Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie (1952) - full transcript

Ben Halper sets up his barber's shop at the turn of the century in Sevillinois and watches the town grow around him. Thinking it is for the best, he tries to shield his wife Nellie from the worries of the world. She finally rebels while he is away at war and takes a fateful trip to Chicago. This turns out to be the first of a number of critical family crises for Ben.


Hey, buddy.

You want to call
Senator Slocum's room again?

I've told you before.
The Senator does not take calls ...

... until after the parade.
- Okay, okay.

Well then clarify
some data for me.

Senator Slocum was the first
mayor of the city, wasn't he?

- Well, I don't really know.
- George ...

- Yes sir.
- Put this in the box ...

... from Senator Slocum, please.
- Yes sir.

If you want a good story, you
should interview this man.

He can give you more
information than anyone.


Ben Halper, the first
barber in town.

Do not tell me.

- And what has ended up being?
- Barber.

- Good morning, Mr. Halper.
- Good morning, Will.

- Good morning, Mr. Halper.
- Hello.

- Give me a refresher.
- Very good.

- Today the city is a party.
- Yes, indeed.

Fifty years is a
long time.

Yes. And it sure
looks like yesterday to you.

Well no, it seems like
fifty years to me.

Yes. Fifty years ago
last Tuesday.

Ham sandwiches!

Wednesday's New York Times!
Yesterday's Chicago World!

Fresh Florida oranges!
Ham sandwiches!

- Hey.
- Mister?

- How much does a fan cost?
- A fan?

Yes, How much it costs?

The fan!
Ten cents.

- We do not need it.
- I do.

Thank you.

Florida oranges! Peanuts!
Ham sandwiches!

This is a
very useful gadget .

You think the fan was
invented to be fanned.

But it has a
more appropriate use .

You could have saved it.

I don't care if everyone
sees us.

Ben, I am so happy.

I never thought I could
be so happy.

Do you hear what the
wheels of the train say?

They say:
Chicago ...


There is nothing out there except
darkness and rain. Nothing can be seen.

It does not matter.

I'm finally traveling like
you promised me.

I am seeing everything
with my imagination.

Ben, I love you.
I love you...

Sevillinois! Next stop!
Next stop, Sevillinois!

As soon? Holy God!
Come on, Nellie, we get off here.

- But if we go to Chicago.
- Sure ... let's go to Chicago ...

... to New York and Paris. But at this
point we got off at Sevillinois.

- And for what?
- It's a surprise, let's go.

- It rains a little, right?
- Yes, for the super crops.

And let him say it.

- What is this stop called?
- Sevillinois. Take.

- When is the next train?
- Around midnight.

Come on, I want to show you something.

Come in.

You, dame.

- Close your eyes.
- For what?

- I don't see anything anyway.
- You close them.

You can open them now.

- It's a barbershop.
- Yes, but very special.

Look in the mirror.

Mine and yours.

Master Ben Halper's hair salon .


- No, Ben, it can't be true.
- Yes it is.

Look, everything is new except
the spittoons. Look.

Let's go back there.

This is where we are going
to live, Nellie.

Everything is new. Except for the bed,
I bought it on a balance.

- Chicago is not here.
- It is true.

New York
is not here either.

You are absolutely right in the world.
But it is the way to prosper.

- You'll see, Nellie.
- If there is no choice...

You are soaked. I'll bring you something to
warm you up, I don't want you to get cold.

Don't get cold.

My honeymoon ...

I never thought I would spend my
honeymoon in a barbershop.

For us.
For you and for me.

I am unable to drink.

What's better than this?

Have your own business in a
city ​​that will grow with you.

I do not agree! What
you promised me is much better.

You told me you'd
take me to Chicago.

You have traveled and
seen things.

- I haven't been anywhere.
- Nellie ...

Hug me!
Hold me strong.

Ben, tell me the truth,
you only rented this place?


Sure, Nellie, that's it.

The truth is that when you kiss me
I don't care where I am.

So keep kissing.

You do not know with what
pleasure I obey you.

Welcome to our
city, Master.

I'm Ed Jordan, the owner of the
farm supply warehouse ...

... at the end of the street.
Counting on not being washed away by the water.

- Ben Halper.
- Charmed.

Mr. Jordan ...

... meet them at mi
esposa, Nellie Halper.

It is a pleasure.

Your presence is a gift.
A city that is born, needs ...

... woman's care.

I guess it will be like everything.
As I get to know her ...

... I will like it.


- Good evening, Mr. Jordan.
- My name is Ed.

Two passes ...

... and a good facial massage.
- I wasn't going to open until tomorrow.

I've been to Chicago ...

... shopping and doing a little
sport, I need to relax.

I have to heat the water.

No hurry. I have nothing to
do except go see my wife.

Are you okay, Nellie?

Yes, I'm OK!

Where are you from, master?

I have walked through so many places
that I am from none.

I've been a
wandering barber until now.

- Are you okay, Ben?
- Yes, Nellie!

Are you okay, Nellie?

Yes, Ben!

What's wrong with you two?

- Nothing Why?
- I see them nervous.

It's just that we've only been
married seven hours.

Seven hours?

But man, why didn't you tell me
? I'll be back in the morning.

- It will be safer
- No, please, no problem.

My neck will be safer if
your mind is free ...

... of certain concerns.
I wish you a happy wedding night.

- Thank you.
- I'll get my shaving basin.

You can now reserve a
place of honor for him.

- Thanks, Ed. On the first site.
- And turn off the light.

Some guys are not as
understanding as I am.

Of course.
He's right, Ed.


- Nellie, are you asleep?
- No.

Are you okay?

You still won't be
mad at me ...


You're just tired.

I'm not tired,
I'm thinking.

Tell me what you're thinking?

Nellie, I know I promised to
take you to Chicago ...

... and to those other sites.
And I will keep my promise.

But honey, we'll have to go
at the right time.

And what's wrong with it now?

Honey, you have to give me
a little time.

When I take you to Chicago,
New York and Paris ...

... I want to take you big and that
everyone admires you.

That you enjoy everything
as you deserve.

anyway , if you don't like Sevillinois ... okay.

Tomorrow morning we will
pack our bags and go to Chicago.

This is not how I would like to
go, but we will.


Maybe you're right.

I guess that takes
time and planning.

I'll wait a bit.

I'm sorry I was
mad at you.

- Ben, I love you so much ...
- I love you too.

Everything will be fine, you'll see.
Everything will turn out wonderfully.


Yes, good!


It's perfect.

- You know what I think?
- I think so.

No no no. I'm thinking
of not opening the store ...

... this morning and continue
the honeymoon.

It's an old American custom,
the Constitution should pick it up.

- "Open the door ..."
- "Open the door ..."

"Open the door, open the
door, open the door" ...

- "Open the door ..."
- "Let me in."

"Open the door, open the
door, open the door" ...

"You must never open late."

"Open the door... "

Good luck darling.

I'll get the wedding money back before
the honeymoon is over.

"... and let me in."

- Good morning, Ed.
- Good morning, teacher.

This is George Oliphant,
the owner of the stable ...

... and the grocery store.
- Nice to meet you, master.

This is Sam Eichenbogen, he runs the
general store across the street.

Whatever you
need, I have it.

My slogan is: "If I don't
have it, you don't need it."

I accept the traditional invitation
of the barbers' guild.

- Come in and we'll brush him.
- Mr. Lloyd Slocum.

- Hello, Mayor. Let me.
- You cannot vote for another, because ...

... no one is crazy
enough to show up.

- Do you smoke?
- Praise God!

The municipality finally
has a library.

- Good morning sir.
- Hello.

- I'm Doctor Thomas.
- Are you in your home.

It looks like I'm going to have
to wait a bit ...

Let's see ...
One, two ...

- Can we help out?
- Sorry, I don't have a deck.

- That is not a problem.
- Good, but be careful.

I don't want anyone to
get hurt.

Take the same care
with customers.

Let's go guys.

How about we start
with a penny?


Cut and give.

See how I'm

Sorry, gentlemen, but my wife,
Nellie, doesn't know customs.

You don't know that
women are not allowed in barbershops .

- We are concerned, master.
- It will not happen again.

- "Nellie"? It is a very pretty name.
- Almost as pretty as his wife.

Thank my Lord.

"Wait until
the sun shines, Nellie.

The clouds are drifting.

We will be happy, Nellie.

- Do not worry.
- Do not worry.

Along the way we will wander
like lovers ...

... when the clouds

We'll be happy, Nellie "...

That day was extraordinary
for my business.

Twenty nine dollars!

I reaffirmed myself in the idea that I had
made from the first moment ...

... I saw the city.

The first year wasn't easy now
that I think about it, but Nellie ...

... she didn't seem unhappy.

I joined the group of
volunteer firefighters ...

... and the local band.

- Here it is.
- Good.

He just got on the
train from Chicago.

Estupendo, Sam.

Is beautiful.

- It will be the latest fashion.
- I guarantee you.

And it's a bargain.
Because for very little money ...

... Nellie will go like a queen.

When the other women see her, they'll
want to raid my store.

I don't think he suspects anything.

Hi Ben!

- Everything is ready.
- I'll be with you in a minute.

Very good.

Nellie, hurry up, let's go
for a walk.

- I have to wash the dinner plates.
- Do it when we get back.

I rented George's car.
Get your coat.

- Its in the closet.
- I'm going for him.

Let's see ...
That's it!

- When did you buy it?
- But you bought it!

I have never had
a leather jacket in my life !

Is beautiful!

Come on, they
are waiting for us .

You haven't used the money
for Chicago ...

I haven't put a finger in the
old savings bank.

It is wonderful.
Really wonderful.

Let's let it rest.

I love you, Ben.
I love you so...

I love you with all my soul.

- Why do we stop here?
- For nothing important.

I want you
to meet this family.

Ben, let's go home.
My hair is a shame.

It's just a minute.

I promise you.

Let's go.

Who lives in this
secluded house?

It's all off.
It seems there is no one.

Maybe we were wrong.

- Then lets go.
- Well, wait a minute.

Hello my friends.
Be welcome.

But Mr. Jordan,
what are you doing here?

- Come on, come in!
- Come on, don't stay out!

- Come in!
- Okay...

Do not know what to say!

Well, what do you think?
Isn't it wonderful?

- I don't understand what ...
- It's our new home, my love.

What a detail, right? Out there for a
walk while we prepared ...

...the celebration.

- Ben, how?
- Give him some cider before ...

... that he faints
from happiness.

- Ben ...
- Ma'am ...

... will you grant me the honor of this dance?
- Just a moment.

- Why did you not tell me?
- Lets the music sound!

- Still impressed?
- The truth is that if.

I expected another kind of surprise.

going to Chicago for example .

If that husband of yours is
fool enough not to take you ...

... ask me.

At one time in my
life I was like you.

Always traveling from
one place to another.

What did you tell me
you were selling?

- Shirts and women's underwear.
- "Women's shirts and underwear".

That seems to have
quite a future.

Why not install here?
Maybe it would be good for him.

What I can help?

I understand you need to
fill a shoe shine position.

Where does it come from?

Of the Tenth
United States Cavalry .

If you would deign to
take a look ...


Robert Waverly Ferris...

Apparently it took him eight
years to get here.

- I've had fun traveling.
- In and out of jail?

In jail he rested.

- What brought you here?
- I was kicked off the train this morning.

After taking a look,
I said to myself, I like this place.

It has a certain flavor of home.
This region is healthy.

As long as you don't get
in trouble.

- I have belonged to the Cavalry.
- Do you consider this city aggressive?

Rather I consider it a
city ​​in progress.

What I can assure you is that it is
the best shave I have ever ...

... have made out of Pheoria.
You have velvet hands.

Thanks. And think
about settling here.

Yes sir.

- Do you have a place to stay?
- Not for the moment.

I'll tell you what
to do.

Stay here and
keep an eye on the premises.

I think it occurred to me
where he might live.

Thank my Lord.

Date prisa.

- Bessie, can I help with something?
- No, nothing.

- What?
- Nothing.

Ben, I mean it.

You should be getting drunk.

The easiest way to
have a child is that.

I can't take it anymore.
I'm going up!

Do not!
Don't do it, Ben!

Sit down.

The doctor ordered me to
monitor you.

- Come on, have a drink.
- I don't want a drink.

Hello George.

Ben, what are you doing here?
I told you to go back to the barbershop.

At such a time?

I'll have a sip, I
do n't care what it is.

- Sure, doctor.
- And good?

- Help yourself.
- What about Nellie?

Nellie? It's okay.
Reasonably well.

- Sensational.
- "Reasonably"?

- So is.
- And the baby?

The baby?

Well, it has two legs, two
arms, two ears, two eyes ...

- Thank you.
- Won't it have two heads?

Not this one.

A bit disappointing from
a scientific point of view.

Is a boy or a girl?

It's a boy, Ben.
A strong and beautiful boy.

Did you hear that?
He is a boy!

A boy!



- Ben, don't you want to see it?
- What if I want to see it?

My God, he's more
wrinkled than raisin.

You've had a
very busy day .

He is a healthy boy.

I hope he's a good man,
but don't rest on your laurels.

Are you not going to see your wife?


Sycamores and lanterns ...

... resplandecen ...

...By the river...

... and can be seen from afar.

From far away. "

Ben Halper Jr.

The fifteenth child
born in Sevillinois.

The city was expanding.
This was indicated by the new basins.

We even had our
first funeral home.

Clear sign of progress

Everything was going well.

But the explosion that sank
the destroyer Maine ...

... originated the Spanish-American War
and changed the lives of all of us.

Come on Ben!

I'm going, Nellie!

Be a good boy. You would do
anything for your teacher, right?

- Good evening, Mr. Ben.
- Hello, Trooper.

Hello boy.

I think he would rather be
with you than with me.

What he likes is my banjo.

- Have you already told the lady?
- Not yet. I want to surprise you.

And so much that it will
be a surprise.

What a surprise, Ben?

I don't know how it is possible, but
every day you look more beautiful.

- You like?
- There are no words to define it.

Nellie, you've never
been more beautiful.

- What do you have on your lips?
- Carmine.

I don't find it
nice, take it off.


It's the first time we've been
to the Burdges', and I want ...

... look like the ladies
of High Society.

- You have your own personality.
- But...

You look like a clown.
Ben, look at you.

Like to keep a
kiss a secret.

- Take good care of him, Trooper.
- Don't worry, we are very good friends.

- We like same things.
- Goodnight. Be good.

See you later.

- Put this on.
- Good evening, Mr. Ben.

Your dad and his surprises.

He's a slow learner,
right? Very slow.

¡ "Arre", "aire", Caballito!
¡Venga, al galope!

- Bessie ...
- Hi.

- I'm glad you came.
- Very kind to invite me.

- Hi how are you?
- Very good.

Excuse me.

Good night, Ben.
Thanks for coming.

We have come delighted. This is
my wife, Mr. Burdge.

It's my pleasure, Mrs. Halper.
Let me introduce you to my wife.

- My
dear ... - Excuse me.

Mrs. Burdge. Mr. Halper
and Mrs. Halper.

Good evening, Mrs. Halper.
Mr. Halper ...

- Do you know Mrs. Halper?
- Yes of course.

- They look like two twin sisters.
- How flattering.

I went to her dressmaker. And when she
told me about her dress, I said:

... "I'll make one just like it. If it's good for
Mrs. Burdge, it's good for me."

- And I did.
- Do not tell me.

- Your house is beautiful, Mr. Burdge.
- Thank you.

I don't think there is one
like it outside of Chicago.

- Have you been to Chicago?
- No, not yet.

Everyone is proud
of this house, Mr. Burdge.

It is the jewel of Sevillinois.

In a little while, my wife
will show you around the house, Mrs. Halper.

- I will love it.
- I'll do it with pleasure. Forgive me.

Mr. Burdge, could we
speak in private?

Well of course, come on.

Do you realize?

It is wonderful!

Really impressive!

- A new construction system.
- Ben, look at this.

- Where do you get the water from?
- From a well.

The system works with a
connected windmill.

It is the first
civilized bathroom in the city.

This is what
I call progress.

Yes. When the conflict with
Spain ends, I will propose ...

... a construction plan so that
we can all have one.

- That means more taxes.
- Yes, but it's worth it.

For tonight.

It tickles.

Bessie, would you like a drink?

- Thank you.
- I'll go get another.

Nellie, where did you
get your lipstick?

In the Sears catalog. They also
have perfume, do you want some?

No, no, I never wear it.

Ed is very conservative, he
doesn't like me to wear it.

What worries you?

I already told you I
'm going to war.

Tomorrow, to be exact.

So I would like
you to be my executor.

Thanks for the confidence.
Have you already made a will?

No. In that sense I've
been a bit apprehensive.

There is no other remedy.

- I'm calling Lloyd.
- I do not have much.

I want to leave it to Nellie,
except the barbershop and the land.

I want to leave that to the boy.

What prompted you to
buy that land?

To be honest, before, when I
had money, I would ...

... as if it had a
hole in its pocket.

She was a disastrous administrator.
Now at least I know where it is.

Did you call, Mr. Burdge?

Tell Mr. Slocum
to come over, please.

Yes sir.

I've always liked
that terrain, Ben.

It cost you a hundred and
fifty dollars.

I'm willing to give you
three hundred if you want to sell.

You can tell the city is thriving.

Property and real estate are
the foundation of the economy.

Terrain means
more to me than that, Mr. Burdge.

It's ... it's
part of myself.

I love the city.

The earth grows.
Gain value.

It's something exciting.

I cannot sell.
Do you understand, Mr. Burdge?

Yes, Ben, I understand.

I don't want Nellie to know that the
business, the land, and the house are mine.

I have my reasons.

What will you think of a
married woman who is so permissive?

When it comes to us ...

... I think it's fantastic.
- Don't do it again.


Ed, they want you and Bessie to
start the "Waltz of the Candles."

I'll be right here, George.

Sorry, Nellie.
I have to go dancing with Bessie.

- Have you seen Nellie?
- Yes...

- I think it's in the greenhouse.
- Hey, what do you have on your lips?

Is it also the latest
fashion for men?

What have you done to keep
that trace?

Was it accidental,
or on purpose?

Give me a little bit of the lipstick
you've put on.

Take off the one you're wearing.
Come on, don't think about it.


Because I don't want to be
everyone's laughingstock.


Come on, Bessie, we're
waiting for you. The dance begins.

I'm going right now.

Thank you.

I was fixing
my lipstick.

I wouldn't get tired of kissing you.

A man has the right
to kiss his wife.

Do you want to dance this with me?

Yes, Ben.

What's up, Ben?
Something is bothering you?

No. Nothing, dear.
Nothing at all.

I'm sorry about what I said about
your lipstick.

If Bessie can wear it, there's no
reason why you can't.

I don't want to wear it again.

At least until you get
back from the war.

It is not easy to keep a
secret in this city.

- Nellie, I have to.
- I know, and I'm proud.

- I'll try to be brave.
- Do not worry about me.

I will try to save the skin.

I don't just care about you.

I have to surprise you.
We are going to have another child.

- Nellie, you should have told me.
- Do you tell me everything?

Ben, when your
barbershop contract expires ...

... let's think about it before renewing it.

- Can you promise me?
- Sure.

As soon as I get back
from war. Quiet.

I swear to you, Nellie, it is impossible to
love a woman more.

I love you too, Ben.

Never forget.
It doesn't matter what happens.

Illinois volunteers got
Chickamauga Park ...

... and tummy aches.
I missed my city.

I forgot the
Maine destroyer with those heats.

The most heroic thing I did was
cut other heroes' hair.

I wasn't even
part of the band.

- Lieutenant Halper.
- Yes?

I have a telegram
for you.

I'm ...
I'm a little ...

If you do not mind...

That is, if the Major gives me his permission,
can I read the telegram?

Sure, Lieutenant.
Maybe it's important.

It is, sir.

- I've been the father of a girl.
- Congratulations, Lieutenant.

- And how is the mother?
- According to the telegram, perfectly.

It's the most exciting thing
that ever happened to ...

... this battalion since
the war started.

- Where are you from?
- From Sevillinois, sir.

- Where is that?
- Near Chicago, it's a little town.

- And what's wrong with that?
- Nothing, sir. There is everything there.

Work, home, neighbors,
children, hope ...

Everything it
takes to be happy.

When I come back, I
'll never leave again.

nostalgic too, Lieutenant.

To celebrate, cancel any
cuts you have for today and ...

... finish mine tomorrow.

- Hi, Nellie. What do you know about Ben?
- I think it's okay.

- I'm glad.
- Nellie, how is your little girl?

- Getting fatter for days.
- I'm glad you have come.

It's great that you
recovered so soon.

- Thank you.
- How about the girl?

Very well.
I think he looks like Ben.

What a pity!
Maybe it will pass in time.

- Hola, Nellie.
- And ...

- Have you heard from Ben?
- Yes, it's very good.

By the way, I haven't seen
Bessie at church.

No, he's in bed with
a championship flu.

Yes, apparently there are a lot.

- Are you alone?

- I'll walk you home.
- It's just a ride, don't bother.

It is no hassle.

- When is Ben coming back?
- According to your letters, not at the moment.

It is pure courtesy. My mother told me
to be polite to the ladies.

I'm going to Chicago
next Wednesday.

- Yes?
- Yes, business ...

... and pleasure.

For a woman like you, this
must be pretty boring ...

...why do not you come with me?

- With you?
- On different trains.

- No.
- I'd love to, Nellie.

After all, you
deserve it, right?

You are young and pretty.

You could go shopping during
the day and at night ...

... you would know some
wonderful dances.

Isn't that a
fascinating program?


I was wondering...

While you wonder, give me
my arm back so we can ...

Is that you, Mrs. Halper?

- Yes, it's me, Mr. Burdge.
- I didn't see her in church.

I want to talk to you.

How about selling the barbershop
for $ 2,500?

- Of course in cash.
- Sell the barbershop?

It's a great price.

- Does Ben own the barbershop?
- Trust me, it's an excellent offer.

Why don't you send Ben a
telegram? Tell him I need the ...

... yes or no ASAP.


Apparently Ben is
quite reserved.

- It's very like him.
- He loves to fool people.

I nevertheless can not believe that.

The children have not
complained, ma'am.

Thank you very much, Troop,
and good night.


I wonder...

What are you thinking of
now, Nellie?

- Open it, Ed.
- But that's from Ben.

And also mine.

I don't think Ben likes
what you're doing.

Well, I do like it!

It is crystal clear.

He is the owner of the barbershop.

And the terrain.

"When your contract expires
we'll talk, right?"

"And we'll decide what we're going
to do, right Ben?"

- What's the matter with you, Nellie?
- And this house.

The house is also ours!

What's wrong with being
the owner of the house?


Nothing that you can understand.


Fern's Funeral Home Lot Forty-Two.
Thirty-five dollars.


We even have a square
in the cemetery.

The cemetery!

I'm going to live, die and
rot in this little town!

He doesn't care about me at all.
Everything has been a continuous lie!

- Ben is just planning the future.
- I'm going to plan mine too.

Go find Trooper
and tell him to come.

- Wait, Nellie, listen.
- Please, do what I tell you!

Do what you ask.

Sure, Nellie.
Of course.

- Allow me your suitcase.
- Thank you.

Don't you think you're
doing crazy?

Of course I'm doing
crazy. And I love it.

- I'm excited to do crazy things.
- Listen, Nellie.

Didn't you want to show me Chicago and
show me off to all your buddies?

Sure, but this is a
very hasty way.

It's my way. There is the music, the
dresses, the dancing and the crowds.

You are doing it out of spite, and I
repeat that it is not the right way.

I just get carried away
by my impulses.

- When will you return?
- When I feel like it.

Lieutenant Halper ...

Report immediately
to the Major.

Forgive me guys.

It presents the
Lieutenant Halper, sir.

Descanse, Halper.

I have bad news.

His wife died in a
train accident near Chicago.

It is impossible, there must be a
mistake. We live in...


I'm so sorry, Halper.

Naturally, you can go
home right now.

I've already arranged everything.
I will recommend that they license him.

Pack your things,
I'll take you to the station.

How are the
children, Trooper?

They still don't know what happened.
The little girl will never know.

- Good afternoon, Bessie.
- Ben Halper ...

... why have you come back?

You should be ashamed to come to this
city ​​after what you've done.

- Why did you bring that sinner here?
- Please, Mrs. Jordan.

God will intervene. You will not leave
this humiliation unpunished.

Go away, Ben Halper!
Leave and never come back!

Never come back!

What happens?

Mr. Jordan died
in the same accident.

Mrs. Halper and Mr.
Jordan left together.



How you?

I've told you the
truth, Mr. Halper.

Hi dear.

I'm dad

- Cards?
- Three.

Give me two.

- Hasn't Ben been to the store at all?
- I want three.

No. I haven't seen him
since the funeral.

My wife and I have tried to
visit him. Give me one.

But Trooper told us he
didn't want to see anyone.

Give me three.

Trooper told me that Ben
burned everything about Nellie.

The clothes, the photos ...

If it were all him,
he wouldn't have come back

- Who has opened?
- Me.

Well, you speak.

Hi Ben.
Come in, we were talking about you.

Yes, I can imagine.

It's our regular meeting.
Sit with us.

Get out of there!

I will stay standing.
I want satisfaction.

I want a guy
who is six feet tall, who weighs a hundred kilos ...

... and with good fists
willing to stick.

Doesn't anyone dare?
Come on!

Find out who the little man is
who lets me shave him dry.

What happens?
Are you so cowards?

I prefer to play cards.
I'm not going to fight over Ed Jordan.

- Lots of cowards.
- Don't move, I'll talk to him.

My first client ...

Bring luck they say.

Master, can you
pay attention to me for a moment?

You are a great person,
but you are outside of yourself.

You are also
a public servant.

As is a politician, or
one of these chairs that ...

... fit all

well-known poet said it .

And I need a shave.
Because I'm going to give a speech ...

... in our old
State Capitol ...

early tomorrow morning. Let's go.

Ben, don't destroy your
splendid salon, I beg you.

Your luxurious and fine palace, the temple of
ointments, the hospital of dandruff ...

Save it until
you've shaved me.

Don't destroy your
hair shop.

All right, do you want a shave?

- Yes.
- I'll shave you.

You think I don't know what I'm doing,
right? Well, I know very well.

Take it easy, Ben.

Shut your disgusting big mouth,
you are privileged.

You're enjoying the last
shave in the salon ...

... master Ben Halper's hair salon.
- Calm down.

What are you going to talk about in your
speech tomorrow?

The truth is that now it
has gone out of my head.

I hope
my hand doesn't go away .

Hey, I'm here, Ben.

- Excuse Ben.
- Yes of course.

Before you start work
I want to tell you one thing.

You are a barber,
not a man.

You couldn't cut
Ed Jordan's neck if he were here.

Maybe you're right.

That is why I offer a
pitiful sight.

So the sooner I get out
of town, the better.

Don't believe it, Ben.
We love you. I appreciate you.

Stay next to your chair.
On your site.

Look them straight in the eye. If you
stay, they will respect you.

How are you?

You still have
velvet hands .

- Happy New Year!
- Happy New Year!

- Congratulations!
- Happy New Year!

- Happy new year, sir.
- Happy New Year, Trooper.

The children just fell
asleep, are you going to wake them up?

No, for what reason?

Well, it is not usual to live
between two centuries.



... I was reading the Bible
and I found this.

- I thought you couldn't read.
- I dont know.

But there are some words
that I recognize.

Like God,
Heaven, Jesus ...

...and sorry.

few that I recognize do me a lot of good .

I saw her the day she left.

He just wanted to be distracted,
he wasn't leaving forever.

It was a boost. An impulse that
caused his lack of confidence.

You did not inform him of
how things were.

I don't care about your
opinion at all.

- Happy New Year!
- Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, children.
I wish you a decent life.

I hope that they never hurt you,
and that you don't hurt anyone.

You enter a fantastic era.
The 20th century ...

... is all yours, children.

I wish you peace,
prosperity, happiness ...

...and work.

Nellie ...
Nellie ...

- Daddy, I want money for ice cream.
- And I for a cream roll.

You can forget about it now.

You eat that crap and
then you get sick.

"Cheers", I'm hungry!

Please don't laugh at him.

Trooper, take them home
and give them a snack.

- Yes sir.
- I don't want to go home.

- I want ice cream.
- And I a roll of cream.

- Come on, go to Trooper.
- Come on, Adeline. Come on, you rascals.

You know, Ben? What you need
is a woman in that house.

Yes, I know.
I have thought about it.

Maybe I should get married again.
I've thought about it a million times.

That innocent and casual
comment was enough.

I could never imagine there were
so many single women ...

... in town looking forward to getting married.
As soon as I opened my mouth ...

... it turned out that every one I knew
had an unmarried relative ...

... who wanted to endorse me

- Give it to me, Adeline!
- I do not want to! I do not want to!

- Give it to me!
- I do not want to!

What do you want?
That I cut my neck?

Stop at once!

I'm going to make your ass
like a tomato!

- Well, tell him to give it to me, dad.
- What does he have?

I don't know, but he says it
's my thing.

- Got it, got it ...
- Adeline, I'm going to count to five.

- One, two ...
- I don't have it!

- And where is?
- I ate it.

It's the collar pin
on my best shirt!

The only one I have!
Give it back to me!

- Give me the pin!
- Nerd!

Adeline, give me back the barrette!

Give it to me, I have to go out
tonight! Spit it out, spit it out!

- What's wrong?
- I swallowed it.

- What?
- I swallowed it.

For the love of God.
What I am going to do?


- Trooper!
- Yes sir?

Get a piece of bread, Adeline
has swallowed my neck pin!

- Yes, Mr. Halper!
- Does it hurt a lot, honey?

- It hurts?
- Why did you swallow it?

Shut up, for crying out loud!
I do not know!

I have never seen
such naughty children .

Mr. Halper, this is how all
children behave . At least the ones that are healthy.

Here, honey, swallow it.

We have to find
a woman to take care of them.

I don't see that that's reason
enough for her to get married.

I'm not asking your opinion.
Do you have a barrette?

I have this one.

But it's a bit short,
if you're going to wear a collar.

Well of course I do.
I'm going to see a lady.

Will serve.

- Why are you going to see a lady, daddy?
- It is none of your business!

- What I was missing.
- It came out like an arrow!

- Dad is going to see a lady!
- Shut up and help me find the pin!

- This is a madhouse!
- What house are you going to, daddy?

How heavy!
To Lotta Wynan's!

- And he has a madhouse?
- Shut up kid!

- Dad is going to a crazy house!
- Dad is going to a crazy house!

- Dad is going to a crazy house!
- Dad is going to a crazy house!

- Dad is going to a crazy house!
- I warn you!

One more joke of that type and
I will warm you up with the belt.

Now to bed and
to sleep right away.

- Agree.
- What torture!

- Two ...
- Come in, Ben.

Three ...
Fire ... Fire!

I can't, Lotta. I mean
I can't get in.

I'm second fire chief.
Six ... That's it!

Forgive me.

It's my place!

Adjust your sleeve!
Hurry, hurry!

- Pump hard!
- They do what they can!

Pump water, pump!
More water!

- Come on, more water!
- More water!

Adjust your sleeve!
Keep pumping!

Ben, we need to improve the
fire service.

We need a
horse-drawn steam engine.

Sevillinois has spread
like oil.

If the wind had changed, my store
and the entire block would have burned.

- Good thing it didn't change, Sam.
- Bad luck, Ben. So sorry.

- This is my end.
- But what are you saying?

You're still healthy, right?
You still have healthy children, right?

- And you still have the land.
- But I don't have money to rebuild.

the city is developing , it is already ...

... time to have a
modern barbershop, Ben.

Let's go to the bank immediately
and do the math.

But this time I want you to
hire an architect.

- Let's go.
- It will be a source of pride for the city.

With Mr. Burdge's help, I
built a new barber shop.

At first I thought it was
too big and too expensive.

But as the years passed,
Sevillinois grew so rapidly ...

... that in no time, the
store seemed small.

- Something like that. You like?
- It is wonderful.

I have to go see
dad, where are you waiting for me?

I'll be at the store.

Isn't young Benny the
one in front?

Yes, I am afraid so.

Eadie Jordan is turning
into a very pretty girl.

With all the girls
in town ...

... had to choose
a Jordan.

Don't blame the girl for
something her father did.

I want him to go
to university.

That boy has had eleven jobs
since he finished school.

And all he is interested in
is dancing.

And I think it's
pretty good.

I've seen him playing and
dancing at Smoker's place.

Hello Daddy. This is
Homer Pries.

- How are you, Mr. Halper?
- Well, and you?

- He beat me in a raffle.
- What raffle?

Don't lengthen your neck. The raffle to
take me to the school dance.

I want you to fix it so it
doesn't look like a wet blanket.

- What is a wet blanket?
- Me.

- I'll see what I can do.
- Thank you daddy.

You got the fat.

I don't know where
this generation is going to go .

"Wet blanket", "el gordo" ...
They are only interested in dancing.

Sit here, young man,
and let's go there.

- Hi, Benny.
- Hello.

- Dad, I have to talk to you.
- All right, how much?

You see, I've decided to
go to Chicago.

Wait a minute, young man.
Come, let's talk for a moment.

Why Chicago?

I finally have my
"vaudeville" number ready.

Everyone is
waiting to see it.

Whose brilliant idea was it?
From Eadie Jordan?

No, she has nothing to do with it. It's
my idea , I want to do something for myself.

You are going to the University.
You are going to be a doctor.

I will not allow you to
waste your talent ...

... becoming
a cheap artist.

You want me to be a doctor.
But dad, I don't want to be a doctor.

Benny, in a couple of years you'll
see that I'm right.

It would be preferable that
we do not discuss it further.

All right, dad.

We will not discuss more about it.

Benny left. And for a whole
year, I didn't hear the slightest bit of news from him.

The earth seemed to
have swallowed him up.

"Wait for the sun to shine, Nellie ...

... as the overcast sky
turns blue.

You know I love you, Nellie.

I think I love you!

We will spend the years together.

Honey, the two of you together!

Please wait until
the sun shines, Nellie.

As long as we walk together

So wait for the sun to shine, Nellie.

As long as we walk together "

- Is he?
- Yes, the stage manager.

Hurry up and change.



Why couldn't I see you
before the show?

I asked them not to let you pass.
I wanted you to see me.

- I mean in action.
- I don't know why parents have children.

It would be preferable if they were not born.
You try to educate them like ...

... decent people, and they
try hard to break your heart.

Where have you been this time?
I have not had a single news.

You said not to
argue anymore, remember?

I've toured
third-rate shows.

And finally the big day has arrived.
Chicago ...

- You finally made it to Chicago.
- What did you like Eadie?

Like a girl who hasn't
had the decency to go back to ...

... home for
her mother's funeral ?

He found out when it
was too late.

That is a bad excuse.
It is a shame.

Come in.

Dad, I'm in love with her.

It is very nice to go through the
whole country together.

Mr. Halper, you scandalize me.

Benny and I have been
married for a year.

Did you send me the
telegram to tell me this?

Not quite. You see ...
I have to report to ...

... Jefferson Field tomorrow.
To enlist in the Army.

And I thought Eadie
lived in Sevillinois.

I will live in my parents' house
until Benny returns.

- I'd like it to go with you.
- I'll walk her home.

And when you come back, son, I'll
help you what I can.

If you are not going to be a good doctor, may
you be the best dancer.

Nellie ...
Nellie, listen.

What do
the wheels of the train say now ?

If you could have been in
Chicago tonight ...

... you would have been proud.
Very proud.

- This is very abandoned.
- It has not inhabited for many years.

- Can I do something else?
- No, Mr. Halper.

- Thank you.
- Then I'm going home.

- Goodnight.
- Mr. Halper ...

I know he has never liked me, and I
understand the drama he has experienced ...

... but I didn't influence
Benny's vocation.

I just told him to do
what he wanted to do.

It is not a sin to have
fallen in love with your son.

Nor that he has
fallen in love with me.

I have to get used to
thinking of you as a daughter.

And you will have to get used
to something else.

You are going to be a grandfather.

- Does Benny know?
- No. I didn't want to worry you.

But you don't mind that
I worry.


I can't let
you stay here alone.

Come home with me and Adeline.

For God's sake,
stop crying.

You Jordans are going
to finish me off.

With World War
I expanding ...

... Sevillinois was abuzz.

Eadie's baby was born.
A girl.

Benny didn't even know. We hadn't
heard from him in months.

Then a telegram came.
The telegram we all feared.

Benny had been missing
in action.

- Good evening, Doc.
- Anything else, John?

No. I'm expecting a call from Lloyd
Sclocum from Washington.

- Goodnight.
- Come in, Doc.

Dad is talking
to Senator Slocum.




Yes, Lloyd.

Call me as soon
as you know something.

I'll be glued to the phone.

Very good.

Thank you, Senator.

Lloyd is going to HQ to
get all the information ...

... who can and then
he will call me.

We can do nothing
but wait.

Why don't we wait together?

- No news is good.
- Just assume there is no news.

I will go...

I'm going to put Nellie to bed.

Hey, where's Adeline?

She dated Austin Burdge.
I should have come back by now.

Why don't you go to
bed too?

- I'll call you as soon as I know something.
- I could not.

Let's play a hand, George.
Bring that chair closer.

That's it.
I will sit there.

Easy, Eadie!
Adeline just arrived!

Come on, Ben, try to calm yourself down.
Let's get some hands on.

- Do you know something already, dad?
- No sweetie.

I'm waiting for a
call from Washington.

- Hello.
- Hi, Doc.

- Austin ...
- Hi.

Hello, Mr. Halper.

- Austin ...
- It's your turn, Ben.

Well, Austin and I will wait
outside. On the porch.

Austin Burdge is a
good boy.

Austin Burdge is like any
pimpled kid ...

... they shoot Adeline.
He only has one idea in his head.

I know because I
have had pimples too.

- Two fifty.
- Two, sixty.

Adeline has her head
on her shoulders.

- Yes, but what about Austin?
- He passed...

At seventeen, a woman
is in full power.

I mean she's already a woman.
YAdeline is no exception.

His body has developed
more than the head.

Bet, please.

Ben, it's your turn.

When kids go East to
school, like Austin, they can't be trusted.

Yours, Doc.

As long as you hear the swing
squeak, don't worry.

Here you go, guys.
What do you think?

I pass.
You give, Ben.

Dad, what a shame

- How can you be so inhuman?
- I assure you, Mr. Halper ...

... I was waiting for
the engine to cool down. It was boiling.


Yes, yes, I am Ben Halper.

Is it you, Lloyd?

Yes ...
You were ...


Thanks, Lloyd.

Many thanks.


Eadie, it's okay.
It's fine!

He's hurt, but
he'll be fine.

Thanks god.

war was long over ...

... when Benny came home.

So there was no band
to receive him.

They gave him a medal. But by
then, everyone was ...

... tired of receiving
and giving them.

People tend to forget about
wars once they are over.

There is!

- Honey ...
- Honey ...

- I feel so happy.
- Hello Dad.

Wow ... Hello ...
Hello, precious.

Do you give your daddy a kiss?

- Benny!
- Hello, little sister!

How is your leg, son?

Yes. They have ended my
dancer dreams ...

... but Ben Halper Jr.
is back whole.

Don't worry, son, everything
is settled. Calm down.

I have
a surprise for you.

- Hello!
- Welcome home. How are you?

Trooper! How are you?
My God, what a joy to see you all.

Wait, don't bother.
I take that.

Benny settled in and
adjusted to his new life.

The great ambition that
all parents dream of was realized.

My son was my partner.

Do you remember the night we took a
detachment to no man's land?

You covered me with your machine gun
while I was checking the trenches.

Suddenly all
hell broke loose!

I fell back, they thought
I was hurt and ...

... they jumped on me.
You took them all, boy!

You tore them to pieces!

If I remember.

I won't forget that night
as long as I live.

The next morning I realized
that it was a real massacre.

Hey, it's time to eat. Why don't
you come to the hotel and eat with me?

I accept delighted.

Benny is a great
guy, Mr. Halper.

- The driest of our battalion.
"I'm very proud of him, Mr. Mcauley."

Dad, I'm going to eat with Mac,
okay? I'll be back late.

Sure, Benny, sure. Nice
to meet you, Mr. Mcauley.


Knowing Benny you
ca n't imagine that he could have killed so many people.

That's something that passes you as
soon as it's over ...

... war and you go home.

"The men were lined up
against the wall of the garage ...

... and
thoroughly machine-gunned .

"The Chicago PD admits
they have no evidence, but ...

... hopes to find out something
very soon. "

"This new slaughter is the latest
in a series of activities ...

... from the gangsters who have
terrorized the entire city. "

"Police are looking forward to questioning
Mike Kava to gather data."

"But he is out of town
and cannot be located."

That the vermin kill each
other, it does not seem bad to me.

With so much shooting, I wouldn't want to
live in a big city.

- What happens? Do you see him?
- No, dad.

Well, we should
sit down to dinner.

If not, the food
will spoil.

Easy, Benny is here!

Don't wake the girl.

I'm sorry to be late.
Haven't you worried?

They entertained me, honey.

I couldn't call you because Mac wanted me
to accompany him to the field.

Dad, here, a little Mac gift.

You said it's because you
held me all afternoon.

- Okay ...
- Well, both of you sit down.

Dinner has been ready for over
an hour.

You haven't been
waiting for me, have you?

Of course.

- It smells great.
- If it is too good.

Hey dad, I have a little
surprise for you.

I have decided that I
am no longer going to be a barber.


Well, I've been talking about it
with Mac for a while.

- And it's going to give me work.
- I work on what?

The National Association for
Mercantile Protection.

- What's that?
- An insurance company.

I'm going to Chicago tomorrow
to meet the director.

I have a full stomach.

I just had a steak
that long and that fat.

Hello, how are you, Mr. Mcauley?
How are you?

Very good, good to see you.

- Have you seen Benny?

- Yes? And how is it?
- It's fine. He will be coming home soon.


Mr. Halper, I'd like
you to do me a little favor.

- Charmed.
- To a friend of mine ...

... a very important man, he would
like you to come to the hotel ...

... to shave. I told you he
has velvet hands.

- Sure. As soon as it ends.
- Let's hurry up.

keep the boss waiting.

The boss?

I don't think you understand, Mr.
Halper. I'm talking about Mike Kava.

We can't keep you waiting.

Mr. Mcauley, as soon as I finish
this haircut ...

... if Mr. Kava wants me to
shave him , I'll do it in this chair.

I don't think you like
that, Mr. Halper.

The chair will be empty only until
the next customer enters.

What is
Mike Kava looking for here?

shave him.

Go ahead, boss.

Boss, this is old
Benny Halper.

Hello. I hope I didn't keep you

Nerd. I just finished.
Sit down.

That son of yours is a smart boy.
He works for me, did he tell you?

- Clean, sir?
- No.

- What job does?
- Sell insurance.

Yes, protection insurance. For
example, we insure this barbershop.

We protect you from
thugs who break the window ...

... they destroy the mirrors,
or they destroy the premises.

Depending on how the country is going, with
those thugs mastering each other ...

... all businesses must
have protection.

At the moment there are no
thugs in this city.

- How are the horses, Mr. Kava?
- On all fours.

You are always informed,
why don't you blow us one?

- You want information, Mr. Halper?
- I'm not interested in racing.

Go ahead, Ben, ask him. It will give you
something for sure, right, Mr. Kava?

Why don't you ask him
about a horse?

Because Mr. Kava doesn't
just give you the horse.

He also gives you the

This barber is also
a good comedian.

And he truly has
velvet hands.

You know dad Little Nellie
is getting cuter every day.

She is the cutest girl I
have ever seen.

That little girl is going to achieve everything
she sets her mind to.

And I assure you that I will support her.

Did Eadie tell you?

Tell me what?

Dad, you've been at that
barbershop your whole life.

The time has come for
me to compensate you for everything ...

... what you've done for me.
I know that's impossible, but ...

Well, I have taken a
house in Chicago.

And Ben Halper Sr. is going to
be a true gentleman.

You are going to enjoy life.

Would you like to go into a
Chicago restaurant ? One of a lot of class?

Order absolutely everything you
want and when the bill comes ...

... just sign it?
Yes sir.

That will be Ben Halper
from now on.

- I'll stay in Seville.
- Only?

I am not alone.
I have friends.

Is what
this newspaper says true ?


That the company you
work for hires thugs to ...

... destroy the properties of
merchants who refuse to ...

... buy your protection?

- Silly stuff.
- That says here.

Don't believe everything
you read, dad.

I believe it when they say that it is a cancer
that is growing in business.

What's a man
like Mike Kava doing in this town?


He was looking for a quiet town,
so I told him about Seville.

He is hiding.
Run away from what happened in Chicago.

Excuse me a minute.

All right, Mac, I'm coming right away!

I know what I'm doing, dad.
Trust me.

I have fought for this country. He owes me
something. At least one car.

This country owes you nothing,
not even a wheelbarrow.

Well, the differences of
opinion are enriching.

Bye sweetheart.
Don't wait for me up.

What's going on?
I do not understand.

I do.

And I would like...

I would like to know what to do.


Yes. Didn't you tell them I
was in Seville?

I can't be here and there
at the same time, right?

I can't be in
two places at the same time.

Okay, we'll be back
tomorrow. Thanks.

- The danger has passed.
- Yes?

Hey, old
Benny's out.

- Has he told you what he wants?
- No. He wants to talk to you.

Staff has said.

Hi Halper.
I imagine this must ...

... be a compliment visit, right?
- No, Mr. Kava.

- Strictly professional.
- What worries you?

- It's about Benny.
- Benny is fine, he's a smart boy.

- If you stick with me, you will go far.
- If he lives.

What do you mean by that?

Set him free, Mr. Kava.

Don't let me work with
you anymore . Let him go back to the barbershop.

- Did you talk about est with Benny?
- No, Mr. Kava.

I want you to do it.

Well, I'm going back to
Chicago tomorrow.

Maybe I won't take Benny.

I will be grateful for
the rest of my life.

All right, Ben.

But before I go, I'll stop
by his house to shave.

My chair will be
waiting for you, Mr. Kava.

Here, have a drink.
No hard feelings.

I trust you.

A good barber cannot hurt
a client, just like ...

... a knife thrower
can not hurt his wife.

It is a subject that I do not know.
I have never thrown a knife.

- Good morning, Ben. A precious day.
- Yes, Mr. Kava. Beautiful.

I'm sorry to have to leave
this small town.

I will miss your
velvet hands.

- Clean, Mr. Kava?

I had a chat with Benny
last night when you left.


He doesn't see things the way
you do.

No, he does not agree
with you.

And you can't blame him, you
have responsibilities.

Woman, a son ...
His whole future in danger.

So you've decided to go back
to Chicago with me.

I understand.

Just a moment.

It's for you, Ben.


Hello Dad. I'm benny.
Are you Mike Kava?

This is confidential. Tell him not to go outside
and to get out of the window.

A group of thugs is looking for him.
He just left the hotel for there.

- Where are you?
- In a booth at the end of the street.

You have to hurry.
Take Kava out the back alley.

I'll take my car to the alley
and wait for him there.

The back room ...
All right, right away.

- Excuse me a minute, Mr. Kava.
- Sure, Ben.

Trooper, can you come over for a
minute, please? I need you.

Very well sir.

Ollie, can you come help
Trooper, please?

Yeah right.

Go into the bathroom and get down on the
floor. Don't ask me questions ...

... do what I tell you.
Go Go.

Yes Yes.
I'm going to return the entire box.

- Sorry for the interruption, Mr. Kava.
- Do not worry. Do you have a match?

Thank you.

- He hurt me.
- Sorry, Mr. Kava.

Their edges are so fine
that the slightest thing will dent them.

I will have to sharpen it.

I'll use another.

Excuse my clumsiness today, Mr. Kava.

Mike! Mike!
Get out the back door!

Why didn't
you come out when?

Benny ...
Benny ...



"Reckoning between gangsters
at Ben Halper's barbershop".

"The owner's son is
accidentally killed."

But of all the tragedy,
the dearest survived.

The most precious thing in my life.

Mi nieta, Nellie Jordan Halper.

In just under a year, Adeline
married Austin Burdge.

No one considered it strange that
the son of a banker ...

... marry the daughter of
a barber.

Have a nice honeymoon!


Well, it's over.

- Goodnight.
- Good night, Ben.

Well, Ben, we did it
. They finally got married.

I think we are not
setting any precedent.

According to the statistics
on the population increase ...

... men will always turn
women into wives.

- Can we take you home?
- No thanks, I'd rather be alone.

- Thank you very much, I'll take a walk.
- I'll take a walk.

- Good night, Ben.
- Goodbye Goodnight.

"Along the way we will wander
like lovers ...

... lovely you and me.
- You and me.

My heart will wait until
the sun shines, Nellie. "

- He seems asleep.
- Then wake him up.

We'll be late to the
parade if you don't.

- Not me, sir. Wake him up.
- I'll wake him up.

Grandpa ...
Grandpa, wake up.


Grandpa, you can't
keep the parade waiting.

Hi Nellie.

Senator ...
Hello, Doc.

Senator Slocum, would you like to sit down
and have Mr. Halper pose with ...

... the razor, standing up,
like when you used to shave?

We do not have time.

- How about the shave, sir?
- Fairly good.

In ten years I will be able to
give you a job in my ...

... barbershop, if I still have it.

Could you make a
statement for the press?

Statements, me?

I am told that you have been here
almost longer than anyone.

You must have something important
to say on this day.


Nothing makes a
man feel better than a good shave.

Come on, Nellie, the parade
has to start.

Wait for the sun to shine, Nellie ...

... as the overcast sky
turns blue.

We will be happy, Nellie.
Do not Cry.

You know I love you, Nellie.
I think I love you!

Wait till the sun shines, Nellie.
As long as we walk together

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