Voyage of the Damned (1976) - full transcript

In 1939, Germany's Hamburg-America Line announced a voyage from Germany to Cuba. 937 people, the vast majority being Jews, signed up for the opportunity to escape Nazi Germany. Unbeknownst to the passengers, the visas they purchased were from a corrupt Cuban director of immigration, and they were invalid. Upon arrival in Havana, only 28 people were allowed to disembark, while the rest remained on board for weeks as they sailed to Florida, and eventually Canada, searching for safe haven. Sadly the ship returned to Antwerp after more than a month at sea. Forced back under Nazi rule as the low countries fell, it is estimated that approximately 250 of the refugees died in the extermination camps in occupied Poland. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

Your debriefing officer was pleased

by the amount of information
you brought back.

Thanks, commander.

The asignementon your next
voyage is even more important.

- Do you know your destination?
- Yes, the captain told us,

A passenger cruise to Havana, Cuba.

Did He tell you the nature of your passengers?


They are all Jews.

Some even from
concentration camps.

And are they allowed to leave?

It was arranged by
Dr. Goebbels himself.


This humanitarian voyage
will be the perfect smoke screen.

Since Many of our cells
have been discovered

or significant material
has been channeled through Miami to Cuba.

On your arrival there, you will go ashore mingeling with the passengers,

and contact Hoffman.

He is our Chief agent
in Havana.

Any questions?

Yes man Speak Speak.

Yes, no, I mean, thats clear quite clear, but...

Yes, but what?

These Jews...

They have been given an official permit?

That is not your concern.

All attention will be focused on them, not on you.

But these people they are passengers.

It will be offencive to you to serve them?

Extremely offensive, Admiral.

I see.

It is... it is a violation of all Party principles.

Now listen to me you fool.

This is not an exercise in philosophy.

You have been recruited by inteligence service and given a mission.

Your only concern will be to carry that out, successfully

And without questions.

Forgive me, sir I only ment..

What are your relations
with Captain Schroeder?

I misstrust him.

He refuses to join the Party.

That's the very reason he was chosen to be the captain on this voyage,

It is above suspicion.

Yes, but...

the Gestapo has ordered me to observe Him.

Then Observe, but you will avoid any direct confrontation.

I understand...

And now, report to
Your briefing officer.

Try to ignore them, Try to ignore them.

Hey you! Where are you from?

Please, We have a suitcase missing.

It is a very important suitcase, please.

Come on.

Everything we own is in that suitcase.

Just think,how Exciting it will be.

Sailing right accross the Sea in a big ship.

Listen to The band Isn't it fine?

And your father... will be waiting.

He has been in Havana for such
long time. Just waiting for you

Why didn't you come too, mutti?

I can't. Not yet.

Dont You want to come?

For God sakes Lady can't you ever tell them the truth?

Which truth would you like me to tell them?

The one about why I'm staying,
Or the one about why they must go?

Please Sara. Please Do not Cry.

Sara, you must be a brave girl, or will you make me cry

Come along girls.

Not yet, Verner, please.

You said goodbye.

Now I bet you can't run
to the top of the gangway on your own.

Yes I can.


Watch Me mutti!

Take care.

And remember...

That I love you both always.

I hope you don't forget me.

If it's so hard to bear you would have come with them


Come on, look up!

You there.

You, Who are you?

I am from the Ministry of Propaganda.

I have orders to
Photograph these people.

You have no authority here.

You either leave, or be showing away!


Cabin 373, D deck.


- I'll find myself.
- Thats what you want.

I feel like a clown.

You look wonderfull.

Everything is in order, Dr. Kreisler.


- Joseph!
- Aaron.

I ran away and left you.

I thought that they had taken you.

I didn't know what to do.

I came here, I stood outside the gate all night.


I thought I would never see you again.

I was first in this morning.


Would you mind please?

Prepare to start Engines, Mr. Kolmer.

Are we leaving?

Really leaving?

We are leaving. And on time.

Germans are always on timel.

Will we ever come back?

This is only temporary madness.
Of course we come back.

Murderers! Butchers!


Leave it, come.

Only one, dear.


The nightmare is nearly over, dearest.

The climate is a lot better for you in Havana.

Do you...

Do you think we...

We shall like it in Havana?

Yes I think so.

We'll like it.

You know.

To go to Travel somewhere


Is sometimes enough.

You haven't touched your
Caviar, Mr. Rosen.

Dont you care for it?

- My husband...
- My father...

My husband and I are not very
Good sailors, doctor.

Then you come and see me,
I will give you something to help .

Excuse Me sir. To follow?

You have the duck or the veal.

Roasted duck, veal marengo.

We not whish to make any problems.

No problem, sir.
Just as you wish.

Whichever is easier.

I think they like the veal.


Will the captain be joining us?

I'm afraid you'll have to do with Me.

- Care to dance Miss Rosen?
- Yes.

- It's a rumba, isn't it?
- Yes.

I don't know if I can do that.

It's very simple, just let yourself
follow the music.

Why is She dancing with one of them?

She doesn't understand that, Carl, please.

It is a wonderful night. Why don't you try to enjoy?


Very good.

I don't see how it could be any better than this in First class.

That's right.

- You may find out.
- How do you mean?

Well, the purser has asked us

if we like to take care of
two little girls traveling alone

but take care of... it's the same
as take care of two little girls.

We said He should ask you.

Ohh, I `d love to. I miss my own so much.

We took them out six months ago.

They are waiting for me in Havana.

I be so happy to see them.

Of course my husband is still in Germany.

Lets hope He will be able to join you soon.

Lets drink to that.

Doctor. I'm sorry professor.

I heard your lecture
about clinical pathology

At Berlin Univertisty about two years ago.

It was a privilege.

Thank you.

But it must have been
more then two years ago.

Because later I was replaced
as the head of my clinic.

And forbidden to lecture.

But... how did you manage?


How do you live?

To survive.

You know, the... human race

and mine in particular

has a unique capacity to survive.

I lost my clinic, but I'm still a doctor.

But then you where permitted to threat your own people.


But even the Aryans of the SS can
suffer from blood diseases

You treated the SS?

I am a doctor, not a politician.


But you are a lawyer.

I'm sure you're familiar with
The Hippocratic Oath


But there are limits.

As a doctor, it is obliged
to treat anyone...

Who ask me for medical help.

Whoever it may be.

Strange enough, my last patient was the father of an SS captain.

In return, he treated us with very much kindness.

You See...

Life is never black and white.

For some of us,
Professor, life is more simple.

The people you treat,
are my husband's enemies.

I enjoyed your waltz.

If we can be of help...

please call us.

Excuse me, Mrs. Rosen.

Would you like a hot drink?

Karl, Karl.

You like a hot drink?

- Ms. Rosen?
- Yes.

There is company rule that

forbits nembers of the crew to use passenger areas.

You're breaking them.

I'm authorized by Director Holthusen to use this

to use the social halls when
and if it's reasonable.

You think it's reasonable
to distroy the good will of this voyage,

by causing embaressment to the passengers?

Embaressment, passengers?

There is no law that prohibits
to sing the party songs surely?

Get out. Get out all of you!

From now on,

the passenger areas
are subbounced to all members of the crew,

except on duty.

Get Out!

What excactly does "hmm" mean?


Does it register?

Yes, it registers.

- Give Him one of those every four hours.
- Just one, thank you Doctor.

At least your condition remains stable, professor.

It's nice to know that I'm
Dying in stable condition.

-Mugs, don't say that.
- You're not dying.

You have been under a great deal of stress.

Oh, I saw my books burned.

My Home defiled.

We had to hide from
People we thought were our friends.

I guess you could call that stress.

You don't have to hide any longer.

Thank you Doctor.

We don't have to hide any longer.

It has taken me an hour
for my mom to go to sleep.

It's so long since they allowed us to go to the cinemas I feel quite excited.

Excuse me sir, dont you think you ought to eat something,

You hadn't anything all day.

No, thanks, Gunter, I'm alright.

More, sir?

I'm Dr. Egon Kreisler.

I come to launch an
officially protest.

This quaters are private,
Doctor, didn't you see the sign?

If you a complaint make it to the purser.

I already did He denies responsibility

I just assume

that you are not in control of your ships activities,

or worse, you have been part of the mockery of your passengers.

Leave us.

Will you sit down, doctor?

It won't distract with a ceremony.

As you please.

I come here to demand a
personal explanation

You have me at a disadvantage,
Doctor, I have no idea...

We went to see a film,
A romantic comedy.

Instead, We where treated to the
Newsletters of Mr. Adolf Hitler.

Did you approve of this?

I neither approved nor new of it.

And I assure it shall not happen again.

I frankly admit that there appears to be the lacks of good taste.

Thank you Captain. Goodnight.


Come on, it's time to sleep.

What do you know about this man, Gunter?


I hear Sir he is an eminent doctor.

I used to be at the University of Berlin.

Egon Kreisler Yes, Professor.


Of all the passengers He is the
Only one who came to see me.

Perhaps, sir...


Perhaps if the passengers
got to know You, sir...

No no no no.

I have to stand appart

It's the only way to see trouble before it begins.

- Goodnight Mr.
- Goodnight.


Tell Mr. Mueller that recration hall has to be converted

Friday evening
and saturday morning

For religious services.

There is a rabbi on board,
notify him, will you?

Yes sir. Goodnight Mr.

From the Director General, sir.

Imperative you make full speed.

Two other refugees ships sailing for Havana.

No cause for alarm, but the
Situation in Havana is fluid.

If there is no cause for alarm,
Why make more speed?

Any increase in speed, sir,
there won't be a passenger in the dining room.

- Heinrich.
- Yes sir.

If we change course heading north of the Azores instead of this loop to the south...?

How much time would we save?

At our present speed, sir...

About half a day but
The seas will be much rougher.

Going to change course.

Hold present speed.

Mr. Steiman.

To Director General Holthusen in Hamburg:

Can improve arrival time by 12 hours.

If more required...

Request immediate explanation situation Havana.

Did you get that?

Yes sir.

We are beeing used, Ostermaier.

For what, sir?

I don't know.

Dear,should I get Dr. Glauner again?

No. No, what for? Who needs Him?

I'm allright.

The sea air will do you good, he said.

When you get better
We will go up for walks.

Yes, you will, you'll have me singing and dancing and swimming next.

Well, why not?

Yet by Saturday, you will feel more like yourself.

What's got to be with you?

What's going to happen who is going to look after you?

Message from Hamburg, sir, is urgent.

We are decoding it now.

Read it

"Proceed all possible speed.

Situation in Havana are critical.

A wave of anti-Semitism
is sweeping Cuba. "

It is your responsibility to see that
The San Luis docks, Clasing.

Oh Ja.

My responsibility,

but it was your agents who bribed the press.

You stired up this strong anti-Semitism

and now everything is my responsibility.


Luis, my friend, what a pleasure to see you.

May I introduce to you my assistant, Hoffman.

- How do you do?
- How do you do?

- Your assistant, huh?
- Yes.

His Excellency Manuel Benítez,
Director of Immigration.

Please please.

Hi Michelle.

A beautiful girl The one with short hair.

It's French, so she says.

Would you like to know her?

Manuel, we have an urgent problem.

A problem?

By Presidents Bru decree.

The authorities tells Me

that San Luis will not even be permitted to enter the harbour.


We have had nine presidents
in the last four years.

The last one didn't even have time to go out the bathtub before He was deposed.

Bru is no problem.

But he has signed this decree.

We must get Him to cancel it.

We are wasting time.

How much would it take to bribe him?


Two more sodas, please.

You will not get very far in
Havana, Mr. Hoffman,

If you presist in thinking like a tourist.

You must learn to
Understand the Cuban mentality.

Look what has already happened.

First you tell us how disgusting these refugees are.

Then you protest because we don't except them with open arms.


You guaranteed these
landing permits.

Uptill now, your
asociation with my company,

has been highly profitable

but I don't see how it can continue.

I have told you not to worry, Luis.

Tell me, what's this famous decree called?

What do you mean?

Decree number nine hundred

The exact number of
refugees on the ship.

Yes, but the people on San Luis,

If I understand you...

No, no, no, that's the beauty of it you see.

The Permits were issued on the 2 May.

The decree was signed on 5
May, so, it can not affect them.

The president has made his little gesture and nobody was harmed.

The Cuban mentality.

I must inform you of your legal right to remain silent

but if you do so, this matter will be refered to a higher authority.

I don't even know why I am here.

You disobeyed my direct order

against using this voyage to make political propaganda.

As party representative...

That gives you no Special privilege, Schiendick.

Your record is filled
with complaints from passengers.

In addition you made accusations against my officers

you also incited other members of the crew to disobey orders.

Under Maritime Law, that is mutiny.

If I have been to officius in
My desire to serve the party.

I warn you, Schiendick.

one more complaint against you,

and I will have you put ashore at the nearest port.

Captain, I...


That's all.

I think we should have gone to service, Carl.

Mix more with others.

I think we should have gone Karl.

These are all part of it.

Part of what?

- Just wanted to check on who was there.
- Who?

I don't believe that.

The captain is trying to
make things easier for us

Why? He is one of them.

I thought I would take this in for Ana.

As a surprise

I could wear the mask for it.

Don't you think she would look
pretty in it, Karl?

All our letters, photographs,
Our private papers

Our whole life
I was in that case.

Well, they are gone now.

Just things.

Things can be replaced.

It is better that they are lost.

To start again without them.

They just playing with us. We never get off this ship.

Don't talk like that, Karl!

We have years of beeing affraid.

Years hoping for what.

We sold everything to get away.

But we will never escape if
We bring that fear with us.

You have to help me.I can't do everything on my own.

I can't.

I can't.

- I can't. I just can't.
- What's happened to Him?

Mom. What happens?

I want to help Him. I want to help Him.

Let me go back with him.

- Listen.
- Why is He crying?

- What's the matter with Him?
- Listen to me.

I have to reach him.

He is retreating into himself. You understand?

Y never seen Him cry before.

If you want to help him, go up there, find some Young people and make friends.

- Mom.
- If he sees that you are happy,

Thats going to help Him.

I can't stand to see him cry.

Dont worry.

Come on.

It's Lili.

It's Lili.

I'm sorry my darling I didn't mean to speak to you like this.

Carl, this is a ship.

It's just a ship, it is not a prison.

We're the lucky ones.

In just a few days,
We are going to be in Havana.

And then We will be in America.

And We can walk down the streets,
and no one will even look at us.

And while you're getting well again,
I just find work.

And so can Ana.

You'll see, Carl, it will be a good life then.

And no one...

No one will ever hurt you again.

What are you thinking?

Just thinking.

Of what?

The past, is the past.

Do you remember what you said a new life had been giving to both of us?


What's wrong?

I'm just tired, thats all.

You're lovely.

I see what it is thats wrong.

You still think of that Girl.

Denise, please.

The great...

Egon Kreisler

So cool.

So detached

In search of youth.

Stop it, Denise!

There was no love in it.

You don't understand it,
was not like with us.

I was a trophy for her.

Didn't you love her?


Do You love Me?

We are together.

It's cold for you, Joseph, come We go.



Did you see the Azores?

No no.

How is your father? Is He better?

- Why? Do they talk about him?
- No.


No no.

It is just that...

My mother is very...

Well, we are very worried.

If you think He is really Ill

the authorities in
Cuba might send Him back.

Why would they send Him back?


You wont anything?

No no!

I promise.

For the last two years,

My Father has been handled by The Gestapo.

The Gestapo

Don't tell you what it is been like.

What do they do?

He was a lawyer.

Everybody liked him.

When Jews where not allowed to work anymore,

Didn't see Him for months.

Each time I saw Him, I couldn't
Believe how much He changed.

Someone is coming!

Would you get into trouble if seen talking to Me?


I was... Thinking of You.


I'll better be going anyway.

Uhm.. might I see you tomorrow

I'm not going anywhere.

I meant here.

Right here?


Yes if you want to.

Well goodbye then, Max.

- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.

- Are these children of yours?
- My daughters sir.

- They have landing permits?
- And visas.


Issued three weeks ago by
the Cuban consulate in Hamburg.

- Good.
- And signed.

And the landing permits ought to bin hmm...

what is your name?
- Benitez.

The man is a thief you know.

A thief?

Giving out landing permits to refugees,

Not just streching the Law,
is making a fortune.

And also making the hopeless mistake by not sharing
the profits with right people.

I stay on the black, dear.

It doesn't go anymore.

Lets Say, doctor...

- Strauss.
- Strauss, yes.

These Children of yours could come ashore,

Do you have enough
money to support them?

We have our
fascists in Cuba also.

I apose them, because
they do a petty small manual.

They abuse their power.

I think we can honer your visas.

If necessary, I
I will pose the guarantee.

I can't thank you enough , sir.


Something still troubeling your mind,


People are sayin the St Luis might not be allowed,
even to enter the harbour.

I have three hundred tons of
sugar consigned to Her

and a portion of the profits,
Which will go to the right people.

I am a businessman.
I take precautions.

What about the passengers?

I shall use what influence I have.

So its certain?

In Havana, doctor, the only thing
that one can be certain of is...

a cigar.

Hello Berg.

Can I have a word with you?

No. I'm sorry, Schiendick,
I don't have time.


Thats not very friendly.

These are strange times, Berg.

You know its my job to make sure the partys influence is been mantained.

It is not always easy.

- We should help each other.
- What do you want?

As party representative
I have to know whats going on.

And, what does it have to do with me?


you are a close friend of the captains steward, Max Gunter,

I mean He must hear things, have a quick look at the radio messages.

- Wait a minute, you ask me to spy...
- In your own interest, Berg.

I have to keep a look out for subversives.

And your close friend, Max
Gunter, is a Jew lover,

Do you know what that means? You know the Nurnberger racial laws?

And I've seen you crawling to them too.

Well if its a choice between them and you,
I know what to take.

I have witnesses for that.

Do you think I care!
The Hell with you and your party!

After all your promises,
you just make life not worth living.

Threats, spying on each other.

I'm sick of it!

Maybe the others are
afraid to tell you, but I'm not.

You are on my list.


Those men with the saved heads, are they criminals?

They are teachers.

I have talked with them.

Their only crime is they are Jews.

Oh excuse me.

It is shameful.

They are everywhere.
Like animals in the field.

It's natural.

How do they know which of them are Nazis?

They are young. They are afraid

They make love as an escape.

It is an affirmation of life.

For God's sake, Egon, I know that.

- Man overboard!
- Man overboard!

Man overboard!


Man overboard. Port side, sir.

Man overboard, sir. Port side

Standby to go hard about.

Was it a passenger?

I saw him jump, it was Berg, Heinz
Berg, from the engine room.

A sailor?

Even if he is still alive, he will be
miles behind by now

There is no change of finding Him in the dark.

Poor Berg.

Herr. Clasing.

Herr. Goldsmith.

This Morris Troper, head
of the Jewish Agency in Europe.

Luis Clasing, director
of the Hamburg-Amerika line here.

- You are American, Herr. Troper?
- Yes, a thirsty one.

Of course.

Please sit down

- What would you like?
- A cold beer, please.

- And you, Herr Goldsmith?
- The same please.

- Two cold beers, please.
- Yes sir.

- When did you arrive?
- At two O'clock this morning.

- You must be tired.
- No.

I understand you have come from Pariss.

Lovely city Paris.

- Lottery?
- No no no. Thank you.

No no no. Thank you.

Mr. Clasing.


I like some straight answers.

Regarding what?

Landing permits

that your company supplied to the passengers of the St Luis.

They are not worth the paper
they are written on.

They are of limited value, Yes.

But they are aducate for permitting the passengers to come ashore.

Thats definate?

I have the personal word of the director of Immigration.

Benítez, Immigration Chief,
He has no mark for honesty.

- He's a politician, Herr. Goldsmith.
- I dont like it.

All of a Sudden a thousand Jews are allowed to leave Germany.


- Why?
- It was a gesture.

- The beginning of a thaw Morris.
- Yes?

And as soon as they sail

this Nazi propaganda starts, in Europe, in al the Americas.

- Why is that?
- Why?

You people are so suspicious,

Always looking for
hidden meaning.

Listen you people taught us with guns, and clubs,

With concentration camps.

There is no need to be offensive.


All I know there is something rotten here and Im going to find out what it is.

I'm afraid I can't help you, Herr. Troper,

I'm only a shipping agent.

Good Day gentlemen.

I will permit the St. Louis
to anchor to be serviced.

You surprise me, my dear Remoss.

You supported the decision very warmly at first.

Because I was a way of stopping Benitez

and put an end to his raketering.

But I have not taken into account the moral issues.

I have noticed before

You sometimes confuse what is Moral and what is practical.

We have no obligation to those people.

Their permits to land are only legal for tourists.

If I know it straight out the imagination,

can refugees be forced to leave their own country,

be considered as tourists.

What about General Batista?

It is said that he is in favor of them landing.

I shall soon be in a better position not

to care one way or the another.

He will wait to see what you decide and do exactly the opposite.

And there is also the American attitude to consider

Batista and Roosevelt.

The two ringmasters of Cuban politics.

Batista will say nothing, because He is affraid of loosing his popularity.

As for Roosevelt, he also has
elections coming

and rising unemployment in America.

Like me, He will study the situation.

And do what is politically inexpedient.

My conscience is clear.

I have acted throughout.

And I will continue to act...

only the best interest of the people of Cuba.

American music, Egon.

How appropriate

Mr. Josef.

May I complement you your... costume, Mrs. Kreisler?

Somewhat over dressed perhaps.

May I have the honor of
this dance, Miss Rosen?


She has promised this dance to Me.

Mrs. Rosen?

Would you care to dance?



I thought you wherent gonna come.

We should be in there.

Can't you sneak in?


I am not allowed to.

Dress you up like a bandit.

Put a mask over your face.

Just think day after tomorrow, we will be in Havana.


I tried to watch you dancing.

- Did you see Me?
- Yes.

Made you jealous?

I wouldn't tell you if I was.


There is...

There is something... something that Id like to tell you.


I know.

Wants we get to Havanna Il go ashore and you...

Vienna, Vienna,

only you are the city

of my dreams.

City of old buildings

and of lovely women.

Vienna, Vienna,

only you are the city

of my dreams.

The city where I am lucky and happy.

It's Vienna, it's Vienna.

My Vienna

That's curious.

Those Jews...

They miss Germany.

And why not?

After all, they are Germans.

Do some Cuban music, something Fast and Gay . A conga

- Yes,Madam.
- Play a conga.

A conga

Who is it?

Dr. Glauner May l
see you for a moment?

Don't go away.


Professor Weiler has just died.

Why do you need Me?

The captain would like you to,
verify the cause of death.

I am coming.

Yes, I agree with your diagnosis.

From what you have told me it
was a masive coronary occlusion.


My husband died because
of broken heart.

If you would excuse me, I would like,
to be alone with my husband.

Thank you Captain.

Doctor Thank you.

You wanted to see me, captain?

How did you know?

Well, the doctor’s Glauner diagnosis did not need any confirmation.

Have you seen the friget birds this afternoon? We are very close to shore.

- Why did you want to see Me?
- Because I have confidence in you.

I received a message, about an hour ago.

from the chief of
Hamburg-Amerika in Havana.

The Cuban president has decreed

that the St. Louis is in
violating of Cuban law.

You mean uh...

They might deny entry?

- I doubt it will come to that.
- What are your plans?

I would like to form a committee of passenger

who I could consult and who would confirm with Me to prevent panic.

Would you head that committee?

Professor, I need someone who would be respected by your people.

I'm so sorry, captain,
I am not the right man for that job.

But, of course, I'm at
Your disposal whenever you need me.

- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.

My dear Mr. Troper
I do wish you sit down?

And try to understand that the fact

that the ship will be permitted now

Into the Harbour,is a step forward.

The things move in Cuba slowly, step by step.

Yes, I know, manana.

That does not nearly mean tomorrow, Mr. Tropar.

"Manana" is a whole
philosophical condition

You really should try to
Understand the Cubans mind.

Everybody tells me that.

But I do understand the Germans mind.

We must all of us do everything in our power to
Help those poor people on the boat.

Of course.

Can you get Me,
a meeting with the President?

I would have to suggest a
unic reason

What about 937 reasons ?!

What the hell is happening here ?!

Klasing, he says he acted in good faith!

Goldsmit is worn out!

Benitez wants more money!

Batista waits on the sideline!

Bru is not available.
And you say "Manana"!

The only thing I have been offered on this
Island are bananas, cigars and whores.

We are a poor country and
We must sell what we have.

Including your politicians?

No, Mr. Troper...

You don't honestly believe that...

Cuba has a monopoly
on corruption

You can afford to be more or less sophisticated.

And we with our primitive metality must be more or less open.

It is really very simple.

Your Jews... are for sale.

Their lives is a matter...

of negotiation

As simple as that.

The lives of 937 people.

Just a commodity, like everyone elses.

How do I start the bidding?

Well you noticed what the President said when
He decided not to admit the refugees?

It would be an intolerable burden on the economy.

And that's where He offered you your opening.

Your approch should be that your agency...

is prepared to put up a large part

sufficiently large part to cover the living expenses for these people.

For... what... Six months?


those considerations would make them...

welcome as guests instead of a charity case?

Whats the opening bid?

Look. Look to the land.

I can not see. I can not see.

What are they looking at?

Havana overthere, look.

The harbor pilot, sir.

I am to take you in to the Hamburg-Amerika pier senor.

You may Dock there to refuel
and then you must anchor out in the harbor.


I'm only carrying out orders, senor.

Very well. It is yours.

- Can you see your children?
- No, it's too far.

Egon, do you know something?

This is not Berlin.

I'm afraid not.

I can't wait to get ashore.

- You have a daughter here, haven't you?
- Yes.

Yes, it has been nearly a year.
She teaches languages.

- Captain Schroeder, please.
- Come on, sir.

Pass, pass

I'm with him, I am
Mr. Clasing's assistant.

- Yes, yes, do you have identification?
- Sure.

This for a German newspaper "Der Stuhrmer".

Yes, I represent the paper aswell "Hapag".

I'm sorry, you can not board senor,

only those with a passes
issued by Cuban authorities.

Can I have one of the crew brought to Me?

Contact is forbidden between anyone on the ship, and whom comes to it.

You must leave.

You See, I only want to give these magazines to a friend.

It's worth quite a lot.

Hey you! Hey Steward!

I'm Robert Hoffman,
friend of Otto Schiendick.

Will you Please get him to me. Quick.

Otto Schiendick, please.

Hey, what's up here?

Gunter, was there someone from the Hamburg-Amerika line?

Yes, he said his name was Hoffman.

- He asked for you.
- And why didn't send for Me?

- It was your duty to send for Me.
- There was no time.

Anyway the police moved Him of the pier.

You think you are very clever, don't you?

Someone special, captains steward.

I've been watching you, Gunter.

You are the man behind al that rubbish?

I beg your pardon.

Your comunications

A collection of half-truths,
warnings, evasions.

Captain, I understand
and I simpasize

I have no pleasure
In this terrible bussines.

This is why I came to explain
to you as much as I could.

Yes, I do have the right to know
What this is all about.

I listened.

Passengers landing permits non-valid.

Non valid!

Unfortunately this is true.

They order was signed just before
you left Hamburg.

Then why where we permitted to sail?

You see.

Mr. Benítez, the official
who signed the orders,

assured us it would not apply in this case.

- Sit down.
- Thank you.

But now we can't get
in toucht with Mr. Benítez.

He hides himself, He will not answer telephone calls.

And what have you done about it?

- I?
- Yes.

I tried to call him.
What can I do?

Captain, if you had any
idea of my problems...

Your problems are not My concern, Mr. Clasing,

al I want is to get my passengers ashore.

You know, captain. You can think of it this way.

You have landed your ship
in Havana harbor.

Your part of this voyage is over.

The passengers are no longer your concern.

Think of it another way.

They are Jews.

Perhaps they can walk on water.

These people, sir
Clasing, whether Jews or not,

are my responsibility
until they leave this ship.

Never forget that.

Now, get of my ship!

Get my passengers to Havana!

And in Gods name, be quick about it.

- Captain, I'll get this finished for you.
- Thank you.

Keep looking, maybe
Your father is there.

You think so?

There are my children.





Mr. Estedes.

- Doctor...
- Strauss.

Strauss, of course.

It's no consulation, but...

now I'm told even with the fullest Visas

They will not be allowed to come ashore.

But You said there would be room, if the right people where taken care of.
of them the right person.

Yes, but in this case the only
right person is the president

and he is engaged in what you call it a came of cat and mouse.

Why don't you wear your glasses?

But you said there were other people
powerfull enough to do something.

Batista is...

In the shadow watching.

I will fear He will play the Cat and the President is the mouse.

And the foreign secretary?


A man of compassion.

How do you think

A man of compassion.

Perhaps your only true hope.

But but.

Like all the rest, he will see no one.

I'm afraid, thats how it is, doctor Strauss.

- You gave me your word.
- I know I did, I did.

It is all I can do.

- Who is it please?
- Someone...

with no importance but has
Many contacts in the Government.

It's against al the odds, but...

when there is nothing left
to lose, we must...

bet on the long shot, don't you agree?

Mr. Estedes, I have not seen my children for nearly 2 years.

I know, I know, doctor.

This whole thing is more serious than I thought.


When a man like our president

neglets business for politics,

the time has come
of investing abroad.

Well, when I said I report you I mean...

I do not have to.

It depends.

On what?

I want to know what else is said
at the committee meeting.

There must have been more,
you were there What else did the captain say?

Would you like a piece of Strudel?

It's good.

What did the captain say?

Oh yeah.

He said He is stopping shore leave.

¿Stopped? when?

As from now.

He Can't do that.

How long for?

He said that if passengers couldn't go ashore, neither could the crew.

Help! They won't hurt me!

They won't catch me!

Not me!

Not me! They won't catch me!

They won't catch me!

They won't catch me!

Get away!


No! Please mom!

Save Him!

He says tourists are about
animals and that this is the way...

Feels stuck.

Give Me a hand, will you?

Oh Yes, the chain has coth in your hair.

Just pull it

- Well I do not want to hurt you.
- Give it a tug.

Give me a cigarette, please.

I understand you waited for me.


I had to see you.

I'm flattered.

Make yourself comfortable.

You prefer Me to undress you?

Why did you insist on Me?

I remind you of someone.

Your sister?

Hardly your daughter.

My daughters are on the St Luis.

Sit down


What is your name?

Dr. Erik Strauss.

What do you want from me?

José Estedes thought you might be able to help me.

You see I worked for over 2 years to bring my children here.

And I can't get them off that ship.

What makes think I can help you?

I don't think. I'm just desperate.

You see, the chief of Immigration wont see Me and my children have visas.

It is a pig.

My only hope...

The only hope is to appeal to the foreign minister.

Could you, could ask him to see me please

But I don't know him.

I'm sorry tohave taken up your time.


I know many other members of the

Some very well.

I can't promise.

But I'll try to arrange an appointment for you.

Thank you. Thank you.

Would you have imagined it, Aaron?

Having to have patrols to stop us from commiting suicide?

The committee thinks they are needed.


Two days ago you were a journalist.

- May I go on board now?
- Yes.

But leave these.

Nothing is permitted to be taken on board.

- What newspaper?
- "Der Stuhrmer".

I was expecting Mr Clasing Why did they send you?

Is there news?


I be perfectly frank: Your passengers are of no interest to me

I am senior intelligence operative in the Caribbean.

I report directly
to Admiral Canaris.


Then what connection do you have with the St Luis?

Why are you here?

You stopped all shore leave

while you are anchored in Havana.

So what?

Well, you grant shore leave as from today.

You think you can give me
Orders on board my own ship.

The orders come from Berlin,

If you disobey them, be prepared to
except the consequences to yourself

and your family.

I take no pleasure in threatening you, captain.

You are one of us.

If I tell you we have information

about a device that can locate
submarines by sound waves,

vitall information
that must be got back to Germany,

I'm sure I can rely upon your sense of honor and duty as a naval officer.

The first group will go ashore this evening,

Among them will be the steward Schiendick.


Excuse me, sir, there is a gentleman
from the cuban navy...

No, not now, Gunter.

Tell me, what will happen to my passengers?

I'm only in for the intellegence side of this voyage.

The propaganda aspects are not my concern.

Propaganda? What do you mean?

It was never intended for your passengers to land.

Big loss, right?

But can't you see,

we force the world to realize that there is a problem with these people.

And if any methods of dealing with them.

And when we rid
Germany of the problem,

no one will have the right to object.

It has been a most useful exercise.

Good Day Captain.

I can't tell you how many phone calls I had

from colleagues and ministers,

employing Me to aggree to this meeting

All due, to I believe a friend of yours.

A young lady

She seems very mysterious and
I was curious to know excactly what...

It's sad.

Your children are important.
Yes of course.

Forgive Me.

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean...

I just waited so long.

Everything I had I is gone payed for landing permits, and visas.

I lived only to get them to safety.

Your daughters really have visas?


I got them from the consul of Hamburg.

My wife was to collect them,

but She thought the landing permits would be enough.

Do you have sufficiant funds now to support your daughters?

Only the seven dollars a week I get from the Jewish agency.

What kind of Doctor are you?

For the Children.

I work at the public clinic in Havana five days a week.

Then you receive a salary.

Only meals.

I have no license to practice in Cuba.

So why do you work there?

I shall need for me.

I wanted to repay for beeing allowed to stay in Cuba.

If it's true that your
daughters have visas,

But there really is no record of it.

Mr. Benítez, from Immigration,
refuses to listen to me

unless I pay him
A thousand dollars for each.



Doctor Strauss

Come with me.

You issue 2 entry Visas at once.


What visas?

For two the daughters of Dr. Strauss,
on board the St Luis.

But that is impossible. no one is to be allowed of.

You do it now.

But that ship is a gold mine.

You are allready under investigation, ypu will issue those visas

or you will be taken at once to El Morro prison.

It is a pleasure to be of service, senor.

Names, ages and place of
Birth of your children, please.

See you soon.

See you soon.



Don't worry.

It will work out for everyone.
Don't worry.

- Yes, it's banned.
- There is.

- What happened?
- Bad, Milt.

How bad.

It says the publicity and the pleas for mercy

make it impossible for him to reach an objective decision.

He is Ordering the St. Louis to leave Cuban waters.

Is foregood?

No. He said he re-open egotiations

after she is gone, if We deposit half a million dollars.

Yes, real cute one.

What are we going to do?

We are on the ropes,
but we got a few rounds left.

You continue it here, I try a few other things.

First I'll got to see those people on the ship again.

How I explain this Milt?

What war zone?

What is your position, Mr. Troper? Tell us.

We are making progress.
We keep the pressure up.

We will not die.

We must not sail.

We will not die.

We must not sail.

We will not die.

- We must not sail..
- Please.

We will not die.

We must not sail.

We will not die.

We must not sail.

I have been asked to speak to you.

- When will we land?
- When?


Brothers and Sisters.

Do not give up hope.

We have visas, why can't we land?

- Yes!
- We have visas!

We have the relief agency here in New York,

Througout the World,

are working to bring you to safe harbor.

- Where?
- Where?

We want to land here in Havana.

- Yes!
- We have visas!

The American ambassador is waiting to hear from Franklin Roosevelt

at any moment.

Tell them we are responsible people

- and we don't want charity.
- We have the right to land.

- We have teachers...
- We have every right to land!

- You will be saved.
- But when?

The whole World

is watching you...

and praying for you.

We are one Family.

You are are my family.

Throughout the centuries
we have survived because

We never lost hope.

May God bless you.

And watch over you.

- We need help not prayers.
- What did He say?

Lunch Time.

Your not getting dressed?

It is too hot to eat.

I think I stay here.

Those boat people crawling up.

And this heat.


¡They are leaving us! Stand Back! Stand Back!

Stand Back!

Put those guns downs! Put them down!

Drop those guns down or I'll have my crew throw you of this ship!

Please try to stay calm.
It will be better for you.

It is true?

Are we leaving?

Please go to the social hall,

your committee will give you full information there




Miriam, it's Mira.

Where did you come from? How did you get here?

I was expecting you to land,

I didn't get a pass until today.

We watched the shores, every boat.


I only have three minutes.


You look different, not just older, but different.

Times have changed, dad.

You wear expensive clothes.


- What have you done to your eyes?
- It doesn't matter.

I just wanted to see you, know how you are.

What is this?

And what is this?

Why are you wearing them?

It does not mean anything.

So why are you wearing it?

Help me.


Take this. Hide it quickly.

$ 1,300, it's for you.

Where did you get it?

I have many friends
Here, they helped me.

I was trying to buy visas for you , but the price kept rising.

I don't understand how you have so much money.

How did you get it?

- It's mine. I earned it.
- How?

- How?
- Miriam, please.

I earned it for you. To help them.

And keep it, for God's sake.

You get a pass when no one else can

you come here made up looking like...

There is so little time, We are wasting it.

- No.
- No!


It is our daughter.

For everything thats happened,

There is a reason.

No questions.

Thank you. Thank you.

- Maybe this cross, helps people to accept it.
- Yes.

It has been helping.

I love you

My love for you has not changed.

I wait for the day we can be together again.

I have to go. I have to go.



No,Mira. Mira!

May God go with you.

I had so many things I wanted to say.

I don't even know where she lives.

Small Boat clear, sir.


Way anchors.

What are the figures, Mr. Mueller?

Well at present level Sir we have enough food and water for ten or eleven days.

More if we introduce rationing.

Mr. Ostenmeyer?

Our Fuel is the problem, sir.

We still have enough to get back
to any port in Europe,

but only if the decision is made whitin twenty four hours.

Sir, a fishy looking craft approaching on the Port bow.

US coast guard cutter.

She is signaling standby to receive message?

Mrs. Weiler, is it possible?

It's possible.

Message ends.

Read it to me.

"Attention, captain St Luis."

You are violating US territorial imits

Do not approch any closer. Do not attempt to land.

You will not, repeat not,

be permitted to dock at any United States Port.

"Acknowledge "

Signal: "Message received, and Acknowledged".

- Heading: East Northeast.
- East Northeast, sir.

Proceed at this speed

Yes sir. what Destination?

Max Yes?

Mr. Pozner, may I have a word with you for a minute please?

- Yes, come in.
- Thank you.

I shouldn't realy, bee here telling you this.

Everbody thinks we are on our way back to Cuba.

Well, they are not.

We are going back to Hamburg.

I can't believe it,the captain would have made an announcement.

Yes, he is going to.

He is going to make an announcement,

but not until we are a day on course.

And why are you telling me this, Max?


Because I thought you ought to know.

I didn't know. I...

I'm sorry.

Excuse me.

Mr. Pozner.

Can I ask you something?


What is it like to be a Jew in Germany?

It's something that you are constant beeing reminded off.

Beeing Jewish.



Did you tell him?


What are you going to do?

I do not know.

Nothing anyone can do.

The only way of this ship...

Is the way my father chose.

No, please, please.

- It’s true.
- Please do not say that.

Cant you see.

He is the one that got away.

Hold me.

I'm so afraid.

I am not strong.

I'm not as brave as my father.

I'm afraid of these camps.

The things they do there.

I dont know.

I don't realy know...

what it is to be a woman.

Promise me...

Promise me I won't go to one of these camps.


I promise. I promise.

You know that?



I tell you what.
You are all on my list.

We are going to search this cabin.


I have authority to check on trouble makers like you.

You can't touch that.

Its time you have your head shaved again.




Open up




Still here, Mr. Troper?

I said I said word.

Yes, but I thought something might be decided.

Hardly likely today, the Prime Minister has other things to think about to you know.

I realize that.

I can only repeat King Leopold was touched by your plead.

And he has spoken with Queen Wilhelmina of Holland and with the President of France.

But they have aggreed nothing definite as yet.

I'm sure you are much more comfortable in your Hotel.

No, I will wait here.

Well, if you insist. At least
Let me order you some Tea or Coffee.

No thank you.

You do realize that this is not
A matter of a few hours.

No answer will be expected for some time, So you must remain calm, Mr. Troper.

I am.

I'm calm. I am always been calm.

I was calm in New York, I was calm in Cuba.

I was calm in London I was calm in
Paris. I am very calm.

I understand your concern, Mr. Troper

but there comes a time You must trust someone.

You are right, forgive me.


I'm running out of people.

You are the end of the line.

Excuse me.


Isn't that Ana Rosens dress?

Mrs. Rosen asked for it to be cleaned immediately.

Where is she?

She hasn't left her cabin for the last 2 days.

- Give it to me.
- But...

I'll take care.

Mrs. Rosen

Mrs. Rosen, It's Denise
Kreisler may I come in?

O my god!

Oh, Oh yes that's good.

Have they removed the stain?

I made it for Ana She wore it to the ball.

I know.

I did everything for her.

I tried.

I Really tried, but she's gone.

She's gone. I was not there
when she needed me.

She was so delicate that I
I'm so worried that she's cold.

Mrs. Rosen, please.
Get up Come with me.

- What are you doing?
- Come with me.

-We are going out of here.
- What is he doing here?

Let's go we are leaving.

Get out. Go away from me.

- Mrs. Rosen.
- Leave me alone.

Your husband is alive. He is in a hospital in Cuba.

He will get well again.

He will need you when He gets out, What you're doing is wrong.

You don't understand, I have to be punished,

I was wrong. I failed him.

Now I want God to see that I'm sorry.

I really am sorry, please.

Please, you must give her back to me.

Listen to me.

Ana is dead. She is dead, can you hear me?

But you are alive.
Your husband will need you.


What will he say when you're not there?

No! No!

No, don't talk to me anymore,
I have things to do.

There are things I have to do.

Allright. Allright.

Give me the scissors. I'll help you.

Do you want to humiliate yourself?

Do you want to punish yourself?
Is that what you want?

Say, is that what you want?


Look at yourself

I know.

I know.

Two worthless fools
Without the curage to face life.

Did you know them

Did you know how they felt?

You understand them.

You understand giving in.
You understand fear.

I despise them.

I despise them.

- Denise.
- No!

You make me feel
Guilty because I want to live.

Being with you, not like them,
They threw there lifes away.

But you have to feel something for these Eleen.

Yes, I pity them.

They died like poor
children afraid of the dark.

That is what we all become!


I will not accept it.

I will not accept it.

I want...

I want the man I married.

You used to be so arrogant.

So sure of yourself.

Now you have become weak, uncertain.

At least, I stopped pretending.

- Why are you giving in?
- Do you know whats going to happen to us?

Over this ship people are making plans.

Trying to find some way out.

- But, you just...
- You realize

in two days time, when we land,

The Gestapo will be waiting for us.


Look at this.

This is how it will end for all of us.

We have no more time.

Go to the captain.

Make him do something.

What is our position?

About two hunderd and 30 miles West southwest of Landsend.

On the south coast of England.

Take them out!

The radio room!

Captain we want the ship!

You have no chance!

You need to control the engineroom as well

and every man on the crew.

We have you and your officers.

You are our hostages!

- For what?
- To save our lifes.

To save everyones Life.

Now you will set course to any place except Germany.

No matter what you do,

I will not give order to move my ship of its course

without that orderyou can do nothing.

He's the helmsman, for God sake, let him go.

Don't anybody try to fight

and you will not get hurt.

We simpatise with you
Every man here.

But what you are doing now is mutiny.


If you put down your weapons and leave,

I promise no action shall be taken against any man.


What's going here?

Are you crazy?

- Release him.
- If you are not with us, get out of here.

And consent to continue
With this stupidity.

Get Out! Get of this bridge!

You cannot continue with your stupidity!

You are alone! No other passenger will join you.

We dont need anymore.

Fine! Get out!

Yes, and than the crew will storm the bridge and you all are finished.

For god sake, tomorrow
we will reach the English coast,

then we will turn into the Channel, its only one day sail to Hamburg.

Captain, very man that was released from the camps,

was given fourteen days
to leave Germany

and told if they returned they would be executed.

We will not go back.

I will do everything in my
power to prevent that.

I give you my solom word.

Your word as a German officer!

As Christian

It was the Christians that built the camps.

It was the Christians starving and killing us.

- Your word as Christian.
- No!

His word as a man.

Do you know what this
man did for us?

He tried to get permission for us to land

From the Cuban president.

From our own ambassador in Havana.

And do you know what He risked?

To his children, his family.

And what guarantees do we have that
that He still doesn't land us in Hamburg?

We have him as a guarantee.

Do you know how to run a ship?

If you take over, we all are lost.



Take the wheel, Koster.

- Maintain present course.
- Yes, sir, present course.

This incident is over.

We will all forget it.

Thank you Professor. I am very grateful.

I want to show you something.

This was slipped under my door

just after we left Havana.

It is signed by two hundred of your fellow passengers.

They all sworn that rather then be taken back to Hamburg,

they link arms and jump into the sea.

We are desperate people, captain.

I never doubted the
Sincerity of that.

You must do something immediately.

Otherwise we bring an empty ship into Hamburg.

Professor. Tomorrow we shall be of the coast of Sussex in England.

There is a reef of conseeled rocks,a quarter of a mile from shore,

thats about where we are supposed to enter the Channel

I intend to run my ship onto that reef,

set her on fire and evacuate my passengers ashore.

However, it has to look like an authentic shipbreak.

Do you realize what would happen to us if there is any suspicion at al?

Do it.

Don't tell anyone, just do it.

Still no news for you I'm affraid.

I've been here for two days.

Well, I did warn you.

I'm sorry, Mr. Troper.

I must go back in.

Start sending the SOS.

We should be able to see the coast of England very soon.

There is something coming through Captain.

Ladies and gentlemen.

I have just received cable.

And says...

It reads as follows:

"Final arrangements
for disembarkation of all passengers complete.

The governments of Belgium,
Holland, France and England,

Have each agreed to except passengers.

San Luis will dock at Antwerp.

Our prayers have been answered.

God speed to the St. Louis.

Signed: Morris Troper.