Wacky Blackout (1942) - full transcript

We tour a farm and see how the various animals are preparing for the war, in a series of blackout skits.


Howdy, folks.

You know, I reckon
a lot of
you people out there

are sort of wondering about us
here on the farm during this war.

Well, I want you to know
we're prepared for any emergency.

Yeah, sure.
Just like the city folks.

Now, take this farmer here.

Why, he's heard and read
them there incendiary bombs.

You know what he's done?

He's even trained his pet dog
to help put out the fires.

Here's his dog
about to go into action.

He's a full-blooded spitz.

Now, take this here cow for instance.

Why, you know she's increased
her production

and she's now giving
5000 quarts of milk a day.

That seems like a lot of milk,
5000 quarts is what she gives.

Gives, nothing.
They come in and take it from me.


What a performance.

Well, look who's here. It's Old Tom.

You know, Old Tom is about the oldest cat
in these here parts. Yes, sir.

Why, he's been around
for the last three wars

and he knows that this one
will turn out all right too.

[pecking nearby]

Uh, say, now, would you look at that.

A teeny little woodpecker.

Now, I bet you I know
what he's
aiming to be when he grows up.

I reckon he plans to be a riveter
at Lockheed.


Look at that cat's tail.


If I do,

I'll get a whipping.

I'll do it.

[cat screeches]

You know, we American people

always sort of look forward
to Thanksgiving.

And this year is certainly no exception.

This here turkey is getting fattened
Yes, sir, he's getting lots to eat

and you know what?

When he reaches 20 pounds,
he'll be ready for the oven.

Twenty pounds? Oven?


You know, uh, these turtle eggs

they've been laying around
in the sun
for quite a spell

and uh, well what do you know,
like they're getting ready to hatch.

[pecking then cat screeches]

I did it again. [laughs]

Well, as I was saying,
these little turtles are born

with a natural bombproof
shelter n
on their backs.

Ain't that cute?

Hey, what in the world
has come over that?

Hey, little fella.

What do you think you are?


I'm a jeep. Jeep, jeep.


Well, now that we're back on the farm

let's sort of peek in on a young fella
who's a-courting his sweetie.

Oh, Marie-Alana, um, ahh

Would you be my, ahh?

Would you like to? Oh, no, no, no.

Would you be my, uh?

Oh, gosh. I wish there was a blackout.

Oh, uh oh!


Oh, boy. Oh, boy.

Oh, boy. Blackout!


I just don't know what has
over the caterpillars.

Just seem to lay around and look glum.

Well, would you look at that little fella.

He sure looks happy, don't he?

Happy? Of course, I'm happy.

I just got a retread. [laughs]

Uh, these little fireflies here,
are gonna stage a practice blackout.

Looks like they're set to go.

Okay, lights out.

Hey there, turtle.

You better pull into your shelter.
It's a blackout.

Nope, I'd, uh, rather not.

Pull your head in. That's better.

Why in the world didn't you
wanna go
into your shell?

Well, uh, I'm afraid of the dark.

All right, fireflies. Blackout's over.

Hey, you. You on the end.

Yes, you. What happened to your light?

Hey, who's the bulb snatcher?

Who's the bulb snatcher?

Did you ever see a prettier sight
than this here mother bird?

She is a-teaching her little
how to fly.

It's very easy, darling.

Just flap your wings like this.


Come on, now. Do as Mommy did.

Ah, Ma. I wanna be a dive-bomber.

[mimicking plane engine]

[mimics machine guns]

I guess about the only living creatures

that haven't been affected by the war

are the famous swallows of Capistrano.

Yes, sir.

As you all know, these here birds return
to the mission on a certain day each year

and we're here just in time
to see them come back.

They'll be along any minute now.

Telegram for the audience.

What does it say?

It says here:

We are out over the ocean
Can't even get close to land

We can't fly to Capistrano
Past the Fourth Interceptor Command

Signed, The Swallows.

Now, you folks all know
valuable carrier pigeons is in wartime.

[pecking then cat screeches]

I did it.

[bird pecking]

As I was saying, about them there
carrier pigeons,

well now, this proud couple
is famous around these parts.

During the last war
gave more sons to the service

than was ever thought possible.

[weakly] Well, Ma

♪ We did it before ♪

♪ And we can do it again ♪

♪ And we will do it again ♪


That's all, folks!