Wadjda (2012) - full transcript

WADJDA is a 10-year-old girl living in a suburb of Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. Although she lives in a conservative world, Wadjda is fun loving, entrepreneurial and always pushing the boundaries of what she can get away with. After a fight with her friend Abdullah, a neighborhood boy she shouldn't be playing with, Wadjda sees a beautiful green bicycle for sale. She wants the bicycle desperately so that she can beat Abdullah in a race. But Wadjda's mother won't allow it, fearing repercussions from a society that sees bicycles as dangerous to a girl's virtue. So Wadjda decides to try and raise the money herself. At first, Wadjda's mother is too preoccupied with convincing her husband not to take a second wife to realize what's going on. And soon enough Wadjda's plans are thwarted when she is caught running various schemes at school. Just as she is losing hope of raising enough money, she hears of a cash prize for a Koran recitation competition at her school. She devotes herself to the memorization and recitation of Koranic verses, and her teachers begin to see Wadjda as a model pious girl. The competition isn't going to be easy, especially for a troublemaker like Wadjda, but she refuses to give in. She is determined to continue fighting for her dreams...



♪ I gave myself to God
and I think he has a place for me

♪ In the eternity of Heaven

♪ With the martyrs and the pure,
I will always be there

♪ I raised my heart
with the light of faith

♪ And my patience, when I am lost,
guides me to the right path again 1]


Stand in your places!

Let's try it again.

♪ I gave myself to God
and I think he has a place for me

♪ In the eternity of Heaven

♪ With the martyrs and the pure,
I will always be there

♪ I raised my heart
with the light of faith... ♪


(♪ Man's voice continues singing)

Come here.

Repeat the first two verses.

(Girl laughs)

Don't you want us
to hear your voice? Move! Move!


♪ I gave myself to God
and I think he has a place for me

♪ In the eternity of Heaven

♪ With the martyrs and the pure,
I will always be there

♪ I raised my heart
with the light of faith

♪ And my patience, when I am lost,
guides me to the right path again... 11

(♪ Music plays on radio)

♪ Don't kiss me good night

♪ Don't...

♪Take me to your
best friend's house

♪ Go around
this roundabout

♪ Oh, yeah

♪ Take me to your
best friend's house

♪ I loved you then
and I love you now

♪ Don't leave me
tongue tied

♪Don't wave
no goodbye

♪ Don't leave me
tongue tied

♪ Don't...

♪ Don't leave me
tongue tied

♪Don't wave
no goodbye

♪ Don't leave me
tongue tied

♪DonT... ♪

(Man on radio) You're listening
to the sound of the underground.

And a little bit of Grouplove right there,
that song was called Tongue Tied.

Stay tuned for more.

(Car horn beeps)

(Car horn beeps)

Don't forget your keys.
Don't lock the top lock.

Your father might be
late from his shift. OK?

God willing.

Long way ahead.
You every day late.

Must drive other teachers.
Next time you late, I not wait.

- My mum no late, you just arrive.
- Ignore him!

I not talk to you, child.
I talk mama, she every day late.

- (Tyms squeal)
- Huh?


Soon you'll be a pro!

Where have you been all week?

I've got something for you.

A volcanic stone from the Empty Quarter.

It's magnetic.


Mum's been waiting all week for you.

The top lock is unlocked.

What a moustache!
It'd suit an advert for shaving soap.

This is a real moustache.
A falcon could sit on it.

I'd say an aeroplane!

Thanks for breakfast!

(Wadjda) Aaah!

Got my sandwich back at last!

(Calls out)

Did you really think
you could catch up with me?

If I had a bike, you'd see.

(Man shouting)


Girls, stop.
Why are you laughing out loud?

You forget that women's voices
shouldn't be heard by men outside.

How often must I repeat this?
A woman's voice is her nakedness.

- Hello.
- We're sorry, it won't happen again.


Where's your headscarf?

Did you come
with your head uncovered?

Stop it, girls. Don't laugh.


(Man calls out)

Hey! Come up and play with us!
Let me touch those little apples.

(Laughs) Hey! Hey!

Hey, Wadjda!

- Don't talk to me!
- Just a second.

I've brought you something.

We're not even yet.

When I get my bike and I win the race,
then we'll be even.

Don't you know
that girls don't ride bikes?

Losing to a girl will be a double loss.

(Man) Move, boy.
Play somewhere else.

(Man yelling)

800 riyals.

Too expensive for you.

- Hello.
- Hello.

I'll make you some lunch.

(Signs) We were in a car without
air conditioning for three hours.

That trip to the end of the world
is killing me.

I don't like that look.
What's on your mind?

I want to buy a bike
so I can race Abdullah.

Have you ever seen a girl on a bike?

I'd rather sell fruit at the hospital
than do my daily commute.

And I come home
and you tell me, "I want a bike."

Where are the bracelets?

I only made ten.
I worked my fingers to the bone.

Each one costs an extra two riyals.

I told you,
I worked my fingers to the bone.

Here you go.

It's your turn.

Let's move, the men can see us.

Why? Are they supermen?

If you can see them, they can see you.

Respectable girls go inside.

The rest stay
where the men can see them.


What are you doing here?

Go to your class.
Can't you see the men on the roof?

(Whispering) Girls, did you hear?
A thief got into Ms Hussa's house.

It was her lover, not a thief!

Her father thought it was a thief
and called the police!

Sh! If she said it was a thief,
then it was a thief.

You would say that, Salma.

The only man that would ever
speak to you would have to be a thief.

Wadjda, Wadjda.

Can you take this to my brother?

It's my permission to exit card.

- I'll give you ten riyals.
- 20.

God, you...

He's waiting behind the school
in a white pickup truck.


Come tomorrow
with your head covered,

or I'll reserve
a place in the sun for you.

I will, God willing.

Cover your face.

- Are you Abeer's brother?
- Of course I'm her brother.

Got the card?

Here it is.
Abeer said you'd give me 20 riyals.

- Really?
- Yes!

OK, just take it.

What? Even your cash
reeks of cologne.

(♪ Man singing over loudspeaker)

Did you know they invented
a new thing called a tape player?

- Buying today?
- How would I know?

People need to browse, don't they?

You won't find any tapes back there.
We only have CDs.

Thanks! See you tomorrow.


('♪ Wadjda's mother singing)

♪ Do you believe me,
or do I need to take an oath?

♪ I cannot find the words
to describe you!

♪ Do you believe me,
or do I need to take an oath?

♪ I cannot find the words
to describe you!

♪ The paradise of love
is in your nature 'II

Don't you wish you were a singer?

Me, a singer! God forbid!

I've saved up 87 riyals already.

I only need 713.
Couldn't you lend me the money?

Oh, no! Not that bike again? Stop it!

Ms Hussa said I have to wear
the full abaya to school.

Wow! The full abaya?
Maybe it's time to marry you off!

Very funny!

Come with me.

Try this.

Oh, Mum, it's too long.

Hold it like that.

Oh, no, a thief, a thief!

A thief jumped over
Ms Hussa's fence to see her.

We don't know that.
Maybe it was really a thief.

Shame on you
for saying such things.

A thief.

A thief! A thief!

I have to buy something really nice
for your uncle's wedding,

so all the other women
think a hundred times

before they look at your father.

(Phone rings)

I'm so sorry, Leila. I really am.

Our driver Iqbal is so rude.

He shouted at poor Aiesha today.

I felt so sorry for her.
She cried for three whole hours.

Abeer, Mariam's daughter?

She was caught with a man?

Do you know who he is?

Oh, I know who he is now!

God. A playboy like his father.

Is he good-looking like his father?

You have to admit,
his father is good-looking.

The religious police?


Mariam must be devastated!

They should have married her off
ages ago.

Girls like that are nothing but trouble.

- (Door opens)
- I have to go, Father's just arrived.

Keep me in the loop
on this Abeer scandal.

Mm. Take care. Bye.

What's the matter? Hm?

Don't worry, we won't marry you off.
Go and say hello to your father.


(Character grunting)

(Character groaning)

(Character breathing heavily)

- (Man in game) Hey, watch it!
- (Gunfire)

- (Character grunting)
- I'm losing.

I should have stayed
with my usual fighter.

Is that a real school report or a fake
like the one you made last year?

It's real. I'm great at maths.
Shall I prove it?

Pythagoras' theorem
is a miracle of God.

The triangle always
stays the same!

Sounds like you know
what you're talking about.

I'm saving to buy a bike.


- (Character groaning)
- I lost.

Where's the margoog?

What a beauty!

A superstar is here!

Stop it! Superstar, eh?

Then why is your mother checking
all over town for available women for you?

I don't think she's trying that hard.

Come and play with me!

I can't play.

Let me play!


(Character screaming)

(Door creaking)

(Alarm blaring)

(Animal snarling)


I've gained security access!

Tapes with love songs...

Bracelets for football clubs...

Are you running a football fan club?

Don't you know
that these items are forbidden?

Abeer was always a good girl.

She never caused any trouble.

Did you hear that she was caught
with a young man who isn't family?

Did you arrange the rendezvous
between Abeer and the man?

- No, I didn't!
- Don't lie.

I'm certain you were involved.

I just don't know in what way.

What should we do with you now?
Expel you?


Just a moment, please.
I'm not finished with her.

You may go back to your class.

We'll finish this discussion later.

And Wadjda,
stop wearing those torn-up shoes.

Wear normal black shoes,
like the other girls.

What's this?

The proposal for the Koran competition
in the religious club.

I really don't know what to say, Principal!

All this because of a bike?

As long as I live, you won't get one.

Should I wait until you get expelled?

(♪ Loud rock music)

♪ I'm a speed junkie... ♪

And turn off that damn radio
and those evil songs!

(♪ Switches radio of)?

Those songs
have brought us nothing but evil.

You're no better than Abeer.

She's staying at home
and her parents are marrying her off.

I should pay for it?
Why can't you pay for once?

I pay for your driver!

All your cash
is in your woman's saving fund.

Yeah, and what about the bride price,
you handsome groom?

Do you think
I want to support two families?

Bear me a son
and everything will be fine.

But we know
that's not going to happen.

Forget it. And don't count on me
coming at all next week!

Don't come back!

Go to your mother's house
and discuss potential brides.

(Door slams)

(Door slams)

Madam, only one hour I wait.

I have no time wait for you.

- You late, I go. You find taxi.
- Enough, Iqbal, I get it.

Who's that girl, Iqbal?

My daughter.
I haven't seen her for three years now.

She go school now.

I no go to school.

That's obvious,
because you don't have any manners.

Shame on you.

You too have no manners.

I make better bracelets than these.

- Will you pay me ten per piece?
- No!

I buy them from China,
I can get 10,000 for ten riyals.

- China won't do the national colours.
- You mean like these?

(Mother) Wadjda! Wadjda!

- Can I try on that dress?
- Of course.

There's a women's bathroom
at the end of the corridor.

If it's too big, we can alter it for you.


What do you think?

Would your dad like it?

(Sighs) Let's take the dress back
to the salesman so he can take it in.

Then let's go, before
Iqbal gets angry and leaves us.

Don't worry, he won't leave.

Hand me my dress.

Who were you talking to
about the bike yesterday?

What are you talking about?

I don't want you selling my bike
to anyone else.


I made you a mix tape,
since we're friends now.

But don't sell my bike.

God willing.

Ms Hussa will explain
the rules of the Koran competition.

It's only five weeks away.

I'll pass around a sign-up sheet.

- Ms Hussa...
- Thanks.

First of all,
we've increased the prize money.

It's now 1,000 instead of 800 riyals.

You'll have to learn the first five suras.

The competition has two parts.

The first involves vocabulary
and God's revelation of the verses.

The second part is recitation.

The recitation has to be flawless.

I repeat,
correct pronunciation is a must.

Good luck with your efforts.

- Thanks.
- Thanks.


What do you want?

I thought about what you said.
I was wrong and I'm ready to change.

Praise God! All of a sudden?

I'd like to join the religious club.

How much?

Only 80 riyals. Cheaper than a bike.

How about 62?

Select the right answer!
Who are the Sabians?


Wrong! Please try again.
Who are the Sabians?



Wrong! Please try again.
Who are the Sabians?

- How am I supposed to know?
- (Mother) Iqbal!

You get your monthly salary
whether you drive me around or not.

Why do you talk to me like this?
Have you no shame?


You think you're the only driver around?

I'll find myself a better driver.

Guys, I'm late for school,
I have to go!

Abdullah, how do I get to Derah?

Let's go.

Cover your face.
I'll say you're my sister.

Your sister?
No one will believe you.

I'm too good-looking
to be related to you!

I can't arrange the commute.
Can't it count as emergency leave?

I lost my driver.

I'll open up the school
for the entire month if I have to.

That's very kind of you.

Take care.

(Laughter on TV)

(Car horns blaring)

Do you know
where Iqbal the driver lives?

Do you know how many drivers
called Iqbal live here?

I hope we're following the right lead.

This could be his car.

That's it.

- What do you want?
- Iqbal?

It's not my business, it's yours.


You? What do you want?

Iqbal, why did you do that?

Go away!

- Where's your residency permit?
- What do you want with it?

It's a good job. Go back to driving
Wadjda's mother and you'll be fine.

You know my uncle,
the guy with the moustache?

I'm sure he'd be interested to look
further into your legal status.

"You know my uncle,
the guy with the moustache?"

He knew him, right? That moustache
is a registered trademark!

(Laughs) Mm-hm!

Their son put explosives around his waist
and boom, he died.

He's crazy! That must hurt!

If you die for God, it's like a pin prick.

And then you fly up
and you have 70 brides!


Boom! 70 bikes!

You've got it all wrong.
That's not how it works.

Come on, don't you miss us?

It's been almost two weeks.

Do you think about us?
Or is someone else on your mind?

If I'm the original brand,
why are you looking for an imitation?

OK. Take care.

Carry on studying.


Hello, Leila!

Are you coming round?

Could you bring me
the money you borrowed?


You're working in the hospital
across the road?

Your husband
doesn't mind you working with men?

(Doorbell rings)

What do you want?

My uncle wants me to string some lights
across the street from your roof.

Ask the neighbours.
We don't care about your uncle.

They don't have a pole to hang them on.
Yours is the only roof that'll work.

Wait a minute.


Thanks, honey. When you want to be,
you're such a sweetheart.

Abdullah wants to string up lights
for the election

so his uncle with the moustache
will win.

Tell him no. His uncle isn't from our tribe
and we won't vote for him.

I'll let you onto the roof
on one condition.

You have to bring your bike.

Hello, Wadjda.

You look so grown up and cute!

- Where's your mother?
- She's coming.

- How's school?
- Oh...

- I don't like it, but it's OK.
- Leila!

Traitor! Working so close to my house
without telling me.

Finally, I'm done with Iqbal.

Three hours in the car with him
every day was about to kill me.

The hospital provides transport,
and the pay and hours are good.

And the driver waits for me.

When's the party?

Next month.

I want to buy a nice dress
for her uncle's engagement.

The potential wives will be
at his brother's wedding as well.

God be with the one he chooses.
You might rip her heart out that night!

Oh, before I forget.
They're hiring at the hospital.

- It's closer and we can chat all day!
- My husband's so jealous.

He can't stand the thought
of men looking at me.

Stop it! You blame
everything on your husband.

What's this?

It'll help you learn. I need to work
on the lights. I can't push you all day.

You think I'm a little girl.

Here, I took them off.

I'll give you five riyals if you stop crying.

Now, girls, let's start.

Does each girl have her Koran?

Before we start...

If you're having a period,
you're not allowed to touch the Koran.

This isn't a laughing matter.
You're young ladies now.

I said stop.

You should touch it with a tissue,
not with your fingers.

Page 87.

Start with Surat An-Nisa', from Ayat 59.

Let's start with the new face. Wadjda.

Wadjda, go ahead.

- O you who have believed...
- Louder.

O you who have believed...

- Obey...
- Obey Allah and...

obey the Messenger...

- And those in authority...
- And those in authority,

and if you disagree over anything...

You're mispronouncing the words.

- And if you disagree...
- And if you disagree over anything...

And if you disagree over anything,
refer it to Allah and the Messenger...

If you should...
Stop, please. Noura, continue.

O you who have believed,

obey Allah and obey the Messenger,
and those in authority.

And if you disagree over anything,
refer it to Allah.

Refer it to Allah and the Prophet.

All that fuss for a bike
and you don't even know how to ride?

I have a plan.

What's that?

It's an antenna
that gets all the radio stations.

My uncle's going to speak on the radio
with famous Koran readers.

"It makes your heart melt," he says.

He should hear my mother sing!
She should have a channel of her own.

We'll talk about this later.

Where's the nail polish?

I hid it under there the other day.

What are you doing here?

Why were your hands under her skirt?

In my office, now!

Wadjda? Wake up, honey.

Let's get up and say the dawn prayer.

I saw some girls on TV riding bikes.
Give me the money to buy one.

I know you have money.
I saw it in the drawer.

Here, girls don't ride bikes.

You won't be able to have children
if you ride a bike!

You don't ride a bike
and you can't have children!

How could you say that?
I almost died having you!

Wash for prayer!

God is great.


Who can find a tajwid
on this page? Page 92.

- Which verse?
- Verse 88?

- Yes.
- "Who does..."

- What kind of tajwid?
- ldgham?

- What type?
- Moughana.


What do you think, Wadjda?

I think this competition
is very difficult for me.


I heard on the Koran channel yesterday,

if learning the Koran is difficult for you,
God will reward you doubly.

Well done.

I want you all
to take Wadjda as an example

of a person who tries hard
and is devoted to God.

- You're doing well!
- Thank you, Miss.

Excuse me.


Wadjda, Ms Hussa says
she needs to see you.

Put your Koran aside.

You may not believe it,

but, by God, you remind me
of myself at your age.

And look at me now.

Close the door.

You still insist that you weren't
doing anything behind the school?

We were reading magazines,
that's all. Ask her.

I'm not sure.
I was standing far away.

Thank you, Wadjda.
You may return to your class.

Give this file to Aunt Jamila.

Close the door.

This is a pledge.

You'll sign it and you'll be able
to stay in school.

In the name of God,
gracious and merciful,

I salute all you girls
for your efforts this term.

I want to remind you that school is
a place of learning and a place of morals.

Listen carefully.

Two students were caught
in the back yard committing a sin.

The two are...

Faten Khaled and Fatima Abdullah.

To avoid similar situations,

you're no longer allowed
to bring flowers to school

or to give each other
letters of love and admiration.

And no one is allowed to hold hands.

Do you understand?

You may go to your classes now.
Thank you.

Your bags are over there.

Don't touch me!

I wish I could cut my hair shorter,
like Lobna Abdel Aziz's.

Do it.

Your father loves my hair
long and smooth.

My mother saw the lights
but forgot to ask me about them again.

She doesn't know?
What about your father?

I think they like your uncle,

since he was on Koran Radio.

I'm bleeding...

Where's the blood coming from?
Your virginity!

From my knee!

Your knee?
Bikes are dangerous for girls!

You think you can act like a boy?

And you!
Why did you let her ride the bike?

Come back!
Take that bike with you!

I'll tell your uncle
to teach you some manners.

Get up.

Shame on you, bringing
a boy upstairs with no one home!

If your father knew, he'd kill you!

(♪ Singing)

Sh! Do you want the men to hear you?
Take the bread out of the oven.

(Men talking and laughing)

Wow! All this food!

They'll be really impressed.
You make me so proud!

Obviously not proud enough.


Turki, Saleh, Ali, Abdurahman,

Abulazziz, Rashed, Abdullah...

My father!

Interested in your father's
glorious family tree?

You aren't on it.
It only includes men's names.

Clean up when you've finished.

Hide the traces of your crime.

I don't want
to make him upset with us again.


Give me the picture!

I said give me the picture!

What's going on?

Salma just got married
and brought pictures of her wedding.

Can I see the pictures?

Are these of your wedding?

Is this your husband?

- How old is he?
- 20.

- (Laughter)
- It's not funny.

Pictures are forbidden at school.
Let's get started.

Surat An-Nisa', page 97.

Wadjda, start with verse 115.

- I'll try to recite the verses.
- Really?

Close the Koran and go ahead.

Whoever opposes the Messenger, after
guidance has become clear to him,

and follows the path of the non-believer,

- we will give him what he has taken...
- We will give him...

We will give him what he has taken...

and drive him into hell,
that most evil destination.


You need to work on your tarteel
and your tajwid.

If you aim to win,
you must recite like Salma.

Salma, please read verse 115 again.

♪ In the name of God,
the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

♪ Whoever opposes the Messenger
after guidance has become clear to him

♪ And follows the path of the non-believer

♪ We will give him what he has taken

♪ And drive him into hell,
that most evil destination

♪ Indeed, Allah does not forgive
association with him

♪ But he forgives what is less
than that for whom he wills

♪ And he who associates others with Allah
has certainly gone far astray ♪


Are you cross with me?

I've got homework to do.

Wait a second.

Here, I got you a helmet,
like the ones on TV.

Wanna ride in the empty lot'?

We've got a few minutes
before people come.


Abdullah! Look!


Whoa! (Laughs)

The toy shop owner told Khalid and his dad
someone had reserved the bike.

He must be holding it for me!

Right answer!

Select the right answer!

Who are the Sabians?

I know the answer!

- Correct!
- (Fireworks exploding)

At last!

(Mother) Well, if you won't listen to me,
I don't know why I should listen to you!


Get ready, we're going out.

Don't leave the Koran open.
The devil might spit into it.

Are you going to work here with Leila?

Those lab coats are cool,
like The Matrix but white!

Sh! I just want to give her something.


Hello and welcome!

Leila, why isn't your face covered?

Wait, let me get you
the application form.

Welcome! How are you?

Fine, thank you.

It's a good job, and the vacancies
are filling up quickly. You should...

Leila! Stop it.

I just came by to say hello.
I'll call you later, you look busy.

- Take care.
- Why are you going?

Take care.

I thought you were going to apply.

And among his signs is this. He created
for you helpmeats from yourselves

so that you may find rest in them...

No, honey, give it a tone like this.

♪ And among his signs is this. He created
for you helpmeats from yourselves

♪ So that you may find rest in them

♪ And he ordained between you
love and mercy

♪ Verily in that are signs
for those who reflect ♪

I feel shy! I can't recite like that
in front of everyone.

You, shy? Ha! I only wish it were true!

(Commotion outside)

Look! There's my father!

- Where?
- There!


So do you love him?


- Your father?
- No, the neighbour's boy!

I don't think I'm the one
in love with the neighbour's boy!

Ha-ha-ha. That's not funny.

You didn't answer. Do you love him?


I was at secondary school
when he asked for my hand.

All the girls went crazy
when they saw his picture.

They were so jealous.

He was the first man in my life

and will hopefully be the last.

You're the prettiest woman
I've ever seen.

You'll give him a heart attack
with your red dress.

Don't worry.

He would never burn my heart
with a second wife.

Let's practise reciting
for the competition tomorrow.

Go on.

And among his signs is this. He created
for you helpmates from yourselves

So that you may find rest in them

And he ordained between you
love and mercy

The words need to come
from your heart.

Ignore your surroundings.
Read from your heart.

I'd love to be there tomorrow
and see you win.

But I have to commute
to the end of the world again.

(Reciting quietly)


Wrong answer. Thank you.

Next, please.

What is the meaning
of "sadakatouhen"?

- Bride price?
- Correct.


What is "furkan"?

- The Koran?
- Correct.


What does "da'ab" mean?




What is "zayqh"?




What is "hoban kabiran"?

I'm sorry, Yasmin. Back to your seat.

What is "hoban kabiran"?

A big something?


Wrong. Back to your seat, please.

What is "hoban kabiran"?

- Great injustice.
- Correct.

(11 Reciting)

Thank you, Salma.
God bless you!


Please start with verse seven
of Surat Al-Baqarah.

Begin at "God sealed their hearts".

Allah hath set
a seal on their hearts...

♪ Allah hath set a seal on their hearts

And their hearing and sight
are veiled

♪ Great is the penalty they incur

♪ Of the people there are some who say

♪ "We believe in Allah and the Last Day"

♪ But they do not really believe

♪ They would deceive Allah
and those who believe

♪ But they only deceive themselves
and don't realise it

♪ In their hearts is a disease

♪ And Allah has increased their disease

♪ And grievous is the penalty they incur

♪ Because they are false to themselves

♪ When it is said to them,
"Make not mischief on the earth,"

♪ They say, "Why, we only
want to make peace"

♪ Certainly, they are
the ones who make mischief

♪ But they don't realise it ♪

That was wonderful, Wadjda!
God bless you!

Are you sure
you want to pray next to us?


The winner hasn't been announced yet.

You won! You're their favourite convert.

I'm sure they were all on your side.


Come here!

We saved you a place in the first row.


Get in line.

Move closer.
Don't leave a gap for the devil.

God is great.

God is great.

Allah listens to he who praises him.

God is great.

(Loud chatter)

Be quiet, girls. Silence!

The competition finalists are...

Noura Saleh, Salma Abdel Azziz,

and Wadjda Al Saffan.

And now, the third prize goes to...

Salma Abdul Azziz.


The winner of the second prize is...

Noura Saleh.

Congratulations, Noura!

Wadjda, you're our champion.

You've won because
of your devotion and perseverance.

I hope all the girls here today
learn from your example.


And what are your plans
regarding the prize money?

I'm going to buy a bike
from the shop down the street.



I'm buying a bike.

With no training wheels,
since I know how to ride one.


Wouldn't it be better if we donated
the money to our brethren in Palestine?

You know, a bike isn't a toy for girls.

Especially not
for well-behaved, devout girls

who protect their soul and honour.

I'm sure your family won't allow it.

We'll donate the money,

and God willing,
you'll be rewarded for your generosity.

Please go back to your seat.

That's all, girls, you can leave now.

So nothing has changed after all.

You think you can act however you want
and people won't notice?

Your stupid behaviour
will haunt you forever.

You mean like your "handsome" thief?


Didn't you win? Where's the money?

In Palestine!

I'll give you my bike!

Then how will we race?


I want to marry you when we're older.

Hey, you're home at last.

What's with the new hairstyle?

Your mother won't answer my calls.

Can I have a look?

You won? I can't believe it.
You're my little darling!

Why are you crying?
You're the winner.

(Phone rings)

Just a second.


Are you ready?

I'm so proud of you, my little champ.

I've been trying
to call your mother all day.

When she gets back,
tell her I love her.

(Door closes)

(Phone rings)

Hello? Hi, Aunt Leila.

No, I don't know where she is.

Yeah, she's usually home by now.

OK, I'll let her know.


Congratulations, I heard the news.

They said you won.
I couldn't believe it.

If you set your mind to something,
no one can stop you.

They didn't give me the money.

I couldn't believe you told them
you wanted to buy a bike.

You don't need them or their money.

- (Men singing and drumming)
- What's going on at Grandma's?

I thought my uncle's wedding
wasn't until next month.

It's not your uncle's wedding.

It's all right. He made his decision.

It'll just be you and me now.

Let's buy the red dress...

and go over there and get him!

There's no need
for the red dress any more.

Besides, I already spent the money.

I hope it's the right one.

The man at the shop
had been holding it for weeks.

For some spunky little girl.

I want you to be
the happiest person in the world.

You're all I have left in this world.

Abdullah. Goal!

(Rings bell)

(Ringing bells)

Catch me if you can!

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