Voyage to the End of the Universe (1963) - full transcript

A giant spaceship carrying colonists to a new planet runs into unexpected troubles on its journey, ranging from encounters with abandoned alien craft to malfunctioning onboard computers and tensions among its crew and passengers. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Earth is gone.

Earth never existed!

Halt, Michael!

Do you hear me!
We will save you!

Do you hear me, Michael?


Pull yourself together, Michael!

I'm going with you.
- Better not.

For the two us, it would be...
You'd only hold me back.

It's the only way to save him.

And maybe even us.

I'll be back in an hour.

What is he doing?


Michael! Do you hear me?
We'll save you!

Do you hear me, Michael?

There's no other signal.

We will wait then.

We have travelled
billions of kilometres.

We are almost at the end
of our journey.

Time will pass and children will learn
that we were the first

who had set out on a journey
through the Universe to find life

on the planets of Alpha Centauri.

Geneva. Based on the latest news from
the World Aeronautics and Space Centre

the Ikaria launch maneuvres
are running according to schedule.

After 8 years of preparations, Ikaria
ceases to be one of Earth's satellites.

Ikaria XB 1 in fact is a small
space town for forty inhabitants.

Alpha Centauri was chosen
as the destination of the mission

not only for being a star
closest to Earth.

The decisive factor was that it is
similar to our Sun and has several

planets orbiting it, where the existence
of life is anticipated.

Throughout its construction
Ikaria orbited Earth

as a stationary satellite.

What will your father be doing
on the Ikaria? - Nothing.

How come nothing?
- Nothing.

When they land on some planet,

he will collect flowers and animals.

As we all know,
Ikaria will return in 15 years.

Due to time dilatation, however,
its crew, to put it popularly,

will only be 28 months older.

Mars. Our reporter informs us that
Ikaria has crossed Jupiter's orbit.

It should leave the solar system today.

Master Computer.

End of increased G-force.

Normal regime.

Autoregulation off.

That's that.

Get up, girls.

How are you feeling, Stephie?

She was frightened.
- And you? - Me?

Just don't pretend to be a hero!

Especially not in front of your wife.

The lift off is not easy for anyone.

I thought it would be worse.

Commander MacDonald
to the transmission room.

If you only knew how many things
I wanted to tell you.

I know.

And I'm just saying
a lot of nonsense now.

What have you got there?

I picked it up in our garden.
A pebble.


Why are you looking at me like that?

When you come back...
- I know.

You'll be older than me.

I won't like you.
- It's not funny.

You'll look the same.

I'll have a fifteen year old daughter.

Rena! Rena!

Navigation room!
What's the matter?

We're losing communication
with Earth, hurry up.

I was afraid we wouldn't
even say goodbye.

This time, there will be two
us waiting for you.

I was so anxious to teach her
first steps.

Now, I will see her for the first time
when she's 15.

You can teach her to dance.

She wouldn't thank me for that.

How are you feeling?

Are you happy that
you're finally flying?

It's a pity you can't fly with us.

What's the matter?

Never mind.
Give my regards to Stephie.

Tell her that...

I wish her a bon voyage.

To Stephie?
- Don't forget it.



He wanted to confuse the computer.
He ordered smoked bananas.

Dried beefbroth.
- And steak with what?

With honey.
- With honey.

And ice cream on garlic.
- And a steak with honey.

And this came out.

Enjoy it!

This is how our ancestors imagined
space food.


Well, I've finished my lunch.


Bon appetit.

It's June 26, 2163.

Morning temperatures around 15 degrees.
- This is the miracle of the last century.

A man of metal that not only...
- Wait, don't touch him.

Cloudy, cloudy, cloudy...

Did you take it with you again?

As much as I remember, all crew members
may take with them:

Firstly, as many personal items,
as they wish.

- This is a personal item?

I have him for eighty years.

It's quite ancient then.


But what will you do with it
here, Anthony?

What do you mean?
He always flies with me.

But all the robots here are controlled
centrally and are specialised.

Why should I care! Patrick is
universal. He can do anything.

But it's good for nothing.

Let's go Patrick.
- Let's go.

Not there.
- Not there.

Who is she?
- The new officer.

What new officer?
I don't know about any new officer.

She's flying instead of MacDonald's
wife. A historian. Why?

Never mind.

I don't know.

Don't tell me that it's not possible.
- It is, but on Earth.

Come on, Peter. A dandelion or a daisy
would do, or...

What daisy?

He wants me to grow him a flower.

For whom?
- That's not important. - Pardon.

- I've got only unicells.

What if you give her a puppy.
- What?

A puppy,
one bitch is in pup.

I would like something...
- Poetic.

And what did the astrobiologists bring?

Nothing but poetry.
Peas, lentils, millet, rice.

Acorns, corn, onions.
- Sunflower seeds.

A sunflower is a flower too, isn't it?

I pull, nothing happens!

I pull once more, nothing happens.

I'm in hell, you see.

I look at the casing thermometer.


That's big trouble, you see.

Stop saying you see!

And do you know what I did?

I activated the pulsator.
To full power.

Erik, listen...
Twenty kids and a teacher.

I pull one after another!
Really quickly, see?

They're yelling "Mummy"!
The teacher too, see?

And what happened next?

That sunflower is ready.
Do you still need it?

I don't know.
- Quite nice.

- The sunflower.

Let's hope he won't change his mind.

When I was his age.

Help him.

Sixty. You have a visitor at the door,
Eve. An important visitor.


Watch out!
- Don't be scared.

Some flower we've made you, eh?

Switch it over to the cabin.
- I can't. It's a private cabin.

Isn't this a bit imperfect?

On the contrary.

You won't get away, Anthony.

I had one after lunch.
- You did not.

You ran away as usual.
Come on.

I had one, ask anyone.

He's telling the truth. He had two.

Yes, two.
- You don't say!

You're all the same.
You'll suffer with avitaminosis.

One has to look after you
like a mother.

You know I've enjoyed being alone
since my childhood.


It seems strange, but I really did.

I always thought nobody understood me.



Can you still see Earth?

- And the Sun?

Humans are like the stars.

What do you mean?

Somebody orbits around someone
else for years.

Who's orbiting?

That was a metaphor.
- A metaphor?

You're here again?
- Does he come here?

Everyday. What else should he do?
He's so lonely, no one understands him.

That pin head is the Sun?

May I?

Go on.

Nightly she sings on yon
pomegranate tree:

Believe me, love,
it was the nightingale.

It was the lark,
the herald of the morn,

No nightingale:

Look, love, what envious streaks do lace
the severing clouds in yonder east:

Night's candles are burnt out,
and jocund day

Stands tiptoe on the misty
mountain tops.

Where's Herold?
- On duty. November?


What day is it on Earth?

It was the 18th in the morning
and Christmas after lunch.

They must be celebrating
the New Year by now.

Time really flies.

It means I am as old
as my youngest sister.


It's strange anyway.

We're flying to Centauri.

Why hasn't anyone ever
flown to Earth.

Our solar system is of little interest.


Besides, it's too far from
the centre of the Galaxy.

26,000 light years.

You see, we're the backwoods
ofthe Universe.


Are you looking at Alpha?


I come here often.

Do you think they're out there?

At least on one of the planets.
What do you think?

I can't believe that there's life
somewhere like on Earth.

I mean that we will land there,
get out from the ship,

and they will run to us,
waving their hands.

Maybe they don't have them.

What? Hands?

Do you know that Bernard
took his piano with him?


He was in some old music club
or something like that, you see.

Stop saying you see, you see!
Don't say it or else...

And stop doing this! Who's supposed
to look at it all the time!

I'm sorry.

I don't know what got into me.

No harm done.

When one looks at the same faces
for so many months...

That is why I summoned the Council.

We could not speak about Stephie's
pregnancy before.

The crew would become agitated.
It is a risky experiment.

None the less, it is essential
for future missions.

I should have been informed
as second-in-command.

Explain it to me.
- Stephie...

Stephie has been already
pregnant on Earth.

That means that my wife...

could have flown as well.

If she knew she could...

Why didn't you tell me?


Your wife knew it.

She was afraid.

It will be the first case in history.

No child has ever been born
under such circumstances.

Stephie is ten years younger.

That's why your wife
gave up her place.


Not so hard.

Something should happen.

It's taking too long.

Four months.

We're not even halfway there.

Where is everybody?

Isn't Kubes here somewhere?
- No.

Nobody has been here lately.

Why don't you call him
through the communicator?

This way, I can at least
take a short walk.

You're getting bored, eh?

It's Hopkins's birthday tomorrow.


What's the matter?
- I don't know what to do.

I hadn't worn a skirt for four months
and now, just look at me!

Turn around!


What did you expect!
It turned out really well.

Do you think he'll like it?

Anthony, let us now drink to Patrick!

So that you know that I didn't
really mean it then.

Patrick, that is...
- Herold. I am on my guard.

Shut up!
- Herold is here.

I am on my guard.
- What did you teach that robot?

I didn't. He learned it himself.

Will you dance?

I don't like dancing.
- Neither do I.

How are you feeling, Stephie?

Give my regards to Stephie.

When you come back,
I'll be older than you.

You won't like me.

When you come back.

I'm thirsty.

Oh no, I'm too old for this,
my child.

Eve will teach you.
- I will.

This jiggling is not for me.
- Jiggling, eh?

Nina, we...
You're a sociologist, aren't you?

We have...
- Some work for you.

A moral matter. - I see.
- And a social matter.

The thing is that she's
making fun of us.

- Brigitte.

At first, she kept obtruding.
- Obtruding? - Yes.

And now she doesn't want
to decide which of us to choose.

That's really interesting.
- It is, isn't it?

Oh yes. The reason may be that
she has a husband on Earth.

This is the Master Computer.

Report to your posts immediately!

Section commanders report
to your headquarters!

All officers report to
the navigation bridge!

An object of the 7th order detected

in the second safety zone!

Somebody turn that terrible noise off!



Angle 17.

It may be a comet.

Or a meteor.

It may belong to the Alpha Centauri
planetary system.

It's the first object from there.

What do you need, Anthony?


Here's your comet.

Composition: Iron, titanium, germanium
and traces of common elements.

Volume: 57,900 cubic metres.

Weight: 15,844 tons.

Alright, but...

And this is how it looks
from a close-up.

It contains organic substances.
- That's unbelievable.

And what about signals?
- No response so far.

Maybe it's an unmanned station.

No, it's a spacecraft. An automatic
station wouldn't be so large.

It seems primitive.

Just like Ikaria may seem primitive
to them. We know nothing about them.

Nothing at all.
- But why are they silent?

They have to see us.

I don't know.
Maybe they're afraid of us.


If they are afraid,
then they are similar to humans.

We can do more than to send
the Pythagorean proposition.

Prepare the explorer shuttle!

You can't be serious!

What do we have robots for?

What are they for?
- Wait.

Suppose there are living creatures
on that ship.

Just suppose...

What would we say if they came to us,
opened the door,

and out came a dozen machines.

How would you deal with them?

Try to understand that
there are things robots can't do.

Humans will be sent to that ship.

Two people.

Who do you propose?

Stand at attention, Erik.

Peter and me are entering into history.
And not only of mankind.

I've been in a similar situation once.

I understand.
- I wanted to give you advice.

You know more than the Master Computer.

I've always thought it didn't
exist any more.


I don't know, but I envy you.

The explorer shuttle is ready.


Launch complete.

- Everything's alright.

Activate screen transmission.

We'll keep on trying to establish
contact with the spaceship.

It's silent. They may have different
communication methods.

Maybe it's a wreck.

Do we have permission to land?

Guide the shuttle forlanding.

We are entering the craft.
There's vacuum here.

Do you see the material?

It looks like some sort
of aluminium alloy.


I thought we would find something
worthwhile here.


A number.
It's from Earth.

Nonsense, this can couldn't fly
out here.


Those are...
Those were humans.

We found humans, Captain Abayev.


It's an ancient rocket from Earth.

From which century?

I don't know. Maybe the 20th
according to their clothes.

We found cigarettes, glass, paper.

The women are wearing jewellery.

They all died at the same moment.

How? How did they die?

I don't know.
Everything is intact.

They look as if they had fallen asleep.

Find out who they are
and how did they get out here.

You should have sent
an archaeologist instead.

Tigger, Tigger Fun.

Herold to Ikaria.

Find out what Tigger Fun means, Eve.

Look, Nina.


Nineteen eighty seven.

We have first data.

Master Computer.

Tigger Fun, also tiger breath.

Deadly poison with immediate effect.

Does not cause deterioration of objects.

The so-called clean weapon from
the end of the 20th century.

Tornado, a type of a military missile.

No further data available, stop.

They wanted to get to another planet.

Overthere. There's light there.

Caution, the ship still has power.
- That's not possible.

Why not? A reactor can work
a hundred years without operators.

A general.

He was in command.

There's two of them.

Look he has a back wound.

When they were running low on oxygen,
they killed the crew with Tigger Fun,

so that they would survive longer.

In the end, they fought one another.


I must be somewhere near the engines.
I'll find out.

What is it Kubes?

Herold! Help Kubes, quick!
- The radioactivity level is increasing.

What happened, Kubes?

At the right, that's
from Kubes's camera.

But that looks like...

You always get yourself into trouble.

My magnetic boot got caught.

Look, overthere!

Abandon the ship, quick!

There are nuclear weapons on board!

Don't touch anything!

Come on, hurry!

Send them the engine module,

Distance 3,458 kilometres.
- The shuttle is ready to lift off.

Don't stop!
Don't touch anything! Hurry!


We found people, Captain Abayev,
we found people.

We discovered the 20th century.

Would you send them there again?

If I knew there weren't
any humans there.


They were our ancestors.

Not them.

Definitely not them!

You can't choose your ancestors.

You know who they were?

Human trash.

That left Auschwitz, Oradour

and Hiroshima behind them.

The 20th century.

Do you know it?


Also the 20th century.

We had to continue in our journey.

Svenson and Michael were to supervise
the installation of a reserve engine.

During such work they have to go out
into space on Ikaria's surface.

They weren't there long,
only some ten or fifteen minutes.

Under normal circumstances, this
would be an insignificant episode.

Thus, no one knew that this moment was
the beginning of lethal danger to us.

It entered into Ikaria with them.

How does it look out there, Erik?

- The robots will do the rest.

That's Alpha Centauri.

There must be at least two planets
in the ecosphere.

In the sphere of life.

Do you think so?

I know, I calculated it.

Yet, the temperature will be high
on both the planets, like on our Venus.

But life could be there, because...

I'm not a prophet, I'm a mathematician.

We will find out in...
- In fifty-six days.



It's normal.

Will you have a girl or a boy?

A boy.

How will you name him?



Do you know which name
is really nice?





A radio nebula.

Grandpa has caught a nebula again.

Golly, are we supposed
to survey every smudge?

Yes. Every single one.

Alert! Third deck! Lying person!
Non-responding person!

That can't be possible.

Alert! Non-responding person!

Who is it?
- Dead person! Dead person!


Dead person! Dead person!

I must have fallen asleep.

Well, well.

I was on my way from the observatory
and all of a sudden...

And that stupid computer thought...

Never mind the computer,
I thought so too.

Dead person on board.

And it will be surrounded
by a large garden.

Without paths?

There will be grass everywhere,
very high grass.

Report it next time or the computer
will take you as dead with no lunch.

I don't know how it could happen.

I knew one geologist once.

He fell asleep on an asteroid.

On asteroid 608.

Gosh, the whole zone was on alert
thinking he went missing.

At least 150 ships
were looking for him.

And I'm not counting unmanned crafts.

I will lie on my back

and look at the clouds.

Ants will be crawling on the grass.
- And it will start raining.

But we won't run for shelter, will we?
We will stay outside.

Raindrops will be running down our neck.


I'm telling you I'm alright.

I've never needed this all my life.

And I'll never need it!
- Very well, go.

It is not a disease.

I'm doing what I can.

What about biological
separation from Earth?

That's out of the question nowadays.
- And time dilatation?

That's an abstract theory,

Will it continue?

Is it dead?
- Sleeping.

Stephie, honey,
what's wrong with you?

Nothing. Leave me alone.
- Do they know anything?

And the doctor?

What if the baby...

We did not know
what was happening to us.

We were not able to cope with it,

the fatigue, the drowsiness.

We were forced to activate
more and more automatons

to keep Ikaria running normally.

It was then when Hopkins revealed

that while focusing the telescope,

several stars kept disappearing
and reappearing.

There was something between them
and the Ikaria.

A gigantic body.

A Dark Star, to be more precise.

We didn't have the slightest idea
of its existence until then.

It came to light that the nature
of its radiation...

The nature ofits radiation
is simply beyond anything we know.

It is certain that its radiation causes

attenuation of biochemical processes
in living organisms.

Inducing fatigue and drowsiness.
- Where is it?

How long will the effect last?

We don't know that.
Or do we?

Here are 14,000 metres of reports from
labs, the observatory, astrobiologists.

Some of them are the first of their
kind and Earth has no idea about them.

What now?
Will we send them to Earth?

What for? Why should we worry
them for nothing?

But what if we don't come back?


It's hard to believe that a star
could affect the fate of our mission.

But Earth knows nothing
about the Dark Star.

The next mission would
encounter it again.

It will be better if we do it.
- Alright.

In the old days, castaways
used to throw bottles into the sea.

We will send a module.

Yet are we castaways?

Try to understand, if we all fall asleep
it will take decades

before people get there,
where we are right now.

We're not on a holiday cruise!

Each of us knew what he was in for!
- Stop yelling.

Alert! Second deck!
Non-responding person, dead person!

I want tough men here.
That's all.

You can't blame anyone for this.

I know, but...

Those who want, will survive.

And those who don't...


When I know that it's a disease,

that it has a name,
I will respect it.

Until then, it doesn't exist for us.

Is that clear?

They insisted that nothing new

could be discovered in the Universe.

They've been proclaiming that
for 300 years.


But it can.

It can.

Why couldn't it.


How long will it take us
to get out of this?

Anthony! Do you hear me?

Sixty hours.

And then?

And then?

I don't know what will happen then.

Will we wake up?
Do you believe it?

I believe it.
- It's not about belief.

Belief is nothing.
Belief is a mere word.

Tell me how to endure.

Tell me when and how will we wake up.

What is the probability, what certainty.
That's my belief. Understand?

Prepare for 60 hours of sleep.

Is that all we know?

Where are you going?

To get the Ikaria back.

You think I'm afraid.

No, I'm not afraid.


I'd just...

I'd just love to hear

those words, you know.

That we made up together.

Nobody knows them here.

Nobody knows that...

I am your twinklet.
And your...

No, I really don't have to be brave.

I will only fall asleep.

You will hear me when I wake up.

It may take long before you find us.

Maybe you won't...

No, you will hear me.

One day...
You will hear me.

I am glad I went on this mission.

Only those sweet words.

Those words you made up for me

that nobody knew here.

Master Computer.
Message for Earth recorded.

I will get her back.

She will fly alone.

Back to the Sun.

They will find her.

I must get her back.


You don't have the right.

You don't have the right!
Do you understand?

This is our last chance.

I want to save the Ikaria.

But we will wake up.

Believe it.

We will wake up.

Master Computer proceeds with
the autoregulation process.

End of first shift.
Second shift unmanned.

Attention, third shift must intake
the vitamin condensate.

Do not take fruit.



End of third shift.
First shift unmanned.

Master Computer proceeds with
the autoregulation process.

Normal regime.

Good morning.

Everything is alright.

It isn't.

We slept only twenty-five hours.

Not sixty.




That's the only explanation.

Some kind of a force field was generated
between the Ikaria and the Dark Star.


A force field that intercepted
the radiation.

That's why we woke up earlier.
- Eat, Anthony.

- Eat!

I think there must be
a more simple explanation.

Our organism simply
got accustomed to it.

Accustomed? It got accustomed to
radiation in just a few hours, eh?

Perhaps your organism did.

Mine can't even get used
to this mash all the way.

You'll suffer with avitaminosis.
- Beware, though.

Where did the force field
that protected us come from?

Maybe it's just a coincidence, Anthony.


Coincidence exists among us humans,
but not among the stars.

Finish your meal.

The main thing is we got out of it
without consequences.

Just imagine mankind would have sent
Ikaria on this mission without a crew.

It would be on her way back.

The automatons would have
turned it back.

Fortunately, man is not as perfect
as a machine.

Therefore, he has nothing left than
to hope and believe.

Blood circulation disorders.

Functional disorders of the higher
nervous system.

Will you get him out of it?

I don't know. It's not a disease, not in
the earthly sense of the word at least.

It is...
- The second stage?

The effect of the Dark Star's radiation.
- It means we're all in this together.

No. Erik was exposed to direct
radiation when installing the engine.

And where is Michael?
They were both out there.

Where's Michael?
- I don't know.

Have you seen him?

Was Michael here?
- No. What's the matter?

Have you seen Michael?

Navigation bride, find Michael!

You aren't afraid, are you?

It's not that bad.

We only fell asleep.

But those two outside,
they were fully exposed.

To the radiation of the Dark Star,

We were protected by Ikaria's shield,
we are alright.

We are. But what about him?

Michael is in the corridor on deck zero.

What is he doing there?
- I'll have a look.



What are you doing here?

Leave me alone.
Leave me alone!

Come with us.
- You're sick.

Leave me here.

I'm dead.

We will all die,
but I don't want to die!

I don't want to go with you!



Deck zero closed.
Alert! Alert!

Block the access
to the explorer shuttles!

Michael wants to return to Earth.

Where is he?

He destroyed his transmitter.

Michael, do you hear me!

Stop, we want to help you!
- He's coming back.

I can't see him now.

He's at the robot station.

He deactivated the robots.

But that means we're done.

He doesn't know, what he's doing.

He can destroy the cooling system.

Emergency mode.
- Or the oxygen regenerators.

For all zones!

We must get to him.

But how?
- I might have a solution.

More to the left.
- To the left.

Retreat, Patrick!
- He has a blaster.


- What is it?

I can't see it.

I can't see it.
- What, Michael?


We will be there soon.

Don't lie!

Earth is gone.

Earth never existed!


Halt, Michael!


I'll get to him. - How?
- Through the air shafts.

Will it work? - It will.
- But... - I constructed them.

Be on guard, he has a blaster.
- I know.

I'm going with you.
- Better not.

It's not for two...
You'd only hold me back.

It's the only way to save him.

And maybe even us.

I'll be back in an hour.

What is he doing?

Michael! Listen to me.




There's no other signal.

We will wait then.

We have travelled billions
of kilometres.

We are almost at the end
of our journey.

Give it to Stephie.
- What?

In memory of you?
- No, to safe keep it for me.

Look what it did to their spacesuits.

And they were outside
only ten minutes.

Burnt by the radiation.

Will you save him?

I will.

I will save him.

A pebble.

It's from their garden.

When do you expect the baby?

He must be there by now.


Do you hear me?

I came for you.

You blocked the robot station.

You're threatening our lives,
the whole ship.

You're sick, understand?

You're just sick.

You must come with me,
you'll get better.

Are you listening to me?

You do want to return to Earth
with us, don't you!

Earth is gone.

Earth is gone.
- Earth is there, Michael.

It's far away, but it's there.

Why don't you let me go back then!

I want so see it.
- So do I, Michael.

We all do. That's why you have
to let me in the robot station.

That's why you have to get better.
- I can't go on any more.

I don't want to go with you.

Give me the explorer shuttle.
I'll go back.

Tell them, go.

I'm not going without you.

Go or I'll...

You'd kill a human.

A human.


Come now, let's go.

Do you know you destroyed
Hopkins's Patrick?

Don't forget to apologise to him.

Will they save him?

It's that nebula again.

How is Stephie?

Go to the observatory, you're
no help here anyway.

I know, but just in case...

Is the baby born?


Not yet.

Go to the observatory, you're
no help here anyway.


That force field is moving along
with the Ikaria, Anthony.

We're enclosed in it
like a ship in a bottle.

And that.

Those radar signals

are no nebulae.

What are they then?

I... we don't know.

How about Saint Peter,
you haven't discovered him yet?

That surprises me.
Let's have a look at it.

I would like to introduce
our new crew member.

The assumption
that it was a radio nebula,

was quite logical.

Yet fallacious.

In fact,

it is an energy transmitter.

What transmitter?

As soon as we entered the sphere
of the Dark Star,

it located us.

Enclosing us in a force field

that shielded the Ikaria
from radiation.

But that means...

There's life on the White Planet!

Do you hear me?

Yes. I know.
- Anthony!

That's it.

The White Planet.

A world of beings that helped us,

when we encountered the Dark Star.

We set out into the Universe
to discover life,

while life discovered us.

Master Computer proceeds
with the flight regulation process.

Entry into orbit from the original
trajectory in nine minutes.

entry into orbit in nine minutes.

Explorer shuttles ready.

In an hour, we will be standing on...

No, not on earth.

Perhaps on grass.

I don't know.

In an hour.