Waiting for the Sea (2012) - full transcript

After a prison-stay captain Marat returns to his hometown to get back in the sea, when it turns out that the water has gone and his boat lays in the desert. Marat's plan is to bring his boat to where the water is.

Sea, stay calm!

Give us plenty of fish!

- What's up, Tamara?
- I'm thirsty.

Take these, come on!

- Sea, stay calm!
- Give Marat a good catch!

- I beg you, sea!
- Give us more fish!

Give Marat a good catch!

What's your opinion, Marduni?

I do not like the sea today.

One shouldn't put to sea for three days.

It's hot.

This year there should be plenty of fish.

Don't put out, they announced storm!

There's rarely fish in our bay.

- It's strange, the fish comes by itself.
- Yes.

Sign here! I warned you.

I'll stay in shallow waters.

- Your decision.
- See you!

- Hello, captain.
- Hi guys.

- Wish you a good catch!
- With God's help.

- Why aren't you aboard, Kvidak?
- I'm sick, captain.

Get well soon!



I have a premonition. Don't put out!
You won't catch anything.

I certainly will catch something!

- I don't believe in premonitions.
- Are you sure it will go well?

- Yes.
- Then please take me along!

Not today.

You promised to fulfil all my wishes.

So I'll come with you!


Well all right.

I also want to go with you!

Go home to your father, Tamara!

Oh, please take me at sea!

Haven't you heard? Go home!

Dari, come to me!

What's up?

Dove, help my Marat.

Protect him at sea. Fly!

My God...

All engines stop!

Full speed back! Batten down
the hatches! Everyone under deck!

Go under deck, Dari.

Hurry up!


- One moment, please.
- Keep it.

Tamara, table 3!

- Dude, can't you be careful?!
- Sorry.

Don't be so jumpy!

- Do you know him?
- No.


A relative.

Most certainly a distant one...

I'll clean that up.

- What's your order?
- Lemonade, please.

- Which sort, Duchesse?
- Yes.

- Or rather Buratino?
- No, Duchesse.

What about our wine?

I haven't forgotten it. Just a moment.

- May I have fish?
- We ran out fish.

- Then a goulash.
- I'll see what can be done.

Good afternoon!

Are you sad?

What's your point?

How about some distraction – a woman?

What woman?

- What?
- For relaxation.

One still water. And how many teas?

Still water, cold?

- Cold.
- And what do you want?

Where is the sailor?

None of your business. Get to work!

I'll kill you, you old pimp!

- You know me well!
- In the baggage car.

He has a right to amuse himself.

Mum's the word!

I promise.

Tamara! Why are you so rabid today?

I was bitten by a dog.

The girl is luscious!
Everything is neat and clean.

Vodka, whiskey, tomatoes,
cucumbers... just call me!

Close the door!

This is the baggage car,
everything is in order.

No one will disturb you.

Wait here!


- This is my territory.
- Get lost!

You'll be sorry!


I found you!



What are you doing!

Where's the difference,
me or another woman?

Have you no shame?!

You're my only one! I found you!

You're out of your mind! Dari is my wife!

- She was your wife!
- And your sister!

My sister is no more!

How do you know?!

Did you bury her? She's missing!

- I'm here! You got me!
- Don't touch me!

I want an ice cream.

Plombir with chocolate.

You were jealous.

You wished her death.

I've been waiting for you.

I thought we would go
some place far away together.

What for?


I will give birth to your son.


I didn't wish Dari death.

I did not give her to the sea.

I did not put to sea with her.

- Are you going to Abasta?
- Sure!

Have you served your time, Marat?

That was fast.

Didn't seem fast to me.

- Are you going to town?
- Yes.

Too bad. They'll kill you there.

Maybe so.


- Good morning.
- Morning, sir!

Move the camels off!
This is an airfield, not a zoo.

Landing direction: 2-3-6.

Normal view.

Atmospheric pressure: 761.

The air traffic controller
is reporting for duty,...

...Balthazar Kuhn.

The airfield is ready.

Balthazar, are you on duty?
Waiting for air planes?


Roger, keep on waiting!

Who are you?

- What do you want?
- It's captain Marat.

What's in the rucksack? Take it away!

- Hey, what's the idea?!
- Let's get out of here!

Uncle Marat!

I'm Balthazar's son!

- What?
- I'm Balthazar's son.

- How's your father?
- Fine. He's waiting for air planes.

The rucksack!

All right.


...good luck!

Greetings, Marat.

Hello, Marduni.

- Why'd you come back?
- To see you.

We found our peace here.

I'll enter the mouth of the whale.

Reconsider! The whales
have turned into stone.

Listen everyone!

A toast to the young couple!

We wish you luck,
a long life and many children.

Look who's coming!

You parasite!

How dare you come back!

Make yourself scarce!

I'll bring them back.

I'll find the ship.

Whom do you bring back?

The sea doesn't kill.

It returns what it takes.

- You made children orphans!
- I promise.

You're back, you hero!

Hey, Marat! It's me, Balthazar!

Wait! I'm coming to you!


Out of the way!


I waited for you!

It's okay.

It's you!

Now you can see how we're living here.

Five years ago our sea retreated.

What are you up to nowadays?

I maintain everything here.

I run the airfield, as well as the port.

I'm virtually a respected man!

I see.

- Has my ship been found?
- What do you need that for?

- She's totally rusted, like everything.
- Rusted...

Is she still where she sank?

- Not quite.
- Where, then?

She drifted closer to the coast.

After the sea had retreated,

the relatives of the dead
went to your ship.

They searched for their relatives,

but didn't find anyone.

Where's the car?

You always wanted to trade
this piece of junk for a car.

Dari wasn't there either.

Her father has searched for her.

He dug up the entire ground
surrounding the ship.

He did not find her.

The ground here is like an airfield.

To land – to take off!

Get going, dude!

Let's take off! Come on!

What do you want?

Get away!

I knew you'd come back.

You have sunk the ship,
killed my daughter!

Everyone has the right
to leave a sinking ship...

But the captain!


Do you feel better now, father?

What a welcome!

Here's your whip, father.

You're back.

Boy! Stop it!

You can't get me!

Freeze! Give the drum back!


What are you looking for, uncle?

Hey, uncle!

What are you doing?

I'm searching for the mermaid.

Come out, uncle!

What is it?

Whose son are you?

Boatswain Tolgat's son.

Get on with it!

Isn't it enough yet?

Are you pitying me?

Go to hell!

So what's next?

Tell me a story about the sea!

You certainly know
a lot of stories about the sea.

- Get a job!
- What's the matter?

Do you mind telling a true story?

Better take care of your house
than painting this old tub.

It's your ship, mind you!

Here's your ship certificate.

The elders say,
someone has cursed the sea.

That's why it retreated.

It retreated because of people like you.

Hey! Have you gone crazy?

What's wrong with you?

Hey, captain! What's that going to be?

We will sail!

A ship sails on water, not on tracks.

- What are you doing?
- Just go aside!

- I will not let that happen!
- Get out of the way!

I'll bring her to the sea!

What sea?

Take your hands away!

It's not gonna happen!

Dari isn't here anymore,
she is in the sea!

Go back to the port!

You're like this rust!
You're like this ship!

Come on!

Come on, come on!

Have you lost your mind?

The sea is no more,
it's only a salty puddle now!

I'll find the sea.



Mr Kuhn! We'd like to visit the museum.

Sure! One moment.

- Good morning.
- Good morning!

This is our port. It was like this.

Come in, have a look around!

Now listen everyone!

This is our past.
This is the way we lived.

We caught fish for centuries.

The sea has fed us for thousands of years!

Whereas nowadays...


I don't know either.

Is this your boat? Are you a sailor?

I'm a pilot, not a sailor!

I have flown over the sea.

I've seen ships, many birds.


Later I'll show you the airfield.

First of all, however – a small movie.

Balthazar, come inside now!

Don't shout, our son is asleep!

You don't even know
where your son stays at night!

I'll just finish smoking.

You're smoking for hours!
Are you my husband or not?

Of course I am your husband.

(Marduni:) Love's calling, eh?



What do you want here?

You're lagging behind civilization.

I almost ran you over!

We will speed things up.

You brought lots of junk onto my ship!

One needs to love technics, Marat.

How about a turbine
at the anchor windlass?

Why not!

Just smile!

This will work. You've become a loner.

You won't need that!

Ain't that terrific!

What's the idea? Get out of here!

Take your junk along!

Take your cap away! Go back home!

You're setting my ship on fire!

You have the devil in you!

We're getting visitors.

Go away, Marat!

Marat drags the ship on the dry ground.

He has the devil in him!


You're the air traffic controller!


What do you want? Damned sons of bitches!

Are you nuts? ...Wife!

They will kill you!

Go home and cook food!

She's full of mischief!

You must understand them:
this is a cemetery!

This is my ship!
The cemetery is in their heads.

Talk to them, Marat!


I want to take her to sea!
This is my ship!

And a ship belongs...

...at sea!

Anyone who wants to prevent me
from doing so, stand out!

Hey gorgeous, will I see you tonight?


Good afternoon.


Want to come, Tamara?

- Tamara, you're prettier than ever!
- What a stupid pick-up line.

Thank you, my sunshine!

- Give me the water-can!
- I do anything for you.

- Here you are, my treasure.
- Bye!

Fill it half full!

For me, fill it in here!

Others have waited all day for the water!

Hello, Zviad! One day
you'll burst with malice!

You stick on high heels!

- How much?
- 250 the bouquet.

I'll have one.

Thank you.

Should I turn on some music for you?

Like this?

Or do you prefer rap?

Or rather this one?
This one's good, isn't it? Marduni?

Even if the sea returns,
there will be problems:

To rebuild the port or catch fish...
the people have unlearned it all.

Be quiet! Music is here.

Who's there?


It's me. Good afternoon.

Why aren't you on the ship?

Did you return for him?
Have you quit your job?

Where is Marat?

I forbid you to look for him.

Father, I beg you: where is he?

I said I forbid it!


You're not living properly!

This is a shame for us!

People are laughing at us.

Why did you set the birds free?

Mum loved them so.

I miss her very much.

Maybe she could have dealt with you.

Give it to me, I'll help you.




- What do you want?
- Vodka.

- Vodka!
- One moment.


Drink one with us oil people!

Musicians, play something!

One, two...

Stop it!

Marat! You're making a fool of yourself!

What do you want, dude?

Climbing up the mast yourself,
watching the dried-out port.

How ridiculous!

I preserve our past,

to give the children
something to believe in.

Look at this: a rusted tub!

Come on, come on! Life is now!

You're right...

Here, everyone has their own truth.

We are going now.

I'll be right back!

You made a public building
a dumping ground!

Have you seen Tamara?

You got a bunch of useful things here.

Have you seen her or not?

Somewhere here she was...

Here she is!

This is an exhibit. Put it back!

What do you want from me?
Go talk to your wife and children!

Here's your antique crap!

Do you know where she is?

I answered the lawyer's
questions in prison.

Tell the people to leave me alone!
Then I'll tell you where Tamara is.

To hell with your Tamara!

Fuck you!



Turn on the light!

Lights on!

Dari! Dari!


- Dari...
- Relax.

It's me, Tamara. I'm here.

Calm down, it's me.


I brought you something to eat.

Most kind of you.

- Father asked me to do so.
- Ain't he considerate!

You must regain strength.

I cannot be without you, Marat!


Leave me alone!

You must not love me.

I must not?

I must not?

But I do love you.


I have ashes in my heart.
You better go now!

What am I to do now?

- How should I live on?
- How you should live on?

I want you to live a happy life.

Look for a good man who cares for you.

Should I order him in the restaurant?

Why not? You found me
in the restaurant as well.


Forget what happened on the train.
There was nothing between us.

God help you, captain!

What the heck is he doing?

Six... seven... eight...

nine... ten!

Hurray! Ten steps closer to the sea!

Beat it!

Hey, boy! Are you out of your mind?!

Do you want to get run over by the ship?!

Dari's father says
that he has forgiven you.

That's good.

I haven't forgiven myself, though.

What do you drag the ship for?
You are very weak and sick.

The ship needs to be at sea.

The sea is very far away.

The sea is right over there.

It's not far away at all!

And my crew is there as well.

In life, everything is simple,...


Go gather your roots and herbs.


you are doing something useful.

He's dragging the ship,

looking for the sea, his crew.

Well, maybe he's right.


You goddamn rug rat!

You hooligan!

What have you loaded, humanitarian aid?

Come on, open up!

Get everything out! Come on, come on!

You, come over here!

Down on the ground!

Face into the sand!

Let's get out of here!

- Where do you want this?
- Look!

Freeze, you bastard!

Daddy, simmer down!

Dad, what's wrong?

Get lost!

It wasn't me, it was the others!

I saw everything!

The others did it!

"The others, the others"...
you led them!

It really wasn't me, dad!

We only got this Chinese fireworks.


Because of you, your mother is so sick!

- I'll kill you, you parasite!
- It's just fireworks!

- And this is my son!
- Calm down.

- My son!
- Dad, what is it?

A fit? Where's the pills?

Which of them?

- Which pill?
- Get lost!

Why do you carry this along?
Your great-grandfather used to play it!

You traitor!

That's mine!

My ghaychak, end of story!

Out of the way!





I ask you a favour.

- Remember our night together?
- Forget it!

- That's long past.
- Nothing is past!

My dear Tamara:...

I was with you only to hurt Marat.

Shut up!

Is everything about Marat?!

I have to see the clairvoyant.
Please take me there!

- No way!
- You know where she lives, don't you.

Balthazar, you scoundrel!

You damn son of a bitch!

"Speaking love,... making love,...

He who loves will never rest!"

- You're playing with me, don't you?!
- Look ahead!

Which way?


Where is Djuna?

Does she live here?

I think we have to go this way.

Does your arm hurt?

- Are you coming along?
- No.

- I'll wait outside.
- You're frightened!

I'm not frightened.


Good afternoon, Djuna.

Greetings, Tamara.


It's me.

I'll call her.

She's tired of all the visitors.

- Please, have a seat.
- Thank you.

Dear Djuna, I came to ask you

if Marat will ever fall in love with me.

I'm worried about him.

- Does he know where the sea has gone?
- Whether he knows or not,

I know I've loved him for a long time.

Come closer!

Do not fear! Live with the living! Kish!



What did she say about the sea?

- You've been listening!
- I'm worried about my friend.

Your friend is suffering since ten years.

And you're not helping him.

Start this lemon!

The damn sea will not return!

Never you mind whether the sea returns.

Who does she mean by
"live with the living"?

Your wife, of course!
What's wrong – doesn't it start?

Then push!

Come on, come on!

Don't move!



Move on! Move!

Go on!

Go on!

Move on! Pull!

What the heck are you doing?!

Buy a dress for your wife!

Greetings, Marat.

- Hello, Marduni.
- Are you making a sail?

- Take this fabric, it's rugged.
- You seem to know everything, Marduni.

Since you have a shaman at home,
you could provide me with tail wind!

Nothing in this life is random.

Thank you. One litre is enough for me.

Thank you.

Damned whore! Where
were you with my husband?

You thought I wouldn't know!

Get out of our town!

Trying to take away my husband!

Don't touch my Balthazar!

The murderer is here! Did you see that?

What are you staring at?!


Go home and take care of your father.

I want to be with you!

Go home, Tamara.



Are you alive? Here, drink!

I'm all right. Look after my partner!

How are you, brother?

I was driving home...


I thought I was lucky.
But luck faded away.


Lean on me.

- Are you the one who drags the ship?
- Yes.

What for?

The ship has sunk in a storm.

The crew and my wife are missing.

I found the ship,
now I'm looking for my wife.

What? Are you ill? She drowned.

You better don't talk so much.

Come on...

You'll certainly find them!

Five kilos.

Thank you.

What are you doing here?

Are you the boss here too?

I'm working now. That's life.

You better look after your son.

What's my son to you?

What's wrong with him?

He is torturing people!

Either you do something

or it will be too late. You hero!

I'm tidying.

What would you do without me?

This place looks like a brothel!

Are you longing for your sister?

- Do you want to see her again?
- What?

Touch her hair,...

...her lips?

Touch her shoulders,...

...her hands?

Have a walk with her on the promenade?

I could love you, Tamara,

but if you want to see her again,
you have to break up with me.

Break up with me!


Live with the living!

There you are, my jewel!

I prepared our meal.

Smells good.

The past cannot be recovered.

Go to him! I know you love him.

Maybe thus I'll get a grandson someday.

The sea isn't anymore.

Thus you will not have to go at sea.

Drink the milk!

I'm on my own.

I'm saying good-bye.

You were with him
on the ship, weren't you?

He chased me away.

The first one he let drown,
the other one he chased away!

Farewell, father. Don't be resentful!

Where are you going?

To work.

Work... work!



Stop, I said!

Not him again!

Tamara, don't leave!

Tamara, I beg you!

I'll do anything for you!


For such a man, I would even
jump into his side-car.

I'd be happy to push you. Will you jump?

And who's to wipe the floor?

Stay for Marat, he needs you!

You betrayed me too, old scoundrel!

Crappy lemon!

All right, it sustains!

Go on, go on!

Hello, Marat!

The guys decided to help you!

- What?
- We're taking you along a bit.

- Hold on, Marat!
- Yes! Yes!

Go on, go on!

Brother Marat, here's a light for you!

We've got headlights, you don't.

Now you must continue on your own.
Your sea is over there.

We're heading the other direction.
Good luck, Marat!


We have to visit the old man,
he isn't doing well!

Why are you disturbing me?!

Come quickly! He's in very poor health.

Why are you coming here?!

- Hurry up!
- All right, I'm coming.

What's up – are you waiting for me to die?

You won't be lucky! Want to have a feast?

What are you staring at me for?!
Just go home, you hear!

Why are you lying here, captain?

What are you up to?


Tamara will soon be here.

He wants you to care
for his daughter Tamara.

I understood that.

Everything will be fine. Don't worry.

We'll sail with the ship.

You're doing the right thing, son.
Go on dragging the ship!

No one is to follow me.
Take whatever you want!

Drag your ship

and find the sea, Marat!

Bring Dari back!

Forgive me, father.

Forgive, that you couldn't
wait for me and the sea.

Even though you're already close to it.

Close to mum...

...and Dari!

We'll be waiting here.

What a ship!


Wait here!

I wanted to see you.
You were a good captain.

The fish was looking for you.

What do you want, Kvidak?

What a ship!

Can we talk?

- I have to turn the ship.
- Turn it where?

To the sea.

There's no sea here.

There's only knee-deep salt puddles left.

- This way!
- To the opposite direction!

Exactly, to the river.

Turn the windlass
in the opposite direction!

Let's rather drag our ship...

...to the river!

Do you want to catch fish,

or transport goods,

or start a café on the water?

Have you come to help me
or to talk bullshit?

Your wife can serve the customers.

- What wife?
- This... what's her name?

- What are you babbling about!
- Calm down, Marat!

- Stop it, Marat!
- Fuck off!

- I just wanted to talk to you.
- Come on, get off!

You'll be sorry for that!

Take your slop back with you.

That son of a bitch wants my ship.

Who are you messing with?!

We're well on the way, Yasan.

I'm so fed up with everything.

- What's the matter?
- Something has to change.

I want to get out of here.

We're going to the big city,
bringing the ship to a lake.

We'll name her "Desert Ghost".

I want my own band,

a big band.

I'm playing dad's piece of crap.
I don't want him to be sad.

- You'll become a conductor.
- Conductor?


Kvidak, what conductor?

Should I become a penguin,
waving a stick around?!

What the hell are you saying, Kvidak?!

What do we do with Marat?

Marat doesn't understand anything.

Pretty heavy, this guy.

Jack! Hands off of Marat!

Are you deaf? Hands off of Marat!

What happened?

He started it, Kvidak!

Get into the cars and hit the road!

My boy!



What have you done!

What are we to tell your father!

My boy.

What have you done!

Marat... is it Yasan?

My son Yasan?

My son Yasan!

My boy!


I'll kill you all, you swines!

They killed my son, Yasan!

Stay lying down!

- You're still very weak.
- I have to go, it's about time.

Do you really believe
you can get them back from the sea?


I want to believe that, at least.

Then go and drag your ship.

I have to go. They're waiting for me.

What's that?

Hey, blind passenger!

Do not fear.

It's the sea.

The sea!

- Subtitles by Belch -