Waiting for the Miracle to Come (2016) - full transcript

An aspiring trapeze artist discovers a cryptic letter her recently deceased father once wrote directing her to a gold mine in a remote California desert. Upon arriving in a mysterious town, she finds herself at the gates of "The Beautiful Place," a house occupied by retired vaudeville stars Jimmy and Dixie Riggs. As she gets to know the eccentric couple, she discovers her words were directing her to a reward far more valuable than gold.

Come back to me.

Beautiful, Addie,
I never wanted to leave you.

Please do this one thing for me.

Please find these people,
Dixie and Jimmy Riggs.

They're in Ransom, California.

All that gold we looked for,
I think it's there.

Don't be saddened by death.

We think it's the end of life,

but really
it's just the beginning.

Daddy left a safety deposit box
for me at the bank.

That's no surprise.

You two with all your secrets.

Why do you say that?

Well, he didn't
leave it for me, did he?

He asked me to visit
somewhere, a desert.


Do you know those people?

I'm sorry you've
never been able to know

what plagues your mother.

She is a very broken person.

I tried to help her
over the years,

but now that time is up.

Come back to me.

♪ For an abandoned memory

♪ That could've kept me company

♪ In a time of light

♪ The ghost town
that's inside of me

♪ The spirits that divided me

♪ The dark and its delight

♪ I didn't mean to leave you

Who are you looking for?

Um, somebody called
Dixie and Jimmy...

Dixie and Jimmy.

Do you know them?

Not many people go out there.

You're looking for a horse?

A horse?


They take in horses,
horses nobody wants.

That's real noble.

Where is it?

When you get to the church
there, you make a left.

Keep going a short way,
you'll see it.

The Beautiful Place,
that's what it's called.

- The Beautiful Place?
- Yeah.

Big gates, The Beautiful Place.

You can't miss it.

You're looking for the museum?

You wanna see the horses?

Follow me.

You'll have to wait till
I tell Dixie you're here.

She likes to turn the lights on
and get all prettied up.

It's all part of the show.


What's your name?

Adeline Winter.

Adeline Winter?

Do you know somebody
called Jack Winter?

We were famous, you know?

Um, are you sure

you don't know
someone called Jack Winter?

Who was that you said?

The name you just said?

Jack Winter, do you know him?

No, no, no, no.

Please, stay a little while.

Dixie, you should
be getting some rest.

I think I made a mistake.
I'm sorry that I intruded.

Please, Jimmy, tell her to stay.

- I could come back.
- Yeah.

Sorry, you caught us
at a bad time.

I shouldn't have intruded.

You will come back, won't you?

Maybe I can look
at the visitors log

and see if your dad was here.

How did you know who he was?

Just a guess.

Sure make Dixie happy if you
came on back, it sure would.


Dixie and Jimmy.

They're coming to
take this place from us.

We have to stay, Jimmy.

How will she find us?

I don't know,
I don't know what to do.

I can't save us,
I don't know how.

Sure glad you came back.

My father and I,
we looked for gold together.

Did you ever find any?


Well, you got to keep on
looking for it.

That's what he said.

Smart fella.

He told me to find you.

Well, maybe your daddy
knows something we don't know.

Did he actually tell you
to come out here?

He left me a note.

A note?


After he died.

Oh, my Lord.

You did know him.

No, I didn't know
your daddy at all.

Do you know my mother,
Betty Winter?

No, I don't.

Does she know you're here?

Come in.

I have that picture in my room.

My mother gave it to me.

I'm waiting for someone.

You're waiting for someone?

Please help me.

It's gonna be okay.

You have to help me.

No one's coming,
and we can't hang around any longer.

Please, help me.

What... Who are you waiting for?

She won't survive
leaving here, you know?

She said she was
waiting for someone.

Aren't we all?

I got it, I'll handle it.

We put together a
pretty big offer for you people,

and an offer that
might help you out

with some of the strain you've
been feeling from the bank.

We understand it,
it'll help us out of our home.

We're gonna
need a signature on that sale.


It's time you folks moved off
of this trailer park

and into some place
more respectable.

Jimmy, you folks
will be evicted.

There's more, Addie.

I have learned that
this experience of death

is a reflection of how
we've treated others.

we're gonna need those papers.

Let's get this done.

It's all right. We can do this.

Don't sign that.

Don't sign these.

You need to leave
these people alone.


You will be evicted
and you will be sorry.

Come on.

Who are you?

It's just, it's not right,
and that's all.

I have to go home now,
but I'll be back, I promise.


Mom, are you here?

Your mother
was always so fearful

that I would leave her one day.

I tried so hard
to take her fear away.

And I couldn't help her.

Funny, I thought
they'd be dead by now.

They gave me away.

I waited for them every day
to come get me.

But they never came.

And those people that raised
me, those monsters,

they cared nothing for me.

I don't understand.

I was adopted.

They're my grandparents.

They don't know who you are?

It's you
they've been waiting for.

- They're waiting for you.
- I can't.

Don't go back there.

I couldn't take it,
not now, please.

It's too late.

They don't know who you are.

Look at me, please, look at me.

They don't know who you are.


But I always knew
they were somehow calling her.

I tried so hard
to convince her to go to them,

but she wouldn't.

Fear, I guess.

I am so sorry, Addie.

I knew your daddy since he was
born, a long time.

He set up this account
years ago for you

and it's at $25,000.

He used to say how you wanted

to open up
a trapeze school one day.

There's no money in that.

My father worked hard
for that money,

and that's what he wanted.


I'll take care of this.

Can I help you, miss?

I'd like to pay what is owed
on the museum property.

Say that again?

I said I'd... I'd like to pay
what is owed on 110 Wilde Road.

Well, total owing is $48,404.53.

I have 25,000.

But that's not what's owing.

Now I'll tell you
what I'm gonna do.

I'm gonna take your good money

but then you got 21 days
to come up with the rest.

You have 21 days,
not a day more.

Never knew they had family.

I'm not family.

Who sent you?

My father.

He said there was a gold mine.

Not a lot of people know that.


No, it's me, it's Adeline.

Come in.

It's still not too late
to take up the offer.

I don't wanna
mess this up for you.

Why are you helping us, dear?

Who are you?

I just don't wanna see
this place taken from you.

We have to stay here.

I'm waiting for her
to come up this driveway.

I've waited so long.

And if we leave,
she will never find us.

And I just wanted to believe
a miracle could happen.

Miracles can happen.

I know they can.

I always wanted for her
to meet these people,

because then
she'd find out about herself.

She knows her mother and father
deep in her heart.

She will always have a memory of
them, we all do.

Why don't you just
leave them alone?

Lady, this place will
go into foreclosure.

Nothing I can do about that.

No, it won't.

Say what you like.

There's no gold buried here.

Now what makes you say that?

You will not get this property.

Now leave
before I call the police.

Stay up, Adeline.

Stay up.

So you're all show folk.

My mother has blond
hair, just like you.

It'd mean so much
to have a family.

This is my family, all of this.

We collected all these
pieces of wreckage.

We saved every piece
like treasure.

They made up for everything
that we couldn't save,

Jimmy and me.

Why did you choose
to play Marilyn Monroe?

People back then,
they used to think of her

as just a piece of flesh.

But she was so much
more than that.

She was a bright, bright light
dressed as a person,

a bright beautiful lost person.

Jimmy used to sing.

Yeah, Jimmy was a great singer.

And I would be Marilyn.

It's all right.

What you got there, Johnny?

Did you know
she does the high wire?

Did she tell you?

Maybe people wanna see that.

I would.

Well, I'll be...

We need to bring the people
out there, Jimmy.

Up in the air
on a wire, imagine it.

Sure love to see you do it.

I don't know
if I can do it anymore.

My father was always there
by my side.

Our memories of who we are

run in our blood
and through our hearts.

And she remembered them.

Something very bad
happened to me and Jimmy.

It was her light.

She was there waiting for me.

I could disappear into her

and leave behind
the person that I was.

Why would you want to do that?

I gave away my child,

a child I loved and wanted.

It broke who I was.

I had to become someone else.

I had a baby girl,
she was so beautiful.

We waited here all these years

hoping she would
come and find us.

She would come and find me.

But time ran out,
and then you came.

And I'm starting to
remember who I was.

You know the truth now, Adeline.

You must act.

I don't know how long
she's gonna stay with us,

or how long we have here.

I just don't know.

Where's your faith gone, Jimmy?

I never lose my faith,
Dixie, never.

Maybe she's some sort of angel.

I think God sent her.
Did you ever think that?

Yeah, I do.

Come to The Beautiful Place.

All your dreams will come true.

I think she's
some sort of an angel.

Come to The Beautiful Place.

Maybe God sent her to us.

Hey, come in.

Have some lemonade.

Did you ever record your songs?

Ah, yeah.

A fella laid down
some tracks one day.

Could I hear some stuff?

I have one of them tapes,
you know, just the one.

Here, you can have it.

To keep?


Have a seat.

You know, we can face
what's gonna happen to us here

me and Dixie, we can.

I just want you to know
how much this has meant to us,

you being here.

And what you're doing,
especially for Dixie.

You being here has made her
believe in things again.

We had a daughter once,

I'm not sure if Dixie
told you that or not.

The day we let her go,
we came home and cried and cried.

The only thing
that kept us going

is she was getting fed
and took care of.

We were living in a damn car
when that baby was born.

No heating, it was freezing,
I'm not even sure,

we wouldn't sure if we
were gonna survive or not.

We thought that she might
have a better chance

with someone else.

I had a book that my dad
gave me when I was a boy.

It had a lot of empty pages.

He thought I might
draw in it one day,

and you know, I never did.

- A book?
- Mm-hmm.

Here it is, somewhere.

I pulled that old book out
and I wrote her a letter,

trying to tell her
how I felt that day.

Had to get it out.
It was burning my heart.

Made believe
she'd read it some day.

And every year after that,
I'd write her another one,

and another one,
and another one.

This is for a whole life?

Yeah, my whole life too.

This here
is her birth certificate.

It's got this address on it.

That's why we tried
so hard to stay here,

all these years,

hoping for this
one piece of paper,

that one day she'd show up.

You're the first person
I ever showed this book to.

Not even Dixie knows I have it.

Why did you show it to me?

I always pretended
I'd give it to her one day.

Day dreams.

Showing it to you,
it comes close.

If only our parents were born

at the same moment we were,

how much heartache
would be spared.

But parents and children
can only go after each other,

not with each other.

And the distance
always lies between us,

which nothing
but love and change.

Great show.
I think you will love it.

Thank you.

Oops, here's your ticket.

Here you go.

Jimmy, come here!


Ain't bad.


Well, well, I'll be...

You look beautiful.

I'm headed over
to the church for a bit.


I got some prayers.

Tell her we're waiting for her.

Always do, Dixie.

Always do.

Who was that man
I saw you with today?

What man?

I thought I saw a man
walking beside you

along the driveway over there.

My imagination, probably.

What did he look like?

About the same height as you,

had a blue shirt on,
sort of a light blue color.

I thought I was the only one
that could see him.

Not today.

Not today, Adeline.

Bye, Adeline.



All right, ladies and
gents, you are in for quite a show.

Firstly, the great Dixie Riggs.

Yeah, yeah.

And then, as you're leaving,

you get to see
the girl in the air.

♪ Old Mr. Moon
makes hearts everywhere

♪ Go bump bump
with the magic of June

♪ When Mr. East Wind
shouts overhead

♪ Then all the leaves
turn yellow and red

♪ Down in the meadow
corn stocks are high

Thank you, thank you.

Our lives are not always
what we think they are.

Events happen
to serve a higher good.


Somewhere in Jimmy's heart,

there is a belief that his death

will bring your mother home.

He knows that you are here now.

He can let go.


This is the end for her now.

Jimmy held her
and it all together.

They waited years hoping
that daughter would show up.

All this hardship, all for her.

Now it's too late.

I should have told them.

Told them what?

There's something
that I must do...

for you and Jimmy.

I should never have listened.

- But I have to go.
- Now?

It's important,
it's very important.

We'll take care of her.
Don't you worry.

♪ I hold this letter in my hand

♪ A plea a petition
a kind of prayer

♪ I hope it does
as I have planned

♪ Losing her again
is more than I can bear

I should have told them.

I'm sorry.

I couldn't do it.

Now he'll never know.

Your father made this for you.

Open it.

Can you read it?

"My dear little angel."

"Dixie and me,
we made a pledge today"

"that we would try not to cry
anymore because you are gone."

"But I'm sorry that
I let you down."

"I hope you can forgive me."

"I know I will never
forgive myself."

He wrote to you every day
on your birthday.

My dear little angel,

we have been truly blessed.

I'm not sure if you know this,

but your beautiful little girl
has come to see us.

She wants to help us.

You must be so proud of her.

He knew. He knew it was you.

He knew.

♪ Something I did not mean
to say

♪ Said something
I did not mean to say

♪ It all came out the wrong way

♪ Love letter, love letter

♪ Go get her, go get her

♪ Love letter, love letter

♪ Go tell her, go tell her

♪ Rain your kisses down upon me

♪ Rain your kisses
down in storms

♪ And for all
who'll come before me

♪ In your slowly fading forms

♪ I'm going out of my mind

♪ Will leave me standing in

♪ The rain with a letter
and a prayer

♪ Whispered on the wind

♪ Come back to me

♪ Come back to me

♪ Oh baby

Do you mind if I smoke?

Why didn't you ever go see them?

I used to drive
out there sometimes.

Not long after you were born,
when your daddy was away.

I would park my car
in the town street...

and just wait to see
if they would drive by.

Sometimes I waited all day.

Did they drive by?



Why didn't you go up to them?

I was scared.

What if they turned me away?

Everything I ever taught you

has led you to this moment.

You should not
have paid all that money.

The kindness of strangers.


Jimmy is with
the Heavenly Father now.

What greater gift to give

than that to his own loss,
others are changed.

I don't think I can do this.

We can just say hello,

we don't have to
tell them anything.





I knew there was
something about that girl.

What Jimmy would
have given to see this.

I think he gave it, love.

I think he gave it.


She did come up the driveway,
just like you said.

Why did it have to take this?

Sometimes people die

and they think
it's the end of their lives,

but really, their lives
are just beginning.

Their real purpose
is in their love.

Death is not the end for them.

It's their greatest gift.

That was your father.

You have altered the
course of the lives of others

in a way that is good.

Always know that.



Where are you?

Death is just
like a dream, Addie.


Every night when you
close your eyes to sleep,

you go there,

we all see each other...

and then some of us wake up.

I have to go on now.

I have to say goodbye.

You did real good.

♪ The desert roads
can take the cold

♪ And I can take the growing old

♪ But I ache tonight

♪ For an abandoned memory

♪ That could've kept me company

♪ In a time of light

♪ The ghost town
that's inside of me

♪ The spirits that divided me

♪ The dark and its delight

♪ I didn't mean to leave you

♪ Where the shadows fall

♪ I didn't mean to leave you

♪ Where the shadows fall

♪ I didn't mean

♪ To leave you at all

I don't understand it at all,

I can't really get a word
you're saying, none of us do.

♪ True love
has the sweetest tooth

♪ Bury a little use for truth

♪ But it's fearless

♪ The sorrow sweet
when it's in rhyme

♪ The broken words
the life of crime

♪ In a summer dress

♪ Tonight I wish
I didn't dare and I didn't see

♪ What isn't there
with such clearness

♪ I didn't mean to leave you

♪ Where the shadows fall

♪ I didn't mean to leave you

♪ Where the shadows fall

♪ I didn't mean