Vroom (1988) - full transcript

A love story - a young man for an older woman and his best friend and his Chevrolet. Jake is a romantic with a vision. Ringe is his whiplash wild best mate. Their lives in a small northern town are bleak with unemployment and domestic wrangles. But then Susan, the 'older woman', moves in next door. Inexorably, events lead Jake, Ringe and Susan to a bid for freedom and the open road in the sleek American car the lads have renovated. Then their troubles really begin.

My god!

Where is he?

Who said he was coming?



Never know with him, do you?

I bet he's out there
in the night someplace,

making the most of everything.

Hey, you!

- Hey, Ace!
- Hiya!

Where the fucks
was you last night?

Hey, don't bother him.

He's just coming in
when he's going to work!

What a life, you bastard!

I wish I had the good life!

Look at him!

Now get!

Just coming home.

Someone's been inside his shirt.

I know it.

I've took mom a cup of tea up.

What is that muckage?

Protein and brewer's yeast.

Why don't you clear
up after yourself?

Drop us in town?

So now we come down
to it, don't we?

I'm just getting changed.

What do you think it is?

I'm your sister,
not your chauffeur.

Don't wake mom up!

Did you get it?

It's there.

How much?

20 quid.

20 quid?

What do you expect?

Fucking made that.


Give us the part.

Fuck you!



15 quid.

Five of it on.

I kicked my mum out today.

I kicked her out today.


Kicked me mum out.

Just got it and I
kicked her right out.

She can't get back in.
She's too scared.

That bat scared?

I can't see it.

I really slung her this time.

And what about council?

She wasn't too much rent.

They don't care.

The home is mine now.

I'm going to fucking golden mad.

Is Fat Sam going to move in?

Fat Sam can move in.

Anybody can come round.

Hi, Jake!

Who's that?

Ho, ho, ho.

I've never seen her before.

She's new.

Who is she?

I'll tell you for a
kiss, you gorgeous sod.

Her name's Susan.

It's great, this bit, what
I'm going to tell you now.

Well, go on then.

She goes with my sister
tonight to Blueberries.



Come again!

Bye, Jake!

I'm better now she's booted out.

So much is happening!

Things are looking up!

That woman.

See her face.

Now, come on.

I love you, you tall woman.

I'm all about you.

Fit bastard.

Stop looking!


Why does he do these
things to me?


Because... because he's a maniac.

A right, true, horrible git.

I wish you'd forget
about him, Lyn.

I'd love to, in one way.

But in another, I'd
be lost without him.

I'm so...

I'm so...

Will you just shut it?

Shut that gob!

But he's so
gorgeous in every way!

He's just so gor...



How are you?

This is not one of your haunts.

I'll give it a try.


Why not?

Why not there, Jake?

Who on earth do you
stinking think you are?

What can I say?

Well, think of something.


Because she is upset.

Well, you know where
we stand, don't you?

No, she doesn't!


Why did you finish with her?

How could we finish?

How could you finish?

We never started.

Bas... bas... bas... bas... bastard!

So you're finally here.

I can be late, you
know, from this.

So where are you
going today then?


Out and about.

Do you have big secrets?

A big one there.

What is the big secret to that...


So why not sort yourself out?

Why not get down to something?

Well, it's because you go out
all night, you go out all day.

No sleep, no food.

You're using all... you're
using all your sperm up!

You can't go on!

You cannot!

I don't suppose I matter to you.

All he does... he just... he
just does you in all the time!

Mr. Fat Popular.

It's Jake!


You're so... you're so...


You can't go on!

Well, where do
you want dropping?

I wish I could drop you
down all and get squashed.


Just drop me on
this corner here.

See you.

I know what you want.

She's not here today.

Got the day off while she
moves into a new house.


Are you coming today?

Not today, Jakie.

Well, give it to me then.

Do you want one, Jakie?

I'm not staying.




Hey, there's that divorcee
who's moved in next door.

I don't care!

He's not in a
very good mood, Susan.




Will they not let
you have it now?

Let me in.

I'll come back with you.



This place is stinking!

You're living in a toilet.

Look, you're not smiling.

You're not even drunk.

I know what you mean.

The carpet's puke.

You ought to see upstairs.

Ringe, I'm going to
have to hold my nose.

Fat Sam did that then went.

She couldn't stand.

I said, I'm just
doing my own thing.

She said other people are
doing their thing over me.

I'm in the swamp, Jake.

Is there anything I can do?

You can clean out.

Come on, I'll help you.

See you.

See you, Ringe.

I've seen her again.

She lives next door to me.

The next door.



Jake, why is it everything
I try goes stinking wrong?

I feel like old fruit.

I've had it.

Come on.

Let's go you something to eat.

The same flaming street.

She's there, in the
flaming next house.

The woman.

The flame woman.

It must have meant to be.

Fucking hell, Jake, when
I think about it though...

Yesterday, I let you go
up there on your own.

I nearly let it all go for null.

Let's go up there now.

Shall we go up there now?

Shall we?

All right.





I'll head out.

I'll see you, Jake.

See you.

It's times like this I
wish I was in the circus.

Just finishing now,
coming out of work.

You know, warm and cold.

Hurting from the
work, but feeling good

and set free in the night.


I don't know.

The animal smells.

Space, and ropes, and
wheels going round.

Daft clowns, honkers, glit.


Being in on the secret
backstage of it all.

The thrills of knowing something
they don't and never will.

Because even if they came
backstage for themselves,

everybody, including me,
would behave differently.

So they'd never see
is it really is.

Only we, who lives it, knows it.

We see out, but
they don't see in.

And that's it for me.



And tonight's a bit
of a secret, isn't it?

Stars up, the moon.

Come and take a walk with us.


No, thanks.

Do you not like me?

What a question!

I don't even know you.

I'll tell you what...
I'll come to a circus

with you, if you can find one.

I'll call for you at 6:30.


They might think
I'm your mother,

taking you on an outing.

I've never been up
Blackpool Tower before.

Do you like it?

It's lovely.

Have you been a lot of places

and done a lot of things?


Have you?

Only in my head.

Have you not anywhere to be?


Totally, 100% free and flying,
setting off and never stopping.

I still think you are strange.

But I'm starting to
get used to it and...


Enjoying it, funnily.

I've got the thrill of
the height inside of me

and I can't stop!

I've just got to take
this back to mates.

And then I'll come
back, if you like.


You're all right, thanks.

Can I?

What are you after?

I'm wanting that first kiss.


I have to go.

Is that it?

Don't take it wrong, Jake.





There you are then!

There you are then!

There you are!



It's you.


I've had enough.

Either you go or I do.

Can you not see what you do?

How it's all on
me, all the time.

I work all day.

I do all the work around
here... everything.

And all you do is
come in and go out.

Can you not see what that does
to me, seeing you do that?

I want you out.


Out today!


I'm sorry.

Going home to tart
up for your youth?

To have and to hold!

For better or for worse!

For richer and poorer!

In sickness and in health!

You're to love, cherish, and
obey until death us do part!

Leave me alone!



Hurry it up, will you?

Are you all right, Ringe?


He's all right.

We're just throwing
the turd out.

Good hell!

There's no need for that.


- There's no need for that.
- Twat!

Come on, Ringe.

Forget all assholes!

You, what?

You'll regret that, bonny boy.

I should have torn
your whole head off!

Well, thank Christ he's gone!

Fat Sam!

Can you turn that up now?

Ladies and gents, now I'm
very pleased to introduce...

An artist we've been trying
like mad to get for ages.

Ladies and gents,
hands together,

please, for Fat Samantha!

Fat Samantha, everybody!

Ladies and gents,
that is Fat Samantha!

I'm going and getting Sam!

Ladies and gents...

What's wrong?

It's Len.


My husband.

Let's go, Jake.

Come on.


Because of him?


- Come on!
- No!

I said, no!


I'm going to spoil you, my lad!

I'm going to spoil you now!

Get out of here.

It's time, Jake.

It's time for all of us
to go now, what about you?

Well, go, man!


I love you.


Fat Sam said I could come!



Where are we going?

No, this way!


Come on!

Go down there!

Well, I suppose I better go
and find a bathroom... wash,

and change, powder me
nose, and have a pee.


Slick ride you've
got there, my friend!

We wouldn't mind!


Come on then, let's get in!

Smart car.

Where did you find it?

Hip, hip, hooray!






Is that all right, lovelies?


Aye, jump in!
- Bristol?


Hello, love.

Donald Crosby.

Pleased to make
your acquaintance.

Hey, Shane, we
must have made it.

I've never rid in such style.

Pray tell how you come about
this mobile of splendorly.

We built it ourselves.



Four years it took us...
Scrounging, saving.

We found the frame on the Moors.

We pulled it out of there.

Good godly.

Like a lost legend there.

Hey, now I'll tell you to
where to find the Golden Fleece

before you start looking.

What were you doing on the road?

Well, now, I can
speak out here, can't I?


How I love a chorus.


Well, this is Shane.

I'm his manager.

He's a streetly boxer.

Bare knuckles, you understand,
for bets and gambles.

Living is made.

Sounds great, that.

Look at me, sonly.



You, yourself, have that
physique and eye of a fighter.

Have you ever tried it yourself?

Are you interested, sonly?



Hey, look!

We're nearly there now.

Only leftly,
rightly, straightly.

Why don't yous all come along?

I'll guide you
there, if you wish.





You never know.

There's some champion
in your forehead shape.

Come on, I'm interested!

I'm interested!

The old, dull body sniffs work!

All right, my
friendlies, how are you?

Figured you'd enjoy
the fisticuffs, aye?

Come on, Shane.

Hold this!
Hold it!

Hold it!

Hold it!

Come on, Shane!

Come on!

Bets on!
Bets on!

Bets on!

Come on!


Come on!

Come on!






I thought you
was in for another!




Don't worry!

I'm going!

I mean, I'm done.

Leave now!

Come on!
All leave now!

Come on!

Come on!

Do you think that though?
Do you?

Do you think that, Donald?

I do think that.

I do.


Well, you were in there
and you twizzled well.

I went all...

Did you see it though?


Ringe, don't get involved.

It's bloody horrible.

Not always, love.

Not always.


All you were lacking
there was one-two,

in my opinion, some
technique because you

are stuffed full of guts.


I know I could get on the
circuit, make us some wages!

Ringe, your lovely face!

Aye, he's lovely face.

You're ruining your body
and features for money though.

What you on about with him?

Nobody would notice
the difference.


I'll start knowing,
if it's on you, lad!


Fighting for my life!

I'd like to start to now!

Let's get out and
get you to try!

Shane will show you some moves!

Hey, come on!

Come on, Shane!

Come on!

Go on!

Go on, go on, go on.

You'll do greatly.

We'll take you in hand, boy.

We'll take you up!

Will you?

Would you?

I'm going to be a
fucking street fighter!


The two bastards are piss!

What's up?

Them two's rich as right off.

All the bags have gone.

- No!
- The bastards!

All my clothes gone.


There wasn't that much.

I know, but...

They never gave us our winnings.



He's left his hat!

That's humans for you.

There you go!



Fuck off!


Hey, ho, nobody at home...

Hey, ho, nobody at home, no!

Hey, ho, nobody at home, no!


Beauty everywhere!

And, a lot to drink!


Come out!

Come out!

Have a look!


And look!

And look!

What a place!

I can't keep myself still!

What a place?

A paradise-style place!

Beautiful, country
cottage with amenities!

Splendid views!



Give us a ride.

Out with this, Ringe.

What about this for a find?

What about it?

I think Ringe is in his element.

I know.

So am I. What a place we found!

When I think back, Jake...
How I was and how I is... I

feel wide as sky!

There's so much more to
life, isn't there, Jake?

If I could just get
people, and shake

them up, and then show them.

How mean we live our lives.

How mean we cramp behind walls,
and cash tills, and right,

and wrong, and not
tos, and no, nos,

and that
locked-in-for-life feeling,

when, really, if you want,
you can go over the rim and...

I can't say it!

I can't say it!

Catch me before I fall!


Chase me, you bastard!

Do you want one, Jake?

No, thanks.

Odd day.

It is.


That's the last of
the monies then.

Not to worry though.

I phoned Fat Sam up.

She'll bring a bit
with her, if she comes.


I phoned home.

I want to get Fat up
here, if we're staying on.

What's up?

What is it, Jake?

I thought you knew.

I thought you knew.

All them years we spent
building this... all of that...

It's still in the car.

It's there to take us up,
and away, and on, and on.

No limits.



No, never stop for now.

None of it.

Just straight through
the lot and off.

To where?

I don't know.

And that's why we went.

You know, I'm going to
tell you something now, Jake.

I'm going to tell you
now... I never understood

all that spout you had.

I always just nodded
to it, like I knew.

Why'd I do that?

I don't fucking know why.

Why not?

I had nothing else in
my stinking life anyway.

That's all for
dreamers and that.


Dream muck!

It's not real life, Jake.

You can't say that, Ringe.

Trust in Jake!

He's brung us this far!


It's all right to have all these
fly eye thoughts and feels,

but it's so pissing
selfish, really!

So self when you
get close to it!

What do you mean?

All right.

Here's one... here's a
bit of the real... Sam met

your brother-in-law and
he's scraping his cheeks

off trying to find you.

Says you've dropped him right in
it... your mortgage, your house.


But I left so many...

Well, not enough.

He's there, selling it off.

He is?




It's only a house!

It was more than to me.

What I had to do
to get that place...

So still, you left it!

But I always knew it was there!


Did nobody blast off with me?

Did none of you soar?

Why do people always want
to settle or go back?

Settle or go back!

Do you not know that
naught's never enough?

That was my first ever
lesson... naught's never enough.

Whatever you get will go.

Wherever you try and catch
hold of in this world

will die in your hand.

Or later, when you
least expect it.

The only thing to do is to
shove off and never stop.

Eat the sky, Ringe.

There's more!

It's all free.

Will you go?

It's free!

The fat man remembered.

Wants to give us some money.

For what?

It's the car.

Just wants us to drive around
with a few adverts on it.

Try and promote his
disco or something.

We're fucking broke
and without money.

Where do we go?

Now open seven nights a week!

Be there or be square!

This is a laugh, isn't it?

We'll go around once
more, then back again.

Do you think I
should drive slower?

Sundown, this discoteque...

Let me out.

Be there or be square!


For a night on
the town, just come on down!


Until sundown,
it's the best disco around.

Sundown, this discotheque is
now open seven nights a week.

Be there or be square!

For a night on the town,
just come on right down!

Until sundown, it's
the best disco around.


Come on, let's go.

How much he pay, Ringe?

Thirty smacks!

Let's go!

Hold it!

Hold it!

I'm staying.


I'm staying with Mr. Roache.

He's offering me a
permanent position.

Chauffeuring and
maintenance in his discos.

And so like we'll
Sam up to do gigs.

Jake, it don't seem right
to just keep drifting.

You've got to take your
chance when it comes.

Even if it's shit,
it's some act to do.

Isn't it, Jake?

Fuck it.


I don't want to go for
a piss in the trees!

I don't want to go for
a piss in the trees!

I don't want to go for
a piss in the trees!

No more!

Hey, hey!

Come on now.

How could you
let Ringe go like that?

Make something up happen, Jake!

Make something happen!

Jake, I'm going to have to go.

I can't catch up to you.

I've come a long way, Jake,
but I can't get no further.

The lead won't break.

I've got to go home.

And I want to go.

I love you.

You don't say it so often,
but when you do, I die.

We'll make it different.

We'll go somewhere different.

We'll make a plan.

You know it won't work.

Please, Jake, don't
talk like this.

I can't bear it.

Why has it not took off?

Why are we not free and
flying, like I wanted?

I don't know.

I do know that nothing's never
going to be the same again.


Hey, it's Susan.


- Susan?
- Go now!


This is not yours anymore!


Come on!



Before the dream's broke!