Voodoo Academy (2000) - full transcript

Young Christopher has just enrolled at the prestigious Carmichael Bible College, managed by the somewhat unusual Mrs. Bouvier. After some unexplained disappearances, Christopher does some exploring and discovers that Mrs. Bouvier and the Reverend Carmichael have some very unwholesome intentions for the young men of their school. Will Christopher graduate with his body and soul intact?

(spooky music)


(crickets, more thunder)

(spooky piano music)


(ominous chord)

(creepy music)

(more thunder and spooky

-What are you doing to her?

(squeeking leather, thunder)


(organ music)

-What is it?

What are you doing?

(thunder, creepy music)

-What are you doing?

-What are you doing?

(creepy music building

(blood bubbling sounds)

-Utter failure

-He wasn't pure

-You were impatient with the

Process. We can't just attempt

to change him without the
proper preparation

-I know what I'm doing.
-Apparently not, madam.

-Watch the tone, Hollice.

Its not a good idea to forget
who you're working for

-My apologies


You're correct

my impatience was my own

They have to be pure in order

the ritual to work

Otherwise, this is what

Now we only have five of them

-He can be replaced

I'll but the ads in the paper

Though I don't know if

we can have anyone ready for
the ritual by the end of the

-We will.

Just be more careful next time

they must be innocent, pure

of mind, pure of body

remember that

-And you're sure you can have
him prepared by

the time the solstice comes
next Sunday night?

-Have some faith, Hollice.

-What do we do about him?

-You know the drill

destroy him

-You're the boss

(creepy music)

(Church Bells)

(depressing music)

(sounds of water)

(creepy music)

-Come in!

-Thank you.

-Christopher Sawyer, I
presume. I'm

Mrs Boviea, Chief
administrator of the Carmical

College, I apologize for the

lack of help out in the front
office but we're still

getting organized. -Thats
fine, thanks.

-Please take a seat, and

I'm almost done reviewing your

-Okay. -Would you like a cup
of tea while

you wait? -No, thank you. I'm

-You look a little Nervous

Mr. Sawyer. -No!

I'm fine, really. -First time?

-Excuse me?

-Is this your first time being

by a College? -Uh, yes.

-Well, as we both know, Mr.
Sawyer, this is not

your standard College and this
won't be your standard College

The Carmical

Bible College is an
experimental facility

and we're still trying to work

the kinks, so to speak. So

bear with me.

-Well, I really admire
Reverand Carmicals work

his writings, I mean. You know
I had

the option to go into
conventional ministry

or priesthood,

-Yes, I know, you have a very
impressive application Mr.

We get a lot of young men

who seem to think that this
place is an easy way to

get a conventional college

It isn't. What we look for

is someone who is serious
enough about theology

to benifit from our unique

study program

I see here, you

spent a few years as a student

Sunday School teacher, as well

being active in extra
curricular bible

studies and maintaining an
above average

GPA in your secular studies,
very impressive

I'm sure

that you had your pick of
conventional colleges to choose

after high school. -Well

-So why come to

us? Aside from the good
Reverend's teachings

of course?

-Well, I wasn't so sure I
wanted to go

into the typical religious

this is a lot more exciting to

a lot of Reverend Carmicals

involves hard science and

religious education

I really believe in it, you
know it really makes sense

to me. And I like the idea

of the small and personalized


-Did you have a question?
-Well if you don't mind me

asking ma'am -Ask away.

-Where is everyone?

I mean, when I came in

I thought I'd see a hundred
students or something, but

I didn't see anyone.
-Actually, we

only have five students

enrolled at the present time.
Until two days ago

we had a full roster of six

unfortunately we had

a student who was unhappy with
the curriculum

and decided to leave. Thats
why we're

hoping to enroll a new student
this week


only five or six students?

-Like I said, this is an
experimental facility

we haven't even officially

as an educational institution

should our program work out

in the first year, we plan on
expanding into a fully

fledged college, but

Reverend Carmical and myself
feel its best

to keep the first group of
students somewhat small

Is that a problem?

-No, no actually, its kinda

nice, you know, I feel

that I will get more personal
attention that way

-Like what you see so far?


-The facility. Does it seem

like a worthwhile investment
of your time so far

-Oh, yes. Very much

so. -Excellent

because if there are no
further questions

I think its fair to say that
you have

more than passed the
admissions board

-The admissions board?

-That would be me

and that means you're in Mr.
Sawyer. Welcome

to the Carmical Bible College.

Now if you'll just follow me,
I'll give you

a tour of the facility. And
introduce you

to the fellow students you'll
be working and

studying with. Its study hour

now, so they should be in
their dorm rooms

(piano music)

-This is the dining room where
you'll be taking your meals

Next year when we open the
college to

full capacity we intend to
hire a chef

but for now, I prepare all the

meals personally.

-You do all the cooking? -does

surprise you, Mr. Sawyer?

-No, ma'am, no. I just thought

someone in your position
wouldn't want to do all that

-Absolutely! Its

very important to me that my
boys get their proper

nutrition -Yeah but

isn't that a lot of work?
-Before I

inherited this property from
my late husband

I was a restauranteur

I don't mind doing a little
cooking. In fact

I enjoy it. -Wow

I am so sorry about your

-Don't be. he lead a

very full and active life

he was a scientist, did a lot

of research on ancient

Ten years ago he became a

stock holder in Michal College
down the road and

and refurbished this old dorm

He was going to

turn it into a lab

-You mean Professor Miles

Boviea. One of the guys

who helped discover the

to the fake zombie powder down
in Haiti?

-One and the same. He'd be
pleased to know

someone remembered his work

as it turned out, his research
on the

zombie powder uncovered

new and better anesthetic

and psychotherapy drugs that

the pharmaceutical sciences
ten years into the

future. He was a very

rich and successful man

-What happened

I mean, if you don't mind me

-Unfortunately, soon after

he purchased this building, he
became very ill

and after he died

I was faced with the choice of
either selling it off

or paying taxes on

an otherwise worthless

Fortunately, Reverend Carmical

came along and had the

to turn this facility into

a worthwhile investment that I
know my husband

would be proud of -So you're a

devout member of Reverend
Carmical's religion?

-Of course I am, as I am sure

many others soon will be. Its

religion for the new millenium

-When will I get to meet
Reverend Carmical?

-Soon enough

He usually tries to keep his

from his students outside of
the classroom

Normally you would first get
to meet him

when you have your first class
with him

Now, if you'll follow

me, I'll show you where you'll
be sleeping and

spending most of your free
time and

hopefully introduce you to
your new housemates

(church bell)

-Hello, boys. Working hard?

-Yeah, everybody accept Billy.
He's in the internet


-I hope you're persuing the

religious websites, Mr. Parker

-Uh, sure Mrs B

-Thats Mrs. Boviea, Billy.

-Right, Mrs. Boviea.

-The Sci-Fi

academy chat room

hardly qualifies as religious

Mr. Parker. I trust that

you and Reverend Carmical will
have plenty

to discuss in your next one on
one discipline meeting

in the meantime, please

use your study time to brush
up on your

theological text. -Yes

Mrs. Boviea.

-Well, everyone, this is

Christopher Sawyer, I've just
had the

extreme pleasure of accepting
his application to our

school, which means, he'll be

new dormmate. and

this is Billy Parker, whom
you've already seen

in action. -Hey, Christopher!

Better run while you still

-Very funny, Mr. Parker. Its a
shame we're not

grading you on your wit. -Oh!

cause I'd get an easy 4.0?

-I think you're grading
yourself a

little high. Mr. Parker

is somewhat the class clown of
the group

thankfully, he's a little more
serious about

his studies. And

this is Rusty Sankovitch, he

a full scholarship to central

but chose to pursue his
education with us

I think we're very lucky to
have him.

-Whats up Christopher? -Hi.

-And this is Mike McCreedy, a
former Catholic

school honor student. -How are
you? -Hello.

-You and Mike would have a lot
in common

He too was dis-satisfied with

and came to us for a more
challenging education


Sam! -Its a Chris

Veraqous movie, I swear! -Its
alright, Mr. Velara.

I just wanted to introduce you
to your new

classmate, Sam Velera, meet

Christopher Sawyer. Mr. Velara

was an aspiring rock musician.

With any luck, we should be
able to afford a music

within the next couple years

-I hope so, the only person I
can jam with now is Billy

and he sings like a horse.


Last but not least, we have
Paul Saint Claire

During Highschool, Mr. Saint

had something of a problem
interacting with

others, however, we've been
able to

provide him with an excellent
learning environment

here at the Carmical Bible


-Nice to meet you

-Well, now that we've gotten
the introductions out of the

I'll leave you to get settled
in and

get aquatinted with your new

Ah, Reverend Carmical's next
class starts

in a half an hour, and you'll
get to meet him there

Any questions before I leave

to the wolves? -No,

I should be fine, and, thank
you so

much, Mrs Boviea for
everything. -My pleasure

Christopher, and welcome abord


-Very funny, guys

-Just giving you a little bit
of a hard time

there, Crisco -Thats

-Hey, I'm just trying

to get under your skin,

-Just ignore Billy

see, Billy is mind over
matter. We don't

mind and Billy doesn't matter

-Oh, you love me, Rusty! Admit

-Billy's good for breaking up
the monotony

around here. -This place is

boring. -Well,

We're boring

-I'll second that motion

-We don't drink, don't smoke,
and don't do drugs

-And despite what Billy wants
you to

Think, he doesn't even
download pornography

off the internet. -Sad but

We're all Pat Boone clones
around here

total Mousecateers

-You look like you're gonna
fit right in


things are that straight laced
around here?

-Its part of the screening

They wanna make sure everyone
is 100%

behind their beliefs. Thats
why I

decided to come here. -Me too

-So what is the Reverend


-Guess you're about to find
out for yourself

(creepy music)

(church bell)

-So where are the classrooms?

-This IS the classroom

-Well, I thought they would
have a couple regular

classes to go along with our
religious studies

-Its bible school

they're likely to make us

-Hello, men

I trust you spent your study
time wisely -Yes sir

-I also trust you

have done your best to welcome
our new arrival

Mr. Sawyer. What about it,

They treating you okay? -Yes,

-Thats what we like to hear

Mr. Sawyer here is an above
average student

of religion, as you all are

I hope that you will continue

show him the same respect that
you show eachother

we've increased our admission

standards since Mr. Godfry saw
fit to leave

our fine establishment last

I can assure you all that Mr.
Sawyer here

is truly the cream of the crop

Of course

I should probably get around
to introducing myself

I'm Reverend

Holice Carmical, founder of

Neurocystic Christianity

as well as this facility for
alternative bible

studies. -I'm a huge advocate
of your work

Reverend. -Good, then we know

where we all stand. As I'm

you know, the Neurocysitc
Church has gained quite

a following on the coast, and
that's allowed me

to open up this facility.

I have a practical education
as a

teacher, and I try to mix that
with a more

traditional method of
spreading the word

of God. You and your class

mates have been chosen from
hundreds of submissions

you have the unique

of helping augment my religion

with a facility that will help
build the

religious leaders of tomorrow

Ask my boys here

they'll tell you

I'm tough but fair

you have to be tough to
support your beliefs in this
day and age

My work has been questioned by

from the Catholic church to
the United States

Senate. I can

tell you, not one of these

figures has been able to shut
down my church

disgrace my work

or find fault with my personal

this is not a scam

I practice what I preach

And what is it that we preach,
Mr McCreedy?

-Man is the creation of God

and science is also the
creation of God

-Exactly. Neurocystic

Christianity is the belief

that the more advanced
mankind's technology

becomes, the closer to God man

kind becomes. We

use the hard sciences, as well

psychology and traditional

to commune with the lord and

help bring ourselves closer to

why, I can show you cases we
have on file

of certain members of our
congregation who have

overcome debilitating illness

drug habits, physical

and psychological

and these aren't frauds

perpetrated by some tent show

but hard, cold

technological facts

what we will learn here is a
great deal more

than how Jesus turned water to

or what chapter or verse

of the bible details the fall
of the Pharos

here you will learn a new way

of life. A new and better way

of thinking

and when you leave here, I

you will be more empowered
than most men

Now that we have six of you

a full roster of young men for
our first curriculum

I'll begin to employ my

in earnest. What you see

here is the Neurocystic
Church's version

of the confessional. An

purely technological
environment that

will allow you to purify
yourself by purging

your sins. -To who, Reverend?

-To me, Mr Sankovich

Once a day, every day

I'll have one of you enter the
booth during class

and confess your sins to me

we will continue to do this
until you

have been cleansed of fault,

and can be purely objective
about your

future actions. -like

-Not quite. In the

Catholic religion,
confessional only

relieves the burden of sin, it
doesn't resolve it

in Neurocysem, the process

of confessional irradicates
the sin

teaches you not to sin again

-Dear Diary, I never thought

could happen to me! -Any
questions so


-Yes, Mr Sankovich


What if we don't have any

-Son, we are all guilty of

No matter how small it may
seem to you

you, me, the guy down the

it doesnt matter. -But I mean

well, I don't think I've done
anything wrong

I haven't broken the ten

or anything like that.

Theres more to this than the
basic ten

commandments. Theres the

sins of every day life. The
sins of human need.

Why, Mr. Sankovich, you could
easily be

accused of having committed
the sin of pride.

The sin of Narcissism -But I'm

-You lift weights! You take
excessive pride in your

appearance. Its one thing to
stay fit

but you've taken this practice
to access

-But doesn't the bible say

the body is like Gods temple?

-Son, do you measure your

Do you check your

physic in the mirror? -But I

-Yeah, Reverend

I do.

-Then you've but the

love of self over the love of

And you've sinned.

And you must pay for your sins

as we all eventually do

you are all sinners.

No matter what you man think,
as Mr. Sankovich

here has also thought, you are

less perfect than you believe.

And only I can fix that for

Only I can bring you

closer to God

Mr. Sankovich, you shall go

-I want you

to step into the booth

I'll step into the other side

act as your confessor

What is it, Mr. Sankovich?

-I have to sit in there? -Its

confessional, son, it won't
hurt you. I promise.

Everything you confess to me

will be kept in the strictest
of confidence

-But what about all the wires?

-Electromagnetic conduction

haven't you read the chapters
in my last book on

energy? About how

it aligns your life energy

-Yes I have, but, you know, I
thought that was

for medical purposes, not
spiritual ones.

-Yes, some. But when you use

electromagnetism in medicine.
What is it used for?

-Healing purposes?

-This is healing, son.

Healing of the soul. Please.

step into the booth

-This will take about ten
minutes or

so. I suggest that those of

who are unfamiliar with the

process use this time to

study from the necessary
chapters of my last book

-This is the first time

I heard about a confessional.
-Keep it down, Mike

he's gonna hear you.

-What did you just say?

-Take that candycane out of
your ass, MIKE

save the prim and proper stuff
for when the

rev comes out, would you?

-I'm not kidding, BILLY. You
might not be serious about

getting an education here but
I am

I don't wanna see anybody else
get tossed out like Blake did.

-Oh, Woop-de-do. Oh, what am I

not gonna go to heaven because
I said the word bullshit?

Oh! I mean, I must have missed

that part in the bible where
it says, thou shalt not

say bullshit.

-Thats not what I meant,
Billy. It does say

you're not supposed to

-OH, come on.The word shit is
not Blaspheme

for Christ's sake.

-Well I tried. If you get
tossed, its on you.

-Oh, hey, thanks a lot

Big Brother, but I think I can
take care of

myself now. -Okay guys! Knock
it off!

Mike, you know Billy is just
doing the same old shock value

routine to get a rise out of

Billy just, shut up okay?


I bet its some kind of a test.
I know it.

-You think everything is a
test, Paul

-Reverend Carmical leaves us
alone for five or

ten minutes to see what we do
behind his back

thats exactly what it is. And

is gonna get in trouble for
using bad language

-Oh, man. Stop being such a
wet blanket

Ugh! Nobody cares

if I use bad language. -I do!

-Billy, we came here to get
away from stupid attitudes

know what I mean? -Guys, does

care if the new guy gets in on
the discussion?

-I wish it was a discussion.
Its more like

a spiritual pissing contest.

-Stop talking like that,
Billy. -Look, look

All I was gonna say, is that

I don't remember anything
about a

confessional in any of
Reverend Carmicals writings

-Its probably something new
the reverend came up with

he does stuff like this all
the time. Thats why the

class is so small. He's trying

his teachings to see what

-Yeah. Maybe he's giving Rusty
a new brain

or a brain at all

couldn't hurt, the way I see


you want a role model on what

to do around this place? Go
see Billy.

I mean he's basically a good

guy, but

he is desperate to get thrown
out of this place.

-So why is he here?

-I dunno. Just

consider yourself warned

We all like him but none of us
can deal with him

except Sam, and Sam

deals with everybody.

-I have a bad feeling about
this. -Its just confessional

Paul! -I wonder if it hurts.

-No, its kinda like the seam
eater in

scientology. The level of

isn't strong enough to do
anything physically

I mean, one of those little

you buy at sharper image has
more juice in it than that

-Well, Champ! Why does

it have to have any
electricity in it? I mean

what is it just for shits and
giggles or what?

-Well its a pretty recent

but a lot of new religions
believe that the

electricity can realign your
lifes energies

stimulate your physicality.
You know, they believe

that the soul is nothing but
pure energy

and can be altered by outside

that kind of stuff. -Like new
age crystals!

-Exactly. -How would you know?

-Because I have studied it for
a couple years

thats how. -Wait a minute!

Let mew get this straight.

So you're saying, that old

the muscle head is going to go
into that booth back there

and then this huge

magnet is gonna like...un-

kinkle the kinks in his

soul? -Pretty much

-Whoo! Boy! Sounds

a little...you know what I

-You know, Sometimes I wonder
why you even bother to show up

-Cause I love you

Mikey!!! -I'm being serious!

You question the reverends
methods, you turn

everything me and everybody
else here believes in to one

big joke, you constantly need
to be the center of attention

-Hey! I'm basically here

my parents made me go, okay?

for your information, SAINT

I appreciate everything the

has to say. That doesn't mean

have to agree with it. Unlike
you, I have a mind

of my own. -Guys!

-What are you trying to say,
Billy, that I'm like some kind
of robot or something?

-Truthfully Mikey-Mike?

You don't wanna know WHAT I
think of you

-The reverend is gonna hear
you two if you dont stop

-Is the ten minutes up yet?

-Maybe Rusty is dead

-BILLY! -What is taking so
long? I mean

all the guy does all day is
take vitamins and

pump weights. How many sins do
you think

he could pull off?

-Hard at work I see

-Um, Reverend

-Yes, Mr. McCreedy? -We were
all trying to

study but Billy here wouldn't

-I'm sorry Mr McCreedy but I
don't remember asking who

was guilty or not guilty of
following my instructions

seems to me that you

have all disobeyed, even you

Mr. McCreedy. And May I

remind you that God
appreciates no man

setting himself above reproach

Consider this while I curtail

freetime for exchange for the
time you have

wasted here. -Yes reverend

-Yes Mr. Sawyer?

-Reverend, I hope this isn't a
worthless question...

-There are no worthless
questions, Mr. Sawyer

Only worthless answers

-Well, I was just wondering,

What was going

on in there? -Why don't youask

Mr. Sankovich?

How do you feel, Mr.

-I feel much

better. -And what happened

while you were inside the
booth, Mr. Sankovich?

-I confessed.

My sins.

-Anything else?

-There was a light!

-You saw a light? -Yes, I did!

A light! -Do you feel pure,

Do you feel as if your

has been wiped clean?


I feel great

I feel like I could take on
the whole

world! -Must be the stereroids

-You see

The energy inside of

Mr. Sankovich has been

his soul. His very

essence has been renewed

he is ready to be taught, to
be shaped

to think and to learn as a
true student

of neurocysim. I myself was

the first subject to undergo
this process

and now

I shall pass this knowledge

along with the benefits of the

onto the rest of you. You see

it is your will, your very
desire to be

purged, mixed with the

procedure I revolutionized

that will cleanse you

think on these things.

Mr. McCreedy

whos own self opinion was his

undoing, shall have his turn

in the booth. Until then,
return to your dorm

rooms and study on my
dissertation of


Dinner is in one hour. Class

(tense music)

(church bells)


-Oh man. This

is the ticket

My muscles got

massively twisted up today

-Why is the bathroom set up
like this?

-Well, theres a real shower

on the third floor, but, uh

believe it or not, this place
was actually a

legit college dorm room back
in the 50's

problem is, the plumbin

hasn't been messed with since
the 50's

so I guess some pipes burst

one winter

so they strapped this whole
private bathroom

into a weird community tub or

Anyway, no one's

got the inclination or the

to fix up the old showers.
-Why doesn't

the Reverend pay to have it
fixed up

-You mean, Mrs. Buviea.

She's the money in this deal,
not him.

-I thought the Reverend made

of money off of his teachings

-He probably spent it all on
rayvac batteries

for that freaking phone booth
of his

I don't wanna know

I mean, Mrs. B digs

everything the Reverend is
about, but

she calls the shots around
here, not him

-But why would Mrs. B

spend all that money and

on a place like this?


On one hand you have a hot

30-something widow. And on the
other hand

you have six strapping

young men. Do the math.

-Shes not really like

that, is she? -I dunno!

Theres some weird stuff going
on around

here. And I don't mean

Carmical's rainbox either

We had a guy here, you know?
right before you showed up?

-Yeah that Godly guy! -Godfry

-Blake Godfry.

Anyways. He was this total

sunday school robot, you know,
like Mike

so I didn't get it when he
decided to just

leave school one day

all I know is

one night, I had to go to the

really bad, and I got up

and it was after lights out

got up just in time

to see Blake zippin upstairs

to Mrs. B's apartment

-What! -Yup!

And I'm sure he wasn't going
there for a

special study group, either.

-What do you think happened?

-Well, either he

was asked up there

or...he got a little lonesome

one night and decided to see
if Mrs. Buviea was still

awake. Either way.

that was the last we ever saw

of poor Blake. The next day

they said that Blake had left

so I'm guessing he didn't
decide to

leave school like Carmical
keeps saying

Nope. I think he put

one toe over the line

and either Mrs. B or the old

chucked him out of here with
his stuff

You know they don't tolerate
that kind of stuff here

-You think that this blake guy
was hitting on Mrs.

B? -Either that

or he wasn't hitting on Mrs. B

enough. I dunno.

To me the whole thing is a
little shady

Anyways, my whole thing is

I don't even want to be here

-So why are you here? -Well,

my parents are those big

nuts, it was either this or
they were gonna send me

down to that Jesusland in

God! I wanted to be a doctor

but, you know, thats kind of

when both your parents believe
that the only kind of

medicine is faith healing

So I got the shaft.

Now, I'm living in this

old brick shithouse

rooming with five virgins

and learning about

Big magnets that zap the sin

out of you. Yeehaw! Praise

Jesus. -Hey, knock that off

-Oh, you mean

That? -Haha!

-What are you guys up to?

-Oh, we're waiting for

the steam room Mikey! What
does it look like we're doing?

Hey MIKEY, Nice chest!

What is it, cold in here or

ha! Hey man thats my towel!!!

I needed that!

-Roll around on the rug. -Oh,

-Hey did you read the

dissertation? -Yeah


the dissertation! I'm so busy

I forgot! -UH OH -UH OH

-I just don't wanna make a bad

impression on my first day,
you know?

-Well, I aint no rocket

but I'd say you're going about
it the wrong way!

-Relax Christopher

I'll let you borrow my notes


-Maybe he smashed his thick
skull in with a

dumb-bell. Maybe

he hit himself green and
became the incredible hulk

-All I'm saying is

Rusty is usually the first one
in the chow line

So, where is he

-Well, I'm sure I'll be up all
night worried about

it. -Thats a good question
Mike, I haven't

seen Rusty anywhere. -Hes


-Why would he be asleep?

-I dunno. He said he felt
sleepy and he just layed down

-Maybe his brain got fried in

phone booth thingie. -I doubt

-If something happened to
Rusty at the

Confessional, we would have
known about it right away


it maybe takes a while for the
genetic mutation

to kick in. -Shut up Billy!

-Kids can't we just have one
dinner without you two yelling
at each other?

Its like being at my

folks place for thanksgiving.
-Yeah, every night!

-Exactly, every night its the
same thing


Its Dr. Jeckle and Mr.

Hillfigure. What did you have
yourself a

teenage life crisis while you
were asleep, Rusty?

-Thats a nice tank top

-I just woke up and said fuck

-Is uh, everything okay Rusty?

-Hey guys, I feel better right
now than I have in a long time

-You're not

ON something, are you?

-I'm guessing it has something
to do with

Rusty being his nickname. That
will snap

anyone after a while.

-Well, Mr. Sankovich, lets
just see what happens

when Mr. Carmical sees this

He's gonna hit the roof! -By

The fashion police?

-Hey guys, is there even a
dress code

here? -Well

If Rusty here uses the

F-word in front of the wrong
company, well

thats pretty much grounds for


(thunder) -Theres only seven

set at the table.

Shouldn't there be eight? -How
do you mean?

-Well, theres eight

of us including

Mrs. Buviea and Reverend

-Reverend Carmical!

-Reverend Carmical doesn't eat
with the students

Thank you! He has his own

estate down the road and he
usually takes

his meals there.

Well! Soup's on

Dig in. I certainly hope

you enjoy it. Oh! And I have a

special treat for you.

My husband was a connoisseur

This is a very special vintage

worth a small fortune

I would imagine

-What is the occasion for the
booze, Mrs B!?

-Its wine, Mr.

Parker, not booze.

You make it sound like I just
pulled it out of a brown

paper bag.

This is to celebrate the
arrival of our new

student, Mr. Sawyer.

So, we're gonna get trashed!

Say, thats great Mrs. B!

-We most certainly are

not going to get trashed, Mr.

One glass a piece

-Are you sure

we're allowed, Mrs. Buviea?

-Mr. McCreedy, there's no harm
in drinking

one glass of wine. Do you
think that

there is? -Well

if the reverend doesn't see
anything wrong

with it. -If its any
consolation, I

conferred with the good
Reverend before

I brought the bottle up and he
didn't see anything wrong with

-Mrs. Buviea,

do you treat all your new
students this way?

-Mr. Sawyer.

We're excited to finally find
six students

worthy of our time and effort

I'm sure you've heard the name

Blake Godfry from the others

-Yes. -Well, I'm afraid

he wasn't very serious about
his studies and

generally wasn't the right
kind of student for this school

so we had to refund his

enrollment fee and let him go

But! Now I have

the perfect class. And I'd say

that's something to celebrate,
wouldn't you?

-Hello, Rusty!

How do you feel this evening

-Very nice.

I think Reverend Carmical's
Confessional did me

a lot of good. -Excellent

-I dunno, Mrs. Buviea. I mean

Rusty looks like hes on drugs

or something. -Yeah he used to
look like he was just on

steroids. -Now, now

boys. I think its rather nice

that Mr. Sankovich has decided

losen up a little bit.

-Are you sure hes not sick or

-I'm fine! Really.

-Gentlemen. I'd like

to propose a toast.

To providence

For finally bringing me the
six of you

-Cheers. -Bottoms up!

-A little class would be nice

-Long life.

-Something wrong Mr. Sawyer?


I'm just not much of a wine
drinker, thats all

-Well one little glass won't

hurt you, will it?

-I think I'll just stick

to water, thanks.

-Uh, can I have Christopher's
wine, Mrs. B?

-Yes, Christopher

thats fine. Stick to water

if you'd like.


(creepy music)



Billy wake up! You're having

a bad dream

Billy wake up!

Billy you're having a bad




(heavy breathing)


(creepy music)


-Thats right, Rusty

follow your urges.

come to me.


-Rusty! Rusty wake up!

Rusty where

are you going?

(thunder, creepy music)

-Suspenseful ambient sounds,

-I'm glad you came Rusty.



-I chose you to go first,
Rusty. You're so strong.

You're my perfect little boy

-Where am I?

What are you doing?

Mrs. Buviea!

-You came up here to see me!
Don't you remember?

-I was asleep. -What did you
come up here for?

-I don't remember

-Did you come to take me,
Sweet one?

I know what you want

What you need.

-I didn't say... -You can make

very happy. And I can

make you even happier

-This isn't right Mrs. Buviea.

-Go ahead, say it. Are you

to seduce me, Mrs. Buviea?

I've always wanted to hear
that one.

And the answer is

YES. I am most definately

trying to seduce you.


-Rusty, where did you go, man?


-Do you know why I chose you?


Do you have any idea?

Because you're so


Because I've dreamt of your

on me. Touching me.

Your kiss

your touch

your heat

thats right

let me in

let me take you

-I can't do this

I'm sorry, Mrs.

Buviea. But I can't. -What do
you mean, you can't?

Don't you want me?

Can't you take what I'm

you? -I just. I don't

wanna do anything that we'll
regret, thats all

-Trust me.

I won't regret it.

But you might.

-I better be going back to bed

-So be it. -Reverend

Carmical! -Hello, Mr.

-Its the confessional Reverend

I gotta get

back to it, I gotta make
everything alright.

-Oh, I'm afraid there won't be
any more

confessionals for you Mr.




(creepy music)

(heavy breathing)



(creepy music)


-Can I poor the wine, Madam

-But of course, Hollice

(creepy music)


am I?


(tense, creepy, primal music)

(thunder) -Is it time, Madam?

-Let the ritual begin

(terrifying music)

(slight electric sounds)





ah, ah!

-We must attend to his things.
-Hey, its our first

success. You should feel

-I won't feel anything until
its all ready

we still have the rest to take
care of

-Considering what we've been
through in the past, I'd say
this is

definitely the first step.
-Work harder tomorrow

I'm growing impatient. -But..

-But nothing Holiice!

Its clear that the problem has
been taken care of

and now you have to help me
complete the ritual

Bring them to me

I'll help you pack up their

-Yes madam. -Whos turn

is it tomorrow?

-Mike McCreedy's

-Excellent. I'll be glad to
see that one




what in the hell?

(church bells)

-Good morning

-Good mornin

-what, no..smart comment?


-Whats with the clothes?


my button down is getting a
little restrictive, so

I changed into this.

No big deal

-kinda like Rusty did last

-like who?

-you know, Rusty? the big

Muscle bound guy that you
always make fun of...

Sleeps in the same room with

Ring a bell? -Yeah

Rusty, right.

-Is something wrong


-No, why do you ask?


I feel better than I've ever
felt before

in my life.

-You don't remember having any

Nightmares last night?


-Slept like a log

-Yeah. Thats why you kept me
up all last

night tossing and turning. You
were having some bad

dream or something?

-Must have been the wine


We've gotta talk, Billy

-About what?

-Last night, I saw Rusty walk

of the room, just like you
told me that Blake Godfry

guy had done before I got

Do you remember that? -I
remember Blake got expelled

But I don't remember


-What are you talking
about.You're the one who told
me about Blake!

-Man, calm down, will you?

Look, maybe I did

Maybe I didn't. -No, I'm not
gonna calm down

alright? Somethings going down
here and

I don't know what it is, but
last night all

five of you guys were tossing
and turning

and then Rusty got out and
walked away in his


-Haha,What! -Yeah, so

I followed him, you know, to
see if he was just sleepwalking

or something, but then I saw

Buviea and the Reverend up in
the attic and they were talking

about all this crazy ass stuff

-Sounds to me like you were
snooping, Christopher.

-Man, what is

WITH you! You've like, totally

its like somebody has
brainwashed you or something

-No! Look, maybe I don't

wanna act like a jerk all the
time just to get attention

-Listen to me

something is going on up
there. They've got

a lab. I saw

it. And up in the lab theres

this table, and on the table

there was this cloth

and underneath the cloth,
there was these

six slots

same number as us

and they put a doll

in one of the slots

-Should we call the police?

-Listen to me, Billy

Six slots. Six of

us. And they put a doll

in each slot

and Rusty never came back to
bed last night

either. I waited up all night
for him and

he never came back! -Look

if Rusty ran for the hills
last night

its his problem, not mine

its not yours, either.

-Hey guys, whats up?

-Hey Mike! Hows it hangin?

-Little boys don't know, but
little girls

they understand, right big


-Whats wrong with you?

-We're just being a little
free today, thats all

no biggie. -huh! Gang?

I think Christopher has
finally lost his mind!

I think that

the school has fried his last
active brain cell

-Man you guys should have

the conversation we were
having right before you guys
showed up

-Whats wrong Christopher?

-My, don't we all look good

-Thanks, Mrs. Buviea

So do you. -Thank you

Michael. Something

wrong, Mr. Sawyer?

-Christopher here seems to

that Rusty was

killed in some freak
sleepwalking accident last


My, what an interesting
imagination you have

Mr. Sawyer. -You know Billy,

he's just joking

-Well Despite Mr. Sawyer's

of fancy, I can tell you for a
fact that

Thank you! That something did
happen to Mr.

Sankovich last night after
lights out.

Evidentially, he had a very

drug dependancy, and snuck

into the bathroom to smoke a
Marijuana Cigarette.

I could smell it all the way

in my apartment and so

I came down to investigate.

when I discovered Mr.
Sankovich getting high

and thats the kind of thing I
just don't tolerate

So he was escorted

off the premises late last
night by the police

Fortunately the police were

discrete enough about the

and they didn't wake any of
you up

Mr. Sankovich, needless to

will not be returning to the

as a result of what he's done

Is there a problem Mr. Sawyer

-No ma'am

-He'll be fine, Christopher

You're just getting used to a

place and staying with

strangers. All these uneasy

feelings will ease up in a few

count on it.

( church bell )

-Nows the time for quiet

I'm about to

admit that I failed you

Yes, I myself have failed my

and worse, I failed the lord

our God. I've committed

the sin of Pride.

Yes, Mr. Parker, you may

-How have you sinned,

-Mr. Parker, I was smug

I believe that

my machinery was so fail-safe

that I didn't commit myself

to yesterday's confessional

and in my sin of pride, I

the depth of Mr. Sankovich's

I did not realize,

despite the extensive blood
research that our school

requires, despite the

many days of taking his words
and his actions

at face value

Mr. Sankovich was hiding from
us a severe

narcotic dependancy.

-Are you going to enroll
another student?

-No, I will not integrate
anyone else into this

group, until I can be certain

that there will be no more
problems, such as we've had

with both Mr. Sankovich

and Mr. Godfry. And for the

rest of you, I fully intend to

work harder and more carefully

to make sure to erase the sin

and and flaws from

your moral character.

Beginning today, men.
Beginning with you

Mr. McCreedy.

Get to your feet

its time for your confessional

Step inside, Son. This time

I won't fail you. I promise.

-Yes Reverend

-As for the rest of you

I suggest you use this time to
study from your textbook

I do not want you disobeying

like you did yesterday, is
that understood?

-Yes Reverend

-Look, guys

We gotta talk

(creepy music)

-Can you hear me Mr. McCreedy?

-Yes Reverend

-I want you to close your eyes

Are they closed?

-Yes Reverend

-Can you feel the energy

your booth, Mr. McCreedy


Reverend, its making my heart

-Thats perfectly natural

Its aligning

your life energy. Its changing

you. Just let it do its work.

-Yes Reverend.

-Start with

a series of simple questions

The first one

Have you committed any sins

-No, no,

none that I know of

-Have you stolen?


-have you lied

Mr. McCreedy? Have you


-Have you lusted, Mr. McCreedy

Confess your lust to me, Mr.

Its perfectly natural, its


-Do you touch yourself in the
night, Mr. McCreedy?

-Yes! -What do you think about

when you touch yourself, Mr.

What excites you?

What makes you want

to touch yourself?

-I don't know

-open your shirt Mr. McCreedy

Put your hands on

your body

Show me how you touch yourself


-Do you want me?

(creepy music)

-Who am I speaking with?

-Me, Michael.

Purveyor of your dreams

the tongue inside

your mouth

the hands on your body

you want me more than anything

in the world

-Anything in the world?

-I know you've

watched me Michael

you wonder what my lips

taste like. You like

the way I look

I'm the one who shaped you

Micheal, Molded you

Watched over you every night


will come to me tonight, won't
you Micheal?


-Who owns you, Michael?


You are my Queen

-And you

are my beautiful little boy,

Tonight I shall

have you.

Remember that.


You're way in over your head,

Look what happened to Rusty

-Thats what I was saying!

Rusty is still here somewhere

Guys! -Like, how?

-It has something to do with
what ever

is going on in that
confessional. -Oh, man

Not this stupid doll thing

-Look, Christopher

You're a nice guy We all like

But, this is too much man.

- I think you have some
personal issue you have to deal

-Yeah, it's just not fair to
the rest of us.

- Ah, hold on guys.

Why don't you just go open

Mikes booth right now if
you're so sure.

Peek inside.

-Okay... Okay

I will! (tense music)

- What are doing!?

-I was just.. -He was gonna

show us what was going on in

He says that you and

Mrs. Buviea did something bad
to Rusty.

and then you put some weird

in the attic.

-That you tried to disrupt my

is not what angers me. What
angers me is your deliberate

disobedience of my

And that you've chosen to
spend the time

that I was helping Mr.
McCreedy confess his sins

spreading poison and lies

myself, Mrs. Buviea and this

Don't we have enough to deal

Have I or anyone else caused

pain? Deceived you? Done

but befriend and encourage
your quest for knowledge

-Why don't you show everybody

whats up in the attic

-Excuse me? -I said

why don't you show everybody

what is up in the attic?

If I'm lying, then I'm lying

But I don't think I am

And neither

do you.

-You have no idea what you're
messing with here, son.

I wish it was easy

as expelling you because you
got yourself and everyone else

into a whole lot of trouble

but we're way passed that.
You're here

to stay.

I confront you with your

and you counter with more lies

How sick have you become, Mr.

How much pain

do you wish to inflict upon
us. -you must

punish him Reverend! -Yeah!

Punish him.

-Wait, wait! What are you
gonna do

with me!

(tense music)

Oh! No!

(banging on door)


(tense music)

-That you, Sam?

Uh, if you need

to wash up I'll be out of the
tub in a minute, alright?

Just gimme a second. -Just

Its just you

and me



Just lay back and relax

-I thought

I thought you were gone for
the evening

-I came back

just for you

-What are you doing, Reverend?

-Mrs. Buviea

wanted me to speed things up
just a bit

Don't worry

It won't hurt


(dramatic music)

-You're gonna make her very

happy. Hahaha.

(tense music builds)

(heavy breathing)


bitch has been watching us!

(tense music)


(music with an air of mystery)

-Stop! Mike!

(shocking noise)

(shocking noise)

-I'm glad you came, Michael

is there something I can do
for you



-Then come in.

(tense music)

-Do you want me, Micheal?


-Are you nice, Michael?

Will you be nice?

Make me warm?

There, thats it

Now just lay back

lay back and let me do all

the work to my sweet


-Mrs. Buviea! -Lay back, sweet

This is our time


Yours and mine

(tense music)

-Wait! What are you gonna do
with me?

-Just relax. It doesn't hurt

So long as you're a pure

sweet virgin.

Sauce for the stew, my love.

Special ingredient my

late husband discovered on one
of his adventures



(demonic voice)-I need all six
of you, Micheal!

First I

took Rusty, then

Paul, and now I take you.

Tomorrow I'll take your

friend Christopher.

When I offer Pecuto my six

fine dolls who will grant the

over all the dead souls buried
in the earth

An army of Zombies

more powerful and terrifying

than any army of mans

Think of it!


(creepy music)

(music builds)

-Place him in the Oracle,
Hollice. -Ah!

-We have another offering for

Pecuto tonight

(creepy music)

Go and get young Chrisopher

I don't think I want

to bother waiting until
tomorrow, after all

-You're the boss

(tense music)

-Well well well

Looks like somebody just
couldn't stay put

what an awful

sinning little boy you are,
Mr. Sawyer

You know you're not supposed

to be here, right? I mean

how else do you think I keep

on you boys while I'm supposed
to clean

the confessional booth.

-Whats going on Reverend?

-You're not gonna have to ask
that question

in about 8 seconds, don't you

You're gonna live it

-What, NO!

(tense music)

(thunder) -Curiosity killed
the cat

Mr. Sawyer. You've been most

most curious about things that
were better left


Its actually a shame, you

the other boys never felt a

but then they had the benefit

of being prepared for the

wine and confessional

all part of being prepared for

the beast. But you

You, on the other hand

get to do the whole thing wide

and I understand that its

most unpleasant

very, very painful

-Yeah, I bet you're real
heartbroke, aren't you?

-I'm not doing this to torture

you, Christopher. I love all

babies. But you're just a

to an end. My husband

a lot of very interesting

things down in Haiti

Some were cold, hard

scientific fact

and others were things

that science could never
explain or control

Poor thing. Thats what killed
him, you know?

-You sure it wasn't you that
killed him?


What a wicked boy you are,


He tried to tap into Pecuto.
Into the

ritual of turning sacrificial

into dolls to give Pecuto

their innocent souls to feed

In exchange for Pecuto's power

over the dead, but

science ruined it all for him

and in the end, Pecuto was


and so, I carried on

the good work. I created

a fake religion. Put my dear

friend Carmical into the roll

a dime store L Rod Hubbard and

what better way to lure pure

young boys into my fold

than to open up a high-tech
bible school

-What about seducing

them? Is that part of your
ritual, too?

-I take pride in my work.

-Theres one problem

-And whats that

-I'm not a virgin!


Hollice you told me he was

PURE! -He's bluffing.

Cant you see that?

(dramatic music)




-I heard noises, whats going

-Man Christopher was right!
-You ruined everything!

You little bastard! -What the

is going on here? -I dunno but

don't want to stick around and
find out, come on lets go!

(thunder, dramatic music)

-Jesus Christopher.

You were right. About the
dolls and Rusty

disappearing. Everything.

-Thats okay.

I was gonna go to business


(credits music)