Vreme ljubavi (1966) - full transcript

"The Time of Love" is omnibus of two parts. Part I: Experiences and growing up of a 16 years old girl without much of parents' attention. Part II: A brother looks for a husband for his sickly sister, but during that search she finds her true love.



In the lead role

In other roles

Director of Photography


Vukosavljević Magdalena...

Milosavljević Mira...

Uzelac Nada...

Ostojić Nikola...

Zrnić Jovanka...

Strunjek Ivan...

and Mitrović Života.

You have summons
to the magistrate again.

- See if he has a letter.
- I will, Mikajlo.

You denounce each other,
I bring summons every day.

- From America?!
- Maybe it has dollars.

- Is there anything for us?
- Not here, sign down there.

Mara... Mara!


Ah, Mara...

What is this?!


I forgot to tell you.

No electricity for two days
again, buy candles.

And what did I say, huh?
Why is this here again?!

- Who brought them back?!
- Why are you asking me?

Do with them what you want.

Don't you feel, for God sake,
that every corner stinks?!

I've said since Sunday to
throw them out, and nothing.

- They piss all over the house!
- Don't yell.

- I'll take them to the yard.
- Let go!

I'll take care of them myself now.

Where's the bucket?


Ouch... Ouch, people!


And bring that cat here.

I'm tired of hair and itching.

Really? I have nothing to do
but to catch cats!?

Close the door, the draft blows.
I was dying of cold.

Did you turn into a statue?!

A person can't even go
to the toilet because of you.

Something is always bothering her.

She just walks around the yard
and grinds like a mill.

- What, it's crowded again?
- He wants to kill the puppies.

- Where are you going with that?
- In the attic.

Give it to me, I'll do it.

And my puppies?

Don't worry. Go see.

Get out of my way.
Did you turn into a statue?!

I can't get water because of you.

Take the water, who's stopping you!?
Get lost there!

Get lost there, you big mouth!

You will remember me.

And I'll twist your neck,
sure thing!

At least the yard'll be clear.

They'll be back and pollute it all.

Drowning, drowning cats,
there'll be a circus.

Drown cats! Drown cats!

Drown cats! Drown cats!

Drown cats!

Drown cats!

Drown cats! Drown...

Just to find a stick,
they'll see...

Wherever you go,
they shit on your head!

He's gotten into a fury again!

The neighbors are watching us!

- Let them watch!
- Leave that!

Do you think the
whole yard is yours!?

Get lost, you bastard!

Get lost!

He's right. She should
mind her own business.

That's it... Now I'll show you.


That's it. I've had enough
of those bastards!

Get lost, you hoodlum!
Get out of there!

Leave the child, you fool!

- Get lost, you cow!
- The cow is your mother!

You cow! Get out there!
Get lost! Leave that!

Leave it! Motherfucker!

Don't come back home!
Do you hear?

Let go!
Let go!




More! A little more! Good!

Get back in reverse!

- In reverse!
- Pull the beam.

You need a crane.

See her...

You're watching her, huh?

Go to...!

Has anyone started
courting the baby yet?

She fell in love with that guy
who lives with them.

Who says?

- My smuggler sits on a bench with her.
- And?

And nothing. The guy graduated
and now he's dangling.

- Old man, come on now.
- Well, I could.

- Where does she live?
- Skenderbeg street.

Oh really?

Really, little one...

Why are you following us,
little one?

- She walks like a duck.
- Who says?

- Let's see.
- Here you go.

She has a low "body".

She's good. Does that guy
hook up with her?

Her?! He hooks up with others.

Old man, we're shlepping
over the Danube.

- Why are you playing Alibaba?!
- I'll catch up with you.

- Watch out, the fool is after her.
- Ciao ragazzi.

They're still here.

Why not leave them by the school.
The children will take them.

They squeeze them too much.
They can choke them.

Aren't you too old to play
with puppies?!

I'm going to the grocery store.
Want to come with me?


Like before,

And just the reflection in your eye

Will tell me the truth

- Want a lion?
- No.

And this?

Look at this one.

He looks like me.

I don't want anything.

I want to buy you something.
I'm traveling tomorrow.

- Tomorrow?
- I have to.

Listen, it whines.

- I want him.
- Do you?

Here you go.

And just the reflection in your eye

Will tell me the truth

Bye, little one, and watch out.

Why are you staring at him?!

Dankica, Dankica...

What's he to you, Danka?



Take a puppy.

They're wonderful.
They'll play with you in the yard.

Why are you teasing?
Leave her alone.

You see she's had a stroke.

What did I tell you, Milan?!
Sit next to grandma!

Atelje 212 Theater
Edward Albee "Zoo Story"

- Extra ticket?
- You have one?

No way, I'm looking too.

Hey, they only accept
foreign dogs here.

Come on.

Ciao bambina!

Ah, I look better this way.

Right, little one?

You forgot.

No, I haven't forgotten.

Sit, little one.

Sit there.

Sit down.

If you stay calm,
I'll take all the puppies.

Sit, little one.

Move back a little.

A little...


Raise your head a little.

Great, little one.


The same forms.

Now I'll show you something.


You see.

Do you care so much that someone
adopts the puppies?


Do you still collect postcards?

I handed them all out.

To whom?

Because of the puppies.

So why are you
offering them to me?!


These have already grown...

and I only like them
when they're little.

Well, you're little too.

Hold on.

Eh, the forms... The forms.

We'll make coffee now.

I don't drink coffee.



Stop! Where are you going,
you thief!?

Uh, son of a thief mother!

Look what the bastard did.

What is it, little one?

You like my music box?
Is that it?

I like it. Yeah.

Little one...

I'd like to see you...

like you're bathing.

Just a few moments.

You understand that.

I want you to stay forever
as you are now.

It's too late afterwards, everything
gets distorted, everything melts.

You undress on the beach too.

I thought you won't
misunderstand me.

I do it for you.

Your skin is... white.

What is it?

You didn't get rid of them yet!?

Come on, I know where
they can camp, come on.

- Where?
- Come on, brother knows everything.

What are you afraid of?!

They'll be fine here,
no one will even notice.

Come on, faster.

Where will you leave them?

I'll mix them with other puppies.

- There's a bitch in the cage.
- Fool.

Come on.

Let me go! Danka, run away!

- I just came for a visit!
- Get lost, you bastard!

Look what they got together.
Look, ouch...

Lisa, darling woman.
What are you doing?

How are you, huh?

Give one...

- Give me one to try.
- Here I go.

Not that big one, a smaller one.

Just, just a moment...
Where is it?

This one.

Lisa, you whore, here's
another bastard for you.

Come on, look at her.

Come on... Damn!

- Get lost!
- Please, don't.

Why not?! Look at her,
just wants to fool around.

Get lost! Take it.
She knows her own.

How come!?
They're the same as hers.

Why are you looking at me!?
Put it in the basket.

You see she's embarrassed.

Maybe you could
keep them separately.

Eh, separately!?

Even that one has to die.

Yes, she doesn't even want
her own puppies, bro.

She's lazy.

Poor little one.

- It looks sick.
- It'll die if it's not breastfed.

You see, you see.

You see.

You are all the same.

You give birth, you give birth,
and then all of a sudden...

everything for nothing.

It can't walk and it shivers.

And have you already started...

doing those things, huh?

Well, so what is it now?

What is it? What's wrong?

Well, you can do it, you can...

All women love the basement.

Mine learned those things here...

and now she can't stop,
now she's everyone's.

Come on...

Don't be afraid.

I'll take care of you.

Nobody will touch you...
next to me.

Neither you nor these scoundrels.

Come on...

Don't be afraid...

Let the old woman be furious.

She'll pass away soon anyway.

And we will live.

I'll buy you...

soap and a comb.

Hey, stop!

All women buy 10 kilos of sugar

- and other things.
- Yes, yes...

You just want to get my money.

Your story doesn't work for me.

You always scatter everything.

Where are you going?

Come here.

Where were you wandering?

Come on, tell your father.

Pour that broth for the lodger
and take it upstairs.

Come on, study after dinner.

The money for the grapes is on
the cupboard. Give it back to him.

Where are you going?!

- What about grapes?
- The store didn't have any.

He could get up early
for them himself.

I've been serving him for four years.

And when I spoke...

you did nothing. Now you
rub your head like you know.

Another speaker at today's meeting,
Algerian Foreign Minister Bouteflika,

pointed out that in independent...

I said not to make this house
into an animal shelter.

And you brought these
two birds yourself.

And what do you bring?!

- Bottles.
- Don't bark.

When will the one upstairs leave?


The Initiative for Agreement
about the Moon and Outer Space

which was submitted separately
in a short time span

by the USA and USSR...

I'm going to pick up the laundry.

Where did she put that basket?!

I run all day. You don't care.

I'm crazy, that's what I deserve.

At the same time, there was a hint that
the Soviet Union and NATO countries...

The 2nd Congress of Sports Federations
of Democratic Youth which ended in Sofia

was attended by representatives
of youth organizations...

I think that redhead "lifts"
bottles in front of apartments.

They're all thieving scum.

It didn't even dry out properly.

Look, it fell on the ground.
I washed it in vain.

And those kids...

They hang out in the yard all day.

A madhouse...

What? Why did you stop?

Go wash those dishes.

You don't like it.

But you like wandering all day.

When you're done,
take your books in hand.

For God's sake, won't you
improve those grades?!

Look at my hands.

Look. Look!

I studied upstairs in my room.

- I also studied in the afternoon.
- No.

You will study here.

If your grades don't improve,
your father'll kill you.

I'll leave home.

You'll run away!?

You can.

Go ahead! Go now.

No need to burn wood.
It'll be warm enough.

The devil take you.

When you go upstairs, lock the door.
You left everything open that night.

- Do you hear?
- I hear.



What are you doing there?



What are you doing here?

What a beautiful nose.

I'll just close the window.

I need to get up early.

- What do you want?
- To take the dishes.

What did you do with the puppies?

I hid them in the yard.

Nobody wants them.

I'll take them with me tomorrow.

I got a position in the municipality.

I have to work there
five long years.

Do you really want to?

- What?
- To take them.

Go away, little one.

What should I do with them?! You
lost a whole day because of them too.

Look at her!

I'm kidding.

I get up early tomorrow.

What is it, little one?

You don't like it when
they call you that?

You're not sleepy, huh?

Little one...

Little one...

What's the matter?

I want to cry.


Why are you crying?

Because of the puppies?

I'm tired. I can't feel
my legs anymore.

Then go lie down.

I have nowhere to go.

You said you're tired.

Four hours and 40 minutes.

Dear listeners,
singing for you are

Simeon Gugulovski, Beti Jurković
and Đorđi Peruzović.

Like you, like you, is there anyone

Like you, like you, such a strangely
beautiful creature

It rained all night.

Then when you laugh,
they laugh with you

Even those who have hated
everything since the morning

Then when they kiss,
they think they are guilty

Those who never think evil

You will make a fairy tale
out of ordinary things...

Where are you going?


In the lead roles


Director of Photography, Music, Editing


Will it take long?

What do you think,
someone will wait for us?!

A little basil and thyme.

There's no luck without it.

None of the men should enter!

A ruddy face from basil.

A little incense for St. Damian.

On Holy Sunday with the guy
in the circle dance.

Don't keep my brother waiting.
I'll catch a cold, aunt.

You tremble from weakness.

If she catches a cold again, she'll go
to the cemetery instead of the fair.

I'm not that lucky.

Calm down, Zeljo.
We're in a hurry, Zeljo.

My dear Milovan,
we're ready before you.

If she's ready,
why isn't she coming?

She's saying goodbye to Paćo.

Paćo... my hyacinth.

The hardest thing for me
is to leave you.


Jelka, come here!

Why did you put on that coat?

Take it off and climb in.

We did it because of the wind.

What wind? That's why she's
like that, afraid of everything.

Don't sell the lamb
for less than 10,000.

I can sell goods, don't worry.

Give me your hand.

Paćo is looking for me.

He can't do without me.

He has his own father and mother.
You take care of yourself.

- Come on.
- Watch out.

Come on!

A good horse.
He was made for plowing.

Too bad. I have to sell him.

I need money for your wedding.

Really, you're thinking of marriage?

I think.

How, when we barely
forced you to go out?

I did everything that
you ordered me to do.

You embarrass me in town.
They say I'm a bad brother.

If you had a father and mother,
it'd be easy to find a groom.

It's not my fault
it turned out that way.

Come down and walk.
Get some blood in your cheeks.

My head hurts.

It's from the sun.

Get under the umbrella.

You're still hoping for him?

He'll never come to you.

Dane made you crazy and unhappy.

Why did he make me unhappy...

when he promised me?

Oh, my crazy. You've waited
for him for six years.

And the miner is a gentleman today.

Once he leaves, he won't return
to the village anymore.

For you he is...

dead from today.
Do you understand?

Yes, I do.

What is it?

Why are you drooling?

You're upset? You want me
to beat bad luck, right?

I'll do whatever you tell me.

C'mon, let me hear a song.

I don't feel like singing.

Don't challenge me.

Because if I get angry...

it'll be bad for you.

My darling goes

My darling passes by

On the trail

He tramples the flowers with his horse

On the trail

He tramples flowers with a horse...

I know very well what I'm worth.

I know best what you're worth.
Let me...

- Oh, man, I'm a prize for you.
- Shut up for once.

You spit and lick!

Shut up, woman.
Do you hear?

You woke up the
whole neighborhood.

I want everyone to hear
what you're like!

Shut up when I tell you!!

Squeeze, bro!

You bitch.

- Don't bark.
- I know very well what I'm worth.

We'll rest a bit at Milija's.

- Understand?
- Yes.

You bark a lot. You bark a lot,
just wait.

I will, when I'm right and even!

I'll show you your right...

You scare the bear with a sieve!

Here you go...

my trumpet player.

You don't have any idea.

You better take it and play!

When I play for you,
you'll get hurt!

Milija, brother, how are you?

How am I?

You'll see.

- Help, people! The bully is killing me!
- Just wait!

- Help!!
- When I catch you...

- I'll beat you!
- Help!!

You won't get away from me!

- Let me go!
- This is for my mother!

This is for my father, you cursed the
dead to roll over in their graves now!

Let me go! Help!!

Let me go!

- He'll kill her.
- Shut up.

As long as I've known them,
they've been fighting.

You're threatening me with
the police, huh!?

Come on, I dare you, hit me.

I won't defend myself.

Milija, we're waiting for you!

You should know that someone
will defend and avenge me.

We'll talk later.

I don't think we will.

What about the trumpet?

We'll talk one more time.

Hi, Milija.


- Why are you here?
- We came to refresh ourselves.

I have nothing against it.

What is it?

You're looking for a groom?

Milija, brother,
if you know a good guy...

Jelka is skinny, but not sick.

She looks down at the ground.
No one will notice her.

Hear what he says?
Raise your head.

C'mon, Milija, you're paid.
They're waiting.

So you see I'm going.

By my saint day,
I'll do everything for you.

- I knew you were a good man.
- If the opportunity arises.

When we get down...
you say nothing.

You're healthy. If anyone
asks you, shut up.

I will answer.

Don't move. When I bring people,
don't let me catch you lying down.

Are you thirsty?

- I am.
- There's the fountain.

Fill the jug and come back.

Don't make me look for you
when I get back.

We have a little son at home.

She is better to him than...

than a born mother.

We barely separated her
from him this morning.

If it's not true...
may I burn like this cigarette.

Get lost, man.
Go away!

Well, brother, come on...


You told us all nice things...

but you didn't say where the girl is.

What is it now, damn it?!

What happened? Play.
Go on, Milija.

Trumpeter, go on.
Don't stop.

You took the money.
Why make trouble? Let's play.

Come on, Milija, play,
don't make trouble.

Hey people, you're so boring.

Let him decide, I won't interfere.

How about it?

Just... Just to look.

And maybe she suits you.

Huh? Shall we go?


Waiter, let's pay!

Leave it, I'll pay.

Get lost.

- How much is it?
- 35 tens.

- Keep the change.
- Thank you.

Are we going or not?

The wagon is there, it's not far.

Here, look.

That's her.

Jela, get out of the wagon,
people came to see you.

Come on, guy, don't be afraid.
Come on.

Come on. This is Milutin.

Here, meet each other
and then you'll see.

"I have a sewing machine"

What is it?

Do you want her?

- I don't know.
- How can you not know?

You saw her.
What did you decide?

- I'm not for marriage.
- You lie.

You don't like her.
Say honestly.

- What can I do, it's his will.
- Come on.


Let me tell you...

Your wife ran away.

- When?
- Just now.

The peasants say
she went with Sreten.

What will you do now?

Their pleasure will be spoiled.

Listen, I have
the right one for you.

You don't have to marry her.
Just bring her home.

I decided.

I'll kill Sreten and then her.

You won't regret it.
She's small, ruddy...

A widow.

This very day, I'll take revenge.

It'll be hard to find a guy
with a sewing machine.

Now they want a tractor.

Swear on my luck, it's like that.

Waiter! Two brandies!

I tell you honestly...

It wasn't a serious illness.

Her bones ached and she
lay there until winter.

Now she's up and works
around the house.

To tell the truth, I wouldn't want
problems like with the first.

She dragged herself like
she was beaten.

She suffered, suffered...

- and passed away.
- I assure you she's healthy.

I wouldn't cheat you,
swear on my health.

What's she like?

But she can endure a lot.

- Where is she?
- In the wagon.

Waiter, two more brandies.

In the wagon?

Why doesn't she walk?

So she doesn't roam around.

And she has to watch our things.

Let me tell you...

I brought something to sell...

As I say...

Here she is.

I have to look first.

I can't promise anything like this.

Let her come down...

if it's not hard for her.


Get out of the wagon.
The man wants to talk to you.

Jela, Ratko is looking for a wife.
He's asked about you a long time.


Make a deal... I won't interfere.

I'll be in the tavern.

I don't know what to say.

I told him in passing
that I need a wife.

Then he pounced on me.

I can't get married.

I'm weak.

I can't do hard work.

Your brother must be tired of you,
so he wants to get rid of you.

Yes. Just don't betray me...

Say that you don't like me.

He thinks he can cheat me.

Well... such a person
hasn't been born yet.

- Can't you play anything cheerful?!
- It's from the heart.

Bad luck beats me all day
with your howling.

The heart can't be commanded.

What do you say?

So if we agree...

I'd take the horse.

The horse... is not for sale.

- Then it's not worth talking about.
- What's wrong now?!

Buddy, she's weak.

Take her home to lie down.

- Really, how much for the horse?
- How is she weak now?!

And you said to bring her.

You promised, let's not argue.

- I didn't promise anything.
- You lie.

And you wanted to see her.

Man, even if I was looking for her,
I wouldn't take her.

- She's sick.
- How do you know?

I see, I have eyes.

You promised, Ratko, you take her!

Let me go...

No one can command me.


Stop, when I say!!

Let me go!

Let me go!

He wants...

to give me his sick sister.

I'm not stupid either.

You peasant nit...

Yeah... There she is.

That's her.

Look, folks...

He offers her to me.

She has no life...

and he wants to marry her off.

He's looking for someone to cheat.

Nope, bro!

I'm not stupid!



I'll take her.

Come with me.

We'll make a deal right away.

Milija, you need to come back.
They don't have a trumpeter.

I'd rather kill someone...

than play.

- Well... you agree and she's gone.
- I do. I give my word.

She'll pay for this, curse my luck.
I just have to catch her.

When I get my hands on them...

- Both of them.
- What can you do to them?!

Find a rifle and you'll see.


Take it.

You shoot well.
Your wish will come true.

I'm not done yet.

I have to kill her too.

She'll pay for this, when I
get my hands on her.

Where did she get lost
all of a sudden?!

- I told him you shoot really well.
- Sorry, it was an accident.

You seem to be in a hurry.

Watch out,
you could miss a guy that way.

I don't need anyone.

And where were you going?

I'm getting away.

From whom?

From my brother, suitors, everyone!

Two hits.

You got the ring. The prize...

for a fiancée.

Oh no, there's my brother.

He won't really kill you!?

He's making me get married,
better to kill me.

Let's go.

Go away.

Where did she go?!

Why is she running from me?

I won't go back to the village.

If your brother finds you,
what will you do then?

Even if he finds me, it's no use.
I won't return to the village.

If you don't return to the village...

stay with me.

- How?
- Nicely.

I mean... stay with me.

How can I stay with a married man,
for God's sake?!

I didn't mean anything bad.

Milija, like a brother...

help me. Take me and I'll do
everything in your house.

Let's go.

Give me your hand so
we don't get separated.

It'll be easier
to escape that way.

There she is!
There, that skinny one.

Follow me!

Over here... They won't
look for us here. Here.

I'm afraid!
If I take off, I'll fall!

- What did you say?
- If I take off, I'll fall!

Don't be afraid. I'm behind you.
Hold on tight.

Come on, people!
Come on, folks, now!

One hundred bucks a ride!
100 bucks!

100 dinars, please.

- Come on, bro, don't hold back.
- Thanks. C'mon, get off the carousel!

Done, let's start!



Stop when I tell you!

- Milija, damn you...
- Huh?

Word of honor...

I'll take her.


Look, damn it...

She found one with a sewing machine,
and me with a tractor, nothing.

Screw her.

Word of honor.



She's running from me again.

Pooh, asshole!

What kind of people are you?

No one to give the man a hand!?

Come on, get up.

You wanted to get away from me.