Wahed Saheh (2011) - full transcript

Abdullah is a young single Interior Designer Engineer whose has many relationships with women that made him lose the right path for, He's trying to find a life partner from among four women met in his life, but each of them different details turning the link between him and them, the first is Dr. Farida (Rania Youssef), she's married to a businessman but represent the forbidden passion for Abdullah because He's having an affair her, then we find Maryam (Yasmin Raes), which represents the ideal mother for his children in the future and she is trying with all her best to marry him, and also his close friend Nadine (Basma) which is trying to not be more than a friend after her divorcing from his friend and his work-partner Fady (Amr Yousef). Finally there's Amira (Kinda Alloush) his only lover as he's in love with her years ago but because of her different religion she refuses to marry him, as spotted heuristic role of the mother (Zizi Badrawi) prominent in the life of her son and trying to persuade him to marry and assisted by his friend.

Yes, I love myself. It's normal.

He who has not learned to love himself
can never love those around him.

Those around me wouldn't have
found anything to love about me

if I hadn't found something
to love about them.

It's possible that I don't love them
the way they want me to.

But at the end of the day,

I did, truly, love all of them.

And most importantly,
I never lied to them.

And even if I had to lie to one of them,

I never had to lie to myself.

I love women very much.

And honestly, it doesn't bother me
that people say I'm a womanizer.

You're leaving me to draw?

Leave that and come here.

Why should I be just another person
in a woman's life?

It can't be.
There is no limit to my ambition.

If I can't become
the most important man in her life,

then I have to be up there on the list.

At least.

You're filthy, Badr.

We all experience conflicting desires.

Purity or decadence? Sweet or salty?

Love or hate? Good or evil?

We all lie,
and we all seek personal advancement.

I, personally, want to take
everything in life.

Aren't the happiest people
those who have everything?

Only an idiot wouldn't want to be happy.

And I'm not an idiot.

And I never felt like I was unfair
to any of the girls who loved me.

I never let any of them believe
that they were enough for me.

Except once.

Only one could make me give up all others.

It's 12:00, and you told me
to wake you at 11:00.

Why didn't you wake me at 11:00, Mom?
I have an important appointment.

Your room smells like alcohol.

What alcohol?
Please make me a cup of coffee.

I'll get you a glass of milk
to line your stomach.

And you have to eat all the sandwiches
I made you.

Abdallah hasn't only been in love once,
like he said.

Boudy is always in love, all the time.

I've been friends with Abdallah
for a hundred years.

Since we were in college.

We never hid anything from each other,

and we never got embarrassed
around each other.

When he fell in love with Amira Elini,
I was the first person he told.

And he was the first to know
that Fady loved me.

He always says that Fady and I
are like stepsiblings.

Boudy never hid anything from me.

If he so much as coughed,
he would call to tell me about it.

Sometimes I feel like
he's not just my friend.

Even my daughter, Rawda,
considers him her personal friend.

I don't know how people go on TV
to talk about their work.


-Fady, how are you?
-Hi, Mariam, how are you?

-Karim Badr, the show's director.

-Hi, welcome.
-Hi, how are you?

-How are you?

We realized that we'd met twice before.

-At you and Nadine's engagement party

and on your wedding day.

He was like a celebrity
on those occasions,

as if he were the bride's mother
or something.

By the way, I wouldn't be doing this
if Nadine hadn't forced me.

I don't know how to talk on TV.

Fady and Nadine are like my siblings.

I was the reason they got married.

-See why we got divorced?

Do you not know why they got divorced?

Farida Redie is almost here.

Dr. Farida Al Redie?
Eyad El Wardany's wife?

Yes, correct.

Farida Al Redie's appointment's
been canceled.


Her appointment was at 1:00,
and it's now 2:15.

But she called ten minutes ago
to say she's on her way.

I respected her time
but she didn't respect mine.

And if you don't respect my time,
you don't respect me.

What do you mean? She's coming
from 5th Settlement in rush hour.

She doesn't live above her office
like you.

Mariam, Karim and their crew
also came a long way to get here.

And they made it on time. Tell you what,

if she doesn't respect me,
then I don't care about her,

her husband, or her business.

Well, we're going to start preparing.

We still have some time
before we start shooting.

So take your time.

I'll just need to talk to you
for five minutes before we start.

This is the biggest project
the company is working on right now,

and if Farida Al Redie likes our work,

new doors will open
for us to work with Eyad El Wardany.

What I'm talking about
concerns the administration

and finances of this company.

And that's my department, not yours.

And what's all this stuff
about a TV interview?

-Work is more important!
-Do you realize how often you yell at me?

And you never take into consideration
whether we're alone.

And you didn't think to stop making jokes
while they were here?

Are you not used to my humor?

You know that Mariam's
a relative of Nadine's.

Which means she'll tell her everything.

And so what?

Looks like your divorce
has made you a bit too sensitive.

You'll have to fix that yourself
if you don't want my help.

Farida Al Redie's appointment
is not canceled, Abdallah.

Even if I was ten hours late,

they would wait.

I like to challenge men
like Abdallah Younis.

The game is a lot more fun
with men like him.

Boudy's reputation precedes him.

It's a small world,

and women like to talk.

Some say he's sweet,
and others say he's selfish.

Some talk about his cooking,

and others talk about
what he's like in bed.

And if Abdallah is a little crazy,

I'm a hundred times crazier.

-Who's your role model?
-No one, to be honest.

Really? No one?

I like the work of some architects
and interior designers.

They impress me,

but I can't say that I consider
any one of them as my role model.

I want to be myself,

to have my own style that no one else has.

-Good evening.
-Good evening.

Mr. Fady or Mr. Abdallah.

Is there a common
style in all the designs?

I don't know, since I'm the designer.

But you can say that
it has to do with my soul.

And the differences are based
on the different tastes of the clients.

-What pleases me most is when
-Come on in.

a client sees the design I made
and thinks it represents who they are.

That must mean that you understand
the personality and taste of the client

-you're designing something for.
-When we get to post-production,

can you make her look better than this?

She's a lot prettier in person.

Truly, that is the best thing.

We've come to the end of our episode
with our guest Abdallah Younis.

Thank you so much for this.

Please tune in next week
when we'll be meeting another star.

Of course I liked Abdallah
the moment I saw him.

Any woman would.

Smart dresser, attractive, handsome,

self-confident, successful, and dignified.

I don't know why, but I imagined him
at a wedding in a tuxedo,

with me next to him, of course.

He'd be a stunning groom,

and Nadine told me
his mom wants him to marry.

Welcome, Doctor. Abdallah Younis.

-Did you have something to drink?
-I had three things to drink.

The doctor has been waiting here
for a while.

I saw you arrive,

but I couldn't stop filming.

They arrived on time, you see.

So you wanted to punish me
for arriving late, correct?

Of course not.

Thank you.

Why don't we get straight to the point
and not waste any more time?

Unfortunately, we can't.
I'm already late for another appointment.

Would you like to reschedule?

I'm going to Vienna this evening
for a medical conference.

Would you like to call us when you're back
so we can discuss what to do?

We'll see. Bye. Bye.

-Bye, Doctor.
-I'll show you out.

Remember how Mary Munib was checking out
Lobna Abd El Aziz in the movie?

Mom was about to give a walnut to Mariam
and ask her to break it.

Rawda, tell you what,

can we take a break so I can have
a smoke on the balcony?

So cute.

But really, what do you think about her?

She's nice, and she's a good reporter.

She definitely has
the wrong idea about you.

She thinks you're a gentleman.
Can you believe that?

Smart, gentle and a sensitive artist.

Things that bear little resemblance
to the reality of your dirty life.

She's a good judge of character.

I can see right through you and Mom.
I know you're scheming away.

And Mariam is the new candidate for
the title of Mrs. Abdallah Younis.

She's so out of your league.

She's a relative of mine.

-That's what's worrying me.
-The cigarette.

Hey, how are you?

How are you, dear?

-Here's your stuff... Rawda!

I've missed you.

She greets you exactly like she greets me.

-How are you, Mr. Architect?
-How are you, Mariam?

-Want something to drink?
-I have to be on set soon,

but if you make me green tea while I pray

I can honor you with my presence
for ten whole minutes.

Forget about your mom and me.

Look at the innocent little girl.
See how much she loves her?

In that case, I guess I'll propose
as soon as she's out of the bathroom.

Crazy woman.

I wouldn't want someone like
you for her, anyway.

She's perfect.
I'm not going to condemn her to hell.

Can I also make you some green tea?

My coffee is still on the balcony.

What are you looking at?

She looks good when she prays.

Thank you.

So, you're not going to tell me?

Tell you what?

Why Abdallah Younis and Nadine
are hanging out with us so much?

Because they're coming to the movie?
Rawda really wanted to see it,

and I've been waiting for her.
You know that.

And the circus two days ago?

Again, Rawda. What are you implying?

I don't know. Maybe Abdallah has a crush.

A crush? On who? That's nonsense.

Or maybe Abdallah and Nadine are dating.

Dating? Could you and I date?

Impossible, of course. That's crazy.

Exactly. Abdallah and Nadine
are like you and me, siblings.


I've missed you. Why were you late?

Amira, it's been so long.

Where did you disappear to?


We've been around. Why don't we see you?

I'm a teacher now, and I have these kids.

-You got married.

They're my children from the church.

How are you, Abdallah?

How are you, Amira?

It's like we broke up yesterday.

It didn't feel like five years had passed.

His eyes had the same sparkle
they did back then...

when we were in love.

No, I'm lying.

I still love him.

And I need him more now
than I did back then.

That's why I told Nadine
that I was on vacation with the kids.

I made sure he heard me
so he'd come after me

and I could see him again.

I'm weak and afraid.

Give me strength, Virgin Mary.

I'll put this in.



Is this your "good morning"?

Are you kidding?

If you're going to fake ignorance,
I'll take my daughter and go back home.

We won't travel anywhere.

But your daughter wants to go on vacation.

Are you that heartless?

What a kindhearted man you are,

caring about my daughter
and her vacations.

I don't know why you're angry.

Because I don't like being tricked, Boudy!

No one could ever trick you, sweetheart.

You managed to free up your schedule
so suddenly,

and ditch the exhibition you've been
preparing for.

Then you drag your servant
and her daughter along to the beach

because you've decided to shoot
a romantic movie there!

Nadine, I've found Amira
after all these years.

You know exactly what that means to me.

-Am I late?
-Not at all. Go on, park.

Is this for real?

I figured you were going to be busy
showing Rawda around.

Plus, lots of magazines have asked Mariam
for photos and I promised her a session.

So I'll do an outdoor shoot with her.

Why did you think I brought my equipment?

All right, Nadine. All right.

The first time Abdallah saw Amira Elini
was at the university cafe,

around eleven years ago.

He fell for her instantly.

She fell for him too.

Even though she tried so hard not to.

This will look so good in the photos.

Why didn't she want to love him?

Amira loved her dad
and he was her role model.

Suddenly, Mr. Morsi Elini

fell in love with a Muslim woman
and converted to Islam.

He converted?

He divorced Amira's mother
and married the Muslim woman.

Amira's mother wasted no time.
She took all the children

and went back to Syria.

-And of course, Amira went with her?
-I want to shoot here.

Amira used her adopted church children
as an excuse not to go back to Syria,

but of course that wasn't the real reason.

-It was Abdallah, of course.
-And her father,

although she did accuse him
of destroying the family.

And destroying her as well,

She fell into a deep depression,

until one day, five years ago,

she disappeared.
She changed her number and moved away.

Abdallah looked for her everywhere.

He even went to Syria,
but didn't find her with her family there.

I've never seen Abdallah
so destroyed before.

Where were you? I looked everywhere.

Why would you do that?

I've missed you, Amira.

-I'm being serious.

Do you know how long
I spent looking for you?

I don't know and I don't want to know.

And you can't keep talking to me and
looking at me the way you did back then.

Everything is different now, Abdallah.

But to me, back then and now--

To you, to me, and because of
five years that passed

in which I chose to keep you
out of my life, Abdallah, it can't be.

If that's the case, you wouldn't
have stayed single until now.

Who said I did?

How would you know?

I have a feeling, Amira.

Our feelings for each other
have always been real.

My feelings tell me that what
we had is only a distant memory...

A memory I forgot,
and don't want to remember.

I want to know why you insisted
that I come on this trip.

What do you mean "why"?

Okay, I'll be frank with you.

Why are you trying to get Abdallah
and me closer to each other?

His mom, who calls me every day,
wants him to get married.

He's her son.

But you know for a fact that he came
here for Amira,

that he loves her
and never stopped loving her.

Because I'm just like his mother, Mariam.

I'm dying to see him settled down.

I'm not going to say that he's
like a brother to me.

No, he's like my son.

As far as Amira is concerned,
he thinks he's still in love with her.

That's because Abdallah is very romantic.

But logically,
they can't be in a relationship.

He loved a hundred women after her.

Then why me?

Oh, really? It's because you like him.

You like him a lot.

Or do you expect me to believe that you
only came here for the photo shoot?

I'm very angry with you.

Do you know how long it's been
since you came up here?

Your office is right downstairs.

How come? Come here.

Come sit next to me.

My mistake for visiting you while your
son is away.

Boy, I'm closer to you
than your late mother.

And you're lucky I made mehalabya.

Thank you.

Looks like Nadine's mother loves you.

But I've stopped loving her daughter.

Tell me. Don't you miss your daughter?

-I do, Bousa.
-Then make amends.

Do you think she believes
that you're abroad?

She's smart.

She knows something is wrong.

You've been divorced for three months,


And why are you bringing up
this upsetting topic so early?

Rawda keeps asking me
when her dad is coming back from London.

And the bastard doesn't want to talk
to me about it at all.

Neither do I.

Then to hell with you both.

I only care about Rawda.

But you have to find a way to get along
with each other, and quickly.

If you're going to have your own problems
then you must allow other people theirs.

What? A few months to adjust
after a divorce is too long for you,

but you're still crying over something
that happened ten years ago?

Don't be so hot-tempered. I'm sorry.

You're right.

I'm always right.

Tell you what.

Call Amira to find out what she's doing.
Maybe we can all have lunch.

I had to leave before they woke up.

I had to escape.

If I saw him again,
if he talked to me again,

I would have gone weak.

I've never felt what I feel for him
with anyone else.

I tried to trick myself
into believing that

I'd find someone who shares my faith
and marry him.

But that would have been a bigger mistake.

I can't help it.

I can't forget.

It's not like there's a button
I can press to forget someone

and love someone else.

If only it were so.

I came back after finishing my studies.


You can't find people like this
anywhere else in the world.

They have a strange passion.

Yes, life in Switzerland
is more comfortable,

but it's boring.

I'm never bored here.

But people here are so intrusive.

Don't you agree?

No. Believe me,

you're the one who forces people
to treat you in a certain way.

-Not them.

Come dance with me.

Go on.

Like I said, she vanished into thin air.

She's not even answering Nadine's calls.

-I'm going crazy.
-Good evening, Mr. Abdallah.

-Good evening, Hany.
-Good evening, Mr. Fady.

-We'll sit at the bar.
-Do whatever you like, Mr. Abdallah.

She's still wearing the cross
I made for her.

-What can I get you?
-Vodka seven.

-And you, Sir?
-Black on the rocks.

I'll only have one drink and go home.

When did you become such a downer?

How long's it been
since we had a night out?

Farida Al Redie and her husband,
Eyad El Wardany.

What? She's really different at night.

I'm going to go say hi.

You should come with me.

She's an important client,
not one of your sluts.

Let's go. Lead the way, boss.

-Doctor Farida?

-Doctor, how are you?
-How are you?

-Hi, Abdallah.
-Vienna was good to you.

Thank you.
How are you, Abdallah?

-Welcome back.
-Thank you.


Eyad El Wardany, my husband.

Of course.
Mr. Eyad needs no introduction.

-Fady, and architect Abdallah Younis.
-You have done great work in Gouna.

Hefny Zahar's house.
Didn't you design that one?


That's why I picked him
for the new project.

He's not cheap, though.
He's currently shooting stuff for TV.

-A star.
-I'm nothing compared to you, Doc.

Thank you.

Next time you visit the office,
the star will be available.

I don't like to talk about work
when I'm drunk.

-Call me and we'll set a date.
-A date.


When did you draw it?

Seven years ago,

right after you went away.

Daddy, daddy.

I thought you were out of my life.



Why would you make that decision for me?

You idiot!
Your daughter is having dreams about you.

You're going to give her issues.

Nadine calls me on the phone and cries.

She's lost and doesn't know what to do.

Okay, but you should have talked to me
before! I should make my own decisions.

What decisions, you child?

I'm your mother, boy.

What did you tell Rawda?

I said that you're coming today
to see her at my house.

-And her mother is going to be there?
-Of course.

Because she has to see you together.

Read a little about child psychology.

Because you're responsible for you're
daughter's mental development.

Wow! Look who's talking.

I knew you weren't gonna let it pass.

I'm going to go make koshari
before I lose my temper.

You'll see Rawda, and Bousa is
going to make you koshari.

What else do you need to cheer up?

The one you need to thank for the koshari

is my sweetheart, Mariam.

I promised to make it for her
a long time ago.

-A long time ago?
-A bit of an exaggeration, Bousa.

-You've known her for a month.
-But she entered my heart right away.

I hope she can enter yours as well, dear.

Did you really invite her over
to watch the show with us?

Yes, isn't it her show?

So she watches all the episodes
at our house?

This is not just any episode, though.

It's yours, my darling.

All right, now go before I start yelling.

You rude boy. So rude.

Don't forget to call her.
Her birthday is tomorrow.

Really? No one?

I like the work of some architects and
interior designers.

They impress me...

I don't know, since I'm the designer.

But you can say that it has to do
with my soul,

and the difference...

Mommy, how is Boudy on TV when he's
picking up Daddy from the airport?

You both look great.

Right, Nadine?

-I'll heat up the koshari.

Call them.

Here you go.

What is this?

The gifts you supposedly got Rawda
in London.

-Thank you, man.
-"Thank you, man." What an idiot.

-Come on, we need to head upstairs.

I'll wash my face and be right back.

Quickly, don't be long.

This one is nice.

This one too.

I'll ask them to use it
because you said so.

This is so you.



I've missed you.

Would you like to sit here
or in the office?

It doesn't matter, Fady.

What can I get you?

Nothing, thank you.


Yeah, I know.

I don't know where the office boy puts it.

It's okay, I said I didn't want anything.

Here it is. I found it.

I can't do this.

Me neither.

But we have to.

I told Rawda
I won't be spending the night.

I told her I'm building a new house.

A big one with a yard and a pool.

She'll be happier there.

Is that true?


I bought a house and I'm furnishing it.

Congrats, Fady.

Thank you.

I also told her to keep it a secret.

No one else should know.

Until I'm done.

All right.

But this is not the apartment
he'll get married in.

His is the one below this one.

But he'll furnish it

when he finds a bride
and they can do it together.

-Happy birthday, Mariouma.
-What? No way!

Oh, my God!

I want to film it!
Make him say it again.

Happy birthday, Mariouma.

I was so surprised, and I was like a kid.

I kept clapping for him to repeat it.

-That's so cute.
-Abdallah is amazing.

The cake!

Have a happy year

Of course I know that Karim loves me.

It's impossible not to notice it.

I can pretend not to, I can fake it...

but I know.

I didn't want to order the fish
and make him think I was showing off.

He won't think so.

He just doesn't like to eat fish
in fancy restaurants.

And honestly, it's better to eat fish
in normal restaurants.

Don't eat too much salad.
I've picked a great meal for you.

I hope it won't be too expensive.

So what?
We took a lot of money from you.


Now that you mention it,
we need to discuss that further.

Oh, no. We've already agreed.
That topic is closed.

Look, Doctor, I don't like to beat
around the bush.

If you want the designs
you saw and liked,

then you have to give me whatever I want.

Don't light that; the food is here.
Here it is.

Wait. Let me see who's calling me.


Yes, Dad.

I'm good. What's wrong?

Where are you?

Did you know that I picked out your name?

I know, Dad.

Because of Suad Hosni
in the movie Amira Hoby Ana.

That's why I want you to return the favor.

-Return the favor?
-Pick out my new name.

They said I can't be a Muslim
named Morris.

-Which room is Abdallah Elini in?
-First room past these doors.


How are you?

I'm good.

Welcome, Amira.

-How is he doing?
-Don't worry,

he's in the ICU. Have a seat.

What happened exactly?

How are you, Amira?

I'm good. What happened, Ahmed?

A stroke.

It was sudden.
We brought him straight here,

and the doctor put him in the ICU.

We're waiting.

Want some tea, Amira?

No, thank you. I can't.

-How is he, Mostafa?
-He's a lot better now.

-Can we go see him, Doctor?
-We have to let him rest a bit more.

Please, Mostafa, let me see him.

As long as it's just you.

I'll come, but I won't go in.

-Me too.
-Let's go.

This isn't enough, Farida.

Five thousand pounds.

We need more.

There's a lot we need to buy
for your sister's place.

Shady, leave the doll and play
with something else.

What else does Batta need to buy?

Do you know how much you've taken
from me using that excuse?

-Everything has gotten so expensive.
-Yes, but I'm not a bank.

Now I get why you check up on me
and say you miss me.

Can't I visit you once, or visit your son
in the house I bought for him,

without you asking for money?
Don't you ever get enough?

And do you have to be rude
every time you give us money?

When did you become so forward?

You've had about 20 thousand pounds
worth of clothes from me.

They were hand-me-downs, not gifts.

You gave them to me after you
wore them out, Farida.

And the clothes you hide under the bed,
who gave you those?

I'm your sister, Farida.
And you're helping me, so what?

We didn't ask for a pound of your flesh.

Both you and your husband are very rich.

-So what's wrong with helping us?
-And haven't I been doing that?

Wake up and live like
your parents used to.

Or have you forgotten the dump
you used to live in?

-Are you trying to humiliate us, Farida?
-Let's go, Shady.

Damn you for always criticizing me.
Let's go.

Aren't you going to give me
the rest of the money?


I got more than fifteen calls
from this number today.

-Who are you?
-How are you, Amira?

It's Abdallah.


How did you get my number?

I stole it from Nadine's phone.

She said you didn't want me to have it.

Which means I didn't want you to call.

Why are you talking to me like this?

Abdallah, please don't call me again,
for any reason.

Can you do that?

Do you really want that?

I just want to make sure you're okay.

I'm going to hang up.
And please, Abdallah,

I don't want you to call me again.


I'm sorry.

Come on, Shady.

Change into your pajamas quickly.

Okay? And brush your teeth.


-Does my husband have a guest?
-Someone came 25 minutes after you left.

-Are they in the office?
-Yes, I'm very hungry.

-Come with me.
-All right.

Didn't you go to your mom's?

-Hi, Daddy.
-Hi, sweetie.

Hi, Doctor, how are you?

Do you remember him?

He was at the club with us.

Of course I do.
I recognized him right away.

-We were in the room because--
-I don't want to know.

I don't care anymore, and you know that.

But I told you before.
Not in the house my son lives in.

Do you understand?

Abdallah's appearance in my life
changed everything.

I'd become accustomed to the idea
that no man would be good enough.

No one could tell me what to do.

But that doesn't mean I didn't love Eyad.

Eyad was a decent friend during college.

I fell for him right away.

I thought of him as my savior,
and he was very nice to me.

He told me everything from the start.

He came out.

Yet, I insisted we get married
and have a kid.

Isn't marriage a contract
between two people?

I signed that contract with him.

A contract that turned me
into a lady everyone talked about,

in exchange for me completing
his public persona,

so people wouldn't talk.

I'm the most focused woman in the world.

I focus on everything going on around me.

And I calculate every step I take,

and take responsibility.

My brain is working even when I'm asleep.

And when it gets tired and needs a break,

I drink a lot,

in order not to think.

And so I don't need to be calculating
to get whatever I want.

After my fifth drink,
I found myself calling you.

-Why me?

Didn't I just say I don't want to think?

Don't annoy me by asking questions
that require a lot of thought.

Just so you know,
I knew we were gonna get here.

Stop being so arrogant.

Just so you know,
you don't know anything.

None of you do.

You just pretend to.

But you're actually in the passenger seat.

We're the ones driving.

But we give you a toy steering wheel,
and make you believe it's real.

All you can do, though, is honk.

We're the ones who think.

We're the ones who choose.

That's why we can't complain,

or hurt,

or feel regret,

or say "ouch."

Looks like you're having
a hard time, Doctor.

That's normal for me.

But don't worry,

I'm not going to ruin the night
by talking about the past.

I'll tell you something
completely different.

What can I say?

During one night

-During one night

We tasted the sweetness of love

It all happened during one night

My lover and me

My lover and me

Basked in the age of love

It all happened during one night

During one night

A night, a night

We tasted the sweetness of love

It all happened during one night

My lover and me

My lover, my lover

Basked in the age of love

It all happened during one night

My lover and me

My lover and me...

Looks like you're having a hard time too.

Is it that obvious?

Didn't we say we weren't talking
about the past?

During one night

One night

We tasted the sweetness of love

The house is beautiful.
Congratulations, Fady.

-Thank you, Nadine.
-It's not beautiful at all.

Bad taste and terrible design.

Enough with your dark humor.

I'm not joking. I'm being serious.

And why the secrecy?

I'm only finding out now that you bought
a house, decorated and furnished it?

Do I work as a waiter?

No, but it's my business.

I wanted to decorate it myself.
What's the problem?

That's why it's ugly.

I think the house is nice and simple.
It's very you.

Mommy, look.

Rawda's happiness in the pool is enough.

But just so you know, I'll be calling
you every five minutes to check on her.

-It's okay, call every minute if you want.

See? She doesn't care that I'm
not spending the night with her.

I’m getting a beer. Anyone want one?

I do.

-Me too.

Why can't you be nice?

Can you believe he didn't tell me?

It's normal for him to be confused
and nervous after the divorce.

With you maybe, but why with me?

Rawda hasn't left the country.
She's just spending a day with her dad.


I can't sleep
without my daughter in my arms.

Can I sleep in your arms?

Aren't I your eldest son?

Can I ask you for a favor?

What do you want?

The restaurant people want my photo
for the brochure.

And a journalist who wants to interview me
also needs photos.

So it's up to you; either you take my
photos or I look for someone else.

The strangest woman I've ever met.

I've slept with a lot of women,

but what happened between us

has never happened with anyone
I've been with before.

I didn't understand the theory that
some bodies love each other

at first touch until we were together.

Change your pose.

This is what they call a perfect match,
my dear Nadine.

Every detail was just perfect.

Even after the deed was done.

Don't smile so wide.

Usually I want the one I'm with
to just disappear after.

But that didn't happen with her.

On the contrary,

I'd happily be locked up with her
for a week.

By the way, this is a very important
kind of love.


You're playing fast and loose
with the word love, don't you think?

Then later you pretend to be a broken
man who's only loved Amira Elini?

What about Mariam? Remember her?

Who's young enough to be your daughter
if you had gotten married after puberty.

Didn't you spend a whole day
teaching your parrot

how to sing for her?

Didn't you think a gesture like that
would get her attached to you?

How are you so selfish?

What about me, Abdallah?

Are you pretending to be a good friend

by distracting me from the fact that for
the first time, my girl is not with me?

Do you only see yourself?

Only think about yourself?

Standing here talking about yourself,

telling me your story
about your new girlfriend.

If you don't mind,

there are other people in the world.

And when they have problems,
like mine for example,

their problems are more important than you
and your different types of love.

-Nadine, I didn't mean to--
-We're done shooting.


Here's Mommy.

She didn't want to spend the night.

I'm sorry, Fady. It's her first time.
Do come in, though.

No, I'm going to go. Here's her bag.

Do you know why I didn't have Abdallah
design my house?

So I can have one thing in my life
that doesn't remind me of him.


Abdallah is not like a brother to me.

He never was.

I've tried to think of him that way
ever since we met,

but I couldn't.

He loved Amira and she loved him.

And Fady loved me.

I thought I could love him back.

He's a thousand times kinder
and nicer than Abdallah.

I tried to hide it from Fady,

but he sensed it, because he's not stupid.

Even though no one loved me
as much as Fady did...

I never wanted to be the reason

that Abdallah and Fady fell out.

Where did you get that Virgin Mary statue?

It was a gift.

A gift.

From a woman, of course.

The one I loved most.

Do you know that I've known we were
going to get here since the day I met you?

I had heard a lot about your cooking.

What did you hear?

I heard it was good, and spicy.

And that when you're in a good mood,

you like to cook for your girlfriends.

What else?

That doesn't matter.

Because what I've seen is much better.

-What kind of pasta?
-Forget the pasta.

Should I prep Madam Abla, Doctor?

-Give me five minutes to have a smoke.
-All right.

This is not good.

I kept thinking about your pasta
while I was in surgery.

Wait till you try the risotto.

I'll start the rice around 2:00 p.m.

Is that a good time for rice?

Yes, today. You have to eat it fresh.

Come in.

-Good morning.
-Good morning... Hey, I have to go.

-How are you?

Hey, Mariam. How are you?

Even though you've been ignoring
me for a while,

not answering my calls or calling me back,

I still thought I'd be the bigger person.

The Farida El Redie project is
keeping me and the company busy.

Not to mention the restaurant opening.

I don't care about any of that.
I'm here to use you.

Oh no.

Daddy got the beach house
we reserved in Ain El Sokhna

and he decided
to start working on it right away.

I told him to leave it to me.

I bet him that I could convince you,

even though you're busy with Farida's
project and your exhibition,

to ditch it all
and work on our beach house.

So that's why you're taking my mother out,

and taking her to all the shopping malls!

You spoil her.

No, there is another reason behind that.

What is it?

Bousa and I are friends. What else?

I don't mind helping you win your bet.

-On one condition.

-Help me make up with Nadine.


Her name is Aida.

She has a son and a daughter.

You will like them.

You will consider her a mother,
and them, siblings.

Impossible. She wouldn't be my mother
even if she was Mother Teresa,

and they'll never be my siblings,

because we don't share the same religion.

Does that mean I'm no longer your father

because we don't share
the same faith anymore?

Sorry if I'm bothering you.

But I wanted to remind you that
I'm always waiting for you.

No perfectionism, please, Nadine.

I want to talk,
and you're the only one who gets me.

I'm a perfectionist, Abdallah?

Do you really think that?

I'm such a devil these days.

Women are all over me right now,

and I feel like I want
to try all of them.

Since you began by admitting
you're a devil,

that you're greedy and horrible,

I think we can come to an agreement.

My "perfect match"
has become an addiction.

I can see her every day,

and every time is like the first time.

Yet when I see the sparkle
in Mariam's eyes,

how she treats Rawda,
and her parents, who remind me of mine,

I think that if I ever do get married,

I won't find a better mother
for my children than her.

Not to mention,

Amira is on my mind all the time.

Follow me to the kitchen.

You only consider Amira to be your
biggest regret, Abdallah,

because it ended with her
before you decided to end it.

Maybe you're right.

And maybe you're wrong.

I'm never wrong.

I never feel good
unless I'm talking to you.

When are you planning on growing up,
you man-baby?

When I find someone that gives me
the peace I find with Mariam,

and the happiness I find with
"Mrs. Perfect,"

and someone to love like I love Amira.

Your late father can send her
down from heaven to you.

Oh, and she has to understand me
like you do.

Shouldn't you call Mariam and Rawda
to come back?

Enough time on the swings.

Thank you.

-What do you mean you don't know?
-I'm confused, Karim.

I feel like I want to see him every day,

I don't get bored of him,

my parents liked him a lot,

he's on my mind a lot.

But that doesn't mean I love him,
of course.

But you do, Mariam.

You love him.

-Something wrong with the car, Ma'am?
-No, Hassan.

-You can go to bed.
-There's no one in the house.

-I know. You can go to bed.
-All right.

Quickly, quickly.

-Give me a kiss.
-You're crazy.

I don't understand myself right now.


Why? I emptied the entire house

so that you could come.

I let my son travel with his dad
for the first time without me.

Well, you know that I
was smuggled in a car,

like a thief.

Do you know what that means?

I love being crazy with you.


I'm thinking of a design with this style.

What's this? These are children's rooms.

What can I do? This is how I see you.

I swear to you, I'm not a kid.

People my age have kids already.

It has nothing to do with age.

Even if you were 90 years old,

you'd still be a kid.

-It's a good thing.
-Are you flirting with me?

Are you shy?

Didn't you say your designs depend
on the soul of the clients?

So focus on my soul.

There's more than childhood.


I want to ask you something but I'm
too embarrassed to ask.

I don't allow journalists
to know about my private life.

And what are you hiding?

Shyness or curiosity?


I imagine you think of me

as a nice friend or a young girl,

or whatever.

But the question is,

how do you think I see you?

That's a hard question.

Take your time
and think about your answer.

When you find it, call me.



If I thought you loved me
just because I was a Christian,

I would have been scared that
you might hate me.

"In the name of Allah the Merciful,
O satisfied soul,

return to your Lord well pleased,
well pleasing.

Join My worshipers and enter My Paradise!"

Islam says "Allah does not
look at your appearance,

He looks at your hearts."

Christianity says "God is love."

In every religion, God tells us
to love with our hearts.


Your silence worries me.

I don't know how to thank you for all
you've done since my dad passed.

Thank me?

I thought we were beyond that.

Back in college,

I was in love with a girl.

When we used to ditch classes,
she'd always bring me here.

I can't take any pressure, Abdallah.

I'm not okay.

And I don't want to pressure you, love.

Amira, I'm willing to do anything for you.

I just want to see you happy.

What do you think of this wrapping?

Very impressive.

Seems like we'll be getting
some good news soon.

-Nermin, leave us for a bit.
-Excuse me.

Do you know how long
I've been looking for you?

Fady, consider me on vacation.
I haven't had one for a very long time.

What vacation? We have work to do.

I'm sorry, Fady. Later, later.

I picked out the ring,

asked Nermin to wrap it,

and I went to her.

As soon as I saw her I got too scared,
for fear that I would upset her again.

Mariam asked me about you
a couple of times.

Why aren't you answering her?

Rawda, let's see who can
finish their chocolate first.

Come on. Take it.

Did she really imply something
last time she was in your office?

I finished first.

-Rawda, how could you?

When the Amira situation goes south,

you get depressed
and I never know what to do.

Don't worry, Nadine.

You don't know how different
our relationship is now.

It's like the death of her father
has rekindled what we used to have.

She's not in her right mind.

If you had a brain
you would understand that.

Stop calling me!

Just twenty thousand.
The girl needs more stuff.

I'll pay you back.

Just like I was saying, Eyad, my son.

The girl goes to work
then comes back so exhausted

at night from shopping.

The way you changed the subject when
I came was so cliché.

Very obvious.

See? See the way she talks to me,
Mr. Eyad.

Since she's talking to you like that,
she must've been begging for money.

She wants ten thousand pounds, right?

Even though I just gave her twenty.

But she's not going to leave here
until she makes it thirty.

I heard twenty.


-I will not allow you to talk to me--
-I don't care!

Stop being so repulsive.

I don't like you getting angry
over trivial stuff.

This is not the first time.

I threw some money in her face.

It's over.

I've missed you.

Oh! Me too.

-You look beautiful.
-Look who's talking.

-How are you, Karim?
-How are you, Nadine?

I'm good. How's work?

It's all good. How's your photography?

I want you to come check out the photos.

Yeah, I heard you're having an exhibition.

Very soon, hopefully.

Welcome, welcome.
How are you, Mr. Eyad?

-Welcome, Doctor.
-Thank you, Fady.

Now I see. All this good work

is what makes Mr. Architect so cocky.

Why is he acting like
he hasn't noticed I arrived?

I'm getting something to drink.

-Mariam, how are you?
-I'm good, thank you.

Can I please introduce you to my daughter?

-Of course.
-This way.


It's beautiful and amazing.

Are you going to be a decent person
and say hi to Mr. Eyad and Doctor Farida?

You delayed their project
and they're there complimenting your work.

Come on.

Come with us, Nadine.

Come on.

-Mr. Architect.
-Thank you for coming.

-Thank you.
-Hi, Mr. Architect.

Hi, Doctor.

Allow me to introduce Nadine.

Of course, Mr. Eyad El Wardany
and Dr. Farida Al Redie.

-Nice to meet you.

Great job, your work is like
the Americans or the French.

-Thank you.
-And I'm assuming it’s over.

You're done and free to work for us.

Or not?

Excuse me.

-This way, this way.
-Come on.

Why did you leave me alone, Karim?
I'm nervous.

He stood there and didn't even say hi.

I can't believe you came.

I couldn't not.

I'm leaving. Bye, Shaimaa.

-See you soon.

Can you stop looking at me like that?

I get shy.

I can't do that.

-Congrats, man.
-Thank you, Karim.

Good evening.

-Congrats, Abdallah.
-Thank you, Mariam.

How are you? Excuse me.

Let me show you around.

He was so cold. Isn't it enough that
he disappeared after our last talk?

He knows what I was implying.

He showed interest more than once.

But then I showed more interest,
so he's pretending not to notice.

Why are you upset that he's pretending?
You've been doing it for years.

Or did you think
I believed you just didn't know?

I'm a bad actor, it's obvious.

If you're willing to hurt me this badly,

that means you're evil, Mariam.

Very evil.

Is Rawda okay, Nadine?

For the first time in my life,
I thought about suicide.

Your daughter is the only thing
that stopped me.

-What's wrong, Nadine?
-I'm disgusting, Fady.

For the first time today,
I realized how disgusting I am.

I'm alive just to hurt myself
and those who love me.


I ruined your life.

I ruined your relationship
with your friend and your daughter.

Even right now,
I'm selfishly hurting you with my words.


What do I want? What am I expecting?

Nothing. Nothing is going to happen.

Please don't be upset with me, Fady.

You're good. I'm the terrible one.

-Don't move.
-You're crazy, Abdallah.

You're the one who made me crazy.

Plus, I can really picture you.

Sitting on a couch,

bending your knees,



beige and grey.

Can you see me or what?

I had a feeling.

I said stop moving.

You can see me!

Someone's at the door.

-I'll call you back, okay?
-Okay, bye.

You were working, right?

-How are you, Mariouma?
-Hi, Abdallah.

Mariouma is taking me to the movies today.

Finish talking to him about your villa.

Then pick me up downstairs.


I know you called me a lot
and asked Nadine to--

Is the answer that difficult?

You didn't find one?

Or did you forget altogether?

I'm still waiting for an answer.

-I'm not Mariouma.

Mariouma is a little kid.

I'm not a kid.

You're the most delicate girl
I've ever met.

And if I want to be a father,
I won't find a better mother than you.


There is always a "but"
after such a nice sentence.

But what?

I'll tell you.

It's obvious that you
don't see me like I see you.

I have to leave.

According to my very generous deadlines,

I was supposed to see the designs
a month ago.

I know you're not amateurs,
and I don't need to remind you

that other people's work depends on yours.

Yes, Doctor, we're not amateurs,

but the designs--

Are you the one who's supposed to be
talking about the designs, Fady?

Here are the designs.
A gift from me to you.

We'll pay any fine.

And we won't break any contract
until the doctor makes sure

that we didn't cause her to lose a pound.

Wait a minute, please.

If your time allows, I would like to look
at the designs with you, alone.

I know I lost my temper. I'm sorry.

I couldn't control it.

I've never been afraid to lose anyone
but my son.

But I'm not your son.

Or your husband.

Or even your boyfriend.

You know what we are
and we can't be anything else.

I respect this relationship
and that it's a secret.

But whatever we are, you don't have
the right to talk to me like that

in front of people.
Or even in your imagination.

I disappeared, Farida,
because I'm in love.

And when I'm in love, I don't cheat.

The one at the opening.

The one with the cross.

She's who gave you
the Virgin Mary statue, right?

Abdallah, I love you, and you love me.

You know that you won't find what we have
with anyone else.

I'm sorry, Farida.

Hi, Mr. Eyad.

That's Abdallah Younis,
he was dropping off the designs for...

Let's get married, Amira.

-That suddenly?
-It's not sudden.

We've been in love for eleven years.

Even when we weren't together,

you couldn't love anyone else
and I couldn't either.

But the reason we broke up
is still there, Abdallah.

-It will always be there.
-Don't lie to yourself, Amira.

There is no reason
that can stop us from loving each other.


You promised to be by my side
without any pressure or commitment.

I'm not pressuring you,

but I really do need you.

And I can't commit this sin.

-Yes, sin.


Amira, if you want to keep your religion,
I don't mind.

This doesn't exist in my religion.

And I love my religion and I abide by it.

And I'll always respect it.

Can you promise not to want kids
if we get married?

Can you? What about that?

Could you accept it if our kids
adopted my religion?

-The Sharia doesn't allow it.
-The Sharia is yours, not mine.

Your religion is not mine.

I can't have kids

and repeat the tragedy I had with my dad.

It's not true that you're
not pressuring me, Abdallah.

You're pressuring me greatly.

And I can't take any more pain.

It's impossible that God would put this
much love inside us just to torment us.

Doesn't your religion
say that God is love?

I'll die without you.

Amira, I love you very much.

And I love you more, Abdallah.

I need you a thousand times more
than you need me.

Then let's get married.

I'm a very weak soul.

I don't feel alive except with him.

My eyes love looking at him.

My hands love touching him.

I love his smell.

I couldn't, Abdallah.

I could never have made you happy,

or been happy with you,

if I lived with this fear and guilt.

Don't look for me
because you will never find me.

What does this mean?


What does it mean?

She left this
and didn't say where she was going?

What? She disappeared?

Disappeared again?

She can't disappear!

Why did she come back
if she was going to do this?

Yes, so that I go insane!

It wasn't a dream.

Didn't you see her with me?

Didn't you?

Nadine, you're hiding her inside and
showing her how much I love her, right?


Nadine, I love her so much.

I don't want anything else in the world.

I swear, I love her.

I will not be stubborn
and say that what I did was right,

because you think it's wrong.

And because, I swear,

I don't know what's right
and what's wrong.

But I can't live unless I'm happy,

and I would never have been happy
if I didn't do what I did.

I love you, Amira.

Do you want me to die?

Please don't say that, Bousa.

If I keep seeing you like this,

I will die from sadness.

I'm very tired, Mother.

I'm tired and I don't want to do anything.

I wish I could hide
inside your belly again.

In my belly?

You're a grown man.

A man. A good man.

You always get what you want.

But if you haven't been able
to get her after all these years,

then she was never yours.

And she never will be.

You have the warmest hug, Bousa.

The hug of a devoted woman has comfort,



good days...

and a lot of bad days.

But the good days make you forget the bad.

Abdallah, find someone to hug you,

and then stay there to keep warm.

-Looks great, Mariouma, congrats.
-Thank you.

-The house is amazing.
-You like it?

A lot.

Thank you.

I guessed you'd have finished your drink.

You always come at the right time.

That's not true.

Your design is great.

Thank you.

-Why are you standing alone?
-We can sit down.

You must be embarrassed
from all the compliments you get.

-Can I tell you something?
-Of course.

I'm sorry about what I said last time.

I don't know how I said that.

I shouldn't have said that.

I shouldn't have blamed you
for something I'm feeling.

You had nothing to do with it.


I couldn't help it.
I couldn't control myself.

Can I ask your father
for your hand right now?


How are you, sweetie?

Make sure we're free that day.

Because we're going to the wedding.

Come on.

I can't come to the wedding, Abdallah.

Rawda has a fever and is vomiting.
I have to take her to the doctor.

No, Abdallah,
I can't have my mom take her.

Or Fady.
And don't mention this to him.

He's been by your side all day.

Don't ask too much of him.

I know I have to be with you
on a day like this.

There's nothing I can do.

Don't worry. Nadim, the photographer
I sent you, is better than me.

That's not what I care about.

I don't need you to take pictures.

You can't not come.

Have your mom stay with...

Hello? Hello?

We got cut off.

Why are you so calm?

Do you know what this means to me?

She can take her to any hospital,
not necessarily to her doctor at night.

And why is it a big deal? She gets fevers
then gets better all the time.

It's not a disaster.

Why are you so calm?

Aren't you even worried
about your daughter?

I'm not, because I know she's okay.

She's not sick.

What does that mean?

Figure it out.

What would make Nadine,
your best friend,

the one who gets you the most,
and who you get the most,

not want to attend your wedding?

Not want to see you as a groom?

Did you really never get why Nadine
and I got divorced?

We're going to have to break up
the company.

Congrats, Boudy.

Go on, sweetie. Downstairs.

Where are you going?

My son and I are leaving.
We're going back to Zamalek.

Oh, so you're making
a well thought-out decision.

And it's final. I can't keep doing this.

What made you finally make that decision?

Can't you think of anything?

Did you really want us
to go to the wedding?

Was the groom your first or what?

I loved him.

Looks like he didn't reciprocate.

Looks like he just wanted
to sleep with you.

Divorce me.

You're divorced, Farida.

But why Zamalek? Go back to Kitkat.

I will never go back to Kitkat.

And I will always be
Doctor Farida Al Redie.

It's my right.

I paid for it.

I upheld my end of the deal.

But all contracts have to end.

Mine just ended,
and I'm not renewing it.

-Use this one.
-Yes, this one.

-No, put it on this side.
-Can you leave me alone?

-Can you leave me alone?

-What's wrong?
-All right, excuse us.

Go in the next room.

We're sorry.

You too, Mommy.

I'm sorry.

Calm down, dear.

Why am I scared?

Isn't this it?

You were dying to marry Abdallah.

You're finally doing it.
So why are you so scared?

I didn't even have time to find out
if Abdallah even loves me.

Who would I be happy with?

The one I think I love,

or the one I'm sure loves me?


I can't not be with him
on a day like this.

I'm his best friend.

A sister from another mother,
like he says.

Plus, I'm the reason behind this marriage.

I can't not be with him.

Damn it. We can't be late.

Mommy, it's Boudy.

I ran away.

You're crazy, right?

Have you just noticed?

Your mother might die.

She would have
if I was the one who got hurt.

And Mariam?

She'll be a lot happier without me.

I'm lost.

Well, you've always been lost.

Get in.

I'll park first.

-We were going to the wedding.
-Why are you still awake?

Kids your age go to bed early.

Subtitle translation by Anan Khedr