Vrithra (2018) - full transcript

Madam, the house robbery case has been verified.

The report file has been sent to your station.

-Whom have you given it to?
-I'll check, Madam.

To whom have you given it to?

We've given it to the Head Constable, Madam

Bro. You don't call

Sir, it was a mistake please give it back,
we’re sorry

Is it your father's road?
You guys have caused a traffic jam!

Pay the fine, then take your musical instruments.

Who is he?
Did you smoke weed?

Sir, please spare us. We don't have money.
We were playing for a good cause.

What happened?

They created a traffic jam at the
circle with their orchestra.

Let them go...

Sir, it is a Rock band not an orchestra!.

Sir, it is a Rock band not an orchestra!.

Whatever it is. You created a traffic jam
and now you're giving excuses.

What is the status of your robbery case?

Sir, that's not my case!. I’m just filing
reports for a case handled by someone else.

The verified file just came in sir.

What is this?

You're asking time for reporting such a small robbery case?

First learn to be on time.

How does it matter what time
I come, if all I'm doing is filing reports.

What? Despite coming in late, you are also justifying it.

Sir please assign me a case to solve.


First, finish this case…

Then, let’s see.

Hello sir. Come in, come in

Crowd Chattering

Madam, sir has called you

You kept asking for a case right?

A suicide case was reported last night

Take it. Address is there…


This is just your first case. Don’t try to act smart.

Multiple suicide cases are reported on a daily basis.

Each and every case cannot be investigated.

Identify the victim and hand over the body to the family.

Song playing

-Check if this key fits anywhere in the house
-Ok, Madam

Coming, madam!

What happened?

Madam, this key doesn't fit any of the doors or cupboards

Umm, Okay

Inform the forensics and get the post mortem done ASAP.

There's a chewing gum stuck on
that chair. Get that checked too.

Okay madam

Are you the one who witnessed it?

What madam?

Madam, he doesn't know Kannada …

Were you the first one to witness it?

No madam. The night watchman
was the first one to see it.

How many houses have been occupied on this floor?

Madam, there are no occupants on this floor yet.

However, in many of the houses,
carpentry and painting work is going on…

Then, who is this?
is he the house owner?

I don't know madam.
You need to ask the security chief

Collect all the footages
from the surveillance camera

Okay madam

Collect the flat owner's details
from the manager.

Okay madam

And you also mentioned the night watchman right ?

Get him along with the security chief to the station.

Okay, madam

Walky talky announcement

Come in

He's the apartment manager

Hello, madam

Sit down

Madam, this is the night watchman.

Tell madam what happened

Madam, it was around 12 at night…

And, it was time for my daily rounds…

As it was new moon that day ..

It was although more scarier….

However, I was left with no choice, so I had to go.

While I was passing by the house on the sixth floor,
there was a foul smell.

I knocked on the door, in order to find out what was wrong,
but nobody answered.

However, I opened the door with the keys I had…

There was also a power cut..

So I was terrified.

I switched on my torch
and went inside

I was taken aback to see a man hanging from the fan

After witnessing it, I was so petrified
that I got a fever.

Even now I am sick, you can check for yourself madam.

Sorry, Madam

I removed the computer cable

Assuming that the surveillance camera
wouldn’t record anything.

Assuming that the surveillance camera
wouldn’t record anything.

Assuming that the surveillance camera
wouldn’t record anything.

I spent my childhood in a colony where there
only one house which had a TV

Since then I was crazy about watching TV.

Every Sunday at 6 P.M there was a
program which was telecasted,

For which everyone used to line up right from 4 P.M.

No matter how hard I tried to get done with my work

It would end latest only by 5:30 P.M.

Even if all I wanted was to find a spot by the window,

people used to shoo me away…

Do you know why?

Because, I was just a small boy.

That's why they would shoo me away…

That is when I thought,

That one day, I would sit in my house, on my couch,
watch TV with my legs crossed.

But that never happened.

Even today I sit on the
floor and watch TV

At this age, I only earn ₹ 10,000.

With which I have to run the house,
send the kids to school etc..

Tell me madam, how is it feasible?

I know I have failed.

In such desperate times,

to turn my dream into reality

I used to secretly indulge in watching TV
in a few houses of the apartment.

But, I did not steal a single penny
from any of the houses.

I swear on my children

I didn't do anything madam

Sir please explain them

I have not done anything wrong, madam.

At least you tell them, Sir…

I have not done anything

It's alright, come with me.

I have not done anything

Hold on, sir !

-Please believe me. I didn't do anything.

Go, sit in that corner.

Madam, in many of the houses in the apartment

Painting and carpentry work is still going on

The work is still in progress

But, many potential buyers keep coming in
to check the houses,

So, we have given a set of keys to the security guards.

They have the keys at all times

They go on routine rounds at 6 pm to check,

Then the night watchmen
also go on rounds to check

But, I am uncertain as to why he
would indulge in such an act…

Madam, it's only been 2 days since we installed
the surveillance cameras.

We've already handed over all those footage.

If required, we can you give you the register as well.

Madam, the flat owner’s details are in this file.

But, he stays in Canada

He bought this house 6 months ago.

I don't think the guy who died here is the owner

On a call

Can we leave, madam?

Yes, you may.

This is definitely a homicide.

He only must've done it.

Did you not observe the chair fallen next to the body?

What happened to
the orchestra boys?

One of the boy's father paid money and
bailed them out madam.

What is it?

I have a doubt on the watchman
from the suicide case.

We have taken him under our custody.

Why unnecessarily?


Put him in the lock up for
two days and release him.

Also, have you identified the body?

It's happening, sir.

First get that completed

I'll do it, sir

Did you find anything?

We have analysed the body. Looks like a suicide to me.

Time of death should be about 2-3 days ago. I am not sure.

Will know for sure once
the post mortem comes in.

When will the postmortem be done?

It'll be done soon

We have recovered the victim’s phone and wallet
and sent it to your station.

Collect the owner details. We'll go check the address.

Also, get the call recordings

Okay, Madam

Tell me, ma

What do you have to do?

You just have to sit in one place and
report files, that is all.

Who? Me?

Shut up

I have to do everything alone

The sim is registered on this address.

But, the house is locked

-Did you enquire with the neighbors?
-Yes Madam

Nobody even knew that his name is Prashanth.

he was a tenant in this house.

Okay, ask around

Ill check there

It's the 1st floor, Madam

1st floor? Okay, give.

You can go

Okay madam

Sorry, tell me, Ma

I was telling you something seriously
and you put me on hold

Do you know how hard it is to find a good tailor?

Sorry, my mistake. Tell me.

Do you know how difficult it is to run a boutique?

Try to fit in my shoes for a day. I have to buy the
clothes, stitch them and also deliver them on time.

Do you think it is an easy job?

The one tailor I had also quit. That,
now I have to do all the tailoring as well.

How much work can I do?

I need to find a good tailor. Do you know how
hard it is to find a good tailor these days?

Your uncle is coming over for dinner tonight.
I have so much cooking to do. You just--

Coming, Madam!

Where is that key we found
at the apartment today?

Sorry Madam. Forgot I had it with me

What is this Madam? So many Adhaar Cards!

-Something is fishy, isn't it?
-Yes Madam

Look here. It says Kolar District

Check this address out

-We might get some lead.
-Okay Madam

Kiran, 1 minute

I’m sending you a victim’s photo. His name is Prashant

Check if there are any criminal records in his name

Who are you?

You've broken into the house.

I’ll call the police!

Who are you ?

I’m the owner of this house

Do you have a rental agreement with the tenant?

Have you done a
background verification?

Get all these documents to the station today

Otherwise, your house will be seized.

Madam, I’ve checked the entire database

Prashanth's photo is not matching
with any of our records.

Prashanth also has no criminal record against his name.

Did you check the Adhaar cards
that were given? Are they valid?

Yes. They're all valid.

Did you notice what's common here?


All these Adhaar card holders

..reside in Old-Town' s slum.

I'll go there immediately to collect it

The water tankers are so expensive …

We get free water only once a week, how do we
manage the rest of the days…

Crowd Chattering

- What's up?
- Nothing much.

Remember, Today’s drinks are on you…

Today, you are not getting away with it!.

Yes, dear.
I just had my lunch.

Okay, I will see you soon.

Do you know where Sita's house is?

Oh! Sita.. Her house is right here.
I'll take you.

By the way, why do you want to meet her?
Who are you?

- I need to talk to her.
- Oh, is it?

This is her house.


Wait up, she'll come

Yes, coming!

Why are you shouting?

She wanted to see you,
so I got her here.

Why? Who are you?

What do you want?

-Do you have your Adhaar card?
-Yeah, I have it.

Can you please get it?

I'll get it.

How much will you pay?

-How much did they give you last time?
-1,000 Rupees.

Okay, get it.

Okay, wait. I'll get it.

What is this?

Last time you paid all of us.
Why only for her now?

Wait, I’ll get mine too.

Lakshmi, Suba-Sister, go and get your Aadhaar cards

They've come to pay again.

Go on, quick! Get it fast.

Wait! I'll also come.

You come as well

Go call your brother.

Here's my Adhaar card.

Take it.

Give me the money.

Here it is

Then who’s Aadhaar card is this ?

This is mine

How did you get it?

How did I get it?

To whom have you given your Aadhaar cards to?

I don't know about that

He promised to pay 1000 Rupees, so I gave.

He took it and
then returned it.

What will I do with it?

Is he the one who paid you?

He's the one!

- Oh yeah
- It's him

With the money we got last time,
we got a water tanker.

Are you giving us the money or not?

The guy in the photo

How do you know him?

We don't know all of that…

All we cared was he gave us money.
Are you giving or not?

I've left my work & come.

Give us the money, soon

You say you don't know him

So how can you give
your documents to a stranger?

Yes. Even I've left work and come.
Give us the money and we'll leave.

I'm not paying any money

Keep your documents safe with you.
Do not give it to anyone.

What the?

You said you'd pay us money,
and now you're just wasting our time.

Come on, lets leave

Instead of completing your homework,
you're playing?

I'm not playing.
Math is hard but this is harder.

If I solve this,
I can solve math easily.

You were asking about some guy, who took the
Aadhaar cards, right?

Yes. Do you know him?

I don't know him.
But I've seen him with Kunta

Kunta? Who is he?
Do you know where he is?

I don't know.

That dude over there might know

This dude?

Do you know where Kunta is?


He'll be sloshed in some bar. Why?

Can you take me there?

Madam, let me check if he is there.

Madam, Kunta isn't there.
But his drinking buddy is.

Who is he?

The only lone old drunkard over there..

You know Kunta, right?

Not really…
We just drink together.

Where is Kunta now?

He should be here, any minute.

He'll be here.

Can you call him and
find out when he’ll come?

He has a million phone numbers.

How am I supposed to know
which number to call on?

What does he do?

He is currently jobless.
However, he wasn’t doing anything legitimate.

What was he doing?

Weed, Shoe-Polish, Brown-Sugar

Even worse,
He used to sell spiked ice cream to school kids.

Is he still into it?
He was just the peddler..

His Boss has stopped all such activities.
So he doesn't have any job.

Who's his boss?

Take a wild guess…

Crowd chattering in a bar

Munirathna. This bar's owner.

Utter another word,
you'll lose your tongue.

You go on.

Try speaking now,
I dare you.

Tell me

What was the boss involved in?

If you open your mouth,
you'll not leave this place.

Tell me


I don't think they get it.
Let's show them.


You're going first this time too?

Guru Brahma, Guru Devo, Guru Vishnu, Maheshwara!

In everything Guru is always first, bro.

Now speak

-Is this where you make a lady sit?
-Sir, that..

Shut up! Do you have any sense?

Listen, if you want to enquire
about me, ask me. I'll answer.

Don't come here unnecessarily

I've changed for the good.
I've filed my nomination for the upcoming elections.

I want to do some
good to the society.

This is the only bar I run.
A lot of shady things goes down in other bars.

Instead, you are here...

He is Kunta.
Ask him anything you want.

You know Prashant, right?

Don't you recognize him?

Look, women shouldn't be here.

If there's anything,
I'll let you know. Now, please leave.

Have a closer look ..
and tell me.

I ain’t going to forget your face.

I will find out who Prashant is and what he does

If I discover any connection between the two of you…

Have you realised what you've done?

I'm getting calls from another jurisdiction.

You created a ruckus at some bar today!

Before going to another jurisdiction for investigation

Don't you have the common sense
to inform their Police Station?

Has the body been identified?

Complete that first.

You get some Adhaar cards and wander off to some bar!



Hey, no no. I have to get home.

I've told my wife that I'll be back.
She's angry that I'm not there.

If I don't go home tonight, she'll kill me.

Indra, I'm going to bed.
Don't let your uncle drink too much.

Okay. You go sleep now.
I'll leave after this game.

So, how's retired life treating you?

What else do you expect?

You tell me.

Your career is just starting.

I've got my first case.


If it was a murder, there would have been a motive.

But I don't understand why would someone commit suicide?

Isn't it cowardice?

One cannot just say that

He would make everyone laugh

He had everything, so why?

On a personal note

I knew someone

He seemed to be a very happy man

He spoke happily that night.

But by morning he was gone.

But why?

Only he knows why.

Only they know what's bothering them inside

Their trouble might seem petty to us

but it may be a big deal for them.

Each person and their personalities

Why? How? Who knows?

Only they can understand

The way you cornered me

reminds me of my brother.

Your father.

Wasn’t he the one who taught you to play Chess?

He wished to join the Military, as well?

Since I was older,
I joined the military first.

Our mother didn't want both her sons joining the military.

That's why he wasn't allowed to go.

If he saw you now,
he'd be very proud.

No dear. I have to leave.

Enough. I have to go home.


Whatever case comes your way,

don't break your head over it.

- How do you know Prashant?
- Which Prashant?

You have purchased an apartment
with Gupta Builders, right?

- Yeah!
- Prashant has committed suicide in it.

What? In my flat?

Prashant? Oh yes.
He's the agent who got me the flat.

He was looking after the painting
and interiors for the flat.

Did Prashant work with Gupta Builders?


Do you know anything else about Prashant?

He got in touch when I put up a post
wanting to buy a flat.

During my previous visit,
I purchased the flat.

What happened in Kolar?

I met Prashant's family, Madam.

They're innocent. He's the only,
working member in the family.

But they don't know what
kind of work he does.

He sends them money every month, on time.

Did you inform Prashant's family,
about what happened to him?

Not yet, Madam

Its been 10 days since they spoke to him.

They even tried reaching out,
To his friend friend.. Madhu?

No, Mani!

They tried calling him too.
But they couldn't reach him.

Okay, inform Prashant's family
and dispose his body.

- Alright Madam.
-You mentioned someone named Mani

- Yes Madam.
- Enquire about him

Also, interrogate the painters at Gupta Builders.

Okay, Madam

-There's no one named Prashant working here.
-Is there any other branch?

If Prashant is not your employee,
how can he sell your flats?

I don't know, Ma'am

Can you show this photo to your employees?

Please check

-Can you check if anyone knows him?
-Okay, Madam.

Ma'am I know him.

Where have you seen him?
How do you know him?

Where have you seen him?
How do you know him?

I don't know him personally,
But I've seen him in the office.

I don't know him personally,
But I've seen him in the office.

Are you sure its him?

I remember it clearly.

When I was getting coffee,
he was at the reception.

He took the gum from his mouth,
and tried sticking it under the seat.

I got angry and shouted at him.

I got angry and shouted at him.

Then he threw the gum into the dustbin.

The receptionist said that
he had come to see the boss.

But what he did was wrong, wasn't it?

The Receptionist remembers it as well.

Let's go ask her

- Okay
- Come Ma'am

- Is your boss Gupta, here?
- Sorry, he's not here.

- When will he come?
- I don't know, Madam.

- Can you give his contact details?
- I don't have it, Madam.

Prashant's body has been disposed.

But, we haven't received
any information on Mani, yet.

We asked Prashant's parents about Mani.

They claim to have never seen him.

But they've spoken to him over Phone.

Try harder, Kiran.
We'll find something.

Also, those Painters?
Have you enquired with them?

They've only painted one layer.

Prashant had asked them to
come and paint the next layer.

I called the house owner,
where Prashant committed suicide.

He says that

Prashant got him the house


Prashant's name isn't there on
Gupta Builder's employee list.

But, Prashant has met Mr. Gupta.

And that, I don't understand why

And we're not getting any
further information about Gupta.

We must find this. I'll Inform the inspector.

Ok madam

Has the body been disposed?

All the formalities
have been taken care of.

You can leave now.

Sir, the thing is...

I need permission to meet
Mr.Gupta, the owner of Gupta Builders.

Why do you want to meet him?

Sir, Prashant has met Mr Gupta.

If we meet him,
we'll get some clarity

Is Mr.Gupta the only person
Prashant has met?

He meets thousands of people.

Tell me, why do you have to meet him in specific?

True, sir.

As far as we know,

Mr Gupta is the only who Prashant met

if we meet him once,

all the confusion will be cleared, sir.

Look, these real-estate Businessmen,

have contacts,
with influential politicians.

Tomorrow if
something goes wrong,

I don't want,
to be blamed.

You may leave now

Please wait

I found out where Gupta lives.

- What do you want?
- I want to meet Mr. Gupta.

- Who are you?
- Indra from Crime Branch.

Kiran, talk to him.

- We might get some information.
- Okay Madam.

-You can go inside, Madam

What are you doing?

Please sit.

Tell me
What did want to talk about?

I wanted to talk about,
your employee, Prashant.

Which Prashant?

The one who committed suicide in
one of your flats two days ago

That Prashant

Was his name Prashant?

If he was my employee,
I should know of him, right?

If Prashant isn't your employee,
then how can he sell your flats?

Do you have any photo of him?


He sold flats for commission.

He came to my office
to collect his commission.

Why did he commit suicide?

Only he knows why

It's been 3 days

Someone's crying isn't it?

I'll call you later.

Who are you?



Please relax

You're playing with
our daughter's life!

I know how to
save my daughter.


Please relax.
Its nothing!

- Kiran, inform the Inspector.
- Okay, Madam.

- Also, ask him not to come in uniform.
- Okay, madam.

My daughter has been kidnapped.

Its been 5 days.

What is it?

We don't know yet, Sir.

Sir, When things got serious

Why didn't you inform,
the Police immediately?

5 days ago,

I got a phone call.

The caller said that he has kidnapped my daughter

And then cut the call.

I didn't know what to do

I thought I'll call my husband
and picked up my phone.

Immediately, I got another call.

He said, he wanted money.

But where, when and how much

He didn't mention any of that

He mentioned not to go to the Police.

And after that

He didn't call for 2 days.

On the third day he called

and asked If we had informed the Police

I said no.

And then

He called yesterday

and said that he wanted money.

When, where and how much, I'll tell later

and then cut the call.

When he called the first time

There was a girl crying, behind him.

I could hear her crying loudly.

Now tell me

If you were in my place,

would you have informed the Police?

Let him ask for any amount

We understand, Sir.

Do not worry,
We are with you.

We will take care of it.

It doesn't feel right.

First, let my daughter come home.

They have asked us not to go the Police.

Which is why we've sent away all our house workers

Sir, until your daughter is back

We won't take any action.
We'll be with you.

We'll help you
in any way we can.

Madam, you asked for someone from the Telecom Department.

This is him.
His name is Diamond.

Madam the first call was made on the 21st.

It was a Bangalore number

After that, on the 22nd he didn't make any calls.

23rd and 24th, there were 2 more calls.

One from Mumbai and another from Delhi

Call duration for both numbers
doesn't go beyond 2 minutes.

And the 2 Bangalore numbers?

We've called in the number owners, Madam.
I'll go and get them.

Can we find out who hacked it?

It's the Cyber-Crime Department's work, Madam.

We can't find out.

- Can we get the call records?
- Yes madam.

As I need to get permission
from the Commissioner's office.

and then I'll get them to
you as soon as possible.

If we get a call right now,

can you trace the location?

We can trace,
but cannot pin the accurate location.

Madam their numbers
were used to make the call.

Their phones were stolen the day the calls were made.

They blocked their sim cards
and reported it the same day.

-Give your complaint copies and leave
-Okay, madam.

- Trace the daughter, Aishwarya's number.
- Okay

- and get her call records.
- Sure

He called again

He wants 2 crore rupees

He told us to
keep the money ready.

Have you already
arranged for the 2 crores?

Can you trace the call?

Can you tell me the WiFi password?

-The router is near the TV.

There's a sticker behind it.

-You haven't spoken to your daughter yet, have you?

Next time he calls,
tell him you'll give the money.

But request if you can
speak to your daughter once

By 9 a.m tomorrow morning,

You be prepared to come alone.
I'll call again.

Just a minute

The money is ready.

I'll be ready at 9 a.m.

But please

Before our meeting,
I want to speak to my daughter once

First call is from Chennai,
and the next is from Chandigarh.

Your daughter is with me,
but I can't let you talk to her right now.

Give me 1 crore tomorrow,
and you will get to see your daughter.

After that,
give the rest of the money.

You can have your daughter back then.

Follow whatever he said

First, see your daughter.

My daughter has been kidnapped

In cases like these,
we have to be very careful, Sir.

We don't know
what they are capable of.

Sir sending your wife
alone tomorrow morning

May not be a good idea.

It could be a threat to her life.

What are you trying to imply?



Follow my directions.

The call will get disconnected,
every two minutes.

Go straight now.
I'll call again.

Go straight

Take the left and stop the car.

Take the money
and get down alone.

- Cross the road.
- Okay.

Stop that Auto.

Come to Church Street.

Where to?

Autos aren't allowed there.
I can't take you.

Did he say,
he won't come?

Tell him you'll pay Rs. 2,000

I'll pay you Rs. 2000.

₹ 2000? I'll take you
around the globe, Madam.

Get down here.

There's an old Maruti 800 parked.

Get to the car.

You have to
drive this car.

What happened?

Are you carrying any weapons?

I only got the cash.

Take the money out.
Throw the bag away.

Throw away your phone as well.

Start the car.

Isn't the car starting?

It's an old car, Madam.
Try harder. It'll start.

Reverse the car,
and come straight.

Come straight..

Do you know the plight of
kidnapped girls?

They get raped.

Not by one.

Not once.

There are some Psychopaths ..

If you get trapped with them

They'll skin you alive.

Maybe, it could happen to you too.


I'm not like them.

You're all alone.

But nothing
will happen to you.

I have a special gift for you.

Wait for it.

Where's my daughter?

You said you'll show her
once you get the money.

For that,
The girl’s mother had to come.

Can you please push the car.

Song on the radio

Can I borrow your phone, please?


Song on the radio

Mr. Gupta!! What’s happening over here?

Due to hypertension,
she could even get a heart attack.

I’ll make a move.

My daughter, Aishwarya.

She is an introvert.

Did she paint all of these?

what do we do now?

You, please tell me.

What do we do?


For the first-case, you begged for?

Look what have you done?

Kidnaping cases like these,
Must be solved in 2 days.

It’s already been a day,
Since the ransom was paid.

We still haven’t heard from them.

We had one opportunity to save the girl.
But because of your deeds, we have lost it.

Shut up!

Who knows, we would've seen the girl,
had Mrs. Gupta gone.

For such reckless work,
I have the urge to dismiss you.

Hadn’t you asked me
the other day,

Why must I come to the station,
to do reporting-work, right?

You don't have to
come to the station anymore.

Take the reports, sit in your house

and file from there.

You may leave now

How come you're home so early today?

Not much work to do?

Look, I know there is something that is bothering you

Sitting idle will not do much good

Concentrate on what's next.

Okay fine,

I've found a new tailor.

I must leave now.

Alright! Lock the door.

Madam, Prashant's post mortem is done.

It is a suicide.
I have sent the report to your station.

Yes, Madam.

Any lead on the whereabouts of
Prashant's friend Mani?

No, Madam.

It was too crazy guys..

-Do you know anyone named Mani?

When did you last see him?
Once. This morning.

You all can see too.

Do you know anybody named Mani?

I dont know...

Geeta, wait I’ll join you .

Pankaja come here

- Brother...
- What do you want, dear?

Do you know anybody named Mani?
I don't know any Mani, dear.

Grandpa, do you know anyone named Mani?

He is my grandson.

-You grandson?

-Where is he now?
-I've sent him to school.

-To school?

-We send him to study...

But all he does,
...is creating trouble.

How old is your Mani?

He should be...

Right. 9 years old.

He is only grown physically…

but, not mentally.

I think someone has left it behind.

If anyone asks, return it to them.

Where have you been all night?

You haven't slept!

Hey wait up!

Where are you going?

Brother, She wasn't home all night.

She doesn’t respond to anything I ask.

She hasn’t slept either.

I don’t know what to do.

Let me have a word with her.



What's on your mind?

I dont know

A girl has been kidnapped.

I did my best to save her.

You know what happens.

We have read what is the plight of these kidnapped girls.

I dont know what to do now.

Is this why, you're unable to sleep at night.

Personal and professional life isn’t the same.

Without that balance...

Living becomes hard


Apply the same strategy of the game
To your case as well.


In this game,
I'm playing against you.

Even before you make your next move

This case, isn't like that!

I don't know my opponents and what strategy to use

How can I use this strategy?

In chess,

There's a game called 'Round Robin'.

In which one player plays against
six unknown players.

There are many players who've won Round Robin.

Indra, what are you reading ?

Isn't that a dragon?

Its not a dragon, Mom.
This is Vrithra, a demon.

But it looks like a dragon.

This might be the origin for the concept of a dragon.

You see, it's expelling fire from its mouth.

There is only drought and famine wherever
Vrithra goes.

Do you still have that book
I gave you the other night..?

Is it still there ?

Yeah, it's here.
Please, come.

Do you have the CCTV footage of that night?

And you are?

Do you have more footages?

No madam, this is it.

Hello. Tell me, Diamond.

Madam, I got the ransom
call recordings.

I've mailed them to you.
Please check.

Your daughter is with me

By 9 a.m tomorrow
You must be ready

I'll call again

You heard the recordings, right?

Did you notice the difference?
There are two different voices.


Why didn't you mention this earlier?
That two of them had called.

What if its two people?

The ones who've kidnapped my daughter had called.

I don't think so

Two people have called you, Ma'am.

Out of the two, the first caller
was from Bengaluru.

And the call was made from a stolen phone.

Ma'am, did you notice the recordings?

He is stammering.

He is the one who had
hacked phones and called you.

We've given the money,
to the second caller.

Yeah, two people from the same
gang have called. So what?

If its the same gang,
why is one call from a stolen phone,

And the other
from a hacked phone?

For this reason, they've done it.
You're confused aren't you?

They've done it,
to confuse us.

No sir

They must've known about the kidnapping,
and then made the call.

If I hadn't listened to you

I could've seen my daughter.

If I listen to you now

I may never see her again.



How did you get these recordings?

That telecom guy gave them to you?

should have him suspended.

Have you checked the files?
Is the Report-work, done yet?

First finish the work you've been assigned.

Stop behaving like Sherlock Holmes.


Finish the house burglary report.

And send them to me by tonight.

Go on. Do your work.

The inspector is asking
if the house-burglary report is ready?

I'm working on it.
Will send it across.

What do you guys do?
Sir, I rob houses.

How many of you were involved?

Me and three of my friends

- Their names?
- Venu, Madhu & David.

How did you do it?

Sir, I've told you

A guy used to call us.

He would tell us

the movement of the residents of the house

Then at a time set by him,

We'd go and rob, Sir.

Who is the guy who calls you?

I don't know sir.

He used to call us
from different numbers every time.

What does he gain from this?

He asked us
to open bank accounts

In our names
took control of the ATM cards

We'd deposit his share,
in that account, Sir.

He'd call from
different numbers everyday.

How could I
have known him?

I don't even know
which city he's from.

Please let me go, Sir.

All these 8 houses' internet bills are from Air-Voice.

Can you check what their mobile network is?

Tell me the phone numbers, Madam.

All these numbers belong to Air-Voice.

What about Mrs. Gupta.
Is it Air-Voice too?

Yes, Madam.
That's why I have been sent from Air Voice.

- And their internet connection?
-It's Air-Voice, Madam.

The bills from these 8 houses,

They're all from the house-burglary case.

The network users use Air Voice.

And Mrs. Gupta, does she use Air-Voice as well?

Yes, Air-Voice.


The 2 ransom calls,
made to the Guptas.

from Chandigarh and Chennai.

Can you please check
the network connection of those numbers?

The numbers are all
from Air-Voice, Madam.

What I'm saying right now
may or may not be true.

I think
an employee from Air Voice,

Has hacked these numbers.

After hacking,

He finds out the movement of the residents.

And then he robs those houses.

And maybe the same person

hacked Mrs Gupta's phone

to rob them.

And I think,
that's when he found out,

that Mr. Gupta's daughter has been kidnapped.

And then used

this situation to his advantage

But the actual kidnapper

Did not ask for any money. Why?

Maybe they're all
part of the same gang, Madam.

Is there anything else that's common between

Mr Gupta's house and the burgled houses?

Maybe the installation guy or

Someone from the call center

Or maybe the service engineers?

No, madam. Its not possible to find out now.

But I can tell you once I get to office tomorrow.

Why can't we go now?

Only the call centers
will be open right now.

We won't find any information there.

Once I get to the office tomorrow,
I can give you all the details.

Sign here

Give his clothes


Go back to your village or else all
the pending cases will fall on you

I guess he'll never learn

-Yes, Ma

-Yes, Get some milk on your way back

I'll get it

We've already given you 1 crore.

You said you would show us our daughter

But did not show her at all

1 crore?

I never asked for so much money

If you give me 15 lakhs,
Your daughter will come back to you

-Who is it?
-Yes, yes. We'll give the money. Where should we come?

Come to Majestic bus stand in 2 hours with the money

But please, can I talk to my daughter just once. Please.

Tell me, Diamond

They just got another ransom call.
I'll send you the recordings. Please check them.

Give me 15 lakhs and take your daughter

-This sounds like the first caller's voice, doesn't it?
-Yes, madam

Which area did the call come from?

One second, I'll check, madam.

-I told you its two different people

-Can you send the details I asked for quickly?
-Okay madam

Your daughter is right here

She hasn't eaten anything all these days

I don't think she has the strength to talk

But, i'll give it to her

If she talks to you, talk

Talk to me Aishu

Aishu, please talk to me

Is she speaking

I told you, she isn't in a condition to talk

Give me the money and take her

Ok, ok. We'll get the money

There was a call made again from the same area.
He said the girl is with him.

I'll go check.

Is there any accused named Mani here?

I dont know madam. I'll have to check.

I want the records of all the petty thieves

I will take a look at it

We've been calling him Kunta for so
long we didn't realise his real name was Mani

He just got released

Here's the register

You were the one who created a scene at the
bar the other day, right?

Have you seen Kunta?

Over There

Crowd chattering

was someone limping and running here?

He went that way

Why are you laughing?

Where's the girl?

What did you do to her?

I had got mouth cancer two years ago

I used to smoke a lot

So I quit smoking

But now I can’t talk without a beedi in my mouth

What have you done to the girl?

I didn't do anything. She was here when I left a while ago

I had tied her up. She didn't even have the
strength to get up.

How many of you are involved in this kidnap?
How did you do it?

I don't know how they did it.
My friend Prashant kidnapped her

I was just looking after her

I did it because he said he’ll give me 15 lakhs
once we release the girl

At the bar you said you didn't know Prashant

Why did he commit suicide?

I don’t know

I got to know about his death through the people in his home

That girl was right here

I was supposed to get 15 lakhs

That's why

I called them

You called once. Why didn't you call all these days?

How could I?

For someone else's crime, they put me in the jail

I got released today so I thought I’d
Send the girl and take the ransom.

How will you send her? Where is the girl?

She was right here

I had tied her up. You've seen
it yourself, Madam.The door was open

I found Mani. He said the girl was with him.
But she's not here anymore

There are few blood stains in his house. Get it checked.
Inform the forensics and the inspector

I'll send you the location now

Madam, I checked the details

In 8 houses that were robbed and in Gupta's house, the WiFi
was installed by the same guy

And he also worked in customer care

He quit his job a week ago

I'll send you his photo and address. Please check them.

Madam, this is the house.

I asked around. They’ve gone out somewhere

He is the reason for all this drama.

Do you know?

The girl was kidnapped by Prashant

-But do you know who asked him to do it?

Her father

I told her about it this morning

Do you know why?

Because the girl kept saying that
her father will come to save her

I couldn't bare it

So I told her the truth

I dont know why he did such a thing, Madam.

My apartment

the same one Prashant committed suicide in

In that apartment, 80% of the flats are still empty

No one's buying it

My money is flowing out of my hand like water


I have another huge land

I wanted to sell that land

And compensate for the loss incurred in this apartment

Two years ago

The government came up with a scheme

To rejuvenate all the dried up lakes

When people found out that my land
also was a lake, no one wanted to buy it.


I thought I'll build an apartment myself


The area's MLA and the BBMP officials

Didn't give me the permission to build

I tried really hard

They asked for 50% of the projects value as commission to
grant permission

How will I give?

I used my political influence as well

And then I had a thought

What if I become the MLA?

But people don't know who I am

They know my company

Gupta Builders

But they don't know me. They don't recognise my face.

I've done a lot of charity work -social service,
donated books to children. I've done it all

But that wasn't enough for people to sympathise with me.

The media should find out in 2 days

Newspapers will report it

TV channels will talk about it

After that, my daughter Aishu will come back to me

After she comes back everyone will question as to who did it

My name shouldn't come up at any cost

You surrender

Confess that you did it

And if they ask why you did it

Tell that MLA Shivakumar asked you to do it

Sir, you betrayed me

If I go to the prison, will you get me out?

I know you very well

Imagine. My photos will be
everywhere and world will call me a criminal

Not only that

People will talk about it to my parents

What have they done, sir?

If I accuse the MLA for the kidnapping,
Would he spare me?

I'm already a dead man

Then why should I live ?

And that’s why I am going to die,
Try to find your daughter if you can.

Hello madam, we checked the blood samples,
It is matching with Aishwarya’s blood group

It'll take some time to get the DNA reports

But the inspector got the news
He's on his way to Gupta's house

Ok madam

We found the place where your
daughter was kept. But she's not there anymore

Only her blood stains are there

For a little bit of fame and money, you
kidnapped your own daughter?

Madam, I doubt this is our guy.
He looks innocent.

I doubt he has 1 crore with him.

Come in

Please, come in

Sorry, this is my daughter's work

Just out of curiosity, how did you figure it out?

8 houses burglary

I was the service engineer for all the 8 houses

I didn't know the police were so smart to solve it

Forget that. What would you like to drink? Coffee? Tea?

It's not very difficult to make money

Think a little out of the box

Do you have any idea how helpless
a man is when he has no money?

That's why I decided.

I started stealing.

But who did I steal from?

They're all poisonous demons

When they breathe, there's only drought

Each one of them is Vritrasura (God of drought)

You may not see it

But when you see from my
perspective, you'll understand

Its not a dragon, Ma.
It's a demon called Vrithra

It was me

He is a demon

who kidnaps his own daughter for fame and power.

What's wrong if I steal from him?

Who benefits from all of this?

When you were waiting outside my house

there was a delivery boy there

Did you notice?

7th cross builders house robbery

That money got him the bike

And that bike got him a job

and the job settled his life

And someone else got a tailoring machine

In someone's house there was a baby shower

There was no tension

I went to get back my wife’s gold which
we had mortgaged

But I couldn't.

She would be very happy if she’d got the jewellery back

But if she asks me where I got the money from

What would I say?

He's not the guy

I had told you, Madam

You can leave. I'll go by cab.

Ma, since childhood I've always wanted
to learn new things

solve crime cases, catch criminals

And to pursue that I joined the crime branch

But I learnt one thing

to solve cases and catch criminals

Hey, hey don't jump to any conclusions.

I don't even know who this girl is.

Just like hacking everyone else's phone,
I hacked her mom's phone too

That's when I found out she had been kidnapped

Then I got an idea

I found a way to make money

You were the one who got me 1 crore rupees

i might look like a criminal from your perspective

But I have conscience too

I started to worry about what happened to this girl

Just like how you worked hard to find this
girl, I too worked hard to find her

I found the girl two hours before
you did

My dad never restricted me

And I never disobeyed him

In fact, I studied abroad for my masters

to support him in his business.


Everything was a lie

My wounded heart can never be healed


I want to find myself

I want to live my life on my terms

The money is here, I'm also here

You did all of this for your selfish motives

and now you are preaching about moral high grounds?

Haven't you ever felt what you did was wrong?

What's right? What's wrong?

Selfishness is in human nature

When a mother feeds her child

Its because of the selfishness to see the child smile

There's nothing without selfishness here

But the only difference is

Some people’s selfish motives does good

but some people’s selfish motives destroys everything.

If people benefit out of my selfishness

I can do whatever it takes

I don't have the habit of feeling guilty unnecessarily.

I did what I felt was right

You do what you feel is right.

You said you don't have the habit of feeling guilty.

Then why are you explaining yourself so much?

You should know what you've done is right or wrong

What have you done to Gupta?

He's gone mad

I didn't take any money from him

He's not in a condition to talk

This is just for your reference, Sir

I've already sent a copy to the commissioner's office

What is this? Have you gone crazy?

Just because you can't handle a
case, you're resigning?

You are being immature.

Don't you know how hard it is to get a job here?

You should make use of the
opportunities you get. But you...