Voldemort: Origins of the Heir (2018) - full transcript

A fan made prequel to the Harry Potter series based on Tom Riddle and his progression to becoming The Dark Lord.

Where is it?
Where do you keep it?
We have an intruder! I repeat, we have an intruder!
We have an intruder! I repeat, we have an intruder!
We have an intruder! I repeat, we have an intruder!
We have an intruder! I repeat, we have an intruder!
...doges both the bludgers,
throws the quaffle with his curve ball
and scores the match point!
The match was terrific.
Is that your diary?
It's just plain stupid.
- What is? - Quidditch.
People running around on brooms,
chasing flying balls?
It's ridiculous.
Worse than a fantasy.
But it's real!
I must admit though,
it’s an interesting point of view,
I've never seen it like that.
Maybe it’s the muggle part in you...
that finds Quidditch stupid...
I am not a muggle.
I have none of their dirty blood.
I am the best student Hogwarts ever seen.
And one day,
I'll be the most powerful wizard in the history of time.
I can assure you.
I'm just a second year student.
I hardly know anything about myself,
but there is one thing I do know:
you're exceptional.
I have no doubt.
You'll surely become...
the greatest wizard ever.
Watch out, she's dangerous!
"No past, no future."
Inject her with Veritaserum.
"And me?"
You're going to sing like a siren.
"Farewell, Grisha."
What have you done to me?
What have you done!
let's see.
Grisha McLaggen.
Graduated at Hogwarts
in 1950.
Second class Auror,
order of Morgana,
untraceable for two years...
A personal investigation, I guess?
I might be offended...
considering how amazingly
you broke all my men's bones.
I was expecting...
a much more interesting witch,
and clearly not an alchemy expert.
Such a peculiar displacement technique.
Which kind of magic is it?
It surely doesn't look like a common disapparition.
Listen to me, General Makarov.
You're making a mistake.
You know my name.
we'll agree, Miss,
that sneaking into an Auror's warehouse
of the Soviet department,
without any kind of authorization,
is a way more serious mistake
than any I might have made.
We're talking about a high protected and concealed warehouse.
I can only...
how serious...
your purpose is.
So I ask you,
What do you want,
Miss McLaggen?
You have something...
that does not belong to you.
Something essential...
to complete my investigation.
And yet...
we did not receive any request of cooperation
from the British department.
I deduce this is a private matter.
Isn't it?
You have to help me!
You have no idea what is at stake!
Why don't we test the wonderful effect...
of the potion that's entering your system...
right as we speak?
were you trying to steal,
Miss McLaggen?
A diary.
A diary
which used to belong...
to Tom Marvolo
As I thought.
Tom Marvolo Riddle.
After Gellert Grindelwald's fall,
the Soviet lands were still...
brimming with dark magic.
that that bastard and his followers...
had been forced to hide after their defeat.
One of our reconnaissance team
has come across something...
An object...
damn well protected.
The most capable among us...
gave up his life to overcome...
such magic.
A diary.
belonging to a Tom Marvolo Riddle:
the mysterious disappearance of a boy ten years ago,
clean record,
no kind of connection to Gellert Grindelwald.
Not one...
of our disillusionist...
has been able to obtain anything from those pages,
not a single damn word!
Then, you turn up.
A British Auror...
on the trail of the murder of Hepzibah Smith and...
Tom Marvolo Riddle.
Our Mister Nobody.
That diary,
that's the only clue I have,
my only chance to stop Tom!
You mean
Mr Riddle?
I didn't know you were friends,
intimate, even.
We were friends...
the four of us.
We wanted to change the world…
The four of you?
Slow down, let's talk about Riddle.
According to the investigation files found in your bag,
he seems to have been implicated in various crimes,
among which the most scandalous...
in recent years:
the homicide of Hepzibah Smith.
Because that's what you believe, isn't it?
It's a long story,
that started way before the murder...
of Hepzibah Smith.
Persuade me.
Tell me every single detail.
I imagine...
you've already heard...
of the four founders of Hogwarts.
What many people don't know is...
they have descendance.
Unusual choice to use Flipendo.
Congratulations to both, boys.
Bloody hell, I had a feeling this time.
I thought I'd win!
You should move your legs more.
If you're not ready with an Expelliarmus, dodge.
I'm sure you'll remember it next time.
I trained every single day for this!
One day, I'll beat you, my friend.
I konw it.
You have a long way to go before you can beat a senior.
Go on,
have a laugh while you can.
Now I make an oath.
One day,
I'll be the strongest wizard ever.
Stronger than Dumbledore,
Stronger than you,
And then,
I will marry you, Grisha.
God, here we go again.
I will mary you, and we'll have some beautiful babies.
I'll find the lost cup of my house,
I'll get back the ancient castle of Helga Hufflepuff,
and we'll live happily ever after!
What do you think?
Enough with this nonsense.
Come on,
this will probably be my last reunion here in Hogwarts.
We have many things to discuss.
Come one, Grisha,
say something.
let's make a deal.
If you really become a great wizard,
as you say,
you'll be strong enough to defeat Tom.
Yes, exactly.
If you defeat Tom,
maybe I'll consider your proposal.
Don't make me laugh, Grisha.
Alright, alright.
Everyone at school knows...
that you have a crush on Tom.
So what?
He may be a bookworm,
but he's not even remotely as strong as Wiglaf.
So you think you could beat him, now?
Me? No.
Not now.
He's a seventh year student,
so I think...
Stop, that's enough!
You look like kids fighting over chocolate frogs!
Wiglaf, we...
- We're just joking. - Joking?
Do you remember why we’re here?
Do you remember who we are?
Why, regardless...
of the different houses the Sorting Hat sorted us in,
we are bounded forever by a destiny we cannot change?
We are the heirs.
What does this mean?
Are you really...
Grisha McLaggen.
Descendant of Godric,
and heir of the bloodline of Gryffindor.
the files don't say anything about this!
The descendance from the founders...
does not appear in official documents.
It is a secret...
guarded from one generation...
to the next.
the other heirs?
Wiglaf Sigurdsson,
heir of Ravenclaw,
and Lazarus Smith,
heir of Hufflepuff.
We trained,
we studied,
we did researches...
to find where our ancesters...
hid the heirlooms of the four noble houses.
But in the end,
we were just a bunch of children,
dreaming of changing the world.
Tom Riddle?
The fourth heir.
The heir...
of Slytherin.
he was a friend of yours too?
but Tom,
was different.
He has always been.
That day…
something broke.
And remember,
we took an oath.
We, the heirs,
will fight so that evil...
will be eradicated.
We will bring peace and justice.
We will make the world…
a better place!
Such a nice speech, Captain.
Don’t worry Mr. Riddle.
We are honored.
We are nothing...
but low rank wizards, right?
How could we expect...
a noble Slytherin like you...
to lower himself...
to the vile rule of punctuality?
You’re right,
You may be the only wizards, expect from Slytherins,
I even dare talk to.
Not like they’re worthy, mind you.
he dematerialized!
We’re in the Room of Requirement, idiot.
We were talking about the sacred heirlooms...
of the houses,
perhaps you care.
Oh! Big news.
Actually, Grisha and I were discussing about who is the best wizard...
between you and Wiglaf.
- Well, I was just... - Stop this!
What’s wrong?
Afraid to lose your spot, Cap?
There’s never been any Cap.
Come on Wiglaf,
it looks like you’re afraid of Tom!
You could beat him in a heartbeat if only you wanted to.
You’ll see, Grisha.
Well, this is new.
Is that so, Cap?
Guys, stop it.
I won’t fight you, Riddle.
But I think you want to.
This is the last time...
we'll actually all meet, yes?
Now or never.
Right, right!
There’s no reason for us to fight.
You are not my enemy.
For now.
We’re not talking about a deadly duel,
Just an amateur fight.
Tom, maybe…
We all know how much...
you care to prove the Raven is superior to the Snake.
Relax, Captain.
It was just a joke.
Come on Captain,
where is your sense of humor?
Well, you actually never had a sense of humor.
Alright, Grisha!
Wiglaf doesn’t want to fight Tom? I’ll try myself
and then you will have to marry me!
You don’t want to, Lazarus.
You know well that you are not ready for this duel.
We’ll see!
Lazarus, stop!
You heard Tom!
Listen to the elders once and for all!
Of course!
Tom, Tom,
You’d like everyone to always listen to Tom!
Stop this!
You don't have any other ace in the hole, Laz.
Bye bye, Grisha.
just wanted to get my attention...
but Tom…
Something took over him…
Like a shadow...
hungry for power...
You broke his arm!
Willing to do anything...
to punish the weaker...
and claim its own...
was the end of everything…
more or less.
What happened then?
A few days later…
the schoolyear ended,
and that meant…
the end of Hogwarts
for Wiglaf and Tom.
And yet…
I still don’t understand how all of this can be linked…
with the death of Hepzibah Smith.
After his schoolyears,
Tom asked Master Dippet…
to be able to stay on as a teacher,
of Defense against the dark arts,
but Dippet declined,
and recommended he wait a few years more.
So Tom, model student,
and seen by many as the new promise of the wizarding world,
disappointed everyone by taking a job at Borgin and Burkes,
a dealer of dark artifacts and memorabilia…
in the slums of Knockturn Alley.
He works there for...
a few years, then he mysteriously disappears.
Just a few days
before the discovering
of old Smith’s body.
the year of the scandal.
House-elf murders her mistress,
death by poison,
cold case.
The house-elf confessed.
So, miss McLaggen,
I ask you one more time.
What does Tom Riddle have to do with Hepzibah Smith?
Hepzibah Smith,
descendant of the Hufflepuff family…
aunt of Lazarus Smith,
the one true Heir of Helga.
What did Lazarus do after school?
was the only one among us Heirs…
to find his ancestor’s heirloom…
the Hufflepuff cup.
someone was chasing him:
a powerful,
dark wizard…
determined to seize the cup.
In his message to us,
he wrote he would hide the cup at his aunt Hepzibah’s,
an old, fanatic crone,
so that it would be safe…
When the owl…
delivered the letter to us,
it was too late...
Lazarus smith died…
just a few days before his aunt Hepzibah.
And this dark wizard would allegedly be Riddle?
If you think Riddle is involved…
what proofs do you have? How can you be sure?
Because I saw it.
There are wizards…
capable of showing things that go beyond space and time,
Mister Makarov.
Albus Dumbledore.
He had always had a great respect for Tom,
he may be the only one…
that always knew how dangerous he could be.
Miss McLaggen?
Just a few days after her mistress’s death,
Hokey, the house-elf, died,
probably shocked in discovering she was the murderer…
of Miss Hepzibah.
But, once more,
fate was on professor Dumbledor’s side.
He managed to access the elf’s subconscious,
drawing out her most hidden memories.
Which memories?
What have you seen?
They overwork you at that shop,
I have said it a hundred times.
what is your excuse for visiting this old, boring lady this time?
Mr. Burke would like to make an improved offer…
for the goblinmade armor.
Five hundred Galleons.
He feels it is a more than fair.
Now, now, not so fast,
or I will think you’re only here for my trinkets!
I am ordered here because of them, Madam.
I am only a poor assistant, who must do as he is told.
Mr. Burke wishes me to inquire...
Oh, Mr. Burke!
I’ve something to show you that I’ve never shown Mr. Burke!
Can you keep a secret, Tom?
Will you promise you won’t tell Mr. Burke I’ve got it?
But you, Tom,
you’ll appreciate it for its history,
not how many Galleons you can get for it.
I would be more than glad to see anything Miss Hepzibah shows me.
So, wait for me here!
Wait a minute.
What I still have to figure out is…
How did Tom Riddle know that Ms. Smith had the cup,
if she had only received it from Lazarus days before?
His employment at Borgin and Burkes.
was clearly part of a plan.
What better way to find out…
about illegal traffic of heirlooms,
and magic artifacts?
Ms. Smith,
was a regular costumer.
Tom knew she was an Hufflepuff…
and he knew…
her affection might prove useful.
And it did.
He figured Lazarus would give her the cup…
and he seized the opportunity.
I’m sure you’ll like this, Tom...
If my family knew I was showing you!
They can’t wait to get their hands on this!
I wonder whether you know what it is, Dear?
Pick it up,
have a good look!
A badger...
So... this was...?
Helga Hufflepuff’s cup,
as you very well know, you clever one!
Didn’t I tell you I was distantly descended?
has been handed down in the family for years and years.
Lovely, isn’t it?
And all sorts of powers it’s supposed to possess too,
but I haven’t tested them thoroughly,
I just keep it nice and safe in here.
I think you’ll like this even more, lean in a little.
Mr. Burk sold it to me, years ago.
And I daresay he’d love to get it back when I’m gone.
Slytherin’s mark...
That’s right!
I had to pay an arm and a leg for it,
but I couldn’t let it pass, not a real treasure like that,
had to have it for my collection.
Burke bought it, apparently from a...
ragged-looking woman...
who seemed to have stolen it,
but had no idea of its true value!
Hepzibah didn’t have any clue…
what a heavy impact those words would have had on her fate.
The woman who sold the locket to Burke?
Merope Gaunt,
heir of Salazar Slytherin.
Mother of Tom Riddle.
Are you all right, dear?
Yes, I’m very well.
Your eyes...
I thought... but a trick of the light, I suppose...
It’s funny…
how sometimes chance intertwines…
so devilishly well with fate.
Don’t you agree, Ms. Smith?
Dear boy, I...
The seeker…
chases the Snitch…
so assiduously,
When he finally grabs it,
firmly holding in his hand...
He simply realizes the game was already won.
What do you mean?
Poor, sweet Lazarus,
such an erratic and umpredictable boy,
disowned by the Hufflepuffs...
But he was so proud of his roots...
to risk his life…
looking for Helga Hufflepuff’s cup,
the lost heirloom of your family.
How do you know about Lazarus?!
How do you know the cup was lost?!
And he trusted again…
the very same family…
that denied him his Hufflepuff descendance,
handing the cup to you,
hoping to keep it hidden from dangerous people.
People like me.
You what…
But my luck seems to be endless because...
I bet your dear nephew ignored…
that you also owned the noble Slytherin heirloom.
Very well.
The one that I was so desperately looking for…
Finally mine!
Do you want my treasures?
Take them, you can keep them!
I find it almost disgusting.
Your nephew has done so much to find this relic…
and restore your family’s name…
And then I look at you.
So sickening,
so revolting, so old.
You’re living proof of how low the four houses have fallen.
If Hufflepuff ever had a worthy heir,
that was Lazarus Smith.
And now he’s dead,
by my hand.
You did what…?
He wanted to raise this world to higher ends.
He wanted a peaceful and just world,
like all four of us heirs.
But you don’t have to worry,
his dream will live on with me.
You are Slytherin’s heir!
I have a secure vault at Gringotts!
I'm rich,
I’ll do anything you want, I’ll give you everything you want!
Tom dear, I beg you!
Tom, I beg you!
Enemies of the Heir,
Avada Kedavra!
Tom impeccably staged a first-class scandal:
a False Memory charm,
an undetectable poison,
and just the right touch of theatricality;
the house-elf pled guilty.
Merlin’s beard…
That night I paid Tom a visit...
unaware of the crime he had just committed.
I was desperate…
after Hogwarts,
Tom cut off all ties with us Heirs.
After Lazarus died…
I was terrified.
What if Tom had managed to find one of the heirlooms he was looking for?
Lazarus’s murderer,
would he have come for him too?
I got there late.
Tom had vanished.
I was…
the only one…
who still cared about Tom…
The only one who still believed in him.
The only…
disgusting little girl…
still blinded by her feelings.
to what end?
Why retrieve the four founders’ heirlooms?
What ?
Do you know…
what this word means, General?
A power so dark…
that only a few dare speak of it.
The only known form…
of immortality.
Tearing a fragment of your soul…
to confine it into an object.
What kind of object?
Who knows?
Might be anything.
Or maybe…
something you really care about.
An object which represents something.
is bound to a memory…
Which is a part of your past.
Like… a diary!
So you think that...
the diary we obtained…
is a horcrux?
I can’t say for sure.
I’m sure that...
both the cup and the locket,
are now more than simple heirlooms.
And I think that he won’t stop there.
For what we know,
he might already have gotten to Rowena Ravenclaw’s diadem…
What happened to Ravenclaw’s heir?
It’s a nasty wound.
Now stay here, be quiet and wait while I finish this healing potion…
hoping that this will work.
After all these years…
Why did you look for me?
Because we have a common goal, I guess.
And I even guess that in this world…
there still is someone I can call my friend.
That someone is you.
Things are getting worse.
Now they call themselves Deatheater...
There’s nothing we can do,
not as long as the enigma remains unsolved.
We searched every single inch of those ruins,
but there is no sign of the sword.
You mean…
Godric Gryffindor's sword?
the only heirloom Tom still couldn’t find.
What are Wiglaf’s intentions?
We have to stop him, Wiglaf…
If he manages to take hold of the sword, well then…
We have to Save him!
He opened the Chamber of Secrets.
He killed Lazarus!
He's been...
betraying us, always!
He is true evil.
And I will eradicate him!
I will bring justice!
There’s still some good in Tom!
I know it!
Who is Tom?
No, Grisha.
There was never a Tom.
He has always been…
He has always been?
- Go on. - Nothing.
That name just…
It doesn’t matter...
I guess the Veritaserum is starting to wear off.
Wiglaf tried to stop him, Mister Makarov.
He tried,
but now…
He’s dead.
He had no chance with him.
First the Badger, then the Raven…
I’m the only one left.
The only one who can still stop the Serpent.
The only one who can still save Tom.
Save him… From what?
From himself!
That diary…
If there’s a way to stop him,
it’s in there.
It is a fragment of his soul…
Of his life…
Of his past…
And mine.
The train leaves in an hour.
You’d better pack your things.
Is this how you say goodbye?
Since, as you know, I am a Headboy,
it would be almost impossible…
to say goodbye on the train, so…
What’ s the matter with you?
What’s the matter with you!
What’s the bloody matter!
Why do you always make things go wrong?
It looks like you enjoy seeing the world going to pieces!
Lazarus will be ok.
And Wiglaf, well…
You know...
we are alike in many ways.
It’s normal for us to be in conflict.
But he will take his own path,
as I will follow mine.
And me?
What answer do you have for me?
You are a seeker, right?
You know too well how the game works.
You have to cach the snitch.
You have to chase it…
you have to grab it to end the game.
But it never rests,
it’s unstoppable.
It whizzes at top speed…
and if you want to catch it,
you must not be distracted.
You cannot think…
No past,
no future.
What about that diary, then?
Memories are made of something peculiar…
Trying to catch them can be dangerous.
The good ones, they’re hard to catch.
The bad ones,
on the other hand…
They’re even harder to keep away.
You will run away,
won't you?
You will disappear, I know.
It's in your nature.
But you can't run away from who you truly are.
You can't run away from your past.
Farewell, Grisha.
Since that day…
Have you seen each other again?
Not yet.
You’re accused of serious crimes, young lady.
Attempted robbery of materials…
held by the soviet auror department,
resisting arrest, contempt…
I suppose…
there might have been a big misunderstanding,
You told me everything, Ms. McLaggen.
unless you are immune…
to Veritaserum…
you said the truth…
But it’s still your own truth.
I cannot be sure what you said actually happened.
We need facts,
we need proofs.
No one would believe such a convoluted…
and inconsistent story.
Not even I,
can truly believe it.
I see something…
extremely sincere in you.
Something different.
We cannot use this diary,
it doesn't belong here.
If the owner,
really is Tom Marvolo Riddle,
it’s a problem of the brits,
I’m giving this diary to you.
I am sure that,
you can work on convincing your department…
to take your investigation seriously.
After Gellert Grindelwald,
I’m sure they wouldn’t want another dark wizard on their hands…
Am I right?
- General Makarov, I... - Please,
take back your wand…
and the rest of your personal belongings
before you use the Portkey you’ll be given.
I’m sure I will hear more of you…
Be well.
Thanks, General.
Oh, Ms. McLaggen!
The diary…
What I cannot figure out is:
How did you know we had it?
I didn’t…
Or maybe...
I did!
What in…?
Who the hell…
Who… Who are you?!
My name is...
That's not possible…
There’s nothing that powerful…
The Veritaserum…?
Darkness hides secrets…
far more powerful…
than just a simple potion,
You violated my soul's tomb...
the tomb where my past lies.
Grab him!
Enemies of the Heir…
Whomever these remains belonged to,
is of little importance at this point.
Probably a sacrifice…
for who knows what kind of dark ritual…
It was a woman.
Come on.
We must go,
before we get caught in the storm.
Grindelwald was defeated...
but this notwithstanding…
because of him, good people must still die.
When will it end?
It has no end...
There will always be darkness in this world, Igor.
The darkness...
is all that we have…
How else...
would we remember the light?