Waco (1966) - full transcript

Preacher Sam Stone and his new beautiful wife Jill stand by the grave of Sheriff Billy Kelly, who died trying to bring law-and-order to Emporia, Wyoming. Among the mourners are businessman George Gates, mayor Ned West and his daughter Patricia. The mayor rejects Gates' suggestion that he release gunfighter Waco from jail to clean up the town. When Patricia is attacked by a cowboy after leaving her boyfriend Scotty Moore, the mayor finally decides it is time accept the governor;s offer of amnesty for Waco. Jill Stone's first reaction, when learning that Waco has been released, is to leave town before Waco finds out that she, his former fiancée, has married the town preacher while Waco was in jail. Town boss Joe Gore is not overjoyed, either, but Ike and Pete Jenner eagerly await the chance to shoot Waco for the death of their brother.

♪ Waco ♪

♪ Waco ♪

He stood tall
wore heavy guns

That tied down
at the thigh

Gunmen knew that
to test his draw was
to pick your time to die

Even an outlaw, deadly mean
the ones that knew him said

But now a badge clinged
on his vest, he was the law

♪ Waco ♪

People moved away
from him, his smile was grim
and cold

The badge he wore
was a mockery to the notches
on his soul

Was he good or was he bad
Even Waco didn't know

The girl he loved
was promised now
so which way would he go?

♪ Waco, Waco ♪

His hour was
getting closer
The odds were mighty long

His life would be the forfeit
if he decided wrong

She was gone, would not
be his, what was he
fighting for?

The people of a little town
that couldn't despise
him more

♪ Waco ♪

No more time
He must decide

Some thought
he might have prayed

He checked his guns
then faced the street

His decision had been made

There was a dignity
about him, and a somber
look of doom

The people that were
in his way moved back
and gave him room

Never had he faced such odds
and he'd never learned to run

He had lived and now he'd die
with his only friend, the gun

A solemn lonely figure
moving up the dusty street

A solitary target
for the fate he was to meet

♪ Waco, Waco ♪


- Wake up!
What's the matter with you?!
- Hmm?

Can't I even leave town for one
day without everything going
to hell?

Well, I didn't expect
you back so soon.

I warned 'em.

They can't say
I didn't warn 'em.

Now I've got to
run 'em out of town.

Oh, don't do it, sheriff.
Don't try that!

I gave Gore 24 hours to
get rid of that riff raff.

- They'll kill you.
- They'll try.

You're gonna need somebody
to back up your action.

- Not you, boy.
- Well, you ain't the only one
around here wearing a badge.

I'm supposed
to be your deputy.

You're not feeling
very good, Jim.

You let me handle this,
will you?

Kelly's coming.
Looks like trouble.

- Trouble for him.
- You told him the drovers
would be out by today.

Well, I thought they would.

- This place is closed.

Maybe you ought to tell him
they'll be gone by tomorrow.

Tomorrow? Next day, Seebow will
be here with his drovers.

The whole thing will
start all over again.

That two-bit sheriff.

He's just itching
for a showdown.

Sheriff, the only thing that's
gonna be closed around here

is that big,
fat mouth of yours.

Now give me that gun.

Now that's a pity one
of them cowboys had to
up and kill him like that.

Yeah, sure is.

Look here, get back!

Get out of the way!
Get back from him!

Anybody shoots him, he'll bleed
whiskey all over the floor.

Get away from him!

I think the deputy needs
a drink, bartender.

...green pastures.

He leadeth me beside
the still waters.


Our dear departed,
William Kelly,

An interim sheriff,
who didn't really want the job,

but took it on to restore
decency and justice...

...to this vicious
and corrupt town....

...we, in our worldly pride,
call "Emporia".

And laid down
his life for us.

Now do you agree
we need Waco's gun?


The Lord is my shepherd
I shall not want.

Waco's gun is the only gun
alive that can help us.

The meanest gun alive,
you mean.

A convicted outlaw, now serving
time. Scum is what he is.

Mr. Gates, Mayor West...

...we're here
to pay our respects!

The mayor is a fool!

You expect us to free
a convicted killer

- I say no.
- Fight fire with fire.

Gentlemen! I beseech you,
show some respect!

I'm sorry I'm late.

I wouldn't be late for my own
uncle's funeral, but this is
an important telegram.

Your Uncle Billy
has lots of time.

The governor's agreed
to grant amnesty to Waco
to clean up Emporia.

Now all it needs
is a word from us.

All it needs is a word
from me and I say no.

We don't want Waco here.

Waco is the only
hope we have.

The only hope we had
lies in that box.

Sam, go on with
the ceremony.

He maketh me to lie down
in green pastures.

He leadeth me
beside the still waters.

He restoreth my soul.

Look at that.

I think it's common sense
to send for Waco.

I don't care to discuss it.

All I'm trying to say is,
if your father had
sent for him a month ago,

my uncle would be
alive now.

You also said my father was
a stodgy, thick-headed,

straight-laced prude.

Well, he is.

Will you please help me down?

Honey, why don't you face facts?
Ever since your mother died...

All right! Wait a minute.
I'll help you down.

Come on.

Now what do you want to do?
Walk home all by yourself?

Go ahead,
I won't stop you.

There's nothing wrong
with being a prude!

According to your way
of thinking, I'm a prude.

Patricia, of all people.

Oh, the poor thing.

Your own daughter.

Mayor, it's my fault.
She said she wanted
to walk home by herself.

Don't blame yourself, Scotty.

- The fault is this town!
- You're right!

Well, are you finally
gonna do something,

or are you just
gonna be thick-headed?

- Send for Waco.
- When do you
want him here?

On the next stagecoach.


The stage won't be here
until the day after tomorrow.

That'll give us a head start.

We already have a start.

Right here in Emporia.

Maybe you want to turn
the other cheek, but I don't.

I didn't even know Waco.

Well, I know him well enough
for both of us.

We said we weren't going
to talk about that anymore.

But now we have to,
don't we?

- He can't be that bad.
- Oh, can't he?

- A man could change.
- Not Waco.

He's been studying law
in prison.

According to those letters
he keeps writing me.

A man with a past like his,

takes the law,

wants to make amends
in his life.

Oh, sure. Waco's seen the light.

The governor thinks so,
or he wouldn't be granting
him amnesty.

He's got you all fooled.

- Give him a chance.
- A chance to do what?

To destroy our marriage?

I know...

He thinks you're still single.

And that's your fault.

Last year, when we
got married you said,

"Since he's
in prison for life..."

"Why hurt him?"

The reason I didn't want
to tell him is I was afraid he'd
break out and come after us.

Now he doesn't have to.

He'll be here.

Honey, he'll understand.

You don't know Waco.

Jill, there's something
I'm afraid you don't know.

The capacity
of the human heart.

Now, come on. Let's unpack.
We're not going anywhere.

Oh, you belong
in a pulpit alright.

Trust, believe

and, above all, forgive.

Forgive. Forgive!

The Jenners will
never forgive him.

That's right. I'd forgotten.

They hate Waco's guts.

We can't have a gun like Waco
wearing a badge in this town.

And on the other hand,
if we kill another sheriff,

it won't look good.

But, if the Jenners do it,
that's something else.

That suits me fine.

Get word to them.


Morning, Mr. Jenner.

Hi, boys. Boss'll be
down in a minute.

Just take a table over there.

A bottle of
our private stock.

There you are.
It's on the house.

Ike, Pete.

You didn't have to send out
to tell us Waco was coming.

He'll be here tomorrow morning
on the 11:20 stage.

We'll be waiting.

Now, you're not gonna kill him
right here in town.

No, not hardly.

We're gonna take him
home with us.

Yeah. You see,
we promised Ma that she
could watch us kill him.

Drink up, boys!

Ben, give me one.

I never did find out what
the Jenners had against Waco.

There used to be
three Jenner brothers.

Oh, here comes the mayor.

Quite a crowd.

Seems like some of the townfolk
wanna get a good look at Waco.

Sort of a welcoming party.

You'd think at least our deputy
would be here to meet him.

O'Neill, he's probably
out on another drunk.

Patricia, I can't tell you
how sorry I am about what
happened the other night.

Don't talk to me.

I never should have
let you walk home alone.

I'm filth.

Filth is what I am now.

Can't you see that?

- Everybody else can!
- Patricia...


Scotty, why don't you
let her cry it out?

You can see how she feels.

Just give her a few days.

Don't you wonder
why he's coming here?

I wonder if he heard in prison
that you and I were married?

Jill, that's not the reason.

Stage is late.

The Jenners will wait.

Here he comes!

Let's go.

- Whoa!


All right, Waco,
come on out.

Round him out, Pete.

I've waited a long time
for this, Waco.

He ain't here.

Suppose he got cold feet?

Here I am, Pete!

Make your play, Waco!

There he is!
Let him have it!

Better call 'em off, Ike.

You heard him, hold it.

Now unbuckle those gunbelts
and let them drop.

Nice and easy.

Pick up the gunbelts.

Ain't much wind
to speak of...

...so the stink can't be
blowing in from the stables.

You made one
little mistake, Waco.

You should've killed us
when you had an excuse.

Maybe we can get rid
of some of the stench.

Start peeling those clothes off.
Put them right there.

Go to hell, Waco.

You're right.
I should have killed you.

I'll do it now.

Nice and slow,
Inch at a time, hmm?

Same old Waco.

Not enough to step on a man,
you gotta grind your heel in.

You wouldn't have me
any other way.

He hasn't changed a bit.

The kind of a man
this town needs.

Start peeling.


You don't make a fool
out of us more than once.

You shouldn't have tried
to ambush me.

Somebody get me some coal oil.

I'll get it.

Aren't you carrying things
a little bit too far?

Only way to get rid of vermin
is to delouse them.

Wait a minute, Waco.

There are women present.

Nobody asked them to be.

I could get Waco
real easy from here.

Well, you could miss
real easy from here too.

Why, he'd pick us off
like birds on a fence.

Yeah, but look
what he's doing.

Yeah, Ike Jenner's got the
dirtiest neck I've ever seen.

I've got a better
idea for Waco.

Well, I hope you're
not forgetting he's
the sheriff here now.

He goes where the money is.

Then why did you sic the Jenners
on him if you thought he could
be bought?

Because I figured they
might save us the expense.

Come on, shoes and socks.

All except you, Pete.

You keep your boots on.

Don't do me no favors.

I don't want you getting cold
feet the way you think I did.

Pour it on.

- Now light it.

Choking on your
own stench, huh?

Now get your horses
and get out of here.

Why, they're as naked
as my little finger.

Pete's still got
his boots on.

I'm Ned West,
Mayor of Emporia.

That was quite a reception
you gave the Jenners.

This is George Gates,
town councilman.

Reverend Stone.

- Reverend.
- How are you?

How did you, uh...
How did you know the Jenners
were planning to waylay?

- I know them.
- We're holding a town council
meeting tonight.

We'd be very happy
for you to attend.

I'm not much
in council meetings.

But we would like some idea of
how you intend to run the town.

First of all,
no watered-down booze.

No marked cards,
no rigged wheel.

Drovers stay over here, they're
going to get a fair shake.

Joe Gore isn't
going to like that.

Be a lot of things
he won't like.

Putting teeth into the law
encompasses much more
than marked cards.

- Now, if you'd care
to come to the meeting...
- Mayor...

I'm looking forward
to a little meeting
of my own tonight. Private.

So if you'll excuse me...

What can be more
important than this?

A woman I know and haven't
seen for a long time.

We haven't even
sworn you in yet.

Well, Mayor, you get
a hold of the badge,

send her over
to my hotel room,

I'll look in the mirror,
hold up my right hand,

and swear myself in.

What kind of man is he?

The kind you don't argue with.

Got any ideas
how we can handle him?

If it's all right with
the rest of you, I think I'll
go over to the sheriff's office.

Get that badge and have
someone bring it to him

at his hotel room.

I don't think
it's that important.

You don't have to do that.

I won't do it.

You owe it to him
to tell him yourself.

You keep saying
people can change.

You have.

I'm not so sure anymore.

It isn't him you're afraid of.

Well, now you know.

Why did you marry me?

Because I loved you.

And I wanted to change.

And you thought
he was gone forever.

Oh, he's still gone.

You mean as long as you
don't have to face him.

Don't do this to me!

I'm doing it for you.

What do you want me to do?

Go to him honestly
and tell him you're married.

He's been locked up
in prison for five years

and you want me to go
to his hotel room.

Do you think we were all
made in heaven like you?

Maybe I understand a man
just getting out of prison
better than you think.

I, too, have a past.

One I never told you about.

I rode with Quantrill.

I helped rape...

...loot and burn towns.

Do you think you're the only
person in the world who has
something to be ashamed of?

I always thought of you as the
most gentle person I'd ever met.

It's who and what a person
is now that counts.

Not the past.

Thank you for saying that.

I'll go and
tell him I'm married.

You don't have to
tell me you're married.

Somebody at the hotel
beat you to it.

Hello, kid.

Hello, Waco.

Well, Reverend...

We meet again.

- I was sure we would.
- I wasn't.

I haven't been to church
in a long time.

Matter of fact, I haven't
been any place for a long time.

- Waco, I wanted to write...
- I didn't let her.

I'm sorry now I didn't.


He meant it to be kind.

No matter.

Except all those years
studying law...

...a waste.

Wouldn't you say so, Reverend?

If you're sincere...

Oh, I was sincere, all right.

The most sincere convict
in the whole prison.

'Cause, you see,
I had a plan.

You made it a point
to be a model prisoner.

Only way you can
work a release....

...is with a lot of gold stars
on your report car.

Now tell me he's changed.

With me,
nothing ever changes.

You promised
to clean up Emporia.

Reverend, I intend to.

I don't, they can send me
back to the rock pile

and those stinking law books
I used to keep in my cell.

I realize it's a shock
to you to find Jill married.

Thing I can't understand,

is how a preacher
got stuck with her.

She's rough.

In her own way,
as rough as I am.

We're two of a kind.

I'm not like you anymore.

Not anymore.

Just keep saying that
over and over.

But look at me when you say it.

Get out. You're filth.

Do as she asks.


Sure, Reverend.

Oh, it's, uh...
a little late,

but I'll see what I can do
about rounding up a wedding
present, hmm?


So long, kid.

Be happy, hmm?

He came to Emporia
to do an honest job.

I could see it in his face,
and hear it in his voice.

But now he's bitter.

And when he's bitter...

...he's capable
of terrible things.

- Can you read that?
- Let's see.

"Mr. Ace Ross,
care of The Last Chance Saloon,
Cheyenne, Wyoming.

- I changed my mind."
- Send it right off.

Yes, sir.

Stood right there.

I didn't do nothing.

Didn't do nothing.

Just let him kill him.

Billy Kelly...
I let 'em kill you.

May I have a whiskey?

Waco, I'm Rile.

You're the bouncer.

Mr. Gore has been
expecting you.

I'll bet he has.

He's upstairs in his office.

I'll see him
when I get around to it.

I think you'd better
get around to him first.

That's Jim O'Neill.

He's your deputy.

Take that over to the sheriff's
office. Pin it on the desk.

All right, come on.
Come on.

Hello, Waco.

I'm Dolly.

You sure are.

Hey, what's the big idea?

Only game in town, hmm?

You look lonely.

Now I know why.


A box of Waco's stuff
came in on the stage.

Go over to the depot and get it.

I ain't the deputy any more.

We've been paying you.

All right, I'll get it.

Errand boy, that's all
I ever been anyhow.

You've been expecting me.

Certainly have, Waco.

Glad to have you with us.

Did I say I was with you?

Well, we'll talk about
that later, huh?

I'm the sensitive type.

If you want to try to corrupt
me, let's make it private.

Well, this is about as private
as Mr. Gore gets.

Get rid of him.

All right, Rile.

Another thing
you can get rid of is
the marked playing cards,

and the rigged wheel
downstairs by tonight.

We'd lose a lot of money, Waco.

- "We"?
- Yeah, it's like you figured.

I'm cutting you in.

Oh, I like that.

I really do.

About as much as I like the way
you cut the Jenner brothers in

for a piece of my hide.

Why, I didn't have anything
to do with the Jenners.

'Course you didn't.

You welcome the idea of
splittin' your profits with me.

Now you don't care anything
about this town.

And don't tell me you do!

I don't know what I care about.

You could rake in
a fortune with us.

When I found out I was
getting out of the jail house,

I had to make a decision.

Come to Emporia, clean up
the place for the citizens...

...or take it over myself.

Flipped a coin.

Heads, the town wins.
Tails, I win.


And, uh... what came up?

Stood right on its edge.

Hasn't fallen yet.

One way or the other.

When it does,
you'll be the first to know.

Now look, Waco, you pull
the teeth out of gambling,
you're gonna...

Lose. On the other hand...

...I run you out of town,
you still lose.

'Cause I wouldn't cut you in
for the time of day.

See you tonight.



Gore, get me down!



Here, you take him.
He's all yours.

Hey, Jim, did you
meet Waco yet?


You're not gonna be
a deputy anymore?

- That's no way to make friends.
- Get out of here.

They say that you were
in prison for a long time.

Go wake up
the piano player.

Your woman didn't wait, huh?

Whoever she was,
it shows.

Whoever she was
is none of your business.

Put your heart back
in your pocket, the pieces
might fall on the floor.

The man at the bar
wants a sweet tune.

I've decided,
you need a friend.

You don't comb your hair
the way she did.

I'll let it down.

Excuse me, could I talk
to you for a minute?

I'm told you need a deputy.

Forget it.

- Well, I'm pretty good
with a gun.
- I said forget it.

Who told you
I needed a deputy?

Jim O'Neill. He just brought
the box of books over for you.

Nobody asked
him to do anything.

Well, he didn't mean
any harm by it.

What'd he do with 'em?

Where is that rumhead?

He said something about
going over to the cemetery.

Well, he may never
leave it.

I'm sorry, Billy Kelly.

There was a time when
I was as good as you.

Good as Waco,
good as anybody.

But I drank her all away.

And you died...

...'cause that hand was
shaking so bad, I couldn't
even hold a gun in it.

Let alone,
shoot somebody with it.

Trouble talking to the dead
is you never get an answer.

What did you do
with my books?

Put 'em in the cupboard.

See what they was about?

I paid no attention.

So you used to be
good with a gun, hmm?



A long dry spell ago.

Long, maybe, but not dry.

No, not dry.

Go on, get out of here.

Go on. Go on home, take
a bath and clean up. Shave.

I wanna see you at six
tomorrow morning with the
cobwebs out of your eyes

and that snivel
out of your voice.


I quit drinking
any time I want to.

I done it...
a million times.

It's the last time that counts.
Go on, get out of here.

Six o'clock
tomorrow morning.

I told you to stay out of here.
Now stay out!

Haven't you and
your crowd done enough?

I want my girl
out of there!

Mr. Gore ain't gonna hurt
the mayor's little girl.

I'll kill you if you don't...

- You ain't gonna kill nobody.

Scotty, what's going on?

They can't do that
to a decent girl.

You mean they dragged
Patricia in there and...

No, no. But she's hurt.
She's bitter.

She thinks because of what
happened she's no good anymore.

Waco! Waco, do something.

- Look, Waco,
the man's daughter...
- Yeah, I heard.

Well, go in and
get her out of there!

Nobody told me part of
this job was to play wet nurse.

How can you say
a thing like that?

Why, you're as bad
as they are!

You knew that
when you hired me.

Why would she just walk
into a saloon like that?

Maybe she wanted
a glass of beer.

Dolly, here,
will show you the ropes.

First thing we've got to do
is get you a nice, red dress.

You the mayor's kid?

The name is Miss West.

She asked for the job, Waco.

- And got it.
- Anything wrong with that?

- Might be.
- Now she's old enough!

But is she smart enough?

How smart are you, honey, hmm?


That smart enough for you?

Come on, let's go
talk about it.

Where are you taking me?

I'm not going
out there to my father.

Course not, sweetheart.
Come on.

I guess he likes the way
she combs her hair.

Waco sure doesn't
waste much time.

I wish he'd waste
some of mine.

Ned, no.

If Waco isn't gonna bring
her out of there, I am.

Ned, if you go in there
with that shotgun,

Gore and his boys will
kill you for sure.

They're gonna have to.

Well, well,
look what we got here.

- Where's my daughter?
- That thing loaded?

Where's my daughter?

- Your kid left.
- With Waco.

With Waco?

I was supposed to be
the one to show her the ropes
as a saloon girl.

Yes, sir, they just sneaked
right out the back way.

Scotty, Mr. Gates.

Is she in there?

She's with Waco.
I'll kill him.

Waco? I just saw them together
down the street.

So help me, I'll kill him.


Where's Patricia?

She was with you.

Couldn't stand the crying.

I wouldn't go in there
if I were you. She's in
there talking it over.

Who's in there with her?

Nobody. And my advice is nobody
should go in and disturb her.

- Not even the reverend?
- Not even the reverend.

Well, is she all right?

She seems to think people
will look down on her

because of what happened
the other night.

Nothing could be
further from the truth.

I don't think you could convince
a 20-year-old girl of that.

Or you either.

But maybe somebody
in there will.

Maybe I misjudged you.

I wouldn't be too quick to jump
to that conclusion either.

You're a strange man, Waco.

Nothing strange.
I'm as bad as people think I am.

Maybe worse.

Well that's the quickest divorce
I ever heard of.

Where are your things,

Or did you leave them
over at the hotel?

That's not funny.

Then what's a married
woman doing here...

...alone and unprotected...

...with the man she jilted?

I didn't jilt you.

'Course not.

You just thought you could have
a husband on the outside

and still keep me on the string
all snug and cozy behind bars,

It wasn't that way.

Then what way was it, honey?

I just came to tell you
that I was wrong about you.

Sam was right.

People who wear their colors
backwards, usually claim to be
right about everything.

When are you gonna
turn yours around?

Now look
who's being funny.

Somebody at the stage depot
saw those books of yours.

My law books?

Not law books.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Drovers. It'll be
a lively night tonight.

One of the was a bible.

A Gideon.

Picked it up at a hotel
on the way over here.

Another was a seminar
on religious precept.

You weren't taking any
law course in that prison.

What's the difference
what I was doing?

Are you ashamed to admit you
were studying to be a minister?

All right!

You do crazy things
when you're locked up.

Alone at night.

Too much time to think.

Well now I'm out.
I'm free.

I don't have to think anymore.
That's all over.

It doesn't have to be over.

You're over.

Aren't you?

All but the remembering.

Well that can end too.

Me, a clergyman.

If I'd written that to you
in one of those letters,

you'd thought I'd
gone out of my mind.

Maybe I did.

I must've.

Oh, no.

Don't you see? I was
trying to do right too.

That's why I married Sam.

Never mind about you.

Just don't get any
wrong ideas about me.

Look up a telegram I sent
to an old pal of mine
by the name of Ross

that I knew in the penitentiary.

Now he's riding in here

and we're taking this town
over for ourselves.

Because you found out
I was married.

That changed all your
plans for a new life.

One thing you ought to learn...

...people talk about changing...

...but they never do.

And I'm glad I woke up before
I made a fool of myself.

Oh, Waco,
there's nothing foolish...

Get out of here before I forget
you're married to somebody else!

Why don't you?

You're still
the same too, hmm?

Admit it!

We're both still the same!


Thought you'd like to know,
Patricia's home now.

She's gonna be all right.


She owes it all
to you, she says.

Nobody owes me anything.

I do.

I'm in love with her.

Things are getting
out of hand.

I noticed.

You're not thinking of going
over there by yourself, are you?

Man takes a job, he's gotta
act like he's doing it.

Wait a minute.

I'll go with you.

Now look, there's a lot
of them and only one of you.

Take that rifle
back where you got it.

I think you want to die.

Either that, or I'll lock you up
till I get back.

Waco, you might not
get back.

Might be.

Waco's coming.

I've had my fill of Waco.

That makes two of us.

Same cards?

Same cards.

And the wheel?

Thought I told Gore
to change 'em.

Well, I guess he
didn't hear you.


Well, what do you know? A real,
live Wyoming star-packer.

They give you a name
where you come from?


What outfit you with?

Jed Seebow.

You're gonna be sorry
you ever heard of it.

Put your guns
up on that bar.

Like I was saying,

I don't like
marked playing cards.

We'll get fresh ones.

And no readers in the back.

The wheel?

I'll unrig it.

Thank you very much.

All right, outside,
all of you.

Look, we were just
blowing off a little steam.

Now you're finished.

And we can lock you up
and put you away for the night.


I'll be back for the guns later.

We better get out to that herd
before daybreak, or Seebow
will have our heads.

That tough, is he?

It'll take more guts than you
got to stand up against him.

Well, maybe I better deliver you
out to Mr. Seebow personally.

And tell him to keep you and
the likes of you out of here.

Now move.

Whoa. Ho!

Didn't know you had enough
talent to do it, Kallen.

I told you I'd sucker Waco
out here, didn't I?

Thought you was with
the Seebow outfit.

There's Mr. Seebow,
right over there.

Waco, meet Ma.
Ma Jenner.

I've been waiting
to meet you.

Scheming and planning
on ways to do it.

Ever since you killed
my boy, Jeb.

I'll bet you have.

Me and my boys
come out to Mr. Seebow's

to ask him if one of his drovers
would bring you out.

Kallen sure enough did it.

We figured you
wouldn't come to our place,

even if you had an invite.

Go for your gun

and I'll blow five miles
of daylight through you.

Take his gun, Kallen.

My boy Pete's gonna put
a brand on your rump,

So it'll be easy for people
to identify your corpse

when we dump it off
in Emporia.

Go ahead, Pete.

- Boys, we'll still put
a brand on his rump!

I'll make things good
and hot for him, Ma.

- Let him go.

You, Ma Jenner,
drop that shotgun.

I'll get Pete and Ike both.

You heard me.

Get out of the way.

I was at the office at six,
right on the dot, sheriff.

No cobwebs, eh?

Scotty told me you was
on your way out here.

I think you and Pete
need branding.

So they can tell you apart
from the cattle.

You wouldn't do that.

Maybe you'd like to have
your ma do it for me, hmm?

You touch me with that
and I'll...

You'll do what?

I'll kill you!

You got it
the other way around.

I ever see you or your brother
Pete or your ma again,

or any of those
Seebow hyenas,

it'll be a long,
cold day in a pine box.

Ace Ross.

Yeah. I hear he and Waco
used to be thick as fleas.

Sure. That's why he stopped
in the sheriff's office.

Was asking about Waco.

I'll find out why.

Sheriff, those men were
just here asking for you.

I seen 'em.

O'Neill, you'd better
pin that badge back on.

What'd they want?

Trouble, I'm afraid.

I tell you one thing,

we won't have Seebow or his
boys around here anymore.

How's that?

Waco told Seebow and his bunch

that the next time they
come riding in here,

they'll go riding right back out
again in a pine box.


Hello, Waco. Oh, these are
a couple of my boys.

Real good boys.

You know,
back in the penitentiary,

where they kept us jailbirds
perched in our little cages,

Waco was king buzzard.

In this case, vulture.

Didn't take you
long to get here.

When there's a nice, fat pie
all ripe for cutting up,

I don't waste time.

Go ahead and check in.
I'll send for you tonight.

Then you got
everything figured out?

Nothing we can't handle.

That's just what
I told the boys.

Old Waco here, he always
picks the real soft spots.

See you tonight.

So those are the hired killers.

Yeah, well, well.
Now you know.

Your wife's the type
that talks.

She said you'd send for
your own personal hooligans.

That's not all she told me.

Reverend, I hope she didn't
tell you everything.

- She spoke of those books.
- Never mind about those books.

- The good side of Waco.
- Well stick around,
see the other side.

So, with bloodshed
and violence you intend
to take over this town.

That isn't true.

Now, a man of the cloth
wouldn't lie about a thing
like that, would he?

Waco, you came here
to tame a town.

Not to steal it.

Good reference.
I'm a thief at heart.

Temptation overcame me.

What's egging you two?

I'm sorry I sobered up.

Why? Seeing things
too clearly?

Here, this'll buy you
another bottle of cobwebs.

You always leave a man
where you found him?

I'm glad my Uncle Billy didn't
live to see the likes of you.

Me too.

I say we round up
as many men as we can get.

All we'll find around here
is stumblebums and drunks.

Well, we gotta do something.

I got it.

Jed Seebow's sore
enough at Waco.

And so are the
Jenner brothers.

If we could get the Jenners
and Seebow's bunch
to team up with us...

That's all it'd take.

Waco would be
fighting a small army.

Waco told me last night
he'd send for those killers.

You know, I don't think
he intended to do this
when he first came to town.

But when he found out I was
married, he just lost hope
in everything.

I simply can't believe
he'd do such a thing.

Neither would I if I hadn't
heard it with my own ears.

I didn't think he'd
hold a gun to our heads.

Well, I was against him
coming here in the first place.

What I'd like to know is
what can we do about it?

- We can fight him.
- Fight him?

Why, we couldn't even
fight Joe Gore.

Quiet! Quiet, please.

I never knew of a gun to wear
a man, but it's happened.

I suppose you all know that Waco
has imported some hired killers.

Now, when the governor
gave him amnesty,

one of the terms
of the agreement was
that when he got here

we'd be held responsible.

Now we have no recourse.

We put our trust in him
and lost.

The purpose of this meeting
is to determine what, if any,

action we can take
to rid Emporia of Waco
and his hirelings.

That would mean we settle for
Joe Gore and his hirelings.

That puts us right in the
middle. What can we do?

I seldom drink
in the daytime.

Nobody twisted your arm.

But the thought of having
to go to a funeral tomorrow...

- Who died?
- You.

That is, you're about to.


With a gun in your hand and a
crazy comic look on your face.

I don't know why...

...I never could resist
having a farewell drink

with a dead man.

And tomorrow, brother...

Tomorrow... the next day
and the day after that

- I'll be right here.
- Sure you will.


Mr. Gore and Mr. Rile rode out
of here a little while ago.

When they return, they'll have
a few friends with them.

Anybody I know?

Pete and Ike Jenner.

They've been here.

Ma Jenner and Jed Seebow.

And Mr. Gore and Mr. Rile

and a whole flock
of fancy gunslingers.

I mention anybody you know?

What's that old saw?
"Live by the gun and..."

Tomorrow at the cemetery,
I'll bring you flowers.

But don't expect me to cry.

I've forgotten how.



It's gonna be worse
than any of you thought.

It's gonna be the whole
Seebow outfit,

along with Ike and Pete Jenner
and their gunslinger.

I don't know
how many other men.

But Waco and his three hired
guns will be wiped out for sure.

- They won't stand a chance.
- Neither will we.

Once they kill Waco,
they'll take over like
they never did before.

Turn this town into
a sinkhole of creation.

If you boys linked up
with the Jenners,

why, you could turn Emporia into
your own personal county fair.

Waco's the blue ribbon,
first prize.

All right, 3:30 this afternoon
we meet up with Ma Jenner
and her boys.

Then we ride into town.


I told you I'd send
for you tonight.

We decided not to wait.

All right, tie up the horses.

And it ain't gonna be that soft
touch you said it'd be.

Maybe you're getting soft.

If we want to fight a war,
we'll join the army.

I don't think
I heard you right.

We're pulling out.

Try it.

I'm going to.

What are you afraid of?

Some lousy drovers?

Couple of scarecrow farmers?
You're staying!

Only if you
shoot us in the back.

Let's go.

What makes you
think I won't?

Let me have
a bottle of whiskey.

Petunias. They keep
their fragrance longer.


That somebody you know?

Waco knows 'em.
Ross and his men.

But they're riding
away from Emporia.

That means Waco will be waiting
in town all alone.

Come on.

- Hello, kid.
- I know about the Jenners.

Seebow and those gunmen
that are coming here.

So do I.

You don't think you can go up
against them alone, do you?

No, I don't.

Why aren't you running?

Where would I run to?

You could be in Abilene or...

What would I do there?

Well, you wouldn't die!

What's wrong with that?

I'm told death... is beautiful.

Oh, Waco, do me a favor,
will you?

Don't become beautiful yet
for a while.

That's the whole,
big trouble.

I love you too.

You mustn't say that.

I figure what happens
on that street this afternoon

could be the answer
to everything.

- You're giving up.
- Don't mistake me.

I'm gonna fight.

I'm gonna fight just like
my life meant something.

It does mean something.

And I'll take a few with me,
I guarantee you.

you haven't a chance.

Did I ever?

What do you think
you're doing?

And you?

And you?

What the hell's going on?

Oh, no you don't.

I don't want any help.

This town owes me nothing!

I was stealing it from you.

Right from under your noses!

And I'd have done it, too!

I don't want
favors from anybody!

How dumb can you people get?!

I'm not your sheriff.


You see that?

I'm nothing!

You wanna get
gunned down for nothing?

Well do ya?!

I'll go around back.
Get Waco from the saloon.

Remember, boys.
You, Ike. You, Pete.

It's Waco we want,
then we own this town!

Out of the way!
Out of the way!

- Waco! Waco!
- Why, you...!

That was for Billy Kelly.

You just couldn't wait
for that pine box, could you?

- Oh!
- Scotty!

Men! Men, listen to me!

Stop firing!

Let's stop this killing!

You've nothing to gain!
Your leaders are dead.

Don't listen to him!

Get on your horses and go home.

Go home and don't come back.

You're gonna listen to a,
to a preacher?!

This fight isn't over!

I don't know why you people
did what you did yesterday.

But if you want
to know the truth...

...I don't really care.

The Reverend decided that
the time had come to fight.

It was you
who made him decide.

Me? Why me?

He couldn't see you
standing alone against them.

Not the man who
told me to go to church.

I didn't know
what else to do with you.

You knew what to do with me.

That's because
I can't stand drunks.

You said you wanted
to steal a town.

Looks like you have.

What do I want
from this town?

This, maybe.

You stepped on it and
it's a little bent, but...

...if you want to,
you can fix it easy.

Course, you'd have
to want to.

He wants to.

♪ Waco ♪

When the vengeance fight

His big guns cut them down

And that day will be
remembered as long
as there's a town

The people saw one gunman
stand and fight an outlaw

He gave them courage
they had lost and they
backed him to the man

♪ Waco ♪

Now his job
was finished here

As he slowly turned away

A hand reached out
and touched his arm

And a gentle voice
said, "Stay"

The girl he'd loved forever
was standing at his side

And the real man
that was Waco lived

And the outlaw Waco died

♪ Waco, Waco ♪

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WesternKasa /GM DEZ2020