WWJD What Would Jesus Do? The Journey Continues (2015) - full transcript

The journey continues from WWJD as the drifter (John Schneider) arrives into a new town - inspiring a group of people to live as Jesus would. A troubled teen heads down the wrong path dragging his brother along with him. A young woman struggles with the pressures of being in a romantic relationship. A family hopes to reunite with their estranged father. When the local pastor Joseph loses his faith in the lord the Drifter leads the pastor and the community on an improbable journey back to faith and redemption.

Woman on PA:
Paging Dr. Bender.

Paging Dr. Bender,

It won't be long now,
will it?

I'm not scared.

I just wish I didn't have
to leave you and Jimmy.

I need you
to take care of him.

I've tried, Mom.

Try again.

I wanted to see him.

I tried.

The warden...

what kind of man won't
let a mother see her son?

Only three months,
and he'll be out.

I wanted to see him.

I'll tell him.
Look, I promise.

I let him down.

No, no.
You did good, Mom.

You did good.

I let him spend too much time
with your father.

Don't think about that now.

Just think about
the good times, okay?

[ laughs ]

When you were little boys,

we used to walk home
from church,

and you'd sing,
both of you.

Our own little choir.

♪ I got a home
in glory land ♪

♪ Outshines the sun

Both: ♪ I got a home
in glory land ♪

♪ That outshines the sun

♪ I got a home
in glory land ♪

♪ That outshines the sun

♪ Way... beyond...
the blue... ♪

[ siren in distance ]

[ helicopter passes ]

Call 911.

It's closed. Let's go.
Let's go.

Man: Please reconsider.
The police say that--

I have a family
to worry about.

I can't take another chance
like that.

Can't you at least stay
until someone shows up?

We're leaving for Diane's
mother's place in Lawndale.

This shouldn't come--
look, we've discussed the fact

that this church
is in a challenging area.


What's this?

Pastor Joseph Beardsley.

I met him
at the convention last year.

He was always telling me
how lucky I am to be at a place

where God's using me
the most.

He's not married.

- What's the matter?
- Nothing.

What, you need to go
to the restroom?

Will you slow down
a little bit? Jesus.

I'm only doing 40,
and please, don't blaspheme.

I'm not used
to moving this fast.

I got you something.

Spearmint, my favorite.

No, Mom's Bible.

- She wanted you to have it.
- Why?

- Why not?
- You're the one that uses it.

You know, Mom's last words
and thoughts were of you.

She loved you a lot.

Not as much
as she loved you.

Don't start with that again.

I mean,
she loved us both equally.

Do you really believe that?

Yes, I do!

I promised her
that I would help you out.

Help me?

She gives you all the money,
and she gives me a Bible?

She didn't want you
to spend it foolishly.

What did you spend it on?

I gave some of it
to the ministry program.

[ scoffs ]

The prison ministry.

You are definitely
Mom's flesh and blood,

no doubt about that.

Pull over.

Are you absolutely sure

you need to be involving him?

If it doesn't work out,
then he'll leave.

I wish it were that simple,

If something goes wrong,
you'll both have to leave.


I hope you know
what you're doing.

When can you get down there?

I'm on my way, actually.

Oh, your brother,
he's there with you now?


I see.

Well, I'll be praying
for you, Joseph.

Great. I'm looking forward
to checking out this church,

and thank a--

Thanks again.

You ready to go?

Give me a minute.

Gotta call my PO before
the end of the day,

get my work-release
program started,

try to get
some carpentry work.

You know, mom was proud
of you as a carpenter.

Didn't see the sun much
while I was in there.

Well, we can stay here
as long as you want.

You know, there was this guy,
lifer, Dion,

kept telling me
I looked familiar,

but he couldn't quite
figure out where.

It was driving him crazy.

Then one day, he starts
screaming, "I got it, I got it!

Eric Beardsley
had a picture of you

and another guy in his cell."

- You're kidding.
- No kidding.

Old Pop would run around
telling everybody

how his adopted son
was just like him,

and that his other son
was going to be a pastor.

Imagine that.

You spent more time with him
than I did.

Well, thank your lucky stars.

You were spared
all his lessons.

You didn't deserve
any of that.

It wasn't your fault.

You need to forgive him.

Only then you can start
to forgive yourself.

No thanks.

I thought
you were feeling sick.

Haven't had a burger
like this in 10 years.

So about that work-release,
I got you covered.

I got a job for you.

What kind of job?
Bank job? Jewelry store?


Repairing a building.

What kind of a building?

It's a church.

You hooked me up with a job?


A burger and a job.
What a bro.

How much is the pay?

Don't worry about the pay.


I knew it was
too good to be true.

This is your church, huh?

The parsonage
has two bedrooms,

and if you're willing to work,
you can stay here.

They stuck you with the bottom
of the barrel. [ laughs ]

No church
is the bottom of the barrel.

Where'd you score this place?

The church got robbed.

The last pastor freaked out,
and he took off.

he had the right idea.

What's going on with you, Joe?
What are you doing here?

You could have went anywhere.

I needed a challenge.

I wanted to be in a place
where God is needed the most,

and, uh, well,
here I am.

And also because of that.

What am I looking at?
A bird's nest?

No, a bell tower.

It's been a dream of mine
for a long time

to hear a church bell again

and to call the worshipers
into the church.

Like when we were young.

Roof over your head,
three meals a day.

What do you say?

Help me turn
this place around?

Yeah, okay.

But if I find a paying job,
I'm out of here.

What do you think?

Well, there's no bars
on the windows

or a toilet next to the bed.

As far as I'm concerned,
this is the Ritz Carlton.

Yeah, well,
it would be boring

if it were
a perfect little chapel

with a perfect congregation
in a perfect neighborhood.

Come on.

Joseph: By the time my brother
and I are done,

this place is gonna look
like a Beverly Hills mansion.

Man: That's fine, but I didn't hire a contractor.

I need a pastor.
I need people in the seats.

I need community involvement,

They won't extend the lease
to an empty church.

I'm sorry, Joseph,
but the clock is ticking.

I understand.
Look, we won't let you down.

Well, thank you.
That's what I want to hear.

[ telephone beeps ]


How long will it take you
to crack it open?

They don't make them
like this anymore.

I'd need some special tools.

What do you think's in there?

Millions in donations.

Don't tempt me.

It'd be lucky if you
can find 50 bucks in there.

See what you can do with it.



Should I try it?

You're the pastor.

The church
will probably fall down.

Probably hasn't worked
in 30 years.

I'm gonna hear that bell.

Just put it on the list.
Start with the small stuff.

Here's some work clothes.

You can start
by cleaning this place up.

One thing you
gotta know about me

is I don't pick up trash.

Nick, don't.

Shut up.

You missed one over there.

What did you say to me?

Easy, garbage man.

This is my brother.

That's what I thought.

Don't come back here again.


I'm pastor Joseph.

Will you be attending church
this Sunday?

Yes. Great.

This Sunday.

Too much mustard.



You could have waited.


You got me.

It was in the pastor's desk.

Don't look at me like that.

I haven't had a bottle
of whiskey in 10 years.

You gonna dock my pay?

Look, while you're
in this house with God,

you are not allowed to drink.

They had wine
at the Last Supper.

I've given you a place to say.

All I ask
is that you respect it.

Please, Jimmy.

Boy: They're messing up
your masterpiece.

Do we have any more paint?
I'll put it back tonight.

Got Dad's shoe polish.

- We can't use that.
- Well, he's not gonna be
using it anytime soon.

- He should have it when he--
- Comes back?

Yeah, like that's happening.

- Shut up.
- Quit it.

- Really?
- All right. All right.

This paint is old
as the hills.

This cover's
not going to match.

Why would anyone
want to deface the church?

We did stupid things
when we were little, too.

We did?

Well, not you, Mr. Perfect.


is in heaven
and the dictionary.

That's a good line.
You should write that down.

Remember Sunday School?

Nancy Collinson's fish died?


They blamed me for that.

I know you didn't do it.

You got something
you want to confess, pastor?

It was an accident.

I thought the water was cold,
so I turned the heater up.

Yeah, it's not funny.

I still think about that,
you know?

I also remember
that that fish

wound up in Mrs. Chadwell's
morning tea.

That-- that wasn't me.


If you're gonna do the time,
you might as well do the crime.


Hey, hey!


Which one of you guys
did that?

Did what?


Look, we're hoping
to get the church up to par

for the community, okay?

Please don't make it
any harder for us.

We don't make it know
what you're talking about.

Give me a minute.
It'll come back to you.

You're lucky
our dad's not here.

Yeah? Go get him.

If we did,
you'd be sorry.

Son, I'd be very worried
right now if I were you.

I wouldn't want to be
in your shoes.

Are you threatening us?

No threats.

All right,
we don't want any trouble.

Picture yourself,
all right,

in an endless lake
of molten fire

burning you down to your bones
over and over and over again.

No one can hear your screams,
and no one can save you.

An eternal suffering
and damnation.

Dude, relax.

He just threw a rock.

Hey, shut up.
Come on.

That's what it's like
to be in hell, all right?

so next time
you come down here,

just think about
what you're doing, all right?

You're interfering
with God's work!

Jimmy: I think we got
our first miracle, bro.

- What's that?
- You found your sense of humor.

Did you see the look
on that kid's face

when you are talking
about hell?

I shouldn't have done that.

It was a little harsh.

Still, you know,
he has to learn
sooner or later.


a rock will do it to you.

I saw some aspirin
in the cabinet.

It's probably ancient.

I should have smacked
that punk.

It's a lesson
in forgiveness.

I'm not here for lessons.

Right, you're here because
you have nowhere better to be.

And to give you a hard time
for giving away my inheritance.

[ chuckles ] Right.

[ knock on door ]

[ knock on door ]

[ door opens ]

Woman: Sorry to come by
late like this.

I'm Frances Barnes.

Good evening, Ms. Barnes.
Please, please.

Please come in.
What can I do for you?

I live down the street,

and I saw you working
on the church,

and I had this left over,
and I figured why waste it?

[ chuckles ]
I always make too much.

Are you--
are you all right?

Yes, yes, I'm fine.
I'm sorry, thank you.

Thank you so much.
I'm the new pastor.

My name is Joseph Beardsley,
and this is my brother James.

I'm adopted.


Who says being
on parole is bad?

What he means
is it looks amazing.

I have to admit,

I have somewhat of an ulterior
motive for bringing this.

Do tell.

It was my son Nick
who threw a rock at you.

But he didn't mean
for it to hit you.

Got a funny way
of showing it.

Well, he was goofing around
with his brother,

but he didn't mean
for it to hit you.

I know it's
tough to believe,

but if you knew him,
he wouldn't hurt anyone.

It's not who he is.

I just wanted to thank you
for being understanding.

For not calling the cops.

Or giving him a beating.

Matt asked me
about the Bible today.

About Hell.

I don't know what you said,
but it shook him.

I put the fear of God in him.

I'm sorry if I overstepped.

Matt's your son, too?

Nick is the older one.

He is more of a troublemaker
than his brother.

Where's their father?

Unless that's
too personal of a question.

He got out of jail
a few months ago.

He hasn't bothered
to even call.

Do you know where he is?
Maybe I can speak to him.

I'm sure he knows
he's doing the wrong thing.

Maybe it's better this way.

The boys have enough problems
without him.

He's a drunk and a gambler.

And when he runs out of money
to do both,

he steals it.

Will you be attending services?

I will, pastor.

In fact, part of the reason
why I came

was to ask if my boys
would be welcome here.

- Are you kidding?
- Of course.

We welcome them
with open arms.

Church is on Sunday.

Thank you so much.

Renovations cost
us about 600 so far.

That's the easy stuff.
The electric is a mess.

Probably built in the '30s.

You want those bells to ring?

Better rob a bank.

I thought you were gonna
try to crack that safe.

Who said I haven't?

Maybe looted the place

and I'm leaving town
in the morning.

Maybe I can call some
of the hardware stores

in the neighborhood

and ask if they can donate
some materials.

For free?

I doubt it,
but we could try.

I'll call them.
I know the materials we need.

That would be great.

Open that safe.

This is a church, sir.
Who do you think you are?

Open that safe.

- Just relax.
- Don't tell me to relax!


Are you deaf?
I said open the safe!

I don't have the combination.

Which one of you two
is the pastor?

I am.

We don't have
the combination.

What do you mean you don't have
the combination?

We're new here.

You gonna shoot
a pastor, pal?

You wanna find out?

Look, just take whatever
you want and go.

The church collects money
from the congregation.

Now open the safe.

We've been closed
for renovations for weeks.

The accountant is the only one
who has the combination.

- We don't have it.
- Where's the accountant?

- She's not here.
- Well, call her!

- We're not calling anyone.
- Jimmy, stop.

- Don't give him anything.
- Call.

Look, we're a poor church.
There's barely anything.

- I want my money!
- Your money?

There's about $100
in that wallet.

You're not gonna find anything
more than that in there.

I don't want your money.
I want my money!

The money that the church
and its lies

tricked me into giving!

Look, pal, we've been here
less than a month.

We got no idea
what you're talking about.

The lies.
The lies that are from here!

These lies!

May God see through
your pain and help you--

Stop talking like that!

What happened to you?
Let's talk. I can help you.

- Shut up!
- Jimmy, don't!

[ gunshot ]

I'm-- I'm sorry.

I-- I didn't mean it.

- I just wanted my money.
- [ dialing telephone ]

- I'm sorry I let you down.
- My brother's been shot.

I need an ambulance.
Randalston church.

Third and Main.
Please hurry.

Finish the church, Joe.
Finish the church.

By myself?

Not as fast
as I used to be, huh?

You're gonna be fine.
Jimmy, Jimmy come on.

I don't want to go to hell.

I know.
I know you don't.

I don't want to go to hell.

Accept Jesus Christ...

as your savior.

Do you--

Do you surrender
your life to him

and believe that he has
died for your sins?


Then have faith in him,

and the kingdom of God

is open to you.

Just another two weeks.

If we don't find anyone, the church will close for good.

I'll stay for the two weeks,

but only if the church
will compensate me

for the entire month.

Now, Joseph, be realistic.

You suffered
a terrible tragedy,

but business is business.

Now more than ever,
put your trust in God.

I would've said the same thing
to my brother and my mother.

They're both gone now.

I'm sorry,
but it changes nothing

about the property.

I'll pray for you.


You must have evening
services here.

How did you get in here?

Door was open.
It's a church.

That's strange.
I thought I locked it.

But it's Sunday.

Look, uh, we don't have
any shelter,

so I'm gonna have
to ask you to leave.

I'm not looking for shelter.

I don't have
any food to offer you.

Actually, I'm not even
really that-- that hungry.

- Thank you.
- Well, then what do you want?

I was hoping
you would pray with me.

Look, um, we don't have
any services today.

But you're the pastor
of this church, right?

Yes, until I, um--

So by definition,
you are here

to pray with those
who need prayer.

I can't.
I'm sorry.

And why is your church closed
on a Sunday?

- It's beautiful.
- Because we are closed.

I'm not gonna ask you again.

I can't help you.

You are the pastor
of this beautiful church.

Certainly you can come up
with something better to say

to me than,
"Leave, I can't help you."

What would you like me to do?

I don't know.

What would Jesus do?

I don't know.

You have an angry heart.

You don't know
anything about me.

Just because God
allows Satan to hurt us...

does that really justify
our anger?

[ distantly ] Pastor?

Hope this is not a bad time.

I'm so pleased
that you decided to stay

and keep renovating
the church.

Does this mean
we'll have services soon?

What are you talking about?

Well, there's all these
new supplies outside.

I thought... that...

Show me.


Come on.

What is all this?




Where did he get
that kind of money?

Does it matter?

He used it to buy supplies
for the church.

It matters.

You didn't know him.

Look, I don't know
where he got it,

and I want nothing
to do with it.

I wouldn't even know
what to do with it anyway.

But this is perfect,
and it looks like

you got plenty of work
that needs to be done,

and I was hoping that Nick
and Matt can come and help.

Look, if this
is about the incident,

please, you're forgiven.

I wish it was.

They got into
some fresh trouble.

What sort of trouble?

A full-on fight,

a scuffle
with some of their friends

that were making fun
of their father.

What is it that you want?

They need to perform
65 hours of community service

or the judge will throw them
in juvenile hall.

Please, some of the businesses
are familiar with them,

but not in a good way,
and I'm not finding anyone

who's willing to take them on.

Let them complete
their hours here.

- I'm leaving the church.
- Leaving? You just arrived.

- I can't.
- You're not leaving
tomorrow, are you?

Just another few more weeks.

that gives them a chance

to complete
their hours with you.

Look, I won't babysit.
They'll have to work.

Their father's
an electrician.

He took Nick on house calls
sometimes, and Matt,

well, he's a born handyman.

They'll work hard for you.
I'll see to it, okay?

Oh, this is so weak!

my arms feel like lead.

Come on, Nick,
help out.

I'm gonna tell on you.

Better not.


Isn't this Dad's?

Found it in the garage.

Does it look any better?

Oh, yeah, beautiful.

Just like new.

Mom's going to smell it.

I have gum.


His holiness is on me
to fix the breakers,

get that stupid
bell working.

- It's like he's obsessed.
- He's just depressed.

He's not depressed.
He's messed up in the head.

He saw his brother get popped
right in front of him.

Who do think did it?

So you think you can do it?

You know,
get the bells working?

Those boards
are like 1,000 years old.

They need to be
completely rewired.

Dad could do it.

Why don't you try?
You got nothing better to do.

For free?
Yeah, right.

Man: Hello?

No church today, dude.
We're closed.

Yeah, I was hoping that somebody
might be able to tell me

where I could get
a bite to eat.

They closed
the shelter on Maple.

There's a couple of fast food
places on Stevenson Avenue,

- near the park.
- Thanks.

Guys, am I crazy?
It's Sunday, right?

Where is everybody?


Well, it's good to see
a couple of young folks

doing something positive
in their church

on a Sunday for a change.

This is court-ordered
community service.

Oh, oh.

Well, then I guess God
provided an opportunity

for young folks to do
something positive

in their church
on a Sunday for a change.

You like the idea so much,
why don't you do it?

We'll take the afternoon off.

You know what, son?

God's funny.

Sometimes he'll actually
prolong a challenge

so that he can do something
positive in our lives.

Dude, what do you want?


Just want to provide
a little encouragement

for fellow Christians
to do what Jesus would do.

What we would do is get as far
away from here as possible.

You know, God often blesses
those who are unfulfilled.

Kind of like you.

How about I bless
your face with my fist?

Hey, leave him alone, Nick.


I'm sorry for
the anger in your heart,

and I hope you find
the peace you're looking for.

You just don't know when
to shut up, do you?

Hey, man, chill out!

You're nothing but a bum.

A lowlife bum!

Here's a piece.

He's nobody.

[ clears throat ]

As you may
or may not know...

my personal loss
has taken a toll on my life.

And therefore...

I cannot be...

successful or truthful

as your pastor
or to this church.

You know,
I've been wondering.

I don't know of any teaching
of Jesus that says

one that kind of a man
is any less worthy of saving

than any other kind of man.

Do any of you?

Excuse me, sir,
this is a service.

Please take a seat.

I've been walking around
this church for three days

trying to find a Christian soul,
and I've found one.

who cares so deeply

about this church
and her children.

I understand that you can't all
continuously help others.

You have jobs
and responsibilities.

I know that,
but what does it mean

to you individually
to follow Jesus?

Does it mean you go
to church on Sunday?

Maybe, but is that
really all there is

to following his example?

Would he have considered
abandoning his church

because of a personal loss?

Would he have thrown food
at a hungry stranger?

Would he use his talents
as a leader

to lead someone else astray?

Would he have raised the cost
of his goods illegally?

Would he have fraudulently
talked about his business?

Would he walk right past
a man on the street

who so obviously
needed his help?

Would he have stolen
from his neighbor?

Would he have ordered a man
out of his church

who so desperately wanted
only to pray?

What would this world
be like today

if everybody tried
to act as Jesus did, hmm?

In your daily lives...

try asking yourself
that one simple question.


would Jesus do?

Got you something. Mom's Bible.
She wanted you to have it.

You're the one that uses it.

How did you know about...

Everybody knows
about your brother.

Everybody knows that you've
been changed because of it,

but life goes on.

This neighborhood needs you.

Maybe you should take over.

You sound better suited
for it I am.

Not my path.

This is your path.

If the pastor loses faith,

how can he possibly expect
the congregation to keep it?

You need to have faith,

You know what?
[ chuckles ]

That is so easy
for you to say.

I mean, you don't have a single
responsibility in the world.

All you care about is
your backpack and a meal.

You know, why don't you try
to invest in something,

build something?

I don't pretend to know
why God does what he does.

But I know this--
I trust God.

I trust God to bring me
through anything

and everything every time.

what does that even mean?

And why-- why am I
even listening to you?

Who are you?

You know what?
Just-- just leave.


I know you don't want
to hear this from me

because I never lost a brother,
but let me tell you something.

I've been through some
pretty rough waters in my day,

and now as I look back,
I promise you,

I can see God's hand
in every bit of it.

this is what God wants?

Fine, you know what?

I'll make good on my promise,

and I'll help fix the church
for James, but you know what?

After that,
Jesus and I are square.

What would Jesus do?

I don't know.

You don't know?

I believe you do.

All I see is darkness.

God is big enough
to let you be angry.

God is big enough
to let you doubt.

God is big enough.

Mother: I need you to take care of him.

Gunman: Which one
of you two is the pastor?

- Jimmy: I am.
- Gunman: The lies
that are from here!

- Drifter:
What would Jesus do?
- I don't know.

- Joseph: Jimmy, don't!
- [ gunshot ]

- Drifter:
What would Jesus do?
- I don't know!

What would Jesus do?

I don't know!


You got it open.


I thought you were gonna
try to crack that save.

Who said I haven't?
Maybe I looted the place.

Maybe I could call
some of the hardware stores

in the neighborhood
and ask

if they can donate
some materials.

I'll call them.
I know the materials we need.

What are you doing here?

I want to help.


Well, manual labor,

it's good for the mind,
the body, the soul.

Besides, I figured you could
use a little encouragement

'cause you're so willing
to help out your church.

My mom likes you.

If she likes you,
then I guess you're all right.

You should do whatever she says.
She's a smart woman.

Where's your brother?

He thinks
if the pastor's leaving,

then we won't get
the community service credit.

That's what he thinks.
What you think?

I think we might get
the credit after all.

[ chuckles ]
Good thinking.

You don't got a job
to go to?

Oh, I have a lot of jobs.
[ grunts ]

I mean, it's just--
I'm here because I have to be.

Don't you need money?

I figure if you do
the right kind of job,

you'll get paid
the right kind of way, you know?

Cool by me.

You got a name, buddy?

Yes, I do.

But I like Buddy.
You call me Buddy.


I'm sorry about Nick.
He has a temper sometimes.

Don't you worry about Nick.

It's all right.


Aren't you hungry?

This would be the first thing
I've had to eat in two days.

But you have to eat, too.

I had a big breakfast.

Thank you.

Let's see what we got.

Come on!


I knew you'd be here, Nick.

What's wrong with you?
I almost jumped you.

Don't worry about it.
She only had three bucks.

You're late.

Yeah, I was busy doing
your community service.


With no pastor and no church,

how are we gonna
get credit for it?

How do you know
we won't get credit?

You want to go to juvie?

I heard you were hanging out
with that creepy homeless guy.

He's helping me for free.
I've got nothing better to do.

We're not magically
rich, dude.

- We need money
to pay back A.J.
- Not like this.

You keep going on like this,
you're setting yourself up

for a cell
right next to Dad's.

He's out.

Oh, really?
Where is he then?

He's probably saving up to get
us a place or something.

He's probably drunk
and rolling dice

in some alley
just like this one.

Don't talk about him
like that.

How should I talk
about him, then? Like you?

Like he's some sort of hero

- instead of the loser
he really is?
- Shut up!

Matt, get up.

Come on, Matt. Get up.



Matt, get up, man.

Oh, my God.
God, please.


I mean, I didn't mean
to hurt him for real.

Y-you've gotta
believe me, I--

if anything
ever happened to him...

siblings fight all the time.

Not like this they don't.
I thought he was dead.

How did you get him
to wake up?

I didn't do anything.
I prayed.

I mean, he's--
he's gonna be fine.

You're so sweet, Nick.

I love flowers.

What about him?

Uh, how do you know
that it's a him?

You know, that is
a very good question.

I never really
thought about that.

Here, let me inspect.

[ laughing ]

I already know
that it's a girl.

What should we call her?

Anything you want.

How about Grace?


How about Hope?

I love that name.

What time does
your dad get home?

Not till Tuesday.


What's the problem?

I'm just not ready,
that's all.

You're 17 years old.

I'm a virgin.

You know,
if you didn't like me,

you didn't have to pretend
that you were so serious

- this whole time.
- I was serious.


I mean I am.

Look, just--
I grew up going to church.

I just don't feel right
about it.

You never told me
you went to church.

I stopped going
after my mom died,

but lately...

I saw them fixing up
this church, so I went.

I made a mistake.

What, me?

I'm a mistake now?

I'm talking about me, okay?

I've gone too far
from who I am.

Are you kidding me?

It's bad enough you've
been leading me on

this whole time,
but now this?

I have been very patient
with you.

Is that all you care about?

Because I've been patient
with you, too,

waiting for you to grow up,
to get your life together.

You're not even trying,

You know, you're gonna wind up
dead or in jail one day,

and it's not
gonna be a surprise.


Sorry, the doctor said
I shouldn't move it too much.

Don't worry about it.
You keep me company.

Did your brother do that?

It was my fault.

I shouldn't have said that.
He's sensitive about dad.

Matt, it was not your fault.

Violence is never the answer.

If the pastor's leaving,
why are we doing this?

Church doesn't belong
to the pastor, Matt.

The church belongs to Christ.

The loss of a loved one
can be devastating,

but there's no way that should
make the church fall.

Hey, Matt.

What's going on, bro?

Thought we might
find you here.

Almost makes me want to kneel
down and praise the Lord...


...for making it
so easy to get to you.

So, you got my money?

Because you don't look like
you're in a position to fight.

Yeah, and I'm in no mood
for excuses.

Hey, man, I've been busy
with my community service.

I'll get you the money.

We said we didn't want
to hear any excuses.

And what's
the first thing he does?

He gives us excuses.

- Mind your own business.
- Hey, stop! We'll pay you.

We don't want to fight.

So if I slap you,

you'll turn the other cheek?

Hey! That's it.
That's enou--


Leave him alone.

I got your money.

And if I see you near
my brother again,

I'm going to take
that golf club

and make your face look
like a hole in one.

I'll let that slide.

I got my money.

I'm in a good mood.

[ laughter ]

Ma You okay?

I'm fine.
Help him.

Why'd you come?

Because I heard that
they were looking for you.

Hello, pastor.

What you doing?

We were hoping
for an early morning service,

but the door was locked.

We noticed that the lawn
needed some sprucing up.

How's our friend doing?

He's got a concussion.

They're gonna keep him
in the hospital for another day.

We had this made
for the church.

I hope it's okay.

I hope I haven't upset you.

I just thought
it felt right.

It's perfect.

Easy. We need to save
a couple slices for Mom.

[ knock on door ]

Mom's not out till 5:00.

[ knock on door ]

I paid them.

[ knock on door ]

- Put that away, man.
- Shut up.

Who is it?

Pastor Joseph
from the church.

What do you want?
My mom's married, you know.

There's nothing
going on like that.

Keep it that way.

She's not here.
So you can leave.

I was actually hoping
to speak to both of you.

Look, I've been thinking
a lot about our friend.

The creepy homeless guy?

Don't call him that.

Look, what Jesus would do
if he saw the two of you

is try and reconcile
the situation

between you and your father.

I know what a burden it's been
on you and your mother.

You don't know us.

Oh, I think I know
something about it.

Look, I had an older brother,
always got into trouble,

in and out of prison
since he was about your age.

Why are you telling us this?

Because I can see you're
headed to a life of pain

and a life of sin,
and I can help you avoid that.

[ chuckles ]
What I do in my time

is my business,
and you're not my father.

No. I'm not.

But what if I can
help you find him?

Look, we all have
our problems and our issues,

but maybe together
with our faith in God,

maybe we can be a little bit
stronger than we can on our own.


What you get out of it?

Look, I promised my brother
that I'd fix the church

and get it ready,

and I know your skills
as an electrician.

And I want those bells
to be ringing in

and memory of my brother.

And I want you
to make that happen.

And I'll get
my community service?

Of course.

You said your brother
was fresh out of prison?


And he helped you
do this?

He didn't have
anything better to do.

- Stop, Nick.
- Whatever the reason,

he found the strength
to change,

to truly give himself
over to Christ.

And now he's in a better place
because of it.

What do you say, guys?


I got you something.
Mom's bible.

- She wanted you to have it.
- You're the one that uses it.


I tried to call you.

I went to church.

More church.

Look, um, I was thinking...

I think I know
what you were thinking.

I don't know that you do.

There was this guy

the first time
that I went to church.

They call that a pastor, babe.

No, it was like,
the homeless guy.

He said to ask ourselves

what Jesus would do
in any situation.

Yeah, that's the guy
that helped Matt.

Um... I know we've...

talked about--

but if I'm
gonna get intimate,

I need to be married.


Nick said
it was a complicated circuit.

Said it was designed
to turn on automatically.

Can he fix it?

This was designed
before he was born.

I only know one person
who can fix this.

Then let's call him.


Oh. Him.

Look, I--
I meant what I said.

I want to help you find him.

Do you have any idea
where he might be?

In a Dumpster somewhere?

That's all the more reason
to find him.

Look, he needs help.

Do you think if we reached out,
he would help us?

I don't know.
He hated church.


I heard him yelling one night
that the church lied to him.

What happened?

I don't know.

I mean, we used to come here
every Sunday with Dad.

Then one day, we just...

stopped coming.

Man: I'm afraid the closing
is inevitable now.

I've decided to stay.

Would have been nice to hear
that a month ago, Joseph.

The wheels
have already turned.

The board voted.
It's over.

The church looks great.

People are finally
starting to come in.

It's everything
we've talked about.

We haven't renewed the lease

and the owners
have found someone.

What can I do?

I don't know
that youcan do anything.

I'll talk to them.
No promises.

Hey, hey.
Did you see that?

- What?
- That was her.


The lady from the ID,
from the purse you stole.



You still have this?

Yeah, I've been looking for her.
This is even better now.

You can return it
to her yourself.

It didn't even have
anything in it.

She probably has
a new one already.

She didn't look like
she had a new one.

All this gonna do is have
the cops looking for me.

- Your face was covered.
- Who cares?

Dude, all she had
was like three bucks!

- She's no better off than us!
- Shut up!

Give it back to her,
Nick, please?

It's the right thing to do.


Been going to that church again,
haven't you?

Excuse me.
Does this belong to you?

I found that and the ID,

and it just looked
like you, so...

That's you, right?

This belonged
to my grandmother.

Thank you so much.

Thank you so much
for finding it for me.

Thank you.
Thank you so much.

- God bless you.
- Okay.

Thank you!

Frances: Even when he was
gambling or drinking,

he'd always make time
to come for church with us

every Sunday morning.

What changed?

Well, we'd usually
go together.

One day he shows up late...


clearly hadn't slept,

and he puts
every single dollar he has

in the collection plate.

He needed that money
to pay a loan,

and not to a bank.

I see.

He was embarrassed
to ask for it back.

And really got
a bad beating over it.

How did he end up in prison?

He robbed a liquor store.

They caught him
a couple of days later.

Nick wants to find him.

I don't think
that's a great idea.

He's got to be checking in
with his parole officer,

and I know
the parole board well.

I think I can find him.
I just want your blessing.

I don't know that their father
can do anything

but hurt them
one way or another.

he's still their father.

You won't need
the parole board.

Just go down the park
off Glen Oaks.

Is that him?


His parole officer said
he's lost some weight.

I'll recognize him.

He won't recognize you.

Shut up.

That's him. Dad?

It's not him.

We'll keep looking.

I don't even know
why we came here.

He doesn't want to see us.

Nick? Matt?

- Jimmy, don't!
- [ gunshot ]


What are you doing here?

We were looking for you.

We heard you got out.

Look at you two.

Nick and I put covers
on all your baseball cards.

That Mickey Mantel rookie card's
worth a lot of dough.

We wouldn't sell your stuff.

- Ah!
- We were just waiting
for you to come home.

The garage still
has all your tools

just like you left them.

I've been meaning to come by.

It's just--
it's complicated.

What have you been doing?

Oh, just trying start over...

with everybody.

We thought
something happened to you.

Are you going to
come home now?

Uh, I want to.
But I can't.

Why not?

How'd you guys find me?

Pastor Joseph
said that he heard--


Pastor Joseph.
He helped us find you.


Yeah, he's the new pastor
at the Randalston Church.

Is this the pastor whose brother
died in the church robbery?

Yeah. He was gonna quit,
but he didn't.

We're helping him
fix up the church.

He's actually looking for
an electrician to fix the bells

- if you wanna do that.
- No, I can't go back there.

Wh-- why?

Did he see me?
Is he-- is he around here?

Well, he was,
but that's not the point.

You guys shouldn't
have come, okay?

You guys shouldn't have come.
Stay away from me.

But-- but, Dad,
I just--

Stay away!

The door was open.

He practically
ran away from them.

Yeah, because
he's a coward.

I knew this would happen.

Did he say anything?

They barely spoke.

They asked him if he would
help them out with the church,

and that was the end of it.

Yeah, because he's
a rotten human being

who deserves to go
to Hell.

Excuse me?

Do you know what it's like
to wake up every single morning

and have such disdain
for someone

that it just eats away
at your gut?


Yeah, well, I have.

Pastor, how could you?

You should have seen
my brother's face

- as he lay there.
- I'm so sorry.

He was finally changing.

He had the opportunity
to take the money and leave,

but he stayed.

He chose to stay
and help the church.

Bless his heart.

And you ask
how I can hate a man
that shot my brother?

You're our Christian leader.

How can you hate like that?

I'm no Christian leader.
Not anymore.

How can you surrender
to Satan?

How can you be so selfish?

There's a community
waiting for you

to lead them to the Lord.

I need your help, Frances.

My help? With what?

The man
that I saw yesterday, Jack,

he's the one
that shot my brother.

please don't say that

unless you know for sure.

I will never forget his face
as long as I live.

He came for the money,
didn't he?

He was drunk.

Maybe it was an accident.

But he's the one
that brought the gun.

He's responsible for it.

How can I possibly help you
with that?

Every night
that I close my eyes,

I can see him.

My hate almost
ruined my faith.

Then I would ask you
what you would ask me.

What would Jesus do
if he were in this position?

He would not hate.

And he would forgive.


But one step at a time.

What are you gonna do now?

I will give him
the opportunity
to turn himself in.

My name is Jack Barnes.

First, I must confess
that I'm responsible

for the death
of James Beardsley.

I have embarrassed those
who I love the most--

my wife
and my two children--

and I've become a burden
to society.

My biggest question
in killing myself is--

is whether or not God
forgives the sin of suicide.

I guess I'll find out.

Bought it for
the can opener, really.



I forgive you.

I don't forgive myself.

I'd rather my brother die young
and go to glory

than to live to be old
and burn in hell.

What has that have to do
with me?

It does in many ways,
more than you think.

All I remember...

is the look on his face
when it happened.

You can't stop me every time.

You have two sons
that need you.

All I am to them
is a dark cloud

that rains down on them
every single time

they think they can be happy!

Turn yourself in.

Take Jesus
as your personal savior

and follow in his steps.

You'll be amazed
at what can happen.

I want to.

Just don't know how.

I wish James
were here to see this.

He's looking down on us
for sure.


What happened to
"I can't go back there"?

Something happened
to me yesterday.

And I changed my mind.

I'm still gonna do
what we talked about.

But first
I'd like your permission

to fix the church bell.

Thank you.


could I talk to you?


You have the nerve
to come back here?

I can't tell you
how sorry I am.

I don't expect you
to believe me,

but something happened
to me yesterday

when I talked
to the pastor.

I'm a new man, Frances.

Please give me the chance
to prove it.

You're right.

I don't believe it.

I've heard it all before.

Do you remember Ritzi's?

Of course I remember.

I didn't think
you were gonna show up.

I probably shouldn't have.

I had to borrow
money from my uncle.

You didn't have
to buy me flowers.


I didn't.

I took them from some guy
whose girlfriend
broke up with him.

He brought her flowers,
and she broke up with him.

I was just waiting there.

And he left them behind,
so I took them.

I wanted
to impress you somehow.

You didn't have to do that.

I would have
loved you anyway.

Oh, Frances.

You deserve so much--
So much more.

I don't deserve
your forgiveness,

and I don't deserve you.

But I'm asking anyway.

Thank you.

I told you.
[ claps ]

Now that dad's back,
everything's gonna be cool.

Something feels wrong, Nick.

Something's wrong about this.
I wouldn't get your hopes up.

Would you relax?

This is like a new beginning.
You'll see.


So you were serious.


Don't do this.
I love you.

- No, you don't.
- Yes, I do.

You love yourself more.


I love everything about you.

I do.

I-- I love the--
the way you kiss me,

the way you brush your hair,
the way you smell,

that face you make when you're
trying to stay mad at me

but you can't.

And-- and I'm glad
that you wanted to wait.

Because so do I.

It could be years, Nick.

I don't care.

I'll marry you.

I mean, some--

Not today, but...

I mean,
will you marry me someday?

Get up, Nick.

Stay on the path.

Just keep out of trouble.

Be someone I can trust.

Jack: My goodness.
What a mess.

Why'd you come back?

Someone has to fix this.

It's been broken
for too long.

You know,
if you leave something
broken long enough,

sometimes you can
convince yourself

that it's there anymore.

Sure is easier to break
something than it is to fix it.

We're just happy to see you.

Maybe next time
don't take a few years.

What if it does take
that long?

Or longer?

You're leaving us again.


But not by choice.

I did something.

I have to pay for it.

We'll help you.

I'm the one
that has to pay for it,

and not with money.

Well, if you're truly sorry,
then maybe there's a way.

I've been talking
to your pastor a lot.

I know what I have to do.

Wait, wait,
what did you do?

That's why you were so upset

when you found out
which church we were at.

They said
it was an accident.

It was.

But I was the reason
why it happened.

Why did you do it?

I hope you guys
come and visit me.

But I'll understand
if you don't.

No, we will.

We'll be there every day
they let us.

Man: The board is willing
to renew the lease.

The only condition
is you have to stay on.

Try to keep me away.

Then it's settled.
Welcome back.

Joseph: Thank you.
It's good to be back.

I'm going to the station now.

All of you?


Yeah, we, uh...

we want to spend as much time
as possible together.

Look, um...

this isn't good-bye.

It's just
"I'll see you later."

I'm glad
to hear you say that.

I only can say that
because of you.

The door was open.

And it will remain open.

I was wondering
where you went.

You don't need me
around here anymore.

Look, um...

if you need a place to stay,
a proper meal?

Thank you.

But I should really
be hitting the road.

Where will you go?

Wherever God takes me.

Look, um, none of us treated you
with any respect.

How did you ever
find the patience

to keep coming back?

It's what Jesus would do.

♪ Oh

♪ What would Jesus do

♪ If he were standing

♪ In your shoes?

♪ Would he lie

♪ And steal, too?

♪ Would he walk away
from you? ♪

♪ Oh

♪ What would Jesus do?

♪ Would he let you
pray in school? ♪

♪ Would he love you
through and through? ♪

♪ Would he say
that I am through? ♪

♪ What would Jesus do?

♪ What would Jesus do?

♪ Oh

♪ What would Jesus do

♪ If he were standing

♪ In your shoes?

♪ Would he lie

♪ And steal, too?

♪ Would he walk away
from you? ♪

♪ Oh

♪ What would Jesus do?

♪ Would he let you
pray in school? ♪

♪ Would he love you
through and through? ♪

♪ Would he say
that I am through? ♪

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