Waiting for the Hearse (1985) - full transcript

Mamá Cora (Antonio Gasalla) is about 80 years old and she has three sons and a daughter. Mamá lives with one of them, unfortunately, the one who is in the worst economic position. One day, all the members of the family have a reunion to celebrate an anniversary. In the middle of the whole thing, an awkward question appears out of nowhere: ¿Who's going to be Mamá Cora's heir? ¿Who is going to take care of her during her last days in this world?. The answer is not easy and it doesn't take too long for the members of this bizarre family to start a terrible and yet hilarious fight. However, in the middle of the whole thing, they're interrupted by some disturbing breaking news...Mamá Cora killed herself!.

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I can't leave the mayonnaise!
It goes bad if I stop now!

She must be hungry,
I'll make her a feeding bottle.

No, Mom. Her last one
was half an hour ago.

- Where are you going?
- She must be nervous.

Want me to give her a teaspoon
of linden tea?

No, don't give her anything.
Don't give her anything!

Just put the pacifier in
her mouth and leave her.

But, Susana, you know that
if I stuck it into her mouth...

she spits it out.
She does that all the time.

Know something...
it may be your milk.

See? You are too
strung up of late.

How come you see me nervous?
Jorge, check if she's soiled herself.

- She has!
- Could you change her diapers?

No! I've told you
I don't like to do that.

- Oh, then I'll do it.
- No! No.

You stay here.
Here! I'll go.

Big deal, changing a
diaper, you'd say.

Susana, do you want me to do anything?
Can I help you out?

No, don't!

Why don't you sit down and
read the newspaper!

Don't say that to her.
You make her feel useless.

I'd rather she stayed still.

This must be for making flan.

Oh, crybaby, Mummy was
making dinner.

Here, take this to the bathroom and
be careful not to drop anything.

I leave, and you
start crying.

- Can you iron, Jorge?
- You know that if I do...

...I'll burn myself.
- I'll do it, Susana.

I'm not speaking to you,
Mama Cora.

- Where did I put the pin?
- Oh, be careful!

Oh, don't you move, my angel,
don't move. It's gone.

I don't see it.

- take another one, from the closet.
- the closet, the closet.

Why do you ask me?
You know I don't know anything.

Oh, so learn!
From inside the closet.

Inside, inside,
but, where?

Oh, Jorge, don't make me
yet more nervous!

Don't do this, don't do that,
as if I was useless.

I can't even touch the little kid.
this feels like a rock. Oh God!

It needs some sugar.

Look, noodles,
she has it all mixed up.

- And this, what is this?
- Your mother's.

As we starve her to death,
she hides her food under the pillow.

- Here's the pin.
- Well, let her help you.

- She's not useless. She's not crazy.
- Isn't she?!

Well, darling, take it easy.
Now, let's get some sleep.

till your next bottle, ok?

- Shall we put her in the stroller?
- Are you asking me?

My other husbands are not
available now.

- Who do you want me to ask!
- Eh, how should I know?

- You feed the baby
omelet? - No!

Your mother hid it, those are
leftovers from last night.

that's why this room smells bad.

- Smells, how?
- Don't you have a nose?

Don't you smell, as I do?
It smells of rotten food!

- So, is she asleep?
- Almost.

- What happened?
- Where?

With the mayonnaise.

What? that was mayonnaise?

- Where's the mayonnaise?
- I thought that...

What did you think?

- Didn't look like mayonnaise, Susana.
- What have you done to my mayonnaise?!


You talked about making
flan last night.

You heard her, Jorge. Was she
or wasn't she going make flan?


Four eggs,
liters of oil... - Wait.

...liters of milk, salt...
- Wait.

...mustard, and surely
tons of sugar,

all wasted!


Why would you do that, mom?

Didn't look like mayonnaise, Jorge.

You can't do anything
without asking first!

And stay put!
Don't move!

Didn't look like mayonnaise!

Wait, where are you going? Wait!

Wait! Wait, where are you going?

- Matilde, the phone is ringing!
- Don't you know she's sleeping?

You go get it!

- today is my resting day.
- I'd like to know when mine is.

Hello. Yes.

No, no Pirula here.

And answer the phone if it rings!

- I won't move from this couch.
- Hey, hey, hey.

I never get a break and I don't make
such a big deal of it, ah?

I would have liked to stay
in bed until 11.

But you had the brilliant idea
of inviting your brother...

Antonio, and Nora for lunch.

You could have told them not
to come and that was the end of it.

And leave you without Nora's
hugs and flirting?

What hugs?