Voyage Into Space (1970) - full transcript

An edited for TV movie made up of four episodes of the Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot TV series. The four episodes consist of the first episode, two from the middle of the series and the final episode.


Out of the incredible far
reaches of outer space,

a weird flying saucer
enters the solar system.

Its destination, a planet
with a single moon,

the green planet, earth.

Soon the fantastic vessel
is within the outer levels
of earth's atmosphere,

continuing its inexorable
course toward the planet.

Radar screens on the earth
pick up the saucer as an
unidentified object.

UFO is approaching our sector.

Jet squadrons investigate.
Jet squadrons investigate.


Intruder, attention!

We demand that you
reveal your identity!

What is your purpose
in flying over this sector?

Acknowledge! Acknowledge!

All planes, ready to attack!

Acknowledge! Acknowledge!


I identified myself!
I am Emperor Guillotine

from the planet Carpotha
and my purpose?

I have come
to conquer the earth!

Now feel the power
of the Emperor!

We are under attack!


NARRATOR: The flying saucer
dove into the sea,

disappearing far
into the depths of
the Pacific Ocean.

For many months,
it did not reappear.

And authorities began to
believe it was destroyed.

Then strange things began to
happen in the Pacific.

It seems so quiet.

But the quiet sea is
dangerous these days.

Dangerous? And why
is it dangerous, mister?

Do you really want to know?

You want me to tell you?

Right in this area,

ships have disappeared
without a single clue
as to how.

They must have been attacked
and sunk somehow.

You know, it won't do
any good to let it scare you.

I'm glad that you
take that attitude.

There's much less passengers
aboard the ship than usual.

You have a lot of courage
for a boy your size.

But I'd rather be tall,
like you!

You will!

We're right in the most
dangerous area now.

We'd better stay alert!

Sure! You made
this trip, mister?
Knowing the danger?

Mmm. You see, I'm Jerry Mano
and in the Unicorn...

That is... I mean,
I'm a writer.

-Now you tell me
your name.

I'm Johnny Sokko!
Nice to meet you!

My pleasure, Johnny.


Sorry, Johnny.

This is Unicorn Agent U3.
Will you acknowledge?

Chief, we've contacted U3.


This is Azuma.
U3, any action?

Well, the water is sort
of rippling and, uh,

there's a couple of fish
I can see playing.

Cut that out.
This is no joke.

I'm sorry, sir.

Who is he talking to?
It's strange.

I'll call you just
as soon as
anything happens.

You better call!

What a grouch.



Look there!

Look at that!


-Oh, help!
-Look at that!

Oh, help!

Help me!

Johnny, that must be the
monster that's been
causing all the sinking!

It's awful.

Mr. Mano, we better
get into the water and quick!

Let's go! Oh!

Oh! Oh!

-About ready to go?

Hang on to me,

-Mr. Mano!



Mr. Mano?
Mr. Mano?

Oh, oh.

Well, Johnny,
we survived the ship wreck.

But where, where are we?

I'm not sure.

That monster. What
was that thing anyway?

I've got to check in.

Unicorn, Agent U3
reporting to headquarters!

U3 reporting!
Come in!


No good!
My transmitter's dead.

Let's look around, Johnny.

MAN: Hold it!


You're too slow, friend.

I'll blast the boy
if you try it.


You had better cooperate.

We know you're
a Unicorn agent.

No, you wrong!

MAN: You liar!

U3, you are going
to tell us just what
you know about us!

I don't know a thing!

All right then.

We'll do it the hard way!

-Take the brat!

Let go! Stop!


-You, Johnny!

MAN: Get them! Fire!

No! Don't shoot!
You'll hit me!

Fire, fire!



-It's a dead end!
-We're trapped!

Blast 'em!


What is that?


A giant robot!

Jump down.

What a fantastic robot.

He must be about
100 feet tall!

He sure is a giant!

Follow me!


Quickly, this way.


Say. Who are you?

My name is
Dr. Lucius Guardian.

The Gargoyle Gang's beenforcing me to build that robot

so they can use it
to conquer the world!

Building it?

You took a pretty big
chance, helping us.

But now you must
try to get away!

It'll soon be completed!

It'll be the most powerful
thing on earth!

When the Gargoyles have that
robot, nobody'll be able to
stop them,

because no power
can stop the robot.

You mean it
isn't ready yet?


Giant Robot is ready.

All he needs is
atomic power to
activate his brain.

Then his controls will be
operating and with this,

this miniature transmitter,

he will be under the
control of the first voice

that is recorded
in his electronic brain.

With this microphone?

Hey, Giant Robot,
start to move!

Johnny, no!


The Gargoyle Gang
is going to lose.

I've planted an
atomic bomb that will
explode in 5 minutes.

They're coming this way!

-You? Did you see them?

You? Any sign of them?


JERRY: What're you doing?

Go on, run!
I'll hold them off!

It's the spies!
Get 'em!


It blew up the whole hill!
He sure meant what he said!

The giant robot is gone.


The giant robot
is good as new!

Now, Giant Robot,
into motion!

He's moving!
And at your command, too!

You know what?

It was the explosion!

It must've been the radiation.

It was just strong enough
to activate his brain.


He would obey the
first voice he heard,
Dr. Guardian told us.

It's you! Remember?

What did you say?

This is the control!

Johnny, listen!

What a break!

Remember? You
spoke into the mike?

Now he will obey you!

Tell me what to do!

Might as well try to
get a ride along with him.

Then we call Chief Azuma
and see what he says.

Johnny, go on. Try.

Giant Robot,
please take us home
to Tokyo now!

Let's go.

Take off, Giant Robot!

They have stolen
the flying robot!

Very well.

I shall teach them a lesson!

Mighty One!
Gargoyle Gang,
Spider reporting.

Spider, you will order
the Dracolon

to attack them immediately!

We obey your command, sir.

Now then,
our conquest is under way.

The Dracolon goes into action.

His target will be Tokyo!


Look! What is this!

Run, run!

This is Agent U3,
in the air and
going to Tokyo.

I don't need your jokes
right now!

Right this minute, the
Dracolon is attacking Tokyo!

The Dracolon!


That monster!

Giant Robot, hurry!


-What is it?

A robot?

MAN: What is it?

Okay, Johnny, let him go.

Giant Robot,
destroy Dracolon!

That kid is controlling
the giant robot.

Let's go!

I'll handle the Gargoyle Gang.

Johnny, you just
command the robot!

Spider, give up!

Stop him. Fire!

Giant Robot, use the jets!

The atomic punch now!

Use your rocket missiles!

It's dead!

JERRY: Johnny Sokko!

Johnny Sokko, thanks.

Dracolon is wiped out.

Say, Johnny, he's amazing,
this giant robot!

Mr. Mano, I'll bet the
Gargoyle Gang will try again.

The giant robot is airborne!

I want that giant
robot caught!

-Its course!

Can't do it! Amazing!

It's moving so fast,
it can't be tracked!



NARRATOR: One of the largest
meteorites ever seen

has indeed landed in
the Hikoni Mountains.

Resting at the edge of a hill, it could roll down at any time.

The defense forces are
dispatched to check it.


Oh. Hail, Guillotine!

Spider! Have you located
the flying robot?

Well, I, uh...

The giant robot is
right now in the
hands of the enemy.

The giant robot has
been captured by the
Unicorn Organization

and it's controlled
by a boy named Johnny.

I cannot fulfill the total
plan of earth conquest

as long as the flying robot
is in the hands of the enemy!

You must succeed or
suffer the consequences.

Yes, sir! Can you
suggest a method?

You idiot! Why do you think
I had the Nucleon monster
sent to earth?

Then you mean we will
use the monster?

Of course!

Unleash the Nucleon!

The robot will try to
stop it and then

you will capture
the flying robot!

Do you understand?

I do, sir!

By Gargoyle, I will
promise you that robot
is going to be ours!


Meanwhile, back at the
Unicorn Organization lab,

Flying Robo
is undergoing tests.

SCIENTIST: We are ready now.


All personnel, you can begin
the heat resistance testing!

The full voltage,
power on!


Can he do it?



That's enough.
Power off!


The temperature was
up to over 3,000 degrees!

I'm astonished
it didn't melt.


-This is great, isn't it?

There is no weapon
on earth, according
to those tests,

that can damage
that robot!

Station 1 here,
on the hill.

Nothing to report now.

What'll they do with it,
that crazy rock?

Well, I hope we don't have
to haul it down the road.

That's a load!

It's a meteorite.
It's just a hunk of rock!

Oh! What's that sound?


Oh, I think that
stone is causing it.

He's right. I think
that's what it is!

Listen, call
headquarters quick!

Uh, come in!
Come in, headquarters!

Headquarters, this
is Station 1 calling!

-Headquarters, come in!


What is it?


-What's wrong on the hill?





Get back!

That giant robot
is under your
control, Johnny.

The Unicorn Organization
works for world peace.

Will you join us,
Johnny Sokko?

The world needs
your help now, Johnny.

The Gargoyle Gang wants
to conquer the earth!

They will strike again
with strange and
terrible weapons!

That is true.

And it is when they
launch new attacks,

only the giant robot
will be able to stop them.

I will join you.

I want to help
save the world!

You're a great kid, Johnny.

Thank you.


I'm proud to say
this young man
is now a Unicorn agent.

To be known as U7.




Just one more thing.

Do not tell anyone
your status as an agent.

Only we know who
you are around here.

Do not talk even
to your parents.

Aye! On my word!
I will promise!

Commander! Sir?

Well, what is it?

Well, that big meteorite
that landed in the
Hikoni Range,

a great ball was in it, sir,
and now it's rolling
down the hill.

Must've been a
Gargoyle Gang trick then.

U3? U7?

I'm ordering you to
the scene at once!

-BOTH: Aye!

Be careful.

Johnny Sokko?

Good luck.

Carry on.

Johnny, you ready?



Johnny, look!
There it is!

That's right, and rolling
toward the town!

The Nucleon is moving!

Now let's see what
the robot can do
about the Nucleon.




Hurry! Hurry!

I'm afraid the town
is doomed.

I better call the robot.

Giant Robot!

The giant robot
is in the open!

Now we will
steal it back!

Ah! At last!

Giant Robot,
the ball.

Giant Robot,
destroy that thing!

Punch hard!
All your might!


He did it!

That's what I call
a great robot, huh?

Go and get me
the robot!

Giant Robot,
use the hand missiles!

Oh, behind!

Look out!

It's that rotten
boy again.

Now, Robot. Attack!

We have to get that kid.

When we grab the boy,
the robot will just
stand still.

Right. Come on!

Now look!

Grab him! You fool!

Johnny, run! Ow!

I'm coming!

You must control
the robot. So run!


No, wait!


Go catch that kid!


-Let go!
-Ah, we got him.

No! Let go, you cowards!

You must be a member
of the Gargoyle Gang!

You're right.

And I'm the boss
of all the Gargoyles.

See, I'm Spider!

I want you to sleep.

There. Get them
into the car.

Right. Come on, come on!

Oh, look there!
The giant robot
is completely helpless!


Nucleon! Now you will
bring that robot!

Commander! Giant Robot
is moving strangely.


U3 and U7
are in danger!

To the rescue.

ALL: Aye!

Now, Chief, what shall
we do with them?

Giant Robot won't make
a move without that kid.

So the kid will go to
the laboratory

where he can be brainwashed
by the Hypnoton.

Ah, what about this tall one?
Shall I blast him?

No, we can shoot him later.

I want all the Unicorn
agents and he will
tell me who they are.

Hmm. I understand.

Then we can get rid
of everybody, right?

With the giant robot
obeying us and Unicorn
broken up completely,

then the world will be
in our power for sure.



At last, the giant
flying robot is mine!


They're blocking the road!
Push it away!




It's Unicorn!


Gargoyles, you
better surrender!

You're surrounded!

I'm going to bring in
the machine.

Nucleon! Nucleon!


Nucleon, destroy the
Unicorn squadron.

How do you like that?

That's great!
Yeah, that is beautiful!

We don't have
a chance here!

Oh! That shooting!

Jerry! Wake up!
Wake up!


It's the Nucleon!

Oh! They'll be slaughtered!

Commander Azuma's out there!

Johnny, Giant Robot!

Giant Robot, come!

Confound it!
The robot is moving!


Here it comes again!

Hit the dirt!

-Are you hurt?
-No, sir.

Got to keep moving!


Johnny, where is that robot?

There he is. See?

-Oh, Giant Robot!

After them!

-Now, Johnny!
-Giant Robot, the Nucleon!
Up and away!

Confound it!

-He's coming closer!

-Get to the car!
-Hey, hurry!

Now, Johnny!

Giant Robot, you must
stop the enemy at once.

-Yeah, let's go, let's go!
-Come on!

-Let's get out here!
-We got to get
out of here!

That's it.
Giant Robot did it!

Good! Great!


If they think they
are through with
the Emperor Guillotine,

they're sadly mistaken!

I shall never give up!

And I shall conquer
in the end!

-This is nice, huh?



What is that?

Oh, oh!



Executioner, it's perfect.

The earthlings will

certainly be confused.

Oh, I can see that.

Although, why
do we have to
bother with the lake?

You see, the Gargoyle vine
is inactive in the water.

The lake had
to be completely drained.

To bring the plant
into action against
these stupid earth men!

Emperor Guillotine!

We are doing well!

Operation Lake was successful!

We will soon reach
our goal, to conquer
this planet, Master!

Don't make mistakes, Botanus!

Remember, there is
still much to do!

Yes. Understood.

Our plan now goes into
phase number two, sire.

It is very well prepared.

I, Botanus,
will not fail.


-Oh, Commander!

-How are you?

Just a scratch.
It's all right.

I'm hard to kill.

-You can go.
-BOTH: Aye!

Who do you think ordered the
shooting, sir?

-Bet it was the Gargoyle Gang.

There's no doubt.
It was the Gargoyles.


-What's that?

This is the bullet
that hit the car.

I took it to ballistics
for a check.

[Botanus LAUGHING]


Botanus: You are all doomed.

Why not surrender?

-Darn bullet!
-No, don't touch it!

It might explode!

You don't have a chance!

Once the Gargoyle
vine is turned loose,

the earth will be demolished!

Surrender now
while you still can.

We might let you live.


Open it.

Tape recorder inside it.

So that's it.
And he was talking
about that vine!

The space plant!

Dr. Dorian is the one
to talk to, Commander.

It makes... It makes sense!
Dr. Dorian knows just
how it grows.

Right. Well, you did
quite well, Dangor.


I think that bullet scared...

Scared Commander Azuma
as we'd planned. No?

Dangor the Executioner,

I'm a good shot.


And now you will go
and kidnap Dr. Dorian,
the great scientist.

Go, right.



What're you doing?

No, please!
Who are you?


Come on!


Come on.

Take that, Unicorn.

Look out!

-The doctor!


-Dr. Dorian?



-Doctor, try to wake up!

-It's all right, Doctor!

-Dr. Dorian?


It's the Gargoyle vine!

I thought it was dead!

They must've brought
in another Gargoyle vine.

But how come
it's just standing there?

Yes, Dr. Dorian.

The thing seems like
it's dormant or
something like that.

Oh, yes, right now it is.
It needs a source of
additional energy.

I understand.

Doctor, could it be
destroyed with bombs?

No, no!
The worst thing!

That thing will draw
energy and grow
at any explosion!

I know it would grow stronger!

-It would?

We should stop
the attack, you say?

That's right.
You really can't do it!

It'll be a catastrophe!

The whole story
is just nonsense.

Sure, those
scientists keep trying
to tell us what to do!

You know?
I just don't listen!

Yes, we attack
tomorrow morning.

I will not listen
to that old man!

Listen to us!
Please wait!

Hello! Hello?

-What's wrong?

What did he say?

I'm sorry.

That's it.

They wouldn't believe
that I know what
I'm saying.

They must think that
Dr. Dorian is mad!

No. Men like that minister
are the ones who are mad!

They should listen
to the scientists!

But I guess they won't.
That's all.

On target.

Good hit! Oh!

Go on!
Make another
bombing run!

What? It destroyed
all those airplanes?

Yes, another air squadron
was sent right on in.



Well, there goes
another plane.

When will they learn?

They can't
win against
the Gargoyle vine.



All is well, Great One.

We're winning!
Those idiots attacked
the Gargoyle vine!

The second phase
of our master plan
and it went as expected.


Good thus far, Botanus.

Now launch the third phase
into action!


-Commander! The second attack
squadron has been destroyed!

They can't hurt
that Gargoyle vine!

All towns have
been evacuated!

I see. Doctor?

Well, it turned out
as you said it would.

That weird plant is growing!

Doctor, Doctor!

How can we
stop that plant?

We can't. We can't do it!


New orders!
To all Unicorn

-On the alert.
Condition Red status.


Now Gargoyle might
try to throw
the area into panic.

You must lead all our agents.

-Help the refugees
to safety.


Take Giant Robot
to the lake bed.

Stand ready to assist
all Unicorn agents.



Commander, it's worse!

That thing is throwing
red-hot projectiles!

No, what kind
are they, Johnny?

They're made
of burning lava, sir.

Can I have Giant Robot
attack the plant now?

Commander, let the
giant robot attack!
Right now!

JOHNNY: The Gargoyle vine
is getting stronger!


Give the order, sir!

I'm sorry.
The time is not right.

U7, do not launch an attack
until I order it!


Oh, come on, follow me.


This way.

Follow me! Let's go!

Hold it! Teacher!
All the children are
here, aren't they?

Two are missing.

-They are?
-I must go!

-No, don't!

-Oh, the children!


-No! Let go.
-You can't go!

-It's dangerous!
-Gozumi! Gozumi! Gozumi!

CHILDREN: Oh! Help us!

Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!

Gozumi! Oh! Oh, Gozumi, go!

Hey, teacher.

Giant Robot,
rescue the two
kids down there!

Giant Robot is here!

CHILD 1: Look! Giant Robot!

Hurry! Hurry!
Now get aboard!

Let's go!

Oh, come on!

-He did it!
-TEACHER: He saved them!


This is U7.
The bombing
is terrible!

Your orders, please, sir?

Please let me attack.
Giant Robot can destroy
that thing!

JOHNNY: Commander!

U7. Hold on.

Don't go near
that thing!

You understand?

It's entirely too
strong now!

Oh! That darn plant!


the dam is uphill.

I'm sure Giant Robot
could break it down
and release the water.


Just a minute!

There it is!
The dam
is right there.

That's it! It could work!

The water held in
that dam could
easily pour down!

That will make the heat
energy go way down
in the plant!

Now then, that will cause
the mouth to relax!

Then when it opens,
shoot rockets
into the mouth!

That'll do it!
It will, it will!

Good! That's it!

U7, Commander here!

-Destroy that dam right now!

Giant Robot, you will
break the dam down!

Giant Robot,
power punch now!

That's it!
Good, Giant Robot!

-Boy, look at that!
-He did it!

Giant Robot,
you can start your attack.

Giant Robot, now,
hit him with


You did it! Good work,
Giant Robot!

-Hey, great! It's all over!

Hooray! Hooray, hooray!

I will give you one last
chance to
destroy Unicorn!



Oh! Oh!





We swallowed up
a whole express train.

Unicorn will not know what

Doctor, I have our new
prisoner here!


And I will handle
the interrogation.

We already know
you're Suzuki, chief
of the Unicorn Organization

branch in Kyoto!

And you're the only witness
to our swallowing the train.

How do you like that?

Oh, no! You killed all
those passengers

in order to capture me?

wouldn't do that!

No, they don't.

And it's a good thing.

Since Gargoylians do.

NARRATOR: And so a train
and all its passengers

just vanished from
the face of the earth.

But Suzuki, sir,
did he just disappear?

Unicorn has planned
a world conference.

Kyoto was the location
and Mr. Suzuki
was in charge.

Commander, there's
something strange
about this.

There sure is.

They caused
that train to vanish.

Just so that they
could get Suzuki.

Then Gargoyle must've done it.

Hmm. So that means Gargoyle
knew we'd been planning

to hold this meeting,
although it was secret.

It means
we must tighten security.

I'm certain they will
take much more
action against us.

We must take action.

I am sending you two
to Kyoto immediately.

What they want is in there.

That contains your orders
and they are in code.

Your orders are
to decipher the code

and proceed accordingly
as is your profession.


BOTH: Hail, Guillotine!


Is it true the world
Unicorn is going
to hold a meeting?

-Where will it be?

-Where in Kyoto?

-I don't know.
-You don't?

You must know that!

I'm sorry.

They won't stop me!

I'll show Unicorn
exactly how I operate!

Good news! Doctor,
we now know just where
their headquarters are!


That does it.
It'll be easy now.

We're going
to go get them!

You, get him ready
for surgery.



Unicorn, let us start
this session

with a moment of prayer
for our friend, Suzuki.

With me.

Who's there?

-It's our chief! Wonderful!

Good to see you!

I want to talk to you.

-You will sit down.
-Sure, sure.

Listen. U3, Tokyo.

I want to know all the details
on this conference that
we're going to hold.

You know that it's all
confidential information.

I can't tell you
anything right now.

So don't you trust me?

I must see the orders
that are in that briefcase.

I'm handling the plans
for the summit meeting.

JERRY: I can release these
documents only on
the Commander's orders!

So, I don't like it.

Where are you
both staying
in Kyoto?

Oyo Hotel, Room 414.

Oh, sir! It's really you, sir!

It's good to see you!

We thought you were dead!

GIRL: Papa!

WOMAN: I'm so glad!

Go to bed. It's getting late.

-Papa! Papa!
-Mr. Suzuki, sir?

I don't get it.

I think my papa is sick.

Dr. Botanus.

Do you know where
they are sleeping?

414 and it's the Oyo Hotel.

Oyo Hotel?
Who is he talking to?

He said Room 414.

I wonder who's in there.

-Better check it.

There's no bugs.
Looks like it's safe
enough in here.

I wonder about that man!

Suzuki, I mean!

Yes. That's why
I told him where
we're staying.

It's possible they
got control over him.

I'm not taking chances.

No, we can't!

-Then it looks like
sure trouble tonight.

You said it.

Who ordered that?

Must be a room mistake.

I'm sure there
is no mistake, sir.


-Drop the guns.


I just came
to get this case.

Just what I wanted.

And you get this!





Let's get them!

JERRY: They just vanished!


The briefcase
contained only



That is not exactly what you
wanted, aye, Doctor?

They'll be sorry about this,
I assure you.

They embarrass me.

They won't get away
with that!

I'll send the Gorian
into action again!

You mean your
papa's acting

Yes, he looked like Papa,
this man.

He wasn't nice like Papa!

What happened?
Tell us.

I don't know.
He wasn't Papa.

Not my papa.

What are you doing
here at this hour?

Suzuki, you're acting
suspiciously, sir.

We must make sure
you're our man.

That's nonsense!

Absolutely stupid!

Why, you know
I'm Suzuki!
Don't you?

I'm sorry. Rika, here,
says you're
not her papa, not at all.


You must come with us,
to headquarters.

Why should I?


Hey, taxi!

All right, get in.

-Oh! We're on the wrong road!

Now! Stop the car!

Do as I say!
I'm warning you!

All right!

He's been transmoculated.

Just like me.
His mind is under control.

He underwent an operation,
same as I did.

Our bodies are not
like yours at all.

We are under Gargoyle control.


Send a code to...

I'm trying.

U7 must be trying
to mobilize Giant Robot.

What? Do you know
what you are saying?

Oh, yes, sir.
No question
about it.

It was too weak to activate
the robot.

U5, you're sure
that it was a radio wave

from U7 that you picked up?

Yes! I'm positive!

But that means that...

Oh, Mr. Mano? U3?

Hey, Johnny! Where are we?


So you're awake, Unicornians.

You are directly
under Lake Biwa.

Now, how do you like that?

Dr. Botanus! Thank you.

How nice you
remember my name.

How long you live now
depends entirely on me.


Now then.

I want you to see this.


Once the needle
on this instrument
starts to move,

you will have
five minutes to live,

five minutes!


Watch it. Once it starts,
it will not stop.

Now do I get
those documents?

No. Do whatever you want!

No matter what you do,
you won't get
what you want!

Oh? That's too bad.

You will die!


-He meant it.
-So, I'm not going
to be beaten!

That's all.

You call Giant Robot in quick!

-But I can't do it!
-Well, I'll fix that!

The hotel room, sir!

The attache case
for the documents
was there!

That's good,
and what about our agents?

I'm sure that they're nearby.

No, sir, I'm sorry.

But... But
they disappeared!

Well, continue the search!

We have an army out there!

Kyoto was loaded
with agents!

-Tell them all
to get busy!

The time is going by!
Four more minutes!

We will attack them in Kyoto
and wipe them out.

I'm going to break
up that Unicorn

gathering there by force!

Okay, I'm ready!

Go! And use the Gorian!



Commander, the men
are all stationed!

-Good, then let's get started.

Hurry, Jerry!

-I did it!

Call, quickly.

Giant Robot! Giant Robot!

Giant Robot,
Giant Robot, listen!

Biwa Lake, we need you now!

we're picking up U7!
-The giant robot?

He'll be here soon!

That means they're all right!

-Not dead!
-Well, then, uh,
trace the signal!

-Find out where they are!


-Our tank corps is here, sir!



-Ah, over there!


One minute left. One minute!

But we can make it!

Giant Robot,
destroy that

Thirty seconds more!


ALL: Hooray, hooray!
We did it!



That robot's ruined
things once again!

Doctor! Doctor!
The robot's coming here!




Get Suzuki loose!

The giant robot
can take us all out!

JOHNNY: Roger!

Look at that!

This is U3 and U7.

Commander, you must
have worried about us!

Yes, I sure did.
It's all right.

-What about Suzuki?
-Suzuki is here with us,

but he's pretty
weak right now.

All right.We'll bring him to a hospital.

Then his transmoculation
can be corrected.

Good. Roger.

This is Unicorn Japan,
Unicorn Japan!


Wait a second!

That's not a Unicorn
wave length!

It's the Gargoyles!

Then we must know
where that
signal originates.

It could be getting
ready to attack us!

-Well, U3, U7!
-BOTH: Aye!

Use a portable tracker.

-I want that signal located!
-BOTH: Aye!


Oh, there it is!


This is it! This is where
that signal originates!

All right. Come on, let's go!

Here we go.

Gee whiz!

Pretty weird, isn't it?

Yeah, it sure is.

-Come on out!
Show yourself!

In there!

Welcome foolish
agents of


Oh, a tape machine!

Oh, I guess we've been
fooled again!

But why do this?

-Let's go.


Are you hurt?

Urgent! Emergency!
Please send an ambulance!

WOMAN: Is Johnny hurt?

Yes! Johnny's been shot!

-Not the boy!

Hang on, U7! Courage!

Oh, please don't die now!

Robot won't
listen to anyone else!

We need you!

Sniper reporting
to our great

U7 has been shot to death.

He is, is he?

Well, you show me
his dead body!

But... But, sir, sir, I...

You idiot! They are
taking him
to a hospital!

Make sure he's dead!

Right. I will.

Oh, oh!

-Just making the rounds.
-Yes, Doctor.

This time I'll make absolutely
sure you're dead,
Unicorn agent!


-Oh, U7!
-Hold it!

-You there!

Well, the job is complete.

Giant Robot,
he'll be no trouble


Loose hood.

That was close.

This is U7 calling.

U7 calling here,
I'm in the enemy's
car and I'm okay.

He's all right.
U7's a headache!

I never know if he's alive!

Aye, Pat,
I wore this special jacket.

You know, the iron one?
When they shot me,

but I wasn't hurt.

All right.

U7, where are you headed?

JOHNNY: Probably right
to Gargoyle headquarters.

This guy thinks I'm dead.

Good. The minute you get
there, let us know.


Looks like this is really it.

AZUMA: We will attack
as soon as we get
the location from U7.

Alert our forces.


Unicorn morons!

Don't they know that
Guillotine hears
every word they say?



A monster?
Emperor Guillotine!

What is wrong?
U7 was...

U7 is alive in your trunk!

You die with him.


Oh, no!
Oh, please,
please, no!

Oh, boy, I just can't get out!

Robot! Giant Robot,

I need you!

Oh, please! Oh!

Robot, red alert!


Giant Robot is fighting
the Gargoyle eye.

It's going to be rough.

U7, watch out!

Gargoyle will mobilize
all the monsters we had to
conquer once before.

It'll be dawn soon.
Get rid of that

Robot, you must attack!

Robot, mega-punch now!


They're falling right
into our trap!

Oh, it's that saucer!

Robot, look out!

Lay down a smoke screen!


Commander, the saucer,
big battle!

U7. Do not weaken.
Continue the
battle at all costs.

U7! Keep going!
We'll soon be

Oh, more Gargoyles!

-Shoot that kid down!

I'm in real trouble!

Commander, enemy
in the mountains!

Quick! Location.

It's 1-3-0-3, the mountain

-Good. Go!

Snow, Commander!


Oh, the monsters
are coming out!

Let's get out!

Commander, look at that!

We're entirely surrounded!

U7! U7!

Unicorn won't
be bothering us
much longer.

Robot! Azuma's
in real trouble!

He needs you now!

Yes, go and fight
my monsters! Boys,
just strike at them!


Look at that!

Quick, run, take cover!

Idiots! Don't hit
our own monsters!

Take aim more

-Oh, Robot!



Commander, don't worry
about the monsters!

Robot can handle that.

Then we will attack
the headquarters.

-Well, sir, I'm ready!
-Let's go!

Robot, kill the monsters!




Attack! They're on the run!

-Fight! Fight, Gargoyles!

Don't give up!

Don't give up!

Commander, Giant Robot
licked those two monsters!

That's good! Hear me out!

Resistance is hopeless.


Or we will...
Will destroy each
one of you!

Your one hope is to surrender!

Nothing doing!

Attack, let's go!

Giant Robot!

We're wasting time!
Lay down your arms!

Lay down your arms
and come down!

You! Where
is Guillotine's saucer?

I don't know.

Straight line!

Get going!



Commander, look!
It's a landslide!

It's a saucer!

And it's Guillotine's!

Robot, attack!

Robot, shoot it down!

-It's done!
-Guillotine is dead now!


Earthling fools!
This is your last day!

It's Guillotine.

Robot, attack!

Oh! Robot, what's wrong?

-You idiots!

Ha! You fell
right into my trap!

Giant Robot has
used up all
his nuclear energy

fighting my monsters!


Robot has no strength!

Well, then we'll do it.
We can still win.


You want to shoot me?
My body's a mass
of atomic energy!

If a bullet hits me,

my body will explode
and the entire earth
goes with it!

Don't be ridiculous!

You don't believe me?

Then I'll prove it.

Did you see that?

You saw that? That was
just a tiny fingernail!

let's start shooting!

Then the whole earth
would be exploded!

Giant Robot is helpless!

From now on,
people of the earth
will obey orders

from the mighty
Emperor Guillotine!

We're done. Nothing we can do.


Looks like the tables
are turned in our favor.

Gargoyles, disarm those
Unicorn men!

ALL: Hail!

-You won't need this.

Oh, I know!

The robot has an auxiliary
energy source!

He's ready to go into
action again now!

-Oh, no!
-Now I'll show you guys!

Attack, Robot!

Hooray, let's go!

Nonsense! He can't attack me!

If I am destroyed,
the entire earth will

blow up in a terrible
nuclear explosion!

-Do you hear?
-U7, stop it quick!

Robot, now stop!
Don't do it!

Stop the attack!

I will destroy you all!

Robot! What are you doing?


Robot, where are you going?

Robot, come back!

Robot, please!

Don't do it! You'll die!


Robot, please come back!
I need you here!

Commander, that bright light!

Guillotine is dead.


Giant Robot!

Robot, goodbye.
I'm sorry you

had to do it this way.

Robot! Giant Robot!

And so the saga
comes to an end.

Giant Robot sacrificed himself

to save the earth
from the terrible

But who knows?

When Johnny
desperately needs him again,

perhaps, like a miracle,

he will come back,
out of the sky.