Vows of Deception (1996) - full transcript

A wife is on trial for the murder of her husband.

(Multicom Jingle)

(upbeat music)

♪ Hanging up my heartache ♪

♪ Hanging all alone ♪

♪ Seen enough of nothing ♪

♪ Nothing's come and gone ♪

♪ If I leave behind ♪

♪ Every memory I can find ♪

♪ And move on ♪

♪ I can make it ♪

♪ Even when it seems ♪

♪ I got nothing left but dreams ♪

♪ And there it goes ♪

♪ I can take it ♪

♪ Hanging up heartache ♪

♪ Hanging all alone ♪

- Lucinda Michaels?

Detective Matt Harding, Amherst PD.

I got the terms of your parole transfer.



I need you to sign.

- I'd like to have somebody look at it.

- I either get your signature
or you get back on the bus

and you head out to Oregon.

You report to parole office
first thing Monday morning.

You have a local address?

- Uh 28 Sycamore.

- 28 Sycamore.

You take the number seven bus,

it'll take you right to the corner.

♪ Any move I make ♪

♪ To every turn I take ♪

♪ I set free ♪

♪ By tomorrow ♪

♪ Hanging up my heartache ♪

♪ Hanging all alone ♪

(kids chattering)

♪ Hanging up my heartache ♪

♪ Hanging all alone ♪

- I appreciate the ride.

No, I'm not married.

- Why here?

Why Amherst?

- 'Cause my sister offered
me a place to stay.

Besides, everybody needs a plan B.

- Plan B?

- Yeah, if things don't work out right

the first time, you go to plan B.

My past doesn't determine
my future, detective.

- Lucy Ann, oh it's so good to see you!

- Terry.

- Oh, look at you!

- How about that?

- Oh!

Come in, come in come in come in.


I fixed up the spare room.

I even got you your pink sheets.

I bought 'em today.

- You didn't have to do that.

- Oh I know, I had a run of big tippers.

God just look at you!

Can I?

- Oh yeah, yeah.

She's a kicker, this one.


I'm gonna have to find a job
right after the baby's born.

- Yeah, well you'll find
something, Lucy Ann.

You always do.

- Lucinda.

I'm Lucinda now.

- Okay.

(crickets chirping)

(people chattering)

- Okay, okay here he comes.



- Hello?

Where is everybody?
- Surprise!

- Oh no no!

♪ For he's a jolly good fellow ♪

♪ For he's a jolly good ♪

- No singing!
♪ For he's a jolly good fellow ♪

♪ Which nobody can deny ♪

- [Harding] I've heard you
guys sing and it's not pretty!

(all laughing)



- Well what are you waiting for?

Blow out the candles.

(all laughing)

(dramatic music)

♪ You can take the pledge you're the man ♪

♪ Leave 'em behind ♪

♪ Sweep away the mess baby
see what you'll find ♪

♪ Rip those socks kick off your heels ♪

♪ Loosen up your belt ♪

♪ See how it feels ♪

♪ Get crazy crazy crazy ♪

- Debra?

(all laughing)

- She's his ex-girlfriend.


- Gotcha.

- That was cold, man.

- Fair's fair...

- Yeah, so is payback.


(camera clicks)

- Heard about your birthday cake.

Are you guys ever gonna grow up?

- I hope not.

(siren wails)

(phone rings)


I, I wonder if I could
ask you for a favor?

- [Clay] Don't you think
she's a little young?

- Well she told me she wants
to meet a sophisticated guy,

and you're the only
sophisticated guy I know.

Besides you make a lousy bachelor.

- That part's true.

- She's here.

Don't be nervous.

- No of course not.

- This is gonna be good.

Clay, I'd like you to
meet Lucinda Michaels.

- How do you do?

- Hi.

(all laughing)

- Well, would you like a drink?

- No thank you, not 'til
after the baby's born.

- Lucinda would you like to have dinner?

I know a place that has wonderful food,

and the people have a lot more class.

- Sure.

- Shall we?

- I hope this turned out
the way you expected.

(gentle piano music)

- Here we are.

She's only pregnant, Mrs. Horton.

It's not contagious.

My ex-wife has spies everywhere.

- Thought maybe it was my dress.

- Oh that too, it's very lovely.

- I really can't afford it.

I have to take it back tomorrow.


So, how long were you divorced?

- Almost six years.

- What happened?

- I wanted to make my mark
in the legal profession,

and I did.

Unfortunately in the process

I wasn't a very good husband, or father.

- It's all relative I guess.

Leaving my husband had nothing to do

with the quality of our relationship.

He fractured my arm with a tire iron.

- I'm sorry.

- I ran away to escape an abusive father,

and then I ended up marrying
a man just like him.

But anyway, that's why I
moved here, for a fresh start.

- New beginnings.

- New beginnings.

Well, thank you for a wonderful evening.

- It was my pleasure.

Thank you for being such a good sport.

- We enjoyed it.

- Well, maybe I'll see you again sometime.

- Tonight was really fun,
but you have your life

and I'm gonna be occupied, so...

Thanks again.

- You take care of yourself.

- I will.

(pleasant music)

I'd like to return this.

- It's already been taken care of,

and the gentleman asked
me to give you this.

(romantic music)

- Mm.
- How's that?

- Mhmm.

- Isn't this place great?

I used to come here with my son Nick

when he was a Cub Scout.

- Where is he now?

- College.

Goes quickly.

- Were you there when he was born?

- You mean in the room?

As a matter of fact I was
out of town, business trip.

- I'm taking this Lamaze class.

I'm the only person that
doesn't have a coach,

and I was wondering if...

Never mind.


- Okay here we go, here we go.
- Come on Lucinda.

- Push.
- Push.

- Push, come on come on
come on come on oh yes yeah!


(baby crying)

- Oh yeah.

It's a girl.

- I told you it was gonna be a girl, oh.

- Oh precious.

(pleasant music)

(baby cries)

- Clay's never late for a fishing trip.

- Yeah, and he's never missed

poker night two weeks in a row.

- You sure you told him it's today?

- I spoke to him three days ago.

I even faxed him a weather report.

- Maybe he's confused about the time.

- He's not confused, let's go.

(baby crying)

- Ooh man, that smells good.

What do you call that?

- Chicken caccia-Terry.

My special recipe.

- How do I make it?

- Okay, you brown the chicken.

Then you saute it with tomatoes,
wine, garlic, olive oil,

and just a pinch of oregano.

- Got it.

- And I made your favorite, brownies.

- With your fudge sauce?

- Taste test.

- Oh!

You are fantastic.

Now listen, be sure to take enough formula

and promise me that you won't come back

until after seven tomorrow morning, right?

- Right.

Lucy Ann are you in love with him?

- He knows how to treat me.

And he's just crazy about Britaney.

My little sweetie.

Of course I love him.

(sensual music)

- It was a wonderful dinner, Lucinda.

- Oh, wonderful is nice.


- Okay, how about fabulous?

- Ooh fabulous is better.

I saved the best for last.

- Oh thank you.

(sensual music)

- I got you that credit
card for emergencies.

It was not intended for amusement.

- It won't happen again.

- [Secretary] Clay, Ms.
Michaels is here to see you.

- Send her in.

- Hi.

- Hi.

Lucinda, this is my son Nick.

Nick, Lucinda Michaels.

- Hi Nick.

- Hi.

I gotta run Dad, I'll be in touch?

Nice meeting you.

- Handsome young man.

Must take after his father.

- Who can barely walk today.

I have never experienced
anything like that ever.

- Trust me, the pleasure was all mine.

Brought you something.

- [Clay] Whoa!

- I want you to think about me all day.

- How am I ever gonna get any work done?

- Oh you won't, you just have
to call me and beg for mercy.

- [Secretary] Clay, Todd
Becker is on the line.

- Todd.
- Hi Clay.

- The closing is set for the 22nd.

- [Todd] Great, hey why
don't you come on down

and hang out on my boat for a few days?

- Oh I'm sorry, my schedule's too full.

- [Todd] I'm offering you the
best damn yacht on the river.

- Well I tell you what, why
don't you let me take a look

at my schedule and I'll see what I can do.

- [Todd] Bye Clay.

- What is the point of being successful

if you don't let yourself enjoy it?

Come on, you deserve it Clay.

- I'm in.
- I'm out.

- I'm gonna stay.
- Food!

- About time you showed up!

- I can't win unless I eat.

It's a metabolism thing with me.

- Sorry guys, can't stay.

But let the record show I did not

shirk my catering obligation.

I'll see you next time.

(men chattering)
- Hey Clay.

What gives man?

We never see you anymore.

- Well I've been busy.

- Lucinda?

- Is that a problem?

- What do you know about her?

- Matt not now, all right?

I don't want to start with this.

- No, hear me out.

Lucinda is on parole

for child abuse.

She's a felon.

I mean this whole thing
started out as a joke.

Look, I don't trust her.

- Matt, I'm crazy about her.

Be happy for me.

- [Man] Hey Matt you in or out?

(cork pops)
- Whoa!

Where did you learn to fish?

- When I was 18, I spent
a summer as a deckhand

on a boat out of Galveston.

- Next you'll be telling
me you shoot birds as well.

- No, why I'd like to learn though.

- Maybe we could spend
a few more days here.

- I have to get back Wednesday.

- Britaney?

- I have to meet with my parole officer.

This isn't how I wanted to tell you.

- I already knew.

- The truth is my former husband

wanted the divorce, and I didn't.

So he alleged that I beat
his seven year old son.

- [Clay] His son, former marriage?

- The thought of prison was...

I just, I didn't want to
gamble and so I copped a plea,

I bought a bus ticket,

and I left with the clothes on my back.

- What if I could get your
meeting put off for a few days?

(pleasant jazz music)

I don't want this to end.

- Well let's just take the telephones

and throw them overboard.

Head south.

- That's not what I mean.

(romantic music)

(people chattering)
(instrumental music)

- Looks like you've got your hands full.

- Hey Matt.

I'm so glad you're
here, thanks for coming.

I know all this is sort of sudden.

- If you wanted my advice,
you would've asked.

- Britaney, this is your Uncle Matt.

He's the guy who always
tries to take care of me.

- Kid, you're gonna have the
best dad in the whole world.

- Mr. Spencer?
- Oh sure,

hang on just a second.

(camera clicks)

- It's magnificent.

- Clay is the prince that
makes up for all the frogs

I had to kiss along the way.

(people laughing)

- I guess this is the joke
that didn't get a laugh.

- Thank you.
- Okay.

- [Photographer] Anything else?

- Oh Nick, we need you.

Don't you think we should have
a mother and son photograph?

- Absolutely.

- Right this way.

- I hope we're going to
be very good friends.

- Yeah, sure.

- Would you excuse me for a minute?

- Give me another of the same.

- I'll have what he's having.

Well, I owe this all to you.

- Yeah, I guess the joke's on me huh?

- Yeah, talk about your plan B.

- Clay is my best friend, Lucinda.

- Now he's my husband.

He looks happier than he's
been in his entire life.


- You hurt him, and I'll make sure

that you go back to where
you came from, okay?

- Let me tell you something,
I'm never going back.

I promise you.

(pleasant music)

I'm loving the way it's looking,

but what about a couple of stone lions

to help set off the
front, what do you think?

And the trim, isn't the
trim a little bright?

- Oh Mrs. Spencer you said white.

- Well I didn't mean white white.

Can you warm it up a little bit?

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Hello my sweetheart.

How are you?

How's it going?

- We're still a little behind
because of the changes.

- Changes?

- Oh it's just a couple of little things.

Now it has to be done by
the sixth of the month,

'cause we're hosting
this big charity event

for the cancer clinic.

- I don't see how that's possible.

- Honey, I'm the chairperson
for the whole event.

They're counting on me.

Isn't there something we can do?

- What'll it take?

- If I had two crews working
12 hours a day, maybe.

(pleasant music)
(people chattering)

- We bought the regency dining
table at Sotheby's last May.

- It's Georgian, and she
paid twice what it's worth.


- Okay it's time for your nap, all right?

Here we go, you want to
take a nap with Misha?

Here's Misha, and here's you,

and here's Sylvia to put you

into your bed, thank you very much.

Goodnight sweetie.

- Honey, look who's here.

- Hi Nick.

Did you have any trouble
finding the place?

- Geez, is it big enough?

Dad you remember Samantha.

- Oh sure Samantha, forgive me.

Nice to see you.

- Clay, Nick would like to
spend the summer with us.

- Well, God knows there's room enough.

- Darling, we really have to go.

They're waiting for us.

Will you excuse us for a minute?

(pleasant music)

- Sold for 27 five.

(crowd applauds)

Next we have Lucinda Spencer.

(pleasant music)

Lucinda is wearing a
spectacular mink coat,

and if that's not enough
to get you bidding

in addition to the coat
is this fabulous swimsuit.

- Oh!
- I love that.

- I have never seen a lovelier bikini.

- Your sister always been this shy?

- As far back as I can remember.

- Who will start the bidding at $10,000?

I have $10,000, who will give me 11?

$11,000, who will give me 12?

$12,000, 13, 13 who will give me 13?

$13,000, 14, who will give me $14,000?

$15,000, who will give me $15,000?

It's for a good cause, folks.

(pleasant music)

$15,000, thank you very much sir.

$15,000 going once, going
twice, sold for $15,000.

(crowd applauds)

- So, do you think they'll
invite me to tea after today?

- Oh, I wouldn't count on it.

They are so jealous.

I hate every one of 'em.

Pamela Lewis.

- Ah, Lucinda Spencer.

If you hate them so
much, why are you here?

- Honey, they're paying me.

I own a boutique.

Tomorrow I'm outta here, a buying trip.

Chicago, New York, Paris.

- Well now that sounds appealing.

A boutique?


- Is that Nick?

- That is my son, my step-son actually.

- Nice.

Well I like what you've done in here.

- You know, no good deed goes unpunished.

I give Nick's little girlfriend a job,

she's an hour late.

You were supposed to be
here over an hour ago.

- She was with me.

Samantha and Nick were hassled
by some bikers last night.

- We called Matt and he offered to help.

- She didn't recognize
any of the mugshots,

so why don't you come by the office

and take a look later?

- I'll do it but I'm getting
a gun for protection.

- That's your right, but do me a favor

and don't pick up some
Saturday night special.

You pick one legally, and you
get some instruction okay?

I'm not kidding.

- Okay now that we've
gotten that taken care of,

can we get back to work?

What is it Matt, am I violating
some sort of city ordinance?

- Not yet.

(gentle piano music)

- Honey, I got this in New York.

I'm gonna sell it at the boutique.

What do you think?

- Sweetie, you said the
renovations were on budget.

You're over by $45,000.

- Well you know how those contractors are.


You think it'll sell?

Touch it.

- It's nice.

- What's wrong?

- Nothing's wrong, I'm
trying to figure this out.

- Well this is a first.

- Lucinda, the way you
spend money is crazy.

There have gotta be some limits.

- Like what, an allowance?

- Call it what you like.

- It's not like we can't afford it.

- That's not the point.

- No the point is you're
trying to control me.

You think I can't see that?

You think you're gonna put me
on a leash, you think again.

(eerie music)

(sultry rock music)

- [Announcer] Mary to the finance office.

- How about a red one?

No no no, white with red interior.

- Lucy, Lucinda!

Clay is a good man, he truly is.

You have everything.

- I've noticed that you
tend to become infatuated

with all my husbands.

- Listen, Clay is not like the others.

You don't want to ruin this.

- I'm doing no such thing!

Clay owns a piece of this dealership.

Besides, new cars are safer.


I'm tired of that old
four door hand-me-down.

- So you're thinking
what, maybe a convertible?

- I'm thinking that!

- Yeah a Corvette, sure.

Ordinarily we don't...

- I want it.

(rock music)

- Nice wheels.

- Why thank you.


How's it going?

- Still got some sticky valves.

- I was hoping we could go for a ride.

- Well I'm kinda busy right now.

- It's my transmission,
it's slipping or something.

I was hoping you could check it for me.


(rock music)

- Transmission seems fine.

- Ooh ooh.

I have something in my eye.

Here can you take it out?


You got it.


- We better be getting back.

(meat sizzling)

- Here you are darling.
- Thank you.

- And for Nick.

Oh and Nick, be sure to try

some of Lucinda's homemade relish.

You can have some of mine, sweetie.

- It's good.

- My mama.

We seldom had meat, but my mama
always made the best relish.

It was kind of our family's...

- Plan B?

I don't know if you've
picked up on this yet, Nick

but Lucinda's got a plan B for everything.

- That's right Nick, I do.

- It's good steak.

- You know we ought to go up
to the lake, open up the cabin.

- Can we bring my bear?

- Okay.

- Yes you can bring your bear.

- Maybe you could run up there tomorrow

and take the new furniture?

- I'll give you a hand.

- Tomorrow's not good for me.

- Look Nick, if you're
not gonna go to law school

you're gonna have to
lend a hand around here.

- Right.

- Right here.


- That's it.

You want a beer?

- No, but that lake looks fantastic.

Why don't you put on some trunks

and let me borrow your T-shirt.

I didn't bring a suit.

- It's a little sweaty.

- I don't mind.


(laughing, splashing)

Where are you?

- You win!
- Okay.

Hey where you going?

- I give up.

- Chicken, chicken, chicken.

(sultry rock music)

Do you have any sunscreen?

- Should be some in the house.

- [Lucinda] Come on, show me.

Where is it?


- Lucinda please.

- Turn around.


Turn around.

- Please don't.


Please don't.

(bells jingle)

- So what did you tell
the little prom queen?

- [Nick] Don't ever call her that.

- Ooh touchy.

I like that.

This town may be dead honey, but I'm not.

- So I switch to the auxiliary tank,

restart the engine and manage to pull up

missing the power lines by two feet.

- He's exaggerating, it must have been

at least four or five feet.

- And then the genius says,
oh I forgot to tell you

the gas gauge doesn't work.

- Yeah but I got it
fixed right after that.

- [Bartender] Oh it's nice
to see you two laughing.

- Yeah it's great having
old Clay around again huh?

- I'm buying this next round.

- No you're not, I'm buying.
(glasses clink)

- Clay.

- Don't you look nice?

- So, can I get you a drink Lucinda?

- No, we really need to go honey.

- No no no no, I'm okay.

I'll call you.

- Why does he put up with her?

- Great sex would be my first guess.

- Well I trust her about
as far as I can throw her,

and I'm not the only one.

Clay should know that.

- And I'm the one that introduced them.

Go figure.

So long there, Jo.

(gentle piano music)

- Jim called from the bank.

Said you need to borrow more money?

- A new business takes time.

- My accountant went over the books.

He thinks we ought to cut our losses.

- What is this obsession to control?

Is this something that
happens with middle age?

- My age never bothered you before.

- I'm just trying to be realistic.

We can't count on you
taking care of us forever.

- If anything were to happen to me,

you'd be well taken care of.

- [Lucinda] What does that mean?

- It means I provided for
you and Britaney in my will.

- Well we've never discussed your will.

- We should.

We'll get together with Marshall
and go over it in detail.

- [Lucinda] What does
Marshall have to do with it?

- He's the executor.

- Clay, don't you think
I should be the executor?

- Is it important?

- Yes, it's important.

I mean not just for me, for Britaney.

(emotional music)

Here, I want to give you some things.

- Lucinda, you can't
run a business this way.

I mean Clay spent a lot of...

- I don't want to hear about
how much Clay spent, okay?

- Lucinda, Clay is not like the others.

He loves you and Britaney.

- And I don't want to hear about love.

You know what love is?

Love is what men use to get
you to do what they want.

Daddy told us he loved us, all the time.

Or did you forget about that?

(emotional music)


Look, I just wanted to give you something.

(emotional music)

Off the new friends went.

Ottie Otter, Perry Pelican,
and little Netty Winship...

- Lucinda, I need to see you for a moment.

(booming, flames crackling)

Matt, Matt!

How many are hurt?

- Only a couple, they're both conscious.

We'll know more when we
get 'em to a hospital.

That building's a complete loss.

- How could this happen?

- Chief thinks it might be arson.

- Hey Matt, Captain Powers
would like to see you

back at the office.

- Just a sec, Clay?

- Mrs. Spencer?

You closed up the shop tonight?

- Uh yes, about eight o'clock.

- Notice anything unusual?

- No.

Wait yes, Samantha she said there were

some strange phone calls, hangups.

- Do you know of any
enemies you might have?

- None that I know of.

- How was the shop doing?

- It was a new business.

- So the store was losing money?

- Yes it was.

- Mrs. Spencer, would you be willing

to take a polygraph examination?

- Sure.


(people chattering)

- Bob, state police have
an interest in this?

- We do now.

We've got two injured
firefighters, a suspected arson.

- I'll tell you what, my
wife is in a bit of shock

as you can well imagine.

You call my office tomorrow,

I'll see you get whatever you need.

(siren wails)

- [Firefighter] All right,
how's our rear going?

(people chattering)

- Just got a call from Parnell.

Lab says it was definitely arson.

He wants Lucinda to come in today.

- What for?

- He thinks she's a suspect.

- Oh he does?

Does he have one shred of evidence?

- Nothing, but he won't let up.

- Lucinda said that some
bikers were hassling Samantha.

- [Matt] I checked, they were out of town.

- Maybe they farmed it out.

- Clay, it's unlikely.

- It's worth checking, isn't it?

What's your problem, Matt?

- You know what my problem is.

My problem is Lucinda.

- You know the two of you are a lot alike?

- Look I don't need a
psychology lesson today.

What I need is an answer for Parnell.

- I bet you've got a file
full of unsolved arsons

and suspects for him to investigate.

- Look forget Parnell for a second.

Don't you want to know if there's even

the slightest suspicion

that she might have torched the place?

- There is no way she set that fire.

She made some mistakes,
she deserves a fresh start.

Matt, she's my wife.

I need your help.

- I'll do what I can.

But don't you ever ask me to
do anything like this again.

- [Nick] Lucinda!

- I'm up here Nick.


Your dad's not coming home until...

- Stop it Lucinda.

You're messing up my head.

- Okay, okay, I'm not
gonna force myself on you.

I do have a little gift for you though.


I'm wearing that garter right now.

- You can't keep coming on like this.

- Ooh, heavy.

- Hey, put that back.

- Ah ah is this legal?

- Of course, careful, it's loaded.

- All right, show me
how it works, come on.

Show me.

(gun clicking)

Let me try.

(gun clicking)

Ooh I like it.

Give me what I want or
I'll fill you full of lead.

- Let me have it.

- Ah ah ah, Nicky.

You're worrying me.

- Worrying you about what?

- Were you planning to
use this on your father?

- My father?

- I mean I know how upset you get

when he gets so controlling.

- What are you talking about?

The gun is to protect Samantha.

- And I know this could all
be ours if he were gone.

- Are you out of your mind?

You're crazy.


Hey, ice cream?

- Nick?

(eerie music)

- My god.

- Everything seems to be here.

- The gun is the only
thing that's missing.

- Nick who would do something like this?


- I don't know.

- Well we've got to call the police.

I mean what if they come back?

- Why Lucinda?

- Nick.

What's the matter?

- You broke into Samantha's house

and you stole my gun.

- I was with Britaney,

who happened to be heaving her guts out.

As a matter of fact, I was out
getting some medicine for her

and I think you owe me an apology.

- Yeah.

- [Lucinda] How's she feeling?

- Remarkable recovery.

She ate two whole bowls of cereal.

- What do you two have going on here?

- We're planning a vacation.

Britaney tell your
mother where we're going.

We're going to?

- We're going to Alaska.

- Is that so?

Sylvia, would you take Britaney
and brush her teeth please?

- Here you go with Sylvia sweetie.

- I don't think this is right.

You making plans without
even consulting me.

I mean, Alaska?

They have mosquitoes the size of rats.

(phone rings)



Who is this?

- What was that?

- It's more than just breathing now.

He threatened to kill me.

- Is it a voice you know?

Have you heard it before?

- No.

- Don't you worry, I'll take care of this.

Matt, you got a second?

- Sure.

- I need a favor.
- Shoot.

- Lucinda's been getting
some breather calls.

Could be the guy who torched the boutique.

Whatever call this morning
he wasn't just breathing,

he threatened her.

- Why don't you come to my office?

We'll write it up.

- No, I...

I don't want to make a formal report.

Can you unofficially tap my phone?

- No law against a person
recording his own calls.

- There's a key to the house.

You might find a bottle of
Merlot there that you like.


(suspenseful music)

- Matt.

What's the occasion?

I know you're not here to see me.

- Clay didn't tell ya?

- Tell me what?

- He lost a bet.

Owes me a bottle of wine.

- Having someone special over for dinner?

I didn't know you had it in you.

- A lot of things you don't know about me.

(phone rings)

- Hello?

- Did I hurt your feelings this morning?

- Who is it?
- It's for me.

I can't talk now.

- I'm all alone, Nick.

Do you remember the last
time we were together?

- Lucinda!

- I'm going crazy wanting you Nick.

I know your little Samantha
can't satisfy you the way I can.

- [Nick] I told you you can't
keep coming on like this.

Call me again and you'll regret it.

(dial tone hums)

(ominous music)

- Are you ready?


What do you think?

Those trout don't stand a chance.

Wait 'til you see what I got Britaney.

Look look, is that precious?

- What happened to
mosquitoes as big as rats?

- Well what's important is
that we're together, right?

Which is why I'm taking my
wonderful husband to lunch.

- You've got great timing.

Travel agency just delivered the tickets.

- Great.

Oh, Cathy your attorney's secretary,

said we should stop by and
execute the wills before we go.

- We can do it after we get back.

- Well Otto's is right across the street

from your attorney's office

so we can sign and dine.


- [Clay] I give up.

(crickets chirping)


Hey hi.

How'd you know I was here?

- Called the house.

Lucinda told me you were heading out

first thing in the morning,
so I thought I'd stop by.

- Wait 'til I show you
what I got for Britaney.

You'll love this.


- Looks like you're all set to go.

Brought you the first
tape, from the phone.

- Have you listened to it?

- No I thought you should
be the one to listen to it.

- Thanks Matt.

- Catch me a fish.

- Mommy Mommy!

- Whoa sugar, slow down.

Hey, are you gonna take Misha with you?

I thought you were gonna take Toddy.

You want him to come in here?

- Yeah.

- Okay you can just slide that over there.

- [Nick] I can't talk now.

- [Lucinda] I'm all alone, Nick.

Do you remember the last
time we were together?

- [Nick] Lucinda!

- [Lucinda] I'm going
crazy wanting you Nick.

I know your little Samantha
can't satisfy you the way I can.

(ominous music)

- You can just throw
that on top, all right?

(ominous music)


Clay where are you?

We're gonna be late.

What's with the fire?

- Just burning some trash.

- Something wrong?

- Nothing that can't be fixed.

- Daddy I want to go fishing.

- I'm sorry sweetheart, we're not

gonna be able to go fishing.

Something's come up at the office,

but I'll tell you what,
we'll do something else

and we'll have just as much fun.

- Aren't you in Alaska?

- Something's come up.

Margie, I'm on my way over to see Matt.

Will you call Howard and tell him

I need to see about my will tomorrow.

- [Margie] Of course.

(phone rings)

- Oh will you get that?

If it's Lucinda I'm not here.

- Spencer and Associates.

No, Clay's not here, Mrs. Spencer.

He left a while ago.


She'd like you to call her.

- Mhmm.

- I know how much you were
looking forward to this vacation.

- I was looking forward
to a lot of things.

- Thanks.

Hey, you're supposed to be fishing.

What's up?

- That tape you gave me.

- Yeah?

- I have the only copy?
- Of course, why?

- I think Lucinda

may be having an affair.

- I'm sorry.

Do you know who?

- I'd rather not say.

I'm gonna start divorce proceedings,

but I'm afraid I'm gonna lose Britaney.

- You're not gonna lose custody.

- What do you mean?

- Come on.

- [Man] That was last week?

- With her conviction on
this child abuse case,

no judge is gonna grant her custody.

- But she said that...

- I know what she said, she lied.

She lied about the kid,
she lied about her husband.

Lied about everything.

I know how much you love Britaney.

All I care about is you, pal.

(ominous music)

- God, Matt.

- I'm really sorry, man.

- Good afternoon, Mrs. Spencer.

That's a lovely outfit you're wearing.

- Save it for someone who cares.

Where's Clay?

- He's not in.

- [Lucinda] When will he be back?

- Well I really couldn't say.

But he did leave you a message.

You're to turn the Corvette
in to the dealership

and pick up another car.

- Okay, I'll take that one.

- Afraid we sold that one
this morning, Mrs. Spencer.

- I'll take the blue one.

- Look, your husband called

and picked out a particular car for you.

- What is this, some kind of joke?

- Mrs. Spencer if you have any questions,

you should take them up with Mr. Spencer.

- You can count on it.

(ominous music)

- [Terry] Hi.

- Hi.

- Terry combed my hair.

- Aunt Terry combed your hair?

It looks beautiful.

What time is the party?

- Seven to 10.

- Why don't I drop her off
and then I can come back

and we'll catch up huh?

- Really?

Oh, okay.

- Okay let's go.

- [Britaney] I gotta
get my birthday present.

- [Lucinda] Have a good time.

I'll pick you up later.

(ominous music)

- [Man] Ah ah!

Get him back to town!

- She got the bullet out,

but it may be too late to save him.

- Got anything to eat?

I'm starving.

Okay sweetie, let's brush
our teeth and get to bed.

- [Britaney] Okay.

- We can't sweetie, 'cause
Daddy's already sleeping.

(Britaney babbles)

Yes he's already sleeping.

(eerie music)

(ominous music)


(people chattering)

- What's going on?

- It's Clay, he's dead, murdered.

I'm sorry.

I didn't want to tell you on the phone.

- Okay.
- Let's go in.

(somber music)

Won't know for sure
until after the autopsy,

but cause of death appears to be

a single gunshot to the head.

(somber music)

- What about a gun?

- Looks like a nine millimeter.

Can you get this to the lab?

(somber music)

- She did it.

- Mrs. Spencer said it was a break-in.

Said some things are missing.

She's got an alibi.

Coroner puts the time of
death at around seven,

and Terry verified that Lucinda
was with her at the time.

- Murder weapon?

- Nothing.

- Search warrant?

- Already written.

They're waking up the judge now.

- Neighbors?

- Two detectives door to door.

- Are you going to arrest her?

- On the basis of what?

- You could arrest somebody for
bad breath if you wanted to.

- I don't want to.

- Now Matt, Matt...

(somber music)

- [Mourners] May his soul and all souls

of the faithfully departed

through the mercy of
God, rest in peace, amen.

(somber music)

- Will Daddy get into heaven?

- He surely will, sweetie.

He was a good man.

He didn't deserve this.

- No, he didn't.

(somber music)

You're not gonna get away with it.

(eerie music)

- [Woman] My condolences.

- Clay was once a prosecutor.

He sent a lot of people to jail.

Maybe it was a case of revenge.

- Can you think of any other reason?

- Clay never talked about his work.

Something was bothering him.

He wouldn't tell me what.

And then there were the phone calls.

- What phone calls?

- Death threats.

An anonymous caller.


I thought they were meant for me.

- Sorry for the intrusion.
- It's no problem.

- Nick you reported a gun stolen

about a month ago, is that right?

- Yeah, we had a break-in.

You want to sit down?

- No, I prefer to stand, thanks.

What else was taken?

- Just the gun, right?

- What kind of gun was it?

- Beretta nine millimeter.

- You ever do any target
shooting around here?

- Sometimes at night we came out here

to shoot bottles and cans.

Didn't make the neighbors
too happy, but...

- Anybody else shoot around here?

- Just us.

(eerie music)

- Mind if I take this?

- Take whatever you need.

- I'll be in touch, Nick.

(eerie music)

- Nick.

Can I fix you a drink?

Oh I'm sorry, we don't
have any chocolate milk.

- Why did you ask me to come up here?

- Well you do want to see Clay's killer

brought to justice, don't you?

- More than you know.

- So when you talk to the
police, tell them nothing.

I mean we wouldn't want
to give them reason

to think you had a motive, would we?

And naturally I won't tell them

about all those terrible fights
you had with your father,

and how concerned I was
when you bought that gun.

That would be devastating for you.

- They've already
questioned me about the gun.

- See what I mean Nick?

Son shoots father in jealous
rage over stepmother.

It would be so easy for
them to rush to judgment.

So, why don't you let me worry about

finding your father's killer,

and you just have to do one little thing?

Keep your mouth shut.

(intense music)

- [Reporter] Earlier today
Lucinda Spencer made a statement.

- [Lucinda] Clay's death is
not just a personal tragedy.

- Hey Matt, you gotta see this.

- It's a loss for the entire community,

which is why I intend to
offer a substantial reward

for information leading to the conviction

of the person responsible
for my husband's death.

I know it won't bring him back,

but justice needs to be served.

- Substantial reward.

Will this woman stop at nothing?

Instead of giving interviews

we should be shaving her
head for the electric chair.

- Instead of getting
angry, bring me some proof

because the only evidence I have so far

is against Clay's son.

- What are you talking about?

- The gun that killed Clay?

It belonged to Nick.

We matched the shell casing
to the one I picked up

at his girlfriend's house.

- There is no way that Clay's son could...

- He's here.

I just questioned him.

The kid's hiding something.

Come on.

I don't think he'll do
too well on a polygraph.

- I'm counsel for Nick Spencer.

I need to see him at once,

and I'm going to ask you to
direct any further questions

you have to me, Detective Parnell.

- Your client is failing
a lie detector test

as we speak, counselor.

- I want him out of there.

(phone rings)

- Hey Nick, Nick!

Can I talk to you for a minute, privately/

- It's okay.


- Look I'm not gonna pull any punches.

You're in serious trouble.

The gun that killed your father
is registered in your name.

- You of all people know
I didn't murder my father.


- If there is anything
you want to tell me,

now is the time.

- These are some papers
that Clay was working on.

I don't know if they'll be of any help,

but I thought they might be important.

- [Man] Thanks Mrs.
Spencer, we'll take a look.

- What about it Nick?

Is there something you
want to add, is there?

(suspenseful music)

- No.

I have nothing to say.

(somber music)


- And there's a detective
in an unmarked car.

He's following me everywhere.

I want it stopped.

- I'll make a formal request right away.

- And the detective Matt Harding,

he's spreading lies about me.

You ever been to the Blue Swan?

- Yeah I've heard of it.

- Maybe we should go there sometime.

You just keep Detective
Harding out of my hair.

- How's it going Terry?

You got a few minutes?

I'd like to ask you a couple of questions.

- You know, I've already
been through this.

- I know, I know.

Now you said that Lucinda was here

from six 'til about 9:30

except for about 15 minutes

when she took Britaney to
a party, is that right?

- Yeah that's right.

Lucinda took Britaney to
the party around 7:30.

See, I know that because we were

watching Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

She left during the commercial

and then she returned
before the next commercial.

- Do you happen to remember
what Dr. Quinn was doing

when Lucinda came back?

- Yes, she had just removed a bullet

from the Indian who had been shot.

- Big fan of the show huh?
- Yeah.

- So am I.

- Really?

- You don't happen to have a tape

of that particular episode, do ya?

- Oh yeah, do you want to borrow it?

- Ah ah!
- There.

- 11 minutes.

- [Man] Get him back to town!

- From the commercial to the point

where the bullet's removed.

I go from Terry's to the birthday party,

Spencer household, back to Terry's

in nine minutes and 30 seconds.

- What about the time it
would've taken her to kill him?

- 90 seconds.

She gets in, she pops
him, and she gets out.

- We still need a murder weapon.

- You do a thorough search of the grounds?

- Yeah we did a thorough
search of the grounds.

What do you think?

We didn't find anything.

- Then I don't know what to tell you.

Bring her in.

Keep her constant surveillance.

Double team her round the clock.

- No, I mean she may be a
suspect, she's not a POW.

- Look the only way that
we're going to get anywhere

is by keeping constant pressure on her!

- This investigation is not your call!

- Matt's right Bob, we're
going to have to force her

into making a mistake.

I think we should turn the heat up,

publicly identify her as a prime suspect.

- And if we're wrong and this backfires?

- At least you get your
picture in the paper.

- I don't want my picture in the paper.

I don't want my picture in the paper.

- Would you watch Britaney
for me for a little while?

- [Terry] Where are you going?

- The country club for lunch.

Don't be too shocked about this.

You knew that they were gonna
try to blame me, didn't you?

It's not gonna happen.


(gentle piano music)


- I shouldn't be here.

- Sure you should.

Sit down.

- What do you want?

- I want what's mine.

I'm not gonna stick around
and let the police harass me.

I'm leaving town,

but I just want to make sure

that we're clear about the will.

- I can't stop my uncle.

- Sure you can.

As a matter of fact if you don't,

I'll have to resort to plan B.

That's where I tell the police

about all the awful fights
you had with your father

and how you often threatened him.

I could recommend the chicken salad,

it's very good.

You know they do it with
just a touch of curry.

(gentle piano music)

Okay sweetie, let's go.

(suspenseful music)

- She just came through the
gate, I'm following her.

(tires squeal)
(horn honks)

- Mommy why are you driving so fast?

- Mommy's just playing
a little game, honey.

- I'm eastbound on 37 but
I don't have her in sight.

- Do we have anyone in that
sector who can intercept her?

- Negative.

- This is Ashley Reardon
reporting in front of the

Spencer mansion where authorities
acting on a new warrant

are searching for the murder weapon.

You may remember...

(suspenseful music)

- Terry it's Lucinda.

I rented a house out in Rockwater.

Listen, I need you to
meet me at nine o'clock,

parking lot behind the Stock and Shop.


(suspenseful music)

Were you followed?

- What's going on Lucinda?

- I need you to go back to my house

and see if the police found
what they were looking for.

- [Terry] I don't want
anything to do with this.

I cannot help you.

- What you want me to go
to the electric chair?

Take this phone, do what I tell you to do.

Take it.

(suspenseful music)

- [Terry] Okay, I'm inside.

- [Lucinda] Are there any
lights on in the house?

- [Terry] No.

- [Lucinda] Okay I want you to go

upstairs to Britaney's room.

- Okay I'm on my way.

Okay I'm in her room.

- [Lucinda] Okay I want
you to get me a teddy bear.

It's on the bottom shelf,
farthest to the right.

It's white.

Has a red scarf on it.

(ominous music)

- [Terry] I don't want
to see what's inside.

- Then don't look.

- Hey Terry, hi.
- Hi.

- What brings you downtown?

- I heard TRW was hiring
at the first of the month,

so I put in my application.

- You okay?

- Yeah.

I'm fine.

- Terry?

Let me buy you a cup of coffee.

- [Terry] Listen, I know
what you think of Lucinda

but I have nothing to tell you.

- Must have been tough growing up

in her shadow all those years huh?

- Well, Lucinda was the
show pony in the family

and I, I was the mule.

- Looks like nothing's changed,

except that hauling her freight now

could put you in a heap of trouble.

- I didn't do anything.

- Listen to me Terry, you and I both know

that Lucinda killed Clay.

It's just a matter of
time before I arrest her.

That would make you an accomplice.

Do you know how many years you could get

for being an accomplice Terry?

- I gotta go.

- She ends up living like royalty,

you get by on tips.

Now why are you willing to
risk everything for her?

- You don't know her like I do!


Sit down.


Is damaged.

She's a casualty.

- What are you talking about?

- As a child, she was abused in a way

that you would never understand.

Abused by the man she trusted
the most in the whole world.

- Your father?

- I used to hide in the closet,

but Lucinda she learned how to use men

to get what she wanted.

- Yeah, yeah she learned how to use men.

I'll give her that.

- She was like a puppy

who kept getting beat by her master.

She grew up strong, but you never knew

when she was gonna bite.

And she couldn't stand being on a leash.

Every time a man would try to control her,

something bad would come out.

- And when Clay tried to pull in the reins

she turned on him, right?

Didn't she?

Only this time, she did a lot
more than just turn on him.

She killed him, didn't she Terry?

Did she?


Terry, come on.


- Terry never actually saw the gun.

- What do you think she was hiding

in that teddy bear, rosary beads?

Lucinda admitted squat to her.

There's one way we can
do this, we wire Terry.

- Would she do that?

- Hi.
- Hi.

- You didn't have to
come all the way out here

just to bring my mail.

- I know.

I wanted to.

- Come on in.

- So how long are you gonna stay here?

- I don't know.

I'm never going back to
Amherst, that's for sure.

- It kind of surprises me that you didn't,

you know, leave the state.

- Why would I leave the state?

- You know the pressure and all.

Where did you hide it?

- Hide what?

- You know, the gun.

- What gun?

What are you talking about Terry?

- The one that we picked
up the other night.

The one that you said
you used to kill Clay.

- Oh my god Terry, I never
said anything like that!

Why would you say such a thing?


- This is a disaster.

- [Lucinda] I loved Clay
Terry, you know that.

(Terry crying)

Oh my god Terry, I never
said anything like that!

- She knew Terry was wired.

- She's no fool.

- All right, using Terry's statement

we can still make the arrest.

- We still don't have a murder weapon.

Without it, you'll never get a conviction.

- We gotta play the hand we're dealt.

Like you said, she's no fool.

If we don't arrest her,
she leaves the country.

She slips through our fingers.

(radio crackles)


- Mrs. Spencer?

Police, open up!

(door creaks)

- [Britaney] Mommy.

- It's okay honey, don't worry.

- How's it going Lucinda?

I hope you didn't sign too long a lease.

- What the hell is this?

- You have the right to remain silent.

If you give up the right to remain silent,

anything you say can and will be

used against you in a court of law.

- Put this in an evidence bag.

- Why's he taking my bear?

- Don't worry honey, I'm
gonna get your bear back okay?

- Okay.

- You have the right to
speak with an attorney

and to have an attorney
present during questioning.

- [Man] All right folks,
please stand back.

- Lucinda Lucinda come on!
- Lucinda Lucinda!

(reporters clamoring)

- Lucinda Spencer, arrested
today for the murder

of her millionaire husband is
arriving at the courthouse.

Rumor is district attorney Sam Haley

will offer her a plea bargain.

- Why would I confess to
something I didn't do?

I loved my husband.

- This is a one-time offer, Lucinda.

- Think what you're really saying

is your indictment isn't worth
the paper it's printed on.

You're bluffing.

I'll see you in court.

(phone rings)

- [Officer] The hall closet's clear!

- [Officer] Detective
Harding, phone for ya.

- [Officer] All right open that up.

What you got?

- Yeah.

- [Man] Any luck?

- We're turning the place upside down.

- Without the murder weapon,
I don't think we got a case.


- [Officer] What about the bathroom?

- Check this out.

We found it upstairs
in one of the closets.

- Let's get that into the car.

We'll get a drill to open it at the lab.

Wait a sec.

Watch your feet.

- Having fun?

- Why would anyone fill
a planter with cement?


Get me some shears and a sledgehammer!

(suspenseful music)

- [Officer] We got it.

- I gotta hand it to you, you did it.

- Did what?

Is it gonna bring Clay back?

- So what is it you propose, gentlemen?

- We're not proposing anything.

- We found the gun, Lucinda.

How about that?

- Okay.

I hid the gun.

But I did it to protect Nick.

- Is that a fact, Mrs. Spencer?

- When I came home and
I found Clay's body,

the gun was on the floor

and I knew it was Nick's.

- And what reason would Nick
have for killing his father?

(eerie music)

- Nick and I were having an affair.

And maybe he thought that if
his father was out of the way,

he could have me to himself.

- Let's get Mrs. Spencer back to lockup.

- Wait, I didn't kill Clay!

You don't want to drag
Nick through the mud.

Look I was doing it to protect him!

- You liar!

I couldn't stop you from killing Clay,

but by god I will not allow
you to destroy his son!

(ominous music)

- Come on babe.

- Aren't they gonna arrest Nick?

- Nick didn't kill his father, you did.

He was my best friend.

I'm gonna have to live with myself

for bringing you into his life.

But you're going to be
spending the rest of your days

in a cold, cold cell.

This time Lucinda, there ain't no plan B.

- [Officer] Let's go ma'am.

(somber music)

Watch your head please.

(somber music)

(somber rock music)

(Multicom Jingle)