Volání rodu (1979) - full transcript

Adventures of a little Stone Age hunter

Not far from Prague,
in a cave above the river

the remains of a man from
the Neolithic period were found.

Who lived here?

And alone in the rocky wasteland,
he found his death.

Who was this bowl,
pitcher and goblet serving.

Who wore the wrist band,
while shooting the bow?

And then gave the gift of the kill
to the mysterious gods?

This little flute raised
countless questions.

It's age estimated at
20,000 years.

Maybe one them played a role
in people's lives

to that which our film tells.


Based on books by
Eduard Storch

Save yourselves!


Save... yourselves...

- I know him.

He's from the fishermen village.

What about Happy Moment?

Is she alive?

Do you hear me?

Is she alive?

~ Leave us, Death! ~

~ Go back to the swamp! ~

~ Do not come, Death! ~



Do something!
The child is dying!



Boar, Stormy,
the whole clan is dying.

You! My child!

Only she is healthy!

Why is she healthy, Paw?

Do something!

~ Leave us, Death! ~

~ Do not come, Death! ~

If someone else dies,
I will let them kill you.

~ Do not come, Death! ~


Leave now!

I will stay with you.

~ Leave us, Death! ~

~ Do not come, Death! ~

~ Go back to the swamp, Death! ~

~ Do not come, Death! ~

~ Go back to the swamp, Death! ~

I came for you.


Not now.

You must leave.


~ Leave us, Death! ~

~ Do not come, Death! ~

I can not leave them!

They want a sacrifice.

They want to kill you!


We don't want a sick.

She is my wife.

Get out!

We don't want to die!

Our clan is not afraid.
You will live with us.

We are not sick!



She brings death, go away!

Wait here Ravenfeather.

If he survive the winter
he can return.

Give more!

He is still a child!

He'll get as much as a man.

Do it.

That's what clan gives you.

Find land that will grow grain.

Remember Ravenfeather...

only the earth will feed you.

We can't stay here.

Let's go.

Thank you.

I thank my clan.

There, look!


What's that?

What's that beast under him?

Down the river
they call it a horse.



It's faster than the wind.


All swamp.


We can't go any further.

We'll wait until tomorrow.

Let her go!

She knows the way across the swamp.
She'll lead us.

All right.

Don't be afraid. We only want
to get through the swamp.

Is this the right way?

What do you want?
- What are you doing here?

We are not enemies.
We are looking for land.

This is our land.

Just a patch of ground,
small enough to throw a rock over.

What will you eat?



Do not believe them,
they are thieves!

And that's it?

For the whole winter?

You will die.

By the first frost.

Let us sow.

Then you'll see.

What will I see?

From one grain...

I'll have this many.

Enough for us and
perhaps all of you.

Well, Tree Frog...

Take them to the dry hill.

We will stay here.

Why not drive them off?

I want to see someone
get fed by the earth.

I don't believe they
are seeking land.

By nightfall, they will
steal our sheep.

Kill them!


They will stay here.
- Why here?

I want to keep an eye on them.

Be blessed, fire, nice and strong.

Be blessed, water,
wholesome and clean.

Be blessed, sun.

Mother Earth!

You who sustain us,

manage us and give us birth...

accept this sacrifice

and feed us.


Why are you signalling?

I'm not signaling.

You lie! The fire
is visible from afar.

Why not believe us?

And why should I?

You want to try?

What are you doing here?

Go away!

Are you feeding the mice?

Haven't you seen
the earth give birth?

The earth produces
grass and stones.

You'll see.

You wern\92t scared?

I'm not afraid.

Teach me.

Take a deep breath.

Everybody can laugh.

Cover the holes, like this.

Like this.

Looking for a way to
get to the sheep?

You will try in vain!

You're going to die anyway.

There is not a squirrel
in the forest.

They will die.

Or freeze, like birds.

There is moss...



leather straps.

- Ravenfeather, get up!
- Let me sleep.

You will freeze!

I was hunting...

there's nothing.


Don't fall asleep.
- I can't.

Don't fall asleep!

He must eat, or...

That was the last of it.

Where are you going?

Do you hear me? You will freeze.
- Let me go!

What do you want?


Not for me.

The boy needs to eat.

If I give you a sheep,
what will you give me?

Half of the harvest.


When ripe.

You give a promise of
summer in winter?

I'm not stupid.

You will not get anything.

Not a hair.

This is your last word?


Half of the harvest!

When ripe!

All will be ours.



Do you hear?

Tree Frog.

How come they're not dying.

They should been dead already.

Perhaps they cast spells.

No, I do not believe it!


First born.
It hurried.

Bring it to the fire.

Make room for the lamb!

I don't believe in such magic!
They have to die, you understand?

Oh, you little bitch!

If they knew,
they would kill you.

Why isn't she answering?

I don't know.

Tree Frog!

Get lost.

I needed to know
that you're alive.

Go away.

Are you gone?

Not yet.

If you don't leave,
I'll never caress you again.

Are you still here?

Are you here?

The lamb is gone!

Did you take a good look?
- Yes.

They steal!
That's their magic!

Let's go!

Silly little one,
what are you doing here?

Where it is?

Where is the lamb?

Don't look for it here.

Will you confess?

I told you already.


I found him in the woods.

Half frozen.

- By the river.

It's time!

What else is keeping you?


Where is the grain?

Where is it?

You're early.


Nothing will grow.


Only stones.


Oh, Mighty one...

your time has come.

Give the gift of life.

Give strength.

Let the sheep be fertile.

Let the flock that
you lead multiply.


Strength be with you.

Onward mighty one!

Please your sheep.

What do you want?

To say goodbye.

Here is your farewell!

Come back!

Stay here!


Did he hurt you?
I was so worried!

I don't want to lose you.

I've been waiting for this.

Let's go!

No, he will kill you!
- Water.


I'll go with you wherever you want.

To the Falcon

No, the swamp.
They won't find us there.

We can't live and hide.

Tree Frog!



Tree Frog.

Tree Frog!

So, hit me.

Come on!



A stick!

Give it to me.


Tie it tight.


Hold on.

I have to find Tree Frog.


If she is alive,
she will come.

She'll come by herself.

Where to?

Let's go.

Come on, boy.

When they rob a shepherd...

you can't stop them.

They're always
raiding your flock.

After attack...

those who survive...

return home.

Where to?

To the fire where
we survived the winter.

To the fire that warmed.

What is it in us...

that makes us like wolves.

To the fire, boy.

I told you,...

the land takes time.


Grass that will give grain.

I'm not casting you out.


Where is your clan?


My clan lives.

Why come in like a thief?

Can't you ask?

I was afraid.

I'm going to look for her.

I have to find her.

It belongs to the one...

who needs it.

You will let him go?

He is no longer a child.

Even if I have to push you,
you'll go.

Come on.
Move it.


How did you escape?

Did you forget?

In the swamp, I'm stronger.

Tree Frog.


Alive! Clan is alive!