WW 3 (2001) - full transcript

Larry Sullivan is a white collar FBI agent, but when a mysterious virus strikes on board a cruise ship he's send to his uncle John, a recluse who shoots at strangers, but one of the last surviving experts from the 1960s programs to develop biological weapons. He and his Russian-born old friend Yuri Zenkovsky confirm it's a variant of the extremely contagious and deadly Marburg virus, which was made as contagious as influenza in order to wipe out most of a continent's population if spread from four strategical points, and soon it is at three; the North American dead-count rises exponentially...

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( dance music playing )

( woman singing in Spanish )

( men responding in Spanish )

( Spanish singing continuing )

( music continuing muffled )

Your move,
Dr. Watson.

( laughs under breath )

Mm-mm-mm-mm, mm.

( pager beeping )

Seasickness or coronary?

Aw, I've got a few people
with the flu.

Try not to cheat.

Don't need to.

( music continuing )

Are you doing okay
with that, ma'am?

What's going on?

I don't know.

You should check this.

Do you have
any questions, ma'am?

Is everything clear?

Is this my insurance
company here?

Hello, Mr. Zelf.

I understand you're not
feeling well this evening.

Mr. Zelf?

Mr. Zelf?

Is it your stomach?

Does your stomach hurt?


( breathing uneasily )

I'm going to get you
to lie down for me, Mr. Zelf.


Swing your legs up.

( grunting )


I'm going to ask you
to sit back up

Mr. Zelf.

Yeah, there we go.

All right.

Open your mouth, please.

And open your mouth wider.

I need help!

Get Thomas and Mary now!

Oh, sweet mother of God!

( birds chirping )

Let's move in there.

Okay, listen up.

Special Agent Sullivan, FBI.

We have a search warrant
pursuant to a court order.

Please move
away from your desks

and into the hallway.

I'm the assistant office
manager, Kevin Poll.

What's going on?

It's insurance
fraud, Mr. Poll.

Here's the
search warrant.

We're seizing all the hospital's
financial records.

All of them?

I wouldn't wait up.

Please, out
in the hallway.

Uh, where's
your television?

It's in the,
uh, cabinet.

Over here?


Uh, what time is it, Peter?


It's in there.

All righty,
here we go.

MAN ( over TV ):
Reversing 11 years of policy
since the Gulf War

Russia today signed
a formal treaty with Iraq

reinstating the two countries'
historically close relationship.

Come on, change the channel.

What are you doing?
The game's on the other channel.

Change the channel!

Mike Conlin steps
up to the plate.

It's Chicago 5
and Florida 1.

( laughing ):

5-1! Unstoppable!

Can you believe it?
They're going to
sweep the playoffs.

One more game, man!

He delivers...
and that ball is gone!



It is going. It is going.

It is gone! Home run!

Chicago in the Series.

It's the end of the world
as we know it.

Oh, I can't believe it.

( crickets chirping )

( television playing
indistinctly )

( footsteps approaching )

( phone ringing )


Yes, it is.



No, I understand.

I got it.


Well, uh...
I don't mean to be forward

but I'd appreciate a hint
of what this is abou...

O'Hare, 2:45--
got it.

( chuckling sleepily )


I have to go to D.C.


I-I don't know.

Plane leaves in an hour.

I don't understand.

I got to go to D.C.
Plane leaves in an hour.

They won't tell me why.

How can they
not tell you?

By not telling me.

But I got time off tomorrow.

I cleared all my shifts
at the hospital.

We were going to unpack.

I know, but right now,
I got to go pack.

Did they say when
you'd be back?

Well, it better be
by Saturday.

I've got those tickets
to game four.

Hey, do you know where that,
um, the toilet bag thingy is?

Someday, somehow,
we're going to have
to find the time

to make this a home.

What do you mean?
This is a home.

We have a mortgage
to prove it.

No, this is house
with a mortgage.

We have to make it a home
with a mortgage.

Uh-huh, and how do we do that?

You know, by unpacking

by putting up that mirror
in the hallway

by hanging up curtains
and using this pepper shaker.

Homes don't keep
pepper shakers in boxes.

They keep them on tables.

Well, then we'll have
to get a table.



there it is.

Oh, there it is.


Yes, soon.

( phones ringing )

( voices speaking indistinctly )

Larry Sullivan.


Hey, what're you doing here?

I have no idea.

Do you know
what's going on?

Well, did you change units?

No, no, I'm HHS--
mostly medical
fraud. You?


DESC? What's that?

under directive 3-9-N-16.

On October 6, 2100 hours,
passengers and crew

aboard the cruise ship
American Anthem

were taken sick by an
unknown infectious agent.

The ship was off
the Mexican coast

en route to San
Pedro, California.

Two people have died.

The symptoms are flu-like

followed by internal
bleeding and convulsions.

Initial findings suggest

this may be a Marburg-type

( murmuring )

What's Marburg?

It's a very
bad hot virus.

It's not presently known
whether this is

a natural outbreak
or a terrorist act.

Coast Guard's quarantined
the ship off Long Beach

and CDC is taking care
of the medical situation.


Yes, sir?

I want your unit in
the air by 1300 hours.

You're to head up Hazmat
for the Western offices.

You talk to Wilson about
contacts and details.

Yes, sir.

And remember,
there is no vaccine.

There is no antidote.

There's no treatment
for Marburg.

So be careful.

Be thorough.

This is the real thing.

Let's not screw it up.


Do we know
how the virus...?

Do we have one
that works?

( overlapping speaking )

It's not doing us
any good sitting in
a lab in Aberdeen.

If they got one
that works, I
want it onboard.


Yes, I'm here to see
Assistant Director Farrell.

What do you want me
to do?

You want me to spray the crap
out of a ship

that's sitting two miles
out in the ocean?

Are you Sullivan?

Yes, sir.

Fine. Tell them I want
to get back to them.

Thank you.

Gentlemen, can we
have a couple of
minutes here, please?

Sir, when'd you want
to contact Mexico City?

Soon as I'm done here.

We also need to contact
the Federales

and make sure we're
on the same page...

Fraud, huh?

Yes, sir.

So you're probably not
too familiar

with weapons
of mass destruction?

Not unless you're referring
to HMOs.

Do you know this man?

Uh, yes.

It's my uncle... uh, Uncle John.

Are you close?

Uh, not really, no.

I haven't seem him in, uh...
well, a very long time.

Why is that?

My mother and my uncle
had a falling out

after my father died.

Did something happen to him?

Yeah, he retired.

Oh. From the Army?

He lives on Bainbridge Island
off Seattle.

It's crucial that
we talk to him.

About what?


This is a microscopic particle
that the CDC took off the lung

of one of the
passengers who died.


is the particle a weapon?

What do you need from my uncle?

Don't you know who he is?

Apparently not.

Well... sweet ol' Uncle John

personally invented
most of this stuff.

He worked with the
Army's bio-weapons unit
in the '50s and '60s

until Nixon disbanded it in '68.

We have a generation gap
of knowledge.

Men like your uncle, who truly
know about military bio-weapons

have all either retired or died.

They're known as fossils.

We sent an agent out
from the Seattle office.

Your uncle threatened
to shoot him.

Apparently, he has
privacy issues.

Good luck.

Agent Blake?


Donald Wells, CDC.

This way.

I'll take those, ma'am.

Thank you.

What's your setup?

Looks like the interior
of the ship is level four.

We have a negative airflow
and hepa filters in place.

We've also
bleached down all surfaces.


are confined to cabins.

The infected are in public
rooms under plastic tents.

We're using the kitchen's
refrigerators as morgues.

The Coast Guard's
running security.

The Army's CBD Com has been
flying in men and supplies.

What's the dead?

33 and climbing.

This is our level two.

We suit up here.

Welcome, Special Agent Blake,
to the American Anthem ballroom.

( patients coughing )

Ship's doctor.


Negative. It spreads
like the flu.

Sneezing, coughing, touch...

an exchange
of bodily fluids.

You know what introduced
it aboard the ship?

No, we don't.

What's the CDC
lab saying?

Like Marburg,
but not like Marburg.

Could it be
genetically altered?

Could be anything.

You don't! You're
not in my position!

You don't know
how I feel!

I don't even know if my
husband's dead or alive!

Why can't you
call the ship?

I already told you.

They must have
a passenger list!

Yes, yes,
of course they do.

Well, then,
who's in charge?

Well, the thing is,
I'm in charge

and I'm in charge

and I don't know
what's going on, either.

His name is Irving.

Mark Irving.

( music playing )

( woman weeping )

Excuse me. Are you Maria Cruz?


And this would be Oakley?


Is my husband all right?

Um, do you know?

Is he still on the ship?

Yes, he's still
on the ship.

They're not letting
anybody off at this moment

but you can talk to him.

Would you like that?

Okay. Let's go.

A lot of people are sick

and some of them have died.

Nobody seems to know why.

All these doctors are walking
around in these bubble suits

like everyone's
radioactive mutants.

For God's sakes, stop crying.

I'm going to be all right.

I'm going to sail
right through this thing.

You watch me, girl.


How's Oakley?

He's fine. He's here.

You want to talk to him?

Yeah, yeah.

Let me get him.

No, listen, wait.

I can't. Uh, the captain just...

Oh, no. He's right here.

Just a second.

I'll talk to him later.

Um... I'll be home
sooner than you know.

Oh, okay. I love you.

Me, too.

He had to go.

The captain called.

Edward Cruz, head
of our security.

Yes. I've been checking

our passenger list
against the CDC's list

and I did come up
with one discrepancy--

Hakim Sharif.

He was traveling alone.

He's no longer
aboard the ship.

Had a Lebanese passport.

Where would he
have gotten off?

I don't know.

The only place could
have been Puerto Vallarta.

I need to see all the
information you have on him

and I need to
see his cabin.

MAN ( over radio )
...in Moscow today,
the Defense Ministry

continued its
consolidation of power

with the closing of two more
opposition newspapers.

In a speech before the Russian
Duma, General Ivanoff pledged

to restore the glories
of the Russian Empire.

And in baseball today,
Chicago and...

( dog barking )

Who's out there?!

I've got a gun!

That you, Uncle John?

It's your nephew Larry.

Dunka! Dunka!



My God. You've grown.

When did that happen?

Uh, puberty.


Well, quit playing games.

Come on down.

You're scaring my dog.

What's that?

It's in Arabic.

Wardley will translate it.

Take a look at this.

( camera clicking )

Tell me about the ship's
air circulation system.

I'll have to find
the ship's engineer.

I think he's pretty sick.

Do you know where
the intakes are?

Some. You want
to come with me?

Your father and me in Germany.

How's your mother?

Fine. She remarried
15 years ago

to an air conditioning tycoon.

Lives in Florida.

Uh, sends her love.


She would just as soon

see me chopped into fish chum.

You, uh, married?

Yes. Six months ago.

To a doctor.


Not yet.

Hmm. So, uh...

What's this about?

Is this a
Roots thing?

Do you want to know

that your grandfather
was a mean drunk?

Or that your

married a Chinaman
and was disowned?

Or, uh, is this

about your father?

I'm here because of your
involvement with bio-weapons

in the 50's and 60's.

My boss...

Your boss?

I work for the FBI.

And my boss wanted
your opinion on this photo.

This about that cruise ship
off Long Beach?

Yeah. How'd
you know that?

I may be a recluse,
but I still have a TV.


Pretty work.

You all right, Mr. Cruz?

Yeah. I-I... I
just need a moment.

You wake up one morning,
like any other morning

you go to work...

you breathe a little air

and the next thing you know,
you're a walking corpse.

Well, you don't know that.

I've seen
the CDC's report.

Two days from infection
to your first symptoms

and then another day or two
after that to death.

It's the hard math.

I should have spent
more time at home.

I should have
done right by my family.

What is it?

Who is it?

Mr. Sharif.

There's a phone call
for you, Dr. Rosenberg.


Working hard?

Slow night. How's it with you?

It's okay.
He's upstairs in the attic

looking for some files
or something.

Oh, yeah? What's it like?

It's like finding out
you're related to Dr. Mengele.

Ooh. When you coming home?

Oh, I don't know.

Hey, did you give
those tickets to Timmy?

No. The party's
not till tomorrow.

Have you unpacked anything?

New plan.

I'm thinking of a giant bonfire

following our renunciation
of all worldly possessions

and an oath of poverty.

Oh, very spiritual,
but can we keep the TV?

If you're good.

I found it!
Come on up!

Well, listen, I have to go.

I love you.

I love you too. Bye.

Yuri Zenkovsky.

Yuri Zenkovsky. Who's he?

An ex- biopreperate

Bio what?

Soviet bio-weapons lab.

He made your powder.

What powder?

The one in the photo.

Making a military

a lot more than just
producing a virus.

It's also how you
deliver the virus.

One way is by adhering
it to a resin or powder.


Makes the virus float
in the air like dust motes.

Well, that is, until it's sucked
down someone's unlucky windpipe.

And Yuri Zenkovsky made that?


Not the virus

the powder. Yes.

Very elegant.

Well, we need to find out
who made the virus.

Yuri might know.

Well, a lot of good
that does us.

Well, he defected
to the U.S.

after the Soviet
breakup in '92.

We... we could ask him.

If we could find him.

He, uh, he's been in hiding.

Hmm. KGB?

No. Visa.


CIA gave him

a credit card when
he first came over.

He was unfamiliar
with the concept.

Didn't realize that
after you buy and buy

you have to pay and pay.

I, uh.... I haven't
seen him in a few years

but I know I have an
address on him somewhere.

This, uh... this stuff here.

What is it?

Oh, that's a brain virus.

It's dead.

Don't worry, it's harmless.

It's used to
test dispersion.

Come here.

Come on. I'll show
you something.

Oh, rain stopped.

That's good.

Can't have it raining.

Bio-weapons... are
useless in the rain.

Let's see, winds out
of the northwest,
one to three knots.

Slight inversion layer...

You see that glow over the hill?


If that was real,
I just killed, about...

oh, one half
of Seattle.

250,000 souls or so.

Of course, uh, they won't
know it for a few days.

( kids shouting )


What are you doing?


Oh, look at you.
You're a mess.

Here, blow your nose.


I'm glad you
could make it.

Hi, Peter.

Hey, Hela, why don't
you take my clever
little princess

and get her some pizza.

How about some
pizza, Abigale?

Oh, that looks great.


Hey, Timmy's been
asking for you

so I don't want him
getting all jealous.

Oh, you remember
my sister Patty?

Oh, hi. Of course.
Nice to see you.

You, too. How are you?

Hey, Timmy.

Timmy, it's Judy.



It's the birthday boy!

Well, I have a very
cool present for you.

You want it?


It's for game four
of the playoffs.

You can go with
your father.

What do you say, champ?

I love you!

And I you!

Hey, look what I got!

( kids shouting )

Poor Larry.

Stuck in D.C.?

No. They sent him
to Seattle.

Must've killed him
to give up those tickets.

WOMAN ( over P.A. )
Mr. Sloan, come to
the information desk

on the Departures level.

Mr. Sloan, please come
to the information desk

on the Departures level.

Do you ever regret
the research you
did, Uncle John?

No. Why?

Because it's so deadly.

Well, that's what
weapons are, Larry.

At least the good ones.

This is
just more repulsive.

Than what, a bullet
in the face?

The dead don't
complain, you know.

Now, I personally find
nuclear weapons repulsive.

They destroy everything.

Bio-weapons are, uh,
they're kinder.

They only destroy



Oh, come on.

Don't you find
the idea of using disease

as a weapon somewhat...

Was God ghoulish
when he sent the plagues
upon Pharaoh's people?

You're not God.

Oh, please.

The Assyrians poisoned
wells with rye fungus.

The Tartars catapulted
plague corpses

over their enemies' walls.

And the English,
they sent blankets

infected with smallpox
to hostile American Indians.

I did not invent the idea.

No, you did not.

But you perfected it,
and you refined the weapon.

Yep. Yep, I did.

For God and country.


No match on prints
or visual match

off the known terrorists list.

We have his picture out
to all our embassies.

How did he get his hands
on a Soviet-type bio-weapon?

Can we track it?

That's difficult.

After the breakup
of the Soviet Union

so many of their

were recruited
by other countries.

Put somebody on that.

Start with the obvious
Syria, Libya, Iran, Iraq

Osama bin Laden,
North Korea, Pakistan...

I appreciate it.

All right, the CDC
says it'll be days

before the exact nature
of the virus is known.

It's a hemorrhagic hybrid.

That's all they know
until they decode the RNA.

What do the Russians say?
It's their virus.

The Russians have denied
any and all knowledge of a virus

and if you believe CNN,
they've closed their borders.

I heard from
a friend at the CIA

they're picking up extensive
troop movements

in North Korea and Iraq.

Wardley's ready?

Yes, sir.

( phone ringing )

Can you get
Colonel Walker's office?

What's the situation
on the ship?

Out of the 1,564,
23 have died.

Another 507
have symptoms

and probably will die
in the next 48 hours.


It's a good thing
he decided to hit a ship.

At least that way,
it was contained.

I think he wanted
to introduce the
biological agent

then have all
the passengers
go to their houses

all over the United States

before any major
symptoms occurred.

The death rate would
have been a thousand
times greater.

Why didn't he?

Well, the ship changed
its last port of call

from Mazatlán to
Puerto Vallarta

gaining a full day at sea,
so we really got lucky.

Did Sharif call
anybody from the ship?

Uh, he made three calls
to a cell phone outside D.C.

Can we trace it?

We can triangulate
if the phone's on

but so far it's been off.

All right.

In the ninth inning,
it is Houston three...

Mr. Wardley?

...and Chicago two.

Oh, sorry.
Uh, I have it
here somewhere.

That Arabic document
you found on the ship

it's a fatwa,
a religious decree.

Decreeing what?

Uh, standard stuff.

A terror campaign
against the United States

for the desecration
of holy lands

in Saudi Arabia.

Do you know
who wrote it?

Yeah. Al Qaeda, fringe
organization in Afghanistan.

You're sure?

Quite sure.

They were, uh,
good enough to sign it.

Here and, uh, here.

It looks like
it was imprinted
in Pakistan

although it could
have been done in Kabul.

I've seen a few
like this before.

It's consistent
in text and style

with the one
Al Qaeda released

just before the bombings
in Kenya and Tanzania.

And here's the pitch...

and that's a ball

just off the outside corner.

Here in the bottom
of the ninth inning

Houston leading three to two.

Chicago's got a runner
on second.

Guerrero digs in.

The count is two and two.

Two outs.

And he's waiting
for John Miller's pitch.

I think Guerrero is going
to wait for Miller

to throw that change-up.

Francisco's taking
a healthy lead at second base.

Oh, and that was almost
a passed ball

a very wild pitch

from John Miller

making the count three and two.

And Tim Lee has called time out.

He's going to travel
to the mound

to talk to Miller,
try to settle him down.

He's joined there by
John O'Brien from third base.

This sellout crowd

of 63,000 does not want

to give Miller any more time.

Miller hasn't worked
since game one

and in that game Guerrero
took him deep to left.

( organ playing "Charge" )


WOMAN ( over television ):
"...that our actions today
speak louder than words.

There will be no sanctuary
for terrorism."


...about 60 cruise missiles
were launched from ships

in the Arabian Sea
under the cover of darkness.

The target was identified
by Pentagon officials

as an extensive terrorist
training complex in Afghanistan

94 miles south of Kabul.

The President and his
national security team

link the site
to Osama bin Laden

the exiled Saudi millionaire.


Terrorist experts say Bin Laden

is responsible for...

Can I help
you guys?

Yeah. FBI.

Here to see
Yuri Zenkovsky.

Yuri, you old goat.

Mr. Johnny Sullivan!

( laughing )

Such a surprise!

Yuri, this is
my nephew Larry.

Larry's with the FBI.

A pleasure.


So, look at you--
making aspirin.

You've turned into
a healer, you know.

Yes, finally I've become
a low-paid humanitarian.

No wonder Sonia
kicked you out.


Oh, uh, Larry
has a photo

he wants to show you.

It was taken
aboard the ship

with all those
sick people.

Yes, yes.

Yes, the encapsulation
is definitely mine.

Beautiful, no?

The virus was made
at Buchaparat

near Kosovo in 1984
by Serge Kurbsky.

This... is very, very bad.

What is it?

It is a Marburg
influenza hybrid.

Oh, my God, that's,
uh, that's insane.

You... you'd just end up
killing everyone

yourselves included.

We... they didn't
think so.

They consider the
USA a deep target.

The virus has a
very short cycle.

They thought...

it will burn
itself out here

and with the
borders closed

it will never make it
back to the motherland.

It was made

as a tactical weapon
to create a viral firestorm

that would burn itself
out in North America.

Burn itself out?

The virus. It would die
when it ran out of hosts.

Oh. Well, why would it
run out of hosts?


it kills them all.

Because this guy Serge Kurbsky
invented it

doesn't mean he has anything
to do with it now.

Bin Laden probably stole
or bought the virus

from the old Soviet stockpiles.

Well, I don't know.

Now, Yuri said that Serge
married an Iraqi woman

in the early 80s, and then when
the Soviet Union broke apart

they moved to Iraq,
where later his wife was killed

in a U.S. bombing raid
over Baghdad.

Now, how's that for motive?



This is Serge.

Oh, oh. Thank you.

Larry? Larry?

I'm sorry. What?

I still don't see the connection

between Kurbsky and Bin Laden
in Afghanistan.

Well, maybe there isn't one.

Maybe the whole
fatwa/Afghanistan connection

was a deliberate misdirect.

Maybe we bombed the wrong
country. I don't know.

Hold on.

Do you have
yesterday's paper?

Of course.

Just hold on. Hold on one sec.

( squawks )

( squawking )

Who's this guy?

This guy right here.

I don't know.
A friend, a colleague...

Uh, listen, uh, I think
I might have a make

on your American Anthem suspect.

I would seriously consider
checking to see

if Serge Kurbsky
entered the U.S.

( thunder rumbling )

( video game beeping )

Get ready.

I don't want to go.

Come on. They may have
some new information.

You may get to talk
to your father.

Don't you want
to talk to him?

Why not?

Why not?

'Cause he's going to die.

Don't say that!
Don't you ever say that!

It's what everyone says.

Everyone doesn't know.

Now, get your stuff.
Your father needs us.

For what?

To be strong. To help him.

He doesn't need us.


just because he's gone so much

doesn't mean he
doesn't love you.

We have to go.

( thunder rumbling in distance )

Fine. Stay.

Fine, I will stay.


I don't have time for this.

( gasps )

( crying )

I told you so.

( siren wailing )

WOMAN ( over P.A. ):
Dr. Campbell,
report to Emergency stat.

Dr. Campbell, to Emergency stat.

Tell me if this hurts.

Is she going to be all right?

I'm going to have another doctor
take a look.

Could you wait here? Thank you.

Peter. What are
you doing here?

Judy, hey. It's,
um, it's Timmy--

it's his stomach...

Sweetie, does
your stomach hurt?

Do you think you're
going to be sick?


You got him?

Sweetie, it's all right.

It's okay.
We're right here.

Yeah. You can go
right here.

There. You feel better?

Peter, will you
wait here with him?

I'll be right back.

Is Dr. Krystof around?

In X ray.

Excuse me. Dr. Krystof?

Dr. Krystof, please,
I've got a problem.

I have two patients
with signs of the alert.

I may have three.

Where's that CDC memo?


( quietly ):
Oh, God.

We're filling up with patients.

Flu symptoms and stomach pains.

What's going on?

Working on it.

Sweet Lord.

Are we in trouble.

48 hours from
infection to symptoms.

Two days ago.

Oh, no. Oh, no.

Oh, God...

I know this sounds strange,
but by any chance

did your mother recently
go to a baseball game?

Yes. She's got
season tickets.

She's a big fan.

Wait for the doctor
to come.


Now... a tactical weapon

would have delivered the virus
in four locations:

here... here...

here... and here.

Simple, no?

The virus amplifies itself
through the population

cough by cough

until, of course, finally

the population crash.

Mr. Zenkovsky, I
don't understand.

We got hit in L.A. and Chicago

and indirectly in Houston

but if this is a planned,
coordinated attack

why haven't they hit us
on the east coast?

Not just the east coast.

Must be Washington, D.C.

to take out military
and political infrastructure.

Fine. Why haven't they
hit us in D.C.?

Well, let's see.

What is the Weather Channel?


Thank you.

Excuse me, please.

MAN ( over TV ):
A strong storm will continue
through the Atlantic states

bringing heavy rain...

Ah, rain.

No good
for bio-weapon.

Bio-weapons hate the rain.
High winds, daylight.

Sir, the director
needs to see you.

He's in your office.

Excuse me.

So we need
to find out

when that rain's
going to clear up.


So, it's official, Eric.

We bombed
the wrong people.

Well, I'm sure
they deserved it
for something.

Anything on Kurbsky?

We know that he
came into D.C.

through Beirut two weeks ago.

We'll get him, sir.

I'm heading over
to the White House.

The Security Council's going
into permanent session.

I want you to give me
a full report on that

at 0600.

I'll be ready. Sir?


There are a lot of rumors
flying around.

The JCS and the CIA think that
Kurbsky may be working for

or with the knowledge of
the Russian military.

That can't be right.


Since the election,
it's been a political nightmare.

The Communists and the
Nationalists control the Duma.

No one controls the military.

Look at the
sequence of events:

the proliferation
of a bio-weapon

by a Russian
military scientist;

the early closing of
the Russian borders;

the stonewalling
of any information

connected with the virus;

and finally, the Russian
military on high alert

possibly providing
protection for
Iraqi troops

moving toward Kuwait
and Saudi Arabia.

For what... for what purpose?

First step for a
new Russian empire.

That's insane.


But the question
is-- is it true?

( men talking indistinctly )

Yeah? Who is it?


Have you seen this man?

No. Never seen him.


What'd he do?

Nothing. Yet.

Sorry to bother you.


LARRY ( over phone ):
Ah, fine.

Listen, I've been going crazy.
Are you all right?

It's chaos;
hundreds are coming in.

We're totally overwhelmed.
It's-it's horrible.

Judy, listen to me.
I want you out of Chicago.

Now, I've arranged

Don't be silly.
I can't leave.

Well, you can't stay.

The fatality rate is near 100%.

Once you get it.

Everyone who's been exposed
to the powder has gotten it

so you got to get out of there
right now.

Well, the powder's long gone.

It's spreading its disease now.

There are precautions.

Judy, I've arranged
to get you out of there, okay?

Larry, listen to me.
I'm staying.

It's my job.

Jude, listen,
I understand what you're saying.

I understand it's your job.

But I cannot bear

the idea of something
happening to you.

I'm fine. Don't worry.

You taking all the precautions?

You doing everything
you need to do?

Yes. We know what we're doing.

How is Peter and Timmy?

Not good.

And Abigale?

I think the nanny took her over
to Peter's sister's house.

Have you, uh... have you
unpacked everything

at the house?

No. I can't seem
to find the time.

Judy, come on.

Let's go.

I got to go.

All right.

I love you.

I love you, too.

You all right?

Yeah. I'm
just worried.

Judy's in Chicago
at ground zero.

Well, if I have any extra time,
I'll check up on her.

You going to Chicago?

The Chicago police
have a suspect.

I'm heading out
to question him.

Good luck.


Hey, thanks.

What sort of man

would knowingly kill thousands?

In my experience,
exceptionally normal ones.

Hey, you don't think

that if you looked
into his eyes--

I mean, you really looked--

don't you think you'd see
the eyes of a madman?

( chuckles )

I doubt it.

You don't think
much of humanity, do you?

Not really, no.

Neither does your virus.

Oh, it's hardly mine.

Marburg has a good mind
of its own.

Where's it from?

The Kiddam Cave
in Northern Kenya.

Why do they
call it Marburg?

Marburg's in Germany.

Why don't they
call it Kiddam?

It's always named after the town
that had the first outbreak.


An infected lab monkey
was shipped from Kenya

to a research complex
at Marburg.

People got sick.

What year
was that?


That was the year
my father died.

That's correct.

So he wasn't working for
the judge advocate general?

No. Army intelligence.

Yeah, see, I...

you know,
I'd heard that around

and it sounded true.

Your father
was sent to Marburg

to collect a sample
of the virus for our lab.

Did he succeed?

Oh, uh...

in a way.

He got sick.

That's what killed him.

The heart attack story
was just a cover.

That why my mother hates you?

In part.

What's the other part?

I took a piece of his liver
back to Virginia

to cultivate the virus.

Your, uh...

mother considered that
in poor taste.

I haven't always done
what's right.

I know that.

But, uh...

I loved my brother very much.

Your mother
never forgave me.

And I should?

We just got lucky is all.

He tried to leave the stadium
through an illegal exit.


Guard told him he
couldn't go that way

he started
swinging at him.

So they tussled,
and he was arrested.

He would have
been released

but he wouldn't speak,
so we couldn't I.D. him.

Didn't say boo.

Some of the boys
down here

can be pretty

Look, um, you
should know

that he's showing signs
of the disease.

I have a suit.

Even with a monkey suit

you're a braver man
than me.

( door closes )

We know who you are,
Mr. Hamdoon.

We know that you were
a professor in Baghdad

that you speak English

that your sister and your family
were killed

in the bombing of your city.

We know about Dr. Kurbsky
and the bio-weapon

and your colleague
and the cruise ship.

You want to see a picture
of your colleague?

Oh no.
Don't turn your head.

There's more.

There is more.


Antonio, Jose.
Carpenter, dead.

Avery, Sharon.
Grandmother, dead.

Baumgold, Celia.

Businesswoman, dead.

Habib, Malik.
Veterinarian, dead.

Franchesky, Eve.

Pregnant, dead.

And dead.

Oh, there's more.

There's-there's hundreds.
There's thousands.

And now you're dead.

How does it feel
to be dead?

I can see the gates
of Heaven.

I need to know
where Dr. Kurbsky is.

Tell me where
Dr. Kurbsky is.

Where's Kurbsky?

Tell me.

Kurbsky-- where is...

I'm okay, I'm okay!
Just get him!

( labored breathing )

Judy? Judy?

Oh... oh, my God,
I'm so sorry.

It's all right.

There's so much
work to do.

We could all
use a catnap.

Timmy, sweetheart.

He's dead. I just checked him.

Did you know him?

Um, yes.

That's his father.

He works with my husband.

I'd be surprised if he
regained consciousness.

Probably better
that way.

Does he have
any more family here?

No. His wife passed away
two years ago.

He has a little girl, Abigale.

She's at his sister's house.

I'll put in
the order.

I'll do it.
I want you to go over

to the Federal Building.

The Army and the CDC
have converted

the underground parking into
a massive field hospital.

Well, what do you
want me to do?

Beg for supplies.

MAN ( over TV ):
In a bold attempt
to isolate the virus

and to prevent it from spreading

the president has ordered the
citizens of the United States

to remain in their homes.

Rioting has been reported

in Chicago, Phoenix,
Los Angeles and San Diego.

On the international front

Iraq has continued to move
its army

towards the Saudi Arabian
border, and the United States

is sending arms and supplies

to reinforce that border.

What do you think the
president'll do

if Iraq goes
into Saudi Arabia?

I don't know. It's pretty
hard to send ground troops

to the Persian Gulf
when they're all busy
in the streets

trying to enforce
this curfew.

Probably bomb 'em
back to Babylonia.

And the Russians?

The Russians are going
to back down.

They have to.

Let's hope they
don't apply the
same logic to us.

That's World
War III.

Okay, it's coming up
on the main board.

Courtesy of the CDC.

Now, this projection

doesn't include American Anthem,
which was contained

or the possibility
of another nut

out there with another weapon.

Okay, here's four days ago.

The Chicago release.

52 hours after that, these are
the cities that were infected.

As of the present, here are the
cities that have been infected.

And here's our best prediction
for seven days from now.

So what are
they saying

that we're all going to die?

No. Only about 25%.

The good news is, if we don't
sustain another bio-hit

our political, military,
and economic infrastructure

will survive and recover.

And if we do sustain
another bio-hit?

I don't know.

Do you know where
Dr. Rosenberg is?

No, I'm sorry.

I'll be right back.


Larry said you
might come by.

How are you?

Well, you know.

What's it like out there?

Oh... it is like Ecuador
after a bloody coup.

I mean,
the streets are empty.

Army everywhere.

People rioting, trying to get
the hell out of the city.

Most people are holed up.

Many dead?

Well, there's a full-time
fire at the landfill.

And you?
How are you doing?

Uh, I heard that you
have a test to check
for the virus.

Yes, we've been using it to
screen medical personnel.

Can you test me?

Is there any
particular reason?

I have a confession
to make.


I never got you guys
a wedding present.

You have a year.

From the wedding?


Oh, great.
The shops are closed.

I thought I'd have to go out
and loot something.

You'd loot for us?

That's so sweet.

Omega 27?

Larry Sullivan, please.

M.J. here.

Yeah, I'm at
the hospital.

She's sitting right
in front of me.

Looks good.

She always looks good.

Yeah, you should know that
Abdus Hamdoon died in prison

before we got any
information out of him.

Uh, I'm going to be
here for...?

Two hours.

At least
another two hours.

Yeah, okay.

Hold on.

You want me to go
for a walk?

No, no. You wait here.
I can get it outside.

Hey, honey.


You all right?

I wish you would stop
asking me that. I feel fine.

I'm sorry. It's just hanging out
with my uncle all week

I've come to realize how
important family is.

Especially the ones
who aren't blood-related.

Everybody feels that way
about their family.

No. Not everyone has my family.



Do you know how much I love you?

How happy you've made me?

How much it means for me
to be your wife?


i... is something the matter?

Besides the whole damn world?



( static )

Judy? Judy?


Judy! Judy!

It's the entire Chicago system.

He said "Think about it.

How does it know?"

Okay. It's going to be dark
in three hours.

The rain is letting up.
I need your help.


If you were Serge Kurbsky

what would be your target
in the city?

Well, he has a fat ego.

I say the president.

Okay. The White House.
Let's assume that.

Now, where would he have to be
to release the powder?

Well, he'd have to be high
above the city.

Then you'd have to know
how the powder drifts.

Rate, spread, dispersion.

You know that, don't you?

Please, I wrote the book.

You'd also have to know
the weather conditions.

Well, this was planned months
in advance

so how would you predict
the weather that far ahead?

You'd have to look back
a few years to conditions

in the month you wanted
to release.

Winds, inversions, temperature--
take an average.

Courtesy National
Weather Service.

Let's go find him.

MAN ( over TV ):
22 are now confirmed dead

at the Arlington
Memorial Bridge.

Over 200 people,
ignoring the curfew

had gathered at the bridge

in an attempt to cross
into Virginia.

After failing to disperse
the crowd with tear gas

the National Guard fired
live rounds into the crowd.

Has to be more east.

What, you don't
believe me, no?

No. You're using
the best case.

We tested it
20 years ago.

It was just
not that impressive.

Oh, well, yes.

Back in the Black Ages.

But some of us

continued to work, no?

Continued to perfect.

I've seen your perfection;
I still say east.

( speaking Russian )

Oh, up yours!

Shut up! Shut up!!

Just shut up.

Now, can you both agree
that we're close?

Close, yes.

Definitely close.

( speaking Russian )

( dialing phone )

Yeah, Sullivan here.

We're going to set up a general
surveillance on 16th and M.

All right. I'm going to
go have a look around

get familiar
with the area.

Look around?

What are we
supposed to do?

Just sit here and
wait to breathe

something nasty?

This crazy.

( sighs )

I'll, uh...
I'll talk to him.

Hold on!


Wait a minute.

You know he's right.

There's nothing
for Yuri and me
to do here.

There's nothing
for you to do.

Yeah, we're
going to wait.

We're going to wait
and we're going to see.

For what?

I don't know, but
being in a shelter

with our heads up our asses
isn't going to do us any good.

Neither will
vomiting up blood.

I don't care.

Oh, I see.

That's it.

You want to punish us.

You want to punish me.

It's an ugly
world, Larry

and we're an ugly race

but if making me the big bad man
helps, you go right ahead.

Join the crowd;
blame Uncle John.

I had a life.

Now, I don't know how
much is left of it

and you're right,
I probably blame
you for that.

I blame you for
my partner's death

and the death
of his little boy.

I blame you for my father,
a man I never knew.

But if anything were
to happen to Judy--

the person I love more
than anybody in the world--

I'd blame you so much,
I'd probably kill you.

Now, I want you to go
back, sit in the car

with your buddy and wait.

And God willing,
there's something to do

we'll do it.

( car door opening )

( car door closes )

Just shut up.

Just sit there
and keep your damn mouth shut.

WOMAN ( over P.A. ):
Dr. Temple, report to O.R.

Dr. Temple to O.R.

I'm ready.

You're infected.

( sighs )

Oh, what a stupid way to die,

There's always a chance
the test is wrong.

There's a chance you
could beat the odds...

Judy, come on.

I know what the odds are.

I've seen up close
what this virus does to people.

( sobbing )

( sniffling )

( sobbing )

( voice cracking ):
It's all right to cry.

( crying )

Crying's okay.

( sniffling )

( whispering ):
Come on, let's go, come on.

All right,
I'll see you later.

Okay, bye.

( door opens )

Where have you been?


Get back here!

You must be crazy.

Do you want
to get the sickness?

What is that?




Show me.

You could have been shot.


You would get shot
for batteries?!

Are you stupid?

What are you going to do
with those batteries?

Trade them.

For what?


We don't need food.


They'll give us those things!

No, they won't. In Chevy Chase,
they will, not here.

They'll let the sickness come

and let us starve.
They hate us!

You're crazy.

That's what
everyone says.

That doesn't make it true!

But they say the politicians
and the rich people

are moving to Virginia.

That Virginia is clean.

So you think a little river
is going to keep Virginia clean

if D.C.'s dirty?

Go to your room.

Go. Listen to music.

Go be a boy.

You know how they died?

You know
how Dad died?

Your guts split open
inside of you

and you start to
bleed to death.

You just want to sit here
and wait to die

just like Dad did.

Where are
you going?

Get back here!

Don't go...


Don't go! Oakley!





( people moaning and coughing )

Hey! You're
not supposed
to be in here.


It's your funeral.

Let's go.

( gunshot )

We're doing everything we can.

WOMAN ( over PA ):
Dr. Williams, report
to Emergency, stat.

Dr. Williams to Emergency, stat.

( woman whimpering )


Do you remember me?

I'm Peter's
sister, Patty.

Yes, of course, I do.

Do you know
about Peter and Timmy?


How do you feel?

It's.... it's
about Abigale.

Is Abigale sick?

The nanny, Hela,
was supposed

to bring her
to my house

but she never did.

I think Hela thought that
Abigale was infected.

So Abigale is still with
the nanny at Peter's house.

No, I don't think the
nanny's there anymore.

You think Abigale is alone
in the house?

Promise me you'll find Abigale.

Promise me.

( dog barks in distance )




It's okay, honey.

( dog barks in distance )


Abigale? Love?

It's all right.


( helicopter flies overhead )

( dialing beeps )

CNN. How may I direct your call?

Hello? CNN?


Good. It is Serge Kurbsky.

I want to talk to the reporter
Robert Poll, please.

CNN is reporting
that Kurbsky has

the Marburg Influenza
biological weapon

and is giving the residents
of DC four hours to evacuate.

Old trick, huh?

He wants as many people
on the street as possible

to increase infection.

Hurry, let's go!

( people shouting )

Come on! Come on! Come on!

David, David!
Come on! Come on!

Get out of here!
Let's block off down there!

34th and M! We got the trace!
Let's go!

Let's go, let's go, let's go!

( car horns blaring )

MAN ( over bullhorn ):
Return to your homes!

There is a curfew in effect!

You will be arrested!
Return to your homes!

Return to your homes!
There is a curfew in effect!

You will be arrested!

( people yelling )

Come on! This way!

Stay away from the barricades!

We will open fire!

Stand back!

Stay away from the barricades!

We will open fire! Stay back!

Let's get
out of here!

( crowd chanting ):
We want shelter!

We want shelter!
We want shelter!

Come on! Get out!

Wake up. Wake up, Noel.
Don't die on me, please.

6876 M Street.
Yeah, it's a block away.

They got a trace a block away.
Hang tight.

( helicopter flies overhead )

FBI. Have you seen this man?


FBI. Have you seen this man?

Have you?

I think so. I...


I think he rented
Tom's place. Top floor.

Number 43.

( heavy sigh )

( helicopter flies overhead )

FBI! Freeze!

Put down the container!

Put down
the container!

Get back!

It's a bomb!

It's a bomb! Get away!

( crowd screams )

Did it crack open?

Is not broken.

We live, no?

For now.

( grunting )

Mom, I missed you, Mom.


Hey, hey!

Thank you.

Thank you, thank you.



Good job, good job.

God bless America!

( all cheer )

Zenkovsky just arrived.

Wait. What are you saying?

Where the hell
are the backup generators?

Doesn't anything work
in this damn place?

Maybe we should hold a seance;
find out what happens next.

They've done it.

Iraq just crossed the border
into Saudi Arabia.

The Saudis are rolling over.

Have we responded?

I-I don't know.

What about the Russians?

I don't know.

I'm still trying
to call Chicago.

So when are the
lines going to
be operational?

Well, who the
hell would know?

It might take a while.

There's nobody left
to maintain the lines
or man the boards.

Do you have any

Short wave.

Okay. I want to get
hooked up with my wife.

She's at Metropolitan Hospital.

I want to get hooked up
with her right now.

Metropolitan Hospital
is shut down.

She won't be there.

Uh, a message to M.J.

If I can get
a message to M.J....

No. She's dead.

I'm sorry.

Is there a flight? Anything?
A military flight?

The whole place is shut down
to air traffic, Larry.

Back to the hotel?

No. Home. Chicago.

Did you hear, uh,
Iraq invaded Saudi Arabia?


So what will you do?

Oh, I thought
I'd stick around DC

help out if I can.

I know you can.

( elevator bell dings,
door opens )

Hope she's okay.

Thank you.

( turns radio on )

( garbled static )



Judy... Judy, darling.

You're all right? Hmm?


Abigale had the flu,
but we're fine.

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