Voyage of the Unicorn (2001) - full transcript

A professor, grieving for his dead wife, and his two daughters unwillingly journey to a parallel universe of fairy court, marauding trolls, and a prophecy that they will save this nether world. They board the Unicorn, a magic ship manned by elves. In the search for a dragon who will help them fulfill the prophecy, they encounter the Minotaur, Medusa, the Sphinx, an ogre, and a unicorn whose tears they need to reverse one of Medusa's misguided stares. The trolls also seek the dragon. Capture and slavery awaits failure, while faith precedes the miracle. The spirit of their mother is close to the girls, who must find courage and imagination, while Dad must keep his wits.

What say you, O wise one?

Trust in their quest. Help
them out, if necessary...

...risking their lives.

Give me your mouth.

Give the professor time to mourn
and the path to find.

He is on a treasure hunt.

Aisling is not aware of
the power of the dragon...

And the power of faith in our world.

He has found allies.
- He is weak, Titania.

If the prophecy is not true,
this is the end of the Fairy Kingdom.

Do not be afraid. Cassie and Miranda
are endowed with a pure heart.

What a misery.

Are all the clan chiefs already there?
- Yes, master.

Give me the dragon skull.

Mog, I'm in command.
- I was there first.

Stop it.

I appear before the Holy Council...

To the authority over all clans to claim.

There you have no right.
- I do.

You're lying.
- Skotos is not king.


Words need not be true, but
see the evidence.

I, Skotos...

Commander of all the
tribes on Troll Island...

I personally our oldest and
most feared enemy defeated:

The dragon.

Who denies my claim?

That skull may not be found or stolen.

What proves that you know him have slain?
- This. Cratch?

Was there any opposition?

It is enough.

I love this dispute calls.


See here...

I call the power of the dragon.

I call the power of the dragon...

Us the victory to the mortals to deliver.

We never thought that
everything could go wrong.

But mom always said that we
should not give up hope...


If you believe there is miracles can happen.

I pray for that dear Malachi...

And I pray that the way we ever will find

Papa cried and we had a
fight. All seems lost.

If Wunterlabe
can not be repaired, we're stuck here.

Papa hopes the solution in the library.

Everything seems lost.

You will remain long with us.

Nothing lasts forever.
Why I you two.

You are a brave warrior and
you will be riding a unicorn.


I can ever get my Greek.

Did you find anything?

Ingredients for a love potion
a frozen heart warms.

That's not exactly what we seek,
but it may be worth trying.

It is more appropriate to my condition.

Your heart is not frozen.

It must be frozen.

Otherwise I was mad.
- That time is behind you.

You're among friends.

Yes, friends.
- A friend is enough.

Always said that my wife Lily.

They have been a remarkable woman.
- One out of thousands.

You like her daughters.
They are as beautiful as princesses.

And they are as brave as warriors.

I'm trying to make them
as well as possible to feed.

But Lily was much better.

You can yourself lucky
that you have known love.

I do too.

Is he ready?

He is very nice, leader.

What do you think, Oberon?
- Really a weapon for a king.


Kings We must help each other.

I have the wands required.


Is that really necessary?
- You look cool, Dad.

We try a combination of two spells.

something to undo and to let him wake up.

We are also with our research come.

Medusa, you're standing here.

If I stick with my
tap on the crystal, that is your cue to start.

Keep your place.
There should now go wrong.

- Yes.

Almost forgot.

Medusa's gaze of stone made flesh.

Malachi, friend, return without fear.

One more time.

They now tail to ward off the curse...

...we beg you to return once again to.

It succeeds.

He is indeed reversed.

We tried everything,
but in vain.

Medusa thought the magic
University could help...

But where was he?
- This island here.

Tomorrow lies somewhere else.
- I can not.

Is that in your world or not?
- No.

How do you find these islands?
- Only Malachi knows these waters.

Have you looked up there?
- It must be here somewhere.

No, there.

Magical University.

I found it.

What is this?
- Magic.

It is not true.

Excuse me, sir.

Is this the Magic University?

How can I think with all that noise?
- We need help.

You are lost.

We come from another world.
- Who does not?

Medusa has petrified
Malachi and we want him back change.

I guess. I also have
a good story on his time.

My spells were of no avail.
- I'm not surprised.

Why not?
- With magic...

Do not ask questions.

And you do not expect immediate success.

Can you change it back?
- This is not change...

But a complete transformation.
- What is the difference?

If you find two or three
came to study, do you know that.

According to my calculations,
you have three problems.

You need the prophecy come true
by the trolls to beat.

You must find the way home...

And you must save your friend the dwarf.

This is intriguing. Really fascinating.

There are apparently
higher powers at work.

This trip has another purpose.
- What then?

Sorry, I should not reveal your destiny.
That you learn here all on your first day.

Life is strange.

Unicycle, no.
Unity, no.

Unicorn. Birth,
food and care...

Gotcha, magical properties.

According to legend
unicorn tears you need...

Flesh to stone to change.
- Then we find a unicorn.

There's a princess for that.

These virgins are nice enough.
- I could succeed.

And you have the unicorn a silver apple.

That I have never seen.
- They are rare.

Someone grows them in a forest
east of here.

He sells us a few.
- I doubt that.

I disapprove of theft not,
but it is your only chance.

Olaf wants no fruit of renunciation.

Olaf the bogeyman.
No, that is a chore.

My legs are still off.
- It's not far.

Look, there it is.

It's just water.

Come on, Miranda.

Throw the apples it.
I do not get wet.

Olaf will give us a few apples not begrudge.

He's probably very understanding.
- Take it.

This is a very nice.

I picked them for you.

What beautiful. Is it velvet?
- No side.

Nice, though.

Come back.

Look out.

Brave bogeyman.

He thinks we are princesses.

Arise, Olaf.

The apple.

What is it?
- Mama's drawing.

There is a certain similarity.
- He is exactly the same.

Miranda, ga for that tree.
Just as in the drawing.

Everything is exactly right.
Our arrival was destined.

Miranda, wait now.

How did you do that?

I just believed that I could.
So it is in this world.

Those are my daughters.

Rowing. We're almost there.

On to victory.

We have found the unicorn and
given him the silver apple.

But how do we let him cry?

We should hurt him.

Of course not.

Now the Wunterlabe broken,
we can not go home.

We are lost and the skull can not
the prophecy come true.

But Dad thinks that Oberon
and Titania council know.

What is it?
- A dirty air and dark waters.

Feel it too?
- Changes are coming.

Land in sight. Fairy Island.

Set all sail.
If we do not be late.



Trolls. A lot of trolls.

That way.

What does a dryad without a tree?
- You do not know.

Maybe she escaped.
- Let's hope so.

Oberon and Titania may not be dead, huh?

The steward.

The method and its maidens
have returned. Why?

We are looking for Titania and Oberon.
We need help.

According to the prophecy, you
had your own quest complete.

Where is everyone?
- Fled.

We have hidden.
The king is missing.

I fear the worst.

What should we do?
- Steward.

There will come to us a
man endowed with wisdom...

And two good-hearted young virgins.
They come from far across the seas.

Chained heroes They will deliver...

Old wounds heal and the giant
do be reborn.

You recognize them by these signs:
A sword, a ship...

And a banner with this inscription:
Crescendo voids.

You see by faith.

Trust in their quest. Help them.

I'm sorry.

We can not help you now.

This is a tie.

Put him down there.

That's not fair. You help him.

If only he could talk.
He knows down the road to home.

If only we had immediately gone.
Then we had not been.

Are you mad at me?

I'm just upset.
I would not stay here.

We belong here.

What do you miss the most, Miranda?

Things that I thought you could not.
My friends and school.

Steve. I do not know.

And you?
- Everything.

But you know what I'm not wrong?
In oak case is not so bad.

Mama. She's here.
I think the whole time with her.

If I close my eyes,
I see her face.

I can smell her perfume.

If I enter in. chamber,
I can not believe she is not there.

I did that.


Do it for a little rafts?

We do not have dragon fire
to the fairy gold smiths.

Not anymore.

Can we have a little practice,

If it depends on me,
I use that thing ever again.

Tell me what you think.

You will always find problems on your way
when you least expect it.

We need somewhere where we
can not find the trolls.

What we believe will happen.

What is this cheap trick?

The prophecy would not come, you said.
They must be destroyed.

You would fairyland alone
if I stopped mortals.

This is strong magic.

You are deceiving me. Grab him.

You do not know what this is.
I need you to show you what allows.

I do not need your help.

Trolls We also have power.

How does it feel to be one of us, Oberon?

Do with me what you want, but do you
your word and save my kingdom.

Your kingdom will be mine...

Once I've dealt with this pest.

Is he fixed?
- No.

We get no happy end.

In the lower deck.

No. A sea serpent.

Where is Miranda?

You did not need my magic.

How can I make a... to someone who
already has so many gifts?

Vile troll magic.

We need to hide them.
- Madness.

Do you disagree?

I have not been long in the world
and I am no way...

But I have seen this:
There are trolls everywhere.

They look different and have different
names, but they are trolls.

They want to destroy things
and make everything the same.

They lead with the help
of hustle and bustle.

It makes no sense to avoid them.

What do you say?

If your flight, you will die.

Against a troll, but one thing you can do
: Sustain and fighting.

You're okay.
- What happened?

I called the mermaid.
- You did it.

So it is in this world.

She is nothing wrong.
- Happy.

We can not stay here.
It's too dangerous.

Where, Professor?

Do not worry, Dad.
You will make the right choice.

Alan, what do you think is correct.


Head for Troll Island.

Sebastian, we go on deck. Hurry up.

This is pure waste of time.

Who can now go to the beach
that we monitor?

Skotos cares nothing about us.

Who's there?

Do I get to the Holy Land of the trolls?

Come quickly.

Split. Malachi, Sebastian
Medusa and go south.

We go to the north.

If something happens, we
see each other again.


Let's go.

Do you see my great army.

You are forgetting the skull.
- I am the commander in chief.

I forget nothing.
- Sure.

What did you say?

Yes, that's right, chief.

You two, my palace guard
with your worthless lives.





What are they?
- Forges to make weapons.

I would rather die than be slaves again.

Set to it.

Stay behind us.


My trolls.

Loyal subjects, hear me.

The time has come.
Our time has come.

The era of the trolls.

The Dragon and Oberon and Titania...

King and queen who call
are dust beneath our feet.

And this is just the beginning.

There are more islands and
worlds to conquer.

I, Skotos, traveled to those worlds.

I saw them with my own eyes.

We have the impostor Aisling
detected in such a world...

And we have defeated him.

His world is incredibly rich...

And ripe to be plundered.

The people are weak and insignificant.
- Now What?

We make slaves of them.
- I attacked the guards.

If they raise the alarm, all is lost.
This way.

Do you want the skull?

Skull Bearer,
let them see the dragon's skull.

This is still in your palace.
- Silence.

Are you saying that you, the carrier...
- We need to distract them.

The dragon skull forgotten?
- I do not. I told you yet...

Tie him.

Now we will see what happens with
naughty trolls.

Where is she? Where is Cassie?
- There.

Hello, there.

Remove the skull.
I saw Cassie walk.

Quickly get the skull.
- Yes, fast.

As a commander I punish
anyone who violates our laws.

What have we here?

We have a guest.

A guest?

A spy, you mean.

Silence. Tie her up.

Hurry up, I just heard Cassie.

Spying on Troll Island
is punishable by death.

Come to think, to Troll Island
everything is punishable by death.

I am not a spy.

If you're not a spy,
what are you then?

A snack, perhaps?

Miranda, listen carefully.

Take the skull to Malachi.

And you then?
- We save Cassie.

Laugh, I'll warn you.

In the name of the prophecy
I demand that you let me go.

And I demand that the other islands alone.

And if we do not?
It's the prophecy.

Trust in their quest.
Help them with their own peril.

They herald a new beginning.
And an end to the darkness.

The latter refers to you.

We are trolls.
And trolls are warlike.

I can not leave.
- Only you can save the skull.

Without the skull, everything is lost.

You can do it.
- No.

Ga now.

Be careful.

You can change.
I have read about trolls.

Once you were not bad.
- That's a lie.

I have met all sorts of creatures.
Fairies, dwarfs, elves and more.

Everyone was incredibly friendly
and generous. Even Olaf.

And he is a bogeyman.

Do you really...

That if we were to change...

Other nations would consider us as equals

Despite our rugged
appearance and bad manners?

Yes, I think really.
I believe in it.

As you pit your strength.

I will think about your words.

There you will not regret.

But fortunately for me...

After thinking better
trolls on a full stomach.

Make lavaput ready.

- Always.

Short fried like.

Help me.

There, love him.
- Help.

Destroy them.


It is the Sphinx.

Let her go, she's mine.

Follow me. Cassie is safe.
- I'll cover the retreat.

Let the prophecy come true. Ga.

What happened?
- Go to the quarry.

I can do it.

Flight of the unicorn.

This way.

Hey, trollenkop.

Sebastian flight.

I am not afraid.

We find them, great leader.
- I can smell them.

They are in the neighborhood.
We will destroy them.

We have the skull back.

Any troll on the island looking for them.

That she guessed,
if they want to live.

There is another way to find them.

Silence. Calm down.

Where is Cassie?
- The Sphinx her.

Already forgotten who I was.
- They do not make us happy.

What is the Minotaur?
- That did not make it.

It is not over yet.
What smells so?

Just ask not.
- I lift the skull is.


King Oberon, what happened?

Leave me alone with my shame.
And never call me king.

Move. Aside.

Faster. Hurry up.

We must do something.

Welcome to my 'Fairy Empire.'

Slave, you will have your whole
life twice as hard toil...

If you do not tell me where the skull is.

You heard me, slave.
Answer beast.

Where are they?

Well, then, will we ever see
how brave you are.

Join us.
We can use your power well.

You mortal friends do not care
about you. They just use you.

Use your power for a better purpose.

Where are they now?
- Headed bull, where are they?

Where are the mortals?

What is a Minotaur still...

Without his horn?

For the last time, where are they?


Hey, ugly. Were you this?
- Grab them.

What now?
- Run.

Good plan.

An exchange of gold for the troll
which brings me Aislings head.

And a chest full of gold for the troll
which brings me to the dragon skull.

Dad, Miranda, here.
Take the skull with it.

Stay there, Cassie.

- It's not true.

I will destroy you, Aisling.

He is mine.
The skull is mine.

And now he's mine.

Well I told you, Aisling.

Oh no, the skull.

I will destroy you, Aisling.

Cassie, I'm coming.

Well I told you, Aisling.

I've had it with you.

It could also still on.

Come back.

Move. Give me that.


Be a good girl and give me the skull.

- You have nothing.

If you give me the skull,
I spare your family.

Forget it.

Do you really think you have the power to
the dragon to life?


This mortal believes that it has the power.

No, this mortal just believe.

If they give you the skull,
you save them?


Cassie, give him the skull.

This is good advice.
Listen to your father.


You get 'em.

Crescendo voids.

Run for your life.

For your freedom.

I want to go home.


The pancakes are ready.

Do you want a pancake?
With blueberries.

Steve Will you pick?
- No idea. We had a fight.

He insisted rather on
and then I sent him away.

This is hardly an argument.
- Tell me about it.

I need to talk
the board about the new dean.

I'm looking forward to the fight.

What is it?


What is it?
- You eat. You would never eat.

Well, if I am hungry.
It is foolish to starve.

Are the pancakes taste good?

Last night I dreamed strange.

- We were on a ship.

What ship?
- A magical ship.

Like the ship in mommy's portfolio.

What's she talking about? Funny,
I have strange dreams.

Let's see.

It was no dream.

Crescendo voids.

You see by faith.

Well I have been there.

Then everything was almost normal.

There was obviously something changed.

Mr. Banebridge decided he
do not want to be dean.

There was something his nerve ends
demolitions happen.

Professor Aisling was
dean and we did not move.

Sometimes I think all
events and our homecoming.

I realize that the trip was most important.

He has changed us.

I now know what porridge
with crescendo voids mean.

We can do more than what we see.

Sometimes you just need
someone who believes in you...


Mama believed so strongly in us.
I will always carry with me.

Sometimes I dream that I see the Unicorn.

Then I run the quay,
on a new adventure.

I dream that I will see her again.

And then she disappears.

But I'm not sad anymore.

I know that the greatest
adventure of all time...


And because I believe.

And if you believe there is
miracles can happen.