Wait for Me and I Will Not Come (2009) - full transcript

Alek is desperate because Teodora has left him after a three years being together. He is suffering, he is apathetic and is mentioning suicide constantly, he simply doesn't want to accept that the relationship is over. He has self-pitying sessions with his friend Bane everyday. Despite Bane's advice, Alek keeps calling Teodora who has fallen in love with Nemanja in the meantime. However decisive and tough Teodora is when she is with Alek, she is as indulgent and helpless when she is spending time with Nemanja. The problem is that Nemanja is not in love with her but with Marina, a girl by a few years younger. Unfortunately, Marina is not in love with him, she is very attracted to Alek's "Slavic depression". She doesn't know that reason for his "charm of a desperate" is his failure with Teodora, she thinks Alek was born like that.

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Miroslav Momcilovic movie


This is Aleck. I won't be
able to call you back any more.


...if you still haven't hung
yourself, stop by the river.

My father has died, man.

There's no one of your friends...

Fuck, they are all in deep sheet...

Don't swore.

May God rest his soul.

Well, our dear Djole...
this sad day has arrived...

...day that waits for all
of us, our dear Djole...

And you loved living so much,
and you loved bars so much...

...women...woman, I mean...

To eat, to drink, as well to smoke...
- Who told this fool to come?

I have no idea.

You lived your life by full lounges...

...and lounges coasted you
life. Didn't I ask you...

...didn't I beg you to leave smokes...
Didn't I smoke 3 packs by day...

...and I gave up that shit?!

You left me playing
remi with those fools...

...and listening nonsense like: it's
better to hold two jockers in hand...

...than mate when you can.

You're gone... ...our dear Djole

To smoke by my left side...

...and me...that smoke
goes straightly to my...

I don't know...

Maybe it's better this way...

At least he won't suffer any more.

What's worse than lost?

When you realize that you're all alone.

The feeling of complete loneliness.

It's not right, my
father died, you know?

Oh, forgive me Bane, forgive me please.

I didn't even pay my
condolences to you...

Do you see what this bitch made of me?!

Let's drink for uncle Djole.

He left me this little
one to take care of.

He's really cute.

The hardest thing is about my mother.

There's no women like her any more.

Gentleman artists... a new
brand is in front of you!

A new detergent! I will add modestly...

I was the one that came up with
the name...it slipped my mind...

...in moments of my positive
madness... Rosebud! Nice english word.

And completely unexploatated.
Bud, new life, something new...

So what I expect from you is lot
of colors, lot of lifestyle...

Ms., Miss. Theodora...
- Miss...

This word is light motive of
the most known world movie.

And I really expect
some kind of nostalgia.

And what I expect from you is not
to interrupt me when I speak...

...with all due respect for
all of your ten movies...

I can commend that I
was project manager...

on more than 50 projects.

So I know what I'm talking
about very well ...Thank you

So, tomorrow, same time,
I expect from you...

...a lot of good ideas,
a lot of positive energy!

Tell me, did Diana called you?
- Diana who?

The one with spots!
- Who's that?

She's organizing 15 years from prom.

I just don't give a fuck
about 15 years from prom.

You can't be like this. We should
go there, see old friends...

Common, the world didn't stop
just cause Theodora left you.

What now?!

Hey! Hey! She'll regret it one day!

But my friend will have a new
girlfriend, and he'll be happy.


Bane, Bane...Do you know
what you've just did?

You've just saved my
life, do you know that?

Bane, hey! It's over.
The end. Forgetness.

Hey man!

Fuck, I can't believe that
just few moments ago...

I was fucked up cause of
that bitch. You know what?!

I'm going to call her
now... -Do not call her!

Do not call her not even
in your wildest madness!

You know, she might be
fucking someone right now.

I'm serious man. Open a video
store again, do something...

...just don't call her. Do you know that
my old man would fall apart 20 year ago...

...without my mother. Serious.
You need that kind of woman.

not this one to fuck around
with you. Is that what you want?

You are completely right.
I'm not going to call her, no.

I'm not even going to return her calls.

Infect, I'm going to answer and tell
her to go to hell! Understand?!

You are my savior!

Yes? Who's this? Diana who?!

A...15 years of prom... Can't come.

Why?! Cause I don't give a fuck about
watching photos of your children...

To listen how you've bought
the apartment, IKEA furniture...

I don't give a fuck about
your prom. That's right.

And I think we were the most
stupid class in the world...

...and that the whole high school was...

Theodora, I'm falling
apart. I love you. Listen...

I have 15 years from prom celebration,
and I would like to go with you...

Wear the most beautiful dress you own,
We'll have two kids, buy apartment...

...to buy IKEA furniture. Tell
me if I did something wrong...

Ok Aleck. Let's cut this out, please.
Do not call me, or send me sms-es...

Do not bother me no more.
Do not even ask about me.

I don't love you. Leave
me alone. I DON'T LOVE YOU.

I suppose you have a
comment about this...

Infect, I'm glad you heard
this conversation, really.

At least it's all clear to you now.

I don't have any emotional tails...

I'm entering this
thing purified, ready...

I've finished previous story.

I didn't know you are
interested in football.

I mean...I get it,
men-football it's normal...

I'm just saying that YOU
are interested in football.

You seemed very...
a-footballic. And I liked it.

I mean, I like you either way.

And who's playing?

-'Zvezda'? Really? I'm a big fan of 'Zvezda' too!


Nemanja? What do you
think about all of this?


About us. Hugh?

Excuse me, why did you invite me...

...if we're going to
watch TV all the time?

O.K. You didn't invite
me, I invited myself...

...but you said yes and I believe
you are glad that I've come...

And I think I know you
better than you think...

...you silent, beautiful being...

Tell me what do you
think about this all?

About? -About us, off course.

About us...

Hey, what's that group?

They are grait.

I see music means allot to you.

To me, too.

O.K. I'll shut up...I'll shut
up until the song is over.

It's over.

And? What are we going to do now?


Well, you and me Nemanja, the two of us.

I have to take a shower, I'm going out.

Really? Where?

I love you.

And I'm crazy.

And I'm crazy about you and...

...next week we are going
to Helsinki on a game...

It's organized. By train. And...

I love you. And...

You are going to marry me and...

We are going to get
married on a stadium.

You know, there's a good
story, but it's fucked up.

In Atlantic ocean at about 1
kilometer from the surface...

...live fish that are
named 'radio fishes'.

Male glue at the female...

Sorry, can I ask you something?

Go ahead.

Can you give me Aleck's phone number?


What's the problem?

Why did you put my
name on the grave stone?

You too have to die, one day.

Wait...aren't you glad?

Aren't you glad that you are
going to be next to dad one day?

You don't like the cemetery?
-No, I don't like it.

Why didn't you say something before?

I don't know...Leave me
be, please, leave me be.

And where would she like
to be berried? In Paris?

Next to Morrison?!

Maybe it's some kind of a madness?

Late menopause? I don't know...

They are all bitches, man!

What are you saying?!

It's my mother! What are you saying?!

Forgive me Bane, forgive me please.

You can't be like this...
- I know, I completely...

Forgive me... Forgive me, please.


She's just sitting, eating
and staring at the TV.

And then just sit, eat
and stare at the TV.

I don't get it man...

Maybe I should take her to the
therapy, to get her examined...

Why doesn't my mother
want to be berried...

...next to my dad, deamn it?



What are you doing, man?!

Theodora was sitting like
this first time she came here.

I got up for something,
and she looked at me...


Oh, fuck.

Is there an end to your humiliation?

We have to talk!
- Common Aleck, please...

We have to talk. You need to
come and pick up your things.

I need to continue with my life...
- That's right, you have to...

That's right, I have
to. When will you come?

I'm going to come...
- When? When?

Some day.

Theodora, let's go now!


You are scaring the fish!

Why do people fish? I mean,
there's so many other things to do.

Witch once?

- Can I take some?

Why are you so fucked up?

Who? Me?

I'm not.

So strange.

When someone drinks
every night, gets nude...

It seems like that person is fucked up.

It looks like happiness to me.

Oh, yes, I forgot. You cry, too.

I'm crying cause I'm
happy. I'm enjoying life.

Who's that Theodora?

A dog.

...she didn't get a shot and she died.

There's one TV channel about animals.

There was this grait story about
sea lions that live on desert island.

And male fight to
death for their females.

I know that story, and
it's stupid as hell.

You've probably heard that from Bane...

...who thinks that love and life
should be learned from the animals.

Your father was a fine man.

But I was not a good wife to him.

Perhaps a bit at first.

I stopped loving him.
Almost immediately.

Maybe I didn't even
start as I was suppose to.

It has nothing to do with you.

You are my child, understand?

Nothing can change that.

I love you the way only mothers do.

Mum, you're not feeling good.
- I'm feeling fine, my son.

I'm serious. The whole city knows
how much you two loved each other.

My son...

My son, I know...
- No you don't. You are in a special condition now.

- We can hire a
psychologist if you need one.

I don't know.

Terrible Ms. Angio, I know how
much you loved Mr. Djole and...

I want you to know that we are
all with you. And your Bane.

And if there's anything I can do...
- Thank you.

Excuse us for a second.

See? See? Everybody know how
much you two loved each other.

You are tired, I am tired,
we are not normal right now.

No, I'm normal! I'm normal!

First time after 35 years, I'm normal!

Listen to me. I was hoping it'll
be better when your father...

...and I get married.
And then I got pregnant,

so I hoped it'll be
better when you are born.

Than I thought it'll be better
when you start with school.

Then, than I waited for you to grow up.

You know what I was waiting than?!

Who's going to be the one to die first.

Believe me, I prefer more if it was me.

Terrible Bane. Such love.

I'm sorry that I didn't
come to the funeral,

you know about my situation,

Aleck has probably informed you
in detail. And please, tell him

as a friend to quit calling
me and humiliating himself.


Gentlemen artists! What's going on?!

It's been few days now and
you are still at the start.

Who are you addressing to? Who's
the character, the face of our campaign?

You don't know, gentlemen
artists. You DON'T KNOW.

Thank you honey, from now
on, make it with a bit of milk

and on time. Ok?

The proverb DON'T KNOW should
be written grammatically correct.

Bravo! Now you can get
back to making coffee,

that's what you're payed for. Thank you.

Correct or not, gentlemen artists, you
don't know who's the face of our campaign.

Is it this little bar girl who's as
classical 'social stepper' dreams to...

get to a better position via
bed. No, gentlemen artists.

It's a woman in her best years of life.

She has a well payed job.
She sits in her new car,

not to expensive, not too cheap,
she goes to her new apartment,

and there, instead a love
of her life, she meets who?

A man that 5 years doesn't do a thing.
He sits in a chair and stares at the wall.

She wants a new boyfriend!
She wants a new life!

You should know I'm always here...

You should know I'd never...

...leave you, to forget you.
You should know I'm always here.



What the fuck is matter with
you?! What are you yelling for?

Do you know what time is it?

Hey Marina, some people fall in
love at the age of 10, some at 15,

...some at 25.th, but I...

I fell in love at 27.th for the
first time. In you and in 'Zvezda'!

Hey, I have a boyfriend. And we lo...

I love you.

And we're going to win.

Hey, Nemanja, it's me. Theodora.
Are you on your way yet?

I didn't ask you if you like
Chinese. I asked you?! Grait!

Hurry up now!

Hey, Nemanja, it's me again.
Do you know what I'm wearing?!

Guess! Ok, doesn't matter.
You'll see it when you arrive.

Do not tell me that you
are at the door whole time!

You are so notty, I can't believe it!

What's this suppose to mean?
- This means that I love you,

and that I don't want to lose you.

Who told you to come in?!


And I think my love, I'm sure
of that you still love me too.

I don't love you.

Since when you are a fan of 'Zvezda'?
- I was always a fan of 'Zvezda'.

We were 5 years together and
you've never mentioned it.

Would you be so kind to leave my
apartment. And my life. Immediately.

Why? Are you waiting for
someone? - I am. - Whom?

Nemanja. Take it away.

Oh, baby you're so sweet...
...oh, you're pied yourself...

So what's your name?

He's name is Serrano.

Why are you called Serrano,
your muzzle is not big?

He's not named cause of his muzzle!
- Why then?

Remember last august?
- I don't.

It was so hot. We were in
the garden of a bar 'Serrano.'

I was drinking beer, you
were drinking lemonade...

I don't drink beer any more,
and I really feel much better.

And all the things you said, you
were completely right, you know?

- Ok Aleck, it's not important any more.

No, it's important.
Absolutely very important!

And there was a dog exactly
like this all around our legs.

You wanted to have it. Remember?
- No!

You don't remember? You took
it and said: 'Oh, sweety...'

'you're so cute', I wish
you were mine. Remember?

Let's say I remember. And?

I brought it to you.

Aleck, I don't want to have a dog.
I don't want to remember anything...

or have anything with you any more,
man. I don't love you anymore!

And why can't you deal with it finally?!

Then why did you write this 3 years ago?

"I miss you."

"And in that missing, I'm enjoying after all."
- Aleck give it back to me!

"Cause I'm always finding
new forms of missing."

"I'm embarrassed of how much I miss you..."
- Would you give it back to me?!

"And I'm wondering: what's going
to happen?! What'll left from me?!"

Bygone, man!

What do you mean 'bygone'?!

It's stronger than ever in me.

Not in me, I'm really sorry.

Hey, Nemanja, it's me.
Are you on your way?

Ok, when are you leaving?

And who's suppose to...


At the end, I want to
tell you one more thing.

Blow it, you bitch!

Do you have a lighter?

I do.

Do you have a girlfriend?

I don't.

I have.

And her name is Marina.

Just like your raft.

Ah, no! The boats are anchored there...
- Go away!

I'm sorry.

You don't love me anymore. I get it.

I mean, so many things
happened between us...

We know each other so well...

And it's stupid to end it this way.

Fuck love!

If it's the most important
thing at the world!

I mean, no one knows me as well as you do

... and I wouldn't want to
loose it cause of 'some love'.

I think we should stay
friends. Friends for life.

Hey, calm down, please.

It's going to be ok.

It's so hard for me.
- It's hard for me too.

I feel horrible...

I feel horrible too, but
it's going to be all right.

You are so nice...
- Yes, you are so nice, too...

It's going to be all right, you know?

It's going to be all right...

Don't! Get away from me!

Get lost! Get away from me!


Theodora, I just want to tell you this:

I'm leaving now, I'm leaving for
good, is that clear?! Goodbye!

Do not leave. Anywhere!

Excuse me?

Son, listen to me...

I'm a doctor for those
'love problems' and...

I've passed it all...

And what's wrong with me?! Common...

First, you cry allot.
Big time. As a child.

Then, you call a hooker
to come to your place...

Not a big deal, I can
arrange that for you...

No sex, just talk. And
then you go to the pharmacy.

You buy castor oil.

You shit so much until
you drop all from your body.

Fill up the bath tub, take your
clothes off, rub yourself with soap...

And cry allot again.

And then you start with deprozepam.

2 tablets, one brandy. 2 tablets,
one brandy at every 6 hours.

So, you drink, piss, drink, piss...

4 weeks.

And lot of liquids,
that's really important.

And, at the fifth week,
it's starting to determinate.

Either you hung yourself, or you go on.

If you decide to live, 2
brandies, one deprozepam.

At every 3 hours. Every.

And after 15 years... you get better...

Do you have a motorbike?
- No.

When you get motorbike, you know...
it brings back your selfasteem...

It gets your pride back, you know.
You ride Yamaha of about 1000 m3...

Have you ever seen a biker
wining about the chick?!

Oral is 30, classic is 50 half
an hour, for an hour it's 100...

We don't do anal...

No perversions either. Is that ok?

Paying in advance.

Is everything ok?

What should I do, this is unbearable!
- Get some sleep, it'll pass.

When? When?!

When you decide it passed.

Bane? - What? - Have
you spoke to Theodora?

Yes, I have.

And? What did she say?

She said you're disgusting to her,
and not to call her ever again.

What way she disgusts me?

Common, leave me be, my
mother is not all right!

She's completely out of her mind!

She says she didn't love dad,
and trough away all old photos...



Can I sleep over here?



Do you love me?

Stories from underwater world...
- Mmmm...

You know, my father died recently.

Those stories help me a be a bit...

One feels that all
that happened to him...

Why do everybody think I'm what I'm not?


I'll take it.

To chubby from the spotty one.

You can't give a gift.

I'm not giving it to you.
You'll return it to me.

Yes, sure.

Thank you.

Hey, thanks for Aleck's phone
no., too. I'll read it. For sure.

You're grait!

And where are you going?

To the springs.
- To get some rest?


To visit Milenco.

Milenco who?

You know my son...

Before I came to study in Belgrade...

I was in love with certain
Milenco. And he was in love with me.

That Milenco?
- Aham.

We were promised to each other.

Than I've let him down.

And he died last year.

And now, you're leaving all of
this, and you're going to that...



And you want to berried next to...


And what are you going
to do until you die?

Whatever I did so far.

To wait.

What are you waiting for?

Water the flowers please, every day.

The palm three you don't have to.
Once a week. It doesn't like water.

Eh, ok...

My son, I know you
can't understand now...

No, no, you just go...

Just go, mom.

Oh no! No, no no! Not again!

Why the fuck are you following me?!

While these hips are burning,
in my hart darkness rules...

...I'm so alone. And
you're so alone, too.

My hunger is huge, and my
hands are eternally empty.

Life without love is a
part of the punishment.

You don't like it, hugh?

Oh, no.

It's grait.

You are so...

...so normal and delicate.

I'm not Marina, no.

Everybody tell me that I'm
a lunatic in positive way.

You are normal.
- I'm not normal, Marina.

You should find a normal girlfriend!

I'm not normal, Marina!

Are you Aleck? -Who's asking?

The one who's gonna kick your ass!

The train via Belgrade, Lapovo
and Kraljevo is 40 minutes late.

Good morning Serbia! On my dick kick ya!

The train to Thesaloniki via Belgrade,
Lapovo and Kraljevo, arrives at section two.

My mom is not returning my calls.
She turned off her cell phone.

Everything's going to be
ok. That's why I called you.

To attend the birth of
Alexandar Radenkovic's new life.

New life!


Go ahead Bane. Tell!


Well you called me.

I didn't.

So you have nothing to tell
me? And who broke your nose?!

One young man.

Common, Bane, I'm going
trough emotional hell...

and I'm not in a mood
for fooling around.

And I want you to go
to Aleck immediately and

...tell him to stop bothering me.
And you can tell him that I'm gonna

...pick up my things, but not when
he wants but when I'm available.

And tell him that I don't want...

Is that so?

Ok Bane.

Just for your information.

No one fucks around with Theodora.

And no one humiliates Theodora.

Hey, Nemanja. I've come
to tell you I'm sorry.

I'm not mad at you at all. Really.

I'm mad at myself
cause...I refuse to see...

...that things are pretty clear. You...

Nemanja, it's all clear to me. You...

You're just not ready for
a relationship. Get it?

Maybe I'm not either. But both of
us should be emotional canalized.

Nemanja, I'm ready to wait for you.
We have so many things in common.

Don't just trough it away.
Nemanja! Open up please!

Excuse me, how much
longer shell we wait here?

We are waiting for another locomotive.

I know, but we are waiting for 4 hours
already. -So go by foot if you're in a hurry.

Ok, ticket control...

I don't know Nemanja. Maybe this
thing between us is not working...

Maybe it never will.

At least you own me one more discussion.

At least you own me one more
discussion. One discussion. You own me!

Maybe I should come some other time?

Oh, no! Why? Marina, wait please!

You want some coffee?

I imagined my first visit
to you a bit different.

Marina, I think we should
make love right now.

Oh this was so romantic!
I'm all shivered!

Marina, you have to open
up to me. You have to!

Sit down.

No, no! Not there! Sit over here!

- Hugh?

Tell me something about yourself?
- I've told you all about me.

No, you haven't. You haven't told me...

You haven't told me your zodiac sign for instance.
- Aleck, common...

Why? It's not nonsense. Chinese invented
it. There's something about it for sure.

I like your shirt very much.

You've bought it here or abroad?

Let me introduce you:
this is my ex Theodora

And this is Marina.

You are so miserable!

What? Why?

Alexandar Radenkovic I had
no idea how miserable you are!

Theodora, it's not what
you think. It's not...

Oh, what a jerk!

Who is it?!

I'm the one who was suppose to kick your
ass, but that's not important any more.

You want to go to a game in
Helsinki? By train. It's organized.

Go where?

Just tell me yes or no.

Some other time ok?

Here you are.
- Thank you.

Finally you've learned to make coffee.
Pity since I just got notice to fire you.

Your paycheck is in the envelope. You
have a week to pick up your things.

If that's all...
- That's all.

The door!

My ex ended up on dope, you fool!

We've spent five years
at trains and stadiums.

Yes or no?
- Fool.

I'm going on my own, you pussy!
- Fool.

Can I get a drink, bro'?

Are we ok now?

Can I get a drink now?

Would you go with me on a
game in Helsinki on Sunday?

By train. It's organized.

To blow off those Eskimo pussies a bit.

- Hugh?

I'm not interested in football.

Please, just tell me yes or
no, no bullshit. Just yes or no?


Why not?

I'm not interested in football.

It doesn't matter. I'm
inviting you to a game...

...as my own brother, you and me.

To live a bit, what a fuck.



Class master it's me, Bane. Branislav.

We have 15 years of
prom celebration, so...

Hey boy, why did you get so fat?

I wanted to excuse myself,
I won't be able to come.

I have some problems.

Who gives a deamn about the
prom. It's for fools anyway.

I have a class now so...

You know, I had a case of death,
so I wanted to talk to you.

What do you say, you come to the
prom anyway, so we'll talk? Ok?

You know, I have problems...

Who doesn't? We all
have problems, Branislav.

What are you doing?

Get lost or I'll call the police!

Don't dare and show up again!


No use of lighting it,
sister. There's no one there.

Excuse me, is hotel
'Europe' still working?

Hotel is transformed into a storage,
and storage is closed 5 year ago.

Do you have a lighter?


That's me.

I've heard you've been looking for me.

You know, you really
look like your brother.

Angie, I don't have time...

I remember, you were really
small, a kid when I...

But I don't remember you.

I only remember that Milenco
cried all and every night...

Hollowed as a wolf.

Afterwards, mother said
he had a stomach acke.

I was...

Every day I was...

Every night I was...

...getting out on the terrace and cried.

Look, I can take you to the train station.

Can I ask you something please?

Cause of this river, I've spent all
my life on the river afterwards.

I even made my husband buy
an apartment near river Sava.

We made a raft, too.

Our son also likes river.

And all that cause of your brother.

While I was sitting by the
river, it was as I was here.

With Milenco.


This was the place where your brother
and I kissed for the first time.

And here...

...was a willow three.

Yeah, yeah. Milenco cut it off.

Cut off, yes.

Angie, I have to go to work.

Did he die at all?

When he cut that three,
he left this letter for you.

To give it to you if you ever show up.

He just disappeared.

We waited for him, and waited...

...for a year, two, five...

We flipped around earth and sky, called
the police, and who knows what else...


And then we decided to Barry him.

We gave the obituary in the newspapers.

Without a preast.


Just as a dog.

I think you have the
last train at six o'clock.

Dear Angie, my white daisy,

I'm not eating nor drinking.

I'm not awake yet I'm not sleeping.

You told me to wait for you...

And I waited, but you didn't come.

Today I cut off the willow
three. And everything around it.

Don't search for me
Angie, not alive nor dead.

Whom you've gave the time,
children, attention, life...

...leave your bones to, as well.

I've suffered as a dog without you.

But since I didn't have
you, I don't need anything.


Mrs., are you all right?


I'll help you.

Ladies and gentlemen artists!

Our character realize that
all new isn't nesseraly good .

She wants old, good things. She wants...

...checked once.

Are you deaf, man?!

Why don't you open up
the windows in here man?!

Guess who've just called
me?! Theodora, man. Two times.

I've listened to your advice, I
didn't answer. She can blow it.

Where the fuck are
those Russian love once?!

You don't want to help me, you
don't give a fuck. Fuck you.

Listen, I met fantastic
chick! You know her!

She's unbelievable on to me!
But she's pretending, classic...

I just can't get those girls today.

They would probably get
onto me the most if...

...I've played a porn
movie from my collection...

...but this one's totally...

Here he is! Prever.
That's right!

You are chilling, bro'
hugh? I envy you so much...

I'm in a rush as hell. Wish me luck.


Open up. It's me.

Alexandar, it's Theodora. Open up.

Open up, what's the matter with
you? I know you're in there.

Aleck, open the door, we have to talk.

Why are you playing
dummy, open up the door.

Marina, I'm sorry.

I want to tell you that
I have feelings for you.

I want to tell you that...

You have very beautiful skin...

You are very smart...
- Excuse me...

...can you get away of
the sun just a little bit?

Simply, a person looses a
compass in life sometimes...

It's like a centrifugal force in
a brain that crushes and crushes...

Hey Aleck, move a little bit more.

You've learned on physics that there
are centrifugal and centripetal forces...

...Newton's law. I mean I get it
that all physics are somehow...

Infect, disappear completely.

Marina, you're making a mistake.
- Yeah, sure.

Are you happy now?

Are you happy now you turkey!
Look what you've done to us.

What you've done to him first of all.
- What are you talking about?!

You know very well
what I'm talking about!

I have long and serious
relationship with Aleck!

What are you laughing
about, you stupid cow?!

Just cause our relationships is in
chrysies right now, doesn't means...

...that any bitch can
piss on us on her way.

If I see you on a kilometer near
him, I'll rip both of your eyes out,

..., do you hear me?!
- Yeah, right.

Hey, Aleck, do you remember when
you went on a college trip...

You've left me for two weeks
and I've cried...Remember?

And then, my love, to comfort me...

You've told me that beautiful
poem...'Wait for me and I'll surely...'

And poem was beautiful.

And I loved you so much.


And you've beautifully
changed the words... remember?

Wait for me Theodora. And
I'll surely come. Remember?

And...wait for me Alexandar!

Wait for me, and I'll surely come,
wait for me even if I'm not being...

...and all of the deaths
Alexandar, all of the deaths...

Alec, I fell down!

You should know I'm always here...

You should know I'd never...

...leave you, forget you...

You should know I'm always here!

'Zvezda' you should know I love you madly...

...that I can't be a day without you...

...I'm ready to give you my heart now...

...that beats for you madly...

Bane, if you know where
he is, tell me please.

Fuck, why don't you close
the window, it's cold.

And give this little one back to Aleck.
I don't need anything from him anymore.


Maybe we should go to the police?

Common, dress up.

Get dressed so we can
both look for him.


Nemanja, Bane, Nemanja.

He only listened to you.

Nemanja who?

You men are really bustards!

And here's your book.

I prefer stories about people.

Please get yourself together,
they're letting you go tomorrow.

Get some sleep.

- Just tell me yes or no?
- That's not the po..

You are completely mad.
- Yes or...

This was in front of your doors.

Why don't you open up
the windows in here?

And take a bath man!

Tell me Bane, I don't
know, why do you boycott me?

Ok, I know you're Aleck's
friend at the first place, but...

...just cause of that, by
time you've become mine, too.

Just cause of that you should help us.

He's being so unreasonable.
And you know it very well.

Ok, I get it. You
protect him as a friend.

But you're not helping
him at all. On contrary.

You should point him.
You should talk to him.

And you know what Bane?!

If you had a problem, I'd
be so much more with you.

You have to talk to him.

As our future godfather.
And as a person first of all.

Be a man Branislav.

And take a bath.

Dear son...

When you read this,
I'll be so far away...

You don't have to water
the plants any more.

Sell all of my stuff,
and don't wait for me.

Love you. Your mom.

Excuse me, when's the next train?

To where?



Bane, pick up the phone please.

Bane, I'm not feeling
good, do you hear me?

Fuck, I'm in deep shit
Bane. Pick up the phone.

Go to hell! Do you hear me?!
Self centered fegget!

Young rooster needs a hole...

...old chicken, always a good soup...

Get lost! Get lost when I say!

Get lost stupid!

So, cheers, class master!
- Cheers, cheers.

You look fantastic!

I train honey, and you?

She trains all right.

Svetlana, what do you do?

Slavica. I'm...

I'm in Dubai. I'm a stewardess.

Really? Tell me, how's
in Dubai? Is it warm...

Is payment in advance or
you earn it? How is it?

I mean...if you want
to work, you can earn.

It's the same at the west, but
I think it's all the same...

...to our people here and there.

Why is it so fucking
grait for me, then?!

And you are in London, right?

I'm at PhD there.

Prague is a beautiful city.

Aleck, and what do you do?


Most of the time I sleep...

...and drink.

That's it.

Why don't you go home?

Why won't you go home?

I'm a class master, fuck.
You can always skip class.

Hey, where's Bane?

Why do you ask me? You organized this.

Really, where's that Branislav?

I don't know.

Did he finish his 'electrotechnics'?

Is he all right?

He's all right. His father died.

(Who's that? You know him?)

Should we call him?

This is the older one. Urosh
Aleksay. He has two names.

That's how we wanted.

Interesting, interesting.
His hair is so...

He's so ugly. Really. He's real ugly.

-That's right.

As if the appearance is the most
important thing at the world.

Really, you and your poor
cinism. No wonder you...

No wonder what?

I'm asking you?! No
wonder what? -Get away!

No wonder what?!

Common, leave it. You know
Alexandar was always like this.

And he's been drinking.
- So what if I was?!

I didn't lose my sence for beauty.

Ok, kids, let's sing that beautiful
song we sang on the excursion...

Hello class master. Hello
everybody. I'm Theodora.

I'm Alexandar's girlfriend.

Oh what a cute honey! Oh what
a sweaty, who's ones is this?

- He's so cute.

Thank you, he's mine.

You must be famous Mrs. Krstic!
Aleck has been talking allot about you.

- Yes. All the best. Really.

What brings you here?

You know I'd come.

You want a drink? -Ok.
Whatever. You make a choice. Ok?

Are you still teaching?


I've died 20 years ago.


Oh Bane!


Branislav Milutinovic!
From the class IV3!

Common you teat!

Are you ashamed of us Branislav?!


Ok. Fuck him. Let's go folks.

Blow it, you teat!
-Common, let's go.


Bane, pick up the phone please.

Bane, pick up please!
I know you're in there.

Bane, pick up.

Bane please.

And there, at the bottom
of the Atlantic ocean...

The most beautiful love story
in animal world is happening.

There, where infinite darkness rules...

And the pressure of few
hundreds atmospheres...

Live 'radio fish'.

In extraordinary wildness,
completely blind...

With some sort of radio signals
they emit in mating season...

They recognize each other.

Females are very picky.

When finally recognition is achieved...

Male attach to female
with special tentacles.

Connected like that, they
swim together for days.

Beside each other...

...and emitting that strange kind
of radio signal the whole time...

...that is absolutely unbearable
for all other ocean world.

That way, this
extraordinary couple swim...

...without distraction of others.



Are you ok?

You fool!

What have you done? You
could have died, you know?!

You fool!

You want me to read further?

After few days, female
is delivering the eggs.

And then a process begins unseen
in the rest of animal world.

Real small wonder of nature.

Male and female are fiscally bonded...

And they make one creature...