Wake Me When It's Over (1960) - full transcript

Gus Brubaker has been drafted... again. Due to a clerical error, Gus finds himself deployed to a little Japanese island where everyone is bored to death. So Gus decided to build a hotel and hire locals to run the place.

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*Man Singing*
*If I am dreaming
you've got your arms around me,*

*Wake me when it's over.*

*Wake me when it's over.*

*Not before,*

*And if I'm dreaming that love
at last has found me,*

*let me go on dreaming.*

*Wake me when it's over,
then let me go to sleep,*


*It's hard to believe, my dear,
that you're here at all.*


*I pinch Myself,*

*you don't disappear at all.*

*So if I'm hearing you tell
some small-town justice,*

*you will not forsake me.*

*Takin' vows to make me yours, ever more.*

*Then darling, wake me when it's over,*

*and not before.*

*Wake me when it's over.*

*Take the vows to make me yours,*

*Ever more.*

*Then, darling, wake me when it's over.*

*Wake me when it's over.*

*Not before.*

SubTitles by Q

We have on the docket

farm supports,

the new Swallowtail damn,

foreign aid,

and the senate cafeteria fund.


with the permission of this house.

I would like to postpone
consideration of all these measures.


I would like to take up at this time,

The Brubaker case.

( reporter )
Uh General.

Can we get some kind of
statement on the Brubaker case?

No! At this stage it
would be prejudicial to

law and justice for me
to comment in any way.

Except to say it's an outrage! An outrage!

Certainly it is one of the dark chapters
in the history of human conduct.

We must ask ourselves certain questions
about this man, Gus Brubaker.

For the answers, we'll have
to go back to last year,

to August of 1953.

Who was Gus?

What was Gus?

And for that mayyer. Why was Gus?





That fella you let sign
a tab last thursday.

He got the booze.
You got the hangover.

Let me see that.

Um hum

Seemed like such a nice man.

Sam: Hi Mrs. Bribaker.
Mrs Brubaker: Hi Sam.

Oh, hi honey.
You look so pretty

Well, thank you.

I'll be with you in a minute as
soon as I balance these receipts.


I guess we'll have to write this one off.

Write what off?

The tab.

I let somebaody beat me
out of forty dollars.

Oh, why?

Wife was gonna have a baby.

This is for whisky. Whats that
got to do with having a baby?

He said he needed strength.

OH, Gus.

Alright. So I am a schnook.

Just let it go at that. Eh?

Whats that?
A mommy thing?

No, a schnook is what I am.

A fella who does a favor only it backfires.

Not once or twice.
Every single time.

A schnook,

is when you answer the door,

and some kid wants to
mow the lawn for fifty cents.

The lawn doesn't need mowin.

But you let him do it anyway.

That night they arrest you for
breaking the child labor law.

That's me.

Registered schnook.

I agrees

You're a schnook.


I mean about the insurance.

The GI insurance. The deadline is monday.

Marge, we have been through this ten times.

I don't any more insurance.

This is different. You were in the Air
Force. You're entitled to GI insurance.

Marge, I don't ever want
to hear the word GI again.

I never want to see another uniform again.

Any uniform.

I look at a boyscout and I
feel like ducking into a sewer

like it was a foxhole and
pulling the cover over me.

Suit yourself, but you
have responsibilities.

You have this place and
you've got a lot of

money tied up in that
broken down farm house.

Please, Marge. Hotel.


And those hot srings,
it means money in the bank.

Just the same, you have
a wife and children.

Insurance is a good thing.
It provides for the future.

No it doesn't.
It provides for the lack of it.

Look, Marge.

Seven years ago, the Air force and I
got what's called a friendly divorce.

Nothing sentimental. We just shook
hands and promised not to write.

I'd like to leave it that way.

No more talk about GI insurance


We'll drop it.

If that's the way you feel about it.


As a matter of fact, I'm
not even sure who brough the subject up.

Come on.
Lets go home.

But ah--

Aba --

Eee mon ee

Yee yee


Where did you get that?


They were all out of gingham so..

I guess I will have to make this do.

{ laughs }

Well, I --

I guess we better get some shuteye.

Oh, Your hair looks just fine honey.

I-- I-- I think you better

Better get some sleep.

I wonder how I'd look in a pony tail.

Oh, Marge. This is ridiculous.

Now, everybody knows the best time to
try a pony tail is in the morning.

Now, come on.

Let's get a little sleep huh.

You just don't understand gus. A
woman has got to look her best.

It's her only insurance.

oh, no. Oh no, no no, not
that GI insurance again.

Oh, I didn't mean it that way, Gus, but,

but it is good insurance.

It's almost free. They
practically give it to you.

Marge, everything I ever got from the
Air Force, they practically gave.

In basic training when I got
the measels up at Camp Devon.

And the time the lieutenant ran
over my foot with a tractor.

It was free. Absolutely no charge.

And overseas riding back
and forth on that B17.

Didn't cost me one penny.

Neither did that German flack.

And the two years I spent in the
prison camp. didn't cost me

One -- Thin -- Dime.


Absolutely everything I ever got
from the Air Force they practically gave.

It's getting late. let's
catch up on some shut eye.

You're reading a book!

At this hour? Marge,
it's eleven o'clock.

Five after.

Well, it must be a very interesting book.
What is it?

Elemetary shorthand.

Shorthand? In the middle of the night?

Well, it's very interesting.

Besides, it's a good thing to know.
In case.

All right.

I give up.

You win.

I'll go down first
thing in the morning.

Go where?

The GI insurance.

Hey look. Would you throw
away that book and come to bed

if I promise to
get the GI insurance.

Well, if you feel you want
more insurance but --

I don't know where you got the
idea I'm the least bit interested.

Of Course.


{ snapping fingers }

You fill out the D1 health report?


Gus Brubaker.

When'd you enter the service?

Dec, 1941.

When'd you get out?

April, 1945.

Final rank?


I was about to make colonel
but the war ended.

Serial number?

Which one?

I got two.

Everybodies got one serial number..

Eisenhower's got one.

McArthur's got one.

I got two.

You got two.

Look, there were over 13
million men in the service.

I know what you are going to say,
but I still got two serial numbers

It's a long story

You see, in 1941, they
gave me a serial number.

and put me on a B17

And then the Germans shot me down,

and I spent the rest of
the war in a prison camp.

In 1945 they sent me back to
Westover Field for release.

But they got mad at me for
ruining their paperwork.


Well, they said I was supposed to be dead.

So, you got two serial numbers.

Let's have the last one.

A F dash

A F dash

Length of service?

3 years and 4 months.

No, no, no.
You've got to be consistant.

Now, according to this number,
how long where you in?

But I told you. They gave it to me
and the next day I was released.

Length of service.
One day.



Specialist in?

I was a tail gunner.

Aww. Will ya try to get it straight?

Everything on this form
has to be consistant.

Now, how can you be a tail gunner
if you're in the army only one day?

You, you sure about this?
I don't wanna make any mistake.

Believe me. They will toss this
right out if things don't match.

You can't be a specialist in the
Army with only one day's training.

Unless you're a General
or somebody like that.

Whatever you say.

Look. There's no point is wasting
anymore of your time.

You sign these.

I got all the dope.

I'll put it all down,

and keep it consistant.

Eisenhower has one.

McArthor has one.

You got two.


{ Announcer on TV givng
commentary on the baseball game.}

{ Bar crowd has several
indistinct conversations. }

( Phone rings }


Oh, Sure. Just a minute Mrs Brubaker.



Your wife's on the phone.

Hi ya hun.


I'm watchin the ballgame.

There's a letter
here from wasington.

Oh, that would be the insurance.
Just leave it on the desk.

I don't think it's
about insurance.

It's from some fella you must
have met in the Air Force.

What fella?

Well, it's signed General Vandenberg

And it reads kinda silly.

To all reservists in class 16.

Subject. Immediate call up.

{ Trumpet plays }


Gus, is anything wrong?

Just routine.

I've been drafted.

Marge, I've been drafted!

It's a mistake. Just call up and
tell them you're busy at the resurant.

I already told them enough
on that insurance form.

Oh dear.

Oh I'm sorry darling.

I know it's mostly my fault.

Please, don't feel that way, Marge.

Because it's not true.

{ Shouting }
It's all your fault!

Coffee, Gus?


{ Bugle plays }

We're gonna miss you, Gus.

We're gonna miss you terribly.

Bye Daddy.
Bye Daddy.

It'll only be for a week.
I'll see the Colonel.

He can get out a teletype and
clear it up by Saturday.

I'll check at the resturant during the
week. Then I'll drive down Saturday.

Where shall I pick you up?
Right at that gate?

I don't know.

I guess so.

I better check.

Um, my wife's gonna
pick me up Saturday.

What gate should she come to?

Depends on your orders.

She'll drive to the Waco gate.

Where's that?

Is that where the highway
turned over there?

It's in Waco, Texas.

You're in radar group 5.
They shove off in 2 hours.

Where's the Colonel?

Whoever's got charge of me.

In Texas.
Where else?

You see, theres been a mistake
I don't even belong in uniform.

You too?

Which gate?

You can't miss it honey.

You go down 2 blocks,

make a left turn,

eighteen hunderd miles
and you're right there.


{ Both children }
Bye Daddy!

Could you keep trying operator?

I may get orders to New york,
and I want her to know.

Alright men.
Here they are.

G through J
ordered to Langley.

K through Z
to New York.

Now individual assignments run
Doley to March.

Brubake to Camp Stoneman

Daley and Gross to Pauling Field.

Now the rest of you men,
standby. That's it.

Pardon me Sarge.
I wonder if you can tell me.

Where's Camp Stoneman.


I'm not too sure.

Is it that one in New York?

The one near Mantalk Point?

Yeah. Might be.


Where's Stoneman?

Near San Fransico.

Port of embarkation.


Does that mean the Orient?

Well, I never heard of anybody
going to Paris from there.

You ask Smitty.
He's got the travel orders.


My name is Brubaker.

I wonder if you can tell
me where I'm going.

Sure thing.



I hate to keep bothering you, but uhh

Where's Shima?

Come here.

Let's see now. This is Japan.

and uhh

Right down here,



Over here?

I know it's here somewhere.

I heard the name before.

It's uhh

Where's Shima?

Up in Oregon I think

It's gotta be overseas. He's got
a voucher for 7 thousand miles.

I don't think there
is any such place.

You sure it's not a misprint?

Just sit tight pal.
We'll try and find it.

{ Phone rings }

Hey, Brubaker.




Put her on.

High Darling

{Faint voice }

How are you?

How are you?

Well, I finally got my orders.

Oh, Gus, you're coming home.
They're letting you out.

The only thing they're letting
me out of is the country.

{ Faint voice }
Where to?

It's a place called Shima.

Where's that?

Nobody's sure. but their gonna get in touch
with the Pentagon to see if they know.

Don't worry darling. As soon as I get a
permanent staion I'll be able to get a release.

About the payment on the hotel.

I'll stall the bank for a while.

I'll tell them you are on some
secret government mission.

That's no lie.

Take care of yourself, darling.

{ faint voice }
I love you very much.

And I love you too.

hey, Hey. Brubaker.

Come 'ere.

We got some dope on Shima.

Now, we don't know where it is yet

Smitty is up on these things.
He thinks it's an island.

Now there are hunderds of
them out here in the Pacific.

Pretty sure it's one of ours.

You look for it.

Yeah, you try to find it.

Thanks, fellas.

{ Boat horn blowing }

You wouldn't happen to know
where the radar station is?

Up toward the top.

Hey, Don, here give him these.


Toward the top?

How do ya get up there?

I don't know. I guess the best way
is you have to be born up there.

What are we doing with
an island way out here?

I think we lost a treaty
and had to take it.

At least the people
in town act that way.

They don't like
anybody in uniform.

Well. it doesn't make any
difference to me anyway.

I'm not gonna be here long.

I'm due for a discharge.

That why they sent you all
the way from New Jersey?

On the starboard beam!

We got a another one, Chief.
We got a another one.

Grab the line and
the rescue gear!

Belay that.
Belay that, Chief.

It's only a porpoise.

Belay it.

We picked up a soldier out here last month.

10 miles off shore.

What was he doing way out here.

Said he was swimming to San Francisco.

He might have made it too.

He had a nice stroke

Well, I guess there's a
screwball in every outfit.


Only this case didn't leave
too good an impression.

The guy we picked up
was the moral officer.

{ Boat horn blows }

{ Background kiyoto music playing }

{ Indistinct murmuring in background. }

So long Brubaker.
Good luck.

Thanks, Chief.

You'll be picking me up soon.

Morning, boys.

Morning, boys.



No, no.

Alright. No Smoke.

Hi. You Gus Brubaker?

Uh huh.

Hap Cosgrove.

Welcome to Shima.

Oh, thank you.

How do you like it?

Well, I'm not too sure yet.

I'll save ya the trouble.

You've heard of hell?

When it first got started,
it was a new idea.

But had to test it out.

This here island is the
place they picked.

Uh, your uniform.


I was just thinking you
better be careful.

If a sergeant spots you,
he'll rack you up good.



{ Sign clangs }

Hey, Sarge.


{ Sign clangs }


Always with
the slingshot.


{ Sign clangs }

Sarge Weiscoff,
Gus Brubaker.

Hiya, Gus.

Climb aboard.

What about -

He won't hurt ya.

He's non-commissioned.
{ Laughs }

Get in.

Sarge: Hiya baby.

{ Women giggle }

Hap Misprounces:


Everybody out.

We're do out at the airstrip.

One of the guys will
get you squared away.

Thank you.



Anything I can do for you?

Take me to your leader.

Up there in the Pentagon.


Come in.

Gus Brubaker, Airman 3rd Class,
Air Force 35

{ Over talks }
Hold it, hold it.

I'm not the C.O.

I run the pool consesion around here.

Capt Farrington.

Just call me Doc.
or Dave.


I suppose you're healthy eh?

Oh, yes, sir.

Too bad.

Thought you might have a
disease I could work on.

Would be nice to practice medicine again.

How about a beer?

Uh. No Thanks.

I wonder if you can tell me
where to find the C.O.

Logging flight time.

He'll be back soon.

I want to talk to him
about something.


Well. Why don't you
just file it yourself?

Transfer applications go there.

Discharge applications go there.

Yes, sir. But this
is a special case.

Don't risk it.

That's the biggest file.

{ chuckles }

Relax, Gus.

Sit down for a few years.

There's a reason for Shima.
The manual says so.

Have you..
been here long?

I came the summer after Valley Forge.

What's the C.O. like?

Let's see.
What's the best way to describe him?

He's the sort of
Officer that ...

General McArthur isn't.

Hot pilot from the oh 8.

That was my outfit.


Where'd that mug come from?

Belongs to the C.O.
Got it in the war.

Did he get it in Plymouth?

I'm not sure.
I think so.

In a little pub.

Did he have a fight with
5 Canadian marines?

He said 7.

Oh, it couldn't be.

It just couldn't be.

But there are only 150
million americans.

There possibly couldn't
be two of them.

Look, this C.O., is he a big tall fella?

With a face like a catcher's mitt
and a mustach?

His name is Stark?

You know em?

I was in his crew.

How come you're still alive?

I was lucky.

I parachuted into the
middle of the Germany army.

{ sound of plane flying overhead }

Come on.


Our Commanding Officer has returned.

Come on.

Don't worry.
He'll make it.

The hard way.

Hey, Meatball.

Hit me.

Comin up.

You're late, Cap.

Ya, I know.

Old Paint threw a shoe.

Better get her to the livery stable.

Ya better order a new wheel.

Cap can't keep running that way.

What do ya think, Cap?

Let's eep the wheel and
get another plane.

Yeah. A jet maybe,

So he can be like the rest of the Air Force.

Aww, don't nag em,

just ask em if the Wright brothers
have come up with anything new. And hit me.

Comin' up.

Hey, I forgot.

I got the pamphlet.

Found it in a little
book store in the ginza.

How to breed a sheepdog.

Hey! We got it!

Hey. We got it. How bout that.

Come on, Sam. Hit the freeway.

Piece of cake, Cap.

See ya later, Cap.

Here, Hide this will ya?

Suppose a visiting General was to come in
here and find him with a comic book.

Hiya Doc, how's your pulse?

Airman 3rd Class Gus Brubaker,
reporting for duty, sir.


They did it.

They sent you back to daddy.

Welcome to Nothing City.

How bout that, Doc?

He's back. The best tailgunner
in the 8th Air Force.

What do ya say Gussey?

I want out.


I want out,

{ Stark laughing. }

Did you hear what he said?

{ Stark Still laughing }

He said he wants out.

Doc I need surgery

Doc: Commin up.

I don't think you understand Captain.

I'm not Air Force anymore.

I got mixed up with a new outfit.

Their called civilians.

Oh yeah, I heard of em. Din't you Sam?

Doc: He says it was a mistake.
He wants a discharge.

Give em a beer.


He doesn't even ask for a tranfer.
He wants a discharge.

I heard it with my own ears.

Come on.
Relax Gus.

The Captain's reviewing your case.

oh, Gussey, Guessy, Guessyboy.
Look around.

Your're on Shima.

Everybody wants out.

At least you can sign my request.

It's a waste of time.

Anyway, request from
here and they ignore it.

How many we got on file, Sam?

Almost a hundred.

And every excuse in the book.
On medical alone what have we got?

Appendicitis, Bursitis, Sacroiliac,

What else, Doc.

Well, there was that fella
that said he had 11 toes.

And don't forget Cooper.

Cooper. Let me tell you
about this guy Cooper.

He claimed he was an enemy agent.

Even signed an avadavat,
didn't he Sam?

It's no use Gus.

No use.
No discharge.

I think he outta have a project Captain.


What project?

There's always some things for ya
to keep yourself occupied with.

There's archery classes,
volleyball league.

Photography club,
model airplanes.

Don't worry Gussey.
We'll get together a few laughs.

{ Sound of explosion }

The ammunition dump!

Hope so. If it is the beer supply
somebody's iin trouble.


Cap, that goofball from Amarillo
just blew up the darkroom.

I, uh, hope you weren't counting
on that photography club too much.




We'll get together
for a few laughs.

How around here?

Even the people down in the
village don't seem to like us.

I guess that means you've seen the shrine.


I guess maybe you haven't.

Come 'ere.

Down there.

During the war, a
Zero crashed landed.

People in town didn't move it.

Maybe they never would have.

But we cinched it.

We showed up on the island.

Two weeks later they
turned it into a shrine.

Planted some flowers.

put a canopy over it.

Just to show how
they felt about us.

I don't understand.
Honestly I don't

Hasn't anyone ever told
you aboult soldiers, Gus?

Peace always brings out
the worst in them.

{ Bell ringing }

Alright men, activities period.

Everybody up,
Everybody happy.

This is the day.

Ah come on! Let's put a
little life into it.

Let's charge at it and enjoy ourselves.

Alright. Now let's see. We have uh

The nature hike.
I have 9 men listed.

{ Yelling }

You'll be in charge.

Now point out the main species.

You know, the Variegated Crane,
the Speckled Scissorbill.

What's a Speckled Scissorbill?

It' a bird.

You were supposed to
read up on birds.

Come on, Sarge. The fellas don't
wanna go round lookin at no birds.

It's crazy.

There's nothing crazy about it.

Some of the biggest lawers and judges
in Boston go out and watch birds.

Now, hurry up!

We've got flora and fauna
scheduled for next week.

Badminton squad.

Ah. Good. Good.
Yes. Keep charging.

Aww the art class.

There's one group that's
really on it's toes.


Oh, that's lovely.

The boys don't wanna
do art no more.

Come on. It one of
our best projects.

They're tired of painting
leaves and tree trunks.

They want to paint some women.

{ men shouting }

What are you doing?

It's raining.


Alright. Library period.

Everybody read.

First on up gets The Wizard of Oz.

{ men grumble}


Being so sorry to make disturb.

Ume wish to get Tiger Flower.

Did not see you.


I am Ume.

Let me help you.

Oh no, no, no.

This is best flower.

Its front's to south.

Best luck flower.

Thank you.



You cooling beverage?

This is wrong mistake.

I like it cold.

Is wrong way to make cold.


I'm saying truthful.

It's hot

Is spring which come
from top of mountain.

Even when smoke covers hillside,

water is warm.

It's a hot spring.

It's a real hot spring.

Have many such water in Japan.

It is waters that
give good health.

It make fine age for people,

Who take bath,

at hotel.


In mother country,

make hotel at spring.

Thus giving great
happiness to people.


You are a darling.

You are an absolute
18 carat darling.


Darling is good things to be?

Not good enough for you.


You are honorable genious.



{ Beer cans exploding }

It's in the..

Just find the book
and I'll prove it.


There ought to be at least one copy of Air
force regulations on this island.

Certainly think so.

{ Arrow thunks into can }

{ Arrow thunks into can }

Wait a minute.

I think this is it.



Crazy huh?


{ Arrow thunks into can }

Hey, he's right Captain

It says Air Force personel are permitted
to do outside work during off duty hours.

That's just for parkin
cars and makin book.

Not for a crazy
scheme like this.

{ Arrow thunks into can }

He's got a point, Gus.

You can't just spot an open
field and decide to build a hotel.

It's alright for a guy like Hilton.
He's got nothin else to do.

Believe me,
you're wrong.

That hot springs out there it's
the perfect place for a hotel.

Doc, get the white jacket.
Boy-san's had it.

We can build it
from the ground up.

We got the tools.

We got the material.
We got the men.

The Shima Springs hotel

Garden spot of the Orient.

I suppose it could be done.

Yeah. We form a coperation.

Every man on the island is a stock holder.

With a few hunderd bucks.
What is it gonna be?

One room and a lobby?

We can get most of the stuff
at 10 cents on the dollar.

Just take a look around.

Now that the Korean
thing is over with,

We got stacks of lumber
lieing on the beach.

We got cement and steel fittings
stockpiled all over the island.

Supply will be glad to get rid of it.

It's cheaper than
shipping it home.

There's only one
thing to do.

Let's test it out on
a good reliable man.

{ yelling }

Yeah Cap?

Hey, Sam.

Check me out on this.

How would you like
to build a hotel,

right in the middle of shima.

A hotel.

Well, Cap. It's one of those ideas that
sounds crazy when you first hear about it.

Then the more you think about
it, the crazier it gets.

There' nothing crazy about making money.

Cap, you got people over
here shooting off arrows.

Weaving baskets.

Anythings to keeping them
frpm going off their rockers.

Well, there is only one
way to cure about it.

And that's making money.

I agree.

Money is very therapeutic.

Yeah, but to make money
you gotta have customers.

We got thousands of them.
Flying overhead every day.

Military personel
going on leave.

Headed for rest and recreation.

I tell ya, Captain,
it's bound to work.

I'll tell ya why.

When a man has been stuck in
the mud and the rain for months.

and he gets a few days off.

What's the very first
thing he wants?

Well I --

In sams case you better ask
what the second thing is.


It's a decent room.

With clean sheets and pillow cases.

We'll give it to em.

and it's not just R and R.

It's all the government
people on the mainland.

soldiers, Marines

Military government.

And don't forget the women's units.

The WACs.
The WAFs.


That's a great idea Captain

We start off on a small scale.

A hotel for only
WAFs and WACs.

Until we get the hang of things.

Gus, I think this idea will work because
it doesn't make a bit of sense.

You really mean it, Doc.

Take my word for it.

This idea is not logical
enough to be a failure.

It's just what I was gonna say.


We build it.

Bombs away.

{ everone cheering }

Hey, Gus.

Hey, Guuussss!

What is it?

We're ready.
What would you like leveled?

The airstrip first.
We'll need more runway.

Okay you gophers.
Let's dig.

{ men cheering }

The airstrip, James.




Your card index says
you've done some building.

That's right.
5 years general contracting.

You think you can handle this?

I've done 3 mental hospitals. Most resort
hotels have the same basic design.

Well the first thing, better hop
out and look at that meadow.

And then the hot springs.


I filled the cooperation papers, Gus.

You better sign these.

Why me?

Somebody's got to have the power of attorney.

We better open up a bank account.
Tokyo maybe.

I'd bank it right down
here in the village.

A binky little joint like that?

You don't have to be
big to be honest.

That's not the point, Doc.
They don't like us.

Well, you better see that they do.

You're building a
big hotel here.

Where ya gonna put it?
On hydrolic jacks in thin air?

Except for the airport stuff,

every foot of this island belongs
to those people in the village.

You mean we're gonna have
to pay rent to them?

No. I mean we're gonna have
to try and pay rent to them.

And that won't be easy.

Imagine a bank turning down money?

A little pip squeak
joint like that.

A lesson to every working girl.

You don't have to be rich to say no.

Would you tell the mayor,
we would like to see him.

We're from the base here.

Master says, wishing to be
truthful, he is not home.

Could we make a date to see him?

No. No. No.

He says in future he is not desiring to be home also.


That's that.

Do not harming goldfish.

He will promise not to harm back.

Hello, Ume.


But this rinky dink Mayor Ducked us.

Rinky dink Mayor is
also rinky dink Father.

You waiting please.

Father, goldfish.
We're doing great.

Please entering.
Low down.

{ whispering }

Tanaka dis
( I am Tanaka. )

Look, if you don't want
us, we'll clear out.

I happened to meet your daughter once.
That's all.

I do not wish friendship.

But my daighter has made
a sign for you to enter.

It is a rule of this house
to honor such sign.


I'm Gus Brubaker.

This is Doc Farrington

We'd like to talk some business.

You will say business
soon please.

We would like to put some
money in the bank here.

Ah so.

Ah so.

This money having many dollars in it.

Many many dollars.

We tried to talk to the
fellow in the bank.

Is a very small bank.

You trusting this much money?

You don't have to be
big to be honest.

You having wise man for saying so.

Ah so.

Ready tea.

We'd also like
to rent some land.

We will speak of rent later.

Drinking tea is happy
time of day to spend?

Ah so.

Ah so.

You bet.

Alright. Here's the plane. Unload it.

Get over there by the doors.

Come on, Hurry up will ya?
We need more room.

Alright, some of you meatballs
unload those sacks and boxes.

The rest of you meatballs,
unlaod those bags.

Thank you, but I'll
try to manage myself.

I think you've got the wrong island.

Not if it's Shima.

Now I wonder if you'd direct
me to someone in the Air Force.

That's me.

Charlie Stark


Well then maybe you'd be good enough
to take me to your commanding officer.

You got em.
Right here.

Captain Charlie Stark.

Oh, I'm sorry Captain.

I didn't recognize
you in battle dress.

I'm Lt Nora McKay, reporting
for temporary duty.

I don't get it.

Doc Farrington
put in a request.

Temporary duty.

Shall we go?

Like where?

To the barracks.
I want to wash up.

The barracks?

I can't take you to the barracks.

Got hundreds of men walking
around like Jay birds.

Good, it will be nice to
see someone in uniform,

Lets go.

Thank you, Captain.
I'm putting in for flight pay.

Don't mention it.

Hello, Doc.

Welcome to the lost battalion.

Nora McKay, meet Gus Brubaker.

Hello Gus.


This is home.

Hey, Doc, I'm the C,O, around here.
I oughta know what's going on.

It uh,
Creates a better impression.

Uh, Cap.
We're building a hotel.

We got a swimming pool, cocktail
lounge, tennis court.

What's the one thing
that's missing?

So far,
it don't have a roof.



It's a woman's touch.
We need it for decoration.

Draperies, and all
that sort of thing.


I figured Nora could handle it, so
wired DeHo and get her on loan.

{ wolf whistles }

What's that?

That is our first
line of defense.

That's our boys.

Hey you meatballs!

Chow down in 5 minutes.

They're a great bunch of boys.
You'll love em.

Oh, I'm sure Captain.

But not at first sight.

Tell me, Captain

Has Washington seen a
photograph of this command?

I don't think so.

Too bad.

Because you're entitled to
aid under the Marshall Plan.

The kind of a girl my daddy got.

A real tender buzzsaw.

{ reveille playing }

{ reveille ends }

You look pretty.


Me and Sam was thinking.
A nice girl like Miss McKay.

Outta have a real good
opprotunity to be clean.

Yeah. We was thinking about
building a shower for her.

So she have lots of fresh air.

We got no time around
this base for crudity.

I suppose you looking
at the way I'm dressed.

No one said
a word Captain.

Well, think about it.

Suppose some brass showed in here.

Suppose Curt LeMay drops
in for a look around.

You're right Cap.
We outta look our best.

Hey, in the meantime.

Is there anybody in the
village who speaks english?

Nah, them little guys got the
wrong kind of bridgework.

Well. we're gonna need a Japanes
to front for us at the desk.

I got it.
Ana Gowa

Hey, Mushey!


Your gonna be the desk clerk.

There's nothing to it.
Just greet the guests in Japanese.

What's with this Japanese.
I don't know none.

What's the use of being Japanese
if you can't say any Japanese.

I'm from Brooklyn. I don't know nuttin
about this cockamamie language.

So how about a little Yiddish?

No, No. No.
It's gotta be Japanese.

Look, Mushey. Hop down to the village
and learn how to speak Jap, huh?

Well, I'll try.


I believe you had guards posted outside
my door last night. With Rifles.

protecting you.

I'm not a pillbox.
Thank you.

The whole thing is an insult to
American manhood. and a sly dig at me.

I'm an American, Captain.

I'm over 21.

I've read Grays Anatomy.

I have clear vision and
strong convictions.

That should take care of
any and all poachers.

Now, may I borrow your
jeep and good morning.

Oh, yeah, yeah.

Funny girl, huh?

{ both }
Ah so.

Hiya, Babydoll.

Brought ya some sandwiches.

I'll take the sandwiches
but not the Babydoll.

I'm a lieutenant and
my given name is Nora.

Either will suffice.

Suit yourself, but uh ..

All this saluting
is embarassing.

It's also military courtesy.

Yeah, but

Not so much with a fella like me.

Ya know, you wouldn't have
anyway of knowing it but.

I never even went to west point.

I'd never have dreamed it.


What's that?

You've seen them before.

These old parachutes. They won't save
anybody's life but they make good drapes.

Can you get more?

Oh. yeah. There's
plenty of them around.

And tents. We'll
need at least 50.

If we're going to have a beach,
we might as well have cabanas.


You're wonderful

Oh, I wouldn't go that far.

Let's just say supurb.

And now, Captain. If you'll
just get busy on those tents.


Listen, uh

in the mean time.

Why don't we will pull a piece of grass and

Have a beer.

Captain. I believe you
were a bomber pilot.

Then you'll understand when I say.
You're not on target.

uh huh

uh huh





Plant those tiger flowers toward the south.
It's good luck.


How's it going Nora?


In that first sanpan

His name is Tashi.

He'll report to you
in the morning.

He'll report?

He runs the fishing fleet.
I hired it for you.

A fleet?

uh huh

A whole fleet?

Just 200 boats.

You need a specialty for the menu.
And I found it.

King crab.

The waters around here
are full of them

Oh, That's wonserful.

Gosh. I guess you know how
grateful we all are to ya.

From Doc and me,
right on up to Stark.

Stark? There's a man that frightens me.

I can't see a single
good thing about him.

Oh, he's harmless.

Oh. You don't
understand women, Gus.

They love to change things.

They love a big, fat, project.

Yeah, but what's that
got to do with Stark?

Well, that is what makes
him so dangerous.

When there is that
much wrong with a man,

well, the natural instinct
it to become involved.

I'd like to have you
meet the staff.

Girls, this is Mr Brubaker.

He'll be Papa-San.

{ All together }
Ah so

Look Nora, I...

I... I don't know anything
about any Papa-San.

What staff?

Chamer maids.

Your going to need some to be hostesses
to change linen, Dust furniture.

I got the funniest feeling we...

outta pick old ladies.

Well, it's too late now. I've already
made arrangements with the city coincil.

You have to go down today and
sign for them. 50 dollars apiece.

50 dollars a piece?
You'll break us.

For 2 years?

2 years?

{ all together }
Ah so

Ah ..
Ah so.

Nora, before we hire anybody

let's sit down and take. eh?

I've already made the
deal with their fathers.

Besides, you're not hiring
them, you're buying them.

I'm buy...

Nora, Holy smoke.

{ all together }
Ah so

Yes, ah sssss
So uh.

Will you make them
stop doing that?

I can't. You're the Papa-San.
You own them.

It's just showing repect.

What do you mean?
I own them.

You own them.
They're yours.

Don't worry. It's a
perfectly honorable custom.

It's they way young girls are hired.

Yeah, but, but why me?

I mean, let somebody
else own them.

Doc. Doc.
He'd make a fine Papa-San.

The fathers have choosen you.

You have to sign
this afternoon.

Look Nora.
Think how it looks.

What would my wife say?

About what?

About owning a dozen girls.


{ all together }
Ah so

Ah so

Alright. Fifteen.

What's gonna happen when
somebody walks up to my wife

and says, I hear your husband is
the Papa-San for fifteen girls.

It's perfectly normal.

Not in the Bronx it aint.

Oh, don't be absurd, Gus.

Either you wife trusts
you or she doesn't.

If if she doesn't
it means you've given her good reason.

Now, we haven't any more time to argue.


Come on, girls.

{ together }

Yes, b ...


I'm having much happy
for you being Papa-San.

I guess you might as well
get on the band wagon too.

Father is sending gift.

For giving fine fortunate.

It's only got one eye.

It so.

in way of making many good luck.

First, painting one eye.

Having other time luck painting two eyes.

It's alright, Ume.

I'll settle for a
one eyed doll.

Oh, Please.

Do not be sad to having one eye.

One eye is already being
good to make wink.

{ Gus chuckles }





The tip tanks, they'll need
another coat of paint.

You can still see the
Air Force printing.

I'll take care of it.

She's gonna ruin his moral fiber.

Sam: Of course. He ain't
had a beer in three whole days.

Now go ahead and sign it.

{ faint voice }
Alright. I'm reading. I'm reading.

Nose cones.
Great for cigarette butts. eh?


What's that?

Mail boxes. What else?

Just take a horizantal
stabilizer, slap on some paint,

and you've got a mail box.

We've got everything here.

You ain't kiddin.

If we were to put in
two more spark plugs.

this place could fly.

She's absolute poison.

Mark my words.

He's going to be a book soldier.
He's gonna turn regulation.

That's right.

Remember, the Cap ain't been
exposed to bad influence before.

He hasn't had a beer in three days.

Now, get this signed.
All the boys.

Just a minute, Sam.

May I have that?

This illiterate typing.

It means you want me transferred.

I told Hap he outta
put in more commas.

The point is, you want the
Doc to get rid of me.

So I won't contaminate Capt Stark

No maam. It's just that the Capt is
used to dealing with women that, uh


Well, women that's more like people.


Read this.

It's a disgrace.

You're right.
The boys just can't punctuate.

I'm talking about what it says.


Look, uh

You gatta remember, the
boys are being loyal.

And just what makes them think
I am interested in you?

Well, I guess maybe I ...

I told em you weren't
like other women.

Well, thank you Captain.

Well you know
what I mean.

You got,
character and stuff.

More like ...

More like Lincolns mother.

That was from
Lincolns mother.

If I ever get interested,
you'll really get kissed.

Forget it boys.
The Cap just got shot down in flames.

I guess it is the best we can do.

Ship out a thousand.


I'm a little worried Doc.

Do you think it's enough to just say
come bath in the magic waters of Shima?

What more could they ask for?
It's a perfect resort hotel.

Simple yet gawdy.

Hut, two three four. Hut, two three four.
Hut, two three four. Hut, two three four.

{ Fading }
Hut, two three four. Hut, two three four.

Gus, I think I;ve got it.

You're worried about
people coming here?

Once they start coming,
we'll be alright.

I got a way to start it.

Read this.

What about it? Some guy is
gonna give a speech in Tokyo.

To every servive Doctor in japan.

Guy named Joab Martinson . I know him from
back home. he writes medical articles.


Read the title of the speech,

Miracle Drugs.
The New Frontier.

We're gonna fix it so Joab Martinson
announces a brand new miricle drug.

Come here.

You said it yourself.
The magic springs.

What kind of magic?
Hormone magic. That's what.

Why just bath in it?

Drink it?

Drink it!

The fountain of youth.

Sure, we say it's got
special mineral quality.

That's our motto.
Combine know how with can do.

Take a drink and be
like a new man again.

Not even the same one.
A completely different man.

Doc, you've just done the finest
thing since Madame Curie.

Fountain of youth.

I can just see Jobe's face
when he hears about this.

Yes, sir.

Could you tell me if Mr Joab
Martinson is registered here?

One moment please.

At the moment, he's regestered
in the cocktail lounge.

Thank you.

That's him.

I can recognize the eyeballs.

Come on.

Gimme the bottle.

Are you sure this
is quick acting?

These are wonder pills.

Come on.

Hello, Joab.


Gus, I would like you to
meet Joab Martinson.

How are you, sir.

What are you doing in
this part of the world?

Doing a little time in
a place called Shima.

We're in Tokyo for a day or so.
Check out the medical center.

Check out at the medical center.

Gus, the water!
You forgot it.

It's like losing diamonds.

We gotta go by the
lab and have it tested.

Looks like ordinary
water to me.

So do the men
who drink it.

They look ordinary.

Except they're not.

What's that mean?

Joab, you're not
gonna believe this.

But there's this hot springs in Shima.

And we think there is a
special mineral in it.

What are you getting at?

Well, the blunt fact is, we believe
there is a mineral in the water.

That will make a man's blood feel sorta...


The men on this island.

The older they get.

The stronger they grow.
There's one fella 94, he had a child last week.

Heh, heh. Yes

Sit down. Sit down.
Have a drink.

There's another one.

He's close to a hundred.

It's disgusting.

You mean he had a child too?


Well, I guess we better be going.

Hold it Doc. Hold it.
No point in you running around

looking for a laugh.
I know a lot of places around here.

Ill have it tested for ya.

The lab is expecting us, Doc.

Yeah. We uh ..

Wait a minute.

You have more of this water, don't cha?

Well, we brought along
a couple of bottles.

It's a mistake to make just one test.

Let me handle this bottle.

You sure it won't
be any trouble?

No trouble at all.
Take my word for it.

I'll rush it by a lab.

And get a rabbit test.

{ laughs }

Well, thanks Jobe.

You can check with us later.
We're here at the hotel.

{ Rapid knocking on the door }

{ more knocking }

Constant frantic knocking }

Don't you fellas ever
answer this door?

Calm down. Calm Down.
Have a seat.

Look, Doc. I'm in a hurry. I've gotta get
over and make a speech to these doctors.

Where can I get some
more of that water?

You mean the test worked?

I'm pretty sure, but I want to make a
lot more tests with a lot more water.

How can you be sure one
a single rabbit test?

Look buster.
I know the rabbit.

Now how do
I get the water?

Just a few gallons
to start with.

Wouldn't do you any good.

You mean the people on that
island used it all up?

The thirsty pigs
drank it up?

No, the spring is owned by
this little hotel on Shima.

They're kinda choosey
about passing out water.

That's right.

Doc, there must be
something we can do.

This is an awful way
to treat science.

I.. I.. I think you
can ace your way in.

The hotel could
use a plug.

You give them some publicity, they
maight ration out some water.

Yeah, in your speech
to the service people.

You could mention the hotel.

You mean that
would do it?

Couldn't hurt.

Consider it done.

Yeah, speech
on miracle drugs.

it shouldn't be too
hard to work in.

Work in?

In this speech, penicillin is going
to be lucky to get a mentioned.

{ both laughing }

{ phone rings }

{ phone rings }


Just answer me one question.
Where is Shima?

{ reveille playing }

Order... Arms.



Head out!

Off duty section!


About face!


What do ya think Gus?

Some of them need haircuts.

Yeah. What do you think this is?
An ordinary radar station?

Cap, if we are gonna be an orchestra,

don't ya think we ought to
learn more than two songs?

Nah, this is Hawaiian music.
All you have to do is strum.

Yeah, strum.

First batch.

This is it

Alright men.
Prepare for action.

{ phone rings }

Excuse me.


Oh yes maam. There's HIFI in ever room.

Just turn that little black button.

You're welcome.

Now, about the dancing.

Dancing lessons in the Sun Lounge.
Samba and Rhumba.

Samba then bungelow.

Ichi ni san shi go roku shichi jachi kiu jiu.

Thank you.

You sound very good.

I just count to ten and
they seem to like it.

We're sold out.

I think it's a shame Archie.

All this time it has been one of
your islands but you never knew.

I have a whole list of things.

I can tell already we're going
to need a dozen more girls.

Colonel with that periscope.

Think we're under his command.


I'm Captain Stark nice
to have you aboard, sir.

Thank you. This is
Mrs Hollingsworth.

Quite a place Captain.

Just delightful.

Some Doctor told
Archie about it.

Uhh, my wife and I are having a
small problem about the hotel.

Oh, A problem sir.
Gus is the man you gotta talk to.

Gus is in charge of everything.

Colonel, Mrs Hollingsworth


{ mumbled introductions }

He'll take care of everything.

Thank you.

Brubaker, those king crab are delicious.

Not easy to get over at our place.

What the Colonel means is, we
sometimes give a little dinner party.

We thought we might
have a few flown in.

At a slight charget of course.

That won't be necessary. I'll uh,
I'll speak to them.

And those beautiful curtains.

If I could just get a few yards.

I'll speak to them.

Good. Good.
Thank you.

By the way.
Who is them.


Well it's about the same as they.
It's the managment.



Well you certainly gotta
hand it to those Japanese.

Went right out and built
themselves a hotel.

Now, that's mighty enterprising.

Mix em up. get some Navy
people for group stuff.

We'll need lots of pictures
for the bulletin board.

I'm afraid we're gonna have a visitor.

Joab Martinson

Wait till he finds out this
water is just plain water.

Stop worrying.

Nobody can touch us now.

We're on top.

Look at her doc.

The only hotel in the world
with it's own private AirForce.

I can see the ads.
Radar in every room.

{ fireworks exploding }

Please, please, Chuck.

Please, what?

Please stop traeting me like a beach head.

Who's talkin Beach head?

I wanna marry you Nora.

I'm in love with you.

I'm levelin with you. I'm not revin up.
This is the truth.

I believe you.

And I think I feel the same way,Chuck.

Except marriage is out.

What's the out about?

You're a sky tramp.

No, but that's all over. I'm
gonna stick in this Air Force.

Well, stick is
the right word.

Why do you think you're
still a Captain?

I guess I just can't get
any generals to die.

Or it's because you're
irresponsable and they know it.

Like that time in Washington.

They want Officers, not jockies.

Once in my life I buzz a little building,

How was I to know it
was the Supreme Court?

Well, if you had any sense, you'd
stop buzzing around in airplanes.

Take a desk job.

I don't think I could learn to fly a desk.

Oh, yes you could Chuck.

That's the funny part.
If you tried. I know you could.

Will you?



He wants to show his
granchilderen around the place.

Well, fine. Let him.


I'll take these bags for you, sir.

Thank you.

Now, now, now Dodge,
keep it simple.

It's important they look sweet.
Thank you.

Get in yourself, Gus.

We need the balance.


Okay, kids. Look happy.

How's that?


Thanks girls.

Thank you.
Thank you.

Welcome to Shima.

Ah. Thought I would soak up a little sun.

Oh, don't think it's all play.

I've got plenty of work to do.

Dictate a couple of magazine pieces.

Do some reading.

If there is anything we can do for ya.
Let us know.

There may be. After all, a man
can't just drink water all day.

Yeah. I suppose not.

Tell me, um ..
These waitresses, uh.

I bet they do more than serve drinks.

Yeah, they, they serve drinks,
they wash dishes, and go home.

{ laughs }

Don't kid me. There's
some action around here.

Why, even in ...


You think I outa 86 him Doc?

It should have been done
back in the maternity ward.

{ Singing loudly in one tone and off key }

I'm a great water drinker lady.

Tell your buddy here,

I'm the best water drinker ah..

{ knock on door }

You sent for me, sir?

Yes, I'm a magazine writer.

I saw you getting some
shots out by the pool.

Maybe I can use some of them.

Yes, sir. I sure got plenty of them.

You drop em by the room. uh

Take care of you later.

Yes, sir.

For News View mgazine.

This will replace the previous piece.

Title up.

Sin Center of the Orient.

{ Joab's voice as narration } Lust is to
Shima what the Vine is to Normandy

And art is to Greenwich Village.

It's time the Pentagon
does something about it.

I worry about these young men and
women so far from home and family.

Subject to grave temptation.

Must we sit back and see them corrupted?

As to the waters of Shima.
How thirsty can a man get?

Yes, Colonel. I realize this
could have happened to the Navy.

But it didn't.

It happened to us.

I want an immediate report.

I want to know who built this hotel.

I want to know how it was built.

And furthermore,

I'd like to know how that many civilians
turned up in a military base,

Nine thousand miles away from home.

Sen Gillespie?


You've just arrived on the island of
Shima, sir. What are your impressions?

I say we ought to handle this thing
like we do bowl weevil back home.

Spray it gentlemen.

Spray it with moral insecticide.

You might call it the
DDT of the soul.

Gen. Weigang

Which is something I hope none of us
lose sight of in the November election.

Gen. Weigang, you're heading
up this inspection team.

Do you plan severe action, sir?

We plan nothing.

We're here to make an
inspection of what I trust

is a typical American
military establishment.

Thank you General.

You're welcome.

Well, Colonel, if we can just
borrow some of these jeeps.

Yes, sir.


You having back scratches
souvenir, jolly time?

No, Thank you.

You having back scratches
souvenir, jolly time?

Ichi ni san shi go roku shichi jachi kiu jiu.

Register here.

American or European plan.
Continental breakfast.

Complimentary cocktail.
And a free Samba lesson in the lounge.

I'm General Weigang

Inspector Generals office.

Oy Vey!

Cap, The brass just zero'd in.

Captain Charles Stark.

Stand to Captain.
We're holding an inspection.

Right you are, sir.

Let's hop down to
the airfield, sir.

There's nothin down there but
a bunch of banjo players.

We'll start right here.

Send me your company clerk.

Company clerk, sir?

You uh ...
Want him right now, sir?



I've got some room service, Cap.
You'll have to excuse me.

Excuse you?

Yes, sir. The Admirals
eggs are getting cold.

Uh, yes sir. The uh, admirals
eggs are getting cold.

Now Sargent, Suppose you
tell us your duties.

Uh, well, uh, second shift.
Uh, that's mostly cocktails.

I cut lemon peels.

Get out the uh cherries and olives.

And then after that, I make uh,

make lime water for daiquiris.

Will you explain it to him Captain?

Percy, he wants to know your
duties in the Air Force.

Dog watch, sir.

I guard the blue beach.


Guard it from what?

Uh, well if uh, sombody
was to start an invasion

I suppose I am supposed to,

shoot back.

Here it is, sir. Directive 51.

Colonel, this is obsolete.
Why wasn't it cancelled?

I don't know, sir.

Somehow or other this island must
have slipped off the mailing list.

Who pays you Sargent?

Well, I guess you fellas. do.

I mean here, at this hotel.

It's cash sir. It
comes in an envelope.

That's all for now Sargent.

Stand by Cosgrove.

Yes, sir.

Same story from each man.

I'm afraid there's not
much we can do about it.

I don't see any point of
having an investigation

if we don't lower the
boom on somebody.

How can we Senator?

They have a perfect right
to work during off duty.

Now, let's do ourselves a favor,

and go home.

Go home?

What about this big stink?

All those people monkeying
around with each other.

Drinking that water.

Well, I haven't seen
anyone monkeying around.

All I've seen is a few
people enjoying themselves.

It just looks that wayl

Mark my words, General.

Somebody's sweeping
dust under the carpet

We'll talk about it on the plane.

Guess that wraps it all up, sir.

All clear and ready
to shove off.



I think we're okay.

Uh, Gus. this is General Weigang.
Take his party to the airfield.

Yes, sir.

This way, sir..


Papa-San. What's that?

That's sort of a
code word for hello.


They sure do say hello alot.

Just a second young lady.
You work here?

When you get your money.
Who pays you?

Do not getting money.

Papa-San, he own me.

Somebody owns her?

He have possesion of me.

Do not pay.

I'm doing everything
he wishing me.

You mean somebody bought you?
You belong to him?

First, I'm belong with
mother and father.

Then Papa-San come.
He pay money.

He have right to
own for two years.

We belong him.


I told you, there was
dust under the carpet.

This Papa-San, now how
many other girls?

Many girls he having
for pleasurable.

Um, maybe forty girls.

Papa-San Brubaker have.


Why that is
practicaly wholesale.

Who's Brubaker?

Colonel, get me a rundown
on someone named Brubaker.

Uh That. that won't
be necessary, sir.

I'm Brubaker.

I'm Brubaker.
Is that all you can say?

Oh, no sir. Airman 3rd
class Brubaker, sir.


You bought these 40 girls.
For whom?

Well, they just
work here, sir.

Now, you must have bought
them for somebody.

Who owns this hotel?

That's kinda hard to say.

I don't care how hard it is.
Say it.

Well, you might say I own it.

You own it?
This whole hotel?

How did it get here?

I built it.

You built it?

I Private in the Air Force, you came here,
built a hotel and stocked it with 40 women?

Just like a dang trout stream.

I want this man arrested.

Prepare papers for a full hearing.

Now, Brubaker.

You're going to get and
honest and decent hearing.

and then you're going
to jail for 200 years.

And get a statement from these girls.
All 40 of them.

Sirs, those aren't
the same ones.

That's a new
batch I ordered.

{ all together }
Ah so

Not now.

uuh eeee oo eeee

Why should he take the rap?

We were all involved.

Because he's the man
that signed those papers.

and bought the girls.

It was just for convenience.

We all own the hotel.
100 of us.

You know we can't investagate 100 men.
We're investagating 1 man.

And don't you worry. I'm gonna
see this Brubaker case through.

You people have caused
me enough trouble.

I'm gonna see that he fries.

Not is I can help it, sir.

I'm gonna testify for him.

You're not gonna be around.

I'm gonna see that you're transfered out
of here before that hearing begins.

You can't do that sir.

Oh, yes I can.

This is gonna be a real
shock to you, Captain.

I ma even have you transferred
back into the Air Force.



You fouled out in
the preliminaries.

Copy of specifications.

You've been court martialed
and your trial is Wednesday.

Gus, The fells think
you;re crazy.

You didn't have to say
you own the joint.

All he could do.

You're up on two charges.

Stealing government property
and running a hotel.

Running a hotel. There's
nothing wrong with that.

That's not exactley what it says.

As near as I can make out, they
say your a brothel keeper.

Marge is gonna love that.

Well, that stinkin'
Colonel kept his word.

I've been ordered to Kyushu.

That's a bad break.

Gus needs you.

What makes you
think I'm going?

Figure a way out to beat it.

I'm gonna be too sick to travel

I have a terrible
illness comin' on.


What illness?

That's where you come in, Doc.You gotta
dig me up a disease. Like a plague or uh,

Maybe some snake bit me
when I wasn't lookin'.

I'm afraid Doc is gonna
be a little busy.

This says I can
choose my own lawer.

I can get anyone I
won't to defend me.

Well, there is one thing we can do.

We'll get you the best.

Well. I'm glad you
think that way, Doc.

Cause I picked you.

Court will come to order.

Trial counsel will
read preliminaries.

This general court martial is
convened by special orders number

A 2 1 5 headquartes
5th Air force.

The prosecution is ready to proceed in the
case of the United States against accused

Bribaker, Gustave, serial number A F 1 4 1 0 9 6 6 0

Grade, Airman 3rd Class
United staes Air force

It's a mistake, Doc.
It shoild be..


Trial counselor will call to the
stand, Lt Malcom Dressler.

You swear that the evidence
you shall give in the case now

in hearing shall be the thrith, the
whole truth and nothing but the truth,

so help you God.

I do.

Alright. Please be seated.

You are a 1st Lieutenant in the United
States Air Force and how assigned?

I'm procurement officer for
the 10th Area Suplly Depot.

Will you be kind enough to give the
listed value of the following items?

First, parachutes.

Well, they are purchased by the Air
force at the unit price of $400.

I object.

That's the price
of new parachutes.

The accused used only old
and damaged parachutes.

Sir, if the defense counsel will
look at page 3 6 1 of the manual

for courts martial he will
find out, and I quote ..

Misappropriated items of goverment
issue are deemed to have values

the eqivalent of the prices
listed in goverment publications.

or by it's replacement
cost whichever is lesser.

Objection overruled.

Now, the price on sacks of cement?

Lt, I wonder if you could summarize.

Yes, sir.

640 items in 19 catagories

That comes to 485 thousand
327 dollars and 19 cents.

Sir, this whole case is
based on the fact that

the accused acted without
proper authority.

I'd like to intruduce
contrary evidence.

A signed affidavit from Capt Charles Stark.

Objectionn. This evidence
is inadmissible.

A proper deposition must give opposing
counsel a chance to cross examine.

I was given no such opportunity.

This is a staement by a commanding officer.

It bears on the conduct of a subordinate.

Isn't taht important in a Court martial?

I'm afraid I'll have to rule
the objection sustained.

So, what's the whole point
of legal testimony?

Does it exist to reveal truth or
obscure it. Which is more important?

Rules of evidence says..

I don't know anything
about rules of evidence.

But I know
what's important.

I know that if a man has a
headache and a compound fracture,

you put on a tourniquet before
you give him an asprin.

I'll repeat the
objection is sustained.

I'd like to agree Doctor.

If the medical profession were
operated by trained legal minds,

The human race would have died
out shortly after Adam appeared.

Prosecution, proceed.

I request the
witness be excused.

You're excused Lt.

Courts adjurned
for the day.

Tomorrow 10 o'clock.

The first day of the trial was all
prosecution. Make no mistake about that.

10 witnesses and a damaging
bill of particulars.

The defense made very little headway.

They seemed frustrated,
bewildered by court room tactics.

The truth of the matter is,

The desfense attorney is just

not enough of a street fighter.

And so, the first day of this
trial has come to an end.

A trial that is being
held in the hotel Shima.

{ faint news reporter }
On a barren patch of land ...


It was terrible, the way they
through out Chucks satement.

They could have
thrown him out.

If he had been here.

You're thrying to
be subtle, Doc.

You're trying to say it's all my fault.
That I talked him into leaving.

Then I won't be subtle.

I'll say it right out.

It was a terrible
thing to do to a man.

Oh please, Doc. You know
I wouldn't hurt Gus.

I wouldn't hurt him for
anything in the world.

You didn't hurt Gus.

But, you ruined
Charlie Stark.

Hello, Doc.

How many women are there
in the world, Doc?

Oh, half a billion.
Give or take a few.

Listen to the one I picked.

It's from Marge.

My darling Gus.

The Daily News this morning called
you the Vice King of the Orient.

The whole thing is silly.

I told the reporters that you are too shy
to start such a personal organization.

We all miss you.

And I know you will
do well in the trial.

All my love.


P.S. I hope you can get me some
curtains like you gave the Colonel.

Love. Love. Love.

What curtains?

Oh, Colonel Hollinsworth.

His wife wanted some of
that drapery material.

You sent it?


We put in that second
shipment of pink crab.


Tell me more.

What's the matter with you?

Just keep talking.

I might turn into a street fighter yet?


The accused, Airman Brubaker.
What does he pay you?

Do not pay.

Giving father 50 dollar.

This making right to ownership.

So. Airman Brubaker owns you?

You are subject to his orders.


This makes five witnesses and
the same set of questions.

I submit the issue it is not how
these girls were hired but why.

Sir, this testomoney is
designed to establish

that these girls have been completly
under the control of the accused.

That they are obligated
to do his bidding.

But, sir

Obejection over ruled.


No further questions
of this witness.

You're excused, miss.

Call to the stand
Miss Ume Tonaka.


Pity you don't have
some rude friends.


Please, that way.

Miss Tonaka.

Miss Tonaka. Do you swear what you
are going to tell this court,

Will be the truth, the whole
truth and nothing but the truth?


Please, be seated.

Tell me. You are one of the
girls owned by Mr Brubaker?


Do you enjoy
this arrangement?



Because ...


Heart felt love for Papa-San.

You mean you are in
love with the accused?

Meaning to say ..


very deep like
for Papa-San.

That's not what she means.

I submit to the court,
this is a simple girl

speaking a strang language.

She doesn't mean
love the way we do.

She's using the word
in the biblical sense.

Miss Tonaka.

Have you ever read the bible?

Not really love.

Having love.

Is .. woderous outpour.

Like ..

Spring rain.

Loving him. Is it fair to say you
would do anything for him?


Just where is this leading?

To the next witness, Miss Kieko Shakata.


Gotta admit she's loyal.

She's gonna bow you right into Leavenworth.

Miss Shakata

Do you swear what you
are going to tell this court,

will be the truth, the whole
truth and nothing but the truth?


Please be seated.

Kieko, you belong to Pap-San
and you work at the hotel?


At anytime, during your employment

did any of the guest try
to get intimate with you>


Did any of the guests
try to uh, .. kiss you?


Did they try to embrace you?


And did they offer you tips?


Your honor,
this is misleading.

You know soldiers.
There' always a few

if they get to drinking. They'd
make a pass at Whistler's mother.

{ laughter }

That doesn't mean
this girl responded.

Kieko, when they tried to kiss them.
What did you do?

Kiss them back.

And Kieko, when they tried to
embrace you, what happened?

I'm being Johnny on the spot.

{ laughter }

Fine thing, Keiko.

Maybe you kiss somebody once.

A person was nice to you,
so you kissed him once.

Not being once.

The how many times?

Being maimum various times.

{ laughter and banging gavel }


I am allowed to gets excused?

You're excused, yes.


Out of 54 girls, he's gotta find the
only one with a case of hot kimono.


People say ..

I doing you a
granded disadvantage.

I being schnook.

We both are Ume.

You've got the
eastern franchise.

I will make up.

I will doing good turn to
make up for this offend.

Don't woory Ume, you were fine.

But that Kieko girl.
Kissing and necking.

We having great
shame for Keiko.

Why did she do
all those things?

Just tell me why.

She said, it giving
more fun than baseball.




The prosecution has repeatedly charged

that the accused action
has damaged moral.

There whole case hangs on it.

I say the contrary.

The moral on this airbase has been raised.

The moral of this village
has been raised.

Capt Starke's statement supports the view.

Capt Stark's statement is not
admisible in this court.

{ jet noise drowns out courtroom }

Colonel, this is your command.

Is there anyway you can
keep those T33's quiet?

I'm sorry, sir, but we don;t
have any jets based here.

{ Jet noise }

Well, what's that?

A cricket?

Go out and see
what's the matter.

Go ahead, Doctor.

Alright, Capt Stark's
statement is out.

Let's consider the
moral of this village.

Our State Department is
pouring millions of dollars

into every neutral
country in the world.

To gain friendship of as
many people as possible.

In many cases, it's
been a failure.


Because it's been said
we can't buy friendship.

I disagree.

We Can buy the friendship of people.

Not by giving them money
but, by giving the dignity.

By giving them a chance to prosper
with some measure of pride.

Look around you.

Study this village.

That miracle
has happened.

It didn't happen in China.
It didn't happen in Middle Europe.

But here in one little corner of
the world, we've made some friends.

I must object to this.

This is straight electioneering
and covers up the facts.

If the people are so friendly,
what's that shrine doing out there?

And why do the flaunt it in our faces?

That's something
I can't explain.

But I do know the people
have worked hard.

The've worked hard to
help the accused steal

400 thousand dollars from the government.

That's a false figure.

Take the parachutes alone.

I object.

And I object to you, Major.

Have you ever been a flyer?

Why, uh, no sir.

Well, I have.

Those parachutes were damaged.

And if a parachute can't save a man's
life, it's not worth 40 cents.

It's completely worthless.

Thank you, sir.

It's that way with every
single item on that list.

This waste basket.

It's listed as 40 dollars stolen.
from the government.

This is what was stolen
from the government.

A 5 gallon can.

It's the same as the ashtrays.

Would you like
a fancy ashtray?

That's how the ashtray
looked at first.

Ordinary clay.

Untill the people down in
the village went to work.

These chairs you're
sitting in, gentleman.

There listed at 70 dollars.

Do you know
what they're from?

From old B25's

and worth about
30 cents a pound.

Providing you
like scrap metal.

{ jet engine roaring overhead }

Hey! Sam!

Tell Doc I'm here.

Right Cap.

Somebody get me a match.
This cigar's out.

Hey, Doc!

Boogies at 12 o'clock high.

Colonel, is that man up there
in the same Air Force we are?

He is supposed
to be on Kyushu.

Arrest him!

You can't arrest him Colonel.

Your authority covers
the island of Shima.

He's not on the island yet.

{ gavel bangs }


May I consult with the
Colonel for a moment?

Yes, sir.

There's nothing
to talk about.

That's right Colonel.

There's very little
to talk about.

Except thos King crabs.



Yes, sir.

Nearly 200 of them.

Shipped to you on
official bills of lading.

Plus the drapes.

They must look very nice
in the breakfast room.

What are you trying to do?

Blackmail me?


No, sir.

As a doctor of medicine.

I'm advising you on a matter of health

All right.


The Colonel says he's anxious
to have Capt Stark testify.

{ loud cheering }

Well, good morning, gentlemen.

Now, if somebody will just
hand me a Bible, Ill swear in.

Did you know about this?

Of course we knew about it.

It wasn't just Brubaker.

It was everyone.

I object.

Over ruled.

You've made your point.

{ faint chanting }

There's only one thing I don't understand.

What's a meatball?

{ chanting continues }

{ gavel bangs |


There's some kind of noise or singing.

Has someone in this hotel
got a record player going?

No, sir.

I think the is somebody mumbling.
Out there.

{ group chanting }

{ gavel bangs }

Alright, let's get on.

Now as to the moral factor.

Look, I can talk better if you keep quiet.

In here I have a list of 100 men.

For the last 3 months, not a single reqest for transfer

No diabilities, no hardship.

Now check this against the
whole Far East command.

The highest moral rating
is right here on Shima.

{ chanting continues, gavel bangs }


That isn't mumbling. It's singing.

Captain. Go tell them
to stop singing.

{ man singing }

{ singing continues, court mummers }

{ loud group singing }

{ gavel bangs }

Colonel, let's get
some order in here.

Go tell them to stop that singing!

And tell them to stop
burning that airplane!

It's their plane.

Can't make em stop now sir.

That's moral.

Well. I object. I object
to this outragious show!


The defense rests.

Singing continues

Great Scott. Another witness!

{ gavel bangs }
Courts adjourned! Courts adjourned!

How bout a ride Baby.

I don't ride with people
who hang from flag poles.

Ah, come on.
Don't be a meatball.

And I don't ride with
people who say, meatball.

If you don't mind. I'd
like to ask a question.

Wait a minute.

I do mind.

I'm gonna ask all the questions around
here and I'm gonna give all the answers.

We're gonna have some
equality from now on.

You're hopeless, Chuck.

Yeah, and let's
keep it that way.

I'm not gonna switch and be
somebodty else just to please you.

I didn't ask for that.

You asked for plenty.

Boy, I must have been
crazy to walk out on Gus.

I was crazy to do all of those things.

Savin money, given up
my planes, readin books.

That's not the point. There were
a few things wrong with you.

Theres a lot of things wrong with me. And
one of thm is that I'm in love with ya.

Was even crazy enough
to want to marry ya.

I can see it now. It would be a beautiful
ceremony in a vine covered church

with you parachuting
through the roof.

Look, don't worry how I get there.

You just run your
end of the store.

All you have do is sit around
lookin pretty, rack up a few babies

and keep some cold cans
of beers in the ice box.

Am I allowed to breath?

Yeah, but check it out with me first, huh?

Those are the new rules baby.

Wanna play house?

Get in the jeep.

If ya don't.

Keep walkin.

{ romantic music plays }

Well, Captin. Looks like we're all present.

Mmm hmm

{ gavel bangs }

As you can see, some
changes have been made.

There'll be no
pandemonium here today.

This final session will be
sane, sober and orderly.

The president will now read
the findings of the court.

Airman Brubaker.

Of the 2nd charge,

alleging a morals violation.

This court martial
finds you not guilty.

For the first charge.

Dealing with misappropriation
of government property.

This court matial finds you


The court will now here the personnel
data concerning the accused.

Accused, Brubaker, Gustave..

Seriel number A F 1 4 1 9 6 6 0

Grade, Airman, 3rd class,
United States Air Force.


You sure?

[ gavel bangs }

Sir. would you ..

please read that again?

About the serial number.

Serial number. A F 1 4 1 0 9 6 6 0

Thank you, sir.

At this time I'd formaly would like to
petition the court to declare a mistrial.

Uh, on what grounds?

The simple grounds, you've
tried the wrong man.

Heaven help us.

You mean this .. this isn't Gus Brubaker?

Yes and no, sir.

You see, I'm Brubaker ..

3 5 9 8 3 7 4 9

Instead of Brubaker A F 1 4 1 0 9 6 6 0

It's a long story. sir.

Well, shorten it and shorten it fast.

Where's this other Brubaker?

He's daed.

It's official and marked in the records.

Well, this dead one,

Is that our Brubaker?

Major, explain this
and explain it fast.

Well, I.. I tele-typed Wasington, uh

they sent back a serial number
for a man named Gus Brubaker.

I'm afraid that's it. sir.

You got the tail gunner.

Now, let me get this straight.

You mean there are
two Gus Brubakers?

And you're both of em?

That's right, sir.

only you tried the dead one.

{ murmmering about 2 Brubakers }

{ gavel taps }

{ gavel slams }
Sit down!


We are going to take exactly 5 minutes.

And we are going to throughly
straighten this thing out.

Uh, yes sir?

Yes, sir.


I understand, sir.

Well, I'll try to
summarize our progress.

%th Air Force passed the matter onto FEFF.

FEFF passed it on to the Judge
Advocates general's Office.

The Judge Advocates General's Office
passed it back to FEFF.

FEFF passed it back to 5th Air Force

and 5th Air Force
passed it back to us.

They uh. They uh, said to
take the bull by the horns.

Sir, I'd like to make a suggestion.

Instead of a mistrial, wouldn't it be
easier to return a finding of not guilty.

Well, only one things
stands in the way.

Government property was taken/

It's a case of how you look at it.

I say it wasn't taken.
It was put to use.

I don't mean just lumber.

After a war, there are a lot of
things left laying on the beach.

Men, for instance.

They're ledt on little islands in the
backwash in some forgotten latitude.

They're told to do a job.
Some vague but,

necessary chore.

They do it and sometimes
waste in the process.

But not on Shima, gentlemen.

For a few crazy, goofey, minutes,
the men were alive again.

Gus Brubaker picked up more
than lumber off the beach.

He picked up men.

Can't we let him go?

Before he turns into
a national hero?

Except for the hotel.

We can't let him keep it.

May it please the court.

Would it be possible to

turn the hotel to the
people of this village?

{ mumbling }

Please bring in the accused.

{ gavel bangs |

Airman Brubaker.

After further deliberation
in closed session

this court martial finds you not guilty
of all charges and specifacations.

The court is adjourned.

{ gavel bangs }

Doctor Farrinton.

I'd like to thank you for
your curtesy and good sense.


Yes. sir.

I'd like to commend you for what
you have done for our Air Force.

I can think of only one other man
who has matched your record.

I refer of course, to
Baron von Richthofen.

The keys.

{ trumpts blaring }

{ trumpets blaring and crowd clapping }

{ jet noise overhead }

Hello, Ume.

Please to give doll.

Now you having luck.

Two time best, always.

{ boat horn }

Syonara, Ume.

{ horn blaring }

{ inaudible }

So long...

Hold it. New man going ashore. Moral Off