Voyage of the Young Composer (1985) - full transcript

When you arrive to Tsertisi,
give this letter to doctor Elizbar Tsereteli.

He can you help more than
anyone else in this task.

If you don't find him for some reason,
here are a few more addresses.

These are keen and reliable people,
so you can go to them.

Thank you, professor.

I made a map of that region.

Very good.

Almost all the villages marked on it.

In the past,
I've heard many good songs there.

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Based on Otar Chkeidze's novel
"The Wind Which Has No Name"

Stop here.

There is a man laying by the stream.

What are you waiting for?

I would like to see the doctor
Elizbar Tsereteli.

That's me.

I come from Professor Kanchaveli.


What about him?

I will look after him.

You can go inside the house.


Where did you stumble upon that one?

This is my brother-in-law, Shalva Tsereteli.

I am Elizbar's wife.

My name is Nikusha.

Well, where did you stumble upon him?

You must be exhausted from the trip.

Elizbar will see you
after attending to the ill man.

And in the meantime,
you can dust off your things

and wash yourself in the stream.

Sit down.

How is the honorable professor doing?

He is well, he works a lot
and barely leaves the house.

Did the professor mention me?

Forgive me, he didn't.
He sent me with a letter for dear Elizbar.

So where did you stumble upon
Leko Tatasheli?

Are you old-time friends or did you just meet?

Forgive me,
but I don't even know this man's name.

I found him beaten on the road.

Sit down.

Professor is asking me for a favor.


To try to dissuade you from
attempting your endeavor.


He already tried to dissuade you,

he writes that perhaps
you didn't understand his intentions.

Is that so? Strange.

He writes that you have no regard
for your own well-being

when it comes to passion
which you follow so blindly.

Does dear Georgi really have
such an impression of me?

That's what he writes.

Well, I am grateful to the professor.

He is asking me to convince you

that now is not the time for such voyages.

But why not?

The times are dangerous.

Professor mentioned something about that.

It's not as evident in Tbilisi,
but it's different here.

Here cruelty lurks around every corner.

But nothing happened to me,
I came in peace and I will return in peace.

Do you know that I have brought along
the newest sound recorder available.

It captures the subtlest of nuances.

But it was you who brought me
a senselessly beaten man?

That's a pure coincidence.

Such coincidences are on every corner.

They are not a threat to me.

Yes, they are.

You are wrong to think that
there needs to be a special reason

to get a bullet in your head.

You are trying to scare me,
but fear is not a method of persuasion.

I am not trying to scare you,

I am simply explaining the situation.

I want you to know
that in this whole region

there isn't a single village,
that during times of unrest,

didn't require my help.

Even today when I go there not to
remove bullets from wounds,

but to treat children and elderly,

I only take off my blinds
after leaving the courtyard.

Forgive me, but this isn't fear...

this sounds like paranoia.

You are so persistent in your persuasion

that you may just succeed
if I don't resist.

Well, it's your choice.

But please take heed of
at least this advice.

Take off the black bow that
so finely adorns your neck.

It makes an excellent target.

Could you perhaps open the window?
- Will you finally tell me or not!

Tell you what, sir?

Will I finally hear the message
you were supposed to pass down

personally to me from Giorgi Otskheli?

Personally to you?

What we he supposed to pass down?



If my memory doesn't fail me,
the professor used to say

that they've defeated the
strong name of Tseretelis,

that only some made it to Chuzga

that I will one here a certain man

and supposedly his older brother survived.

Go on.

But he should be somewhere in Tbilisi.

In Tbilisi?

So he should be in Tbilisi.

You can sleep soundly now, Nikusha.

Shalva Tsereteli was killed in the village

due to an interference with authorities.

He disobeyed an order to stop
and was killed.

Why am I not the one in your place?

Why didn't they kill me?

We should get him out of here.

We have to get him out.

That way is out of the question.

Of course not.

It will be better...

It will be better to get out
through Kaftesi,

via the route to the village, of course.

You will find refuge in Katareli's house.

I will send along medicine for madam Efimiya.

Tomorrow night,
you will go directly to Natabisi

See brothers Mitrieli,
they know how to get you to the city.

I rely on you.

Who else is there to rely on?

Go in peace.

Are we leaving now?


Change your clothes as you exit the yard.

May God be with you.

What's that smell?



Burning, I said.

And until we get to a safe zone,

you can perhaps introduce yourself.

My name is Nikushka.

There something I don't like
about this 'usha',

I will personally call you Niko.

And you do as you wish,
you can accept it,

or you can reject it,
my dear lordship.

I'll accept it.

You have no other way out anyway.

I must wash like Christ in Jordan.

That's some offerings,
only vodka and yesterday's beans.

We don't need anything.

I heard that madam Efemiya
ran out of medicine.

So I came to doctor Elizbar Tsereteli
and asked him cook something up for madam.

He did just that and
then I came directly to you.

Here, get busy with this.

Why did I get scared of you?

Fear reigns over us.

We've lost the ability to recognize faces.

Indeed we have, madam Efemiya.
Once bitten, twice shy.

I thought you were a monster,
Leko Tatasheli, a monster.

But you will understand me.

I am not apologizing before you,

but before this young man.

And even he will probably understand me.

What a great responsibility
I've laid upon him.

Upon me, madam?

You speak the truth, he is a great man.

He understands everything
and feels compassion for all.

This is coming from me,
Leko Tatasheli.

I am never wrong in
my impressions of people.

I always believed that we will
get rid of this cancerous isolation.

I had faith and now it's come true.

It came true, madam Efimiya, it did.

I always believed.

The unruly mankind will reach
an insurrection worthy of dissent.

Let's go, it's late already.

My ancestors were writing down
the history of our people for 300 years.

They compiled three volumes.

They weaved them in tiger skin.

All three volumes were
burned by castigators.

But I restored much of it
through my memory.

I'll remember much more still.

It will have everything.

And the story yesterday,
and of today.

It will be a genuine history.

Let's go, we will be late.

I will not be saying good bye.

Why are you leading us in roundabout ways?

Surely there is a fine table
awaiting us in some nearby hall.

Open the door,
you devilish deformity.

You old witch!
A snake under the well!

We left our things inside.

Our things are here.

A man should not dance
to a stranger's flute.

He should live as he wants,

in joy and free will,
along on his own path.

You are leaving me alone
under the open sky?

It's even hard to be alone underground,

but under an open sky,

there will always be someone
to lend a helping hand.

But who will help me here?

Someone will!

Even this old witch will open the door
as soon as I am out of here.

I don't think so. She led us out
just as Elizbar Tsereteli asked.

I give orders here,
not Elizbar Tsereteli.

I am here, me. If you don't think I am me,
and if you don't like me, go your own way.

I didn't say I dislike anything.

I believe you, and I like you.

Only tell me where you are
leaving me and where should I go?

I wasn't leaving you behind and
have no intentions of doing so.

Just one thing, don't piss me off.
It's my only condition.

Know that nothing can anger me,
but sometimes I can really explode!

To the point of tearing
all of the clothes off my back.

Know that I can't won't find
comfort in the minds of strangers.

Got it?

I got it.

Let's go then.

Do you hear the barking dogs?

That's Katsysi

There lives a certain Okheli
by the nickname of Scholar.

He acquired his smarts overseas,

and when he returned, he gave
whatever lands he had to his village.

He has one son.
He prays for him.

His wife died in childbirth,
he didn't take another one.

You see, even a man can
preserve his sense of loyalty.

There is someone walking behind us.

You must have heard
the echoes of our footsteps.

Know that there is nothing
worse than a scared man.


Come inside.

Sit down.

Excuse me,
I will leave you alone for a minute.

Making dining arrangements, I suppose.

I don't know who you are,

and I don't want to know.

You came in the middle of the night.

I will feed you and let you rest.

If you wish to go now,
it's your choice, may God help you.

Personally, I will not remember you,

and I won't recognize you,
in case we ever meet again.

It's because we have
different orientations.

I respect the opinions of my enemies,

but any preaching is senseless.

There is something I don't understand.

I already told him everything.

What did you tell him?


Who is there?


Why is he roaming about?

Night stood in his way,
so he decided to stop by.

Let him be stuck in his own village.

My village!

The whole world is my village!

I will sleep wherever I want.

And meet the sunrise wherever I want.

Let each one of us look after
his own skin.

That's already too much.

I curse whoever stays here.

Come on, we are leaving.


Who is there?

It's me, Leko Tatasheli.

Do you know about Gigo?

What, they haven't let him out yet?

Who would let him out?

It's not a good time to sit in jail,

we need loyal people.

A very special person has arrived.

This is my brother.

I am acquainted with Petro Varazheli.
- Sit down.

If there really are signs of a war...

There are.

Then I admit, I've already
prepared for a long journey.

Our organization was destroyed,

all of my comrades were killed,

but if any hope is left for fighting...

You know what?

I got it.

Don't be afraid of me.

Leko knows me.

Many are still to be amazed
by Leko Tatasheli.

You at least know that
my name is Leko Tatasheli.

How could I not know that?

And you remember it well.

I've already memorized it.

God bless you know then,
there is nothing more I need.

I am privileged to many secrets,

I know of life's rotations.

If I wanted to,
I could turn it with my own might.

Not everything is so simple.

This isn't a wine cellar.

And even wine cellars have often
swept you off your feet.


And you, and others.

Where others are,
I'll be there too.

That's the problem.

We are where others are.

In truth, dissent is no longer conceivable.

Now is the time to retreat.

But from whom and from where
do we retreat?

What did those who retreat win?

That is what occupies my mind.

Follow me.

Who was here?
Where is Petra Ravazeli?

Where did the two men go?

Nobody has been here.

Watch out, if we catch them,
you won't get off easily.

That way, that way.

Could you please sing your song again?

My uncle Petra Ravazeli said:

May God be with you, and I will
meet you anywhere you wish.

And if you won't need me
and if you won't call me,

then I'll go my own way.

I am kindly asking you
to please sing again.

Sing, sing! That's all we are
missing from this situation!

You can begin.

An astonishing guise.

A phonograph.
A song.

But you refuse to show me your map!

Do you know what?

We must set some conditions after all.

Let's make an agreement.

For some reason,

you assume that I am on some
kind of a secret mission.

Where did you come up with that?

And even if that was the case,

why talk about it with
every stranger on our way?

I am now in a strange situation.

In an atmosphere of fear and distrust.

And only one deep wish
reigns over me,

namely to get out of here
as soon as I can.

If I may remind you,
Elizbar Tsereteli advised me.

- Remind me.
- He advised us and showed us the way.

I am wondering why we are no
longer following his directions.

And that's what we must
solidly decide upon.

And if we don't...

And if not, then?

You know what?


What and Nothing!

We know nothing,
not I nor you.

We are stuck in these ruins

and there is no way out,
neither forward nor back.

I will not give you any answers
until we get out of here.

And I will not ask
any questions either.

Is this the place of Matrieli's brother?

Here is better than elsewhere.


If only your madam knew
whom I brought here.


I see you are in great health,
madam Gorandukht.

You are a strong woman and have
many more years to live,

and many more good things to see.

An empty hope is worse than regret.

Our youth thinks otherwise, my kind madam.

Here is their representative.

See and believe that
not all is yet lost.

Have faith for
Leko Tatasheli has faith.

And if Leko Tatasheli believes...

Gorandukht doesn't believe it.

Gulkan also doesn't believe it,

and I don't,

and I.

Why is that?

Actually, you always disagree
with me in the beginning,

but eventually you comply.

I will begin.

I am not the kind of a toast-giver
who speaks in riddles,

what I will say now is of outmost
importance for all of us.

I am promptly announcing
who I am drinking for.

I drink to Bekar,
the Great Bekar.

Here is what I needed.


And here is a toast to Bekar.

To the hero Bekar and his fortress.

The fortress will rise from the ruins.

The bells will toll,
toll to announce our new lives.

Here is our guest,
this shy young man,

Dear Leko!

Don't be afraid,
these are no strangers.

Here I must speak of the mission
that fell upon you.

Dear Leko!

Let me finish.

I can't.

Then you speak.

I am surrendering this horn to you.

I can speak without it.

It's all a lie.

Some kind of a misunderstanding.

I am only here to record folk songs.

But Elizbar Tsetereli
advised me to leave.

I also want that to leave,
but I am not managing to,

and all kinds of strange stories
are being weaved around me.

Hold the horn.

Where have you heard of conversations
without wine in Leko Tatasheli's presence?


Then let him be quiet.

I will be quiet, but know that
I am here just to collect songs and folklore.

Sure, we'll believe that.

I drink to Bekar.

Let your enemies perish as
I will make this wine perish.

Pour the wine!

Right now I will say,

right now I will say...

Breakfast is served.
You are expected.

I must get going.

My dear mother told me to say that Leko
can sometimes sleep for up to 2 days.

2 days?

My dear mother said that one should
expect such behavior from Leko.

What should I do?

You need to wait.

It will inconvenience you.

My dear mother told me to say:
A guest is sent by God.

Would you like to play a game of chess?

I don't play.

With your permission, I would like
to take a walk and see the region.

It's you?

It's me.


Just a little.

May I see?


The fortress.

The fortress again.

You've learned to draw it well.

I don't think so.


The fortress is great.

I don't know how capture it.

It is mankind that is great.

Greatness is in everything
touched by a hand of a great man.

A soul can crystallize even in stone.

You seem to be a genuine artist.

And your sisters?

No, not sisters.

Grandmother Gorandukht does embroidery though.

Yes, mister Leko mentioned that.

Mister Leko is a strange man.

Grandmother Gorandukht has said so?

Yes, grandmother Gorandukht.

And you all believe her?

Yes, we do.

You've also spoken to her,
do you believe her or not?

How should I say,

I believed everyone,

but now I am confused,

as though I am caught in a spider web,

as though I can't untangle my way out,

as though someone is tying
a noose around my neck.

It's just weakness, I know.

I shouldn't tell you such things.

I should think of something more heroic.

You could be charmed by a hero.

Heroes charm everyone.

But I am not hero.

Alas, the time of heroes is forgotten.


Sit down.

This is Sakrot Iskareshili

Our supervisor.

My mother sent him to Elizbar Tsereteli.

She was concerned with your fate.

As you won't get very far with Leko.

Elizbar asked me to pass on his
disappointment in Leko.

He thinks you will be fine here,

but it's best to proceed as planned.

Now I will take you to brothers Itrieli.

My mother says that
you are a welcome guest,

but we cannot go against Elizbar's will.

Thank you, my gratitude has no boundaries,

I have deepest respect for all of you,

Especially for madam Gorandukht.

Hey, where are you?

what's going on here without me?

Whatever should be taking
place without you.

We already shared our farewells.

You are kicking us out?

Who dares to treat Leko Tatasheli like that?

No one.
Leko Tatasheli is Leko Tatasheli,

and our family has tolerated you
on many occasions.

A guest is sent by God.

May God give you health.

If I come from God,
then treat me with godliness.

You bring sacrifice to a deity just once,
and it leaves you in peace.

You are judging me?

No, you should stay here.

Do as you wish, but he is leaving.


Then I am leaving as well.

I leave offended and from now on,
will not step foot into your house.

For the love of God,
I am so pleased, don't ruin everything.

You tricked him.

As always,
as soon as I close my eyes,

my friends are stolen from me.

My dear young friend,

I have an obligation.

You are freed from your obligation.

And who is this?

I am Shakrotis Shkaresvili,

madam Garandukht's supervisor.

Elizbar Tsereteli asked
me to accompany our guest

to the house of brothers Matireli


A guest?

So now you are stealing my guest.

Elizbar didn't accommodate him
for even a day,

while I've taken him inside
ten houses,

and I'll see that he visits
a thousand more.

Enough, Leko, enough.

You won't make a step without my will.

No person has been born yet
that could wash me away.

Dear Leko...

Fine, we'll all go together.

You will join us.
There is enough room.

On the contrary, the more the better.
Isn't it so?

Tie him down!

Such jokes will not sit well
with Leko Tatasheli.

I am...
- I know, I know, my name is David.

Lunch will be served soon.

I am not hungry.

A guest must lie three times:

I am in a hurry,

I am not hungry,

and if I knew I was coming this way,
I'd bring you a good present.

You are welcome.

You know, everyone is welcoming me

as though I've arrived with
some extraordinary duty.

As though I am taking part
in some secret mission.

I don't want people to think
that about me.

If Elizbar ordered to send you to Tbilisi,
then it's what we have to do.

And we think nothing else of it.

If only you knew how much
lighter I feel now.

I know.

Feed us.

It's best if you go inside
the house and rest.

Where did you come from?

I just got here.
They wouldn't let me rest inside.

Didn't even wish me good health,
"Weave us a barrel," they said.

That's some hospitality.

Have you heard of anything like this?

Maybe I should help.

No, sit down.

You are no helper.

This craft requires expertise.

They say that a good barrel
is half the success in harvesting.

The other half is the weather.

So why does a ploughman boast,
I do not understand.

Why are you laughing?

And now I am boastingly laughing.

But what should I be doing
on the Day of Transfiguration?

A hard-working man should not
work on this day.

Such a holiday should be celebrated.

Right now, everyone's forgotten
about you anyway.

Right now they have to deal
with stacks of straws.

Once that's done,
some other task will need attention.

And only then they'll remember you.

They might not send you to the city today.

Is it for us to figure out
what's on their minds?

There behind the garden is Kassagor.

We'll run to Kassagor
And the monastery with its reflection

will appear to us
as though on the palm of our hands.

The pilgrim Tima will be there.

The monastery's cross is
no place for fallen apples.

We will come there,
they will greet us with joy.

I am not too lazy to take a walk,
and you shouldn't be either.

Follow me!

Dear Leko, dear Leko!

Niko! Niko!

Where is my guest?
Where is my guest?

Where is my guest?


Leave me, leave me.

Where is my guest?

I won't go anywhere without him.

I won't make a single step.

Take him away.

Let go off me. Let go.

Dear Leko.

What do you want from him?

He is only a guest.

You started the fire,
you plundered the monastery.

Where are the rest of them?

Who is your leader?

I will tell you,

I will give you an explanation,
just wait.

Not about murder,
not about theft,

not about arson,
that I don't know.

I know something else.
I know that I am Leko Tatasheli.

I am the leader of all actions.
I am the cause of rebellions.

Only I didn't manage to outpace you.

You got yours.

And he is in your hands,

my hope and my pillar.

Only don't torture him,

he won't be withstand it.

I take all responsibility.

It is I, Leko Tatasheli,

I am no tempter of the people,

I am no plunderer of monasteries.

It is I who came on
the Day of Transfiguration.

I was waiting for the holy holidays.

I was agitating the people.

And my map is in your hands,

My map will prove everything!

I drew the map.
Only I and no one else.

Make sure not to credit anyone else.

Now I am in your hands.

Do whatever you want with me.

Only don't burn me on the stake,
and don't shoot me.

And don't hang me.

Just cut my head off and carry
through all of Georgia.

What else do you want?

That is my last wish.

But my soul, my tortured soul,
will remain with you till the end of time.

What have you done?

What did you fabricate?

what could save us now?

Come to your senses!
Abandon that story!

Where is doctor Elizbar Tsereteli?

That's me.

You are coming with us.

Here it is, I found it.

Let's go.

Let's go.

You have to come with us.

I'll return soon.
We'll continue reading then.

He is also coming with us.

Leave him in peace,
he just returned from his studies.

He's coming anyway,
we'll sort it out there.

Are you Sakro Saakashvili?


You are coming with us.

What are you doing?

What's the problem?

Who are you?

Leave him!

This time they aren't here to be fed.

You are right.

They found an excuse.
Hospitality won't help us now.

Which one here is Rostom Mitrieli?

Let's go.



Do you recognize me?


Did you hear about the map?

The map?
The map is only an excuse.

Who would ever think to commit
to such naive plans?

A drawing of a young man
with a disturbed imagination.

Convincing you won't be difficult.

So you will apologize to us
and let us go home.

How could we not make use
of such evidence?

If this evidence didn't exist,
you'd make up something else.

For us, this is a document.

It doesn't take any documents
for you to murder anyone who doesn't

slavishly support your regime.

A futile discussion.

It's futile, I know.
The power is in your hands.

A year ago, you flooded
the popular revolution in blood.

Now you decided to take of us.

There is no other way,
we must defend the regime.

Your regime cannot be justified.

You know perfectly well
that it is doomed.

You are afraid of the future.

Which is why you are destroying
everything and everyone on your way.

But aren't you concerned with

who will you rule over
if you murder everyone?


I didn't bring you in
for this discussion.


You will be taken to the city.

And on the way,
someone will call out "run!"?

Be it so.

As soon at they lead you out,

hide somewhere in this village.

Why all this concern?

We shared a desk in school after all.

And what happens when they
notice a missing man?

Think only of yourself.

Thank you for your consideration.

But know,
I could have fled in the past.

I had ample opportunities,

but there was no place to run.

There never was and never will be.

I have one favor to ask of you.

Let the young musician go
instead of me.

He's got nothing to do with this.

Bring in the musician.

It's not my fault.

I know.

There is nothing I could do, nothing.

What happened?

Leko hung himself.

I curse the day
I conceived of this voyage.

Stand still.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6...

7, 8, 9, 10.

One is missing.

Get off.

Get off, I said.

What's this got to do with me?

Go stand with them.

Let's go.