Waldgeist (2017) - full transcript

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A third child has been
reported missing today.

9 year old Maisie Snyder.

This comes just two days
after the disappearance of 16

year old Hayden Graham.

Snyder was last seen playing
in the park with her friends.

She is described to be
a little under 4 foot 3

with dark brunette hair.

This being the third

police are advising
parents to take extra

precautions with their children.

If you have any ideas
or clues that would help

police we'd ask you to call
their non-emergency number

that's listed on this screen.

Its open.

Bailey's dead David.




Killed most likely.

His place out in the woods
burned to the ground last night.

He was inside.

Coroners worked on COD right now.


David, we found the kids.

All five dead and buried
in the woods around his house.

Now what?


No don't.

All those kids, Amelia

All those kids died
and he walked free.

I said don't.

What if it was Kennedy,
or Morgan?

Don't tell me, David, please,

not another word or else.

I - I know.

The case is closed.

We found the kids and at least
the parents

will have some closure.

We all will.

Why did you become an officer?

So I can help people.

So I can stop like

shit like this from happening.

It's hard to help
people while moping around.

Hey, how about you?

To help people and

I've always been a bit
of an adrenaline junkie.

Fair enough.

There's not a day
that I don't think

if I if I could have got
the Polaroids a little

sooner I could've saved them.

A pile of Polaroids
in a bundle of leaves.

Pictures of the young
girls murdered.

Tonight we revisit the Art
Bailey kidnappings

and explore the eerie

surrounding the evidence
appearing after Bailey

and his house burned
to the ground.

I heard a crash
and thought a tree had blown

down outside the station.

When I got out there my
partner and I discovered

them sitting neatly
in the middle of a pile

of leaves.

Given the fact
that the Polaroids were found

after Art Bailey's death
could there have

been an accomplice?


Could there be an accomplice?


You can watch
our exclusive report only

here on KZZ 3. Tonight at 7

Get him get him.

Come on Jax.

Oh he's out.

He's out.

Come here.

Come on Jax.



I'll follow you.

No you have to follow me.

Cause you're so cute.

Come here.

Come on.

Come, come, come.

Go in.

Go ahead bubba.

Go on.


Hey there
fans of the four. What's up?

It's your boy Danny Hawk.

So I'm guessing you can't
sleep right now.

Probably because you're
watching this.

But it's okay.

I'll stay up with you.

Everything's going to be okay.


I'm watching a video here.

You know they're probably gonna

perform here eventually.

They always skip
Portland on their tour.

Can't believe
you're going to get Dad

to see a boy band.

Graduating has its perks.

Ugh, god.



Are you screening my calls?


Every time I try to
reach you I get a voicemail.

That's because
my phone is on silent.

Well what's the point
of having a cell phone if you're

just gonna keep it on silent?

Are you ready to go?


Are you?


Oh he's probably
just excited to get

out of the office.

Oh no no!

Hey Amelia.

Hey is there anything
I can help you find?

Just shopping around.


How much for that?

That's fifty dollars that
comes with the case though.

Does it work?

We don't sell
anything broken here.

How about this one.

Um that one's actually
not supposed to be on the floor.

Uh could you hand that to me.

Let me see that.


That's twenty five dollars.

Fifteen dollars
each for the film.

I will take it and two
packs of photo paper please.

All right.

Thank you.

Um by the way would it be weird
if I said

you looked really good.


Oh and I won't say anything.



Thanks for coming.

Enjoy your hipster crack.

Have fun with um...

Trying not to be creepy.

I will.

Hey Mom,

can I get a ride
over to Kennedys?

Courtney its just a couple

minutes walk from here.

Straight through
where they found Judy.

All right.

Let's go.

Remind me why I'm going to this?

I won't know anyone there.

Because I'm the
greatest wingman ever.

Listen to me.

You'll thank me once to see
her man because Courtney

and she's-uh.



What's that?

That's the Old Bailey
house that burned down.

Killed Mr.

Bailey inside of it.

Damn dude, that's terrible.

I guess.

I mean after it burned down
the police found a whole

bunch of creepy shit inside.

Turns out Mr.

Bailey there's steal little
kids and bury

them in his backyard.


They found all these
pictures of these kids

gone missing in the area hidden
right by the foundation.

That's some creepy shit man.


Don't mention it tonight.


Because Courtney's
sister was one of those kids.



No no.

Of course.

This is important.


I can't right now.

I'm going on vacation.

All right.

I'll be there first thing
on Monday to check it out.

All right.

Don't worry.

I'm going.

You still have your
little party.

What was that about?

Somebody broke
in and stole all the old

evidence from the Bayley case.

That was so long ago.

Yeah I know.

If some people did their
job in the first place.

I wouldn't have to go through
five years of records.



You ready to go?



Be back tomorrow.

All right.

Be safe.

Don't burn down my house.

So that's a no
to indoor fireworks.


I will cut you.

Oh Jesus!

Didn't know cops were so jumpy.

Do I need to call Child
Protective Services?

Nah. He's a loon.

Bye dad!


Damnit, I was not ready.

Violet, that is going
to look awful.

Glad it works.

Just picked up in the Pawnshop.

There you go.


Aw did someone need
a ride from mommy?

Hey, you don't judge.

You know I left my
car in California.

I missed you so much.

I missed you.

You really shouldn't
be allowed to go to school

so far away.

Oh yeah, yeah.

I missed you too.

So when are the guys getting here.

Thirsty for Alex's hot friend?


Shut up it's been awhile.

Awhile for a what?

What? You're the worst.

I don't know why I hang
out with you.

Shut up.

You love us.

Oh God damn it.


Hey you guys.


I'm Violet!

Guys this is Kai.

Um, Kai,

this is Voilet and Kennedy
and Courtney so.



So are you guys ready to party
or what.


Let's go.


After you.


No it's fine.

All day.

Oh shit!

That's what you get.



Party foul.

That's what happens right.

Party foul.


You going to start making some?

To make this interesting.


Oh right sorry.

Hey you gotta get out
of my house Kennedy.

It's my fucking house.


Bring it bro!

I fucking fought a shark!

You fought a shark?

I didn't actually fight
it I accidentally

kicked it while swimming
but still pretty badass,



Oh okay all right.

One cup and a foul.

You want to just fling
it out there like.

But you want to make
it so you know.

Hey guys I fought a shark,

So close!

Was was a the.

Hey what have you done, alright?

Okay spider on this.

Oh is that like
put you on your game?


You like the new Spider-man?

Yeah pretty good man.

You know that we're
going to go see them live right?

So do we have to listen
to all the way down.

I know!

I know!

I want!

I want you.

Do you not know the
meaning of the word vacation?

I thought you'd want

to know we have 15 minutes
of footage missing

from the security camera
at the evidence locker.

What do you mean missing?

It's just gone, sir.

Should I come in?

I wouldn't.

Are you sure?

Honestly though,

you probably should.

Officer Jones wants to speak
to you.

So after the party,

it was like a pre-pary.

So I went to class
for the first time

and then found out
he was my teacher.

No seriously, he was my teacher.

It was somebody.

Hey, Kai is a douchebag.

He's horrible.

Such a douchebag.

He is.

He is.

He's cute though.

No, no he's horrible.

No don't do anything with him.

Aw, Violet.

He's got a cute butt
though so that's worth it.


Oh yeah.

How many have you had?

Were you sneaking shots.

What are you doing?

Want to see a trick, watch this.




I'm out.

I'm out.

I'm out.

Are you gonna
be able to do this?

Oh yeah, yeah.

I'm fine.

You know,

we have time before the concert,

if you need to swing
by the office.

Thank god,

this is going to drive me crazy.

Well we're still going.

Oh yeah, we're going.


You bet.


We're going to be there watching
front row.

Watching the

the four boys to guys. For sure.


It'll be real quick.

All right.

Take no time at all.

I'm just so done
with guys because they're

the fucking worst.

So girls, that's hot.

I deserved that.

But you know what I hate?

How guys can't even make
jokes about shit

like that because there's
so much

objectification of women.

So your brought us a douche bag.

Sorry about that, guys.

I mean least Courtney's having
a good time,

you know?

It's not like all
lesbians are hot.

Trust me most aren't.

He's going to say
whatever he wants to get

into her pants and...

Courtney's no dummy.

That's a fake smile.

She's only in it for a short

Thank god for that,

I'd die if she dated
that douche-canoe.

What's that?

Nothing bro.


We're gonna be there.




Going to concert.

I thought that there
were three boys.

Four boys.

Sounds like girls.

They're boys.

They're kinda high pitched.

Oh I'm sorry
but you know we can't

all listen to like Def
Leppard or Metallica or.

You do not speak of Def
Leppard badly in this house.

Are we going to count it?


How do you know these people?

We went to high school

elementary school.

It's been a long long time.

College was the first
time away from.

You would vouch for them?

Vouch for them?

Vouch for them.


Vouching like a voucher?

A Voucher?

You know what I mean.
Would you defend them?




You're very calculating.


Some people would call
me a hunter.

I just say that I'm more of a
renaissance man,

you know?

Good at everything?

A little bit, yeah.

You know in an alternate

it would be you and I having
sex tonight.

With each other?

You don't feel the tension?


You know those
times when a friend

embarrasses you so much
you just want to disown him.

He's still your friend?


Hey Kai!

Yeah, man, ugh.

The picture threw me off.

The flash.


All right,

do not let the battery die down.

I'll be right back.

You have 15 minutes
and then we have to go.


I promise.

Let's do it.

I told you to go
enjoy your vacation.

I know.

Don't worry.

This case hasn't been reopened.

We're just trying to find
out how someone got in here.

What'd they take?

His camera.

Why the camera?

Probably just some
creep fanatic celebrating

the anniversary
of Bailey's death.

Or maybe somebody looking
to make an extra buck

by appointing some
grim paraphernalia.

So you still won't
consider the possibility.

Of an accomplice?

David we've been through this a
million times.

There's no evidence that Bailey
was working with an accomplice.

If someone else was involved,

wouldn't there have been
another disappearance by now?

Unless they saw
what happened to Bailey

and they're just laying low.

David I told you to
trust me I can handle it.

Go on your vacation.


Martin said someone tampered
with the security footage.

Are you sure whoever did
this didn't,

you know,

have help from the inside?

You're seeing ghosts
where there aren't any David.





Put out an alert to local
camera specialist,


and thrift shops
with the description

of the camera.

We've already got a lead
on a pawnshop in town.

Did you know that the Japanese
government is getting

involved to try and stop people
from working

themselves to death.

They want people to take
more vacation days.


Does it work?

Well, not yet.


What's the name
of that pawnshop?

We still have plenty of time
to make the show,


Look if for some reason
we don't make the show

I will fly you to wherever
they're touring next.


In the US.

That's not until forever.

Then we better
not miss this show huh?

No no.

I gotta make one more stop.


Hey guys,

check this out.

You're my man.

Don't talk about it.

Not my man-man
but like my wingman.

Don't talk about it.

I see you push me
in the corner over here.

You scared?

I'm a little bit intimidated.


I wouldn't say scared,

but it's intimidating.

I'll back off.

I don't want to intimidate you.

No no no no.

I didn't say you should back

Oh yeah?




It was the wind.

The wind.

All right.

Everyone over here.

We need a group pic.

One after we swim?


All right.

Everyone get in here.


Nice and big.




Is that it?

That's it!

Wait, it will come out.

It will come out.


No, she was there when I left.

Everything all right?

No that's fine I'll head home.

It's fine.

I'll see you in a bit.

Is everything okay?


My parents can't find my sister.

It's fine though you know
she goes out all

the time without telling us.

I'll be back, okay?

Do you want me to come with?

No, I'll be fine.

Just keep an eye
on the horndogs.

Hey Kai!

Don't forget to wrap
it up buddy.

Oh, hey.

I got the whole thing timed out,

don't worry buddy.

Oh shit.

Oooooh okay.



I think that's a skill.

All right?

I'm going to go to the bathroom.

Don't drown.

But seriously I'll kill you.


Jen where you've been,

mom and dad have
been worried sick.


So you know how people
after sex always have to pee?

Hi there, sir.

What brings you in today?

I was wondering have
you received any cameras lately?

Well we do receive a
few cameras every few days.

This would've been
this morning or yesterday.

It's a Polaroid.

Man, sure is
windy out, isn't it.

Well now that you mentioned
it we actually did receive

a report for a missing camera.

But why do you want it?

I'm with the police.

Well how am I
supposed to know that sir.

Well we did have one
but we sold it earlier.

Who did you sell to?


I don't know.

She didn't leave a name
or anything.

She paid in cash.

Oh well we do have
security cameras.

Did you want to maybe
check that out?

That'd be great.

So how do you know Alex?

Actually I just
met him this year.

We met at school.

Hey, you okay?


What happened?

I don't know.


Can you tell me
something about her...

maybe something she was wearing
or personality or something.

She was really quick witted.


She might.

Think about it.

Oh she was uh she
was wearing a black dress.

I know who it is.



What is it?

What's wrong?

I'm here just tell me
what you saw.







What did you do?


Was an accident.

It was an accident.

She must have fallen.

Why why did you do that?


I didn't do it.

Kennedy, I didn't do it.

Morgan please help me.

I saw.

I don't know.

It looked like

you won't believe me.

It looked like one of the kids
from the Old Bailey murders.

I know it sounds crazy.

Can we go?

Can we still go to the concert?

I have to go back to
the house to find Violet.



I didn't do


Stop blaming me.

I saw you!

I have evidence!


Kennedy get the fucking picture.

Just give me the
fucking picture.

I'm not giving it back.


Do you even know

what vacation means?

I think I have a lead.

Send a car over to the
Tigard pawnshop and pick

up the owner for questioning.

Funny thing,

I'm standing in the pawnshop
now it's empty.

Door was wide open
but nobody's home.

I'll call you back.


He killed Violet and Courtney.
He was gonna kill me.

Kennedy, those things outside.


There's beasts
and outside right now.

Is he dead?

Violet and
Courtney are dead too.

He killed them.

No fuck Kennedy.

KENNEDY No it wasn't him.

It was those fuckin beasts.


Was fucking forest beasts.

What the fuck
are you talking about.

They're out there,

I'll fucking prove
it you... okay here.

Call the police.

Well what are you gonna do.

I'm going to
fucking get a photo.

You going to be okay?


I probably just scared myself.



Kennedy, it's your dad,

give me a call.

Would you mind waiting
here in case to come home.

I gotta go look for them.

I want to stop by Courtney
see if they're there.

I need to talk to Violet
about her camera.

Look keep the door locked.

Call me immediately
if they come home.

But can't I come with you?
I'm scared.

But if they come home.

I know.

Just be home soon.


Oh hey David,

I thought it was Courtney.

She's always forgetting
her keys.

Courtney is not here.

No I thought she was at your

house with her friends.

Well they were
supposed to be there.

They might be at Alex's house.

Do you know parents?

No I've never met them.

I think his father's
name is Greg or something

like that.

You know
it's not like Courtney to run

off somewhere and not tell me.

Do you think everything's fine?

I'm sure there's
nothing to worry about.


Hey I'm uh I'm David,

Kennedy's dad.

I think we've might
have met... uh.



You want to tell me why
the hell you're knocking

on my door at this hour?

You wouldn't by chance
have seen Alex or Kennedy

or the rest of them?


No phone calls?


Sorry to wake you.



Where's my sister?

Where's my sister?


Hey dad, where are you?

I'm at Alex's.

Kennedy stop by yet?

No, but I found Alex.

Where was he?

Did he find the others?


Dad, he's scared out of his mind

and it's scaring me.

Are you gonna be okay?

I don't know.

I'll be... I'm fine.

He needs help.

All right.

Well don't worry.

I'll be... I'll be
there soon okay?

Let's go downstairs
and make you some tea.

Get you some tea.

What is it?


I need back up at
the Bailey house.

What's going on?




What did you do?



Morgan! Thank god.

We have to go.

We have to go now.



What did you see?

Where's Alex?

We have to go!




No need for that.

I'm going to take
care of you now.

I love it, you know.

Blood pumping.

Heart racing.

Knowing what you're going to do.

Waiting until you can't
hold out any longer.


Please just let me go.


Oh no!

We have to go.

We have to go.

I love you.

I love you too.

The back!



The thrill.

You know you felt it.

You're probably feeling it now.

I'm the only thing you can see.

You know the moment
you pull that trigger.

You can't go back.

Lay your gun on the ground.
You can still walk out of this.

We both know we aren't
both getting out of here.

So do it.

Now's your shot.

Those two people
you killed on duty.

You're craving
that feeling again,

aren't you?


because I'm not
a psychotic fuck.

Wow what a show
you guys really sure

do know how to rock out.

I mean that was crazy.

If you want to see me
again we're adding

Portland to the end of our tour.

If you didn't get to meet me
in Seattle we're going to double

the amount of VIP tickets!


I'm gonna go to bed
cause I'm really tired

otherwise I just pass out.

Danny out!






Where's Morgan?