Volcano High (2001) - full transcript

This year is the 108th anniversary of the Korean high School "WaSanGo" (Volcano High). Principal hides himself with "Secret Manuscript" which every WaSanGo student wants to take from principal... Kyang-Soo Kim (Jang Hyuk) fell asleep in physics lessons when teacher writes X and turn to Kyang-Soo. Teacher threw chalk to Kyang-Soo but Kyang-Soo stop the chalk and push the chalk to trap teacher at blackboard, and was being expelled from his 8th high school. Kyang-Soo farewell with his friends and reach WaSanGo, his 9th high school. Kyang-Soo was shocked by the brilliant martial skills of the WSG students. Kyang-Soo first met "Dark Oxen" Jang-Rhang. Kyang-Soo also met the prettiest girl "Yoo Chae-I", "Icy Jade", in WaSanGo. Kyang-Soo get inside the school corridor and met "Tea Expert" Hak-Rim(Sang-Woo Kwone). Hak-Rim finish tea bottle and handed to vice-principal (principal is absent) to let principal to taste his made tea leaves. Lunch time, a WSG student was eating "Fujian ToFu". Jang-Rhang hates "Fujian Tofu" because "Fujian Tofu" makes Jang-Rhang to memorize his angry and hideous mother. Jang-Rhang pull the student for fight. Hak-Rim came in time and blocked Jang-Rhang to hit that WSG classmate, got onto Jang-Rhang's nerves. Jang-Rhang order the changing of Hak-Rim's tea leaves into poisoned leaves, and kill the principal. Checking Principal's deceased body, Vice-Principal got a written paper. It wrote "Suspect : (1) Vice-Principal (2) Song Hak-Rim (WSG Tea Expert)". Hak-Rim was being called and was jailed. "Yoo Chae-I" felt Hak-Rim innocent and plan to help Hak-Rim, visit Hak-Rim with her best female friend. Hak-Rim ask "Yoo Chae-I" to bring Kyang-Soo. When Kyang-Soo is brought to Hak-Rim, Hak-Rim teach Kyang-Soo everything he (Hak-Rim Song) knows, and counted on Kyang-Soo to defeat Jang-Rhang. Jang-Rhang challenge all WSG students with a "2-day ultimatum". "Yoo Chae-I" trained her sword skills harder to prepare for the facing of this 2-day-challenge. But it was actually "Jang-Rhang tells IcyJade he loves her". "Yoo Chae-I" refused Jang-Rhang. One day, "Yoo Chae-I" get into the male bathroom/toilet and was being reported by the male victim, and was going to be expelled from WaSanGo. Kyang-Soo ask vice-principal to keep "Yoo Chae-I". "Yoo Chae-I" was being impressed and began to love Kyang-Soo. The final battle of WSG, Jang-Rhang versus Kim "HandSome" Kyang-Soo. Finally Jang-Rhang was being defeated and Kyang-Soo was being praised by "Yoo Chae-I". But Kyang-Soo saw "Yoo Chae-I" and collapsed. "Yoo Chae-I" was worried of Kyang-Soo. Hak-Rim was happy to receive the news, though Hak-Rim can't be released. Kyang-Soo graduated from Wasango.

I told you not to sleep in class!




SHIN Min-ah

HUH Jun-ho

KIM Soo-roh
BYUN Hee-bong

Produced by TCHA Sung-jai

Co-produced by KIM Jae-won

Written by JUNG Ahn-chul
and KIM Tae-gyun

Cinematography - CHOI Young-taek
Lighting - JUNG Young-min

Computer Graphics - JANG Sung-ho
Special Effects - JUNG Do-ahn

Editor - GOH Im-pyo
Musical Director - PARK Young

Make-up - KWON Hyun-sook
Costume Design- CHOI Sae-mi

Assistant Director- PARK Jong-goo

Directed by KIM Tae-gyun

Volcano High

(Narrator) '17 years of war caused by
the Massacre of the Scholars

‘made the school authority lose its power
and brought mayhem.

'The school community was falling
into endless chaos.

'Also, the legend of the chosen one
who will acquire the Secret Manuscript

‘and end the turbulent times,
makes all the students volatile.'

It was Year of the Volcano 108

Volcano High

(Thinks) 'KIM Kyung-soo,
this is the last chance.'

This coming era for us
will go down in history.

1, the Dark Ox, JANG Ryang,

appoint this man of standing

as the deputy leader
of the Dark Ox faction.

Concho! The future of our faction
is in your hands now.

There will be no triumph without
painful lessons and broken bones.

Dark Ox - JANG Ryang
Captain of the weightlifting team



Did you see me?

- (Bones crunch, yelps of pain)
- Hey!

Are you OK?

Of course not.

(Bones crunch)

I have to hurry to the sick bay.

(Bones crunch)




Was it me?

Is there anybody else?

Hand... handkerchief!

The flower of Volcano High
Icy Jade - YOO Chae-yi

Captain of the Kendo team

A mixed school!


JANG Ryang! How dare you
desire the Secret Manuscript.

Elegant Crane in Pine Forest -
SONG Hak-rim

Volcano High's No.1 Man
His chi power is in phase 10

(Violent sneeze outside)

(Window rattling)


(Window rattling)


Who are you?

Nice to meet you. I've just
transferred here. KIM Kyung-soo.

Can you tell me
where the staff room is? Over there?

What is wrong with you?

Where did you get that chi power?

Reveal your identity!

You, SONG Hak-rim, the great fighter,
got hurt by a sudden gust of wind?

It must be as strong a gust
as Concho had -

he was sucked out by it
while cleaning the window.

Are you badly hurt?

Well, it is good for me.

How long has it been since
I had to treat a patient with iodine?

He had an extremely high chi level.

What did you say?

It's freshly brewed tea.

- Please share it with the principal.
- Oh, really?

The principal must be a fortune-teller.


When I played Paduk with him yesterday,

he said a hurricane would come today
because he had pain in his shoulder.


What else? I had to massage
his shoulder for two hours.

Is it good quality?

(Silent sniggering)

(Tapping on glass)


(Teacher) Breaking school property,
violence towards the principal...

and assaulting a female teacher?

Our school is your ninth transfer.

Do you know what I am called here?

The adder - the one that catches
something and never lets it go.

I have cold blood and deadly poison!

You'd better hurry up and find
your tenth school now

if you are not committed
to behaving yourself in this school.

I'm not going to give you the chance
to make any mistakes.

Do you hear me, KIM Kyung-soo?

I'll do my best.

Everyone says that in the beginning.

For your class...
Let me see which one would suit you.


What? Hot!

Please do not sleep
in front of the students.


Bring your jacket to my desk.
I'll clean it for you.

No...it's all right.

Never mind.

OK, then.


You look like a good boy.

Introduce yourself.

Kim! Kyung! Soo!

(Chuckles) I think he's too shy
to introduce himself!


By the way,
is Concho playing truant again?

What a different world it's become!

When I was your age,
I never dreamt of playing truant.

Oops, it's that time already.

I'll tell you the rest of the story next time.

You can take that empty seat
next to Concho's.


Was it too much for your first lesson?

You, the transferred guy.

I'm impressed by your restraint.

1 didn't get angry
because it was just a childish joke.

So you thought it was only a joke.

Do you want to study the art of restraint
with Dark Ox, JANG Ryang?


Are you JANG Ryang?

You are really very kind!


By the way, what does Dark Ox mean?

(Joints cracking)

(Thinks) 'Self-restraint!'

Practise restraint three times and you'll
avoid committing murder! Self-restraint!

You seem quite good

but no one who challenges me
ever walks away alive.

(Kyung-soo gasping in pain)

Stand up!

My joke is not finished yet.


It's your lucky day, transferred guy.

You're right.
It's too much of a holy day to see blood.

(Ryang and friends laugh)

I don't know where you've come from.
But don't ever relax at Volcano High.

The Headhunting Master, Shimma

Captain of rugby team



My grandma brought it for me yesterday
from the countryside.

Exchange Student


I am sorry, Dal-chun!


His real name is...JANG Dal-chun!

JANG Ryang,
the canteen is not the place to fight.

And soybean paste is the best thing
when you've lost your appetite.

'She writes hundreds of love letters
that she never sends to him.

‘Devoted heart, SOH Yo-sun,
vice captain of the Kendo team.'

Today is your last day.

(Thinks) 'The man who can beat drought,
thunder and lightning...

'l can't lose the Secret Manuscript now.
I'm almost there.

SONG Hak-rim is only a puppy
when it comes to the Secret Manuscript.

The principal is a blind Buddha
without the Manuscript.

SONG Hak-rim,

1 will end
your arrogant showing off today.

(Maniacal laughter)

Hoh! It's a really good tactic.

It's as if you're reading my mind.

(Chuckling) You think so?

I think you read me better.

You are the one, Principal,
the one who can attain Nirvana.

You will be able to read
whatever you want

after mastering the Secret Manuscript.

Again! You're talking of the Manuscript?

Who spread such a rumour?


I'll show you the new martial art
I am practising these days.

(Exhales sharply)

(Rattling and creaking)

The Principal, JANG Oh-ja

'He survived the Massacre
of the Scholars and chose exile.

'He gained insightful wisdom
from a cock's cawing at dawn.

'He renamed himself and returned
to the education system as a liberal.'

The Vice Principal, JANG Hak-sa

'He was a teacher
when the Massacre broke out

‘and was shocked by a young student
who slapped him.

'He renamed himself and devoted
himself to authoritarian education.'

What are you doing?
Look out for your stones.

I am defeated today again.

It's good enough
if we can just avoid a rainstorm.

I know you just live in a kennel.

Of course, it is not easy to find
the right shelter.


So...do you like living in the kennel?

It is difficult...so difficult!

(Coughing fit)

(Electrical buzzing)

(Yells in pain)

Do Not Enter

It was 7am.

He was first found by a nurse
who visited the house

when the holy circle
by the bamboo forest had gone.

He found the principal stuck in a trance
and a deadly poisonous herb.

Once poisoned,
the body shows red rashes

and gets stuck in a trance
when he connects with his chi energy.

Use simple language!

Yes, sir!
Therefore, in the nurse's opinion,

the suspect must be greatly
interested in the Secret Manuscript.

The prime suspect is SONG Hak-rim,
the second is the vice principal...

Who wrote this?

- The nurse.
- (Doctor) Suspect!

Please speak louder!


He spells out ‘suspect'.
He tries to indicate who did this.


Look, he sounds 's' for ‘suspect'.

I could be 's' for 'save me'.

Oh, I think you're poisoned a little bit too.

You should never practise
your chi power.

Go and bring me the Secret Manuscript!

The principal's Training Room
will be closed from now on.

You should relay my words to everyone.

1 will draw a new holy circle
to protect the Secret Manuscript

on behalf of the principal.

What are you doing?
Go and arrest SONG Hak-rim!

Yes, that's true. 'S' for 'SONG Hak-rim'!

Convicted for poisoning
and attempted murder.

(Principal) I welcome you here.

Mr Principal!

Here it is.

(Principal) I gave you wings
but you are getting stuck in a coop.

Where did he hide it... Where!

You...stupid old bugger!
Where did you hide it?


This is a conspiracy!
Somebody conspired against him.


(All yell)

This is clearly a conspiracy.

Stop it.

Everyone knows it is a conspiracy.

(Crowd gasps)


I told you I am JANG Ryang!

(Bones crunch)

It's not always helpful to have
too many people behind you, Shimma.

Outbreak of War!

The weightlifting team
attacks the rugby and football teams!

I welcome you, JANG Ryang.

You come here.

(Crowd gasp)

I welcome any challenges from you,
dogs and cows.

1, JANG Ryang, give you two days.

If there is anyone
who is willing to challenge me,

come forward within two days.

Long time no see, Chae-yi.

Wait for two days.

Why should we? Not so confident now?

No. Now is not the time.

Compared to how long I have had
to wait, two days is nothing.

The only way we can survive is

- uniting with the rugby team...
- Why rugby?

- You were also defeated.
- Want to see who's better?

Stop, everyone.
1 didn't call the meeting for us to fight.

I took it too easy on JANG Ryang,
I won't let him get away next time.

Everybody, just follow my command!

No one here
could beat JANG Ryang alone.

We all have to unite our power.

Let's rescue SONG Hak-rim first
then he can beat JANG Ryang!

JANG Ryang should be easier
to beat than SONG Hak-rim.

What do you mean?

SONG Hak-rim had to be knocked out
of the No.1 place anyway.

Now it is easier because
we only have JANG Ryang to beat.

True. The Secret Manuscript
is only given to the No.1.

But we shouldn't let it go to
a jerk like JANG Ryang!

(Escalating snigger)

Now, the Secret Manuscript is mine!

Such insanity! I will beat JANG Ryang!

Never underestimate the Judo team.

OK, let's sort it out.

Come on!

The talks break down

What's going on?

SONG Hak-rim is gone and now
the students are more volatile.

What are you worrying about? The
students needed a new leader like me.

They didn't even make a single noise
when SONG Hak-rim was here.

Isn't it strange?

Don't worry about the students.

As soon as I get the Secret Manuscript,
things will be fine.

Wait a little while more

until it looks OK to hand it over to you.

I expect it to be as soon as possible.

Detestable creature!

He will soon ask for the principal's seat.

What are you looking at?

You horrible old bugger!

Thunder and Lightning stance?

It's only a legend.

It's impossible for
a human being to achieve it.

If a person was born with the capacity
to do it, it's not impossible.

In any case, The Secret Manuscript
is not for a jerk like JANG Ryang.

The real problem is KIM Kyung-soo.

It will get worse when he tries
to win the Manuscript.

What are you talking about?

1 didn't come here to talk about
the Manuscript.

In the end, he will try to get it.

I should stop him.

This is silly.

I am talking about the school.

Hey...what's wrong?

Listen up, YOO Chae-yi,

no one can take
the Manuscript away from me.

You haven't brought peace
to the school,

you've only managed
to stop the fighting.

Come back as soon as possible.

There are many fighters
who want to beat you in the school.

Impossible! Did you really
throw water on Chae-yi?

Not really, it was only a mistake.

Even Lincoln was only a farmer
before he was president!

Don't even dream of having her.

1 only tell you this
because you sit next to me.

If you mess with her,
you won't be able to walk straight again.

When Shimma tried to give her a box of
chocolates on Valentine's Day last year,

he had to take a week off from school

because he got a stick
shoved up his arse.

Hey, why do you think
she is called 'lcy Jade'?

She is as cold as ice.

So cold!


My dear friend, Kyung-soo!

Speak of the devil,
and he is sure to appear.

We have an unresolved problem.

- Not that I know of.
- Yes, we have!

When you and I work together,
the rugby team will regain their strength!


I wasn't ready! Let's do it again!

That was really cool. You are great.

Beating up a student?

Your school record doesn't afford you
to have another accident.

Here is the application form
to join the Kendo team

which means that we help each other
get through tough student life.

I can't sign up for a violent squad.

We are only a little tough...

and we are not that violent.

Wait... Wait a second!

First, accept my apologies.
Our joke went too far.

Have you ever heard about
the frog that was killed by a stone?

It was too much.

Saving SONG Hak-rim is not a joke.

We should have told him...

So you really think
SONG Hak-rim in jail is a joke.

I don't think SONG Hak-rim
brings justice.

So you think
JANG Ryang brings justice?

So whatever JANG Ryang does is fine?

Those kind of jerks are everywhere.

Ignoring them is the best treatment.

What? You don't even think
of fighting back?

Ignore him?

You are a coward.

Yes, you are right. I am a coward.

(All) Ha!

(Chae-yi) Let him go.

We chose the wrong person.


Two days have passed, Chae-yi.

(Crowd gasps)

I, JANG Ryang, have never
knelt down to anyone before.

But Chae-yi...

I want to tell you what's in my heart
as I get down on my knees.

From the first moment I saw you,
my heart has always followed you.

But I had to wait to be the master,

to be the chosen one
to lead Volcano High.

Icy Jade! YOO Chae-yi!

Please accept my heart.

This is to mark our love.

Please give me your hand...

JANG Ryang, are you sick today?

Nobody can stop my love for Chae-yi.

Chae-yi! I will fit the ring on your finger.

Don't move.

This is my business.

Stay back.


Your man should be
the No.1 in Volcano High.

That is me.


What is this?

I have a question
that I am really curious to ask.

Is it true the No.1 of the school
gets the girl he wants?

(Mocking laughter)

A real man knows how to give up
if she doesn't want him.

Begging and forcing are not
what a real man does for love.

(Clicks neck)

How dare a little dork like you believe
you can stop me on a day like this.

If you don't take my heartfelt advice,
it means you don't deserve it.


You are already dead!

- Kyung-soo, brother!
- Please, no!

You started it!

All right.

1 will accept it.

- You are the No.1.
- What are you doing?

No one will doubt you from now on.

We've seen your ability.

Release him.

Show us your generosity as the No.1.

Thank you, Chae-yi.

Being accepted by you
is all I ever dreamt of.

Yes. I will come back to you
as the best of the best

as soon as I find the Secret Manuscript.

(Choking gasp)

Don't make a big fuss.


That's my cream for athlete's foot.

So you think I'll fail
without the Secret Manuscript?

I'll get rid of everyone. Everyone!

Watch out, you old bugger! (Laughs)

I welcome you all!

You, the Five Great Cleaners!

(Wild laughter)

Volcano High

The School Five - The Masters of
Suppressing Disobedient Students

My name, Ma Bang-jin,

which means the composition
of secretive numbers.

You're only meant to read
textbooks in class.

It's strange.
I can't feel any chi of the Manuscript.

It must have been taken away.

He's really a mean old bugger.

It must've been buried somewhere.

- It is exactly what I thought.
- What do you mean?

If you tell a tiger who's never seen
a mouse in his life that a mouse is scary,

the tiger might not able to sleep
in comfort being afraid of a mouse.

Of course, such rumours...

always spring from the scared mice.

So you mean it was only an empty case?

Then...what happened?

Don't lose your temper.

The Secret Manuscript does exist.

What are you saying now?

Mr Ma!

Are you kidding me?

That's strange.

I thought it was only the vice principal

who's allowed to enter
the Training Room.

Perhaps the new teachers
are chasing the Manuscript too.

Don't be stupid!

Anyway, the vice principal is on my side.

Do you still keep writing letters...

to the jail?

Say hello to
SONG Hak-rim from me. (Chuckles)

- Gather all the members.
- Huh?

(All) Hah!

If you have a question, ask it in class!
What kind of behaviour is this?

If 1 ask a question in school,
do you ever answer me?


Look at your hair style!

- Don't go!
- Get off me!


This is my business. Stay away from me.

I am deeply touched by your friendship.

(Mr Ma) Long time no see,
KIM Kyung-soo.

Should I thank you?

Yes. It's you who saved me
from being expelled from school.

Is this OK with you?

I'm sorry about
what happened to Yo-sun.

No, we should be sorry for ourselves.
We were cowards.

I was afraid.

I couldn't move, even a bit.

But if I were as powerful as you are,
I wouldn't have been like that.

It's Hard to be Strong -
The Story of his Cruel Youth

(Kyung-so0) 'l really didn't want to fight.

‘But the kids never left me alone.'

Please, Kyung-soo. Get yourself
transferred to the other school!

'l wish it had never happened to me...

'..that accident!


- Welcome!
- (Crying)

(Woman) ‘Again?'

'Do I transfer schools again?"

(Father) ‘It's OK. Let's pack.'

(Man) "You, young lad!

You don't catch fish,
you're only making a mess.

'The fish became a dragon

‘that ascended to the sky long ago.

(Cock crows)

Is it going to be OK?

Don't worry.
He's not going to kill him.

I'll get straight to the point.

If I were at school,
I would have blocked your chi vessels.

Don't worry.

You don't have to worry
about me any more.

Have you finished? I'm leaving.

KIM Kyung-soo!

The blocked chi vessels
will make you feel more pain.

If it is my fate, I will bear it.

Let's see how much you can bear.

Leave me alone.

Then defeat me.

(Hak-rim) 'Strength means
the ability to absorb other chi

‘and integrate it into your own.

"Wisdom is having the insight
to combine my chi with others' chi.'

Get off me!

Righteousness is gained by overcoming

the differences between you and me
and abandoning the ego.

Although I unblocked your chi vessels,
it doesn't mean your chi is back.

From now on, it is totally up to you.

Don't get me involved
in your power game.

KIM Kyung-soo...

don't run away from your fate.

However hard you try to run,
your fate won't let you go.

Now you are the No.1.

Are we students or cleaners?

Why are we asked to clean
the school all the time?

I'm sorry.

I really don't want to be involved.

Now they are five. Later, it will be ten.

There is no point in fighting with them.

You don't have to worry.

You're safe
as long as you run away from them.

(Footsteps running away)

Men Women

- (Chae-yi gasps)
- YOO Chae-yi, what are you doing?

(Concho) Oh, my God!

(Hak-rim) ‘Let yourself flow like water,
as lightning can only merge with water.'


KIM Kyung-soo,
you've got your best friend here.

(Hak-rim) "There is harmony
of Yin and Yang in water.

'When the harmony breaks down,
lightning is born.

‘Therefore, water and lightning are one.'


Ah, I am.. thirsty.

(Kyung-soo laughs)

I want to make this room
into a staff room.

I don't like it.

The room is full of the stench of men -
if these kids can be called men.

Stand up!

What a pigsty!

What is this stench?
It's as if somebody has urinated here.

Stop it!

This place is not
for you teachers to come to.

According to the vice principal,

all team activities
are banned from now on.

The vice principal?

Then I am sure there is some confusion.

He can't do this to me, JANG Ryang!

I don't care who you are.

School is not the place
for you kids to play around in.

I think it's too harsh to ban
the team activities.

(Vice Principal) Ah!

Is it true you're getting rid of
the weightlifting team?

What happened?

I'm sorry.

Of course, it's not true.

Did you know the new teachers
are too interfering?

I kept quiet because I thought
it was your desire to let them be.

But not any more.

How the hell do you do your job properly
and let this little git burst into my office?

You see!

An incapable teacher such as you
allows this sort of thing happen!

Do you understand?

Please, vice principal!

Do you even recognise me,
JANG Ryang?

I know. I know your name.

But if you have any difficulties in school,

go and see the student dean, not me.

Ah! From now on,
Mr Ma, you are the student dean.

And this kid?

Please take good care of him.

The student Dal-chun is a little dull
but physically strong.

Now get out.


I ask for your patience in this hard time.

I, JANG Ryang,

I've tolerated this
with a calm and peaceful mind.

But I'll discard my generosity
for a moment and show my power.

I proudly present my new martial art skill,
Great Weight Iron,

that I've been practising.

JANG Ryang, it's time for me to go home.

Very nice!

Don't you agree?

I tried to give you a chance

but not anymore!

(Determined grunt)


That's it...

I am JANG Ryang.

JANG Ryang!

(High-pitched hum)

(High-pitched hum)

I feel really good.

So you mean your chi power
can empty the students' heads?

Can it really happen?

That's why this Air and Light Wave
is terrifying.

The kid goes mad in a second
then becomes like a puppet.

In one second! Very clean! Good! Good!

Experiment with it
as soon as possible! (Laughs)

I prepared this exciting class
to help develop your personality.

Whoever finds their name on the list
should come to the assembly hall.

Last night, someone attempted
to steal the Secret Manuscript.

The thief,
who is associated with SONG Hak-rim,

was also involved
in poisoning the principal!

Luckily we caught him red-handed.

But I have decided I shouldn't hide the
Secret Manuscript from you any more.

My beloved students of Volcano High,


.I disclose
the Secret Manuscript to you.

- Oh, wow!
- The real Manuscript!

Here! Open your eyes.

Watch carefully what happens when you
covet what belongs to the teachers.

Empty! Empty him

so that he can be ready
for the teachings with a new mind!

Your mind is full of useless thoughts
like rebelliousness and lust!

This is the teaching
of the great Secret Manuscript!

The history of education
will be rewritten today.

Rewritten! Rewritten!

Under the name of the great
Volcano High!

It will clean out the rubbish
and dirt from your mind.

The one and only
great Secret Manuscript!

Now, you pupils are given
a chance to start a new life.

You are reborn!

(Thud of Kendo stick)

Please stop it.

I can't bear it any more.

You've got a quick temper.
It's not your turn yet.

You know it's your turn
without even being called.

Is this your way to develop
one's personality?

Yes, and it's a most necessary class
for a student like you.

Stop right there.

I have to take JANG Ryang
to the sick bay.

It seems somebody's done
a useless job on you.

JANG Ryang has to go to the sick bay!

Then get my permission first.

Disobedient pupils like you
create dissonance.

You stupid prat! Wake up!

Stay away. This is my business.

Don't be a hero. It's me, JANG Ryang!

(Bone snaps)

(Groaning and choking)

I get job satisfaction
when I teach a pupil like you.




(Crowd murmuring)

-'I'm not running away any more.'
- Your life is over.

(Crowd screams)

(Kyung-soo screaming)


(Bones crunch)

(Crunching and squelching)

- (Crowd gasp)
- Mr Ma!


(Crunch, squelching)

‘Be careful when you say my life is over.'

Don't come near me. Don't! Mr Ma!

Don't come! Don't!

Don't come.

Don't come...



(Crowd gasp)

There is only one sun in the sky.

There shouldn't be two No.1s
at Volcano High.

Let's see who deserves to be that one.

I thought this issue was finished.

I've waited for this moment
for the sake of vengeance.

I am not finished yet.

I am busy. Get to the point.


Please, vice principal...

As time went by, I couldn't endure my
curiosity about the Secret Manuscript.


You students, I haven't finished talking.

We all know it was an empty case
right from the start.

Liar. You little liar!

Kids, it was real...it's here,
the Secret Manuscript!

Breaking school property,
violence towards other boys

and...violence towards the student dean!

Can you tell me where
KIM Kyung-soo's classroom is?

Why do you write when you don't
have nerve to show them to him?

Love is...not about showing,

it's about making him feel it.

If I write another 200 times,
that will make 1,000 letters.