Waist Deep (2006) - full transcript

In South Los Angeles, while bringing his beloved son Junior back home from school, the paroled ex-convicted O2 promises his son that he would always come back to him and never leave him alone. However, his car is hijacked and Junior is kidnapped. Without any lead, O2 forces the street vendor Coco to help him to find where his car might have been sent for disassembling. Meanwhile, O2's addicted brother Lucky discovers that the cruel leader of the Outlaw Syndicate, the drug lord Meat, is keeping the boy arrested in a room and asking a ransom of US$ 100,000.00 that he believes O2 have from an old heist. O2 and Coco plot a scheme to put the pimp P-Money and Meat against each other and steal their money.


Save our streets!
Save our streets!

NEWSCASTER: Residents of
South Los Angeles
marched on City Hall

for the third day in a row,

protesting the lack of
police protection
in their community.

The protests were
touched off by
the death of Mildred Thompson.

Mrs. Thompson, her husband
and two children
died while sleeping.

Their home was set on fire

by suspected gang members
involved in the drug trade.

According to reports,
Mrs. Thompson had
confronted the leader


of the notorious gang
the Outlaw Syndicate,

demanding that
members of his gang...


... no longer sell drugs
in front of her home.

Shit, Luck.

I asked you to do one thing.
One thing,
and you can't even do that.

Well, it's 3:00.
He get out at 3:00.

No, I can't leave here
and go get him. I can't.

Because I just got this job,
dawg, and I'm not
trying to fuck it up.


All right.
I'm gonna get over there
when I can, man.


O2: How you doing,
Mr. Brooks?
This is Otis over in Security.

Sir, my replacement
is about 30 minutes late,

and I gotta go deal with
a family emergency
that just popped up.

No, I understand.

No. No. It's my son,
Mr. Brooks.


What's up, L.A.?

It's your girl Yo-Yo
making it do what it do.

Record temperatures
continue today

in what has been
the longest heat wave
in 27 years.

Nine people have died
from heat-related

and there is no end in sight.

In South Los Angeles,

residents of Watts Fowler
continue their boycott
of city services

until the Mayor
has addressed
their grievances.

Hey, look, I'm gonna have
to lock the gate
in a minute, Junior.

What up, boy?
What up?

I thought Uncle Luck
was supposed to pick me up.

Yeah, he was.
I'm trying to find him now.

What happened
to your face, Junior?

Some boy tried to punk me.

You beat his ass?

All right, then,
get in the car.

What did I tell you
about fighting, Junior?

You gotta be better than me
when you grow up. You hear me?


Will you ever learn?
I'm happy to see you, though.

Oh, man! Cool!

Give me that.
Add that to your collection.

Hey. Hey, look, Dad.

Yeah. Talented horse.



Can I tell you something?

Yeah. What's up?

When I was standing back there
in the schoolyard,
I was thinking

if nobody came back for me,
what would happen?

I'll always come back for you.

Pinky promise?

Pinky promise.


Can I have some ice cream?

Yeah. We can get you
some ice cream.


Got to stop by my job first.

En vivo y directo
from the West Coast, baby,

you know me, Julio G,
in your ear hole once again.

I'm glad y'all
are tuned in, man.

We got a lot of music
coming your way today.

Y'all wanna hear something,
just hit us up, man.

Phone lines are wide open.
You know how to do it, man.


What're you doing, man?

Never put your hands on a gun.

What are you thinking about?

I'm sorry. It's my fault.
I should have never
put it there anyway.

That's yours?

No, it's not mine.
I got it from my job.
I'm supposed to take it back.

Don't matter, though.
Don't ever play with a gun!


I love you.

I love you, too.

Knucklehead. Crazy, man.

a special guest on the line.

MAN: Yes, a very,
very special guest
on the line.

He is a distinguished author
and scholar,

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson.

WOMAN: What's up, Dr. Dyson?

Thank you so much
for having me on the show.

It's so good to have you here.

I think it's very necessary
for us as a community
to organize our dissent

against this animal,
this beast,

that has infested us
in a negative fashion.

These drugs have
undermined us.

What we call the
political economy of crack

and other drugs have
really devastated us.

And now, on top of that,
drug gangs.

Gangs that are involved
in the business
of distributing...

How you doing, brother?
Got a couple of suits here.

I think that you would
look really good in this one.

What you think?

No, I'm cool.

It's on special.

Yeah, I'm straight.

Come on, now.

Help a sister out.


WOMAN: Move, bitch!

MAN: Yo, man,
I got places to go, man!

WOMAN: Yo! Drive!

Yo, put this motherfucker
in park, nigga!

You know what
the fuck this is?

What the fuck are you doing?

Come on, man!
Get the fuck out of this car!

My son, man...

Get the fuck up
out this car, nigga!



MAN: Hey, man!

Look out!

You hit my car, motherfucker!

Fuck you, nigga!
I'm gonna fuck you up.

O2: Hey! My son!


Come on, nigga!
Get the fuck up!
Come on, get in the car!

Dad! Dad!





Junior! Junior! Junior!

Come on! Come on! Come on!

Where you going?


O2: Hey.

Get the fuck off me!
You set me up!

Get off me!
You set me up!

You marked me!
You got me jacked!

I don't know what
you're talking about!
Get the...

Where did they take that car?

My son was in the car!
Where did they take the car?

I don't know!

Bitch, if you don't
start talking,
I'm gonna shoot you

in your motherfucking mouth!
I don't know!

I didn't have anything
to do with it!
You know something.

Get that fucking gun
out of my face.

I want my son back.
I want my son!

One, two...
All right!

All right. I just heard
about the guy they supposed
to be selling the cars to.

Where is he?


On 96th Street.

Let's go.

Let's go!
I can't!

Wait, wait. All right.
Can I please just
get my shit first?

Hey! That's my shit!

Hey! You motherfucker!

Come on, let's go! Let's go!


Wait right here.

Where is another chopshop?

I don't know.
Can we get the
fuck out of here?

Hold on! I gotta find
another car.

Wait right here.

Come hand me this wrench
over here in this red box.

What the fuck is...



Coco? Is that you?


What the fuck is you
doing in my shop?

Hey, Rock, Rock,
Rock, Rock. Hey, baby.

Bitch, you better
get to explaining.

Wait, listen, listen, listen.

My boy is coming over
here right now with
a car for you to look at.

And I got here before him.

So since I got here
before him, I came inside
cause you wasn't here...

I don't know what kind of game
you're trying to run on me...

Not, no, no. I'm not, I'm not.

But you done fucked up!
Shut up.



If you ever steal from me,
you won't walk from
this motherfucker alive.

What you thinking about?

Never fucking put your hands
on a woman again.

O2: What the fuck's
wrong with you?

Never put your
motherfucking hands
on a woman.


Fucking piece of shit!



Where else can we go
find my son?

Where else can we go
look for him now?

Let's get you to a hospital.

Just drop me off
where you found me.

Somebody need to look at you.
You're coughing up blood.

I need to go back
and try to get some of
my shit, okay?

That shit is gone.

You need to just let me
take you to your house.

Don't need to be
out here like this.

I can't go home!

If I don't come home
with at least my bag
and my minimum,

P-Money's gonna
fucking kill me!

So what's your minimum?

Five hundred.

Just let me out of
the fucking car.

Just let me out!

You ain't in no shape to
go out there and hustle
no $500 minimum.

Who the fuck is
P-Money anyway?



I'm so fucked.

I'm so fucked.

I'll give you the money.

You help me, I help you.
Find my little man.

You're very sweet,

but I don't think so.

You got a better offer?


Where's my little man?


We got Jennifer.

LUCKY: That's what
I'm talking about.

Old bobblehead-ass
shake that thing.

Shake that thing.
Look at all that ass, bitch.
He wants...

Get in here.

The fuck happened to you?
Where little man at?

If your punk ass would have
showed up like I asked you to,

none of this shit
would have happened!

What the fuck
are you thinking?

Get off me.

What's wrong with you, man?
Nigga, they got Junior!

Who got Junior?
Some niggas carjacked me.

They took the fucking car
when Junior was
in the back seat.

And you up in
this motherfucker
getting high, man!

Okay. Look, man...

Just calm down, all right?
I'm telling you
right now, bro.

Put the word out.

I want my fucking son back.
I'm not playing, Lucky.

I want my fucking son back.

We gonna get him back.

Just chill out!

I'm gonna to hit
some corners, man.
I'm gonna see what's popping.

Ain't nobody just gonna
take your motherfucking son,

Not my little cousin, nigga.
Fuck that shit.

Look, I'll be back, all right?
I'm gonna be back.

I'm gonna hit you, all right?

We family, right?

We family, right?

Yeah. Family.


You know, this house
don't really suit you.

It was my grandmother's house.

Who you living with?

P-Money and four other girls.

We do all the fucking
hustling, and he makes
all the money.

I'm just trying to
make enough money
so I can get out of it.

What's your son's name?

Otis Junior.

So you're Otis Senior?

Yeah, they call me O2.


Back in the day when I
was on the block,

I used to go to
these different neighborhoods
and set it off.

Then I would disappear.
Just vanish.

So they started
calling me "Oxygen."

It got so crazy,
they just doubled it up,
started calling me O2.

So you were in the life?

Before I got locked up.

So you couldn't vanish
when it counted most, huh?

How long?

I did six years.

Only been out
on parole for a month.

So, I suppose shooting
up people and having
a gun and all that shit

is probably a violation
of your parole, huh?

I got the gun from work.

You got the gun from work?

It's a part of
a program for ex-cons.

I'd have never took
the gun if the dude

who was supposed to be coming
to replace me
would have showed up.

So you stole it?

I was going to
take the gun back.

That sounds like bullshit

to me.

That's why I can't
go to the police.

I got two strikes.
All it takes is one more.

They don't buy my story,
it's a wrap.

What about Junior's mother?
Where is she?

Let's go get my son.

Earlier today,
on the eve of the Mayor's
much anticipated visit

to South Los Angeles,

two people were executed
on the very street

that tomorrow's
anti-crime rally is scheduled
to take place.

This video was taken
at the scene.

Police are looking for
an unidentified man
bearing these tattoos.

If you recognize this man,
please contact the local...

I better go find Junior
before they find me.


MAN: Please don't
do this, man! You ain't
got to do this, Meat.

I tell you,
I'm gonna have it
by tomorrow, man.

Not now, O.
I gotta call you back.



See this right here?

What the fuck was that noise?

Listen, meet me at
the spot in 15 minutes.

MEAT: This is a dumb nigga.

Yeah, gone.

And this is what happens
to dumb niggas if
they don't pay their taxes.

Every liquor store,
every grocery store,

and every motherfucking
restaurant around here
owes me.

You bring me my money,
you get your arm back.

Shit, if you hurry,
you might even be able to
sew this motherfucker back on.

Get back to work!

MAN ON RADIO: Check it out.
I got some info
for the streets, man.

Hot off the wires.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
and Police Chief
William J. Bratton

declared war on city
street gangs today,
saying they will...

There you go. That's him.
... use the same tactics
that crippled

the Mafia to pursue
gang leaders
and their members.

Police will begin issuing...

Tell your little busted-ass
homey I'm looking for him.

So what up?

Man, I got good news.
I got bad news.

The good news is
I found out who got Junior.

The bad news,
I found out who got Junior.

Big Meat.

Word on the street, man,
you papered up.

Say you got $100,000
stashed somewhere.

That little job you've got
at that security,
that shit just a front.

Said he struck gold
when he found out
Junior was your kid.

I told that nigga before
I got out I ain't got
no more of that money.

He don't believe you.

He want the whole $100,000
in exchange for Junior
by Friday, midnight.

How the fuck am I
supposed to come up
with $100,000 by tomorrow?

I don't know, man.

But if you don't
give it to him, he gonna
start chopping on Junior.


if you've got that money, man,
you gotta give it up.

Lucky, you think I be
doing security if I had
$100,000, bro?

All I know is if
you ain't got that money,
then you better find it.


All right.

I'm gonna have
his money by tomorrow.

You get word to that nigga.

When he gets that money,
Junior better walk.

Tell him to try me.

So then,
what's your next move?

I take Meat out
and go get my son.

You can't even get near him.

I can get near anybody.

No. Trust me. I used to
run for the Outlaws. I know
what I'm talking about.

If you really want your son,
you need to get that money.

All right. I got a plan.

I need you in
on it with me, though.

I don't know you.

You said you wanna
get out of the life, right?

You want out, right?

Roll with me on this.

You're not hearing me.
You're not understanding
what I'm saying.

Fucking with them is suicide.

Trust me on this. I got you.

All right. I'm in
if we hit P-Money, too.

I'll take half,
so I can disappear.


I don't have a problem
with P-Money.

Yeah, well, I do.

How much do you know
about P-Money's operation?


I know for a fact that
Meat's trying to

take over his territory,
and P ain't having it.

They're going head-to-head
right now. And you know what?

Meat hit one of P-Money's
spots the other night.

I know P's looking
to retaliate.

All right.

I got us something.

But Coco?


If they find out what
I'm doing, my son is dead.

So it's either all or nothing.

I'm all in.


WOMAN: Yeah?

Gucci pumps, Prada panties,
Fendi body bag.


Hey, girl.
Hey, mama.

You got something
for me today?

Today I'm not selling.
I'm buying.

All right. But he can't
come up in here.
I don't know him.

Come on, girl. This is
my new baby. He wants to
spend some moneys on me.


Come on.

How you doing?
How you?

O2: Damn.

I guess we ain't gotta go
to the mall no more.

What can I
help y'all with today?

Just looking to buy my boo
a few little things, you know.

We got a little event
coming up. Wanna
make sure she's jazzy.

Well, what did you
have in mind?

Well, what you got?

Right here I have
a little Versace.

Over here.

Right here we have
a little Gucci.
A little Valentino.

Over in this corner,
I have Kevan Hall,
which is my favorite designer,

his new collection.

Right up them steps
I have a little Phat Farm,

Sean John and some Baby Phat.

You going to
like something, girl.

All right.

I'm gonna let you all be.
Where's your bathroom?
I gotta shit.


Girl, he's impossible

You know I don't play all
that niggas all up in my
house, taking shits...

Hey, you know that I know.

It's just he's got some
moneys and he wants
to spend it on me.

I understand.
A little money is good.

Oh, these are real cute.

Looking all Grecian and shit.
Brand new, girl.

I'll give you
a good price on that.
It's my size, too.

You know,
the girls done ran
all through here already.



Open the safe.
What the fuck
is going on, man?

What the fuck is this, man?
Open the safe.

Shut up. Get your ass down.

You know whose money
you're fucking with?

Yeah. Tell him P-Money came
to collect his rent.

Tell P-Money that Big Meat,
he gonna bury that ass.

Shut the fuck up
and open the safe!

I just love these shoes.

I just feel like once
I've been in them
for a couple hours, though,

I'm gonna feel like
I wanna kill myself.

Sometimes you
gotta suffer, girl.

I mean, you know
what they say,
"Beauty is pain."

What do you think
about this dress?

We'll take it.

As a matter of fact,
we'll take all this shit.

Damn, nigga.
You know who
you're fucking with?

You know what?
Somebody else asked me
the same question earlier.

What? We hit P-Money's spot
and make him think it's Meat.

Then we hit Meat's spot
and make him
think it's P-Money.

They start going at it,
we run up out of there
with all their shit.

I told you,
I've got you, girl.


MAN: Yeah?

It's Double Dutch.
Mookie cousin.

All right.


MAN: I told you I'm
cold with this shit, boy.

WOMAN: You better not play.

MAN 2: She over there getting
your ass waxed now.

Fuck it, you're supposed to be
teaching the motherfucker.


What's up?

When Mookie getting out?

He out about, like,
two more years.


How much you want?

Just let me get a deuce.

All right. But you gonna
have to wait till after I
finish this game.

Yeah, well,
let me use your bathroom.

No, it's broke.

Use the one upstairs.
She can't go up there.

Let the bitch use
the bathroom.
It's Mookie's cousin.

Go ahead.

Shit! See what you made me do?

You distracted me,

Too bad. You've got
three more lives. Don't trip.

This shit is real, I mean it.

Who's all down there?

It's about six of them.
Three little niggas
and three hood rats.

Do something then, homey.
You about to get sliced.

Fucking dagger in your back.
I'm supposed to get shot.

No, homey, I got the knife
out right now, so I'm gonna
take that to your throat.

Nigga, don't bring a knife
to a gunfight, my...


Don't even try it!

Payback from Big Meat.

Like, "She was fine.
Let her go upstairs.
That's Mookie's cousin."

Now look at us, stupid.

Can't wait till I tell
P-Money about this shit.

Oh, shit.

Look, look, look,
look, look, look.

Oh, shit!

We gotta get up out of here.
What the fuck is this?

There's way too many
police around here.


This shit's like
a whole another world.

Why? You ain't never been
to the Sunset Strip?

Nope. Never had
no reason to come.

You wasn't at least
curious about this?

I grew up in
the foster system.

I used to dream
that someone from Hollywood

would come one day
and they'd rescue me
and all that shit,

but no one ever came.

Fuck it, then. By that time
I was, like, "I don't care.
I don't need Hollywood."

Shit. I'm gonna find
something better
than this anyways.

Yeah, right.
Yeah, okay.

What, you wish you were
a world traveler 'cause you
done been to the pen and back?

Shit is crazy up here, man.

Damn. Some nice houses.


Yeah, what up, man?

LUCKY: About time you
answered your phone.

Where you at?

You getting money?

Yeah, something like that.

Shit. You better, man.
You gonna have it by tomorrow?

I don't know, man. We'll see.

I'm out here trying to
do what I can.

And these streets
ain't no joke, dawg.

Look here. Just give me
a holler if you
need something, man.

I'm out here
doing my thing, so...

Hey, Lucky, let me
call you right back, boy.

Did you see that?

The limo?
Yeah, there's a lot
of rich folks up here...

No, he looked like
he was leaving town.

So we need us
a spot we can lay low in.

Can't keep driving around
with all this jewelry
and money in the car.

Yeah, but how do you know
there's not still family

back up in that house?

Because if somebody
was in the house,

they'd have came out
to kiss him goodbye
or something.

I think I can disarm it.

How do you know?

Because I used to do security.

Was that before
or after you went to jail?


And now you're breaking
into folks' homes.


Green. Got it.

Oh, shit.


I think I cut the wrong cable.

I'm gonna go start the car.
Wait, hold on!

I got it.

I got it.

Come on.

Hey. What are you doing?

Wait right here, okay?

Come on.



Excuse the mess.
I let my maid go home.

I could really get used to
some shit like this.

Let's count this money.



Damn. Must have
set off the alarm.

O2: Where are you going?

I got this.
Just watch this, wait.


Mrs. Bennett?

No, I'm sorry.
There is no Mrs. Bennett.

Oh, sorry.
I forgot about the alarm.
Bad habit.

Do you know
the security code, ma'am?

Yes, I do.

It's 9...
No, don't tell us.

Could you activate
and then deactivate
the alarm for us, please?



Having a little trouble,

I'm so bad at these
electronic things. He's always
getting mad at me for it.

Mind if we step in
for a moment?

Ray, check the back.

Mr. Bennett is in Paris
for a couple days.

Exactly what is
your relationship
with Mr. Bennett?

I'm his assistant.

I'm gonna be housesitting
while he's gone.

You know, it makes me feel
really safe that
the cops respond so quickly.

I'm gonna be here alone
for a couple days,
and I get kind of nervous.

And so, if I see anything
that maybe seems

or anything like that,

or if I just feel like
maybe I need some help,

would it be all right
if I called you?

Can I call you personally?

All clear.

I'll meet you outside
in a minute.

Any time.

Thank you.

Any time.



What happened?

Well, they gone.

Let's count this money.

Let's count it.

Thirty six thousand
four hundred, five hundred,

six hundred.

That ain't nowhere
near enough for Junior.

Look at these keys. Look.


Wait, this is
a safe deposit box key, right?

America's First Savings
and Loan?

Right? What else could
that stand for?
What does that say?

B-O-T-P. Bank of the People.

This is from... This must mean
Crenshaw Savings and Loan.

Good morning, L.A.
It is your girl Yo-Yo,

and today is the day that
we will be covering
the city-wide protest live,

where residents from over
a dozen South Los Angeles

will be taking to the streets.

We are downtown, where the
battle cry "Save Our Streets"
will ring out

not only here,
but throughout the city.

Meet me today at Leimert Park.

Excuse me.

May I help you?

I'm just coming
to put something
in my safety deposit box.

Sign in there, please.

Bitch, what you looking at?

All right.

What's your box number?


I'll be right back.

I'm gonna need to
get this check cashed.

I gotta get my moneys,
you know.

May I see your ID?

COCO: What the hell
you talking about, you ain't
gonna cash my check?

Oh, you gonna cash my shit!

I want to talk to the manager.
Excuse me.

I wanna talk to
the goddamn manager
right now!

MAN: Excuse me.
Excuse me!

I got this.
Can you show this gentleman

back to the safe deposit area?

She don't wanna cash my check.
Follow me, please.

What's the matter
with my check, huh?

MANAGER: May I ask you to keep
your voice down?

COCO: No, you can't ask me
to keep my motherfucking
voice down,

because they're getting
their cashier's check.

They're getting their
cashier's check.
Let me help you help me.

No, I can't help you help me
because she ain't helping me!

Do you know your box number,
Mr. Pennibaker?


What is it?



Did you say 4773?

But 4773 belongs to...
Is what?

Open the box.

Hurry up!

Put the key in there.

Do I look like I
give a fuck what quiet is?

I don't give a fuck!
Everybody's getting
their check cashed.

What's your social security
number, please?

Why I can't get
my check cashed, huh?

Test question,
what's your pet's name?

Don't fuck with me. Don't fuck
with me, motherfucker,
you gonna piss me off.

Have you ever cashed
a check here before?

Look. Oh, you tripping.
Do you have a password?

I will slap a ho in here
and I'm not talking about her.

Now you are gonna
cash my check!
Cash my check!

I'm sorry, but she can't
shop at Chanel, but I can.

Ma'am. Ma'am. Ma'am.
Ma'am. Ma'am.

Sorry, you work
at the bank, okay? Sorry.

What? I want
my million dollars!

This is a sweepstakes offer.
It's not a real check.

Well then fuck you all,
'cause this is
a bullshit bank anyways.

What the fuck you looking at?

CROWD: Save our streets!
Save our streets!

Save our streets!
Save our streets!

Save our streets!
Save our streets!

Save our streets!
Save our streets!

Save our streets!
Save our streets!

Save our streets!
Save our streets!

Save our streets!
Save our streets!

Save our streets!
Save our streets!


Anybody move, I'm gonna
blow the weave
off this bitch's head!


A cunning couple robbed

the America's First Savings
and Loan this morning.

The female member
of the duo...

MALE ANNOUNCER: A second bank
was hit today in South LA.

A masked man entered
the Bank of the People branch

on Western Avenue
and held a woman at gunpoint

while emptying an unknown
amount from the bank's
safe deposit box.

We're up to $45,000 apiece.

So I guess we gotta figure
out a way to get rid of this.

WOMAN: No more drugs!

MAN: This is our neighborhood.

Come on!



O2: What's going on, man?
Hey, where you at, man?


Can y'all please
get the fuck out the way?


All these "We Shall Overcome"
motherfuckers marching,

holding up traffic and shit.

Hey, look here, playboy.

I heard you out here,
all scraping up
some serious paper.

I'm thinking you should let me
get in on that, man.

No, man. Stakes are too high.

But I need you to put me
in touch with somebody,
get rid of these diamonds.

Well, I can unload that.

No, no, no. No way.

You gonna punk out on me, man?
What, I ain't good enough
or something,

now that you're going around
with your little breezy?

You gonna get money with her

before you get money
with your own people?

Every time I've ever asked you
to do something,
you drop the ball.

Look, man,

this here is for Junior,
and I gotta do what I
gotta do for the little man.

Can't do it.

O, family.

Listen. If you fuck this up...

I won't. I won't.
I'm gonna find out
where to unload the shit,

and it's all good.

Now look here, man.
You need to get the fuck up
off these streets, man.

You way too hot.

When I find something
I'm gonna holler back at you

and then I'll come
meet you where you at.

All right?
All right.

All right. I'm gone.
Go on.

He want us to wait right here.

Save our streets!

LUCKY: Y'all need to get out
the streets. That's how
you save the streets.

Before it's too late,
save our streets!

a right to our streets.

We are being gunned down.
We have a right to...


I say, nigga, pull over!

What the fuck's
wrong with y'all?

Say what? Pull the
fuck over, man. Pull over.

LUCKY: Fuck, you ain't
doing shit. Shit!

Come on, pull over.
Move. Move!

Hey, what you all...

Pull over, nigga!
This ain't no game, man.

What the fuck, nigga?
Pull this raggedy
motherfucker over!

Right now!

Mildred Thompson
was a friend of mine.

And now I struggle
to find the words
to tell my son...

Get out!
... what happened
to his friend.

He hears on the news
about the war on terror

while we're being terrorized
right here in our streets.

He hears about the vast
amount of money being spent
on homeland security,

but this neighborhood is
our homeland,
and where is our security?

Get your hands
off of me, fool!
Shut your ass up.

Shut the fuck up. Shut up.

You dodging me, nigga?

Ain't nobody dodging you.
You don't answer my page.

You must be running
the Outlaws now.

There you go with that shit.

I gave you weight to sell,
not to get high with.

Where's my money, nigga?

Man, my baby mama
been tripping, man.

She gonna take me
to court, right? So I have...

I don't give a fuck about
your baby mama
or none of that horseshit!

I want my money tomorrow.

Tomorrow, nigger.

WOMAN: We have to take back
our neighborhood
and save our streets!

Save our streets!
Save our streets!

Save our streets!
Save our streets!

Save our streets!

ANNOUNCER: We're coming to you
live from Leimert Park, where
the Mayor will be up next,

addressing the crowd
of several thousand people.

WOMAN: Police have confirmed

that a string of
gang-operated businesses
have been robbed.

And it appears
these robberies have

further fanned the flames
of a raging turf war

between two of L.A.'s
most notorious kingpins.

Details of the robberies
are unknown at this time.

Be so glad when
this shit is over with.

God willing, you'll have
Junior by tonight.

What you all gonna
do afterwards?

I know I need to get
my son out of here.

I'm done with this bullshit.
How about you?

Don't really have any plans.

Just a fantasy.


When I used to live
in all those different homes

I used to take travel
magazines and I'd cut
all the pictures out,

and I would fantasize
that I was there.

And everybody used to think
I was crazy, but I
didn't really care,

'cause I felt like
I had been all over the world.

Just 'cause I ain't been to
the Sunset Strip don't mean
I don't wanna travel.

So when you get your money,
where you gonna go?

There's this spot
I read about.

It's on the coast of Mexico.

It's called El Lindo.

And they say
that there's magic
there in the ground.

Everything you do is blessed.

All your past is buried.

And all your pain
is forgotten.

That's where I wanna go.

I want you to have something.


We don't need to
let this one go.

Take this with you to Mexico.

How's it look on me?

It's beautiful.


I just think of so many
more things I could be doing
to find my son.

Listen to me. Listen to me.

There is nothing else
you can do right now,

except for wait
for Lucky to call.

Junior's gonna be fine.

Listen to me.

Junior's gonna be fine. Okay?

All right.


I can't do this right now.
Come here.

In an unusual story,
three banks were robbed today

by an unidentified
man and woman.

It has been impossible
to determine what
the robbers have taken

because the items stolen
were taken from
safe deposit boxes.

The police are
investigating leads

and are confident
that the perpetrators
will be apprehended.

However, bank officials
have stated

the robberies appear
to have been well planned.

I want those motherfuckers.

O2: Shit is all my fault.

O, don't do this to yourself.

You know all that money
that Big Meat is after?

I took it.


Me and Meat did a job.

He tried to short me.

So I took what was mine.

He found out about it,
set me up.

I went to the pen.

He thought he knew
where I stashed my take,
but I moved it.

He started looking for it.
He started getting closer.

So I knew I had to
move it again.

And the only person I
can trust was my baby mama.

So she came down to see me.

I told her where it was at,
where to move it to.

She dropped Junior off
at my grandmother's house,
took my money.

I ain't seen her since.

You know the first thing
my son said to me
when I got out?

"Promise me you ain't gonna
ever leave me again."

I promised.

Everybody you can
think of came at me.

Money, credit cards. Just...

Just couldn't do it.

'Cause I made a promise.


Who is Miles?

My son.

You have a son?

I had a son.

What happened?

He died.

How did he die?

He was hit by a stray bullet.

I was in a building, on a run.

I told him to play outside.

"Be right back."

And I remember
hearing gunshots

and thinking,

"Just niggas killing
each other again."

When I came outside,

I heard this lady, she was...

She was screaming,
"Where is his mother?
Where is his mother?"

Where was his mother?



Change of plans.
I can't come to you.

Meet me at Imperial
Highway Bridge right now.

Hurry up.

We gotta go.
Let's go.

What up, man?

What's up, homey?
Get in.

Fuck wrong with you?

Just had a little run-in
with some niggas.

There a problem?
They weren't shit.

Come on, what you got, man?

How much you want for this?

I think it's worth like
150 to 200 thou, but

I'll let it go for 90.

Think you can handle that?

For sure, man.

Then let's go, man.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, man.
Look, I'm doing
this shit dolo.

For shit, man,
your face been
all over the TV.

Me and you roll up
in there together, man,

they already gonna know
we just trying to
unload the shit.

All right.

Look, man, just hit my cell
as soon as you know something.

All right.

We got two hours
to get Junior, man.

Hold on.
Wait right here, homey.

Come here, nigga.


I hear you got my money.

I got something worth
a lot more than what I
owe you, Big Meat.


Yeah. Feel me?

Now that's worth about
$200,000 right there.

Two hundred long, huh?

But check it out.
All you gotta do,
break me off $90,000,

and we good, man. We even.

I can do that.

But where'd you get it?

Oh, you see, me and my boys,
man, we had hit this spot
over in Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills, huh?
Man, we took them G-style.

Straight up G-style.

What? I came
through the spot,

boom, I kicked in
the motherfucking door.
I told motherfuckers,

"Get the fuck on the floor
right now, nigga.
It's a jack move!"

I was running through
that motherfucker,
smacking up bitch-ass niggas

with no problem.
You know,
I'm taking care of my shit.

I'm over there,
just snatching shit.

Snatching whatever I want,
'cause that's what I do.

I ought to take your shit,

Now I bring this shit
back to you, man,
so we can break bread.

To me?
To you.

So me and you,
we could be like partners.

Exactly. Business partners.
Y'all hear that? Partners.

We need to leave these
buster-ass niggas alone,
fuck with your boy.

Big Meat and Lucky.
Big Meat, Lucky.

That's what's up.

Well, this some nice shit.

Especially this watch.

I like this watch, Lucky.

Only the best.

So let me ask you
something, Lucky.

Why you think
this Presidential Rolex

got my initials on the back?

Yeah. Right here.

No, no. Let me see
this shit, man.

Right here.

What the fuck wrong with you?

MEAT: Chop, chop, nigga.

That's my shit you stole.

Where the rest of my shit
out the safe deposit box?


O2: Yeah?

LUCKY: O, what's up?
I got that for you.

All right, so where
you wanna meet?

Meet me in the
Warehouse District.
635 Mitchell.

Hey. Bring the
rest of that money.


I set that Junior thing up,
too, you know.
We're good, man.

We're straight.
Damn, Lucky.

You're Lucky, man.

Fifteen minutes.
See you there, bro.


O2: Something ain't right.

COCO: Wait, wait, wait.
O, this is one of
Meat's spots.

O2: Shit.

Hey, Luck, change of plan.

I need you to meet me around
the corner in 10 minutes
on 513 Peterson Street.

No, it's in the alley, man.
We gonna do
the exchange there.

Where you going, little man?

You got my money?

Y'all all right?

Yeah, we good...
My motherfucking money.
You got it?


Junior, you all right?

You all right, Luck?

Yeah, I'm all right.

The fuck you running from?
Nigga, running from what?

Hurry up, man, let's go!

I'm right here!

I did six years for you.

For me? Nigga, you got caught.

Same old Big Meat.

Fucking over niggas
and everybody else
take the fall.

I made you!
I put you in this shit!

You knew my son was all I had.

You gonna try to
take him away from me?

Nigga, fuck your son!

Seven shots.


Hold on, Luck.

I swear to God,
I didn't mean for it
to go down like that.

My bad...
Lucky, chill out, man.

We getting you
to the hospital.
No hospital.

What are you
talking about, man?

You bleeding all over my car.

You take me to Corona
with y'all, man, all right?

You're not rolling with us,
man. You're going
to the hospital.

What you mean I can't go?

COCO: Put your hand
right here.
O2:Just relax man.

Give me your jacket.

Oh, you just gonna
treat me like that, man?

You just gonna leave me
in some fucking hospital?

Listen, later for all
the hard bullshit.

Listen, man, I'm good,
I'm trying to tell you...

I gotta put pressure on it.
Put more pressure on it.

LUCKY: Don't put no more
pressure on it, man.
You gonna be okay.

That shit hurts.
COCO: He's bleeding
through it!

We gotta stop!
Put more pressure on it!

I'm putting pressure on it.
He's bleeding through it.

We need to pull over.
We gotta do something.

O, the gas station
right there, come on.

COCO: Come on,
that gas station right there.
O2: Hold on!

LUCKY: Please don't stop
the fucking car!

COCO: Pull over.
Stop the fucking car!


Stay right here.
Stay still.

Oh, fuck!
Let me get a key.

Just wait. Stop moving!

In a victory for South
Los Angeles residents today,

Mayor Villaraigosa announced
a 45% increase
in police officers

assigned to the area
and vowed to
support communities...

I need the key
to the bathroom.

You gotta buy some gas.

I need the key to
the bathroom. I gotta
use the bathroom, man!

Then buy some gas, bro.

Are you fucking serious,
man? Here.

Which pump, man?
Man, fuck the pump, nigga!

Give me the key
to the bathroom!

Man, chill out, man.

That's all you had to say
in the first place.

What the fuck wrong with you?

Hurry up, man.

Whoa, whoa. Here.

Oh, shit.

Go see if they got...
See if they got some peroxide,

first aid kit, anything!

Junior, go got get
some paper towels.

LUCKY: How bad
is this shit, man?

Let me see if
it went through. Hold on.


Excuse me.
Do you have any
hydrogen peroxide?

Alcohol, anything like that.
First aid kit?

If we do,
it's in aisle three.

An ex-convict recently
released from San Quentin.

Police now have a photo
of the female member
of the team.

She's been identified as...

Here. Hurry.

Yo, you're the girl
from the TV. You're
the bank robber chick.

No, no. Hey, yo, hey,
it's cool. Listen!

Yo, y'all are the shit, man.

You guys are like the new
modern-day Bonnie and Clyde,
for real.

Yo, can I get your autograph?

Let me get your autograph.

That's what's up.

Yo, that shit you guys did
with the Kingpins was
most def, girl, for real.


Yeah. You got
a phone number with that?

Back up, Junior.

Give me that.

What is that?
What the fuck is that?

It's gonna
make you feel better.


Where are we?

Just 60 miles to the border.

Probably got another hour.

Tell you what, as soon as
we get there, you going
to get checked on, bro,

The fuck what you say.

You hear me?




COCO: Shit, what...

Patrol 16...

No, shit!

Shit. Get up, man. Lucky!

You can't be... Fuck!

COCO: Shit.

Oh, shit, shit, shit.

What? Police behind us.

Shit! Oh, shit.


Oh, shit.

COP: Driver, pull your vehicle
to the shoulder now.

Oh, shit.
Driver, pull over!


COCO: Go! Go! Go! Go!
Keep going!

COCO: There's more coming.



Put Junior in the seatbelt.

We're waist deep
in this shit now.

Put him in a seatbelt!

He's in a fucking seatbelt!

Hold on.



COCO: Shit!

I think we're losing them.

Grab my son.

O, what are you doing?

We gotta split up.


Fuck are you doing?

Look, I need you
to take Junior and the money.


When I pull out of here,
the police are
gonna follow me.

You gotta get on the freeway
and go the other way, south,

and I'm gonna meet up
with y'all later.

No, we're in this together.

Junior, get out of the car
and get in the front seat.

You're not leaving us!

There's no time for argument.

They catch us,
my son is in the system.
I'm not having it.

Junior, listen to me, okay?
I'm about to go somewhere.

But I'm coming back for you.
I just need you to
take care of Coco.


Junior, trust me on this.
Trust me.

You promise you'll
come back for me?

I'll always come back for you.


I love you, Dad.

I love you.
Put your seatbelt on.


I'm gonna give you
my cell phone number.

You don't have to do this.

Call me. If I don't hear
from you in 10 minutes,
I'm coming back for you.

Just take care of my son.

With all my heart.

Now get out of here.




O2: You all clear?

We're all clear.
How's it going?

It's all right.

These fools are still
on my ass, but I'm gonna
shake them in a minute.

Hold on a second.

So, what's it gonna
be like in Mexico?

It's gonna be beautiful.

So, what's the name
of this place?

COCO: El Lindo.




Are you there? O?

Let me speak to Junior.


It's your father.

Hey, Dad.

What's up, big fella?

Nothing. We can see
some cool ships from here
in the water.



Can I have another toy horse,

with the cowboy this time?

You want it to be
the same color?


I want one with spots.

What are those called?


Yeah, pinto.


No problem.
Thanks, Dad.

I love you.

I love you, too.

Me, too.



Gotta go.


COCO: Junior!



Come on, you're gonna
be late for school.



And what was it
that was taking you
so absolutely long?

I was just cleaning my room
in case Dad comes
when we're not here.


Dad's not coming.

I know, but it makes
me feel better
if I think he might.

Got your lunchbox?

You ready?

Okay. Come on.

So, how's school?
It's okay.

I heard you have a girlfriend.

Who told you that?

I can't tell you that.

She's just helping me
with my Spanish.

And what can you say?
I don't know.

What's that?

El mar.

And what's that?

JUNIOR: Una lancha.


And what about that?

Una familia.


How about that?