Vreme, vodi (1980) - full transcript

A Macedonian village has always struggled to find ways to bring water to its arid land - a struggle that may be won when a native son returns from America with the idea of setting up a ...

Stop, who the hell are you?
- I'm Lambe.


Are you digging Dudule?
And the water is under your nose...

Oh, God,
Thou art in Heavens

and witnessed
our troubles and sufferings,

we beg you to help us
in accordance with our old customs

and bless the waters of this river.
the Son and the Holy Ghost, Amen.

...In the name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Ghost, Amen.

Bravo, bravo.

Altan, go and change.
Run towards Kamenovo, look, Run.

People from Kamenovo, people from
Kamenovo. God's curse has come true.

The water has dried up.

The people from Sushevo
took the water away.

To the source, to the source.
Everybody to the source.

People, the villagers from Kamenovo
are coming. Petre, there'll be a fight.

People, the villagers from Kamenovo
are coming. They're coming.

Let them come.

Let's see how they're
going to take the water.

What is it? What is this supposed
to mean? -What do you want?

Who has let you steal the water?
- We don't steal,

we are just taking what's ours.
- How come it's your water?

It's within our boundaries.

You don't seem to have come
to your senses, fuck your Lord.

How dare you swear with God's name
on your lips, you dog.

Hit, people, just hit.

Motherfuckers, they came to take
the water. There had no water.

Clean the sabre!!!
- Yes, sir.

What is it?-Sergeant major,
sir, the villagers from Sushevo

and Kamenovo are having a fight near
the Krstec water source. -Get ready.

Get ready.
- Come on, come on, in a line!

Get the horse ready.
- Yes, sir.

Attention! Guns in your hands.
To the right. To the source, run.

Come on, come on, hurry up.

What's up, handsome?

Your villagers have started a fight
with the villagers from Kamenovo.

At the Krstec water source.
Heads are being broken, I swear.

When are we going to
check these registers?

Leave the registers.
Let sort this out first.

Good luck with that.
- Fuck this silly sergeant.

On 5 April 1933,
the villagers of Sushevo and Kamenovo

started a fight
over the Krstec water source.

By doing so, they jeopardized the law
and order of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

The Court of His Majesty, by God's
mercy and the will of the people,

the king Alexander of Yugoslavia,

has called for the opposing sides to
reconsider the case

and for the Court to issue a verdict
in the spirit of law and justice.

The representatives of the villages
are present. Your names.

Korun Maksimovic, the village mayor and
Petar Kjushko from Sushevo.

Velicko Krstic, the village mayor
And Panteli Nikolic.

Write them down. So, let's hear,
how did the dispute start?

Villagers from Sushevo, your Honour,
tried to take our water.

Speak Serbian.
- They simply took our water by force.

We had to, your Honour,
when they won't let us have it.

The crops in the fields
are parched.

The livestock is dying, the mill is not
working. -One by one. -Your Honour,

I, Petre Kjushko,
want to say something.

I'll start from the beginning,
your Honour.

The dispute over the water has
been going on since Turkish times.

There was an earthquake and the ground
cracked and started issuing water.

Our villagers from Sushevo ran to it
and so did the villagers from Kamenevo.

They were all rejoicing because God
showed mercy and gave

water to this poor area.

But the joy was short-lived.
We all, both their people and ours,

began stealing the water, turning
it only to our own villages.

It came to fighting. In one such
squabble my grandfather was killed.

Turkish authorities got involved

and they said that the courts
should resolve this.

And that's when the
court case began.

The water changed hands from
one village to the other.

Whoever had more money to give,
whoever had more might to grab it,

the water was theirs. While
the water has always been just ours.

It's within our boundaries. -How
come it is yours, can you prove it?

The title deeds were the proof,
your Honour. -Do you have them?

We used to, Your Honour.

But, when the building of the court
burnt down,

in the Balkan war,
they burnt with it.

And you,
have you got any?

Our title deeds burnt too,
Your Honour.

Those were false title deeds.
- False, how come?

Silence, Go away, now.
The court will reach a verdict.

What was the court's decision?

Nothing, this magistrate
is just like the old one.

Whoever pays more
gets the water.

I told you that it is money that
fights and money that wins.

If money is what's needed,
I'll sort it out.

Listen, this is all we have
managed to collect.

Deal with this and God help you.

All right, I am as thick as thieves
with the magistrates. -Go on, then.

You, come here, come, come on.
- What is it, Petre?

So that's how you dealt with it!
- Wait.

Catch Futak.
Catch the crook.

Wait a bit, people.
- After him, catch him.

Let's see where you
are going to run now?

Stop or I'll kill you.

You'll see now, just wait.

Stop when I'm saying.

Let's demolish his house,
people. -Open the door!

Come out, Futak!
Are you going to come out or not?

- Come out, Futak. Futak!

Let's burn him down.

Give us some hay and flame.

You go over there.

Come out, Lambe.
- Open, or we'll break your bones...

He will, he will!
- Let him burn like tallow.

Come out, come out you fool.
You'll burn like the devil.

Hit him, hit him,
hit the motherfucker.

Enough, leave him be.
Enough, Ironie, that was enough.

I have no guilt, brothers,
I have no guilt. -Put the fire out.

The money was
eaten by the lawyers.

You lying dog. You drank and
gambled the money with them.

Wait, people, wait a bit.
Wait, don't sin, wait.

It's not my fault, the lawyers
ate up all the money.

God will pay them back and God will
pay you too. -What has he done?

The devil take him. He squandered
the money we gave him for the court.

Ah, bloody hell.

Come here, you nonce.
- You're sinning against me, people.

Come on, people, go home.
- Now we have to collect money again.

I'll get the people
together in the church.

I'll try and collect some more money.

But, I can't do it on my own.
You, as the mayor, should help me.

You should try and squeeze them a bit,
so that all of them contribute.

Your shop seems to be doing well.
- If it continues like this,

I'll be a beggar soon.

Goodbye and good luck.

Have you found anything, Dudule?

There is something,
there is some big water down there,

it just takes a lot of digging. There.

You trouble your soul in vain, Dudule.

Important news, people, important news.

The King is coming.
Everybody come out to meet him.

I told you that the yellow race
will win. It is true, people.

It is true, people. He's come
to help us with the water.

The sergeant Zika Krstic has ordered
all of us to come out and greet him.

They saw him turning off the
big road towards Sushevo.

Stop, what is this?
Head up. The belt. Good.

He's coming, people, he's coming.

Long live the King.
Long live the Queen.

Long live the royal family.
Long live the King.

Long live the royal family.
- Long live the King.

Hello, hello, hello.
- Long live the King.

Long live our King. -I see
there's been some confusion here.

Long live the King.
- Long live the King

I see there's some confusion here.

This is not His Royal Highness,
but Velya.

Long live the King.

I took him with me so that
I won't have to go on foot.

Is that so?
I see he's dressed somewhat strangely.

Like he's the king, but not really.
- And was His Majesty prevented

from coming?
- Yes. His Royal Highness,

the King Alexander I
called me and told me:

Go and see what my
people are doing,

how they live, what they do,
whether they have any water.

Long live the king!
- Long live the king!

Mr Emissary of His
Royal Highness the King.

The sergeant of the gendarmerie,
Zika Krstic, at your service.

In the village of Sushevo
with 150 houses

and 1150 living and healthy
patriots of our kingdom.

You're welcome.
- It's all right.

Greetings for the Emissary.

God help you, brave people.
- God help you.

It's all right, it's all right,
sergeant major.

We serve our king and our fatherland,
Mr Emissary.

And now, Mr Kuze,
You're welcome to visit my inn.

Let us sit down for a bit. -Let God
bless you with a long life, people!

Welcome, my dear husband.
You left us all breathless.

How is life?
- There, I'm craving.

For water? -For you.
I haven't seen you for so long.

Are you coming home?
- Not now, I can't.

Wait, wait a little.

Well, Mr. Kuze, let us drink
to our Highness's health.

To his health.

There, Mr. Kuze, this is what we have

managed to collect.
- Will we succeed, Mr. Kuze?

Will His Majesty help us?
- Absolutely.

His Majesty the King has already
ordered to be sent a map

of this place. So that he can see
the boundaries and the water source.

There, Mr. Kuze, I have collected this
money from the people to fix the church.

But the people have
decided to give it to you

to help sort out
this water business.

Take it. There. The people said that
there's nothing holier than water.

There isn't.

There, here you go, Mr. Kuze.
- You're welcome.

I will make her a famous
opera singer.

There'll be none like in the
entire Balkans. -Thank you, Mr. Korun.

Thank you. -Let us have
some good news, Mr. Kuze.

Easy now and God keep you safe.
- Thank you, father.

Have a good trip.
- After me.

Milena, write to me.
- What am I going to do without you?

Your dress fits you so well.
Wait for me, I'll be back.

Goodbye and farewell.

You Velyanica, you don't need water?

one can't survive just on water.

And now, women, it's my turn.

She's eyeing up that foal, hey.
- That's not how it's done.

What brought you over here?
- I came to collect the water tax.

It's 2-3.5 dinars this month.
- A tax for a mill that does not work.

The authorities have ordered.
- They can go and fuck themselves.

They should ask from the villagers
of Kamenovo. They gave them the water.

What can one do, master Petre?
Only what the authorities say, goes.

They can do as they please.
I haven't got a spare soul.

I am not paying tax for a
mill that does not work.

What got into you, master Kjushko,

to throw your money
in vain on a watermill?

You broke your back
working in American mines

and spent all the money
you earned on a mill.

You could have done
something else with it.

Mind your own business.

I don't want to meddle, Petre.
I apologize if I have wronged you.

The fields are parched for water.
I don't feel like walking past them.

People yell after me, why do we need
the waterman when we have no water.

I heard from the priest Trifilot that
Kuze got active again.

He's met the King. -The King?
- Yes. You cheered me up.

I'm off to cheer up the women.
- You should give up on that.

What can I do? Someone has to come
handy and do them some good.

Goodbye, Petre. -God give you
good health and good reason.

Hello there.
- Where are you off to?

To collect water tax. -What water?
If only the plague would kill them

There's hope. Mr. Kuze
will help us. -Ah, Mr Kuze.

Rejoice, he's made your husband
a member of the Sokoli.

God give hin good health.

Velyan got some work in Belgrade.
I don't need a Skol, Altan.

I need a husband. How did you
find out that I'm here, Altan?

I smelt you.


Two by two go to the village.

Hey you, where is the mayor?

- Ah, Mr. Mayor I have good news.

The president of the court in
Struga has called you.

Cheers! -A message has
arrived from His Majesty the King

about the water.
Congratulations. -Congratulations.

Long live the King.
- Long live the King.

I'm off. -Wait,
we'll have a drink, Mr. Zika.

Wait, Mr. Zika, we'll have a drink
to celebrate the news, the joy.

Bring us some of that rakija.
The good one, the three-year-old.

As you command, father.

There you go, Mr. Sergeant.
- Long live His Majesty the King.

Long live the King.
- Long live the King.

Let it be.
- Let go, let go of it.

Come on, to your health.
To the water we're going to get.

To our water.

With regards to the appeal submitted
by the villagers from Sushevo

and on the basis of the
topographic map of the terrain,

it was established that
the Krstec water source

is on the territory of
the village of Kamenovo.

The appeal submitted by the village
of Sushevo is therefore groundless.

The cabinet of His
Majesty, by God's mercy

and by the will of the people,
Alexander I Karagjorgjevic.

the King of Yugoslavia.
- That's not true, Your Honour.

That's injustice. -What?
On their territory, Your Honour?

What cadastre books
say that? -Be quiet.

Who are you to say what's correct,
and what's not?

Who are you to complain
against His Majesty's decisions?

Out. Get out of here.

Guards, guards.
Take them away.

We will complain, Your Honour.

Is everything in order, Your Honour?

What is it, what happened?
- That's what happened.

What? Has the king
failed to resolve this?

He has decided to refute
our appeal, that's it.

How can this be?
- It can, with money it can be.

On the basis of the false map that
the prefecture has sent.

Down with the prefecture,
down with king. -Down, you rascals.

Down with them.
- Villagers, we are all going.

They'll see who we are.
- Down with them.

Yes, yes, let us all go to Struga.
- Let's go.

And prove it to them.
- All of us to Struga.

All. -People,

for the rights for water
we must fight ourselves.

That's right, that's right.
- Let's all go to Struga.

We'll all sit in the prefecture and
won't leave until the justice is done.

Let's go.
- We'll the King know that these

robbers trade with our water
and that he's taken their side.

Let's go to Struga.
- Let's go.

Down with the prefecture.
- Down with it.

Down with the King.
- Villagers, all to Struga.

Leave it, Kjushko.
Nothing will come out of it.

Don't give me that bullshit.
- Villagers. All to Struga.

Come on, come on.
Let's all go.

Where are you going, Petre?
- Go home.

Hey! Stop! Where do you think you're
going, you rascals. Go home.

We're going to the prefecture.
We won't live without water anymore.

We will demand retract
of the King's decision.

Listen to me, Kjushko.

Who gave you the right to speak up,
to rouse the people against the King?

I'll fuck you all, you motherfuckers.
- Not to rouse the people.

Down with the King.
- Down with him.

Come on, people. -Who the hell
has allowed you to rebel

against the King, you cattle?
Beat them up.

Down with the King.

Eh, Ziko, Ziko, what else
will you have to go through?

Split, go away.
Go home.

The rifle, the rifle. -Come on,
get away from here, leave.

What is it, people?
Where are you running to?

Has the water come?

Did the King bring us the water,
my arse! -Stop foreboding evil!

You dog, oh, Jesus.
- Leave it, Deacon, leave it.

Leave it, you fool. You fool.
- Yes, sir.

Leave it. -Holy Mother
of God, forgive me my sin.

Oh, the troubles I've
been through today.

I wish the floods would
come and sweep you all,

to drown you all, you shitbags,

Hit it, hit lower, master.
- I'm looking for water.

God bless your soul
and bless your discovery.

One two, dig here.
There's nothing there.

There's nothing here either,
dig somewhere else.

Do you know whether
there's water or not?


Dig there.

Nothing, nothing.
- We are following a madman.

I told you so.
- There's nothing here either.

Nothing, nothing.

Let's go.

Is something going to come up?


Do you know whether
there's water or not?-Enough.

Come on people, it's over.

Are you going to leave me alone?

Yes, with your disturbed mind.

And what if I find water?
- God will come to your help.


Men, villagers, people.
Gather all here.

Come here.
Hear me men. People hear, hear.

The King Alexander is dead.
He was killed in France.

Hear, hear, villagers,
the King is dead.

General mourning has been ordered.

No playing music, no singing.

A service should be held in the

for the repose of the
soul of His Majesty.

Every house should be in mourning.

Whoever does not obey this order
will be punished.

People, villagers, the King is dead.

What is he yelling about?
- It is difficult, Korun, very difficult.

Australia is a continent.
It was dis... -Teacher. -Wait.

Australia was discovered...
- Teacher.

Why are you out of breath?
- The King is dead.

The King. -Yes, He was
killed in France, in Marseille.

So what. -General
mourning has been ordered.

The children should go home.
- Why should we mourn him?

Because he didn't
recognize us as a nation.

Because he fleecedus
with fines and taxes.

He left you dry without water.
And yet, children,

there is still justice in the world.
Kings die too.

The first grade can leave. Come on.
This is for the fourth grade only.

Because we have finished
about Great Britain,

we will now talk about Russia.
Write it down, children.

Listen to this, quickly. My
house, oh, my house, fuck your beams.

Everything else I have fucked and
I'll fuck you too.

Stop. Milena, Milena.
Where's Milena?

Korun. -Yes, sir, sergeant major?

Give me some.
Give me some, of, my King.

Bless you, Korun.
You don't understand a thing.

To the King!

Teacher, teacher, fuck you, teacher.
Sit, sit down.

Ah, my king, my king.

Why did they have to kill him today?
On my family feast day. Fuck it!

Summon all the gendarmes.

All of them. And bring
a coffin. Is it clear?

Priest, I'm dead.

He's gone off the rocker.

Shame on you, you yokels.

The King is dead and all
you can say is water, water.

Shame on you,
I'm dying of sorrow for the king.

Who's going to drink,
who's going to knock?

How lucky was Stamena, Stamena,
asking for cold water, cold water.

Hey, Dodole.

Vay, Dodole. Vay.

Let God send us the dew,
Vay, Dodole, vay.

Dew to bring us harvest,
Vay, Elijah, vay. Vay, Dodole, vay.

Dew of wine, let us have,
Vay Elijah, vay, vay, doodle, vay.

Grain and wine, honey and oil,
Vay, Elijah, vay, vay, Dodole, vay.
give them some, oy, loole, oy.

It'll rain, it won't, it'll rain,
it won't, it'll rain, it won't.

It won't, it won't.
- Oy, loole, oy. Vailoole, vai.

Hey, godfather, the grape for rakija
has gone sour. Let's start distilling.

Let's make some rakija,
let's get drunk,

Let's drink ourselves senseless.
Everything else can go to hell.

What will you distil it with? There
isn't a drop of water in the wells.

We'll buy some from
that dog, from Zika.

Come on, pour some.
- That's enough drinking Deacon.

Get the flask and fill it,
Let's take some to the teacher.

Hello. How are you?
- Pour some rakija, for the holiday.

Wife, fill a pitcher to take
it for the repose of my mother' soul.

There is one filled. -When there
is no water, we should take her rakija.

What are you gaping at? Come on, go.

Where are you going,
you sniveller? -Here.

Get lost.

Go and toll the bell,
for God's blessing for the plums.

The church will reap the benefit too.

And be careful how you toll,
not like for a burial.

As you command, father.

It's broad daylight.

It would be a great shame. God can see
me. -It is dark now, God can't see you.

I will toll the bell
as it is right, by God.

Twice, thrice.

My fool can't think of
something like this.

He's been obsessed with various quirks.

Twice, thrice, thrice.

Please, God, forgive me.

Fuck it, I deserve it when
I mingle with whomever I find.

Korun, Korun!
- What happened?

The child. My child is burning.
He's dying, Korun.

Typhus. Please, God, help us.
- And now this, on top of everything.

Please, God, save us.
Come on, come on children. Go inside.

May your memory live for ever,
give them peace Christ,

say your farewells now.

Cursed illness, dear God.
What have we done to deserve this?

The sixth, Aleksandar Trajkovic,
the seventh, Petre Stojanovic.

Why did you take him from us,
in his bloom, oh my dear child.

Your mother's only child.

We guarded you like a flower.
Like a raindrop in a palm.

You went underground,
scorching my heart forever.

What are you writing?-The prefecture
has ordered us to submit data

about all who died of typhus.

Have you asked yourself
why people died?

I don't know.
What are you doing Mr. Mayor?

Go to hell with that counting.
Tell the prefecture that they'd better

prevent this illness instead of
counting the dead. Go away.

Deacon. Go and get a bucket of
quicklime and spray around the church.

So that the plague does not enter
the church. Give me the censer,

come on, hurry up.

- Whoaa... come over here.

Velyan has left me,
he's heard something.

He's of no use to you. With Mr Kuze,

he has visited all the whores
in Belgrade. -You're very thirsty.

I am. But only you can
quench my thirst.

Come on, hurry up.
- Give us some more money.

I have none left, swear to God.
- If you have none, give back the water.

We've busted our guts to bring
water and give it to you,

so that you don't drop dead
without water and you want it for free.

Give it back and go.

Give us the pan. A dinar for every pan.
Two pans, two dinars.

C'mon, c'mon.

To you, beauty, Zika will give water
for free. Zika has a generous soul.

See what he does!

Petre, what are we
going to do for water?

Buy some until they
clean the wells.

They can go to hell.
Trading with our own water.

Teofil, get the rifles.


My son.

Hold it.
- Petre, wait.

Come back home.
- Bye, mother.

Korun, Korun, my best man.
- What is it, what happened?

Petre and the sons have
gone to the water source.

Something will happen.
They'll kill each other.

Don't let the, please, don't let
them. Stop them, Korun.

Petre, Kjushko. Petre...
Stop, don't go.

You, stubborn ass, you want to
bang your head against a brick wall?

Stop, Petre. Where are you going?
Do you want to take it by force?

If they intend to keep it by force,
I'll take it from them by force.

Leave it, man, don't throw your boys
into the fire too. Look after your family.

Leave my family alone. This is
for the entire village.

As the mayor, you can gather more
people so that we can show them.

But wait, what people, what fight?

The gendarmes are just waiting.
They'll burn us.

If you're afraid,
I'll go on my own. -Stop, Petre.

Don't touch me.
Listen to me, my best man,

if you do that again,
I'll empty the rifle.

I won't let them trade with our
water anymore.

Teofil, come with me.

Split, so that we can ambush them.
Shoot when you have to.

Beware. Hide.

You motherfuckers.

Come out Kjushko.

Oh, my leg Velichko. -Come out,
so that I can tear your shadow.

Come out, motherfucker.

- Around.


Grab the pitchforks.

C'mon, c'mon.

Father... oh, oh...

Go back, come on.

Easy, easy, my leg.

It's ours, children,
It's ours. -Father,

they've killed Rome. Over there.

What are you waiting for? Shoot!

You'll die just as my son died.


If you kill him, you'll
have to kill them and me too.

Forgive me, Velichko. After all this
I have decided to move to Sushevo.

What happened? Who killed him?
- No one, he fell from a walnut tree.

And broke his head, hey? You can tell
such stories to someone else, Kjushko.

Don't cry brothers.
He was a real son of mine.

Best wishes, our house is rejoicing.

Kjushko has got a daughter.
- A daughter.

God giving, God taking Kjushko.
You've got a baby daughter.

Thank today's saint, the holy Archangel.
Angjelka has been born to you.

Hear, hear, people.
I'm not lying to you, there,

I'll read the order coming
from the authorities.

General mobilization has been declared.
All between the ages of 20 and 40 must

report for military service.

Whoever fails to do so,
will be tried by a court martial.

Hear, hear, people.
The country has declared...

Master Korun, our children
are going to serve in the army.

I'll go and tell Teofil
the happy news. Bye now.

'... going to the army, going to the
army, mother, to become a soldier...'

Take care, son.
- I will.

You're now both my nephew and son.
Take care. -Don't worry.

Take care children, all of you.
- Good luck, Gasho.

Take care of my Altan,
Holy Mother of God,

and bring him back
to me safe and sound.

What sorceries do
you apply, Velyanica?

So that you can stay young
and beautiful forever.

I'll come to you to
rejuvenate myself.

Go and break your neck,
you sniveller, as if I need you.

You protest in vain.
I will light your candle.

The wick will get into the lamp.

Why did it have to break right now?
- It can go to hell.

Fuck the state that even
the King has abandoned.

Fuck, they gnaw us to the
bone. -We'll stand our ground.

That's a great power.
They've all joined together.

'The incursion of the
enemy forces that started on'

'6 April is going on.'

'Our country has been
attacked from all sides.'

What does the teacher say? He says
that they've occupied entire Europe.

Entire Europe?-Give me a piece
of paper and I'll show you.

Let's see.
- This is Europe and this is Germany.

This is Poland and this
is Czechoslovakia.

This is Italy and this is Bulgaria.

It sold itself to the Germans and they
are now fighting on the same side.

But, they have it coming,

My granddad had three of them
stabbed on his bayonet in one go.

They'll have three of us on theirs
now. -Don't give me that bullshit!

Korun, one more double rakija. -You
know, my granddad was just like that.

Hurry up, run faster, motherfuckers.
Run to the left, to the left.

Take the weapons out.
- You, come with me.

Uh, you motherfucker,
take the archive out.

Quick, quick, don't drop behind,
you stupid cattle.

Run, run wherever
you can.

Sergeant, my brother.
Where are you going without me?

Milan, where are you going?
- Run after me.

Where sergeant? Where? -We're running
away. The Italians are in Struga.

And who's going to defend the country?
- I don't care. The King has fled,

and who am I without my king?
I just take care of my own skin.

Come on, little one, you defend it.

Deacon, deacon, deacon.
Sweet deacon, open the door.

What is it?
- Toll the bell.

Our folks are coming back.
- Thank God.

People, villagers, your soldiers are
coming back.

Villagers, they're alive. People!

Altan, Altan! -Why are you
just standing there? Here I am.


Thank you dear Mother of God.
He's come back to me safe and sound.

How come you don't have wather?
You live with out wather?

There is no water, sir.

The authorities gave it to the
neighbouring village, to Kamenovo.

Where is the water?
- Over there, above the village.

You will continue being the mayor.
- Ah, no, sir. I had enough.

Find another one.

Now tell them,
I am the village mayor here.

There, you dreamt
about becoming the mayor

and your dream has
now come true. -No, I'll tell them.

I'm going to the mill.
- I'll bring my grain.

Let go of it, I'll do it on my own.

Go and help outside.

I'll call the children.

Come on.
- Hurry up.

There, I saved them
like the eyes in my head.

But, there's nothing
dearer than freedom.

Don't bring shame to my house.
- Farewell, son, take care.

Farewell, Petre.
- Bye.

- Come on, don't make me sad.

Come on.
- Father.

Come on.
Let's go. -Hurry up.

She's a very pretty girl.
As beautiful as the Holy Virgin.

Do you understand?

Long hair, eyes the color of
the sky. Where is she now?

- Yes.

Is it Trpana that caught your eye?
The devil take you.

Trpana is a shepherdess
in the mountain.

Taking the sheep to
graze in the Mountain.

Baa, baa.
- In the mountain?

Do you hear that singing?
Very beautiful singing.


I've come back, you see.

I see.
So, it's over.

You've become a priest.
- Wit the papers to prove it.

And now?
- We'll serve God together,

I'm going to perform...
- Get lost, you ass!

...my first service. Master Korun.
A drink for everybody.

From priest Klofin. I'll pay
you tomorrow. -God forbid!

Things one comes
across on this earth.

The plague will take
you, you scared me.

Who is this priest, I wondered.

Let me tell you,
I'll keep my word.

I will light your lamp,
as I promised.

no one to bless your soul and body.

Are you ever going to
grow old, Velyanica?

You'll drive me mad
with your beauty. -No.

Wine is wine, some wine for me.

The Holy Scriptures talk about

the beneficiary influence
of wine all the time.

The wine cleans the bladder.
It contains natural water without lime

or other harmful things that
ordinary water has in it.

You drink wine when your soul sings.
You drink wine when your soul weeps.

When your heart weeps.

You drink wine at christenings
and at funerals and in the world after.

Wine frees you from fear.
From worries and from sleepless nights.

Drink, come on, drink up, drink.
Drink, brothers, come on, come on.

Come, let me kiss you. Uh, my
pretty boy. Come on, stop drawing.

Drink some wine.
Get lost.

Priest Trifil, you have pretty
icons. Look. Gjorgji, I'll pay you.

You give me the icon.
Is that all right?

All right, all right,
but you're a tricky customer.

You give me a rifle, a machine gun,

Two pistols,
bombs and I'll give you icons.

This is St. George
and this is St. Paul.

You give me two machine
guns and two rifles.

All right, priest Trifil, all right.
- Come here, I'll give you a kiss.

My pretty boy. Be blessed in the
name of the Father, the Son...

Emergency... sir, the sergeant orders
you to come to him immediately.

We're going to attack
the partisans.

Motherfuckers... we'll have to
take the shit. Priest Trifil...

Come on, take them, take them.

Come on, hurry up! Go ahead!

Priest Trifil, take the guns.
- Ah, good, good.

- Against the partisans, go to hell.

Master Korun, it is over for today.
- Hold on a minute.

Come, it's over. We're closing.
- Priest Trifil, Kjushko...

Partisans, all Italian
soldiers are dead.

Do you understand? The Fascists.
The Gang. The village is burning...

Let's all get together
to meet them at the gorge.

It would have been better if
there weren't many of them.

You're right.
Men should all go up in the forest,

while the women and the children
should hide in my church.

I'm christening Mitrush's son today.

Go and take care of the children.
Hurry up! -All right.

What can I do for you, commander, sir?
- To attention, damn it!

Can you tell me what you are?
A flock of sheep or Il Duce's army.

Sir, we clashed with Tito's gangs...
We were ambushed... We....

Silence! To attention!

Soldiers, to attention!

You are no soldiers,
but cowards and scoundrels.

You've allowed a handful
of communist gangs

to scare you away and you
showed them your heels.

And you dare call yourselves
Il Duce's soldiers?!

But... sir...
- Silence!

Ah, Italy, Italy! You've sent these
brainless cowards to fight for you here.

These are all faggots and dickheads.

Yes, sir.
- Who's that over there?

The village mayor.
- Come here.

Where are the villagers?
- In the church.

Let's go to them.
- Yes, sir.

Come on! Move on!

Very nice!
A newborn scabby communist.

What is it?

Nothing, sir. The little one...
A little holy water over the little one.

Go inside! -Mother, I swear by
my father, you mustn't say a word.

Shut up, woman.

We know that these three communist
dogs come from this village.

Their mothers,
wives and sisters are among you.

If you want them to stay alive,
Give us their names.

Their names, their names.
I'll count to ten. -He'll count to ten.



Damned pigs!
Slay them all! All of them!

They'll slay everyone.

Slay them all!

Petre, man!

Ah, you motherfuckers!

You, devils.

I know, there is no pardon,
I sinned. -Quiet.

Daughter, my dear daughter!
You too!

Come on Caramello, soldiers, come on.
- Carmello.

Trpana, honey, I'll go...
- Carmello.

Just a minute.
I'm going to join the partisans.

Do you understand?
With Gasho, Teofilo,

against the Germans...
Trpana... you wait...

I'll be back. We'll get married
and we'll go to Sicily.

All my relatives will like you there,
and my little brother too.

Sicily is almost the same as here.
We'll be very happy there.

My sweetheart. Goodbye.

I'll be waiting for you.

People, villagers, brothers, freedom
is coming. Our soldiers are coming.

Bravo, Gasho, our hero.
- Hello, hello everyone.

Stoyan! Where are you, Stoyan?
Hello, hello dear mother.

Safe and sound.
- I'm back.


Long live commander Gasho.
- Long live our commander!

Comrades... our long and
difficult fight for freedom has won.

Long live the victory.
- Long live the victory.

The end has come to our enemies' rule.
They are retreating in panic.

Buu... Buu... -They are
retreating throughout the country.

Down with the enemies. -Down
with them. Macedonia is free, people.

Long live comrade Tito.
- Long live comrade Tito.

All of Yugoslavia will be free soon.
All of Europe, the whole world.

Long live the Communist Party of
Yugoslavia and its leader comrade Tito.

Long live....
- Down with fascism.

Down with it. Down with it.
- Together with our freedom, our water

will start flowing through this
village. -Long live the water.

Long live the water. -Altan,
go and let the water run, hurry up.

To arms, to arms, Macedonian people,
for the holy freedom of the people...


Hello, Petre.

Long live our joy
and freedom, son.

Let it be so, godfather Kjushko.
- Teofil?

Teofil is with the division,
with Drashko. He's an officer now.

Skule we couldn't save.
He was very badly wounded.

I understand...

I brought you his rifle.
There it is...

Kjushko, rejoice, freedom has come.
Come Kjushko, the water has come.

Kjushko, rejoice! This is the end
of our struggle. -Rejoice, Kjushko!

Death to fascism!
- Freedom to the people!

Where have you come from, Altan?
- I let the water flow.

Do you see that dickhead?
- I saw him.

He let the water run
for your bride every day.

Give me my child back, Altan,
give it back. -Get off, you louse.

Give me back my Vangja, Altan!

What have I done wrong?
Give me back my child, Altan.

Altan, ah. Altan.


Altan, the child, Altan.

You louse.

Altan, give me back my child!
The child, Altan, Altan!

Mother, come.

I'm sorry that you had to wait.

I have meetings all the time.

Angya, coffee.

So, my suggestion is to forget
all that has passed.

Let us now reach some understanding.
- All right, let us hear it.

The problem is obvious.
Both villages need water.

That's right, comrade president.
- Our suggestion, then, is to share it.

Half of the water goes to one
village, half to the other.

That won't do.
The water does not go to both villages.

It appears to be abundant, but,
when it descends, it gets lost.

Then divide it by

One day you will have water, the
other day they will. -Here, there.

We are not on
button. It won't do.

On a weekly basis then. Or three days
for one village, four for the other.

Comrade Yak,

for years we have been waiting for
this to be resolved. -Wait. -Sit down.

We have our own state now,
let it find a solution.

So that no more blood is spilt over it,
like it did in the past.

I know that Kamenovo needs water.
And so do we, on a daily basis.

I, comrade, am the
man who could sell

water to the entire world If I so
pleased, if I had stayed in America.

But, the bones of
my parents called me back.

What's that supposed to mean, 3
days of water and 4 days without.

Three days alive, four days dead.

What force is that inside you that
cannot revive you and not kill you?

I consider you a reasonable man. Petre.

What does it mean if your mill works?

Life for Sushevo only,
what about Kamenovo?

Thank you, comrade Yak.

You are insulting us. -This is not
about insults. There is no water.

Prilep and other places
have no water too.

We'll have to solve the
problem like I said, for now.

We'll see what else
can be done later on.


Oooh, what are you doing here? Go away,
you mole. Why are you digging my yard?

I sensed water here.

God will give us a great
crack in the ground,

and some great water will gush out
out to sweep you all away.

This is where the water passes.

With a permission from
the people's government,

we fix cauldrons,
cure from spells and illnesses.

Come on people, come on...

Come on men, come and
see the prettiest Gipsy girl.

There is no match to her
from here to Istanbul.

We fix umbrellas.
Come on, we fix wells...

A chicken fell into your well
and fouled the water.

You dug out a new well
and found a gold coin. There.

He's from afar. You loved him a lot.
Some handsome man is troubling you.

He's from far away.
He's dying for you.

All right now,
no need for you to pay.

Come on, people, let me give you,
tell you, guess for all of you.


Father. Father.

- Brother Teofil. -Angjelka.

How are you, godfather?

Ah, godmother.

I didn't recognize you, son.

Ah, you're back then?

I was looking for you at home,
and this is where I find you.

I'm going to mother's
and Skule's grave.

I transferred him to
Rome the other day.

And reburied him next to them.
So that they can be together.

God saved you, son, to come back
safe and sound. To brighten my house.

It'll be so, father, it'll be so.

This is Magda.
I have decided to marry her.

Good luck to you both.

She is very nice. She works in Skopje.
- In Skopje, you say.

Yes. She's Velichko's daughter,
from Kamenovo. -Velichko's daughter.

The one who brought
mourning to this house. -No.

We don't know who killed Rome.

There were many of them. Leave that
alone now. Leave the past to the past.

If you have decided to take her,

then you should leave, son.
- Wait a bit, father.

She'll be a good wife. You'll see.

I don't want to see anything.
Or hear anything.

I don't want a daughter in law from that
damned tribe. -But, father! -Silence!


Come on.

Father, brother Teofil!

Wait a bit, man.

Why won't you let him marry her?
- I'm not mixing my blood with theirs.

But wait... -No waiting.
You are his godfather, I am his father.

Hear, hear, villagers. Citizens. People.
Caramello is back. Carmello is here.

Here I am, Trpana, I'm back.
- Yes.

I was taken prisoner by the Germans.
- Yes.

Now, it is over, I'm back.
- Yes.

I came so that we can marry.
- Good.

Go to your left. Left, left,
a little bit more.

Just a little bit more, all right,
all right. OK, it's fine.

Kole, we'll have to cross over
to the other side.

All right. Just a little bit more,
so that I can finish the drawing.

Good day.
- Good day.

How are you?
- Hello.

Who are they?
- Yes, really?

How would I know? Let's tell Petre.
- Yes, let's tell him.

Petre, Petre.
- Stop, get out from here.

Petre, please, calm down.
- Stay aside and don't interrupt.

Where are you're going?
- To the village, we need to measure.

Not a step further.
- What's going on?

Get lost, I'll shoot.
- Hold on, people! What's this?

Will you please stop this?
What is it?

What's this?

What are you going to build here?
- Whatever it is needed, a power station.

Our country needs electricity.

Factories are constructed all over and
there is no electricity. Enough of that.

You should be glad that
such a great facility

is going to be built on our territory.

And you, comrades, I see you
are hostile to the project.

We haven't fallen from the skies.
We are part of this country too.

Where the hell are we going to go
when the water rises here?

Will you please stop with
these charades? Enough.

You'll move to the city.
To a better life.

You'll get land, money.
To build your own houses.

Why don't you build further up or down,
and not in our village?

We don't decide about the site
of the dam but the experts.

They decide what's the best place for it.
Kamenovo will have to move as well.

Back off.
- Petre.

If you shoot me, others will come
and get this done.

What will the villagers
from Sushevo do in the city?

Will they plant on the cobbles,
or just hold their dicks in their hands?

Everyone will get a job.

The police will have to clear
the ground, then. Let's go.

Keep digging Dudule, keep digging.

Why don't we look for
a different solution, best man?

The solution is not to give up.

Whoever comes, we'll meet them.
There is some justice in this land.

There is, but not with spite
and murders. Let's give up.

Priest, let the bell toll for funeral.
Let God wipe this village out.

And us with it,
when we are not united.

God, let us keep our
reason, please, God.

Take a picture here.
- Ah, here they are.

Good day.
- Good day.

How many acres of land do you own?
- Five cauldrons of seed.

How much is that? -How much?
Enough for a donkey to roll about.

What category?
- No category.

My land can cover anyone.
It's not picky. Shame on you!

Good day.
- Hello.

How is it going?
- The going is tough.

It'll be better.
- Let's move on.

Measure this house.
- Hello.

Good day.
- Good day.

What kind of material was used
for your house?-Crappy one.

When the mines for the
dam started exploding,

it all shook apart. If my kids were
injured I would have shot someone.

Wait. What do you mean, crappy?
This is first-class stone. Hello.

- Hello, Mare.

How are you?
- Welcome, my dear wife.

We built it with gold coins.
I'm his wife, Mare.

All right.

How many are you? -Four children,
him and me, and my blind mother.

Where are you going to house us?
- The committee will decide.

We just collect data.
Who is the legal owner of the house?

I am, he doesn't care much. Look at
him, scruffy as he is. But, I do care.

That's your own business.
Did you finish measuring?

12x10. Bye.
- Goodbye.

Bye Mare.
- Farewell.

Welcome, welcome my housewife.
Would you mind coming inside?

I've come and I'm leaving now,
but everything will be all right.

All right, then.

- Hello.

And now we're going to
Petre Kjushko's house. -And?

God knows what awaits us there.

He's locked himself up there at
the sheepfold, above the mill.

He lets no one in and speaks to no one.

You go on through the village,
I'll go and see him.

I wouldn't go alone if I were you.
He huffs and puffs like a raging bull.

No worries.
- All right, then. Bye. -Bye.

What do you want here?

I came to have a rakija with
you and to talk to you.

I might be able to find some rakija,

but if you've come for something else,
I don't want to hear a word.

Do you understand?
The accumulation will flood the mill.

You haven't found anyone to give up.

You'd like to drive us around, as if we
were sheep, or calves for that matter.

You tell us, go there, we do.
You say to us, do this, and we do.

Petre, you've reached a dead end.

I have said it and I'll say it again,
I'm not going to the city.

but this here,

this is in my heart, in my soul,
not to be found anywhere else.

What are you going to do on your own?

Our land is not just this land here,
the mill and Sushevo.

Get out of my sight now,
I don't want to see you.

Who are you going to take
it from to give it to me?

You flood hills and valleys,
and we have so little land.

It's enough.

All right, Petre, do as you please. But
the machines will come and what then?

I'll wait for you.
- Father!

How's university?
- Plodding along.

You see, Petre, life goes on.

I saw brother Teofil in town.
He's waiting for you.

He can do as he pleases.
And leave me alone.

And you mind your own business. Study.

I'll stay here with you. Let's go home.
I'll study for the exams.

Take your bag.

There you go, comrade Yak,
they're all registered.

- Hello.

Hello, Mitrush.

- Hello.

Hello, Milena.
- Hello, comrade Yak. How are you?

Now, comrades,
let us get this straight.

If you won't move to the city,
we offer you another possibility.

We'll build you a new
village further up,

Above the triangulation point,
above the water level.

We'll build it all modern.

With all the facilities,
electricity, water, roads.

This village will be a different village
elsewhere. -Do as you please, then.

Dear child, what about the church?
To whom will we leave the church?

There are as many churches
in the city as you wish.

The moving will start very soon.

Think about my offer, so that
you won't regret it later. Come on.

How is it going in Belgrade,
comrade Drashko?

Dudule, your digging
has come to an end.

Now the water has come,
too much of it.

You go, priest. My water has not come
yet. You go, go.

And it will sweep you away.

People, people, the water, people,
I found water. People, ha... ha... people...

What is it, you mice?
Why are you running away?

There's the water you've
been looking for.

You've been bickering about it
all your lives. Fighting for it.

There you go, now. Up to your necks.
There it is, now. Ha-ha.

Petre, Korun, there is your water now!
Where are you running, you mice, ha-ha.

There it is, up to your necks.
Ha-ha, ha-ha...