Voyage to Cythera (1984) - full transcript

An old communist returns to Greece after 32 years in the Soviet Union. However, things aren't the way he had hoped for. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

by, Theo Angelopoulos


Keep your head down!

Got you, Alexandros!

Got you, Alexandros!

Got you, Eleni!

Got you, Alexandros!

Got you, Eleni!

Got you, Alexandros!

Got you, Eleni!

Got you, Alexandros!
Got you, Eleni!





Good morning.

Madam asks if you want
anything else.


It's me...

It's me...

It's me...

It's me...

It's me...

It's me...

It's me...

It's me...

It's me...

It's me...

Do I wait for your signal?

It's me...

Good morning.

Good morning.

I often discover,
with horror and relief...

that I no longer believe
in anything...

At such times,
I turn back to my body...

It's the only thing that
reminds me I'm alive...

Is that all?

That's all.

We only seem to meet at work,
these days...

Is it your wife?


What am I to do with this?

Much too big.

Tell Giorgos to change it.

A large coffee, black.




Lemon tea, please...

Will you pick me up
at the theatre tonight?


Always late...

You haven't changed.

This ship's coming in.

We'll just make it.

I called the committee...

for the Repatriation
of Civil War Exiles.

I wanted to make sure
he's coming.

Do you remember
what he looks like?

I didn't know he played the violin.

I expected him to be taller.

Do you know something?

He may be our father,
but after 32 years...

it doesn't mean much, does it?

Why should we keep running
after a shadow?

It's me!

I am Alexandros!

And I am Voula.

Nico couldn't come.
He's abroad.

Mother's waiting at home.

At home?

Aren't we going to
kiss each other?

Here we are.

What's the matter?

I'm afraid.

She's waiting for you.

What's the color of her eyes?

Did you eat?

Welcome home, Spyro!

Thank you.

You must be Elias' sister...

That's right!

And you must be...

Costa's son!

How are you, my boy?

You can't expect him to remember...

So many years ago.

A lifetime.

You must have lots of
strange stories to tell.

Russia is a big place.

It snows a lot in the winter.


Voula, the soups's ready.


Wine! Where's the wine?

I'll bring it.

Mother, what happened?

Mother, open up!


For God's sake... why?

Spyro, where are you going?

You've been here before,
haven't you?

The two of you?

What did you tell her back home?

What happened?
I don't understand.

She's lived with the dream
of your return...

Tomorrow we leave
for the village, as you wanted.

The Salonica express.

Will you be all right here?

I'll manage. Don't wait.

Run along.

Good night.

Good night.

That's the old outlaw code
isn't it?

You remember, Mother?

As if I could forget.

That's Panayotis.

What are they saying?

He's asking who's there.

Hey, Argos!

Hello there, Giorgos!

Hello there, Leni!

Hello there, Dimitri!

They're coming.

You know, Spyro?

They haven't set foot here
for 15 years.

Life is easier down
in the valley.

They've come to sell out
whatever's left.

They'd sell the sky
if they could.

Forty red apples, my love,
wrapped in a kerchief...

Forty red apples, my love...
wrapped in a kerchief...

It's been several years
but I never told you...

Katerina... I like you

Ever since we were young lads...

Forty red apples, my love...
wrapped in a kerchief...

Ah, Father!

The women are waiting for you
to open the house.

A rotten apple...

Strip off the newspapers.

I'll light the fire.

It's about the sale of our land.

The village meadows on the hill
are up for sale. Ours too.

Mother wouldn't sell
until you came back.

They want to build
a winter resort up there.

It's not just the money.
It'll liven up the place a bit.

You know the law
even better than I do.

You've let your meadows
lie fallow.

Nothing but weeds and shrubs...

And the boundaries are
far from clear...

However, the Company is
willing to take the risk.

You will sign the contract

It'll be easier
and quicker that way.

Otherwise we'll never get
to the end of it.

Well, that's all from us, Mayor...

Let's get on with the signatures
before we freeze.

I'll call the names
by alphabetical order.

Step over here
when you hear your name called.

You'll need your identity cards.

Burduis, Evenkilos




Pallas, Antonis?


Do you know him?

No, I don't.

What does he think he's doing?

Everybody's got to sign,
or the deal is off.

Mayor, you've been leading us on.

You assured us they had
all agreed to sell.

You... you bastard...

You come back so late

You should be punished

You've come to
make trouble here again...

Put away that shovel, you bastard...


I'm not going to let you...



This slice is for the house...

This is for the father...

And this for Alexandros...

For Voula...

For our Nico, who is at sea...

For our friend...

For the stranger
who may knock at our door...

For the mother...



If you don't sign,
the deal is off!

We'll be ruined.

All these years you've been
the boss in the family.

And now he comes along
pretending he cares for the land.

We know all about him.

He made himself a new life abroad...

Excuse us,
we're having our supper.

Why won't you let mother sign?

What right have you to refuse?

Ever since I can remember,
I never saw her laugh...

She went to prison
for your sake.

A lifelong struggle,
raising us kids...

A wasted life...


Her body dried up,
waiting for you.

You and your generation never
gave other people a thought.

You took to the mountains,
fought and then went away.

Why did you have to
come back?

What do you want
those damn fields for?

What use can they be
to you now?

I'll be on my way now...


You're dead... finished...

You don't exist.

It's the time you roamed
the mountains with your gun.

You're dead, Spyro!

You are a dead man

Four times condemned to death...

at the court martial
in Larissa...

The newspaper's worn away
in my pocket all these years.

You can't play havoc
with us again, Spyro.

Be gone

The first year barely goes by...

you manage...

Then the second year...
the third.

You've just got to hang on
to something...

At first, you think of Greece...

all the things you left behind...

But in the end,
you get sick at heart.

Then one day
a woman comes along,

cooks you a meal, sews on a button...

And so...

I've got three other children
over there.

What's she like... the other one?


They've all gone...

We're the last ones left.


I'm staying.

They made us fight each other...

You on one side,
me on the other...

and we both came out losers.

Man against man,
wolf against wolf.

All gone, all laid waste...

The fusiliers, the fusiliers...

My heart's with the fusiliers...

If I have to die, let it be...

With my rifle in my arms...

Forty red apples, my love...

What's bitten you?

I've told you.

I don't intend to spend
my life running after ghosts.

One victim in the family
is quite enough.

Nobody forced you to come.

That's why I'm angry.

Angry at myself.

It's never too late.

How right you are.

HQ calling D2...

Calling the search party...

Request you inform us
how the operation proceeds...


This is the HQ

Report the search operation

Where is he?

It's the wife.

Where is he?

He's disappeared.

The search was on the moment
the fire was reported.

Was he there?

Did you search the house?

What do you mean?

We nearly broke down the door.

What's he saying?

He's asking
when are we going back home.

Come out. It's only us:
Katerina, your son...

I'm not going.

I'm staying here.

This is my land.

Tell them we've found him.

The men can go back now.

It's me.

You haven't changed.

You always go off on your own
when you're afraid.

Rotten apple (in Russian).

He's in no state to give evidence.

What should we do now?

We should get him out of here.
He's causing trouble.

That's for him to decide.

Don't forget he has no nationality.

He is a displaced person.

We don't want to get him
in the trouble

And you... Are you quite sure
he's your father?

Alright, you've convinced me.

Besides, we've been up all night...

Haven't had a bite for hours...

I'm off...

but remember
we're holding you responsible...

if anything goes wrong
after I leave.

Don't forget we can withdraw
his permit any moment...

Go and collect his things.

I'm staying with him.

I can hear perfectly well
what you are saying, Tesman.

How am I going to get through
the evening out here?

I'll be with you every evening

We shall have
a very pleasant time here

you and I, Mrs. Tesman.

That is what you are looking
forward to, isn't it, Mr. Brack?

You, as the only cock in the yard.

She shot herself!

Shot herself in the temple!

One doesn't do
that kind of thing!

It's alright,
I'll change by myself.

Please leave.

Don't go!

we're going location-hunting.

Here's the boat schedule
for Cythera: The boat's name is NEREUS

and it leaves every morning at 6.

It stops at the following ports:
Kyparissi, lerakas,

Monemvassia, Neapolis,

Gytheion, Anticythera.

It reaches Cythera
in the late afternoon, at sunset.

Scene 91

The villagers' angry shouts

from the street below.

The old woman looked back
in despair.

They're going to wreck everything,
she said in a low voice.

They hurried down the steps.

The old woman locked the door
and gave the old man the key.

Banished-for the third time,
he whispered.

All these years, I waited...

I'm so tired.

You're hurting me.

We'll go away...

You'll see.

Down in the harbor?

At what time?

You mean seven hours' walk?

For God's sake!
In this weather, too!

Has he gone?


When they got here,
the Russian boat had left.

Wait here

Now they don't know what to
do with him.

Voula's gone to fetch a lawyer.

Yes, I'll start as soon as
I get your signal.

I hear you...

I hear you coming...

I fooled you five times.

Five wars...

Then prison...

The firing-squad...

You are fooled

I hear you...

I hear you coming.

I hear you

Did you see them?

The lawyer will be here
in half an hour.

Nescafe with milk.

I'll mix it myself.

If only he had signed
those papers...

we would have been spared
all this trouble.

He ended up by antagonizing
everyone in the village.

Nothing but trouble, everyday...

till he was declared undesirable
, a public threat.

They've just issued
an expulsion order.


They say we will embark...
at the old harbor

Hurry, the boat's leaving.


This is Harbor Police

You hear that

The Russian passenger has arrived.

Captain, this is Harbor Police

The Russian passenger has arrived.

You hear that

Mr. Harbor Policeman, I heard that

But before I allow the embarkment

I have to make sure
if this is his own will

I'd like to hear
his response in person

Captain, now I'm asking him

and he refuses to say anything

He is only saying from time to time...
Rotted apple, rotten apple...


Rotted apple.

I am not sure

Rotted apple

Excuse me... we feel so sorry
that we can let him embark

I'm sorry... Goodbye

Captain, what about our deal

Captain, we had a deal... Please

She's got to lie down somewhere.

No, not you.

At four o'clock today,
in the old harbor...

the dockers are holding
their annual feast.

The programme includes
many guest artists,

the Municipal band...
singers, conjurers, mimes...

Come and join in the fun...
at four o'clock in the old harbor...

Isn't there a doctor around?

It's Sunday, you see...

The Feast of the Assumption...

Twelve days and nights
on the oxcart...

Making cigarettes with tobacco leaves

A drop of water, please, Father.

He called my father Father.

He gave me a tired look,

I blushed.

I was barely fourteen...

He was like making a vow

spreading the water little bit little

and drank all the water
in the bottle

His Adam's apple moved up and down
glistening with sweat.

Where are you from, lad?

A refugee from Lonia, Father...

What should we do now?

Where are you taking him?

To international waters,
till further orders.

Coffee, black, please.

What will you have, boys?

Black coffee.

Me too.

Three coffees then.

Am I the first?

Did you bring him here?

So you got wind of it already?

We're waiting for further orders.

Turn down the music

I'm a journalist.
What's your connection with him?

Are you a relative?

I'm the one who's responsible,
goddamn it...

My orders are clear:
He must leave the country at all cost

So what do I tell them now?

Keep calm, keep cool.

Officially speaking,
he's no longer here.

But he is here!

Not on paper he isn't.

At this moment he's traveling.

At four o'clock this afternoon...
in the old harbor...

the dockers are holding
their annual feast.

The programme includes
many guest artists...

the Municipal band... singers,
conjurers, mimes...

Come and join in the fun.

She's asleep.

The mist is clearing.

The rain's stopped.

What do you want me to do?

It's Sunday, everything's shut...

and the orders are that
he's out of the country by dawn.

And leave him there all night?

That's plain murder!

I just don't know.

I'm utterly confused.

What am I to do?
You suggested this solution.

And you agreed!

I hate to think of him
out there in the rain...

but there's no room for sentiment

in the civil service.

What if he's taken ill
or something?

I'm in charge of
the dockers' feast.

One ouzo, please.

Why didn't you tell me?

What is he doing now?

He's looking out at sea.

And now?

He's still looking.

Then he's all right.

The feast will take place after all.

I often discover
with horror and relief

that I believe in nothing.

Then I return to my body.

It's the only thing
that reminds me I'm alive.

A double brandy.

One, two... one-two...

Will the artists please step over...

Testing... testing...

One, two... one, two...

Testing... testing...

You can barely see him...

The motor-launch is coming back

I can see her lights.

One, two...

One, two...

Oh God, I'm out of step...

One, two,









The weather hasn't been very kind...

But we've decided to
have our feast anyway...

if only symbolically...

in honor of that old man
out there at sea...

So we'd like to ask his wife...

to give us some remarks

I want to go with him.

I want to go with him.

We're waiting for further orders...

but if she insists...

I want to go with him.


I'm ready.