I go with you?
- No.

- Why?
- Come here.

Look at me.

Someone has to stay here,
okay? In case he wakes up.

That's gotta be you.

Come on, when have I ever
steered you wrong, huh?

That's right. Good.


Now, just trust me.

Stay here, watch him
and don't screw up.


- Okay.
- Okay.

- How long are you going to be?

- As long as it takes for me
to snap that bitch's neck.

- Yeah.

- All right.

- Come here. For good luck.

[birds chirping]



- Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey wait.

You can't just, you
know, walk in here-

- Look, I'm on call.

I only have a few minutes.

Told Rene I'd check on your
friends, so where is he?

- Okay, Um...

Rene's been...

When did you talk to him?

- Last night?

What's it matter? I'm
here now, so move it.


From what he said,
the guy's probably

done for by now anyway.

- Okay, wait.


It's very important
that he wakes up.

- I'm going to need some clean
towels soaked in ice water.

- All right.

- Hey.

- Oh, now?

- Hey, Paul, are
you still with us?

- Here's your towel.

Who are you talking to?

- Tea towels,
imbecile. Tea towels.

- Oh, okay. I'm sorry.

♪ Oh Lord

♪ Oh Lord
♪ Oh Lord

♪ Oh Lord

♪ Oh boy I

[tires skidding]

♪ There ain't no heaven

♪ Oh Lord there
ain't no heaven ♪

♪ There ain't no heaven ♪

♪ On the county road

[electronic pop music]

♪ Don't talk about it

♪ Boy, boy, don't
talk about it ♪

- [Isaac] Yeah?

- Congratulations.

You've completed phase one.

- Say what?

- I need you to get
back in your car.

- No-
- Start heading-

- [Isaac] No goddamn way.

- You're not in control here.

- Your ass here, in
five, or I'm gone.

- Wait.


♪ Oh Lord

♪ There ain't no heaven

♪ Oh Lord

- Penelope, I really
need your help.

No, this isn't about...

You were right.

I'm in really big trouble.

There's this guy.

- I knew it.

♪ Keep on screamin' and cryin'

♪ Oh Lord I wonder
what my son has done ♪

♪ Oh Lord

♪ There ain't no heaven

♪ Oh Lord

♪ There ain't no heaven

♪ Oh Lord

♪ Oh did you bring me

♪ Bring me any

[soft, upbeat piano music]

[muffled grumbling]

[soft, upbeat piano music]

[muffled grumbling]

- He barely has a pulse.
He needs a hospital.


Listen, if this
guy expires on you,

you're totally fucked.

You up for that?

- Look, I understand
what you're saying, lady,

but I can't because my brother-

- He's your boss?
- No.

Rene is.

- If Rene didn't wanna help,

he wouldn't have called me
in a panic, would he, right?

- No.

- Right?

- Yeah.

- Good.

Let's move already.

- Okay. Which hospital
are we going to go to?

Well, I'm going to go, too.

You didn't think that
Rene would just let

Paul slip away like that?

- Can't be at my
hospital under my care.

- You know, I never
did get your name.

- Is that really fucking
important right now?

- Yes. I think it, it is.

- Buddy, you better
stop this right now.

If Rene finds-

- What the fuck?

Oh hey.

Paul, hey.

Nice to see ya.

Why don't we go back inside?

Hey, what are you doing?

Lady, he's going to stay
with me a little bit longer.

- Let go.

I'm a fucking nurse, you moron.


[Paul grunts]

- Oh, ah shit.

- Geez.
- Help him.


[Celene grunting]

[birds chirping]

[Aaron grunting]

[people chattering]
[soft music]

[security radio chatter]

- I'm not afraid of you.

- No?

- I'm not afraid.

I outsmarted you once
before at Paul's.

- You dined and dashed
like some punk kid.

- And what makes you
think I can't do it again?

- Because I said so...

[people chattering]

Because I said so,
you fucking bitch.

So I suggest that you
tell me where Rene is

ultra quick before I get-
- You know,

Rene's not such a bad guy
when you get to know him.

He tells me that back
east you're a wanted man.

And not just from
women's rights groups.

[people chattering]

- You know, this act
you're pulling...

- It's not an act.

I have your boss.

I know where the
half a million is.

I still have the
original 20,000,

and one phone call
from me gets you

sent back east for hard time.

So next time, I'd think
twice about hitting a wo-

- Do you know something, slut?


[man laughs]

- I would like an
apology for that remark.

- You can fuck right off.

[people chattering]

- [Man] She's way too hot.

[people chattering]
[soft music]

- I'm sorry.

That you're a slut.

[people chattering]

That I called you...

A slut.

- You're not sorry enough.

Not yet.

[soft rock music]

- Hey, thanks for, thanks
for trying to help me.

- It wasn't for you, pal.

It was for me and my
friend. Your dominatrix.

I'm Celene.

- You're...


So she's?
- Alberta.

- She's Alberta.



Is she seeing
anyone, do you know?

- Oh, drop the shit, all right?

Look, when we get out of here,

we want part of the stash
that you stole from Rene.

- Well, I'm sorry to
disappoint you, but I-

- Look, I get it.

You lied so that-
- No, I'm not lying.

There's no money.

I'm sorry if you feel like
you risked a lot or something.

Sorry, but...

[toilet flushes]

Don't worry. I think
Alberta's gonna help us.

[door opens]

- Oh, man.

I'm glad you're not
uh, you know, dead.

I was worried about you.

- Oh yeah?
- Yeah.

- You should worry, Aaron,

because if any more
shit goes down,

Rene will leave you in the dust.

- Oh, I don't know about that.


You're the one who
ripped him off.

- God, I did not...

Oh, Christ.

You think Rene's never gotten
anything wrong in his life?

- No, no, no.

Rene is a very smart
businessman, all right?

He's been there for me
whenever I've been sad.

- Oh yeah?

How did he help you when
you were in jail, Aaron?

Or Isaac?

And I was at the club with them,

and they were not helping you.

They were laughing at
you, like, all the time.

- Aaron, just take
him to the hospital.

You're free and clear.

- All right, no more
talking between you two.

- Aaron, Aaron, I know this is-

- No, Paul, shut
your mouth, okay?

My brother is my brother and
yeah, he's a dick sometimes,

most of the time, I
know that, but I...

He loves me.


And he would never hurt me.

So just shut your
filthy goddamn mouth.

- No.

[Celene grunts]

[Celene grunting]

Shut up, Paul!

[people chattering]
[gentle music]

- Too many people so
don't even try anything.

- Sweetheart, when I
decide to try, you'll know.

- I'm curious, what's
someone like you called?

Do you have a title?

- What, are we getting
to know each other now?

Security expert.

[people chattering]

[Alberta laughs]

- Security expert?

- I do my job. I do it well.

I can't control every
stupid teenage girl-

- Oh, so it's
everybody else's fault?

- Shut up.

I practically run
Rene's business.

He'd be lost
without me.

- Without Paul, you mean?

- Let me tell you something,

we'll all be a lot better
off when that guy's gone.

Who knows, that may
have happened already.

- Tell me something,
why hasn't Rene

ever suspected you and Aaron?

[Isaac laughs]

I mean, if you know everything,

like when the safe
is at its fullest,

all the security
and alarm codes,

why couldn't you have taken
the money and fingered Paul?

- Look down.

We're leaving.

- Excuse me, sir?

Would you mind turning
around, please?

- You gotta be
fucking kidding me.

Look, this doesn't
concern you, okay?

- I think you should
let go of her.

- Why don't you give
me some distance

so I can take care of this
bitch, okay, pork pie?

- Let her go, sir.




[people exclaiming]

Call the police!

- [Isaac] Fuckers!


- [Man] Hold him,
get the gun away.

- [Isaac] Fuck you!

Don't you dare! Don't you dare!

Fuckin' kill you!


I'm gonna fucking
kill you, bitch!

[electronic pop music]

- Make sure you tell the
cops he's a wanted man.

- I'll fucking kill you, bitch!


[electronic pop music]

- [Alberta] Thanks, Penelope!

[electronic pop music]

[sirens blaring]
[electronic pop music]

Where's the money,
where's the money?

[tires squeal]

[electronic pop music]

- [Officer] Stop
resisting, stop resisting.

Get in the car.

Come on, come on,
get your head down.

[Isaac yells]

[electronic pop music]


- [Alberta] Crap.

[tires squeal]

[electronic pop music]

Celene, you're not going
to believe what happened.

[soft, upbeat piano music]


[soft, upbeat piano music]


What the hell happened?

- I didn't mean
to scare the guy.

I meant to frighten
him a little.

I was just playing around.

The bald guy, the bald guy.

He's crazy.

- Where's Celene?

- I've never seen a submissive

so terrified of male
nudity in all my life.

Kept calling me a freak.

I'm not a freak.

Everything was fine
until you came along.

You've wrecked everything.


Where are you going?

Wait a minute.

- I have to do something.
He might hurt Celene.

- Wait, look, stay
here and don't-

- Spencer!

- You do as I say
and get in the car.

Celene needs our help.

[tires squeal]

- Come on Isaac.

Pick up the phone.

[dog barking in the distance]


[dog barking in the distance]


Wow you uh...

You okay?

Hey, look, we found your hair.


- Paul awake?
- Yeah, yep.

He did Isaac get your back?

- Bring him out.

[tense rock music]

[tools clattering]

You really should have
stayed out of this, officer.

[Celene yells]

- Do we even know
where this guy lives?

- Stop yelling.
- Oh, you stop yelling.

- There it is!

- Watch where you're going!

- Hey!


[dog barking in the distance]

- Spencer, come on. Let's go.


[tense music]

- [Rene] It looks like I may
have crossed that line again.

Sorry about that.

See, if you're clinging
to the faint hope

that because we're so
close, I won't hurt you...

[Paul grunts]

I won't kill you for the money.

But I will kill
you for the lies.

[Paul grunts]

- Wait.

Rene, what if I told you
the thing you want to hear?

Huh? What happens then?

- Well...

We head back home, get you
back working at the club

under strict supervision-
- Why do you even

want me to come back
and work with you?

You think I stole from you.

- Clearly a cry for help.

- We're not friends, Rene.

We're not anything.

I was your employee.
I'm not your son.

- Now, Paul.

[Paul yells]

Are we friends?
- No, no.

- [Alberta] He doesn't
have your money.

- Where's Isaac?

- Alberta, run.

I mean it, now.

- [Aaron] Isaac! Where are you?

- I know where your money is.

All of it.

Just let my friends
go and it's yours.

- [Aaron] Where are you?


- He has to say it.

The truth.

[Paul yelling]

- [Alberta] No!


- [Aaron] Isaac.

Uh, hey, Rene? Girl?

Rene, can I talk
to you for a sec?

- Aaron, help me, grab her!

- Yeah.

- I am done messing
around, Paul.

- Let her go!

- Rene, for the
love of God, Rene.

I didn't take it.
What do you want?

- Truth!


Right fucking now or I'll
drain her right here.

- Rene.

There is a naked guy outside.


What do you me to do?

- You didn't think
we're finished, did you?

[tense music]
- Hey.

That's far enough.


Get that thing away from me!


- No way.

- Spencer, this isn't role play.

He's going to stab you for real.

- Everything's fine.

This one's a hitter, not
a jabber, aren't you?

- Did you make the call?

- I did. The police
are on their way.

- Cops, what? No way.

- Aaron, she's bluffing.

- Big, burly men
with giant batons.

- Jesus!

- Where the fuck
did you get these?

- From Isaac. I didn't think
he'd need them in jail.

- What do you mean
jail? Like jail-jail?

- He pulled a gun
on me in public

and the cops swarmed.

They took him away right after.

- Right after what? Wha-wha?

- Right after I figured out

that Isaac's the one
that ripped off Rene.

- Rene?


Oh boy.

- All right, Aaron,
Aaron, Aaron.


- Yeah, what?

Uh, what she said...

- It's the truth.
- Don't.

- You didn't think
that anybody but Paul

was smart enough to pull it off.

- Is that true?

- She's trying to
turn you against me.

- Yeah.

- Then where's your
brother now, huh?

Where's your protector?
- Aaron!

Aaron, look at me!
- What?

- I'm sure there's a
perfectly logical explanation.

- Yeah.

Yeah, like what if Paul
didn't take the money, huh?

- Thank you.
- Huh?

I mean, what am I
supposed to think?

I mean, my brother's
gone. You're bald.

We got a naked freaked
walking around.

- [Spencer] I am not a freak!



[Aaron breathing heavily]

- Isaac did this, didn't he?

I know it. You know it.

The nurse probably
even figured it out.

- Isn't it possible that
Paul's not to blame?

[heavy breathing]

- Fuck!

Fuck, Rene.

Sorry, Paul.

How do I, how do I
get you out of here?

- Move away!

I'll decide when or
if Paul gets untied!

[Aaron grunts]

Not you!

- Aaron, when is
this gonna stop, huh?

When are you going
to fight back?

- You shut your mouth!

- [Alberta] Paul could
have died for his mistake.

- Just shut your fucking-


- Stop. Paul's okay.

You can still be free.

The cops are coming.

Aaron, stop.
- No, no.

Think about yourself.

Please stop.


- Hey bro. How you doin'?

Can't come to the
phone? That's cool.

Voicemail all right?

Not too fucking
good in jail is it?

- Aaron, you gotta go.

Cops are gonna be
here any minute.

Look at me.




[Paul sighs]

- Oh.


[soft music]

I'm good.

- Well.


Isaac set me up.

- It's no wonder your son
wants nothing to do with you.


Can you believe he got sick of
being under his dad's thumb?

Go figure.

- I didn't.

I'm sorry.

- You're pathetic!

[Rene sobs]

[soft, tense music]

- Never called
the cops, did you?

- Bluff. It was
all Alberta's idea.

What can I say?

- You can say you have
some clothes nearby.


[soft music]

- I believed you were a thief.

I'm sorry.

- You're amazing.

Do, do you have
plans this weekend?

- You should see a doctor.

- Spence, drive him
to the hospital.

Your truck's around the corner.


[soft guitar strumming]

Seriously, Friday maybe?


Oh come on, I need a yes.

All right.

[Paul howling]

- Okay.

- Yeah?
- Yes, already.

- Okay.

- Yes.

- You gotta take that thing off

before we go to the hospital.

Trust me on this.

- No way.

- So I couldn't help notice
you mentioning something

about knowing
where the money is?

Wait it was in his car?

You have it, it
was in Isaac's car.

[sirens blaring]

- [Alberta] Crap.

I'll make this up
to you, I promise.

Your house, kitchen table
and living room table.

- Paintings,
business, life plans.

Is this you trying to
make me feel better?

Just let it go, please.

You know...

You coming back for
me, that was really...

- Stupid.

- Brave.

- Well, a promise is a promise.

- Stop, okay?

We're safe.

That's what's...


Where did you...

- Woo hoo!

- I was short on time, but
I grabbed what I could.

A little help.

- [Waiter] Lattes.

$7.50, please.

- I got this.


[Alberta and Celene scream]


- Yeah, definitely enjoying you.


[upbeat, funky music]

♪ People, people

♪ When you hand me down

♪ People, people

♪ When you're laying me down

♪ Forget you loved me

♪ 'Cause I been a bad bee now

♪ It's the way you
squeeze me baby ♪

♪ Honey, I'm not around

♪ Dial up my heartbeat

♪ Nothing but a dead line

♪ Dial up my heartbeat, babe

♪ Nothing but a dead line

♪ But I'm up on my pony

♪ Riding right out of time

♪ It's the way you
squeeze me baby ♪

♪ Honey, I'm not around

♪ Oh

[funky rock music]

♪ Oh

♪ Oh

[funky rock music]

♪ Oh

[funky rock music]

♪ Yes it's the way
you squeeze me, baby ♪

♪ Honey I'm not around

♪ Stingray my lovechild

♪ Blue honey falling down

♪ Stringray my lovechild

♪ Blue honey falling
down, falling down ♪

♪ Put me in a bag, baby

♪ 'Cause I been a bad bee now

♪ A bad bee now, a bad
bee now, a bad bee now ♪

♪ It's the way you
squeeze me baby ♪

♪ Honey, I'm not around

[funky rock music]

♪ It's the way you
tease me baby ♪

♪ Honey, I'm not around

♪ Yes, it's the way
you squeeze me baby ♪

♪ Honey, I'm not around