Wages of Sin (2011) - full transcript

1964. A small town. A kidnapping. A simple plan... just like in the movies. But real life isn't simple. Somebody always gets hurt.


[dog barking]

[dramatic music]

[folksy music]

[door opening]

[muffled crying]

- [Kathrine] Who's there?



- [Celee] Shh.


- Help!

[muffled yelling]


[muffled yelling]


[folksy music]

[scraping footsteps]






Somebody help!




- [Celee] No one can hear
you out here in the country.

- What do you want?

- [Celee] This will all be
over in a couple of hours.

- This isn't funny.

- [Celee] Just stay calm.

- Who are you?

- [Celee] That's not important.

- Are you from Delta Chi?

- What?
- Are you a pledge?

- [Celee] What are
you talking about?

- Look, if Marilyn
put you up to this

you better stop right now.

I just had my hair done
and it's totally ruined!

Somebody is gonna have to pay.

- [Buddy] You damn right
somebody's gonna have to pay.


Your old man.

- [Celee] Did you
get him on the phone?

- [Buddy] No, they said
he's at a business lunch.

- [Celee] How long
will he be there?

- [Buddy] Well I don't know,

sometimes these
business lunches...

- Are you talking
about my father?

- [Buddy] Who do you
think we're talking about?


- Is this like a
real kidnapping?

With a ransom?

- [Buddy] It will be, soon
as I talk to your daddy.

He should be back from
the market by now, right?

- I don't...

- [Buddy] Yes or no?

- No.

Not on Wednesday.

- [Buddy] Why not?

- Rotary.

- [Buddy] What the hell
are you talking about?

- Rotary Club luncheon,

he has too many martinis, he
goes home and takes a nap.

- [Buddy] What's
the goddamn number?

- I'm not gonna tell you.

- [Celee] We could
just look it up.

- [Buddy] No, I
want her to tell me.

- Well I'm not gonna.

- [Buddy] You wanna make this
hard on yourself, don't you?

Be my guest.

- [Celee] Buddy!


- Goddamn it, Celee.

You just said my name.


Why do you think that we have

these stupid bags on our heads?


So she don't know who we are.

And then you go and say my name?

- I'm sorry, Buddy,
you just scared me.

- Well baby, it's supposed
to scare her, not you.

- [Celee] You weren't really
gonna hit her, were you?

- No!

No baby, I'm pretending.

Like they do in the
movies, you know?

You gotta make 'em
think you're a bad guy

even when you're not.

Come on, baby.

Okay? - Okay.

- Now I'm gonna go upstairs
and look up the number, okay?

Stay here, keep an eye on her.

- Buddy?

$100,000 is an awful lot.

- Baby, he owns three markets.

He drives a Caddy.

Hell, baby, he's got
an in-ground pool.

- I know, but...
- No.

You don't know.

Let me handle this.

Don't you pout.
- I'm not pouting.

- You are pouting, I see
that kitty on your lip.

- No!
- You are pouting!

- No!
- Who is daddy's little girl?

Who's daddy's little girl?

Daddy's little baby, poor baby.


Okay? - Yeah.

- [Buddy] Okay.

Stay here and keep
an eye on her.

- Don't be too long.

- Any time away from
you is too long, baby.


- Don't you look at me!

[rotary phone clicking]

[phone ringing]

- Answer the damn phone.

[phone ringing]

- So what do they call you?

- Who?

- Your friends?

I bet you have a lot of friends.

Do they call you Katie?

- No.

Only my father calls me that.

My friends call me Kathrine.

- Hmm.

Must be nice, having
lots of friends.

Are most of 'em
in your sorority?

- I guess.

- Is Marilyn a friend?
- Who?

- The girl you
were talking about.

- She's a sister.
- You have a sister?


- A sorority sister not

a real sister. - Oh.

I never made it to college.

I finished high school though.

Are you an only child?

- Yes.

- Me too! [chuckling]

Mom said I was a
blessing from God

since she wasn't
supposed to have babies.

- Are you going to hurt me?


- I wouldn't hurt you, Kathrine.

- What about him?

- No, he's not like that.

He just gets excited when things

don't go the way
they're supposed to.

- I'll do whatever you want.

- That'll make it easier.

[rotary phone clicking]

[phone ringing]

- [Buddy] Answer
the goddamn phone.

- Sorry about your hairdo.

It looked nice when
we picked you up.

All done up, fresh like that.

You think that style
would look good on me?

- I guess.

- Maybe I'll try it.

What do you think?

- Why me?

- 'Cause you're rich.

- I'm not rich!

- Well your daddy is, or
that's what Buddy says.

[phone ringing]

- [John] Hello?

- [Buddy] Hello, Mr.
Tremaine, Mr. John Tremaine?

- [John] Yeah, who's this?

- [Buddy] You
don't know me, sir,

but I need to talk to you.

- [John] Well what the
hell do you want then?

I was trying to take a nap!

- [Buddy] Well I'm
sorry to wake you, sir,

but I need to talk to
you about your daughter.

- [John] Katie's not here.

- [Buddy] I know that, sir...

[dial tone buzzing]

Goddamn it.

[rotary phone clicking]
[water dripping]

[phone ringing]

- [John] This better not be
that same son of a bitch...

- Will you shut up
and listen to me?

- [John] Who do
you think you are?

- I am the one that's
got your daughter.

- [John] What do you mean
you've got my daughter?

- I've got her tied up
in my basement right now.

- [John] Is this
some kind of joke?

- Do you hear me
laughing, sir, huh?

Do you?

Got your attention, didn't I?

Woke you up? - Who is this?

- Does that really matter, sir?

'Cause I just don't think so.

You see, all that matters

is that you get your
daughter back alive.

So if you wanna see her again,
it's gonna cost you $100,000.

- [John] I don't have
that kind of money.

- A rich man like
you can get it.

- [John] Who are you?

- All that you need to know

is that I want $100,000,
do you hear me?

- [John] How do I know
you've even got my daughter?

- 'Cause I say so!
- Well that's not good enough!

- Well how 'bout she
just got her hair done?

- [John] Well how 'bout so what?

Anyone could've seen
her get her hair done.

- How 'bout her dead body, sir?

Would that be proof
enough for you,

seeing your little girl
dead in a gutter somewhere?

- [John] Now wait,
hold on just a...

- 'Cause I'll do it!
- I didn't mean to...

- Don't you think that I won't!

- [John] No.

Please, I'm sorry.

- That's more like it, sir.

Now we gotta talk about
what we're gonna do.

- [John] Maybe I could raise 50.

- 50?

- [John] But it'll take
a couple of days, I...

- This ain't open
for discussion, sir.

- [John] Look, I don't have...

- Oh, bullshit!

- [John] Just let my daughter go

and I promise you
I'll get you the 50.

- You think I'm an idiot?
- No, I,

look, I just can't raise...

- Listen, sir!
- That kind of money.

- I will kill her, does
that mean anything to you?

I will kill your
daughter, I'll do it!

- [John] Okay, okay, okay, okay,

just please don't
hurt my little girl.

- You can't even raise $100,000
to save your little baby?

[John stammering]

- [John] Look, if
I could I would,

I'm telling you I can't!

Please, I'm begging you!

If I could get that
much money I would!

- Are you sure you
can't get $100,000?

- [John] It's impossible,
I can't do it.

- But you can get 50?
- Yes.

Guarantee it.


- By Friday?
- Yes.

- And no later?
- No later, I promise.

- I'm gonna call you back.


- [Celee] Those pearls
sure are pretty.

I wish I had some.

- What the hell are you doing?

- [Celee] Just talking.

- [Buddy] Where's your bag?

- I forgot it.
- You forgot it?

- I'm sorry.
- How do you forget it?

- You got me all upset
and I wasn't thinking

and I walked in and, well,

what's done is done.

You gonna leave yours on?
- Yeah.

Yeah, I am.

- Looks kinda stupid.
- No, no,

stupid is letting her
see your face, okay?

That's stupid.

- What did her daddy say?


- [Buddy] We're gettin'
the money, baby.


I think that

50 will be easier
for us to carry.

So we're getting 50.

- My father's
giving you $50,000?

- [Buddy] That's right, Friday.

- I thought we were
getting it today?

- [Buddy] No, it takes time

to put that kind
of money together.

- What about your aunt?

- [Buddy] She ain't
comin' back 'til Saturday.

- What are we gonna do
with her for two days?

- [Buddy] We gonna get
to know each other.

[folksy music]


- Buddy.




- [Buddy] What?

- You were snoring.

- [Buddy] Sorry.

What is that?

- A list of things we
should buy with the money.

- [Buddy] Let me see that.

- So far I've got a blender,
a vacuum cleaner, a Hoover.

- [Buddy] 'Cause they suck?


- Maybe we should give
some money to the church?

- [Buddy] Not from my share,

you gotta put a
T-Bird down for me.

- A family wagon
would make more sense.

- [Buddy] I can't breathe
in this damn thing.

Oh that's much better, baby.

[breathing deeply]

- I think we'll need
two sets of sheets.

- [Buddy] I guess so.

- Maybe some...
- Excuse me.

I need to talk to you.

- [Buddy] What, you an expert
on sheets or something?

- I need to...

- [Buddy] What?

- Do you need to pee, hon?

- [Buddy] Hold it.

- Buddy, guys can hold
it 'cause they've got

something to hold,
girls just have to go.

- [Buddy] Fine but I'm
not untying her hands.

- Well what is she
gonna pee into?

- [Buddy] I dunno.


There ya go.

- Well turn around.

- [Buddy] Oh for Christ's sake.

- [Celee] Okay, let
me help you a bit.

If you just scooch over and,

yeah, and I'll get your skirt.


[ketchup squirting]

- [Buddy] What are you doing?

- Putting ketchup on my fries.

- [Buddy] That's disgusting.

- Let's say Grace.

Bless this food and
the nourishment of
our body and soul,

may we always be aware
of your loving presence.

Thank you, Jesus, amen.


- [Buddy] Shit.

- Take it off.

- [Buddy] I'm not
gonna take it off.

I can do this.

Stupid burger, goddamn...
- Buddy.

Doesn't that feel better?

- I guess so.

Don't you look at me.

I'm not gonna have
her staring at me.

- Well she can't always
look at the floor.

- Why not?
- That's dumb!

What if she promises
not to stare?

- I don't know.

- It's better than that
bag over your head.

Do you promise not
to stare at Buddy?

All right then, that's settled.


- She starts lookin' at me,
there's gonna be trouble.

- She knows that.

- [Buddy] Fine.

- I feel funny eating
in front of her.

- Do you want a root
beer or grape soda?

- Buddy...

- I got her a burger!

- Well how's she gonna
eat it all tied up?

- I'm not untying her hands!

- [Celee] Then we're
going to have to feed her.

- Judas Priest,
then you feed her!

I don't know which one
of you is more trouble.

- It has everything
on it except onions.

- Thank you.

- I'm taking the root beer.

- Is it okay?

- It's good, I'm
just not that hungry.

- I understand.

Must be pretty upset.

You want the grape soda
or the orange soda?

- I bought the grape
soda for you, Celee.

- I'll take the orange soda.

- If you want the grape soda
you can have the grape soda.

- The orange is fine.

- You gonna need a church key?

[keys rattling]

- I like the soda better in
the fountain than the bottle.

- Well I wasn't gonna drive
all the way into town.

- It's fine.

That's where Buddy and me met.

I was eating a cheeseburger.

He was at the magazine rack.

It was just like the movies.

Our eyes met and that's it.

I knew.

[gasping] [Buddy laughing]

Oh, I'm sorry,
Buddy get a towel!

- What for?

- It's gonna leave a stain!
- Oh my god, who cares?

- Buddy!

- For the love of god!

- It's all right.
- No, it's not, I'm sorry.

Buddy, go get a towel now!

- Use this.


- That is filthy, I
need a clean towel!

- Fine, I'll get a
goddamn clean towel!

Do everything around here.

Ain't one thing it's another.

- I'm sorry!
- Stupid.

- This isn't fair!

- [Celee] If you take it
off then I can soak it.

- I can't take it off!

- Right.

If you promise not to run away

I'll untie your hands.



Get this knot,

all right.

I'll take off your blouse.

And if you pull it up then I
can soak it in the sink maybe.

Then I'll do your skirt.


I didn't mean to, I'm so sorry.


I'll fix it, I'll fix this.

Honestly, I just,
I'll just work...


What are,

no, you promised!



Buddy, Buddy!


I'm sorry Buddy.

She promised and I'm sorry.

- Get your ass up and
get back in the chair.


[gun cocking]

I'm not gonna ask you again.

- What are you doing?

- Shut up.


Hold it on her.

Celee, take the goddamn gun.


I swear to god if you
don't take this gun...

Can you at least tie her hands?

Huh, can you do that?

- Mm-hmm.
- Well do it!





Are you done? - I'm almost done.

- Are you done? [crying]



Do you see what comes
from trying to be nice?

- She gave me her word!

- Rich people lie all the time!

You can just sit there
with your shirt off

and see how you like that.


[crickets chirping]

- I...

♪ Good girls will tell you no

♪ Come a little
closer, just let go ♪

♪ As long

♪ As I'm taking care of you

[rooster crowing]

♪ Go

- I didn't know you played.

[strumming guitar]

♪ Go


Don't use those.

- [Celee] Why not?

- Those are my grandma's.

- All right.

Sure are pretty.

- Just use 'em.

- Really?
- Yeah, why not?

- Well your aunt won't mind?

- Nope, she's too old to notice.

What she don't know
won't hurt her.

♪ Give me something different

- Were you writing that for me?

- What?

- [Celee] That song.

That for me?

- What do you think?

- You're so sweet. [chuckling]

- I hate it when they
don't put enough jelly

in these things!

You ask for a jelly
doughnut you expect to get

a goddamn jelly doughnut.

- You never told me you
were bringing a gun.

- I knew it would scare you.

- It does.

- It's just a tool.

It all depends on
how a man uses it.

Touch it.

Touch it.

Go ahead.

It don't bite.

Boom! [laughing]

You should've seen your face!

Aw shit.

Oh man.

Oh come on, that was
funny, that was funny.

Oh come on. [sniffling]

I'm just playing, baby, come on!

♪ Baby please don't go

♪ Baby please don't go

♪ Baby please don't
go and leave me here ♪

♪ You know it's cold out there

- You know after we're done here

I'm gonna change my name.

- Why?

- We gonna be outlaws, baby.

♪ On old Parchman's farm

- Should I change mine too?

- Probably so.

- [Radio Announcer]
All right, everybody,

thanks for listening,
here's a little something

to take your mind off things.

- What about Roy?

- Roy, like Roy Rogers?

- No not Roy Rogers, just Roy.

Would you like me as a Roy?

- [Celee] I dunno.

♪ I've got ramblin' on my mind

[folksy music]

♪ I've got ramblin'

♪ I've got ramblin' on my mind

- Hi, I'm Roy. [laughing]

- [Celee] Oh my, Roy.

- Roy knows how
to treat a woman.


You like that?

- Uh-huh.
- Uh-huh?


♪ I've got leavin'

♪ I've got leavin' on my mind

[folksy music]

♪ I've got leavin' on my mind



- You know some people
think dancing's a sin?

- [Celee] I know.

- But Roy says a sin is in
the eye of the beholder.

♪ Riding down to
the Saint John ♪

♪ If I don't find

- [Kathrine] Help!

- Shit.
- Somebody help me!

♪ I've got the
blues and they're ♪

- [Kathrine] I need some help!


♪ If they don't find
me when I leave ♪

- Oh my god.

- What happened, hon?

- I don't feel well.

- Well you're not
getting sick, are you?

- You better clean
that or I'm gonna barf.

- Get me a washcloth
and some water.

- You're getting to be more
trouble than you're worth.

- Hurry up, it's
starting to dry!

- [Buddy] I don't
wanna hear about it!

- Is this upsetting you
or was it the burger?

You're embarrassed.

I'll just clean you up and
it'll be our little secret.

Buddy where's that water?

- [Buddy] It's coming, damn it!

- He'll be here in a minute.

- Why are you doing this?

- 'Cause you have
throw up on yourself.

- No, I mean this.

I can understand him

but why you?

[sighing] - Here.

I'm gonna go have a smoke.

- Does that feel better?

I'll have you cleaned
up all in a jiffy.

Oh, you've got it
on your pretty bra.


- I'm fine.

- Okay.

The day I graduated high
school, Larry Dale and me

went to the lake with
a six pack of beer.


I think he had a crush on me.

I had two beers

and he went in to kiss me,

I threw up all over
on the back seat.

- I bet that slowed him down.

- Sure didn't
sweeten the moment.

- Thank you.

- It wasn't supposed
to be like this.

Buddy said we'd pick you up,

get the money and start living.


I just wanted it
to be different.

Do you believe in dreams?

- Not really.

- I dreamed I saw Patsy
Cline before she died.

I was in a field of red roses

and Patsy came down
to me and she said,

"Your prayers have
been answered."

And I said, "But he's
a stranger in my arms."

And she said, "Just
stand by your man."

Isn't that sweet?

And then she was gone.

I think she was
talking about Buddy.

- [Buddy] Y'all done yet?

- Guess so.

Go dump this outside.
- I'm eating.

[sighing] - Buddy!

- I'm not touching that.
- You're such a baby!

I'll be right back.

[saw whirring]

- This would make a
great bomb shelter.

The Russians decide
to drop the big one...

Be a good place
to duck and cover.

Not that that kind
of stuff scares me.

I say live for today,
you know what I mean?

Because that's all you got.

You ain't guaranteed nothin'.

I bet you always
got what you wanted.

I wasn't gonna give you any.

- Don't!

[phone ringing]

- [Celee] Buddy,
Buddy come quick!


- [Buddy] I heard
you the first time!

[phone ringing]


- [Celee] Should we answer it?


- No.

- Well do something,
Buddy, do something!

- Shut up, Celee.
[phone ringing]

[suspenseful music]

- Make it stop!
- Will you shut the fuck up,

I'm trying to think!

- I'm scared, I'm scared!

- Celee, Celee, shut up!

I'm trying to
fucking think here!


I'm sorry.


You got to do as you're told!

Okay, I didn't mean to hurt you

but you wouldn't listen to me.

And you gotta listen to
me, you have to trust me,

baby, I know what I'm doing!

You have to trust me.


It's over now.

It's over.


I'm sorry, okay baby?

Daddy's sorry.

Do you forgive me?

Please say you forgive me.

Just say you forgive daddy.

- You scared me.

- I know, I know,
and daddy's sorry.

[somber music]


- Okay.


- You know what, baby?

You know what?

I bet that was a wrong number.

That happens all the time.

- You think?

- Sure.

Well, yeah, I do, I mean,

who would call my aunt anyway?

'Specially when she
ain't even here.

- I guess you're right.

I'm sorry.

- Don't you give
another thought to it.

We all make mistakes.

To err is human.

And to forgive is divine.

[somber music]

- Want some?

Smells real nice.

Buddy gave it to me.

- [Buddy] Drugstore perfume
ain't good enough for you?

- No thank you.

- Ah, stupid lures!

- You okay?

- Yeah.

I always hated fishin'.

I either fell in the water

or got told a million
times to shut up.

- Well at least you
were with your daddy.

- No, my daddy was gone,
I was with my uncle.

I spent too many summers here.


Waste of time.

[bubblegum popping]


Oh you think you can do better?

Knock yourself out.


- Stop!

- What?

- That.


This is boring.

I said this is boring.

- [Buddy] I heard you.

- This was supposed to be fun.

- [Buddy] Baby, we'll have
fun soon as we get the money.

- I'm bored now!

- If you're so bored why
don't you go get us supper?

- Fine!

I will!

I need money.

- Her purse is upstairs,
get some outta there.

- That's stealing.

- You don't mind, do you?

- Would it matter?

- No.

Keys are on the kitchen table.

- I'll just take
enough for the food.

- And get me some
ice cream, chocolate.

- [Celee] Chocolate, okay!

[suspenseful music]

- Are you scared?


You should be.





[imitating slicing]

What would your boyfriend say
if you were missing a titty?

[suspenseful music]



- You wanna touch them?


It's all right.

[suspenseful music]


- I know what I'm doin'.

- Just not so hard.

[thunder rumbling]

You can take off my bra.

Snaps in the back.

You're so sexy, like James Dean.

- [Buddy] James Dean's a pussy.

Probably a faggot too.

Rock Hudson is a real actor.

- You think he's sexy?
- I didn't say that.

He's a man's man, somebody
that you wanna be with.

- Be with?
- Yes, hang out with,

have a beer with.

- Untie my hands and I can help.

[thunder rumbling]


- [Buddy] Do you like that?

- Yeah.


Want me to touch you?

Untie me.

I wanna touch you.

[thunder rumbling]

- Do it.


- How's that?


- This what you do
to the college boys?

Gets 'em all hot?

- Oh yeah.

Me too.

[thunder rumbling]

Undo your belt, it'll
make you so hot.

[belt buckle clicking]


That feels good, doesn't it?


Maybe I wasn't doing it right?

- [Buddy] I am not one
of your college boys.

- I'm sorry.

- [Buddy] Thought you said
you knew what you were doing!

- Let me try again.

- You know what, I never had
trouble with girls before!

- I know, it was my
fault, I can do better.

- That is what they all say.

- I'm sorry, I was just
trying to make you feel good!

- You were trying to get away.
- No!

- [Buddy] And you used
me like all of 'em!

- I'm just trying to help!

- Oh, you're trying to help?
[thunder rumbling]

You are not my fucking mother!

[screaming] [slapping]


- Please,

I'm sorry.

[crying] Oh god.

I'm sorry!

- My old man, the Army shrink,

the cops, all trying
to help poor Buddy.

- No, no, no, please.

Please, I'm sorry. - No more!

[crying] [slapping]

I said shut up! [crying]


You stupid bitch! [slapping]


- [Kathrine] Please.

- Buddy.

Well, I made it.

I got caught in this downpour

and then they didn't
have chocolate

so I had to get
vanilla and it...

[suspenseful music]


What did you do?

- [Buddy] She wouldn't shut up.

- He doesn't mean half
the stuff he says.

But he shouldn't have
done this to you.

I dunno.

I never met anyone like him.

He's not like the other boys.

- He's cruel.

- Everyone's cruel sometimes.

I bet you've done things
you weren't proud of.

I bet nothing an apology
wouldn't take care of.

- He beat me up.

- I know.

And I'm so sorry.

He promised nobody
would get hurt.

- And you believed that?

- You brought this on yourself.

- You kidnapped me!

- You should just sit still
and do as you're told.

Now eat some of this food.

- [Woman] Haven't you
any feelings at all?

- [Man] No I haven't, lady.

They were taken out
of me by experts.

- No shit?

- Feeling's a trap.

Show me a guy with feelings
and I'll show you a sucker.

It's a weakness,

makes you think of
something besides yourself.

- Yeah and if you don't
look out for number one,

no one else will.

- If I had any feelings
left in me at all

they'd be for me!

Just me.

- [Woman] Don't you ever think
of your mother, your father?


- Oh, that's a laugh.

- Think of 'em?

I used to think of
'em a great deal.

- Yeah, 'cause
they're worthless.

- My mother wasn't married.

My old man was a dipso,
they left me in a home.

A home.

- Run by the state!

[somber music]


- You seem like a good person.

- I try to be.

- Then let me go.

- I can't.

- I promise I won't
get you in any trouble.

- I can't do that.

- Just untie my hands, I
help you if you help me.

- Buddy will get upset
if I do anything wrong.

- He's using you.
- No!

He loves me.

- Celee, he doesn't love you.


- You sound like my mama.

- She's right.

- He has always
treated me like a lady.

Not like the other boys.

And all they ever
wanna do is just...

- He needs somebody
to help him...

- No, you don't know him!

- And you do?

- He is gonna be my husband

and we're gonna be happy

and we're gonna have a
home with a picket fence

and everything's...
- That's not gonna happen.

- No!

He loves me and I love him

and no one is gonna
take that away from me...

- For god's sake, Celee...
- No!

- Just untie me!

- You listen to this.

Your eyes are like pools.

Your mouth like red velvet cake.

When I hold you next to me,
it makes my sad heart ache.

Buddy wrote that for me.

What do you think about that?

- You're pathetic.



- You reap what you sow!

[belt buckle clicking]


- I didn't mean to...

Thank you.

- How far along are you?

- I don't know what
you're talking about.

- It happens.

- I'm not pregnant.

- Your breasts are tender.

You're throwing up.

You're not hungry.

Got yourself in
trouble, didn't you?

You're not the first.

It's not the end of the world.

When all of this is over...

- This wasn't
supposed to happen.

- But it did.

And now,

you've got a little
miracle growing in you.

The daddy must be thrilled.

- He said...

He said he loved me.

- Then he has to
do what's right.


- I'd never gone
all the way before.

- You're a good girl.

- We met at a fraternity party.

He brought me flowers the
first time we went out.

He was,

he was so polite.

- But he really wasn't, was he?

- No.

No. [sniffling]

What's my daddy gonna say?

[crying] - He doesn't know?

- No.

- Shh.



It's okay.

We'll figure something out.

Shh. [sobbing]






I need to talk to you.

- Just a second.

[crickets chirping]

What's up?

- We can't do this.

- What are you talking about?

- We have to let her go.

- Are you nuts?
- I'm not.

It's just that...

What's the matter? - Nothin'.

- Well your eyes are all red.

- I got something stuck in 'em.

Now what the hell are
you talking about, Celee?

- She's pregnant.

We have to let her go.

- Are you sure?

- It's the right thing to do.


- Does her daddy know?

Well well well, that
changes everything.

- I know.

- I'm gonna call her daddy.

- No, you can't tell him.

- Celee.

Listen to me, her daddy
is gonna be thrilled

when he hears the good news.

- You think?
- I know it.

Baby, he won't even be mad,

this is the best
thing that can happen.

- And you won't ask for
more money, will you?

- No, no, not if you
don't want me to.

- I don't.

- Fine.

But he should know.

Trust me, baby, this
is for the best.

- I just love you so much

that I don't wanna
ruin anything.

- I know, I know, and I
feel the same about you.

I really do.


♪ You're my sunshine

♪ My only sunshine

Sing it. ♪ You make me happy

All right.

- Should we go to the bedroom?

- I think we should wait.

- Are you sure?

- Not that I don't want to.

- I know.

- I respect you too much.
- I know you do.

- We just gotta save ourselves.

- For the wedding night.
- Mm-hmm.

It's what God wants.

- Will you hold me?
- Forever and a day, baby.


- Never leave me, daddy.

- Don't you worry, baby.

It's all gonna work out.


[suspenseful music]

[baby crying]

[suspenseful music]

- [John] Baby's gonna
be fine, sweetheart.

- Daddy?
- It's all right.

Come on, hurry.

They'll be back soon.

- Daddy!
- There's plenty of time

though, don't worry about it.

- I can't.
- Now Kathrine Jane,

you need to do as you're told!

You know you don't
argue with Daddy!

Kathrine Jane!



[birds chirping]

[metal squealing]
[chickens clucking]

[horse blowing]

[rooster calling]

[bed creaking]

[rotary phone clicking]

[phone ringing]

- Hello?
- How's that money coming?

- [John] I got it,
you just have to wait

until the bank opens.

How much would you pay
to be a granddaddy?

- [John] What are you saying?

- In a couple months
you're gonna have

a little bundle of
joy runnin' around.

- [John] My daughter's
not even married.

- Yeah but that didn't stop
her from getting knocked up

now did it?

- [John] Katie's pregnant?

- Bingo!

So we gotta talk
about more money.

- [John] Who's the father?

- A college guy, I don't know.

- Who?
- I don't know,

some guy that probably lied to
her and took advantage of her

and won't even do the
right thing, you know?

- [John] I'll kill
that son of a...

That's my baby.

- I feel bad having to tell
you this, Mr. Tremaine.

I do, I really do.

Why don't you go pour
yourself a little drink,

that might make you feel better.

Calm down a little bit. - Buddy?

- I'm gonna call you back.

- Who are you talking to?

- Oh just an old
Army buddy who's,

you know, having trouble.

So I thought I'd call
him and check up on him.

- You're so sweet.

- What got you up?

- I rolled over and
you weren't there.

- You missing daddy?
- Mm-hmm.

- Aww.

- [Celee] Want some coffee?

- Why don't you go check on
her and I'll make us coffee?

- Okay.

- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.


[rotary phone clicking]

[phone ringing]

- [John] Hello?

- How you doin', Mr. Tremaine?

- [John] All right,
I'm sorry 'bout that.

- Hey, there ain't nothin'
to be sorry about, sir.

I know this is a shock

but we gotta talk about
what we're gonna do now.

Mr. Tremaine?

- [John] How much more
are we talking about?

- Why would you tell him?

- He needed to know so he
wouldn't hurt you again.

- He's gonna ask for more money!

- I told him we can't do that.

- And you think he's
gonna listen to you?

All he cares about is the money!

You gotta stop him, Celee!

- He's not like that!

- Not like what?

A kidnapper?

Somebody who'd beat up a woman?


- It wasn't supposed
to be like this.

I'm so sorry.


- I can't have this baby.

- No matter what,
it's a blessing.

- What kind of blessing is
it to raise a kid alone?

- My mama raised me alone
and I turned out okay.

- I won't be able to
show my face in town.

- Your daddy has lots
of money, you can move...

- I don't want this baby!

- It is not for you to
decide, it is God's will!

- God damn it, Celee!

- Good news!

We're gettin' the money.

Are you crying?

- It's nothing.

We were talking about the baby
and I got a little emotional.

- Well you can dry those tears

'cause that baby got us a bonus.

- You asked for more money?
- I sure did.

- Why?

- Because that's
how it works, baby.

- Using her troubles
to get more money?

- Well, yeah, that's right.

You gotta find their weak
spot and then you go for it!

- You promised!

- I told you all he cared
about was the money.

- Will you shut up?

- You shouldn't have
done that, Buddy.

- Hey, I did that for us, baby.

- I don't want it!
- Well, you know what?

It's a little late now.

And besides, her daddy
was really excited

when he heard about the baby.

- He's lying.
- I told you to shut up!

- Call him back, please!

- I'm not calling anybody
back, Celee, it's done.

I'm getting the money at 10.
- It's wrong!

- It's business!
- I don't want it!

- Fine, well I'll
keep the money, okay?

- Buddy, please, we can't!

- Get off of me!

Nobody tells me that I
can't, you understand?


- Buddy, please!

- Why don't you
just stay down here

with your new best friend?


[lock clicking]

- Celee.



- He lied.

He lied to me.

- Stop crying and
untie me, Celee.

- I can't!

- Do it!


For the baby!

I can't have this baby because

I don't want him to hurt her.

- Buddy wouldn't do
that, I wouldn't let him.

- Not Buddy.

My daddy.

- No.


He'd be a little upset at first
but that is to be expected

because he's your daddy.

- He's not like that.

- Your daddy will come around.

It's his grandbaby.
- Celee he's not a good daddy,

he's a...

On Sundays, after church,

we'd have our special time.

It was fun, just me and him.

He'd buy me ice cream or candy.

- 'Cause that's what daddies do.

[chuckling sadly]

- We held hands and
I'd sit on his lap

and tell him how
much I loved him.

- 'Cause you did.

- I was six

the first time he touched me.

[suspenseful music]

I laughed because it tickled

and he laughed too.

He said that was how daddies
showed their little girls

they loved them!

And it was fine.

The next time it hurt. [crying]

I said, "Daddy, that hurts."

- Stop, daddies don't do that!
- He kept doing it.

It kept hurting, no matter
how much I begged him to stop!

- No, daddy wouldn't
do that to his baby.

- He stopped when I
got my first period.

He said I wasn't a
little girl anymore.

[crying] Please.

Help me.

- You swear?


I gotta get you some place safe.

[truck starting]

That's Buddy.

- You gotta stop him.

- [Celee] He's gone.

- We have to get out of here.
- The door's locked!

- I can't go back to
that house with a baby.

- I know.
- Help me, please.

- I will.
- Promise?

No matter what, help me
get rid of this baby?

- I can't do that.

- You promised.
- I can't!

- You know it's the right thing.

- It's a sin to
even think about it.

- It's a sin to let something
like that happen again.

- I can't listen to you.

- God put you here for a reason.

- God wouldn't do that.

- [Kathrine] He wants
you to save the baby.

- Why me?

- Because you care.

- I'm not that strong.

- Do you want that
baby to suffer?

- No.
- Like I did?

- No, god no.

- Then...

Be God's instrument.

Let God guide you

and save us.

It's God's will.

[suspenseful music]

- I can't do all things
through him who strengthens me.

- Amen.

Let God guide your hand.

- Let God...

Guide my hand.

Our Father who art in Heaven

hallowed be thy name.

- [Both] Thy Kingdom come.

Thy will be done on
Earth as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread

and forgive us our trespasses

as we forgive those who
trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation

but deliver us from evil.

For thine is the kingdom
and the power and the glory

forever and ever.

- Amen.

- Amen.

- [Buddy] Hey baby,
I got the money.


- [Celee] The harvest has past.

Summer has ended and
we are not saved.

- What the hell are
you talking about?

Isaiah chapter eight, verse 20.

- What the hell

did she do to you?

- Help her.

- Jesus, what happened?

- The baby's safe now.

- Is she dead?

- You have to help her.


- I gotta think.

- I did what she wanted.

I helped her with the baby.

And there was so much blood
I couldn't make it stop!

- I can't breathe in here.

- I covered her,
she looked cold.

- We gotta get outta here.
- But Kathrine needs us.

- Okay, we got the money,
that's all that matters.

- We can't leave her.

- She doesn't matter,
she never mattered, baby.

She saw our faces and we'd
have to kill her anyway.

- No, I won't leave her!

- She's a whore, Celee,
she got what she deserved!

- She loved her baby.
- Who cares?

- I do!
- You killed her, Celee.

- No, I saved her and
her baby from her daddy!

- What the hell are
you talking about?

- Her daddy!

- Her daddy gave us
a lot of money, baby.

- He needs to pay for his sins!

- And he did!
- It's not enough!

- Fine, fine, you wanna
stay then just stay!

- What are you doing?
- I'm getting outta here!

- We're getting married!
- Yeah, in your dreams.

- I made plans.
- So did I

and it never included a nutcase.

- No! [squelching]

[ominous music]

- [Buddy] Celee.


- I love you.


I've always loved you.


But you didn't love me.


I'll never let you go, daddy.


- You said nobody
would get hurt.

But can an Ethiopian
change his skin

or a leopard his spots?

Somebody always gets hurt.


Your daddy did love you.


She's safe now

and so is the baby.


It's all right.

Everything's gonna be fine.

I'm here.


Everything's gonna be all right.

[somber music]