Waga machi (1956) - full transcript

Listen up idiot!

Humans always torture their bodies by
working, until their bones fall apart!

Those who wish to leave,
let them leave!

I'll take over! We have to show
them who the Japanese are!

Baguio, a town located 160 miles north of
Manila, the capital of the Philippines,

is 5000 feet above sea level, so despite
being tropical, it has cold winters.

In order to open the summer
retreat town, Twin Peaks,

construction has begun
on the 21.35 mile Benguet Road.

The Philippines have just become
independent from the United States,

It is costing 700,000 dollars, and

finally, 1200 workers from the
Philippines, China and America,

gave up on its construction.

So, in the autumn of Meiji 36 (1903),
1200 Japanese construction workers

known for their perseverance
while developing California,

crossed the seas to help.

Due to unimaginable construction conditions
and an infectious endemic disease,

On average, every day, 2 people,
or every 100 metres, 1 person died.

there were people who said

"this isn't what we signed up for"
and tried to leave, but,

if they ran now, they'd be disrespecting
those that already had fallen.

These immigrant workers from Kansai
had revenge in their hearts,

but they were held back
by Takichi Sadogashima,

and picked up their pickaxes again.

Thus, the 1500-odd Japanese construction
workers that slaved away at this mammoth task

completed it on the 28th of January,
Meiji 38 (1905),

while suffering
over 700 casualties,

at the height of the
Russo-Japanese war.

Foreign workers were unable to complete
even one kilometer of the road,

so these Japanese people
were proud they had, but

as soon as the construction completed,
the workers fell into unemployment,

and they were paid very little.

They wondered why they came
to the Philippines in the first place.

Impatience and dissatisfaction erupted.

Eventually, many were sent home
as a result of civil misconduct,

and "Taa of Benguet", Takichi Sadogashima
was mixed into this group of deportees.

Looking up to the
Southern Cross in Manila,

they felt that if they
didn't raise the flag again,

they'd be dishonoring the 700 people
that are now part of Benguet's earth, but

as their ship started to
return to Japan, they began to

remember the hometown in Osaka
they've been away from for so long.

It was a poor town,
filled with laziness,

but to Takichi, it was the nostalgic
town he grew up in.

In a seven-house-long street
called "Kappa Alley".

Hey, they're going to be here soon.
Let's practice one more time.

Alright, here we go!

One, Two, Three.

Ah, they're here!
They've come home!

To First-Class Private Tanekichi Hanai,

Congratulations! Congratulations!

Is nobody in that car?

Ah, we were wrong. He's a weirdly
dressed rickshaw-man though, right?


Wait, that's Taa!

Ah. Ah! It really is Taa!

- Taa!
- Taa!


Who've you been!

- Taa!
- Whatever you been up to Taa?

Ms. Aka, did you really know
I was coming home today!

What are you saying!

We all knew and came
together to greet you!

- Is that so. I thought it was a bit weird.
- Weird?! Couldn't you see these banners?

Ah, it is written up here.
Shime, these are letters, you know.

What are you on about?
I know I might not be the best reader...

You know, today,
it's Tane's triumphant return.

We're all waiting for him.

- As in the Tane from Issen Tempura?
- Yeah.

That Tane who could have gotten knocked
out by a curtain, who went off to war?

You're just as cheeky as ever!

And anyway!

I've just made my triumphant
return from the Philippines!

Oh? Did you do a good job there?

- You know, it was a great success!
- That's impressive!

We made Japan proud!

Now Japan shines even brighter.

? Aranami wandered ?

? For thousands of miles ?

? To Manila ?

? Without a plan ?

? Sanosa! ?

Thank you! Thank you!

Ah, everyone,
let's go over to my place.

We shouldn't stand
about chatting like this.

- Alright, let's go.
- Yeah.

See you later guys. I'll tell you all
about Benguet another time!

See you!

Are you still the main act
at the Hanashi House?

One man's mistake is another's lesson.
I moved on. What about you, Taa?

- Are you just a rickshaw-man now?
- Well, I came back from Benguet

empty handed,

so I worked in a hotel in Kobe for
a short while and ended up with this.

I just thought, why not?

Hey, Taa, I live here now.

Wow, it's as dirty as usual.

- Are you not paying your rent again?
- No way, I've paid all but 6.

Well that's good.

There better be no-one
in my old house...

He's asking that kind of thing
with a Seto coin purse.

I can't believe it.

You're right.

Why do I have a Seto coin purse?

I won't tell you!
You're such a dunce.

What's going on?

- Mother!
- Oh, is that right?

Ah, apparently Mr. Tane is going
to turn up at the Ikudama crossing

so I'll see you later!

- Hey, wait, Otaka!
- Well, it's all fine. Come inside.

That gossiping widow.

Private Hanai has just returned!


Hey, do you know the people
who live next door?

Why'd I know that?
They have no connection to me at all.

By the way, ? Nagoya is having
a ton of earthquakes. ?

Have you thought about her at all?

Why are you being
so roundabout about it?

- Who do you mean, "her"?
- Ms. Tsuru.

- Ms. Tsuru?
- Yeah.

By Ms. Tsuru...

do you mean the Ms. Tsuru you fell
for and chased around for ages?

- What about her?
- You're a cruel bastard, you know?

The night before you left,
you were doting over her, right?

- Ah, THAT Ms. Tsuru!
- You moron.

As if I've thought about her.

She gave birth to your child,
you know.

Hmm... Eh? What? My child?



Yeah, seriously. A cute girl.
She named her Hatsue.

But I'm no hero you know.
I can't just go.

I feel bad for her,

she's raised that child herself
while working hard labor until now.

She hasn't gone for other men, and
has been waiting for you to get back.

I've made advances, but every
night she leaves by midnight.


Turn my life around, huh...

- Where are you going?
- Here.

Ms. Tsuru! Ms. Tsuru!

Where is she I wonder.

Today is Ms. Uma's night market,
so she'll be over there.

In this cold, she's gone
to the night market?

Won't the kid get ill in there?

Are you an idiot?

Hatsue will be with Ms. Tsuru
at the market, selling Shichimi.


- Shime, Ms. Uma's night market, right?
- That's right.

Thank you.

Come in.

You moron.

Hey there. Are you doing well?

You're such a moron.

Why didn't you send me letters?

I wanted to, but I can't write Kanji.

I was too embarrassed.

Even then, you could've told
me you were coming back.

Mom, who's this?

He's your father dear.

I don't know him!

Yeah, of course you don't, eh?

Ms. Tsuru,
how do you know she's mine?


Why don't you look inside
your heart and see?

Heart... well...
if I had one I could tell you.

But Ms. Tsuru!

Of course I don't know for sure!
How could I?

What're you doing?!

I don't want to see your face.

You're in the way of my customers.
Go home! I said go home!

Fine, I'll go!

Taa, did you meet Ms. Tsuru?

- What, that woman?
- What are you saying?

Sake, please.


- Taa.
- Yeah?

I think Ms. Tsuru
is badly ill you know.


Poor Ms. Tsuru can't notice a
two-story harbor construction train...

clanging as it goes.

She does nothing
but boring jobs at noon...

Not only does she love a cruel man,
but she won't even see a doctor.

Hey. You keep criticizing me,
so why are you trying to help me?

W-well, because we're neighbours and
have to make lanterns for the festival.

Damn it...

Welcome back.

Osaka's so cold...

Really cold.

? In Tenma City ?

? Koroichi Nenne ?

? Gathered his daikon ?

? And loaded his ship. ?

? Once he loaded his ship, ?

? How far would he go? ?

? To Kidzu, or just under ?

? Namba Bridge? ?

Ms. Tsuru.
Let's go to the doctor tomorrow.

Your body is important.
Stop, and go to sleep.

I... tomorrow
I'll start making money.


Mm, thank you for your
ongoing assistance.

- Second hand bookstore, right?
- Yeah.

From here, 2 ken (~7 meters).

B-but only having
this much space is...

- What, do you have a problem?
- No, that's absurd... thank you...

Alright, next.

Bro, where's my place?

No no, new stores are later.

It's not a new store.
The shichimi one.

Ah... you're Ms. Tsuru's lover.

You can be just beside the piss house.

That's dumb. As if I could sell
shichimi next to that toilet.


If people of your color
can't pay the space fee,

you shouldn't come complaining.

What about my color?

Don't you know Taa of Benguet?!

Dad! Stop!

Ah! You called me dad!

- Dad!
- Darling!


- Take this!
- Oww, it hurts. Please forgive me!

Y-y-you better stop fooling around...

T-t-Taa, it's you?

- You...
- y-y-y...

y-y-y-y-you really helped me out in the
Philippines. I'm Tsuru Takumi Otozou.

- Dad!
- Darling!

- Yes.
- Stop stuttering!

Eh, well, take a seat.

These punks were bullying
weak folk to make money.

What a disgrace
to the Japanese people.

The Benguet road would cry.
Damn it.

If it's that road,
I wouldn't care if it c-c-c-cried.


You know, the Benguet
road to Baguio is now...

I-it's been changed to be an
American car r-road.

Is that true?

Yeah... I-I-I saw it
with my own eyes...

- You saw it with your own eyes?
- Yes!

The Benguet road is covered by the blood
of 700 Japanese heroes, you know.

- It's covered with it!
- Don't get angry!

They t-t-tricked me and you,
and everyone! It's so stupid!

Damn it.

Taa! Something bad's happened!

- What could be bad?
- What do you mean? Ms. Tsuru collapsed!

Eh? Ms. Tsuru collapsed?
That's... bad.

That's seriously bad.

Get out of the way!

Ah, she's come to.

- Dear...
- Hmm?

Until Hatsue is married,

you probably shouldn't call
yourself Taa of Benguet...

- You won't be able to sell anything...
- I know, I know...

Really, I'm counting on you...

Forget about the Philippines...

What are you talking about?

No matter what, I can't stop thinking
about what happened in the Philippines.


You've got to work your heart
out for Hatsue from now, okay?

I'm counting on you...

I will. I'll work really hard.
But, you...

After all, you've always
been a careless guy.

Make sure you don't do anything stupid.

Ms. Tsuru, why are you speaking
like it's your last request?

Ms Tsuru...

Hey... Ms. Tsuru...

- You can't die, Ms. Tsuru, hey...
- Mom...

We can't go to the
Philippines if you die...

Come on, Ms. Tsuru...

Hey, Ms Tsuru!

Stop! Stop!

Hey, if anyone wants to trade
you can have my tempura!

Jiro, don't say such silly things.

Our tempura is everything,
we can't give it away.

What? You're so stingy mom.
Ah, it's dad!

What happened to you dear?

When Tane saw Ikudama's negotiations
in Matsuyachi, he suddenly passed out.

Keep it together!

You really don't need to be wearing
armor right now. Lean on me!

We just started to save some cash
but it'll all go if you get sick!

Next year, I'll walk around
in armor for you.

It's too hot wear it.

- Take care.
- Thank you.

- Welcome back.
- Who's come to the house?

It's a handwriting teacher.

- It's a pleasure.
- Hey!

What is that
you're cradling so carefully?

These? These are sandals I bought
for Hatsue. They're great right?

Didn't you steal them?

I got them from the theater in Kiyomizu.
Hey! Hatsue!

Are you ready?
We're going to Ikudama's!

Hey, Hatsue!

Ah. If you're after Hatsue
she just left.

With a young man too!

What'd you say?

Ma'am, was it your Keikichi
she went with?

What? If Keikichi had even
seen her with a young man

he'd end up swelling up
like a puffer fish.

Seriously, who was it she was with?

You're such a slow one.

It was Shintaro,
the bucket maker's son.


Yeah, he made this bucket.

Hey, Bun, don't hit the merchandise!

No, it's fine Shin!
Come on, play some more!

Okay, next I'll play
an assault fanfare.

You scared me!
You're such a bully.

What's wrong?

It's Taa! Taa!

Hatsue. You're doing quite
the interesting thing eh?

Hey, don't mess around
with my daughter.

- Shin, Shin!
- This punk...

- Dad!
- What?

You've got to learn the things
I can't teach you quickly.

But dad,

when you got to know mom,
did you get her parent's permission?

That's right,
give me your permission-

What? By then both me and
Ms. Tsuru had no parents left.

Okay, then I'm sorry
that I didn't tell you,

but we're already engaged!

Don't say something
so cheeky, you punk!

Wait, no!

- Hit me instead of Shin!
- No, hit me!

Hurry! Hit me!

If I wreck your hair,
you'll be my daughter again!




I just want to warn you, but...

Of what?

The town marathon
competition is happening soon.

What about it?

If Shintaro competes,
they'll definitely get a reputation.


If you compete,
it's good for business.

If you think I'm lying
just try and beat Shintaro.

If he beats the other sellers and
wins, it'll be big for him, right?

Alright, the cheeky sod.

I'll beat them all!


You've got to be behind the line!

Let's go!

Ready, set,

Taa, you know better
than to do that!

You're slow on the pistol too!

Alright, let's go...
Ready, set...

I was okay this time eh?

You've got this!

I'm coming first!

Taa! You're almost there!
Keep going!

What's wrong, Taa?

You've got this! Taa!

- Taa!
- That punk!

What are you doing?
Can't you climb stairs without resting?

You're wrong. I was waiting.

- For who?
- You, of course.

What are you thinking?
I won't let you beat me.

Try and beat me and you'll see!

- Oh yeah? Then I'll see you later.
- You punk!

You idiot. You're resting again!

- I'm not resting, I'm-
- Waiting for me so I can pass you. Idiot!

Taa, despite being a rickshaw-man,
you aren't in shape eh.

That's right, idiot!

If you want to win,
shut up and run!

Ah, they're coming!
They're coming!

Hey! Keep going! Keep going!

I guess I lost to
that punk in the end.

Okay, here we go... Ah, no, no...
Bring both hands... Smile, smile!

Okay, here we go. Good,
okay, one, two, three...

Alright, thank you.

Ah, I'm tired.

They're borrowed clothes, Taa.
You've got to take care of them.

Hey Taa, wasn't Hatsue
beautiful in her wedding gown?

Well, let's have a drink.

Eh... Hatsue...

- Shime.
- What is it?

Do you think they're asleep yet?

Idiot. The bride and groom have
been fidgeting, full of energy all day.

I see.

So they'll have already gone to sleep.

Why are you pulling such
a worried face?

That's true, but this is also
their first night together.

You're a weird one.

Leave it up to them to deal with.
There's no need to worry.

I've been worried for so long.

But you know Taa,
you'll be lonely from tomorrow.


That's true, but I've finally
fulfilled Ms. Tsuru's wishes.

You're right.

That's right.

Shintaro is opening a new store,
run by the bucket makers.

Ahhhhhh, delicious.

- Shime. There's a fire.
- Eh?

Arrive early. Come on, hurry.

Taa! Taa! It's bad!
Shintaro's neighbor's house has set fire!


It's burnt down!
So has Shintaro's shop!


It's the emperor's funeral today.
You can't be singing such flashy songs.

Ah, I'm sorry.

- Good morning. It's cold eh, Ma'am.
- Good morning. It's so cold!

Is Shintaro still sleeping?

He's just been counting the money
he borrowed for the store opening.

That idiot.

I thought he was burning away,
but he's just lazing around!



How long are you going to sleep?

I'm sorry.

Shintaro, get a headband on,
and come run the marathon.

Dad, you should be nicer
than that, seriously.

Don't be so worried.
What are you going to do now?

Umm, it can't be helped,

so I'm going to go and sell
hiyashiame. (a sweet ginger drink)

What? Hiyashiame?

You can't sell that
in this cold weather!

Then... what about amazake?
(sweet fermented rice drink)

You're such a pitiful man, eh?

Do you even have a backbone?

But dad, he might be fast in a marathon
but he can't pull a rickshaw!


You know, humans always...

- torture their bodies from a young age...
- We already know your favorite phrase!

- You're like a broken record.
- Shut up!

You're right...

Hey, why don't you go
to the Philippines?

- Dad.
- You be quiet.

I'll pay your debts,

if you go and see the Benguet
Road that I struggled to finish.

So you can see what
your body can do.

- Dear.
- Eh?

My dad might be saying that,
but you shouldn't take it seriously.

- But he's being so pretentious.
- Don't worry about it at all.


Are you going to
the Philippines or not?

What will it be?

Taa's meddling with them
again I guess.

- Which is it?
- Dad, what are you saying?

- Mom's will...
- Be quiet.

I couldn't stay out of this. Taa...

You're being ridiculous.

What's ridiculous?

Shintaro is a polite man,
and Hatsue is devoted to him.

If you keep shouting at them,
you'll get your way.

But you know,

What do you mean "but you know"?

It might have been fine for you,
but who knows if Shin could do it?

Shintaro's already agreed.



Haven't you?


I want to launch a business.


As I expected of my son-in-law.

Seriously, you're too much.

Shintaro, when you go
to the Philippines,

Say you're Taa of Benguet's son.

Otherwise you wouldn't
be able to get through.

Alright, that's enough.

Come on, you chatterbox, get lost.

That hurts you know!

Hey, Shintaro.

Come here, Come on, sit here, okay?

Now, the second Taa has been created.

We need to have a toast.

Ah, that's right.

Say hello to the Southern Cross for me.

Tell them that I'll be coming
over soon too.

- Dear.
- Yeah.

I'm glad. I'm glad.

Hatsue. Did he stick a sour
plum in his bellybutton?

As if doing something like
that will stop seasickness.

But, sour plums are great
against cholera.

Alright, let's go.

Wait, why are you crying
on this happy day?



- I'm pregnant.
- Eh? Pregnant?

Hatsue, does Shintaro know that?

B-but why?

Because he's such a weak person...

and if he changed his mind,
you'd have...

Why were you worried about that?

You idiot!


You're having a child!
What has happened?!

I'll raise your child for you!
I promise!

"Just like that,

the thief fled, quickly escaping
his pursuers."

"If he's been found,
it'd be the first I've heard of it."

"If he'd been found,
I'd feel sick, you know. Eh?"

"Well, you know, when he ran,
he dropped this, right?"

"I know, but...

But you know, I've heard
nobody knows where he is."

"Yeah I know,
I just heard that from you."

"To be honest, I don't think
they will find him. Goodbye."

"Why'd you even come then."

It's time for our regular, Ami Daike.

Ah, this is for you Taa.

- From the Philippines.
- Ah...

Must be from Shintaro.

Yeah, I bet Hatsue will be pleased.

We got a letter only 20 days ago
saying he was doing well.

Ahh... it's got words on.

You can't read it can you?

- Doctor, do you want to have a look?
- Let me see...

Is he saying that Manila's too hot?


W-w-without my glasses,
I can't really read it.

Keikichi, you read it for me.

Okay, then...

- At this time, Mr. Shintaro...
- Yes.

Actually, I can't read it either.

How stupid is that?

What? These characters
aren't even that hard!

Read it for me then.

Recently, Mr. Shintaro caught
the local strain of dysentery,

- and passed away two days ago.
- What does "passed away" mean?

It means to die.

What is it dad?

Seriously, what's wrong dad?


if you have something to say,
say it already!

If you had to cry in public,
people would laugh at you.

Why would I have to cry?

It's from Shin.

Is it true that when
people die they become stars?

- Ah...
- Hatsue.

Hey. Hey!

- You killed him!
- What?

The night before his boat, he was crying
"I don't want to, I don't want to"!

"Screw the Philippines!
Screw Taa of Benguet!"

Hey, Hatsue.

Dad, give him back to me.
Please, give him back!

Hey! Hatsue!
Pull yourself together! Hey!

Hatsue! Hey! Hatsue!

It's gotten really bad eh, Taa?

Two deaths and one birth all at once.

It's like Lady Luck
has visited you twice.

What did you say?

Forgive me.
That greeting was a little weird.

Dumb ass.
Think before you speak.

But Taa, it's important for people
to never give up, you know?

You're not the greatest guy alive,
but you still can't lose to this.

Idiot. If I lost, what
would I do for my grandchild?

Listen up. Taa of Benguet can't
even die from being beaten.

Thanks for waiting.

Hey, did you use up
all of your savings...

when you sent Shintaro off
to the Philippines?

Yeah, I wanted to do it for him.
It was for his sake.

You know, I don't get that.

That you sent Shintaro off to
the Philippines for his own sake.

What'd you say?

You were able to do
great things alone, but...

Ms. Tsuru and Hatsue both thought "Taa
of Benguet" was worthless before they died.

Shut up.

You can't forget that,
for this child's sake.

I know.

I'll raise her well.

I'd run 30 leagues in a day for her!
(about 120km).

- Toshiko Sakata.
- Yes!

- Yoichi Sakata.
- Yes!

Kimie Sadogashima.

Kimie Sadogashima?

Is Ms. Sadogashima not here?

Yeses, I am here! Yeses. Yeses!

Kimie. When the teacher
calls you, reply to them!

Why have you got that "I'm dreaming
of walking across tofu" face on?

Are you okay?


Evening paper!

Evening paper!



What's wrong?

Why are you here all on your own?

Come on, let's go home, Kimie.

Taa'll be worried!

Come on!

- See, they're great, right?
- Yeah!

Hey. I looked all over
for you and you were here?


Don't get mad.
Kimie was really upset, right dad?


- Tane-
- Yeah?

If she gets sick from eating this
horrible tempura, I won't be happy.

Nobody can beat you at
saying absurd things, Taa.


Come on.

Seriously, how embarrassing.

Come on...

I heard from your teacher that
you've skipped 3 days in a row.

Eh? You embarrassed me.

Where did you go while
you weren't at school?

Tell me.

You aren't going to?

- Okay, then I will.
- I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

I'm sorry! Shime, help! Shime!

- Shime! Save me!
- You're so loud!

Tane! Shime!

When I'm not around, you don't study,
and you don't even go to school!

Taa! What are you doing?



Why do you have a habit
of pinning people down?

What is this embroidery anyway?

What if she ends up
with scars on her back?

But this kid doesn't care
about people's feelings.

Could she even understand that?

I'm scared of him! He's scary!


You won't even call me grandad?
Seriously, this kid!

Stop that!

- Hey!
- You can stay with me tonight, okay?

- You demon.
- Hey!

Wait right there!

Fine, do what you want.

I want to ask you something...


Come here. Come on, come!

Come on, get in.

Ah, good good good.

- Are you not mad any more?
- Yeah.

I'm not, I'm not.

I prefer it with you, Taa.

I'm Taa, but I'm also your grandad.

- I prefer it with Grandad.
- Oh, is that so is that so.

He snores really loudly, doesn't he.

Kimie, you know, humans...

have to work hard,
even when they're young.

A long time ago,
I went to the Philippines, okay?

A very far away place...

- Grandad?
- Yeah?

Where are my mom and dad?

- You have me, you know?
- But...

No-one plays with me
because they say I'm an orphan.

Is that why you don't want
to go to school?


I see.

Then, after school,
do you want to hang out with me?

Do you want to run with my rickshaw?

Even if you get tired?

Okay. Then let's do
that from tomorrow.

Let's do that, okay?

Hey. Is that kid that's
following us around yours?

Yeah. That's my granddaughter.

Why don't you let her ride as well?

I couldn't. It's good to deal
with hardships while you're young.

But, don't you think
she's a bit too young?

We've lost her...

But I'm just acting
on my own ideals...


I won't ride with such
a heartless rickshaw-man.

I'm getting off. How much?

Idiot. I don't need your money.

You moron. Take it.

You idiot!



Wait right there!


What're you doing huh?

She fell over back there!

She scraped herself
and is bleeding a bit!

Grandad, I'm sorry!

Thank you.

I'm the newspaper boy after all;

Using my body is my trade!
I'm all good!

You're a good one, eh?

- Let's go eat red bean soup!
- Yeah!

Come on!

Kimi, let's go!

Here you go!

Come on, up here!

Alright, let's go!

Taa! The red bean soup place is here!

I know, I know.

Here, I'll show you
something good, Kimie.

What is it, grandad?

Your father.

Really? Where?

Here, right here.

He looks like a kid!
Holding candy like that.

Idiot. He's here, here.

What about mom?

Just next to him!

Mom has her hair up!

They're both there!

- I'm not an orphan any more!
- That's right.

Nobody'll bully you any more!
Right Taa?

That's right. That's right.

Dad came first!

That's right!
Your grandad is Taa of Benguet,

and your dad is the
Shin of the Marathon.

How great is that?


Grandad is here!

Kimi! You've got this!

Taa of Benguet is here with you!

Taa, calm down a bit, would you?

I am calm!

Kimie! Win it!


You got this! Go! Go! Go!

Taa! Kimi came first!

Yay! Great job!

Great job! Great job...

Kimi, you can't lose
to Shin of the Marathon.

You have to run
with all your might!

Is that right?

You're definitely
Taa of Benguet's granddaughter.

Shime. How amazing is she.

- You're so good. Good job.
- Wahoo!

What are you doing, you idiot?!

I don't care about the rules!

You're a nimble kid!

- Taa! Let's have a diving competition!
- I'll take you on!

Shime, can you be referee?

Okay. Alright, ready?

One, two, three!

One... Two... Three...

Four... Five...
Six... Seven... Eight...

Nine... Ten... Eleven... Twelve... Thirteen...
Fourteen... Fifteen... Sixteen...

Seventeen... Eighteen... Nineteen...
Twenty... Twenty one...


- Twenty three... Twenty four...
- This kid is impressive!

Twenty six... Twenty seven...
Twenty eight...

You were down for thirty seconds!

It was nothing, Taa!

Oh yeah? Then let's go again.
This time I won't lose!

Come at me!

Taa, did you read
today's evening news?

Come on, you interrupted us.
What a pity. What's happening?

The Philippines
are becoming a republic.


Damn it! That punk!

SHOWA 10 (1935):

SHOWA 12 (1937):


SHOWA 20 (1945): WAR LOST.

Hey, pops. Hurry up!

All right. I know.

Sorry, excuse me one moment.

What's wrong?

Was there anything
wrong with your driver?


For example, was he impolite,
or not charge by the meter?

No. I wouldn't say so.

We at Chogo Taxis are doing
a survey to improve our services.

So, please go ahead.


Wait, are you Kimi?
Taa's granddaughter?

Yes, that is me... Who are you?

I'm Jiro!
I used to deliver newspapers.

Ah! Jiro!

Ahh! It is you, Kimi!

It's really been a long time!

You've grown up well!

I mean, you've become
quite beautiful too!

Oh my.

Since my dad died,

I've been living with my uncle
in Tokyo, and then I went to war.

So you were enlisted after all.

Yeah. Since I got demobilized,
I was thinking of visiting Kappa Alley

but I've not had the time to
go to Osaka because I'm so busy.

Ah. Is Taa, your grandad doing okay?

Yeah, he is.
He's still pulling rickshaws!


Even as he gets older, Taa of Benguet
hasn't gotten any less energetic!

Even now he's still talking
about Ikudama's crossing.

Oh really. So he's wearing
that heavy armor?

Yeah. He gets 30 yen more
if he wears it.

I see.

How surprising.

So... I guess he's still holding his
"people are born to work" doctrine?


It's so hot.

Taa, aren't you hot,
wearing that heavy thing?

Don't be dumb.
Osaka's summer is Manila's winter.

Yeah, but the Philippines
is in ruins right now.

After all, they can't afford to pay
for reparations from the war.

But my Benguet road is still there.

Why don't they just pay
for it using the profits from that?

If that was the case, they should
take you to do the negotiations.

What are you saying.
I'm a rickshaw-man.

But Taa, nowadays,

don't they say that the rickshaw-men
around Shirauma are just con-men?

Well, I have been thinking of stopping.

You're welcome to stand around in
this heat, but how old are you now?

Your back is old and wrinkled now.


Try and say that again, punk.

Old man, what are you doing.
You can't just stop like that.

- Ow. Ow. Owwww.
- What's wrong?

Recently, my back has...

Even Taa of Benguet
can't beat the years.

What are you saying?

Humans are made to work
their bodies until they die...

I know. I know your favorite phrase.

You know, I'm in a business
that works their bodies too now.

What kind of job?

- Give it a guess.
- What could it be...

I wonder,
I don't know if you'll get it.

I wonder what it is...

How much?

Yep, thanks.

It's 1200 yen.

- Right, let's wander out shall we?
- Thank you very much.

Surely now Taa is older, he doesn't talk
about the Philippines as much any more.

Not at all.

He's still going on about
Benguet and the South Star.

That's all he talks about.
It's a pain.

Thanks for coming.
Enjoy the rest of your day.

That's right.

If that's the case, we should take Taa
to the Star of Yotsuhashi Theater.

On the sixth floor there, they have the
only Carl Zeiss Planetarium in Japan.

- Ah, the electronics museum one?
- Yeah.

It's pretty amazing.

You can see the stars at present,

but also past, and future

and from anywhere between
the north and south poles,

while you're just sitting down.

Now we will say goodbye to
the sparkling stars of Osaka,

and go to visit the stars
seen in the south.

Please enjoy;

The glittering stars are slowly moving
north, changing their positions.

That's because we're flying
to the south at great speed.

Now, look at the sky of the south.

Four beautiful stars have appeared.

This is the famous
Southern Cross constellation.

Now we have finally crossed the seas,

and have arrived in a Filipino city.

This is Manila.

Right now, it is 1am.

From the silent fields and
mountains of the Philippines,

That beautiful Southern Cross is slowly
falling away, glimmering in the dark.

Including these twelve stars,

the official name of this
constellation is the Southern Crux.

For many years, people have
adored this constellation.

Unfortunately, it is related
to the southern hemisphere,

so we in the north are
unable to see it in our skies.

- Taa, welcome back.
- Yeah, you too.

- Do you want watermelon?
- No, I'm okay.

At noon, you're wearing armor, and
in the evening you're pulling rickshaws.

What are you saving up for?

Welcome home. It was hot today!

Ma'am, I'm having a bath.

Don't be in there too long...

despite being a man,
sometimes you're in there for 2 hours!

That's why you don't have
a wife at 50.

What are you saying?
I'm still 49.

Idiot. They're basically the same.

Otaka, don't be so stingy with
the bath, let him relax.

You're funny. If we're saying stuff
like that, you're way more stingy.

Why am I stingy?

We've known each other
for a long time, but

you've never given me
a ticket to your show.

Don't be so venomous about it.

Ah, a damn mosquito. So itchy!

Hatsue. How long are you going
to wash your feet?

What if you get a cold?

But it feels good. I have
to stand all day after all.

The water isn't free you know.

Don't be so stingy.

Grandad, I saw
the Southern Cross today.

Don't be ridiculous.

If you think I'm lying
you should come with me.

It was at the Yotsubashi Electronics
Museum, their planetarium.

You can see every star from every
place in the world from there.

- Is that true?
- Yes.

- Is it free?
- No.

You've got to pay for it.

That's dumb!

The real Southern Cross is beautiful!

I'm not going to pay
to see a fake version!

- Hey! Hanai!
- What?

You're pretty damn good too!

What do you mean?

Since when did you know
Osaka's Most Beautiful?


Don't be silly.
She's come to see you. Here.


? He met her at the wheat field ?

Ah, that bite is so itchy!

Ah, that's perfect.

? They kissed in secret, oh, why not! ?

- Hello. You're very late!
- Yeah.

- Good night!
- Sleep well!

? I might not be a good person, but ?

I'm home!

You idiot.

What time do you think it is?

A young girl, going out at night,

what have you been up to?

- I went to Nakano Island with Mr. Jiro.
- Who the hell is this Jiro anyway?

That newspaper boy!

- Ah, Issen Tempura's kid.
- Yeah.

He's still alive, is he?

2 and a half months ago
he came back here for work.

How come you didn't
tell me about it at all?


Here, Mr. Jiro bought you this;
It's your favorite whiskey.


- Whiskey?
- Yeah.

He didn't have to do that.

Are you going to have some?

It's been some time.
I'll have some.

So, what's he doing now?
Is he a black marketeer?

Of course not.

He's a diver.

- By diver do you mean frogman?
- Yes.

This is great. Good whiskey.

Mr. Jiro started that job because
of your teachings you know.

He said there isn't an inch of
Japanese waters he hasn't dived in.

What a man. What a man.

I'll talk to him next time
I'm at the Hinomaru Baths.

How come he didn't
come here to say hello?

He's really busy.
He didn't have any time to come.

He doesn't, but he does have
time to meet you, eh?


Mr. Jiro,


He wants to marry me.

If it was Mr. Jiro,
he wouldn't bother you...

- We could move in together.
- Idiot.

Suddenly coming out
with something like that.

You know, I...

Since I met him a while ago,
I've started to like him.

You've been hiding it
from me, haven't you!

But granddad,

he'll make me happy-

Marriage isn't something that
you two can decide upon alone!

So it isn't a struggle, your parents
need to work together to organize it.

- Granddad, that's old fashioned.
- What?

Do you want me to
protect you or not? Idiot.

Whether it's Jiro, or Taro,

They have to meet
me first before it's okay.


Get out the way, you're in my way!

Hey, Asahi!
You can't be selling oil!

I'm not selling oil!
I'm pogo-ing!


You're walking about on stilts!

If you say stuff like that,
people will laugh!

- It's the era of the atom bomb now!
- What? Say one more thing, punk!

Hey you, get inside
and wash your towel!


Don't torment your elders
like that, okay?

What? Hey, who's an elder?

Who else could it be!

Anyway you've just
not taught him right...

Never mind that,
how have you been Taa?

I've heard a bit from Shime that
you're being too controlling of Kimi.


You know, Kimi and Jiro.

I don't need your advice.

But you're just pulling rickshaws
around, making no money at all.

Why don't you think
about the younger lot a bit?

How could you understand when
you don't even have grandchildren?

I may not have grandchildren,
but I do have a son!

Mom, do you know
where my harmonica is?

Idiot. How could I know that.

I'm an idiot. Honestly,
where has it gotten to?

He's a very big son.

Hello, Taa!

What are you talking about,
"Hello"? Don't be stupid.

Welcome home!

Kimie, how old are you now?

Why are you asking? I'm 23 now.

I see...

The same age as
Ms. Tsuru when she died...

When grandma died?


Before you get married to a scumbag,

get married to someone
that I've chosen for you.

My, so sudden.
I don't want that.

Why not?

But, I don't want to be
married to a stranger...

Then, you can just meet him.

Don't be so ridiculous.

Kimie. Are you doing it or not?

Are you going to reply?


What do you mean no?

Aren't you going to
listen to what I say?

I'm not.

You're a stubborn one.
No matter what?

If I say no matter what,
will it be bad for you?


If it would be, I'll do it.

Good good, you will then.

But I can refuse if I don't like him.

This punk, making fun
of her granddad.

Granddad, you know,
Jiro's going to Manila.

What? Manila?

Isn't that in the
Philippines that you love?

Why's he going there?

In the Manila bay, over 50 ships have sunk,
weighing over 200,000 tonnes in total.

He's going to pull them out.

It's work that puts your body
to the test, don't you think?

Yeah, it sounds it.

He's going to teach them about
Japanese diving techniques.

Even then, are you still against it?

Damn it.

I guess the Issen Tempura punk isn't as
much of a scumbag as I first thought.

Granddad, where are we going?

- We're going to meet that person.
- What?

Even if it's raining,
you don't get wet here.

I've thought this through.

Then did you trick me?
You said we were going out somewhere.

Don't get mad...

No... I don't want to.
I'm going home.

Kimie, look.
He's waiting for you just over there.

It's Mr. Jiro...

What do you think?
He's a good man, eh?

Wait, do you already know him?

You're such a bully!

You should have just
told me from the start.

Ah, they're here.


If I knew,
I'd have dolled myself up more.

He's from the Tsurutomi group...
how very funny.

Stop messing around,
come on, come on!

Wow. It hasn't changed a bit.

I wonder who's living
in the house I was in?

Come on, darling.

You know it's Kimiko?
"Girlfriend". You understand?

Wow, it's changed a lot.

Kappa alley isn't the same any more.

Shime isn't home yet.

I wonder where he got off to.

- We can just wait for him at home.
- You're right.

Mr. Jiro, it's messy,
but please, after you.

Thank you.

Wow. How nostalgic, it's Hotei.

If you told Shime he looked
like him, he'd get angry at you.

Mr. Jiro. I think that my
granddad has already realised.

Granddad, where have you gone?

You've vanished
like a bear at the zoo.

Idiot... my rickshaw has
been stolen! My rickshaw...

Help me search for it!

If you're looking for
the rickshaw, Shime had it.

Shime did? Why?

He said he was going to go sell it.


Why'd he do that? When he gets back
he won't know what hit him.

Taa, don't shout so loud!

Listen to me.

Kimi came to us all
about the rickshaw.

We decided the best way to stop
you pulling the rickshaw was to sell it.

What? You really did that?

Because it's not right for you
to be working when you're so old...

If you still had it,
you wouldn't be able to retire.

Come on, Mr. Jiro.

Hey, Wait! Hey!

- Taa, wait!
- Be quiet!

Hey, Kimie.
Try saying that one more time.

- Come on, Taa.
- Shut up, you.

We want you to stop being
a rickshaw-man, and come live

with me and Jiro in a
house for the three of us.

By what cruel fate do
I have to leave Kappa alley?

I know already.

But, you've got to start
listening to the younger generation.

You punk... I don't want
to be a burden on you yet.


Aren't you going to Manila?

If I don't work instead of you,
what will we do?


I gave up on going to Manila.


Why do you think...

Hey. Jiro...

It's not because you're
scared of dying, is it?

You idiot!

I thought you were going to Manila to show
them how the Japanese recover ships!

Even though we lost the war...

You had to go to show them
"this is who the Japanese are!" You coward!


Why am I a coward?

Why is it bad to treasure
the life you have?

You idiot. What do you mean "life".
As if I'd give you my granddaughter.

Granddad, what are you saying?

- Get out of here, you.
- Taa.

I'll say it then.

You have this patriotic memory of it,
but about the Benguet road.

When it was being made,
everyone wanted to go home.

You stopped them, and then how
many people died because of it?


Just for one road...

You should be hated by the
families of all of those that died!


If you're in this house,
it'll rot away!

- Hurry up and leave!
- Granddad.

Is that so.

Kimi, you shouldn't care
for this old man.

I'm going home.

Mr. Jiro.

Hey, you can't leave!

I need you to stay here with me.

Granddad, you idiot!
I'm going with him!

Listen to what I say!

I can't handle you any more!
Let me go!

You need to be here with me!


Do you want to know the real
reason why he's not going to Manila?

It's because I am pregnant.


As in... you're... pregnant?

Yes! That's why Mr. Jiro isn't going
to Manila. Because I'm having a child!

What have you done!?
You reckless kid!

I'm not reckless!
I'm just a post-war kid!

You idiot!

You... hit me...


I don't feel any sort of obligation
just because you raised me.

I've never done anything to you...

Every single thing you've
ever done has been pointless.

You're trapped in your own happy bubble,
getting in the way of everyone else.

Just like you did with mom,
dad, and grandma.

I'm not, I'm not going to
let you get in the way of my life too.

That was his bad too...
but you definitely said too much.

You're very right.

I couldn't hold it in.
I did a bad thing.

I think I am going to go Manila.

I won't become "Taa
of Benguet", but just for a bit.

I'll leave you and your baby
to be looked after by him.

He'd be happy then, right?

Also, that rickshaw, it was
almost like a children's toy to him.

To take that from him without saying,

You're right.

get Shime to go buy it back.


See you later!

Chief, would you like a story?

Around here, it's only
department stores and banks.

- What do you think, chief?
- How much?

That's good.

Okay, come along.

If it's that good,
I'll bring my girlfriend another time.

Oh come on, chief...

I'll come another time...



You're such a miserable git!

Hey, Taa, I'm sorry.

While I was sitting on stage, I got tongue
tangled and couldn't even tell my story...

That's not a good enough
excuse, you moron.

- What is this about? Huh?
- You're mistaken. He's my friend!

My rickshaw! My rickshaw!

Hey, old man. Why were you
being so rough with my friend, huh?

Shut up, you moron!


Grandma, the chief is calling you.

I see.

Stay well.

Call me if you ever need my help.

Taa, you can't be so reckless.

The only people who've lived
in Kappa alley this long are

Oma, Shime, me and you after all.

Where's Shime?

With the police.

Granddad, you know,

We shouldn't fight any more.

Keep it a secret from Kimie.

That hurt...

The thing that hurt me most
was when Kimie hit me.

Is grandma in?


Hey, can you write?

Don't be stupid.
I go to evening school you know.

- Then, can you write me a letter.
- A letter?

Next to the shrine cabinet
there's paper and a pencil.

Write it word-for-word, please.

Taa, how are you feeling?

To think you've recovered so fast at
your age. You're almost like a samurai.

Ah, he's shedding.
Maybe he's in the toilet. Taa?

He's taken his nightclothes off.

That's strange.
I wonder where he went.

He can't be doing much in that state.

Taa. Taa!

Jiro, you can't go to Manila after all.

People say I'm stingy, but

I have savings you can have. I intended
to use them to go to the Philippines.

Jiro. I'm relying on you; Don't go.

And Kimie; Smile, okay?

If your baby is a boy, can you call him
Benkichi. If it's a girl, Benko.

They'll be Taa of Benguet's
great-grandchild after all.

I'm going to go see the Southern Cross.

I'm relying on you.

And now, we will say goodbye
to the Southern Cross

and return to the city of Osaka.

Please behold, as the morning glow
begins to appear, and Venus shines bright.

Soon, morning will come to Osaka.

I regret to inform you that,

this is the end of this
display of the southern stars.

Ah, he's fallen asleep
over there again.

Hello? The demonstration is over.



Ah, he's dead! Someone, quickly!