Volkov (2019) - full transcript

When agent Mathew Shepherd looks into his brother's mysterious disappearance, he discovers that sometimes it's better to let sleeping dogs lie. Through a haze of dark visages, and hidden ...

- Fucking hate this place.

- Hey, hey girl,
come to poppa.

- Fuck off.

- Have a good one, girl.

- Brutus, baby, I'm done.

- All right.
- Damn, bitch.

What the?
- Get off her.

It's supposed to be
my day off today.

I could have been at home
eating a bloody steak

with a bottle of whiskey,
watching the poppy marathon

and cleaning off my
bitch named Daisy.

But instead I'm dealing
with motherfuckers like you.

So listen up real good, okay?

If you ever even get a thought

of touching one of my girls,

I'll rip your fucking head off.

I'm gonna stick it up your ass.

I'm gonna see if you can
find your heart beat.

You got that?
- Yeah.

- What's my name?
- Brutus.

- What's my mother fucking name?

- Brutus, Brutus, Brutus.

- Get the fuck outta here.

Respect the lady and grab that.

- Thanks, Brutus.
- Anytime, sweetie.

- I hate this fucking place.

- So, found your brother?

- No, not yet.

Any leads?

- Just one.

- So why the hell do we
need to meet so suddenly?

I told them there was
nothing new to report

right now and meeting
like this is risky.

How do you eat that shit?

I fucking hate this dive.

- Well, you chose it.

- You boys need anything?

- Fuck what Nicks says,
this is a good burger.

- Best in town.

What about you,
you need anything?

- Nope.

- Fucking asshole.

- It was a necessary move Nick.

We gotta pull you in.

- On your authority?

Are you trying to get
me fucking killed?

- No, on their authority.

The latest intel says you're
already at a high risk.

- That's fucking bullshit.

I spent too much goddamn
fucking time on this thing.

That's fucking crazy.

- Well, it's not your decision.

Have you found Volkov?

- It hasn't been easy.

I was so close, Matty,
so fucking close.

But he slipped through my
fingers in Kaliningrad.

Every time I get close to this
motherfucker, he disappears.

The man is a fucking ghost.

- It's not what I
expected to hear.

Are you slipping, Nick?

It doesn't matter.

We already got other leads.

You've done all you can do.

They want you off now.

So let's make this easy,
there's a plane waiting for us.

- Matty, I'm not going anywhere.

You'll get your meeting,
maybe even find your brother.

- All right everybody,
get the fuck out.


- Break him.

Get that son of a bitch up.

Finish him.

Finish him!

- Get that motherfucker up.
- Let's get him out of here.

Get him out of here.
- Cock sucker.

- Let's go, get him out.

Get him out of here.

- You never fucking listen.

Agent Rae would be
real proud of you.

Get him the fuck out of here.

- Put this piece of shit in
the fucking van, come on.

It's done.

It's done.

- Where the fuck you guys been?

- Where I been, don't
give me shit, man.

- Volkov's waiting.
- No, listen.

- Volkov's gonna be here.
- Listen to me.

I had to find a driver.

I had to spend the night.

Listen, get this
son of a bitch out.

Come on guys, Volkov's coming.

Come on, let's get
him, drag him out now.

Let's go.

Get him out, I want him out now.

Come on, get him out.

Come on, let's go.

Hey rookie, close the door.

Let's go, come on.

I don't need time
for this, you're new.

Come on, let's go.

Come on.

- Operational Command,
this is Red Team Leader.

We are on site.

- Copy, Bishop.

I'm logging onto
the network now.


- Welcome to the
Fugitive Recovery Agency.

- Hello, Rook.
- Hello, Agent Rae.

Please enter your credentials

to proceed to the
agency network.

- Link satellites
to Agent Bishop, please.

- Comm link successful.

Satellite is showing
all targets on site.

- Bishop, you
have the green light.

Volkov and Brutus just
entered the building.

Proceed to the
objective rally point

and hold for further

- Roger that, we're good to go.

- He awakens from the nightmare

only to find it a pleasant dream

compared to the
horrors that await him.

Are you familiar
with those words?

They were written
by a Russian scholar

who lived during the
Second World War.

This is a man that understood
the definition of pain,

the definition of suffering.

I find his work stimulating.

I do apologize, we have not
been formally introduced.

Agent Shepherd, I
am Andre Volkov.

- Well, now we know each other.


- You are a family
man, Agent Shepherd.

I understand you
have a young wife,

a daughter, and a brother.

- So, now we're at threats, huh?

- Family can be complicated, no?

I had a mother.

She would dance.

She would sing beautiful songs.

She was always
there to comfort me.

I had a father who adored
her, yet hated her.

He hated both of us

depending on how much he
had to drink that day.

My father wanted me to be
strong, show no weakness.

But being a frail young boy,
I often disappointed him.

We moved to America
seeking a new life.

Lack of work only made my
father's drinking worse.

It was feeding the
beast inside of him.

Arguments continued.

This day would be her last.

Never can true reconcilement
grow where wounds

of deadly hate have
pierced so deep.

The devil's finest
trick is to persuade you

that he does not exist.

We are each our own devil.

And my father made
his world our hell.

My thoughts, my everything
all being washed away

by his hands, by his actions.

I was left with the
mark of the beast.

This was a day I
will never forget.

Weeks after my mothers
burial, life went on.

But I would never be the same.

I was a hollow shell, I
was nothing, I was alone.

Sweet soul, momma.

I will honor you.

Walk the universe
and know peace.

My dear wolf.

May your soul never
again know pain.

I wanted my father to
know the pain that I felt.

I wanted him to feel it
over and over and over.

I waited and listened
for his last breath.

At that moment I was
free, I was reborn.

Honesty is of God, and
dishonesty of the devil.

The devil was a liar

from the beginning,

- All targets are green
and ready for intercept.

Bishop, prepare your team then
remove London from the perch

and proceed to the
objective rally point.

- Roger that.

Contact acquired,
he's got religion.

Give me the word and I'll
send him to his maker.

- Copy that, you
are clear to engage.

- Agent Shepard, we are
predators in a world of prey.

And although we are destined
to clash against one another,

strength must be respected.

Loyalty and integrity
must be admired.

I fucking hate weakness.

My father in the
end, he was weak.

His lessons burned into my soul

and left me with a mark
to remember him by.

And although he took my
sight, Agent Shepard,

I can see clearly now.

- You are one ugly motherfucker.

Loyalty and integrity, huh?

A gang of murderers and
international criminals?

You buy people and appeal
to their worst parts

to gain control.

You're kidding yourselves.

- Brutus wait, he is right.

There are those among
us that are not worthy.

- Brutus, you forgot something.

- Ah, thank you me boy,
I see you met Daisy.

- Yeah.

- What the fuck?

- Do you see
this pathetic man?

He sold you out for temporary
security, safety, and money.

When my boys brought him to me,

he fucking begged,
pleaded, and groveled.

I used him, yes.

He is not a man like you and I.

He is weak.
- We had a fucking deal.

- Agent Shepard,

there is no room
for weakness here.

Brutus, lullaby
this motherfucker.

- Don't do it!
- No.

- Kiss him goodbye.

- You sick fucking
piece of shit.

You're a fucking psychopath.

A goddamn psychopath.

- I am a killer
amongst killers, yes.

But we both know
why you are here.

- I have something of yours.

And you, you have my
brother, don't you?

- Indeed, and now
the game is set.

Your brother took a
small wooden box from me.

- A box, with personal
items, contacts?

- Property I will
have returned to me.

- Let me guess, in
exchange for my brother?

You know I can't do that.

However, maybe we
can make a deal.

- Agent Shepard, you insult me,

and after my boy's
gracious treatment

and these luxurious

I don't make deals,
but I'll tell you what.

I'll return your brother to you

to show you that
I mean business.

He stole from me, but
Brutus was one step ahead.

- Oh Jesus fuck.

Oh Jesus Fuck.
- Hello, hello.

- Jesus fuck.

Jesus fuckin' Christ.

I gave word but they're
twistin' all the words.

You goddamn motherfuckers.

- That's your deal.

- Agent Shepard, did you
know the contents of that box

contained a small crucifix?

All I had left from my mother.

I don't make deals,
Agent Shepard,

but I will offer you this.

I will offer you the
life of your wife

and daughter for my property.

What you care about most
for what I value most.

- Do you really think you
will get anywhere near them?

- Agent Shepard,
I am a man of action.

- Hey boss, we have
a plane to catch.

Let's get the fuck out of here.

- Agent Shepard, you have
been a worthy opponent.

Tell me, how long until
our guests arrive?

- Any moment, man, its over.

- You believe this
is how it ends?

- There's no way
out, I will find you.

- Then I will see you in hell.

- Move in Bishop,

I'm not sure Shepard
has much time left.

I've been hunting
you too long, Volkov.

When I was a child, you took
my father and his best friend

Bruce from me as we left
that comic book store.

My father will never come back

and Bruce doesn't
remember a thing.

Bruce, Brutus, whatever the
hell you're calling him now.

Those special moments before
your evil entered our lives

will remain with me forever.

- All right,
everyone say cheese.

- Cheese.

- All right,
that's a good one.

- Hey, Daisy.
- Yeah, Uncle Bruce?

- I notice you eyeballing
that comic over there.

- Yeah, it's about a
cop, just like my dad.

- Yeah, your dad is a great cop.

You know what, you're
more like him every day.

Since I'm your uncle, I'm
going to do you a little favor.

A gift from me to you.

It's yours, I'll pay for it.
- Thank you so much.

- No problem, anytime sweetie.

Come on, let's go pay for it.
- Okay.

- Oh fuck.

- Is he okay?
- I think he's

going to pull through, sir.

- Command, this is
Red Team Leader.

Objective B secured.

Volkov's not here,
he's in the wind.

- Rook.
- Yes, Agent Rae?

- Initiate the alternate sequence

and upload those plans
to Bishop immediately.

- Alternative sequence initiated.

- You can only
run so far, Volkov.

This is Agent Daisy Rae
signing off the network.

("Whisper" by Burn the Ballroom)

* His favorite days were
the mornings she came *

* With confessions
of cardinal sin *

* A beast in the business
of selling forgiveness *

* Dead eyes on a
treacherous grin *

* And he laps up the vice
like a wolf in the night *

* He's the left hand
of God on the stage *

* And with one hand he
offers salvation to lovers *

* The other he taketh away

* So give me your fire,
give me your fear *

* Give me your faith when
love gives you tears *

* Give me your heart,
give me your fate *

* Give me your hand when
love gives you hate *

* Give me your prayers
up on your feet *

* And I'll give you a show
it helps fill the seats *

* So give me your sins,
give me your lies *

* But whisper your love
and I'll whisper mine *

* His favorite line was
the one formed outside *

* Where they trade in
confessions for lies *

* A beast in the business
of selling forgiveness *

* And buying
salvation with wine *

* And he cries out to God
how can you claim them all *

* When I know that
they are all mine *

* So give me your fire,
give me your fear *

* Give me your faith when
love gives you tears *

* Give me your heart,
give me your fate *

* Give me your hand when
love gives you hate *

* Give me your prayers
up on your feet *

* And I'll give you a show
it helps fill the seats *

* So give me your sins,
give me your lies *

* But whisper your love
and I'll whisper mine *

* So give me your fire,
give me your fear *

* Give me your faith when
love gives you tears *

* Give me your heart,
give me your fate *

* Give me your hand when
love gives you hate *

* Give me your prayers
up on your feet *

* And I'll give you a show
it helps fill the seats *

* So give me your sins,
give me your lies *

* But whisper your love
and I'll whisper mine *

* Come in, sit
down sweet angel *

* And I will take
some of your fear *