Vratar galaktiki (2020) - full transcript

An enormous spaceship hovers over Earth-this is a stadium, which hosts sports events that resemble soccer but at mind-boggling speeds. The name of the game is cosmoball.

Many years ago my son...

Our leader, Belo,

battled against the destroyer...


Victory was within our grasp,

when the evil Cherno

forged a terrifying weapon...

the Wave Eater!

The weapon so powerful,

it destroyed everything
it came in contact with.

Hope faded

Until the Great Belo
gathered unique fighters

with the ability to teleport

and attacked Cherno!

Boom! Boom!

Cherno's ship crashed
into Earth's Moon

splitting it into pieces.

While Cherno escaped in a pod...
that pierced the Earth's core,

and was trapped deep under the ground.

Which is where we've chained him.

The Earth suffered.

The ice caps turned to deserts,
and the deserts froze over.

New diseases and hardships emerged.

So the Galactic Council
turned to the civilized universe

asking them to help the humans.

Imagine, my son,

that just before the disaster,

Earthlings had grown so close
to a new stage in their evolution...

and three formidable Athletes

born with the ability to teleport,

emerged on the little blue planet.

Remember this, my son,

your father guards

the most dangerous prisoner
in the universe!

I know your mother is worried...

...but Cherno's power weakens...

and soon your father
will return home to you.

This time for good...

Message delivered to your son.

Stop! Bucket filled. Next! Pump.



Bucket filled!




Step forward



Watch out!

Why does this stuff always
happen to me?


I told you not to stand next to him!

Weird stuff always happens to him!

No... it's just that lizard
over there...

And I'm afraid of... lizards...

Thank you...

Want your water or not?

He's bad luck. Just take it and go.
Get out of here.

Thank you. Thank you...

I'm just trying to find a job today...

There are only two left...

No more will be born
while I'm trapped in this pit.

And when they take these from me

this prison will turn into my grave.


The protogene didn't activate.

Every time he's nearly killed,

his blood boils with adrenaline

but...it's... not enough.

I invented this protogene...

A combination of unique cells
inside a microscopic particle.

In my hands, it can bring
a new war to the entire Universe.

And yet it remains trapped

inside the body
of a pathetic Earthling!

Stop scaring him!

Go and kill him!

Before his death

the protogene will ignite.

Get out.

Don't fail me.

My perfect creation.


And as always we are outnumbered!

But one day a 4th Athlete
will finally arise among us

The rules as you all know are simple:

each team must kick the ball
five times

...in order to open
the opposing team's goal...

and earn the chance to score.


Fan's kick knocks
the Sirusians in every direction

as fast as the tickets sold
for this game!

A terrific strike!
The Earthlings have the ball!

Two more hits –
and the Sirusians' goal will come open!

And all the way from cold,
snowed–caped Florida

the Earthling's Pele is now
leading with the ball!

Go on Pele! Give them your all!


Pele masterfully executes the 4th strike!

One more and the Sirusians' goal
will be opened!


Pele intercepts the ball!

And Fan moves in for the rebound,

She spins like a tornado...
and strike!

And give me a dog and call it Pluto!

And the goal is open!

The Sirusians' balls
will be ripped at the seams!

While we cheer our awesome home team!

Go little Fan! Pele is the one!
Natasha is our gun!

I need a job,
any job – come on!


I've been coming here for months!

I'm watching the game!

You're not listening to me...
I need...

Everybody's watching

And you're distracting!

I am not "everybody"!

You should work,
and stop starring at the sky

Hey! What are you doing?

It's twenty years
since the moon was hit.

Electricity for only an hour a day,
barely any food

and all you care about is Cosmoball.

A strike from Siriusian Stan

As Athletes fly like bowling pins!

Big foot...

It almost looks like Cosmoball
is turning into Cosmobowling!

Wait! Here comes Natasha!

Oh! What is he doing?

It's a hit that sends
Natasha's Sputnik flying off her!

She'll wanna reconnect to her Sputnik

her bodyarmour,
her best pal as soon as possible

if she's going to get back
into the game

and help the humans play!


Pele, give me your hand!

And Pele launches her into the air!

As Stan heads to the goal!

Oh my, will nothing stop
him from hitting that ball!


Holy zero gravity!

I can barely keep my feet
on the ground!

The Sirusians take the lead!

- Goal!
- Yeah!

What are you supporting?
They got the score!

Stan is just amazing!



You deaf?
Listen through your helmet.

We're a team.

What's your problem,huh?

Power fluctuation is registered.
New Wave Eater incoming, sir.

Very high strength reading.

Prepare the arm!

Then let's grab it while it's hot.


Ahh, my creation!

Switching to module 2.

Steady now on the transfer.
You know it's always risky.

Looks like Cherno
is giving us a fight today.

Activate reserve.


Connect me to Belo!

Belo on the playing field!

And the game is stopped!

And here comes the head
of the Galactic Cosmoball league

Belo! Belo!

Oh he's so dreamy!

- But he's an alien!
- Exactly!

Looks like something's wrong.

Oh I wish I could just teleport over there
and listen to what they're saying.

Well, if I could teleport then I guess
I'd be the 4th Athlete

and standing there anyway!


Arterial overheating. Nap time.

No! It Looks like Stan is overheating.

Sirusians are so big,
their mass makes playing on

Earth's climate and magnetic field
twice as hard!

I'm buying time.

There's been a... technical difficulty.

Flight up high!

Transportation sequence engaged!
Reserve energies activated!

No! Noooo!

It's in the tunnel.

Back to position!

Good job today!

Combat mode

Combat mode

Combat mode










And here comes the retaliation!

It's hard to see what's going on

Stan moves in for the block...

but seems to be unsuccessful...

– and lets Natasha make a free hit!
– Salvo!

Team Earth has just made
five kicks in a row!

The goal is open!

Hit it, come on!



For the first time in history,

Earth is going to the finals!



Yes! Yes!

I can't believe it!


With just three athletes!

They still did it!

Little Fan!

Our Pele!

And the captain of Team Earth – Natasha!


Yeah! We did it!


What an incredible game, my friends!

And as the public leaves the stadium...

to back again tomorrow.

I've been watching the games
for twenty years

and every time my mouth
still hangs open like a child!

Even though we played to a draw

that draw ensures our team
reaches the finals,

where we'll play against
the powerful Amazonians!

So listen well my fellow Earthling...

Because perhaps one of you out there...

who will become the fourth Athlete...

our team so desperately needs.

As always, believe in yourself!

Goodnight, until next time.

Oh man! I was sitting this close!

You should have seen that face!

Next time, you go!

Even if there were a planet
filled with losers

I'd still be the biggest loser there...



Get up, I'll help you

Did we win?

Am I the only person who isn't
brainwashed by that stupid game?


Thank you.

Where's your medicine?

Mom! You told me
you still had some left!

I'm feeling much better.

Where are you–

Out of the way!

This is the Police!

In the name of the Moon Restoration
Nobody move!

Captain! You'll have to go around!

It's too high!
You'll never make it!



He's down there.

Yes, sir!

I said...

It's tweedle dee and tweedle dum

Ugh! Very clumsy!


Wait for a run!

Get him!

I got him!

But ended up... getting hard knocks!


I'll show you tweeddle...



Come on!

Stop gawking and follow me!


What is it?

I think we lost them.

What's next to my ear?

A lizard.



Alright! Game's over.

Come out and keep your pretty
little hands in the air!

This is your fault!

Out! Now!

I'm coming out. Don't shoot.

Now who's tweedle dee
and tweedle dum, hmm?

Where's the girl?

There! She's right behind you!

What? Captain!
There's no one there...

Where's the girl?

She went that way.

Hey girl! Run!

Drop the pills!

And put your hands down!

Okay! Since you asked...

Too slow! Tweedle dums! Haha!

I'm too old for this...


I need a cocktail...

Moon restoration attempt number 6329.

Attention! Unregistered teleportation!

Unregistered teleportation!


Ah.. What...

Come with me. We gotta go

Wait! Wait!

I just died...

Get in!

Down there! Go! Go!

Wrong way!

Take a seat.

Woo–Hoo! Haha!

Back there...
why did you help me?

Bad stuff always happens to me...

Don't need to drag
anyone else down too...

Is that right?

You could've killed me
with that window stunt.

So are you going to answer me?


Get off.

Someone woke up
on the wrong side of bed.

You know, at least I get out of bed,

and don't just watch Cosmoball
like a zombie.

Yeah? Who won today?

It was a draw.

You're wrong.

I saw it myself.

You're wrong if you think
you're not a zombie.

I know you watch it too!

I need to help my dad
not stare at the sky.

Why are you staring at me?

I've never met anyone else
who doesn't like Cosmoball...


Is your dad sick or something?

Been helping as long as I can

We have a lot in common.

One thing ain't much.

No, I mean my mother is sick too.

I'm going to ask you a question...

And don't tell me to get lost

What is your name?

I'd like to see you again

You going somewhere?

I need to go back
to check on my mom.

You're squishing my hand.

Oh, sorry!

Not gonna get lost, right?



Hmm... His flask.



Finally I did it!

He teleported!
The protogene has activated!

This... is a clump of his hair.

It's perfect!



It's not enough.

But that's everything
I was able to get.

And you didn't kill him?

I did what I could.
The protogene is activated now!

What's the matter, my daughter?

Have you grown weak?

No, never!

If Belo gets his hands on him,

then my days are numbered.

Yes, I remember...

Our days are numbered!

So grown–up...

Nice to meet you.

Relax. Relax.
We don't mean any harm.



Twenty minutes ago
you teleported.

You can now play Cosmoball!

No. No. I don't even like Cosmoball.

I have to take care of my mom.
She's sick.


I am sorry to hear that.

On my planet
we have eradicated disease...

and I wish the Galactic Council
allowed passing

of this ability
to the less developed civilizations.

Well, she was healthy
until your ships showed up.

I hate Cosmoball.

What am I missing?

If that is all, you can go.

No! Go! Leave!
Is that your life philosophy?


No, thank you.

What do you want from me, anyway?


I like you


All we have is now.
Might as well be honest.

You know...

Girls like you...

...you're every guy's dream.

I'd have never thought–

Hands up! We've got you now!

You're under arrested for the robbery...

of... a...

Well, you're not gonna help anyone
if you're locked up behind bars.

Better start liking Cosmoball.

What? He doesn't like Cosmoball?

We'll find a cure for your mom.


We have to.



The stadium–ship is actually
a living organism,

like a flower.

I designed and engineered it

to look like your Earth's dandelion
which is actually what we call it.

Isn't she beautiful?

Get in!

The dandelion will scan
for anything dangerous

and eliminate it
before it enters its core.

Foreign contaminant detected.

Foreign containment destroyed.

But... It was just a candy bar...

I was actually...
looking forward to eating that later...

It must have detected
some dangerous ingredients

Better you didn't eat it.

We are now going to be taking
a sample of your genetic material

to fuse it with our microchips

and create a bio mechanical equivalent
of your neural connections.

The result would be a droid
that we call Sputniks.

Don't worry, we all have one.

Look. He's waking up.


Say something
so he can identify you

and know that you are
one and the same.


Tell him peek–a–boo.



What should I say?

Something like peek–a–coo–coo

I don't know what...

There he goes!

Careful, he's a newborn.
Be gentle with him.

Be quiet!

Let him concentrate
or we won't hear his name.

When he senses your connection,
he'll tell you his name is.

This is so weird.

The same blood
that flows through you...

flows through him.

Tell him you're one.

What do you mean?

Say 'We be of one blood, ye and I.'


Mowgli said that.

Who the heck is Mowgli?

Get it off! No! Ahh!

You scared him.

Great, that went well.

Well, that could have gone worse.

Right, time to train!


Stepping in here makes
everyone nervous

fear not.

We'll train with a ball that's
only minimally charged.

So now what? Do I hit it?


Oh boy...

OK, another one.

Of course.

In order for you to strike the ball

you need to match its speed

and to do that,

you'll have to learn to control
your teleportation skills.

Which were activated before a truck hit you.

That's right

I almost died.

So it's fear
that caused your teleportation.

I must return you to that state.

OK. You wanna fight?
Is that it?

Don't stop! That's it! That's it!

Haha! I got away from that one.
I teleported.

That hurt.

You almost teleported.
But it's uncontrolled.

In time you will learn how
to take charge and command your powers.

Very well.
That's enough for your first day.

Show me how?

I'm afraid I can't do that.

I don't have the ability to jump.

Maybe I can help?

Hug me.

Uhhh. Why would I do that?

I just figured that
if I teleported with you

it would help you figure out
how it might work?

Is there some kind of a middle ground
between carrot and stick?

What's that?

Hey! What's your problem?

What did you say?

You're not falling down
because I'm teleporting us

to the same place at
a high frequency.

You see – it isn't scary to hug!

No! No! No!
Give me your hand!

Teleport now
or get splattered!

No! I can't do it!

Concentrate, Anton.
You have to try.

No, I can't! Ahhh!

Are you crazy?
You could have killed me!

You can't blame a girl for trying.

That is enough! No more today.


Let's do it again.

Now it's my turn!

If heights and fights
didn't freak you out –

let's give you something
a little more intense!

Yes! That's right!

Choose the point in space
and teleport to it!


Don't stop now! Go!

Look! He has a blue trail!

It's unusual for Earthlings!

Controlled teleportation...
on the first day! Ha!

OK, let's do this!

Now hit the ball!

And kick it away from you
if you can.

The power of teleportation
is the same for every athlete

no matter the size.

Here we go.

What just happened?

Must be a glitch!

I saw it too.

Let's watch it again.

He's using his hands!

Like a goalkeeper.

But we don't have a goalkeeper.


Five kicks in a row...
None of us can do that.

I want to try it.

Don't even think about it.

We need to study this.

Belo. At your request,

the Galactic Council is on the line.

You play tomorrow.

- Seriously?
- The first two games, yes.

Then we'll resume his training.

Fan, Pele, you're with Anton.
Natasha, come with me.

You're teaching me later.

Let's go, keeper–man.

We still have a problem.
We can't save his mother.

Then she will die.

Passing knowledge
to undeveloped nations is dangerous.

And against the law.

Then damn the foolish laws!

Because if we don't help this man,
then we will lose the most gifted athlete

I've ever encountered.

His power is unbelievable.

Beyond anything I have seen.

His ability to teleport exceeds
that of every other Athlete

and he has yet
to untap its full potential.

This is...

perhaps the next grand step
in humankind's evolution.

it is our duty
to help and heal his mother.

It is the right thing to do.

With all due respect -

So, I'm going to help her
whatever you decide.

Can I teleport to the moon?

I told you that I liked you.

I've never been that honest
with anyone before.

Don't you understand what that means?

- You are honest.
- Of course I am!

What more do I have to say
so that my feelings can get through

that thick skull of yours
and you'll understand?

So can I?

Idiot. It would take too much energy.

You'd either be stranded in space,

or your atoms would kind of all just go...

...Poof. And scatter everywhere out there.

Probably shouldn't try then...

You're all so different.

And I don't mean young people.

I'm talking about you, the Athletes.

I was amazed to see
how easy it was for you

to say to my son "Anton,
I like you"

Try not to move too much.



Feeling better?


I feel I'm getting stronger.

The biggest changes will come soon.

Thank you. See!

We've been waiting 20 years
for her to get better.


Don't be rude to her.

Don't get mad at him.

I know that all mothers say it...

But... he really is special.

I was pregnant when the Moon split.

I felt something pierce my belly.

Tiny needle... ding!

He started kicking inside me,

and then everything went quiet.

At first I was scared,

but then I understood it was a sign.

You Anton?


Anya's looking for you

Asked me, to give you this.

She said for you to find her.


It's me, Anton!

Anything alive down here?

Aside from the mold...

I wanted to ask you what you're using
to help cure your father.

You... You aren't wearing pants.

I mean that's cool
if you don't want to wear any.

It's your house and all...

You're an Athlete?

I'm not going back there!


They told me they'd help my mother,
but they lied.

Is that true?

Belo said so,
I heard it myself!

Is it true the stadium's a plant?

It is.


My father grew this.

It's a pod that's filled with sap that
will poison any plant from within...

Then they'll be no Cosmoball,

and people will stop staring at the sky.

Or have you changed your mind?

No, I haven't.
It's just...

there's a system that protects the plant -

You can't bring in anything
that will hurt it.

Ah, right.

So you changed your mind after all.

Wait, give it back!

Give it to me.

Stop it!

Can you just...

I've waited for this.

Anton? What are you doing?

We can't get....
out to the city.... alone...

How'd you find me?

Your Sputnik did...

Go away!

Such a star in my basement!

We should go, Anton.

She's right.

Come back soon.

Let's go.

Weird... I've got a strange feeling.

It's your Sputnik warning you
about a potential threat.

In the name of the Moon restoration.
Stop where you are!

Careful, sir or you'll trip and fall!

The probability of danger
is less than 4 percent,

which is why the Sputniks
didn't activate battle mode.

It told you all that?


Stop right there!
You're under arrest for the robbery

of a drugstore
and assault on a police officer.

I'll... Get you...

Oh shut up!

What happens... if a Sputnik
never actually says its name?

It could... could...

...and cost you your life...

One day your Sputnik will try
to warn you about a threat

and... if you haven't
established a connection...

No foreign objects detected.

...it will be too late...

Get some sleep.

The game is more dangerous
than it may seem.

Look! The games are starting!

You may not comprehend the
significance of what's transpiring today.

For now that you join the ranks
of Athletes who become

a small but exceedingly
important part of the army...

Yes! Army!

One that is tasked to inspire...
not only the Earthlings...

but the rest of...
and why am I so nervous?

I should have prepared this speech...

Look! The point is that from today
the Earth team

is playing with a complete team
and I congratulate you!

So saddle up!

Are we horses?

Ehem... Yes?

I didn't teach him that.

Relax and imagine as if you
and your Sputnik are one.

Excellent! Now that's settled,
your job is to cover Pele.

Can I take this off?

Of course.

Ask your Sputnik to do it for you.

Now let's go! Let's go!

Anton goes first.
The crowd is waiting!

If you need to pee,
it's the 6th pillar on the left!

Don't get lost coming back!

Alright. Glove off.

Come on. Get off.

Don't do this to me. Come on!

What do you want me to do?

Pretend to care again?

Why does that even matter?

To care...

Why should I care?
I grew up alone.

No one's ever
looked out for me but me.

I grew up on the streets.

It's just been me and my mom.

And you don't even have a mom...

Yeah, they're pretty big!

Well, look who it is.

They say he's cool!

So you have a goalkeeper now?

Heee... hello...

You're very umm...


Don't run into my belly button, got it?

I like you.

All we have is now.
Might as well be honest. Hahaha


It wasn't me!

I told them! Sorry...

But they promised...

Don't worry! We're cool.


It's a super–sized event today!

For the first time in the finals

and for the first time
it's four of them!

Earth's team is complete!

And listen to that!
Can you believe it?

Four players! That's three plus one!
Two and two!

That makes Four players
from planet Earth!

What a day!
What a beautiful gorgeous day!

We love you! Yes we do!

We here and everyone,
without exception, envy you!

Earthlings, Sirusians, Amazonians...

...and all the other planets and galaxies,

in one voice together,

would like to welcome the new Athlete

Anton! Anton! Anton!

Hold on! Is that ...? I think it's...

They're showing Anton!

Bless you!

Thank you. Sorry...

How about we grab dinner
after the game, Chickie?

Uhh...Okay. Unless I'm dinner...


Anton, what's wrong?


What's little chickie doing
sitting down there?

What's going on?
What's he doing?

Get up... Get up... Get up...

Anton, are you OK?

His vital signs all seem normal.

Get up already!

What are you doing? Stop sitting!


He's a quitter! He's a quitter!

What the hell!

What is this fool doing?

Let's not jump to conclusions quite so fast
getting call the boy a quitter

after all, this is
his first game of Cosmoball.

It might just be a technical malfunction.

Get up. I'd like you
to come with me please.

I'm not going anywhere!

You lied to me.

You said you were going to help my mom
and that all was just a lie.

See for yourself, Anton.

Belo got official permission from the Council
to use extraterrestrial medicine.

She is already better.

When was the last time you saw her
so energized?

Who is... she talking to?

Come with me.

I never believed that I would play
a rookie on his first day.

Much less show him this.

What you've been practicing with

is a holographic ball
I created to train Athletes...

So they'd be ready...
for the real thing.

This weapon is called a Wave Eater.

It was forged to consume energy.

It cannot be destroyed.

Only discharged
with the five strikes of an Athlete.

Millions were killed
before we discovered this method.


Yes, Anton! It was war.

This stadium is not just a gaming center,

it also discharges Wave Eaters.

For years now we've been trying
to save Earth from total destruction.

Why are they attacking us?

The Wave Eaters are a weapon.

Controlled and commanded
by their creator - Cherno.

He is imprisoned right here,
deep underground...

...Right under this stadium.

He's scientist... Like me.

But he used this power
for his own personal gain...

...and turned his own experiments
into weapons that

threaten any life that was not
his own creation.

Harnessing the power of the stars,

he would turn the entire universe...

into a playground, for his experiments.

His last invention was the Protogene.

A combination of fused gene cells

including the power of teleportation,

which could turn his weapon
into something unstoppable.

So, we declared war.

The final battle occurred
near your planet Earth.

All the hardships Earth faced
in the past 20 years

are a result of the war with Cherno.

We won, but Cherno's lab
crashed through the ground

and was trapped deep inside the Earth,

where we've kept him imprisoned.

Because Cherno hasn't escaped,
we assume his protogene

was somehow
lost during the crash.

You're saying that,
those balls out there

are sometimes actually Wave Eaters
that could kill people?

Why make a game out of it?

It is easier to risk your life when you know
you are supported by millions

even if they don't know the truth
or understand the risk.

And as for the three…

No... the four proud Athletes...

You show... everyone who watches you...

that there is something to be inspired by...

...you give them something to hope for...

Why can't we kill him?

Drop some kind of gas into his prison
and destroy him that way.

If we do that, then
his lab would explode

and the planet would burst
just like the moon.

This fact protects him.

And the fans?

They're safe.

The dandelion protects them
with a force field.

So if the dandelion ship was not there,

then the crowd...

This would happen to your entire planet
until it was a scorched wasteland.

Wave Eater releasing in 1 minute.

– OK.
– Wait.

Let me get this straight.

We're about to go play football
with what's essentially a nuclear bomb.

created by an angry alien who can't be killed
and wants to take over the universe...

and everyone else...
Thinks this is just a game...

Is that right?

Pretty much it, yes.

I think I have to go.


I'll be right back.

Come on! Come on! Come on!
Faster! Faster!

Thank you!

Glove off.

Sputnik, connect me to the network.

OK, fifteen seconds everyone.

Connect me to the network.
Come one!

Everyone! The Stadium is infected!

It's not safe here!



The stadium's been infected!

Emergency evacuation!

Emergency evacuation!

Let's get out!

Emergency evacuation!

We're stuck!
It won't let us go!

It's closing!






Too early!




Anton. Are you OK?

We are fine!

You did great!

Thought you were hit...
by the Wave Eater.

It's a miracle.
Take him to a doctor.

Hey, chickie.

You're the man.

You too – I mean...

Hey Anton!

Sweet moves!





Glove off

Sorry buddy!

Gotta do this... on my own.


Don't struggle. It's useless.

You won't be able to talk or move.

A virus that imitates the genetic structure
of a dandelion.

So that's why the immune system
didn't recognize it.

But how did Cherno
get it into the stadium?


Battle alarm!

There isn't a single being in the universe...

who knows you better than I do.

It's me who brought all of your
troubles upon you.

Falling objects.
The ground splitting beneath your feet.

I was the one who placed
a box of lizards by your bed

and ever since you've feared them.

Your pure and frightened eyes

watch me in my dreams almost
every night.

My name is Valaya.

I had always feared that you wouldn't like
the real me when you saw me.

You like what you see?

It's because of you I went against
my father for the first time.

If only you had destroyed
that stadium...

...in the perfect world my father
will create...

...we could have been...



But instead...

You failed me.



Say hello to... your master!

This is... part of Cherno's lab.

Anton, are you OK?

My boy...

Tell me...

you didn't poison the stadium...

I was me.



My creator.

I'll give you a chance to save yourself.

Come. join me.

He said that you were his creator.

He must have somehow teleported!

Everyone get ready!

He saved your life.

It jumps just like Anton.



Watch and learn.


Everybody gather around.

The Galactic Council
needs to be informed.

And you...

You need to spread yourselves
around the city.

The Wave Eaters will be here soon.

That's all.

People of Earth.

This is Belo.

It's time...
you learn the truth about Cosmoball.

It is not a game
But...a war.

A war that you didn't ask for...

but one that has found you anyway.

I built my stadium ship
for one purpose..

...to prevent the destruction of your planet.

Quitter! Quitter! Quitter! Lalala!

An evil being escaped
from captivity today,

that can destroy the entire universe.

All these years I have tried
to protect you from him...

But I have failed.
Please forgive me.

Today, like 20 years ago,

the skies will rain fire,

and destruction will come to Earth.

But I have not given up hope.

I will do all I can to save this planet
and its people.

Even though a regular human has no defense
against the power of a Wave Eater.

The Athletes are here to protect you.

And they need your help too.

Together we will fight back
this menace.

Because life is worth fighting for...

fighting for those you love.

Tell me if it hurts

You don't have to say anything...
I deserve that.


They're leaving!

Mom... I really messed up.

Why did I...

Don't worry, Anton.

I don't know
how it is on other planets...

But I know that on Earth,
people make mistakes.

They make them all the time.

But the strong people are those that
try to fix the mistakes they've made.

I'm going to make something
for dinner.

His ship can absorb the energy
of anything we fire at it.

Our only hope is to set up a trap.

Tell me why
he called you his creator?

I thought I told you to stay on Earth.

I'm with you.

With me or away from him?

Doesn't really matter now, does it?

You didn't answer.

Why did he say that
you were his creator?

You taught us to trust each other

My greatest failure...

Forged in my image.

I thought he would assist me
like your Sputniks do.

But I made a mistake...

Gave him feelings.

I failed helping shape those feelings.

Failed at being
his creator and father.

I avoided him and he began
to learn on his own.

The things that he studied were unsafe.
So, I banished him.

That is why he escaped.

And we know what happened...

I failed to kill him...

My creations...

Only the athletes can stop us now.

Keep them on the Earth
as long as you can!

Save me your pie

Alright girls, We can't let them
reach the city!

Moscow relies on us

Boo at two o'clock.

Stan at five!
Everything gonna be fine!

– Fan at three
– Yu at twelve

– Vo at nine o'clock
– Pele at six.

Keep the circle!

Earthlings, the most dangerous
is two wave eaters...

coming at you in a line.

Be careful!

It's OK! We'll get through!





Fan, get ready!
It's coming to you!

Got away to position twelve.

Working on it!


Fan, hold on!

Get ready, Vo!

Oh gosh!


Don't overwhelm Fan!

I'm on it!

Hmmm... The pathetic ships
of the galactic fleet...


20 years and still no progress!

Charge primed, commander.

Then begin!

What the...

It's just us now.

Don't overheat! Don't overheat!
Don't overheat!



Mine, mine, mine!


Fan, it's yours!

Missed it!


Ahh!... Ahh!

Fan got hit by a wave!

Fan, hold on!

How are you feeling?

Fan, answer me!

Are you wounded?

Are you contused?

Fan, please, tell me something!

I'm okay.

Working on position one!



Don't leave home without a snack!

Please wait for me.
I will be back soon.

I got to fix something...

Please don't give up.

'We be of one blood ye and I.'

That was Mowgli.

He saved your life.

It isn't scary to hug.

I told you that I liked you.



Help me!

It's not scary to hug!

Remember that...
for the future.

What are you doing?

I'm covering your back, Pele!

Protect Fan!

Forget it!

Forget it. It's war!

I like you!

All we have is now.

You don't have to say anything!

Wait for me!

I like you too.

A lot.

I want to... protect you.

Come on. We have to go!

I'm fine, Anton.

I can still fight.

You did a great job.

I'll take your place now. Rest.

Are we going to win?

– Of course.
– I'm glad you're back.

Me too.

Hold this... Let's go!

This way!

Come on!

We'll wait here!

We'll be safe!

Keep moving! Nobody stop! Let's go!

Officer please look after her!

She needs rest and water.

Got it?

Can I... Get an autograph?


– Stay strong.
– Anton...

Natasha! Natasha!

Two Wave Eaters in a row.

Watch out, guys. Watch out!

Two of them...

Anton! Fan! Watch out!
They're coming your way!

Wait! Wait!
He can't hear without his helmet!

Attention everyone!
Two Wave Eaters in a row!


Look! A Sputnik!

Where is it going?


Take this.

The ship will now
obey your every command.

If I don't make it back alive,

go back to Earth and save
everyone you can.

But you can leave him if you want.

Guys, Natasha! I am
not a traitor!

I wanted to say sorry.
I was an idiot!

Natasha just went after Cherno!
Get back into position!

Combat mode!


Let's try this again.

You discharged
a Wave Eater with one hit!

You okay man?

I'm not really sure yet.
Watch me!

How are you doing that?

I have no idea.

But I'm gonna kick their butts
for as long as I can!

You're doing a great job, little chickie.

You should never teleport
beyond your line of sight.


If he dies...

...The whole thing explodes.

Please, get back in time.

Earthlings need their captain!

You still cower from the thing
you've created.

I didn't force you to do this.

I've forgotten what you look like.


Ahhh... Now there you are.

You are the only one–

–who can truly appreciate
the inventions I've created.

Which will replace all
that exists in this universe.

But first ... you will show me

what you have done
in all these years.

Don't tell me you've wasted your time
with hatred of me.

If saving the universe
from a madman who wants

to destroy it is a waste of time
in your mind...

...then yes.

Twenty years...

I've waited for this moment.

Twenty years!

I had thought we could have a chat...


Get her!

You have forgotten, Belo!

You created me much stronger
that yourself!

That is how you die today!

She said I couldn't.


It wouldn't have worked...you and him...



You could never match my genius!

Everybody. Make some space.

Save some water! Breathe rarely!


Children protect us.

Come on. Let's go.

Is she alive?

We have to fight!


For those we love.

Grab a weapon! Come with me!


Do you know what I've dreamt
of all these years?

That I'd finally face you
and say



You think you're capable...
Of killing her?

My dear child.

She has never been a perfect creation.

You can not teleport
until I order to let you go!

Your powers belong to me!

And I will take them back from you!

Now's your chance.

The ship is made of your cells.
Talk to it!

Roaring! Biting! Killing!

Is that your life philosophy?

We are of the same blood...

Listen to me!

You're just a little kid...

Hey kid.

Don't cry.

We need your help.


No way...

What's happening?


Don't you dare!

I am your master!

I created you!

No. No! No!





Captain, it was an honor
to serve with you!

We need to go.

It's time to show them
what we're made of!

See that?

It's a fireball, captain.

It looks like victory!

And that's how we do it
in the Police!

The danger has passed.

And harnessing the energy of the remaining
Wave Eaters will enable us

to restore life on Earth

and resuscitate our environment.

It's time to live, not just survive.


Looks similar...

See! The Moon is amazing!

We have survived the harshest
20 years of human history.

And we know now that it is together
with our courage and ability

to never give up hope

To prove it...

Belo sacrificed his life for us.

For us and for our planet

Time to work,
no staring at the sky!

And the invasion
of the red dogs is really

similar to the attacks
of the Wave Eaters...


Be careful. The microphone
could have still been on.

...Kipling predicted everything.

I'll put it here.

Look. Visitors.

Here to arrest me?

No, no.

The Police are dropping
all charges against you

for your services
in saving the Planet.

We forgive you for robbing the drugstore.

I'm here to...

Ah... yeah..

Well, you know... I want to...



Basically, Anton...

if you don't want to call me "dad"

I understand

OK... Captain...


So you two...


These are my friends!

This is Pele

This is Fan
and this is...

That's Mowgli.

And where is kid?

Kid? Kid?

Holy cow!


And of course there is...


She is the girl that I...

The girl that you love.


I have such a big family now!

I'm sorry for calling you names before.

Ah, that's OK, son.