Voodoo Passion (1977) - full transcript

Susan arrives in Haiti to live with her husband Jack, who lives with a lesbian housekeeper and Olga, a nymphomaniac platinum blonde, introduced to her as Jack's sister. Susan begins to have nightmares about voodoo ceremonies and murder.

Voodoo Passion

Directed by Jess Franco




- Good morning. Are you Mrs Haus?
- Yes, hello.

- Let me have your suitcase, please.
- OK, there you go.

- Would you like to go straight home?
- Yes, please.

My luggage will arrive in three days.

Can you arrange for it
to be picked up, Inés?

Yes, madam.

Is this your first visit
to the island, madam?

- Yes.
- I hope you'll like it.

I'm sure I will,
I've always dreamt of coming here,

but I was never able
to realise that dream.

So you're happy that you can now
live here with us for a few years?

Yes. Why didn't my husband pick me up?

I forgot to mention that the
consul asked to be excused.

He has to attend an important conference.

I see.

When will I see him?

He'll come home as soon as he can.

He's really looking forward to seeing you.

He talks about you all the time.

Oh, Inés, I'm so happy.

- I hope you will always feel this way.
- Thank you.

Did you live in
Puerto Rico for a long time?

Since I was 14.
But I was born in France.

My father works for
a French company in San Juan.

Puerto Rico belongs to,
and is exploited by, the Yankees.

- We, however, are free.
- But you're not a native, are you?

My mother was black
and my father was an English officer.

I was born in Haiti, and I grew up here.
And I'm very proud of that.

The fact that my skin is white
does not mean that I am white.

I feel like a black woman.

- We'll be there in a minute.
- Yes.

How wonderful.

Your house in Puerto Rico
wasn't this beautiful, was it?

No, my father will never manage
to become a millionaire.

We were doing quite badly for a long time,

but I didn't want to admit it to myself.

Reality didn't exist for me.

I created my own beautiful world
in my imagination.

I dreamt... dreamt that...

that a prince would come
and rescue me one day.

And that dream has come true.


Wait a minute, madam.

I'd like to introduce you to Aida,
your husband's secretary.


Would you show me to my room, please?

Aida will go with you, madam.

- I'm busy right now.
- You will do as I say.

I've got something to do for the consul.

Then I will show you to your room.

- This is it. Do you like it?
- Yes.

- Call me if you need anything.
- Yes. Bye.

Hello doll.

- What are you doing here?
- Are you Susan?

- Yes. Who are you?
- Hasn't your fella told you about me?

- My fella?
- Jackie honey, your newly-wed hubby.

- No.
- How naughty of him.

I'm Olga, his cute little sister.

- You're his sister?
- Yes.

You really don't know about me?

- No.
- You'll have to get used to it.

Jack and I,
are very fond of each other, you see.

I adore him. He's so affectionate.

Don't worry, I'm only joking.
I'm not a vampire.

Give us a kiss, sister-in-law.

Come on.

What are you doing in my bed?

Hasn't he told you
that he loves sleeping with me?

What? You sleep with Jack?

Yes, of course.
It's wonderful with him.

I go crazy when he takes me in his arms.

Naturally, nothing ever happens.

We just like to fall asleep
next to each other.

Does that shock you?

I understand.

Come to the bathroom with me.
We can continue our conversation in there.

Come, you can wash my back.

What's taking you so long? Come here.

Jack's told me everything about you two.

You can't imagine how keen I was
to see what kind of superwoman

Jack had walked down the aisle with
only four weeks after meeting her.

He's told me everything,
every little detail,

even the dirtiest, most intimate ones.

You have some incredible
tricks up your sleeve.

And all the stuff you
can do with your tongue!

It nearly made me come.

Have you ever done it with a woman?

Let's talk about something else, OK?

You can't imagine
how much it turned me on.

- Come on, wash my back now.
- Some other time.

You're disappointing me.
You have to try everything once.


Oh, yes, Jack, please come home soon.
Right now, OK?

No, I can't wait 'till tonight.
I miss you so much.

Oh, naughty, naughty.

Please, Jack, I love you so much.
Come home soon.

- All right, my darling.
- Oh, darling!

- Oh, that's so sweet of you.
- Hallelujah!

Yes, I'll come and pick you up.

Oh, you!

- Yes, darling.
- Yes, darling.

- Yes, I love you.
- I love you.

- You should think it over again.
- That's not necessary, Mr Haus.

My decision is final.

Yes? Excuse me.


Why don't you come in?

- Oh, darling.
- Susan.

- This is Monsieur Marcus.
- Madam.

- And that's Dr Barri, a psychiatrist.
- I'm delighted to meet you at last.

You really weren't exaggerating,
Mr Haus, I envy you.

Unfortunately, I must leave you already.

- See you soon.
- Goodbye.

Good bye.

Madam. Monsieur.

At last I've got you back, my love.

I missed you so much.

You forgot to tell me
that you had a sister.

Oh, Olga. Don't let her shock you.

She's already managed that.

She likes to be a bit crazy
but you can rely on her.

When will you show me the island?


I've read many mysterious things about it.

And you want to solve all those mysteries.

You probably want to meet
a voodoo priest right away.

- Do you know one?
- There are lots of them here.

Are there?

Can I ask you something?

Would you do whatever I ask for me?

- Of course. Why do you ask?
- Just wondering.

Follow me.

Come with me.


No... No.



What's wrong with you, darling?

Oh Jack, it was horrible. I'm scared.

Jack, I had a nightmare.
It was dreadful.

Now, now. Calm down.

I wonder what that dream meant?

Don't worry too much about it.

The dream doesn't mean anything.
Forget about it.

Good morning, my little darlings.

- How are you, little brother?
- Good morning.

- Leave me alone.
- Won't you hug me, like you usually do?

Don't listen to her.
She's provoking you.


I must pay you a great compliment.
You shagged like rabbits.

And how you screamed, sister-in-law.

I was so horny.

Can't you talk about anything else?

Yes, I can.

I wonder for how much longer you'll
be able to keep it up. At your age...

Right, that's enough.

Will you let me kiss your boobs?

You're not too fond of that, are you?

Doesn't Olga have a man she...

... she loves?

I've never asked her what she does
when we're not together.

You just don't want to admit
that she's a lesbian.

You promised you would
introduce me to the mysteries of voodoo.

It's all humbug, darling.
At least what they show the tourists is.

No, I don't believe that.

It's true. Real voodoo doesn't exist
any more, except perhaps in the country.

But white people like us
can't take part in their worship.

- How many gods do they worship here?
- There are more each day.

They worship the African gods
that the slaves brought to the island,

and catholic saints, generals, politicians,
late voodoo priests and so on.

The most popular god is Dambala Wedo,
an omnipresent snake-god.

The most mysterious part is the symbols
with which the priests summon the gods.

They're called "veves".

- Do you know what a zombie is?
- No.

A zombie is a living corpse.

A priest dribbles liquid on a grave
at night, and the zombie climbs out.

He will do anything
the priest tells him to do.

- So I really won't see you until tonight?
- Yes...

I'm sorry.

I'm really busy at the moment,
but I'll have more time next week.

- Will we go to the country then?
- Yes, definitely.

- Don't forget.
- I won't.

Can I have a kiss before I go?

- See you tonight.
- Good bye.


Don't touch that!

Mr Haus has forbidden us
to take anything from the cabinet,

least of all that thing.

Put it back immediately.

What's... what's this all about?

That's a living person.

The doll represents
somebody who really exists.

Why has he got
all these needles in his body?

It means that he will have to die.

He will be killed.

That man will be killed.

Do you understand?


What's wrong with my little darling?

You're in quite a state.

Get lost.

I'll show you my stamp collection.
Come with me.

Come with me, yes?

First you...

... and now you.

- How do you like Monsieur Barri?
- He's very generous.

That's my favourite drink.

He might give us another sip,
if we're nice to him.



I'll show you true voodoo.

You're prepared to
do anything I ask of you.

Come... Come here.

Kiss me.


I know you want to.


- Can you hear me?
- Yes.

Follow me.


Come on.

Mrs Haus.

What's all this?

Mrs Haus.

What's wrong with you?

What are you doing here?

Come on, sister-in-law,
have a threesome with us.

You love sex, after all.

Come on. Don't you want to?

Good morning, Jack.

Morning, darling. Did you sleep well?

- Jack.
- Um.

- You've got to help me.
- What's happened?

Jack, I think I've done
some horrible things.

Marrying me, for example.

No, Jack, please don't joke
about this, I'm serious.

I found a doll in the cabinet...

... and its face looked like
the man I killed.

You haven't killed anyone.

You had another nightmare, that's all.
Come on, calm down.

- Help me, I'm worried I'm going insane.
- Don't worry.

Everything's all right.

Good morning.

- May I say something, madam?
- Yes.

I've known other cases like yours.

It's the island, madam.

In this bizarre atmosphere, sensitive
people like you are at particular risk.

You have to have been born on this island

to be able to live here.

On this island, the boundaries
between dream and reality dissolve,

and so do the boundaries
between hate... and love.

One moment, please.

Hello. My name is Pierre Barri.
You know me.

- I don't recall where I met you.
- In your husband's office.

I don't remember.
What do you want?

I'm a friend of Jack's.

He called me and told me
that you thought you'd killed somebody.

Jack was worried that
you might go to the police.

He asked me to wait for you here
so that I'd be able to help you.

What's more, I'm a doctor.

Is that true?
Jack asked you to help me?

I have helped you.
I've spoken to my friends in the police.

You needn't worry,
no one was killed around here last night.


Hello, my little angel.

Well, what are we hiding here?

You know you weren't supposed
to play with this doll.

It was on my bed.

I wonder who put it there?

What's wrong with you, dear sister-in-law?

You seem pretty worn out.

- Do you have any problems?
- Yes.

Can't my brother get his dick up now?

No, that's not it.

What is it then?

I'm scared.

I'm really frightened, Olga.

I hope you're not scared of me.

Then I'm sure you'll let
me comfort you a bit.

Let's try it.


Come on, let's go to bed.

So, did you enjoy it?

I never thought it would be this good.

My brother doesn't
deserve a woman like you.

He's a rather stupid guy.

That's why I thought you were
just a cheap sex machine.

- But you're wonderful.
- Oh, thanks very much.

One day...

... I will tell you a few things
that will surprise you.

Why not tell me now?

It's too soon.

I still need the last
few bits of evidence.

But I'm sure I will...

We must get dressed now.

Our guests will be here soon.

- Guests?
- Didn't Jack tell you?


Who's coming to see us?

Mr and Mrs Hawkins.
They're old friends of Mr Haus.

No, Mr Hawkins. There aren't any zombies,
any living corpses, on this island.

I asked a priest about them once.

He answered,
"Don't they sell them at the supermarket?"

At least they'd be deep-frozen then.

And Inés would have bought one long ago.

Did you know that most
voodoo priests are gay?

They're called "massissi".

What can you tell me about
the priestesses, the "mambos", Mr Haus?

A friend of mine took pan
in a ceremony with a priestess once.

She was wearing a big
wooden penis under her skirt

And sat on his lap.

But when he asked her what it meant,
she was offended.

She didn't seem to know
what to do with it.

And what's the purpose... of the herbs?

I've read many strange things about them.

They're very important in voodoo.

Everyone here mixes
their own special elixirs

and sells bottles of them to the rich
and small amounts to the poor.

They're of particular importance
when a priest is ordained.

For weeks, mysterious essences
are rubbed into each novice's scalp.

They go directly into the brain

and alter the person's psyche completely.

Tell me, Jack.

Do people on this mysterious
island ever change physically as well?

Not that I know of.
Why do you ask?

Well, you see, I associate an entirely
different face with the name Jack Haus.

Your husband reads
too much about voodoo.

My husband still knows who's who, Mr Haus.

As we get older, our memory deteriorates.

Not his.
He never forgets anyone important.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

The fact that my husband
didn't recognise you is the reason

why he's finding it hard to talk
to you about why we're here.

We love this island,

and we'd like to stay here for good.

We welcome every European
who joins us here,

especially if they're
as charming as the two of you.

We've come to see you, Mr Haus,

because we thought you might be able to
help us with buying a home.

Do you think we'll get our house?

Of course, darling,
and not just the house.

I'm sure Mr Haus will be there
for us whenever we need him.

He'll even support us
financially if necessary.

Come on.

We've made a friend for life in him.

Are you our first present from Mr Haus?

What are you doing here, madam?

Where's the doll?

Where's the doll?

Where's the doll?

Go to bed, madam.

I know for certain
that I killed them, Jack.

It wasn't a dream.

They've left.

Good morning, madam.

I can see that you're still
not feeling any better.

The gods don't love you.

Perhaps it would be better
if you left the island for a while, madam.

I'm worried about you.

I fear for your life.

You should listen to my advice.

If you don't, you will... die.

- Please let me go, Jack.
- Why, Susan?

I can't stand it any longer.
I've killed three people, Jack.

- And where are your victims now?
- I don't know.

But I can feel that...
I really did kill them.

We've got to finish this business.

Luckily, I stopped her from telling
the police about her 'nightmares'.

I would never have thought
that she'd be so courageous.

Women always do what you don't expect.

I hate her.
She is vulgar and stupid.


But there wouldn't have been
anyone better for our plan.

She was the perfect one, a weak soul.

She was bound to succumb
to the eerie spell of voodoo.

Tonight, she will dream
that she has killed once more,

but tomorrow morning I, as her husband,
will take her to the police.

And you, the famous doctor,
will make the diagnosis.

Criminal insanity.

And the mystery surrounding the affair
of the British consul, Jack Haus,

will remain our secret.

I rather like that idea.

It will remain our secret, won't it?

You don't think that our black
friends will talk, do you?

Vincent maybe, or Inés?

I can't imagine that they would. And they
hardly know anything. No, it's impossible.

All they want is dollars,
and that's what they shall get.

But we've forgotten somebody.

There is an awkward witness.





Don't do it.





Everything you dreamt
actually happened, Susan.

We arranged it, for a lot of money.

Who paid you?

Jack and his friend Pierre Barri.

You were supposed to kill
another person today.

- This time, me.
- Kill you? Your brother... Why?

He's not my brother, he's my lover.

He's not really called Jack Haus either.

His name is Patrick Foster.

He works for some secret service or other.

Your husband was Haus's secretary.

He accompanied him on a secret mission.

That's when he was
going to pull his great coup.

Why have you dragged me into all of this?

You were particularly suited to it.

They needed a weak woman like you
in order to carry out their plan.

Your husband and his friend
Pierre Barri killed Jack Haus.

Your husband replaced him for three days,

but they had to get rid of a few witnesses.

Marcus, Mr and Mrs Hawkins...

... and myself.

And that's what they needed you for,
the sensitive little girl.

Why didn't you tell me this earlier?

Because I thought it was just a game.

I didn't know that it wasn't a joke.

But this morning I learned the truth.

I slept with Inés.

She's a pretty girl, isn't she?

- Did you have a good time with me, Inés?
- Yes.

Then she showed me the doll with my face.

It wasn't until then
that I realised what was going on.

Tell her it's true, Inés.

It's true.

- Come in.
- Thank you.

- I wonder if she's had her dream yet.
- We'll soon find out.

What are you doing?

What are you doing here? Get off.

They were going to use the power
of voodoo for their silly business.

They abused our trust and ridiculed
our gods. They will be punished.

We must ask the gods for forgiveness.

We can only do that
through a human sacrifice.


English subtitles by suckmysound
for cinemageddon (2013)