Volkodav (1991) - full transcript

Vova, hi.

Well what are you?

I'm from Zoe Pavlovna.

She said you can help me.

So it is. Legs in hands and fell off.


Well, they called you.

Well what is it?

Vova, I have nowhere to sleep.


Vova, what are you? Well?

Vova, what are you?

I was marked in Cosmos yesterday.

Take a look.



You see?


And I went to Zoya Pavlovna, therefore, she called you.

Well, that you, Vova, in kind, I myself came.

And where did such a greyhound come from?


I am from Voronezh.



Do you eat ditties Voronezh?


Over shoulder.

Come on.

Yeah, I'm coming.


I was kidding.

He went.

Attention, I am the First.

Volkswagen Passat number seventy two fifty four MO.

The colors of the sea wave.

I got out of the parking lot at eleven fifteen.

Heading towards Kutuzovsky Prospekt.

How do you understand?

I am the Second - I understand you, the First.

In a minute he should follow us.

I’m the third - I understand you. We are waiting in the area of ​​Sir.

I am the fourth, welcome.

- I'm the second. I see the Volkswagen Passat. “Starting the persecution.”


I don’t understand why Zoyka shines me?

He knows that I got involved with the girls.

I will not stay in debt.

- Hands! - Oh.


A joke of humor.

Old grandmothers don't interest me.

Well, what are you, Vova?

Do you work well with language?

You ask.

If he goes further to Kalininsky.

The third - pick it up.

- And I will leave you alone. “I'm the Third, I get it.”

The object is on Novoarbatskaya.

- Get ready. - Can turn onto the Garden Ring.

Passed the Garden Ring.

He went to Kalinin.

He can ride like that until the evening.

I wonder where he will turn now?

Can turn onto the Boulevard Ring.


Did you fall asleep?

I hear, I hear.


The object turns onto Gogolevsky.

I see.

I start the movement.

How long will he dangle?

I already have gasoline at zero.

Do not litter the air.

Shiver less.

Offend, Comrade Major.


“Don't push him like that; don't push.” - Do you hear?

I do not squeeze. He specifically slows down.

I felt something.

I am the second. The object abruptly turned one hundred and eighty degrees.

It moves in the opposite direction. Reception

Do not shout. I see.

I turn around. Reception



Yes, sit!

I got out of the car. Coming to me.

Commander, is there a light?

Something you scallops do not fry.

Poorly. She is without an element.




Here it is.

And so it is. Went to red.

A stream of cars cut me off.

In a bastard.

Eighteenth, the object went in your direction.

Eighteenth. I understand you. I am going after him.

Walking along Suvorovsky.

Turned on Marshal Shaposhnikov.

I turned onto Volkhonka again.

Second, see him?

But what about. Pigeon pulls up.

I am the first. Harassment stop.

Follow everyone to the area of ​​Kropotkinskaya.


Well - fall into a tavern? AND?


And sit like sewn.

I went.

So. Crosses Kropotkinskaya.

Goes to the monument.

So, here is the second one.

Do you have time, Kolya?

- Yes Yes. Got it. “We are starting the operation.” Go.


Brought it?

Let's go.


Vova, wait. And what about me? Vova?

Vova, wait. What are you doing?

Well, what will I say to Zoya Pavlovna?


Wait, Vova.


Vova. Vova!

Well, what are you marking something?

Vova. Well, my dear.

Go away!

Vova, well, me. But what about me, Vova?

Leave me alone, creature!

Go away, I told you.


I also love humor.

I'm coming. What did you ring?

- Appeared, was not asked. “Where do you hang out at night?”

Congratulations, Victoria Stepanovna.

They returned.


Who-who. Cockroaches.

The dirt that spread around.

You can’t stand the bucket.

You don’t pay for the light.

Do not wash the floors.

- ABOUT! Hello to the Soviet cops! - Again at night she was hovering.

The cattle is drunk.

Soviet drunks from the cops.

- Calm down. - Come on. What are you clinging to?

Are you all in the police, or what?

You live like in a pigsty.

Here you are, me.

I won’t let you into the apartment.

And pay for the phone. Pay now.

You won’t find you for a whole week.

And then. Will you finally take out the garbage can or not?

I spread the cockroaches for the whole apartment.

On the.

- Hold on. - Bear in mind.

- Thank. - Bear in mind.

You have been living with me for the last month.

What are you doing? Is she crazy?

Look in June where you want.

Come on, Olga. Do not take anything from her.

Do not take from her.

Calmly. Take it easy.

And the light goes out.


- Sergey Evgenievich, good afternoon. - I'm listening to.

Good afternoon.

- Stuffy in Moscow. - Yes?

Air conditioning seems to be working.

And you could not have them.

- Of course of course. No problems. - Comrade appointed.

I ask you to.

Of course of course.

Yes Yes. I try to help.

Let him turn directly to the referent.


Got it, got it.

No, from what? With pleasure.

Let it come in.

Well, at about thirteen thirty.

Something appeared early.

Has anything happened?

I can speak?

Well, of course.

Oh well.

The last batch of goods.

Sochi, Marseille, Lyon. Everything is as usual.

Customs as usual. As always.

Well, good.

But instead of Lyon.

The goods, for some reason, ended up in Munich.

To a certain Frederman.

Paradise, turn it on.

That he is the same Frederman,

like Rosa Luxemburg.

Everything, everything, everything, girls.

- A smoke break, a smoke break. - Have a smoke, the meeting is on.

The customer found out.

This is Stepanishchev.

Elder brother of ours.

- Treasurer? - Treasurer.

Fedor Ivanovich?


Some services are offered to me.


- So. - His guys are serious.


I like.

Very well.

Now, if they had not liked Fedor Ivanovich yet.

It would be very good.

And he is to them.

They don't like him anymore.

Well, thank God.

Raisa Alekseevna, do not let anyone come to me.


And further. Find Zhuravlev and immediately come to me.

Have you got acquainted?

Give me a sec.

What are the problems, Korneev?

A problem with the cashier, Comrade General.

He is now in Moscow.

And at the moment in the ministry at Gurov.

Anyone else having problems?

With whom? With the foreman.

- Yes? - With whom? With the foreman.


And you have access to the foreman, it seems through the cashier?

Yes, but the cashier is now

on a Black Sea cruise calling to Istanbul.

Together with family.

- Decided to leave zakordon? - Without a doubt.

This complicates the operation.

So it’s not for nothing that I sent you a curator from the Ministry of Internal Affairs?


- Do you have Major Stupor? - Yes, he is here.

Put him in the know.

Then let Stup come in to me.

Got it, comrade general.


Will you knock?

Do not understand.

Do you write denunciations?


Well then, let's work out together.

Are you a boarding school?

Yes, why?

Well, where is it, your boarding school?

In Ilichevsk.

Near Sochi.

Near Sochi.

Near Sochi.

Do you have anyone left in Sochi?


No, it seems not.

Where is Mary?

And hell knows.

Now, probably, in Gelendzhik.

In Kutaisi she is.

Got married.

The handsome man is a brunette.

Want to show?


Because of one such brunette, I put me into a boarding school.


No, she’s good.

There can only be a slut.

Maybe I am the same?


May be.

We are going to the video room with you now.

Take a look at some materials.

And then we'll talk.


Attention everyone!

What you see now

is an operational survey in Burov’s office.

This is a cashier.

Arrived from Sochi.

Trustee of the Treasurer.

Transmits information to Burov.

About the gang leader.

This gang is trying to eliminate

treasurer and his people.

Burov gave the green light to the liquidation of the treasurer.

And the cashier who

works for those and others is now returning to Sochi.

Observation of it is established.

Operational shooting of the Krasnodar Department of State Security.


Stepanishchev Fedor Ivanovich.

He is Frolov, he is Kozlov.

Former customs officer.

Sat for the currency.

This is his guard. Militants.

Mikheev, Khlyust.

This is Plakhov.

Katala from Uryupinsk.

A week ago they found him hanged in the mountains.

- I did not pass my percentage of revenue. “There are no jokes with the treasurer.”

The task.

Zhuravleva comes into contact with the treasurer.

Provides information to the gangs of the treasurer and foreman

and returns to Moscow.

Then with the help of the Krasnodar OMON.

We are eliminating both gangs.

But keep in mind.

The team leader has a very serious group.

They will undoubtedly crush under themselves both the treasurer and his team.

They have already reached Burov in Moscow.

Devoured Zgasoev in Dushanbe.

They entered a share with Sharipov himself in Tashkent ..

In Riga they executed Ozels.

Who refused to open a channel at customs.

This is a currency restaurant in Dagomys.

Here the treasurer stands.

Please note - Alexander Volkov, nicknamed Musician.

Treasurer's right hand. Judged twice.

Originally from Sochi.

Vika, do you happen to know Volkov?

- No. - And he is you?

I said no.

The musician Volkov received the nickname in the zone.

Vikusya, admit it, but was it?

Organized an ensemble.

Three times go in the ass, Gene.

Well, stop the image.

George Pak.


There are no incriminating materials on him.

Once he went through the case of the robbery of actress Ivanova.

Like a witness.

That's all with the video.

Details of the criminal situation in Sochi.

Separately in my office.

She will be reported by an employee of the Krasnodar Department of State Security.

Tickets, per diems, service weapons.

Tomorrow, at ten in the morning.

And dress appropriately.

Congratulations, Helen, a great hit.

- Thank. - Got?

- Mitrinwelli. - Alec?

- Yes. Sasha's father’s friend. - A.


- Vodichki, Fedor Ivanovich? - Yeah.

What does your dad do?



When are you on the court?

Every morning at seven.

Will we meet again?



- He came. - One?

Good afternoon. Reservation


- Good afternoon, beautiful. - Hello.

I beg.

So. Reservation on the eighteenth.

Three tickets. Shota Rustaveli.


And they were bought.

No. Look again.

Redeemed, redeemed.

Here. Polozkov Sergey Ivanovich.

So you bought it.

Here is your signature and last name.

Man, man, you forgot the bird.




- Hello, Nadia? - Well, the gandon, lit up?

Did you bring all the Moscow cops with you?


Hello from the foreman.

Do you have mine?

Listen, bull, plant me - are you mine?

Another voice, the creature takes.

So it is. Do you want to live?

The doors to the castle and squinted under the moron.

So. What's the matter?

Moscow agrees.

You understand? Moscow agrees.

You are a jerk. I will eat you.

- You understood me? - Well, come here. Speak.


Dad, dad, darling.

It hurts me, do what my uncle says.

Call me.

Katya, call me that.

You will hand over the treasury to me. Personally.

Well, Helen?


“Are you having breakfast here?” - Yes.

Well, then two hours later I will leave the keys at the receptionist.


Comrade Colonel, there is no sound.

Wait wait.

Now, now they will give her the transmitter.



Well, go, well.



Well, order.

We have such torches in Tyumen.

Well, do not like it?

Anyway, I give it to you. Generally.

My guys and I just arrived from Surgut.

Three months without female affection.

Oh, what eyes. I get it.

I get it.

But anyway, if that - come in.

Your juice.



Pedal over there.

Which one?

- Shurik, can I come to you? - Sit down, of course.

Sorry, can I have a light?

Get out of here, wallet.

Duck is mine.

It’s not good to take other people's things.

Get out from here.

The mare is pedal.


Why take someone else's?

Well, give it back.

“I'll give you another one later.” - Come to me.

- Bro. “I won’t give you anything.”

Where did the cliff get it? Captured?

Where did he get, where did he get it.

I bought it.


Here, bro.

Where did you get it.


Take care.

I am now.

Have a smoke.

In my opinion, clean.

There, drillers from Surgut stick to her.

And the pimps went round.

This shut up nibbled.


But I do not like this daddy.

- Cheating on a number. - I'll do it.


They asked me to tell you that the porter had the car key.


Let's go.

It’s worth it, do you understand? How long to?

Did they leave me the car keys?

- You are welcome. - Thank you.

Well, honey?

How will we build our relationship?


- Rotten. - Stall.


Didn’t you recognize? This is me - Shurik.

Boarding school, have you forgotten?

Shura, she is prepared.

She is not confused, Shura.

I swear to mom.

Fucking hand.

At least one hair will fall from her head - I’ll strangle it.



At home, at home.

At home.

“Welcome, Shura.” “Everything is in bloom, commander.”



Oh, Valerik.

- Hi. - Yeah.

I don’t know, you’ll be rich.

I will, I will. Give me a little book, please.

You are welcome.

Look look.

- Settle, anyway, nowhere. - If only on the roof.

Fedor Ivanovich is also on the roof?

- Fedor Ivanovich? - Yeah.

Eight hundred fifty.


Eight hundred fifty?

Eight hundred fifty.

You are welcome.

Will I take it?

Of course.

Do you know how I love you?

I know a cat.



Fedor Ivanovich!

Fedor Ivanovich!

Fedor Ivanovich!


Order, Ivanovich.

And with me. I paid for the room myself.

According to the documents daughter. Normalek.

\- I thought so.

Well, thank God.

Sluice, come with me.

Did you have Burov?

It was.

And what, Shura?

Dry cargo ship "Ivan Poddubny".

Passes through customs the day after tomorrow.

Are you on a cruise tomorrow?

- The wife took the tickets. - What will I refuse?


Without soap, you climb into the foreman.

Gather information on the treasurer.

Himself to Moscow.

You substitute the treasurer.

And the tickets have already prepared for the cordon.

What is it?

And what happens?

Decided to grab the treasury?

What treasury?

And where are you?

I don’t decide anything at all. This is the treasurer.

I decided to grab the treasury.

With you, only your own hemorrhoids can be taken.

What are you doing from me some kind of farm of


I’m like you Papa Carlo for how many years.

Wet as a mouse.

“Why are you here to threaten me?” “Why are you threatening me?”

Why can't I allow myself to go on a cruise with my family?


I won’t go alone.

Drive with your family.

Family? Where is my family?

Where is my family? Where is she?

Where is my family?

These or what?

Why are there ropes on them?


I could not give birth to fifteen years.

This is the only thing I have left.


I will return them to you.

Motor ship.

At eight in the morning. At eight in the morning.

I will return.


Where is the treasury?

Do you know the fire?

He speaks in a whisper.

Thank you for the game, Helen.

- It's my pleasure. - Thank.


No. Tomorrow.

What, dad escorted?

Where are you from?

Spying on me?

Do not be afraid of me. I'm good.

Economical you.

I get it.

Hey, how much for everything?

Stolnik, dear.

Come on, come on.

For her. Quickly.


Helen, where are you?

Take this to you.

Take it from the next table sent.


And tomorrow a picnic on a yacht. Champagne, lobsters - good?

Start to get better.

Where are the promised lobsters?

I don’t understand, Fedor Ivanovich.

- Helen. - Where are the lobsters?

Spiny lobsters in Turkey.

In Turkey? You tricked me.

In this case, we’ll leave for Turkey.

And the border guards, Helen?

- Stop, stop, stop, stop straight. - You are scared? I want to go to Turkey.

To Turkey!

- Well, Fedor Ivanovich, are we drinking? - Atasulya.

I knocked this chick somewhere.

I do not understand the foreman.

What is he picking with that goat?

- It's time to wet him. - Enough.

Do you have enough Plakhov?

Where have I seen?

I'm not muddy.

For the first time I see.

- No. Somewhere I saw her. - In Moscow? No no.

In Port.

No. I saw it somewhere.


Well no.

And where

did you go to Polozkov’s wife - with a kinder? - Yes, at the vegetable base, at the fork.

- And what? - Nothing.

- Where? - Oh, Pasha, crying for you.

As for me? And for you?

Why are you soiled, sidekick?

- Why is it sour? “But I don't like her.”

- I don't like it either. - Let's have a showdown to the foreman.

This is the thing.

Tochnik, I saw her somewhere.

So, we’ll ship, you are the treasurer, I’m a heifer.

He remembered, Shurik, remembered.

She took the redhead off at the restaurant two months ago,

and then they took him.

Oh, Pasha.

Don’t forget it, then you’ll publish it in your memoirs.


Meet Helen,

Zhorik Pak.

Lackey and cattle.

- But a very necessary person. - Fedor Ivanovich.

As always, Zhorik.

I obey.

I ask you to.

And what are you doing?

Allow me?

For your labors.

Let’s better drink the string that bound us,

and which I will never let go.

And the one who beats the beak all his life is working.

And digs its paws.

Sorry, Fedor Ivanovich.

Some people in the reception area.

Asked to pass.

I'm sorry.


Tell them.

Tell them what I’ll make stuffed of them.

I’ll stuff with thatch.

- I’ll tell you everything. - Go on.

Excuse me.

Helen, do you want to know my motto?


Do not trust anyone and fear nothing.

“I told them everything.” - They do not want, categorically.

What is it?

The game is like that.

They do not place the toe.

And I have to guess the number.

Can i?

Just be careful.

Sorry, Helen.

In the reception, you say?

Let's go to.

Let's see who they are.

Ivanovich, problems?

Give me a smoke.

What are we doing?


Okay, what's up?

Where are they?

AND? Who is there?


I found out.


A hundred years.

Do you want to live?

Will we dance?


- Where are you, Shura? - Faster.

- So what happened? - Then you will understand everything.

- Jump, jump, I tell you. - What for?


Listen, don’t you think that she’s been gone for too long?

It seems.


Well, there is none anywhere.

- What? “I left the transmitter.”



Missed it!

They easily slap her.

Pasha, Pasha.

Go to church.

Put a candle for Shurik’s health.

This is a taxi.

And home, home fast. He is waiting for you.

I'm coming. I'm running.


God, Galya.


I gave everything to Shurik.

I gave everything to Shurik.

I gave everything to Shurik.

I gave everything to Shurik.

I gave everything to Shurik.

I gave everything to Shurik.

Where are we?

Head how?

You go around - go call.

To whom?

You know to whom.

Do not go to the local cops.

The foreman here is all captured.

Shurik, Shurik.

Can you explain?


You do not get me.

You are a cop, I myself know.

- They ran away. - How do you know that I'm a cop?

- Well? Come on, who will review whom? - Do you remember?

I took it.

Cheap you are a guy, Shurik.

He was, and remained.

No, Vika, I'm not cheap now.

I am now dear.

They, Shurik, will find you for the treasury in the next world.

So I think.

Can go to the cops?

I’ll hand over the treasury. I’ll surrender the captain of the special forces.

- Maybe they will hire? - Fifty plus progressive?


How do you know about the captain?

That treasurer slammed you.

And I, Vika, know everything about you.

How? Do not you take?


You have been dead for three days now.

At the foreman in your office of snitches on the choke.

So do the legs.

Immediately to Moscow.

And to me these grandmas - to the eyebrows.



Evgeny Nikolaevich. This morning I flew from Moscow.

Moscow believes that the operation


Failed miserably.

I explain why.

First, the treasurer disappeared.

The second is the cashier, through whom access to the foreman was possible.

Third - Victoria Zhuravleva, by the way, the colonel, your

protege, left with the recidivist.

Well, this alone is enough to put you on trial.

Moscow just removes you.

The operation is entrusted to me.

Continue, bye, RAM.

I ask you - I need complete information on this matter.



The airport is blocked. Trains under control.

Photos sent to all services.

We combed all the Sochi beaches.

Sanatoriums, hotels.

Zhuravleva could not be found anywhere.

The Korean waiter showed

that Zhuravleva left the restaurant with Volkov

without coercion.

Perhaps there is a conspiracy.

What do you have?

Volkov Alexander Ivanovich.

He studied with Vika Zhuravleva in one boarding school.

Classmates claim

that they had love in the tenth grade.

Well, the fact that we did not know this is our flaw.

He played the ensemble on the guitar.

During the fight against rock, he

was illegally convicted, allegedly for wrestling with equipment.

Clearly, he sat down for nothing.

He grabbed a second term.

For trying to arrange an escape.

Description from the Arkhangelsk colony of high security.



For three years, eighteen punishment cells.

I understand.

Treason in the ranks of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Unfortunately, it has become almost the norm.


What happened to your protege,

captain Zhuravleva,

is just, you know, no way.

Well, in general.

Order for your removal.

By the way, I have a written order to use weapons without warning

when eliminating criminals


But, what if Vika is there?

- We will burn treason with a hot iron. - That's all I wanted to say.

Do you hear.

They play shells.

As then. Moon. Buzz.

I haven’t seen the stars for ten years.

On the zone, lights out and cranks. And the stars are good.

Vikusha, do you hear?

Are you sleeping?

I am sleeping.


Warm up?

I’ll interrupt somehow.

Why are you like that?



I tried for you.

Full bag of grandmas, but there is nothing to eat.

Do you want to eat?


What about me?

I don’t want you.


Sang and danced.

How did you like the holiday?

Don't you feel sorry for the treasurer?


At all?

Who would pity me.

There was no such pity.

Relatives and friends, come to say goodbye to the deceased.

- Is everything okay? - Hurry up.


Come on, come on, let's shift. Well.

Well well well.

To stand. To Wall.

You hobble yet, bitch.

Oh, Fedor Ivanovich, Fedor Ivanovich.

All my life without a queue.

And to that light in a strange tomb. Ugly.

Why are you here, Sash?

What for?

I don’t know.

Do you remember?


Did you have a local manager? An old one.

I took him away.

And then we rode all night.

Do you remember?

- Do legs from me. - Oh, I'm sorry.

And as quickly as possible.

How can I?

Let it go.






Light the snitch.

Who is he?

Why do you need it?


It will be expensive.

Give to give.


Well, show me, turn.

Turn it over.

Well, Ori.


They will be back.



I remember you.

And I am you.

Oh, Shurik, Shurik.

What is Shurik?

Why didn’t you write?

Why? I wrote.

No. It later.

I'm about the first term.

It was shitty, Vika.

The first term is this.

Yes, and for no reason.

Letters were needed.

Yours. Letters. Highly.


Was it bad?


What to say?

Suspended from the ceiling.

And three feet.

Until they get tired.

Learned that a musician.

Fingers broke.

What for?

Cormorant a lot.

Eighteen years.

Unrecognized genius.

He wrote songs in the zone.

I waited for you.

I know.

And the second term?



They do not return normal from there.


Did you run?

As then?

Is it possible?

As then?


Yeah. Three times.

I'm free too.



Well, never mind.

Senior sergeant Sviridov, your documents.

Commander, you know.

He took off his suit and forgot the rights of the house.

- Such a story. - What suit?


So? Have you agreed?

“I'll give you a grandma now.” - What are you?


This is the car of the manager.

From the boarding school.

Come along, citizen.

Come along.

I have a full bag of grandmas there.

I'll dump you as much as you want.


Be a human being at least once in your life.


I haven’t seen her for a hundred years.

My first love, you understand, well.


Do not call.

I beg you, very much.

All his life at the supply manager, the starter junk.


No. No.

- All. Everything, everything I said. “No, no, why?”

- What for? What for? - Well, what is it?

What for?


Anything else?

Yes. Give this songwriter - let it stall for today.


What to order?

Something from the Beatles.

Sergeant Pepper is my girlfriend's favorite drive.

It was.

Why are you silent?

What? Who will review whom?

I gave him ten pieces.

I would give him everything.

- I didn’t. - Bitch.

Eat, Shurik.

Eat, you have a good appetite.

You ask, why did you seize the second term?

You do not understand this.



Kysh, Pyatigorsk eagles.

For such things I’ll put it in a corner.

This song will sound.

For a graduate of the sixth group of a

special school - a boarding school named after Krupskaya.

Vicki Zhuravleva.

Speaks English.

Boarding, or what?

From the cartoon.

Is there a free room to get laid?

Why are you buddy?

Please, my room is free.

- Fast, fast, fast. - Change house and sofa suit?

- Zhuravleva? - Yes. It's me.

Where are you at?

In the Shell.

Near Illichivsk boarding school.

- Volkov has a treasury. - Very good, Zhuravleva.

I'm sending out an outfit, hold on.

“Who am I talking to?” - With Major Stupor.

What did you decide to hand me over?


Did you fuck with me to lay later?


How to stop?

How? I, I don’t know how?

I do not know how.

How to stop?

Well, run.






Take your letters.

Photo for the memory of places of first love.


Take it away.


Not you. There was nothing.


To Honolulu.


Let's go.

Brigadier, she was sitting in the back room.

And this one said that he had left for Adler by bus.

- When? - About forty minutes ago.

And I even remembered their number.

You have a good memory, big-eyed.

Forget about us.

And we’ll take this with us.

- It may come in handy for someone. - Shurik, cops.

Ship her.


Just don’t freeze like a treasurer.

Let's go to Adler, catch up.

Hello fat, it's cold there.

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

I'll get it anyway.


Do not understand.

This is a cop.

Do not shoot yet.

I need her alive.

And you, come on, drive to the fork.

Break away from her.

Turn around. Go to the primer.

Go away.

Come on the serpentine.

Dear comrades, we are interrupting our

broadcast for emergency communications.

We are reporting live from the

airfield of Adler Airport.

Two hours ago, an armed criminal.

He grabbed a bus with passengers.

And demanded to provide him with a plane.

The crew and unimpeded departure to the country.

To name which he, so far, refuses.

Employees of the Sochi Department of State Security.

And a special forces unit.

It was decided to

provide the plane to the criminal.

With the condition of the release of passengers and the bus driver.

I give the floor to the chief of operations

, Major Stupor. “Please, Comrade Major.”

To all posts.

Urgently take action.

For the detention of a former police captain.

Victoria Zhuravleva.

- When resisting. - Shoot without warning.


Once again, I suggest you give up.

You are blocked. Resistance is futile.

Comrade Major,

from the first post reported, breaking through the cordon

on the airfield, only one hundred drove Victoria Zhuravleva.



- Yes, I am you. - To stand.

Well, major?

And he said he won’t knock.

Martynov, Mihin is behind me.


Do not shoot.


- Included there? - Yes, yes it works.

Vika. He is armed, Vic.

He shoots, he has already wounded a man.

Everybody left.

Wait a minute.

Wait, I said.

Turn around

What is behind you?

Can i go now

Why did you come?


Turn away.

Why did you come?

What for?

I want to save you.

And so is the tower.


Let the people go.

I told you.

Go back.

Vali. Vali, Vali, Vali.

If something happens to her you go to court - okay?

Speaks English.

I feel sorry for us.


And this whole life.

Fire in a mess during a flood.


Get here.

There is a work.

What for?

Yes. Yes Yes Yes Yes.


Come on.


And then I'm all in pieces, you know?

“You know me.” Come on. - Why why?

Why me?

In pieces? AND?

I was alive. I wanted a holiday.

He was alive.

I wanted a holiday.

Well! Come on! Come on!

Come on.

Come on.


Come on.