Voy a pasármelo bien (2022) - full transcript

David and Layla, two teenagers who really like "Hombres G" and they like each other too, but everything he does to win her over ends badly. Thirty years later they meet again and realize that the feelings have not completely disap...


Sorry, could you help me?

- Of course.
- Thanks.

- How old is your baby?
- Three months.

- What's his name?
- Lorenzo.

You're a cutie pie, Lorenzo!

How can I help?

I'm after a novel
by Marta Betoldi.

- Sure, which one?
- It's called "Socias".


- Dámaso, do you want a coffee?
- No, thanks.

Hi, David. This is Layla,
Layla Morales. I hope

you still remember me because,
well, it's been 30 years!

And I hope this is your number.
It was very hard to find.

You might know I'm in
the movie business now.

I'm a director and this year,
the Seminci is giving me a homage.

I'm going to be there next week
and I'd love to see you.

This is my number.
If you fancy it, call or message me.

Lots of love.


Hi, Layla! Of course I remember you,
even if it's been 30 years!

Of course I know you're a director
and of course I'd love to see you.

I'm still in Valladolid,

so tell me when
you're arriving and we'll meet up.

We could have lunch, dinner,
coffee, whatever works for you.

How long are you staying for?

Sending you lots of love
and speak soon!

David, it's so great to hear from you!

And great that you want to meet up!

I arrive on Wednesday 5th
and I'm staying a week.

Except the day of the homage,
I'm going to be pretty free,

so I can meet up whenever,

but how about we go
for dinner the night I arrive?

OK, perfect, the 5th it is!
I'll make dinner reservations.

I'll send you
the restaurant's address, OK?

This morning,
I somersaulted out of bed.

I tossed a couple of eggs in the pan.

I cartwheeled to the bathroom.

I showered and wasted a load of gel,
because today...

Morning, pretty boy!

- Pretty boy! Don't run away!
- Where you going, pretty boy?

Where you going, weirdo?

- Give me your walkman, I forgot mine.
- No.

Angel, don't make me mad!

- Make you mad?
- Chill.

- Let's see what he was listening to.
- What?

- Los Hombres G.
- Los Hombres G?

- They're for snobs.
- No, they're not, they're normal.

Pretty boy, you're a snob.

- Chill out, snob.
- No, those glasses aren't mine.

Just chill out!

Give them here.

See you!
Thanks for the glasses!

- What?
- Nothing.

I know I have some enemies.

But they'll have to do
without me tonight.

Because I'm turning into a werewolf.

I've promised myself
I won't sleep alone.

Because today,

today it stops

and I'm going to have a blast!

I'm going to get so drunk,
it'll become my hobby.

I'll drag myself home
with a smile on my face.

Tomorrow I'll take an afternoon nap.

- But not tonight.
- Not tonight!


something tells me
I'm going to have a blast.

OK, let's see

who we find in the telephone book.

You never know.


María del Mar, Ana...

Will Elena be there?
I don't know.

But I'm going to have a blast.

I'm going to have a blast!

I'm going to have a blast.

This morning,
I somersaulted out of bed.

I took off my pajamas
without using my hands.

I cartwheeled to the bathroom.

I said good morning
to my parents and brothers.

Because today,

today I don't know why,

but I'm going to have a blast.

I'm going to have a blast.

I'm going to have...

A blast.

A blast.

A blast.

I'm going to have...
I'm going to have a blast.

A blast.

I'm going to have a blast.

A blast.

A blast.

A blast.

I'm going to have...
I'm going to have a blast.

A blast.

I'm going to have...
I'm going to have a blast.


I'm going to have...
I'm going to have...

a blast!


What are you doing up there?


Come on, we're late.


I've told you, only losers
wear both straps.

Oh, yeah.

See you round!

Who's she?

I don't know.


Me again! Listen, I don't know
if the others are still in Valladolid,

or if you're still in touch, but

I'd love to see them too.
Almudena and I have been

in touch recently, but
I don't know anything about the others.

I haven't seen the guys for some time,

but they still live here,
so I can arrange it

if you like. I'm sure they'll want
to see you too.

Can't wait to see you!

I'm nervous!
Big kiss!

- Where are the cigarettes?
- I couldn't bring them.

Damn, Paco.
If we smoke, we'll get more respect.

My dad didn't let go
of the packet all night.

We won't get anywhere like this.

Are those your glasses?


Unless we start taking this seriously,
it's going to be the same as last year.

Now listen to me,

- I had a thought.
- What?

- If we get...
- Shortie!

Hey there, shorties!

God, no!
Not shorties.

- Hey, Tormo! Hey, Angel!
- What's up, jerk?

Why's he saying hi to the bullies?

First mistake,
getting their attention.

Shut up, Robocop.

Get lost, joker!

We've got our lunch!
I'll take this.

- Bye, Robocop.
- Thanks!

Yeah, get out of here.

So, what was your thought?

If we get worse grades,
I think the bullies might

- leave us in peace.
- How do we do that?

By making deliberate
mistakes in the exams.

Or not raising our hands
to answer a question.

- So, by being like everyone else?
- Yes!

Do what everyone else does,
so no one pays us any attention.

Good morning in the morning!

- They took your sandwich.
- I half gave it to them.

I had a big breakfast.
I'm not hungry.

Luis, we said

"shorties" was just between us.

True. Sorry.
A thousand pardons.

- You got smokes?
- Affirmative. Want one?


Did you notice?

Yeah... What?

I'm wearing aftershave
and it smells

damn good!

It's my dad's.
Dandy Man.

Are we sure about this?

Yeah, why?

- What's wrong?
- Chill, Paco, they're menthol smooth.

How about I don't smoke,
but just hold it and pretend I do?

OK, then.

Actually, we can do

- the same.
- Cool!

Goat failed again?

- How old is he now?
- That's a mystery.

The semester's starting, shorties.

Now listen up, please.

We have to make an effort to change.

Even if we have
to do things we don't like,

we can't carry on being

- losers, OK?
- Okily-dokily!

Let's go.


Paco! Paquito,

how are you?

Are you better?

Well, I'm still in shock.

Guess who contacted me!

Well, she wrote, sent me a voicemail,
because she wants to see me.

- Who?
- Layla.

- Layla who?
- Layla.

- Layla Morales?
- Are you looking at my teeth?

- No.
- Yes, you are, Paco.

- No.
- You are!

David, I'm not.

She's coming on the 5th
and wants to go out one night

with me, to catch up, I guess,
then she wants

us all to meet up another night.

You're looking at my teeth!

I'm not.

- She's coming for the Seminci...
- Have you seen your teeth?

It's been three years.

Look, David,

I know you.
Put the brakes on,

or you're going to get hurt for sure.

- Me? Why?
- What do you mean why?

Do you think that Layla and me...?

You can't really believe that she...

Oh, please! Your imagination's
running away with you, Paco.

- What the hell is this?
- It's cotton.

- I know, I mean...
- You're not supposed to touch it.


- Layla's a very important person now.
- So?

- She has an Oscar and you...
- I have a bookstore.

Yeah, a bookstore.

- Can you keep still?
- I'm thirsty!

So tell me!

OK, thanks.

Put your head back.

She said she wants to see me, yes,

- but she wants to see you lot too.
- Us too?

- Of course!
- OK. Put the water down.

- You're not going to hurt me, are you?
- No.

- Any blood?
- Blood yes.

Good students, study

all year.

My motto every year,

but this year,

even more so. Why?

- Why?
- Shut up, Maroto.


OK, I'll answer myself.

Because it's your last year here.

Yours too, Fernando.
You have to graduate

or you'll be sent
straight into the army.

We're going to take steps.
Daniela Bravo, swap with David.

- Come here.
- Me?

No, my aunt! Come on!
You can help him study.

Come on, chop chop.
Stand up straight.

David, please.
What's going on in the back row?

Don't look the other way.

Don't look the other way.

Ha ha, he he and ha ha.

- OK, as I was saying...
- Morning.

This year, no slacking off.

this year, there'll be no

slacking off.


The new girl, Layla Morales.

- Oh, Layla.
- Hello.

Hi, Layla.
Have a seat

next to Almudena.

- Ciao.
- How are you? How are you?

Good, good.

- Hi.
- I'm Almudena.

- I'm Layla.
- OK, then,

it's the first day, so we'll start

with some revision...

Don't cry.

Don't make me cry.

- David!
- What?

Don't say "what"!
You're too old for that.

I was saying we're revising

things from last year

and I asked you
who wrote "El Buscón".

I don't remember.

You don't remember?
You always know the answer.


- No?
- No.


I don't remember either.

Last year you got straight 'A's.

Does nobody


Does nobody know who wrote

- "El Buscón"?
- Francisco de Quevedo.


That's correct!

Don Francisco Gómez

de Quevedo Villegas y Santibáñez.

Good job, Layla.

I love you.

I love you, I love you.

I love you.

They're making him be a post.

- Close the gap.
- Shut it, Robocop.

I'll shut up, but close the gap!

They're pounding him.

Are you listening to me?


What's up?

The new girl's the most beautiful
I've ever seen.

Are you in love with her?


- Don't look, they're coming.
- Hey, losers!

I love your glasses, pretty boy.

- And I like yours, 4 eyes.
- Your walkman sounds great.

- I love it.
- That's better.

- Thanks.
- Angel, I'm asking you as a personal

- favor.
- What, pretty boy?

Give me my glasses,
they're a gift from my mom.

- They were his birthday present.
- No way.

Give them back.

Come on.

I was going to.

The walkman too.

Here. The walkman too.

- Chill!
- Let's go.

I was going to give it back anyway.

Let's go to the gym.
It's empty now.

- I need your help.
- Of course.

With what?

To pass the year, or they'll
make me go to vocational training.

You always get

'A' grades, right?

I find it hard to learn.

No matter how much I study,
it doesn't stay in my head.

With us it will.
I promise.


In exchange, I'll defend you from
Angel and the other repeat students.

- We call them the bullies.
- You'll be safe from now on.

But please,
no one else can find out

- about this, No one. Got it?
- Got it.

You like the new girl, right?

- No.
- Yes, he does.

- Maybe a little.
- I'll help you

win her over too.
Friends help each other, Daniel.

- David.
- That's what I meant.

With Fernando the Goat?

Yeah, we smoked some Camels.

- They were really strong.
- And we shook hands

- after spitting in them.
- Damn my bad luck!

I was busy playing football.

They made you

- be the post.
- I love football so much,

I even like being the post.

Paquito, to reach the top,

- you have to start at the bottom.
- Hey...


Can I be one of the shorties this year?

- No.
- Why not?

Because we said so.
You'll never be a shortie.

- Shorties are born, not made Maroto.
- Get it?

- Get lost!
- That's so unfair!

- You never change.
- Get lost, our friend Fernando's here.

Screw you!

Hey, Captain!

I'm Luis.
I can be your friend too.

OK, then...

Can I call you Goat?

No and please, lower your voice.

- What about Fer?
- No.

Then I'll call you Ferdinand.
Sounds better.

Listen up everyone.

- Anyone here who's not taking religion?
- Me.

OK, well we don't have
an Ethics teacher,

so you can go to the library.


- Let's go!
- No, no.

- No way!
- Yes, let's go!



Why are you sitting so far away?

Are you talking to me?

Yes, we're alone!

Yes, we are.

OK, then...

I'm Layla.

Ah... David.

- You don't take religion either?
- No.

I've always been an ethics guy!

You like Hombres G?

I love them!

- Me too.
- Awesome!

I hate when people say they're snobs.

- They're not snobs.
- No.

They laugh at snobs.

She left you for a snobby boy.

- Snobs wouldn't say that!
- Course not! They're really edgy!

They used to be punks.

- I didn't know that.
- Yeah, just that now

they're normal again.

What were you doing?
Studying math?

No, look.

- It's like a movie.
- Yeah.

I love the movies.

- I write stories.
- You do?

You'll have to show me them.

What's cooking, good looking?

- What are you doing here?
- I take ethics too.

- Why?
- 'Cos I don't believe in God.

- I'm Layla.
- I'm Luis,

but everyone calls me Robocop,
because of my leg.

I'll call you Luis.
I don't like nicknames.

- Me neither.
- Some nicknames are nice.

Like how we call each other shortie,

- because it's cool!
- No.

- That was last year. Not anymore.
- No?

- No.
- No.

That's a shame.
I love it!

- We call each other that sometimes.
- Yeah, sometimes.

Did you know Hombres G
have a new album out?

Let's go to the mall to get it.

- Now?
- No one's watching us.

Come on, don't be scaredy-cats.

If we get caught,
we'll be in big trouble.


If we get caught,
we'll be in trouble later, not now.

- About this dinner with Layla...
- Yes, what?

Should I invite Félix?

I think it's better without partners.

- Yeah, you would say that.
- Paco.

David, Paquito!



- Hey, hey, hey! What's up?
- Hey!

Look at you, you look great!
What have you done?


- You better?
- A bit, yeah.


Wow, you got hair plugs!

A few, yeah. In Madrid.

They look great!
Let me show you around.

Can't wait to see you!
I'm nervous! Lots of love!

- She's nervous!
- She didn't mean it like that.

- Course she did!
- OK...

Let me tell you something,
us famous people,

besides being famous,
we're also people.

- You're a jerk.
- Paquito!

- What do you mean by that?
- What do you think?

- She's interested in you.
- Sure!

- I am sure!
- No, I don't think so.

Has she got a boyfriend?
Have you Googled her?

I might have checked.

- And?
- Well, she was with...

- An actor.
- A famous actor, until a few months ago.

See? She's free and single.

She's hot for you
and that's why she's nervous.

She can't wait to see you!

Luis, don't give him false hopes,

or he'll end up getting hurt.

- He's not going to get with Layla.
- Why not?

I'm still your friend,
even though you never call.

- You're comparing yourself to her?
- No.

But now you mention it,
what's more important:

winning an Oscar,

or being President of Valladolid?

I know my answer!

And at my age too!

Mr. President, I came to tell you
Layla wants to go for dinner

with the whole group,
you included, and that's it!

No problem, I'll be there to help
however you need me to.

- You're a pain in the ass.
- Is Almudena coming?


One of us asks,

then while I cover you,

- you grab it and we leave.
- Cool.

Hang on...

- You're not going to buy it?
- No, what for?

Don't worry, we're under 14,

so if we get caught,
we won't go to juvy.

We might get caught?

Probably not.
Haven't you ever stolen anything?

I haven't,

but I can't wait to start!

I've stolen loads of stuff,

but I'm worried about Luis.
His dad's

- a cop.
- So?

- They'll treat a cop's son better.
- You betcha!

I'll take the tape.

Great, Luis, you're so brave!

Let's go.


Let me

take the tape.

Io sono il capone della mafia.

Io sono il figlio della mia mamma.

Tu sei un stronzo di merda.

E un figlio di troia in Venezia.


Morning, Sir.

Shouldn't you be at school?

There was a bomb scare.

The GRAPO maybe?

- We can't be sure.
- Right...

- What do you want?
- An album for my mom,

but I don't know which one.

What music does your mom like?

She loves Mari Trini.

We saw her once
on holiday in Torrevieja,

- Alicante.
- So buy her a Mari Trini album.

You're one smart cookie!

- Luis, let's go.
- OK.

So, I'll come back another day,
because I like to

think things over.
See you later alligator!



Let's go to Italy together,

I want to buy a striped sweater.

The mafia won't bother us,

we'll go swimming at the beach.

Let's go to Italy together,

I want to buy a striped sweater.

The mafia won't bother us,

we'll go swimming at the beach.

He's not coming! He's not coming!

Stop! He's not coming!

He's not coming!

Shorties, shorties, shorties!

Shorties, shorties, shorties!

Shorties, shorties, shorties!

- Shorties, shorties, shorties!
- Quiet.

What is it?

Come on, let's go!

- Come on!
- Let's go!

- Come on!
- David, let's go!

What do you think you're doing?

I'm going to remember your face!

Who's he?

How should I know?

- He sure is elegant.
- Hadn't you

stolen things before?

Yeah, but bigger things.

Sure, sure.

Why'd you change schools?

The nuns threw me out.

- Really?
- Yeah.


At the end of the semester,
I hung a sign in the chapel.

"Down with skirts".

- No!
- Yes!

The nuns almost had
a heart attack when they saw it.

This goody-goody told on me
and I got expelled.

Why did you write that?

I don't like
being forced to wear a skirt.

You're wearing one now.

Because I want to.

You're too cool for school.

What time is it?

We should get back.

It's five hairs past the wrist!

Come on, let's go.

I love our ethics classes!

I really like

- your hair.
- I use mousse.

No, no, no, no.

Don't cry.

Don't make me cry.

Give me,

give me your hand.

Just try it, baby,
I want to see you laugh.

Hold me tight,

come running to me.

I love you, I love you,
I love you and all I do

is think about you.

I just live and breathe for you.

I love you,

I love you,

I love you,

I love you...

You coming?

What do you say in these situations?




Where do you work?

- I own a bookstore.
- That's great!

- I guess...
- Are you married?

- Divorced.
- Any kids?

- No.
- I don't have kids either.

Yeah, I know.

How do you know?

Um... Google.

- You've been spying on me?
- No.

- Yes, you have!
- Just a little.

By accident!
I saw a story about you

online, which I was
so excited about, by the way,

then I started following you...

Sure, better to stalk me than write me!

- Well...
- Excuse me.

- Ready to order?
- I haven't even looked.

- Can you give us a minute?
- Of course.

I don't know.

By the way. I'm so happy for
everything that's happening with you.

I follow you and watch your movies.
I loved the last one.

I've done some research on you too.

- On me?
- Yes.

You won't have found much!

Your novel and I bought it.

And you want a refund?

I haven't read it yet.

- Why didn't you write anything else?
- I don't know.

Nothing happened when
it was published, sales were lousy

- the reviews were so-so.
- We've all had bad reviews.

But yours are in the New York Times
and mine in the Valladolid Herald

and in four,
horrendous, local blogs!

- Go ahead, answer it.
- No, no, no, it's work.

It's so weird hearing you
talk with a Mexican accent!

Yeah, I lost my accent after

two or three years,
but I can still try to be Spanish!

- Feels strange though.
- No, Mexican

- suits you.
- Thanks.

So, do you have a partner?

No. What about you?

Wasn't that in Google?

Layla, if it was in Google,
I'd know! I looked for it,

- but only found old news.
- Ah, in that case,

don't tell me what you read!

I started seeing someone recently,

but it's complicated.

Let's see what they've got to eat.
I'm starving!

You never came back here, did you?

No. I almost did several times, but...

for one reason or another, I couldn't.

But anyway, this year...

it was clearly meant to be.

Why meant to be?

Um... because I've been
struggling the last few months.

I'm a mess.
I don't know what to do with my life.

I wanted to come home
to see if reconnecting with...

Forget it, I don't want to get all serious.

No, you're not at all.
In fact, I totally understand you.

- Are you better now?
- Yes, more or less.

I was thinking of
staying in Spain a few months.

Oh... that's great.

I've written a script that's set here.

- Here in Valladolid?
- Yes, I just finished it.

And you're going to shoot it?

I hope so! The only thing
I'm getting offered in LA right now

are superhero movies and
I'm not sure that's what I want to do.

So what do you want to do?

That's what I'm figuring out.

- Is this really your hotel?
- Yes!

When I saw it had been converted into
a hotel, I asked them to put me up here.

So, are we seeing
the others for dinner?

Yeah, I'm on it!

- I already spoke to Almudena.
- OK, great.


So, I had a blast.

I had a blast too!

What are you doing tomorrow?


Cripple, peg leg, heels!

Nice! "Heels" is a good one!

You do this often?

Athletes train every day, right?

So do we.

So, when we hear it at school,

it doesn't affect us so much.

OK, Luis. Your turn.

Nerd, four eyes,

goggle eyes, baldy!

- But he's not bald.
- We're also preparing

for when we get insulted in the future.

You're thinning a bit at the back.

- What?
- Stop it.

Don't ever do this again.

- I'm thinning at the back?
- Just a little.

I said I'd defend you.

Great! And you're going to get 'A's.
Paco will help with science and me,

- social studies and English.
- And me, everything else!

- There isn't anything else.
- True.

But my house is empty in the afternoon
and we can study here.

And at weekends,

Paco's folks go out of town
and he stays with me,

so on Saturdays,

- we can go to his.
- My hair's always been thick!

- What shall we start with? Math?
- No.

We have time to study.
Let's start with your plan.

What plan?


One: Make her think

lots of girls like you.


Just because. And it's better
if she thinks you like someone else.

Why make her think
I like someone else,

if she's the one I like?

If you're not going to listen to me,

- we won't get far.
- David, please!

Carry on, Ferdinand.

Two: Make her think your

- cool.
- Exactly.

Chicks like cool guys.

Act and dress like them
and she'll be putty in your hands.

Then I won't be being me.

That's the point! You got it.

- There's nothing else?
- No.

Those two things should be enough.
But we need

you two to help,
because we're a team.

That's why Robocop's taking ethics.

- Can you call me Luigi?
- No, Robocop's fine.

Perfect. You can count on me!

- I've got an idea.
- Shoot, man!

What if I buy her the new

Hombres G album?
I can tell her

I stole it and
she'll think I'm really brave.

- Great idea, I love it!
- Yes, sir! Awesomeness.




- No.
- But why not?

Because! You tell him, Fer.

- Because she'll think you like her.
- I do!

But she can't know that,
or you're screwed.

Get it now, David?

So what should he do?

What I said!

What he said!

What was it?

If you're not going to
listen to me, I'm off!

Fernando, please don't go.

You have my word that
these two idiots will listen to you.

Because you know
everything about love, right?

I know a lot, yeah.

it's an honor to be your friend.

We've never been the most
handsome boys on the block.

Not you, Maroto!

- Why?
- Just because!

Not too much, not too little,
nothing to go crazy over.

Maroto, get lost!

And now we go to discos.

If you're not careful,
they'll bite your legs.

You drink a little,

get crazy a little.

David, we have to have a serious talk.

Maroto, leave me alone, I'm busy.

- You're on your own.
- Get lost, Maroto.

How come you let Fernando the Goat

- in your gang and not me?
- Shut up!

We told you no, period!



Yesterday was fun, right?

- It was OK.
- Why was it fun?

- Weren't you leaving?
- No.

Listen up! My neighbor,
who's so gorgeous

you wouldn't believe,
says she really likes you!

- Really?
- Yeah.

It happens a lot.
All the girls fall for him.


That's great.

I got you a gift.

- For me?
- Yes.

- Did you steal it?
- Of course.

- Why are you giving it to him?
- Because I like him.

Later, alligator!


- Paco, don't change your glasses.
- Oh, man!

Maroto, you're crossing a line.

But we're all here having fun!

- Unbelievable!
- What happened?

- She gave him a tape and she likes him.
- Shit!

But I did good, right?

The tape isn't a good thing?


- Hi, there.
- Good morning in the morning!

- Fernando!
- No!

What are you doing?

I don't know!

We talked for like four hours.

It was like old times.
It felt easy.

- What's she like?
- What?

- As a person
- As a person, she's up here,

but then, at the same time,

she knows how...
How to be humble.

You think she's after something.

- Not again, Paco.
- You're going to get hurt.

- He's told me 25 times!
- Enough already!

I mean, anyone would
fall in love with her,

but it's not like that with us.

Are you seeing her again?

- They're meeting later.
- No way.

And she's thinking of
staying in Spain for a while.

- You're such a big mouth.
- OK, David, David, David...

- Let me give you some sound advice.
- I don't need your crap now.

Hey! What crap?
Have I ever let you down?

Only every time!

- That was mean.
- Please!

- Fernando know what he's talking about.
- He's been divorced 4 times!

- So what?
- Fernando!

Honestly! I can't tell you anything.

We had an adult conversation.

Don't be childish.
I don't think Layla and I...

Yeah, you do!

- I bet you do!
- You're going to get hurt.

- Again?
- Did you get plugs?

Just some reinforcement.

That wasn't so great, was it?

Thank you, Pedro, thank you.

Have a seat.

- That'd be best.
- Yes, it would.


- Héctor, your turn.
- The thing is...

I don't have my recorder,

because my dog ate it yesterday.

I see.

You expect me to believe that?

It can't be a lie,
because I'm not that inventive.


OK, then...

- who wants to play?
- Can I play a song?

Yes, great.

Come on, let's hear you.

Whenever you're ready.

Hey, little one,

come here with me.

I know a way to make you happy.

Let your hair down, oh, oh!

Come and sit down here.

Take off your coat,
put it over there.

Come with me and trust me.

The only thing I want

is to see you smile.

The only thing I want

is for you to dance with me,

to let your hair down

and later, if you want,

to take off your bra.

Let your hair down.

Let your hair down,
do me that favor.

Dance to this rock and roll with me.

I just want to have a little fun.

Take off your shoes,
take off your pants.

Turn off everything, except the TV.

Let your hair down,
you'll feel much better.

The only thing I want

is for you to dance with me,

to let your hair down
and later, if you want,

to take off your bra.

Let your hair down.

Let your hair down.

You're going to let me

- stroke your hair.
- Let your hair down.

The only thing I want

is for you to dance with me,
let your hair down

and later, if you want,

take off your bra.


- David!
- What?

- This is going from bad to worse.
- Why?

- She's staring at you the whole time.
- Isn't that a good thing?

No. Time to move on
to point 3 on the list.

- There were only two.
- Now there are three.

Paco's parents are out
of town on Saturdays, right?

- You want to go for a walk?
- No, wait.

Paco, take off your glasses,
you're cooler without them.

Oh, man!

- See you, losers.
- Bye.

Hey, hey!

They're such jerks.

Can you smell something bad?

- It's your backpack.
- No.


Is that shit?

- It's shit!
- Gross!

It's shit!
That's so gross!

Close your mouth!

Paco, don't throw up!

- Exhale!
- Don't throw up!


The girls are coming.
Let's go.

- Gross!
- Here.

Let's go.

I feel sick!

I'm going to throw up!

- Paco, act normal.
- Keep it down.

- You're OK.
- Keep it down.

- Take your backpack.
- They're coming.

Just say yes to everything I say.

- Are we acting cool?
- Yes!

Act normal, Paco.

- Were you waiting for us?
- No.

- Yes.
- Yes.


We can't say.

- We wanted to invite you to a party.
- Exactly!

- A party?
- Yeah, we throw

- lots of parties.
- I didn't know.

- They're secret.
- It smells bad here.

No, it smells good to me.

- Where's the party?
- At Paco's house.

- What?
- Awesome!

- When is it?
- Next Saturday.

Well, it's not sure yet.

- Yes, it is.
- Yes, it is.

- What time?
- Party time.

Six fifteen, six thirty.

But it's still not totally sure.

- Yes, it is.
- Yes, it is.

- It does smell bad here.
- No.

No, it doesn't, it smells good.

So, we're invited?

- Maybe.
- Yes.

- You're invited.
- Yes, you're invited.

But you should know,
our parties are wild.

Really? How so?

Like, we might throw
the TV out the window.

- Or the couch.
- Who's coming?

- Lots of people.
- Hi!

Hey, what's up?
You look great!

- Shut up!
- I remember it much bigger.

Me too!
As a kid everything seems huge.

Even Valladolid seemed huge to me!

So what's this script
you've set here about?

About you and me.

- What do you mean?
- Just that. It's about us,

the crime of the century,
the shorties...

It hasn't changed a bit!

When you say you and me,
what do you mean?

Well, that! It's about us.
It's a musical.

- I hate musicals.
- Don't say that!

Well, you'll have to read it.

I have to take this.

- The superheroes?
- Yes.

They're being very insistent.

But do you want to make that film?

There's a lot at stake
when you make a film like that.

- Yeah, of course, the money.
- No.

Not just the money. If I do it,
I'll be free to do what I want later.

Sorry... Excuse me.

- We're about to close up.
- Sorry, thanks for letting us in.

Oh, please!
It's an honor, Laia.

Can we take a picture

with the teachers?


Thanks, I'll go tell them.

Shall we go, Laia?

Hey, why did you stop
writing me letters?

- What?
- Your letters.

Because we were 20
and we were writing less and less.

The distance, the... Why?

Because it was important to me
and you just stopped answering.

I started seeing a girl
and you had a boyfriend too.

So what?

You're right.

Did you know my novel
was about you and me as well?


Why didn't you send it to me?

I was scared

you wouldn't like it.

What are you doing tomorrow afternoon?

I should open the bookstore. Why?

Never mind then.
I was going to invite you somewhere.

Well, the global economy won't crash
if I don't open one day!

We're not having a party at my house!

- How'd it go?
- Great.

We were awesome!

Good, we need to get organizing.

There's nothing to organize!
Fernando, please!

We need to study,
or you're going to fail.

- There's time to study.
- Yeah!

What do we do, Fer?

- Nothing!
- Everything! Drinks,

who we're inviting...
And there has to be booze

so she knows you're a bad boy.

If you want to be a bad boy,
follow my lead

and copy me as much as you like.

Gestures, expressions...
You go for it!

My parents will kill me.

Shut up!

But if they kill you,
they'll kill you later, not now.

- What?
- Hey, shorties!

Can I come and hang with you?

No, Maroto, get lost!

Stop spying on us!

You're so selfish!

And another thing, everyone
has to wear a shirt at the party.

- Shirts are for important events.
- I have one from my sister's

baptism that's really nice.

It's Terylene.
That says it all.


- Sky blue.
- Better.

David, come back in the house.

- We're about to do our homework.
- Do it later, your father's here.

- I'll be right back.
- Later, alligator.

I get the feeling he's in trouble.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- What are you doing here?
- We need to talk.

- Why are you dressed like that?
- Because I like it.

- You like what you're wearing?
- Yes.

The school called.

They said you signed up
for ethics classes.


Because I don't get the whole God thing.

- What don't you get?
- The whole God thing.

What don't you get about God?

- I'm not sure, I have my doubts.
- David, Maroto's mom

came and told me she saw you
running out of the mall

- during school hours.
- That's a lie!

Mari Cruz's crazy!

- She's not crazy.
- You said so yourself.

She's a bit special,

that's all.

We wanted to talk to you
to tell you that

we love you very much
and the fact

that we're separated
has absolutely

- nothing to do with you.
- No.

- Are you sure?
- Of course I'm sure.

- I thought it did.
- No, my love.

Of course not.

- No!
- Don't confuse things.

They're two separate things.


- So you want me to take religion?
- No.

We want you to do
what you want to do.

- OK?
- OK.

- Hi, Ma'am.
- Afternoon.

Can I get that bag there?
The one at the back.

- This one?
- No, further back.

This one?

Hey, you!

So I let them believe
I think it's my fault they divorced

- and they didn't tell me off.
- Smart.

Too cool for school!

My parents are divorced too.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Well mine really love each other.
The love they share is amazing!

- What's this camera?
- The theater camera.

- Does it work?
- Of course.

- Doesn't it?
- Yeah.


Let's make a short!

What's a short?

- A movie, just a short one, right?
- Yeah.

- I've always wanted to make one.
- It's forbidden to use it.

The director's a real grouch.

So let's take it out of school,

make the short and bring it back.


We're going to steal the camera?

Who said anything about stealing?

- Borrow.
- Borrow, Paquito, pay attention.

- It's to make a short.
- What's a short?

Come on, Paco!
What do you think it is?

A movie, just a short one.

And I'm going to direct it.

What are you laughing at?

Well, girls are actresses,

- not directors, no?
- No.

Girls are whatever we want to be.

- OK?
- Well,

if you put it like that...

- Who can write the script?
- Me.

- What's a script?
- Where you write what you film.

Ah, OK,

but shouldn't Paco write it?

No, I'm writing it.

But Paco has glasses.

- So?
- What do you mean so?

Writers wear glasses.

That's true.

No, I'm writing it.

- Good writers, I mean.
- If David wants to write,

- let him.
- I'll do it.

Your choice.

We need to plan how to take the camera.

And we need actors too.

If you need a leading man
who's awesome in every way,

look no further!


- Really?
- Yes.

And we need an actress.

Let's think about it
and then all decide together.

No, there's no need.

- Almudena.
- Oui, c'est moi.

She's amazing!

- What time is it?
- Time you got a watch!

- Stop joking around!
- It's seven.

OK, so Celedonio leaves at seven.

He locks all the doors

and we can't get in
through the windows.

OK, so that's that.

- It wasn't meant to be.
- Wait.

What we could do is

wait until the end of the day,

then hide.

We can spend the night at school

and leave when Celedonio
opens in the morning.

- That's an awesome idea.
- Rootin'-tootin'!

- We're not inviting Maroto, are we?
- Whatever.

Something wrong?


I think there is.

You can tell me.

It's just I think I liked things
better how they

- were last year.
- What do you mean?

When we didn't do
such dangerous things,

like committing crimes.

And we met up without girls

and played really fun games.

I like hanging out with girls too.

And those games are kind of childish.

But we're never alone anymore,
just us, the shorties.

We're not twelve anymore.

Luis and I are.
My birthday's in November

Luis' at Christmas.

But mine's not.

And when you're thirteen,
life looks so different.

Things happen and when
you fall in love, you can't control it.

It's such a strong feeling.

Are we going to stop being friends?

No, of course not!
That's never going to happen.

You hear me?
Even when we're old,

forty-five, or even older,

and I'm a writer
and you're a famous scientist,

we'll still be friends.

You promise?

No. I swear!

Can I ask you a personal question?

You've been asking
personal questions since you got here!

Yes, you can.
Go on!

- Sometimes I'm too direct, right?
- It's OK, I like it.

OK, how long were you married?

Um... I was married...

- Twelve years.
- Twelve!

Yup, twelve years.

And when I finally
decided I was ready

to be a father...

she fell in love
with someone else and left me.

And it left me...
Actually, I'm still getting over it.

- It's been rough.
- David, I'm sorry.

That's OK.
What about you?

- What?
- Having kids.

I was with a guy
I thought I'd have kids with,

but I was so young.

Arturo, right?
Arturo Granados, the writer.


I really love his books.

- Then you'll know we broke up.
- Yeah.

Yeah... And after him,
I started working non-stop,

then four years ago,
I started seeing an actor called Ryan.

- We split up a while ago.
- I know.

- Google.
- Google.

- So, why ask?
- No, no, no.

- You already know everything!
- He's the blond guy, right?

- Yes.
- Yeah, Google.

Looks like kind of a jerk.

We're back together again.

- You're kidding.
- No.

So, that's great!
Don't worry, I think so too sometimes.

A few days before the Oscars, I found
out he was cheating, so I left him.

So, that's why you've
been so down recently?

That and some other stuff too.


A bit of cinnamon.

Cinnamon, great. I love it!

- Done! The cup, Robocop.
- What's it called?

Panther's milk.

Well? Do you like it?

I love it.

It's the best thing I've ever tasted

in my whole life.
Here, you're going to love it.

- Looks good.
- You want some?

No, thanks.
I'll have some later.

- It's like milkshake.
- Yeah.

Now undo your top bottom,
that's what single guys do.

- It is?
- Sure.

Married guys do up all their buttons.

Ah, I had no idea.

Well now you do.
Don't forget it.

- Did you know Hombres G are best buds?
- Like us four.

Lots of bands play together,
but aren't friends.

And Rafa, the guitarist,
is older than the others.

Like us four.

And my uncle told me
they get all the girls.

Like us four!

I don't know if you're drunk,
or if you're going to be.

I just know you're in our bar.

Today is Friday.
The prettiest girls

are waiting for you.
Don't give it a second thought,

come and visit our bar.

Drinking liters of beer in the corner,

the songs that all the girls sing.

Have another pineapple juice

and add a splash of rum.
What's up? Are you drunk?

You're in our bar.

I let you come, but
don't even think about talking to me.

I know!

Don't be cheeky,
or I'll send you home.

OK, but can I eat, dance,
or do something?

- I'll be bored otherwise.
- Hi, girls, come in.

No mess, OK?

I should've eaten before I came.

No, just stay here, OK?

They're here, they're here.

OK, now do everything I told you.

- Be a bad boy.
- OK.

- Drink and smoke a lot.
- OK.

- You'll kiss for sure.
- OK.

- Go on.
- Go, tiger!

What's up?

- What if I do it wrong?
- What?

I've never kissed a girl before.

I bet you've kissed loads.
Or even more, right?

I won't answer yes or no to that.

You're too cool for school!

So how do you kiss well?

My cousin said you have
to open your mouth a little.

- Open my mouth?
- Yeah.


Listen, the most important thing:

keep your eyes open to see her.

You can do it.
Go with him, Robocop.

Let's go.

How's it going?

Super duper!

It's not such a wild party.

It's just starting.
Wait and see in half an hour!

- Want some panther's milk?
- Sure!

Come with me, mademoiselle.

Let's go.

Silvia, come on.


- You don't want panther's milk?
- No, I don't drink alcohol.

A cigarette?

Smoking's for jerks.

Yeah, I think so too.

- So why do you smoke?
- I'm quitting,

but it's tough,
'cos it's really addictive...

The nicotine.


Better to quit.
I bet kissing a smoker

is gross.

Silvia, Almudena, let's dance!

What are you doing?
What are you doing?

- What are you doing?
- I'm going to dance with her.

You can't!

- Why not?
- Because!

Learn the two golden rules.

One, guys don't dance to slow songs.

Two, they don't drink martini and lemon.


Guys drink anything
but martini and lemon.

And peppermint.

- What's that?
- I don't know, but don't drink it.

Come on, let's go.

I relate to this song so much.

"I know I'm nothing more
than a scoundrel,

but let the girls come to me".
It's so me!

Stop staring at her, man!

- Let's go dance.
- Hey...

Do you think Fernando
knows what he's talking about?

- What?
- Sometimes he says strange things.

David, please!

The bullies are here!

For real?

Goat, we're not here to cause trouble.
Just a quick drink.

We'll just hang out with
the girls a bit, scout's honor.

What's about you?

Can I move yet?
No, stay there.

Oh, man!

Come on, Paco, it's OK.

- Are you OK?
- No.

It's OK, breathe, breathe.

David, Layla's inside.

Go on, we'll take care of him.

It's OK, Paco. It's OK.

- Hi.
- Hi.

I thought you were going
to dance with me before.

No, I don't dance to slow songs.

- No?
- No.


I like them and I like guys
who dance to them even more.

Well, sometimes I do,
but my leg's hurting today.

Paco, we wanted to say

- thanks for having us.
- Please, no more mess.

- What mess?
- Enough crap, OK?

- All of you out!
- Chill, Robocop. I bet you're hungry.

You loser!
Come on, let's go back inside.

Paco, don't go!

I'm telling you to wait!


- What are you doing, Tormo?
- Nothing.

God damn it!

OK, please calm down.

Why are you running?

- Please, calm down.
- I failed you.

- No.
- Yes.

- No, Fernando.
- I failed you.

But there's so many of them.
I'm sorry.

Fer, no.
Shorties don't need to say sorry.

Shall we call the police?

Then your parents
will find out for sure.

Don't call anyone. Will you be OK
on your own for a while?

- No.
- Great.

- Fer, David, come on.
- I said no!

Buddy... I'm the police.

- Wait here.
- Where are you going?

- I don't know.
- Don't leave me!

- Stay here.
- Please, don't go!


I swear I did!

I thought you'd all get sent to juvy!


Why? Because... Look,

when you turned up, everyone

- went mad!
- She's a revolutionary.

You were all scaredy-cats!

You were always OTT, Paquito.

OTT? What about
that whole thing.. The plan?

What plan?

What plan?

The camera!

That was a great plan!
Really well thought out.

- It was great.
- Please!

You two just wanted

any excuse to be together!


- Any excuse.
- No, no.

It was all her!


- Kind of!
- And you two?

What about you two?

- You were so cute.
- We had pure magic!

Pure magic.
What could we do?

He's jealous.

- And what about you?
- What about me?

Who did you like?
You never said.

Tell them!
Go on, tell them.

- Go on!
- Who?

- Tell them.
- Who?

I liked Tormo.

What? Come off it!

- You're kidding
- Tormo?

He was so cute!

He was cute.

Right? So cute!

- He made your life hell!
- He made life worth living!

He bullied you.

Listen to me,

I'm very discreet
and I never kiss and tell.

- Tell us, Paco.
- So don't ask!

- Paco, tell us.
- I'm not drunk enough.

I won't give up until you tell us!

- Five drinks!
- Five, OK!

You know Layla's staying in Spain

- for a while?
- That was the plan.

- Really? Here in Valladolid?
- But in the end, I can't.

- What?
- How come?

- Because of work?
- Yes.

Before dinner I got a call about

that movie I told you about

and they made me an offer.

Oh, that's great!

- Really?
- Congratulations.

- Thanks.
- Congrats.

That's so great!

You must want to be with Ryan too.


Let's go for a drink!

Go ahead, I can't.

- Why not?
- No.

- Paco has a confession!
- I know!

Get him drunk!
I have a conference call with LA

- in under an hour.
- Now?

It's 9 hours less there.

I thought it was 8.

No, it's 9 hours.

But we'll see
each other tomorrow, right?

Of course!

- You're coming, right?
- Yes!

Here it is.

- Why's it there?
- When my dad's not at work

- he leaves it here.
- Where is he?

In hospital.

- Is he sick?
- No.

Why's he in hospital?

- He's got cancer.
- Yeah,

but he's not so sick.

- Is he going to die?
- No!

Course not!

Why doesn't he take
the gun to the hospital?

He's in a gown all day.
No pockets.

Of course.
That must be it.

Let's go, Luis?

Did you call me Luis?

You prefer Luigi?

No, Luis is fine.

They're destroying everything!

Don't worry, Paquito.
The shorties are here.



Shut up, loser!

Ladies and gents,
time you all went!

Everyone out!

Are you crazy?

I'm not crazy.
I'm really crazy.

On your bike,
the Vikings are coming!

Get the fuck out, Pink Floyd.

- I'll be seeing you.
- On Monday, at school.

Move it!

Don't worry,

we can fix it
with Tipex and breadcrumbs.

My house is destroyed.


A few cleaning products
and it'll be as good as new.

Maroto, buddy!

- You want to be a shortie?
- Yes!

Your time has come!
Help us clean up.

Go to hell!

Out my way!

Well, I tried!

Where's Layla?

With Tormo.
She's so lucky!

The hottest guy in class
is hot for her.

I bet they kiss.

I'm so jealous!

Shall we go?

Laters, alligators.

Bye, Luis.

Bye, Almudena.

Love is shit.

No, love is the best thing ever.
Right, Fer?


And David will end up
with Layla, you'll see.

Keep acting cool.
It will work.


It doesn't matter what I do.

Girls like Layla
are for guys like Tormo.

Not for guys like us.

She didn't tell you
she was leaving Spain?

No, but it's fine, I'm fine.
She has a boyfriend anyway.

She was giving you
the eye though, I swear.

No, she wasn't!

- Those two?
- On fire.

Hot to trot.
But isn't Luis still married?

They have an open relationship.

- What?
- Partner swaps and everything.

You're kidding.
Did you know?

You're a romantic, David,
but life has changed.

Love's changed.
Now there's Tinder, swingers,

- wife swaps... Things happen.
- What things?


Is your relationship with Felix open?

- Is it?
- No way!

- 'Cos you haven't been together long.
- No, only 8 years!

And next up, The Shorties!

The shorties?

I wrote our name down.
Come on!

- The shorties?
- Seriously?


I'm crying in my room.

Everything around me is hazy.

She left you for a snobby boy.

He has a white Ford Fiesta
and a yellow sweater.

I see them walking in the park.

When they kiss, it kills me.

I'm going to get
my own back on that sissy,

I'm going to fill his neck
with itching powder.

Suffer, you jerk!

Give me back my girl,

or you'll be writhing around
in itching power.

Suffer, you jerk!

Give me back my girl,

or you'll be writhing around
in itching power.

Go, shorties!


- I have information.
- What information?

I got up early this morning
and came to investigate.

- Come on, get a move on.
- Yes, Don Agustín.

We have to take the camera soon.

Next week.

- Why?
- Just trust me.

- See you all at recess, OK?
- OK.


You look really cute today.
In normal clothes.

Celedonio arrives

at half past eight,
he opens the school

and leaves all the doors open.
That's when we escape.

Super duper, count me in!

When shall we do it?

Next week at the latest.


Just because.

Ah, OK then.

I can't.
My parents grounded me

for two months because of the party.

- What about the bullet hole?
- I said

it was a bash from the broom handle.

- Parents are so gullible.
- OK, Paco, we'll do it without you.

David and I will stay at school
and the rest of you help

- from outside.
- You're going to stay alone?

- Yes, the less the better.
- OK.

Paco, I'll tell my mom
I'm staying at yours.

Almudena, you tell my mom
I'm staying at yours.

- Okie dokie.
- We can stay together too if necessary.

- That won't be necessary!
- OK.

Now listen to the plan.

At half five,
when everyone's going home,

David and I will hide in the bathroom

and wait for Celedonio to leave.

Then we'll come out.

It's the perfect plan!

Damn, Layla!

Your face!

We're alone.

- Easy, right?
- Yeah.

- Shall we go get the camera now?
- Yeah, let's go.

- You have to give me the script.
- I'm almost finished.

OK, but let me have it tomorrow,
even if it's not finished.

What's the rush?

I'm just really dying to read it.

The longer I have,
the better it'll be.

There's someone there!
Quick, run!

I don't believe this.

David, it's OK. David...
If we get caught, nothing will happen.

David, please, it's OK.

- Got you back
- You jerk!

You believed me!
Your face!

Now we just have
to wait until tomorrow.

- Luis, let me carry the camera.
- No.

- It looks really heavy.
- No, I'm really comfy, there's no need.

OK, fine.

You got the gun?

- No, guns are bad, Almudena.
- Maybe...

Look, there they are.

- Run, take the camera.
- No, Luis.

I won't leave you!

- It's OK, run!
- No, Luis!

Please, Almudena, do as I say.

- Save the camera.
- OK.


- Look who's here.
- Where's she going?

- Forget her.
- Afternoon.

- Good to see you.
- What do you want?

To buy you a drink.

- Sucker!
- Where you going?

In the trash!

Get off me, asshole!

Leave him alone.

Get off me, you jerk!

Son of a bitch!

- In here.
- Asshole!

I'll get you back for this!

Leave him alone!

Shut up, Almudena.
Don't be a pain.

- Do anything to her and I'll kill you!
- As if!


Son of a bitch!


Now the flour!

Go on.

Hey, loser!

You're such a loser!

Job done!

- Night night.
- Asshole!

- Bye!
- Take care!


Bye, Almudena.

See you tomorrow.

- Are you OK?
- Course I am.

- Need some help?
- No, I'm good.

Where's the camera?

I hid it back there.

Yeah! We won!

- What?
- We won.

What idiots. Idiots!

They didn't see the camera.

They don't even know they lost.

Your clothes are dirty.

My aunt washes my clothes
by hand or with the machine

and I shower every night,
so this doesn't even bother me.

What about you?
Are you OK?


That's all I care about.


two, three.


Come on, let's try again.

One, two, three.

Shit! It's impossible to play them
both at the same time.

Well, there is one way.


I don't have anyone to write about.

No one who gets angry
and no one to argue with.

Come on.

I don't have anyone

to try and survive with.

I don't have anyone to dance

barefoot through Madrid with.

If I don't have you,

if you're not close to me,

if you don't hug and kiss me,

what will I do without you?

If I don't have you.

I told you there was a way.


I can't get the bridge quite right.

No, it sounds great.

- When did you learn to play?
- I'm still learning.

I'm doing a correspondence course
I found at home.

My dad plays folk music.
My parents are the worst.

- The worst?
- Yeah.

Some people are the best
and some are the worst.


You like Tormo, don't you?


- But you left with him the other day.
- No, I didn't.

I had to go home and
he insisted on walking with me.

But I don't like him at all.

You're the best...

and Tormo's the worst.

As I'm sure you can all imagine,

receiving this award
is a huge honor for me

and it's because in every step

I've taken in my career,
I've had with me

the memories of these streets

and the people I walked them with.

After each one of my small successes,

and my failures,

I wondered

whether they'd care,

or simply if they even remembered me.

And finding out over
the last few days that...

that they do,

is a gift I'll never forget.

I lived in Valladolid

until I was twelve.

Here I had all my first times, well...

not all of them!

The first time isn't always the best,

but it is the most important.

I even fell in love,

when I didn't even know what love was.

Shall we go to sleep?


Every time I'm lucky enough to win
an award, I give it to my mom.

I don't want it at home, I don't want
to think I've made it somehow,

but this award is going
to stay with me always...

because it reminds me
where my true home is.

I want to dedicate it
to the guy I sang

Hombres G songs with as a girl,

while I dreamed of
becoming a movie director.

Thank you so much.


Here they are.

You scared the life out of me.

It's not a big deal.

Not a big deal?
You sneak into school,

spend the night with a boy
and say it's not a big deal.

It's not.

What were you doing here at night?

We wanted to borrow the video camera.

And where is the video camera?

Where is it?

David, please.
Where is it?

Luis has it.

- Why did you want the camera?
- To make a short film.

When were you going
to make a short film?

We're going to live
in Mexico in two days.

- Dude, I have information.
- Tell him.

- Tell me.
- Almudena told me

that Layla's about
to leave her boyfriend.

David, go for it.

- Tell her how you feel.
- No, besides, she's leaving tomorrow.

Look, I didn't think
I'd ever say these words,

but Fernando's right.

- About what?
- I was wrong.

She likes you. I don't know
what strange natural phenomenon

makes a woman like her
attracted to you, but she is.

She dedicated her award to you.
And her speech?

What about her speech?

What's the worst that could happen?

That she says no?

That would be a lot better
than if, in a few months,

you wonder:
"What if I'd told her?

What if I'd had the balls?".

"What ifs" are bullshit.

They suffocate us,
they're like ulcers and you, as a kid,

never had any "what if" moments.

What the hell, you're right!

It needs more orange.

Thank you so much.
It's been a real pleasure.

Great to meet you and thanks.

Thank you for coming.

- Yes.
- It's been great seeing you.

The pleasure's all mine.

See you soon.


This is Pablo, my agent.

- Nice to meet you.
- Hi, nice to meet you.

- Are you OK?
- Yes, I just wanted to talk to you

- for a moment if you can.
- Of course.

Pablo, can you give us a moment?

Sure, but we're having

dinner with the mayor.

- Yes.
- It'll only take five minutes, Pablo.

- You want another drink?
- No, thanks.


Layla, why did you want us
to see each other again?

- Boom!
- No, I'm serious. Why?


I always wondered
what happened to you

and how you were doing.


I know it's absurd,

but after Ryan, I realized that...

all my relationships have been shit
except the one I had with you.


- we were thirteen.
- Yeah, I know,

but we wrote another seven years.

I know it's absurd. I know.

I don't know if it's absurd,
but honestly, I'm confused.

You come here,
turn my life upside down...

- I haven't turned your life upside down.
- Yes, you have!

You say you're coming back to Spain,

then you casually say you're leaving.

I'd love to stay, David,
but I've been made an offer

- I can't refuse.
- Yeah...

But you still haven't answered me.

Why did you want to see me again?


I wanted to see if you were the same

and you are,
you're still as wonderful as ever.

David, with you, everything's easy

and right now,
nothing in my life is easy.

Besides, I read your novel.
How could I not?

It's about us, our story.
It was so moving, I loved it.

Why didn't you say?

Because I don't get it.
You write a beautiful novel

about us and don't send it to me.
What do you expect me to think?

I told you why.

I'm going to say something you might
find absurd, but I need to say it.

- What?
- Layla.


- OK.
- Layla, please.

- One second.
- We have to go.

Please, there's no time.
Tell me, David.

Tell me.

I wanted to tell you that I...

You're leaving tomorrow,
so it doesn't matter.

Thank you, I've had
such a wonderful week with you.

And you're really wonderful.

Thank you.
Pablo, she's all yours.

- I'm really sorry.
- No, it's fine.

- A pleasure, Daniel.
- David.

- Sorry.
- Can I see you before I leave?



Shall we go for a drink?


Come on, let's go.

You gave us a real fright, honey.

Yes, David,
you can't do things like that.

I'm sorry.


Something very sad has happened.

I'm so mad at my mom.


Because I wanted him
to wear his police uniform.

Like a hero.

But she ignored me.

She didn't want me to see him either.

I told her to go to hell.

I'm going to stay as long as I want,

because he's my dad
and because I want to.

I might not even let them bury him.

Then I'm staying here with you.

That's why she was in a hurry
to steal the camera.

She's so smart.

I'm sorry

I told your parents,

but they shouted at me a lot

and when they called Layla's mom,

- she shouted at me too.
- Don't worry, Paco.

Thanks for everything you've done.

No. Shorties don't need

to thank each other.

We don't say we're sorry either.

I really like Almudena.

If you like her, tell her.

But, Fer,

he shouldn't pretend to be cool.

Girls like normal guys.

Maybe you're right.

The thing is...

If I tell you something,
promise you won't get mad?

- Course not.
- Of course.

I don't know as much
about life as I told you.

I've only kissed one girl.

In my village, I think.

I've never had a girlfriend.

And I don't like smoking.

I don't even inhale.

Why didn't you say so?

Because I don't have many friends.

I was scared that
if I told you the truth,

you wouldn't want to be my friend.
I'm sorry.

Fernando, two things.

One, you know more
about life than anyone.

And B, you'll be a shortie forever.

Okie dokie?

- I'm sorry for your loss.
- Me too.

Thank you.

Layla's mom

wouldn't let her come.
She's in so much trouble.

Hey, guys!

I'm really sorry, Luis.


- I have to say goodbye to Layla.
- Say goodbye to her at school.

- What if she's not there?
- If she's not there,

then I'm sorry,
but you have to go to school.

I'll come with you.
You have to give the camera back.

Come on, chop chop.



What's cooking, good looking?

How are you?

Not so great, but I'll be OK.

I have to cheer up my mom.

- You going to school?
- Negative.

- Do you need me to go?
- I need something else,

but it doesn't matter.

David, I'll do anything for you, OK?


I don't think Layla will be at school

and I have to give her the script.

Let's see if you've understood.

"do" or "does"
plus subject, plus infinitive,

plus objects, OK?
For example:

Does your sister
phone your mother every day?

OK, write three sentences

in your notebook.
Let's go.

Don't be lazy.

If you understand this formula

and know how to use it,
you'll be half way

to speaking English, OK?
So let's go.

Come in.


- There was no need to come.
- I'm OK.

Are you sure?

Your job is to teach
and you come every day.

Mine is to learn,
that's why I come every day.


Her mom wouldn't let her come down.

I'm sorry.

What's up, Luis?

That was a mistake!

Gross! He stuck gum on me!

Damn it!

Silence at the back!

How can you get them all wrong?

- Let's go.
- Zero out of five.

Were you listening to me at all?

They're all wrong!
All of them!


This is no way to work.

- You must listen, or you've no chance.
- Don Agustín.

Ah, I'm feeling nauseous.

- What?
- I'm nauseous!


What's wrong?

Are you going to be sick?


Hey, David!

Hi, are you David?

- Yes.
- This is for you.


Let's go! Let's go!

Layla! Layla!




When did you find out you were leaving?

My mom told me
the night after the party.

I didn't tell you because
I didn't want our last days to be sad.

Why did you want
the script if we weren't

- going to make the short film?
- To keep as a memory.


- I love the title.
- The main characters

- are you and me.
- Really?

I have something for you too.

Listen to it.

Whenever you open your old books...

It's you!


I still haven't got
the bridge quite right.

And you don't remember which one.

You'll smile and half an hour later,

you'll realize that you've thought

so much, you don't remember

what day it is.

You'll run out onto the street,

looking for memories.

The lampposts are swaying,

it's really windy.

I didn't have time
to record the whole song.

I'm sorry.

Whenever you open your big eyes
and you see my smile

soaked in beer

and my friends by my side

taking your place.

You'll remember me
standing at the bar,

smiling and knowing that you're

behind me

thinking the same as me.

It's true, who are we kidding?

We're two magnets
that will never join together.

The years will pass

and we'll keep staring at each other.



We have to go.


I'll write you every week.

Me too.

Layla, the script!

You keep it.
Give it to me some other time.



Your script.

I sent you mine.

It's based on my novel.

Don't go.

I can't.
I have to go.

But I'm going to come back.

I promise.

See you later, alligator.

We're two magnets,

just like you said,
but neither music nor time

can separate us.

And I'll keep singing for you

and you'll keep hearing my songs

in the same old bar.

And I'll be at the bar and you'll be

behind me and when I make it


there, waiting for me, will be...

my guitar.

You keep it.

Give it to me some other time.


This morning,
I somersaulted out of bed.

I tossed a couple of eggs in the pan.

I cartwheeled to the bathroom.

I showered and wasted a load of gel,

Because today,
something tells me

I'm going to have a blast.

I know I have some enemies.

But they'll have to do
without me tonight.

Because I'm turning
into a werewolf.

I've promised myself
I won't sleep alone.

Because today,

today it stops

and I'm going to have a blast!

I'm going to get so drunk,
it'll become my hobby.

I'll drag myself home
with a smile on my face.

Tomorrow I'll take an afternoon nap.

- But not tonight.
- Not tonight!


something tells me
I'm going to have a blast.

OK, let's see

who we find in the telephone book.

You never know.

Marta, María del Mar,

Ana... Will Elena be there?

I don't know.

But I'm going to have a blast.

Hey, Paquito, you never told us
your secret the other night.

That's true. Tell them!

When we were doing our SATs,
I hooked up with Tormo.

- With Tormo?
- Yeah, with Tormo!

- You're too cool for school!
- No!


- Maroto!
- Yes!

What are you doing here?

We go out every week.

- Really?
- Yeah.

- Why don't you call me?
- You?

- Yeah!
- What do you think? Come on!

Come sing with me!
I've picked an awesome tune!

- Get lost, Maroto.
- Why?

I'm here with friends, otherwise
I'd have had a drink with you.

I'm going to have a blast.

I'm going to have a blast.

I'm going to have... a blast.

A blast.

A blast.

I'm going to have a blast.
A blast.

A blast.

A blast.

I'm going to have...
I'm going to have a blast.

A blast.

I'm going to have a blast.

A blast.

A blast!