Voodoo Doll (2016) - full transcript

Sabrina thinks her boyfriend is cheating on her and decides to take action to avenge but then maybe not everything is as it seams


Mr Sinh just quit,

so class K22 recently doesn't
have a head teacher.

You're just in time.


I remember that
you were a member of this class.

What a coincidence!


Hey, Mr Principal is coming!


Sit down, please!

Mr Hung is your new teacher.

Hello teacher!

From now, you will be
in charge of this class, good luck.

Mrs Sau thought she was dreaming.

She saw her kid's shadow,
but she still didn't move.

Learning while chewing is not good.



Someone is watching you.

You don't say?

It would be so weird

if there is nobody looking
at a cute girl like me.

But that "someone" is married.

How bad it is...


You know it too?

Are you hiding something from me?

No, but you will get the answer soon.


How are things going in school?


You want to tell me something?

No, nothing.

Fifteen years,
and I still cannot have a baby for you.

Don't worry, we're still young.

I'm leaving now, madam.

Please come early tomorrow.

Yes, madam.

You came back?


What's wrong?

Are you okay?

I'm fine.

Happiness is not misery...

...and misery is unavoidable.

It depends on your destiny,
not on what you want.

I'm really upset since I've
been waiting for too long,

my dream still doesn't come true.

Thanks for your financial support
to fix the pagoda.

It's really kind of you to do so.

Buddha Amitabha.

Good bye Master.

Good bye.

Devil... Devil...

I'm so hungry,
why do we have to practice now?

We can do it tomorrow.

The purpose here is to...

The purpose is to win the contest.

Stop moaning.

You should have gone to engineer school
or something, definitely not music school.

-I have talent, dah!
-Shut up!

Can you two stop a minute?

Have a quick snack.

Sticky rice or bread?

-Sticky rice!
-Sticky rice for me!

-Hey, I touched it first!
-Ladies first.

Both genders are equally treated nowadays.

Oh, my goodness, look, what have you done!

This is all your fault!

What kind of girl is as strong as that?

-I'm a real lady.
-A man-alike lady.


Can you stop it now?

Get over here, be separated!

You're so annoying!

Hey, you're ruining the school's property!

There is a hole here.


Are we all involved in this mess?


I think we should put it back.

I don't feel good about it.

You said that you are curious
with strange things, didn't you?


Why don't you bring this home,
we might find something interesting!

Sounds great!

Move, move!

What about this hole?

You fix it.

Of course, you're smart.

Now I have to handle the mess alone?

We have to bring this voodoo doll back.

What's wrong?

I feel something super weird around this.

It's unexplainable.

I feel not good about it,
we have to return it to the old place.

Why? Everything is fine.


Huy, Huy, what's wrong?

What happened?

I couldn't sleep last night.

I saw a girl,
wearing a white dress and crying.

Blood on her body, it looked so wet.

I don't want to die

of being sleepless.

What are we going do?

We can't let things happen like this,
we must do something!

We could look for a witch-doctor.

ls he helpful?

I know a guy.

There you go!

Screw you!

Damn it.

No bad words here! You heard me?


-What happened?

We have guests.

He said, "What are you coming for?"


He said, "I knew it."


I didn't say a thing

Don't be scared, give me the "thing."

What's that?

I'll take it! I'll take it!

He said, "Quickly."

He said, "It's too strong."

What's wrong with you?

He said he can't handle it, go home.

Go home.


Are you okay?

ls everything fine, doctor?

Hello sir!

She's okay, she just had a little shock.

Just take a rest,
she can go home tomorrow.

Thanks, doctor.

Congratulations, the baby is still fine.

Take good care of her.


Did you hear that?

We will have a kid.

-I will be a father.
-We should not have a kid now.

What are you saying?

It's our baby.

The baby will be in danger,
it will never be mercy with our baby.

Hi sir!


What happened?

It's fine, just a little shock.

Make some nutritious dishes for her.

Yes, sir.

A shadow appears, the woman slowly faints.

Keep going, I'll harmonize it.

Did you hear that?

Someone else is here?

Close your eyes.

Close them!

Someone is singing in the wind,

softly, softly...

Can you tell it to sing louder,
it's hard to hear...

You really hear it?

She has returned
and she won't give up easily


What took you so long?

Why do we have to do this at midnight
instead of at a "brighter" time?

Do you want us to be accused for
destroying school's property?

Shut up and do it.

But in school at midnight,
no students, no clear purpose.

You are nuts!

So, how about we go home
and come back tomorrow morning?

Oh come on, no.

We must do it tonight.

We might have troubles
if we let it last until tomorrow.

The sound is so Hi-Fi.

We will be busted!

What is Hi-Fi?

It's High Fi.

Oh, come on, stop it.

Why don't we wait until Sunday

when the security guard pays more
attention to some football matches?

Then we come back?

I agree.

Put the board up.

Hey Thu!

Can you play the piano
in a more appropriate time?

we will be dead
if the security guard sees this.

But you guys are ahead me.

Next time you come back,
let me know, okay?

Why are you coming back here?

I saw you were playing piano
so I came back.

Play what?

Where, here?

I did see you were here!

What's wrong?

Should have let me know
if you came back.

Who played it?

Come on, stop shaking.

Let's go.


I'm asking you.

Did you really saw something last night?

Yeah, tell us.

What really happened?

I... I think... I saw a ghost.


Oh my goodness, there is no ghost, at all.

I'm sure. I saw it singing last night.

I thought it was you, but it wasn't.

When you showed up, it disappeared.

Was it a dancing ghost?

Shaking like this.

No. I think you're just too scared
that you started imagining things.

I didn't hear anything last night.

Me neither.

We have to return this to the hole
as soon as possible.

I smell something...

...not right.

Hey, what's wrong?

I'm just embarrassed.

ls it you're first time here?

Yes, it is.

Going to church doesn't kill your worries.

Praying doesn't erase your crime.

You get what you give.

Whoever give, will be given

just end it where it starts.

Buddha Amitabha.

So, you mean...

You have the answer already.

Your wife used this?

It's not only a sleeping pill but also an
intensive tranquillizer.

Using it too much
might cause hallucinations.

And it's harmful for the baby.

No way.

I don't want to believe it either.

Recently, I always dream of Linh.

Are you crazy?

She died a long time ago.

She doesn't have to wait
for 15 years to revenge.

You should consider this.

I know.

Here, madam.

You look pale, you had a sleepless night?

I'll make you some lotus seed soup
which is good for sleeping.

How weird...

I've never dreamed of
something weird, except that.

It's been a while, but...

But what?

Do your stuff.

Yes, madam.

Are you okay?

She has a fetal derangement,
I'll cook her some soup.

Why did you keep going around
that causes a fetal derangement?

If you don't care about you,
at least think of the baby.

My business, you cannot help me.

Hey, Huang.

Honey, honey!

I'm here.


There you go!

This will be a big deal!

It's my lucky time!

What a horrible TV.

If I win this time,
I'll send you straight to the garbage.

I'll make it as quick as possible,
look out for me.

We will be dead
if the security guard sees this.

Do it, stop talking,
I'll watch it out for you.

Great, without the lighters,
I'll do it with imagination?

Let me in.

We're doing mission or going to a club?

This... Okay, it works.

Damn it.

I'll handle you later on.

What's that?

He might hear something.

I don't understand why
you want to come here, at this time.

Don't ask.

I'll tell you later.


Let me open the door.

Now, do it.

You wanted to come here,
what are you waiting for?

Come in.

There, what do you want to do?


What you're looking for?


It's gone!

Gone? What's gone?

It's gone!

I don't get it, what's gone?

Who, who?


So, the teacher's family
is involved in this.

I can't believe it!

Please say something, you guys.

Silence is not good right now.

Maybe there is a motive.

Bullshit! Shut up!

Stop it!

Why can't you forget this?

Who told you
that I don't want to forget it?

That I don't want to let her
get away with it?

She's the one haunting me!

When she died,
I told you I always have nightmares...

...and strange things...

But after a month...

I stopped having nightmares

and strange things...


I hid the voodoo doll in the wall

behind the board


I stopped having nightmares.

But why...

when the voodoo doll disappears

I started to have nightmares again
with several strange things.

She must be...

...alive again to find us.

I'll end this.

I'll never let her harm us!

How did you get the key?

From the security guard.

He doesn't know, we will return it later.

Wow, you're such a professional.

I've got to do what I have to.

What is so honorable to be a thief?

-Talk less, do it!

Why do we have to come here?


Investigation of what?

I thought what we've got to do now
is to return this voodoo doll.

Don't ask too much!

It's hopeless,
we have to do it separately.

Come in.

What are we looking for?

Clues, evidences. Anything.

Anything strange.

There are lots of things around here.

At least more than 10 K22 classes
until now, where do we start?

Just look for it.

No way!

What's wrong?

How can this happen?
There are two people that looks the same.

She looks just like Thu so much!

People might mistake
that you two are relatives.

Keep looking.

Is it Mr Hung?

He looks younger.


Is it Mr Hung's wife?



Find everything about this year!


I can't find her in the graduation photo.

Take a closer look again.

Yes I did, she wasn't here.


She was in photo of First semester,
third year...

...but not in the second semester
of their third year.


This is weird...

Thank you!

It happened long time ago,
I just remember a little of it.

People was talking about it
a lot at the time.

That her boyfriend broke up with her
while she was having a baby.

What? Two human lives?

One body, two lives, it's suicide.

That's why she's so alive.

Maybe it was too painful
that she cannot reincarnate.

But, you're sure it's suicide?

The news said it was an accident.

Not sure,
but definitely the boyfriend was...

You should knock before coming in.

I finally have the evidence.

What are you talking about?

You're a bastard.


Do you know what are you doing?

I can expel you
from school for insulting me.

Expel me?

How did you get this?

Why did you leave her?

She died of suicide or an accident?

How can you keep living
like nothing happened?

Fifteen years...

I think about it every night.

So you was surprised when you saw me.

What do you want?

To compensate?
Or to find the old image of Linh?

I don't want anything.

I think you should be regretful
for what you did.


It's one body,

but two lives.

What do you mean?

Don't play a fool!

Even the saleswoman
at school's entrance knows that...

We're sorry.

When she died...

...she was pregnant.

You know it?

Why do you mention her?

When she died, she had my baby.

If I didn't leave her that night,
she wouldn't die.

If I cared about her more...

...she would be fine.

I turn myself into a bastard!

What are you talking about?

Are you blaming your wife
because of a dead woman?

She died for us!
Do you understand? For us!

For no one!

It's destiny.

If you didn't lie to me
about your pregnancy,

I wouldn't leave her!


I lied to you!

So you would marry me.

But you have to remember...

This is the past.

For now, I'm your wife,
carrying your child!

What did I do wrong?

What did I do?

What? Why? 15 years...

I sacrificed for this family!

Why don't you forget her?



Huong, honey...


Aunt Loan...

I want to drink.

I want to drink.


When would you let him go?

You should've told me which tone you sing!

I can't believe that
you look just like her

Who are you? What do you want?

Take a closer look again!

This doll, do you have
any impression with that?

Yes, I do.

It disgusts me!

If you don't want troubles, throw it away.

You know Linh, you used to be
in the same class with her

you know why she died, right?

I repeat...

I don't know anything, don't ask me!

Tell it!

Tell me what you did.

You think that you can hide
all of your crimes?

Say it.

What you did to me!

I didn't do anything!

What are you talking about?

Huong, what's wrong?

Are you awake?

Do you feel dizzy or
does it hurt somewhere?

You... don't ask her too much!

I'm just worried.

We have returned?

You don't remember anything?

I was talking to Mrs Huong, then...

I don't remember anything.

You must be tired. Sure.

Take a rest, you'll be fine.

Okay, I'll go take some rest.

See you later.

I can't believe
that she could be so cruel.

I forgave you once

but you tried to kill my daughter again.

I won't forgive that.


What's wrong?

Don't be too loud!

I'm not loud at all.

I think it's getting worse.

It's not worse.

It's the worst thing that can happen.


It's not the dream or normal signal.


I think if we let it keep on happening,
I'm afraid...

I think Huong is hiding us something.


What should we do now?

You look tired today.

I can't sleep lately.

You have nightmares?


Every one experiences a nightmare
at least once.

It comes from our anxiety.

We're so worried, and we dream of it.

The devil comes from
our anger and jealousy.

No anger, no jealousy, no nightmare.

But you are carrying too much.

Drop it down, forgive and forget.

There are things we can't control.

We want to or not, it doesn't matter

we should or shouldn't, it matters.

Revenge never end.

I just tell you that.

If you want to feel released,
calm yourself!

Buddha Amitabha.

Be professional.

I'm your client.

What do you want us to do?

Hit, splash acid, kill someone,
or burn a house?

Do it clean, I'll give you bonus.

Master, should we go home?

Suddenly, I feel weird...

We have her money, we can't go back.


So, will you do it?

Why do you want to dig someone's grave?

What do you mean?

We're here anyway, just please help me.

I'll double the bonus.


Why double?

What do you mean?

Why don't you stop saying,
"What do you mean?"

What do you think?

Why do we stop?


How about...

How about we deny it?

It's true people love money.

But digging someone's grave is brutal.

Very cruel.


I'll decide.

Return the money.


-Can we just not do it?

What do you mean?

Why all of a sudden you're backing out?

Do it, I'll make the bonus
five times higher.

Do it!

No, we won't.

Even if you make it 10 times,
my master already decided.

Hold on.

Don't decide yet.

Where have you been?

You dare to call me again?

You told me...

...that you would do it.

You're lucky
that I didn't get my money back.

Go away.

You want to hurt me again?

Go away!

I'll never let you reincarnate.

Don't think you can scare me
with these tricks.

I won't forgive you.

You want to tell me something?

-You spied on me?
-Are you crazy?

What did you think...

When will you be okay again?

You're not okay.

What's wrong with me?

I just return her
to the place she belongs...

Enough, enough!

Don't be like this.


You don't have to say anything.

I know what I'm doing.

By any means,
I want her soul to disappear forever.

It's not easy.

Her soul is stuck with a living object.

If we want to curse her,
we have to move her soul into this doll.

Then destroy it, it will vanish forever.

It doesn't reincarnate easily.

Where is her soul now?

You know.

So you want me to...

We don't have time.

This 30th,
her soul will be at the weakest state.

If we can't catch her

there will be no more chances.

The second thing you must understand

if she escapes,
you'll be the first one that she'll find.





Who called? You look so tensed.

Huong wants to see me.

ls it strong enough to catch her?

You don't believe me?

Don't look down on her.

She's not like 15 years ago.

I don't care how strong she is.

If she's here

she cannot escape from my trap.

My mistake is not to destroy you
15 years ago.

But now...

You will never reincarnate
a thousand lives.


Just an illusion.

Only an illusion.

Come to scare me!
This is the last time you can!

I'm about to destroy you forever!



Someone sounds like you.

You hear that?

It's really the same.



Where are you two?

Why did you guys left me alone?

She's coming here.


Oh my goodness, where?

You're looking for me?

What did you do that made you terrified?

I'll return you to where you belong.

How dare you.


Devil! Die!

Thu, what's wrong with you?

What are you doing?
You want to kill my friend?

Shut up!

She's not your friend.

Go away, it's dangerous.

-Stop it!

Linh, Linh, stop it!


It was all my fault.

Congratulations, the show was great.

This is for you.



I want to tell you something.



I'm pregnant.


Take responsibility for it.



Don't leave me.


I'm sorry.

But I can't.



Two lives, one apology,
how pathetic it is!

Huong was just too in love with me.

If you're angry of anything,
tell me all of it.

I'll solve it out.

She's pregnant!

You don't have to explain to her.

She will die forever.

Die, devil, die!

What are you doing?

-Stop it, enough!
-Are you mad?

You love her?



Wake up!


This is not Linh, it's Thu.

It's Thu!

These things are useless!

You're a fool! I'll show you.

Yes, there is no such thing
like a ghost or a devil

This is my mother.

And Linh, the one who
painfully died because of you.

Is my sister!

For many years, I can't sleep.

You have to pay for it.

You live with us.

You could have killed us.

Why don't you do that?

Why do you have to come up
with these things?

I tried to revenge for my daughter
by getting close to you.

I see how you struggled
with your illusion from your crime.

I cannot do that.


Why didn't you let my daughter go?


I have to make you admit your crime.

So your husband
can see who you really are.

You, calm yourself!

How dare you? Let me go!

Let me go! Let me go!



Honey! What's wrong?



Don't leave me, please.


Don't leave me, please.


I'm wrong...


...raise the kid, for me.