Volcano: Fire on the Mountain (1997) - full transcript

A USGS scientist attempts to convince his boss and the residents of Angel Falls, California that a nearby volcano is about to erupt.

- Honey, I gotta hand it to you.

This is way better than Cancun.

- Oh yeah, I told ya so.

- You sorry you married me?

- Never.

All right, you ready?

- David, we cannot go down there.

The trail's closed.

- Who's gonna know?

Come on, it'll be fun.

- We can't see a thing!

- Are you turning into an
old married lady on me now?

- Okay, you've had it.

Last one down the hill
gives back rubs all night.

- You got a deal.


- Oh I see how you're going it now.

- Hey!


David, come back.

- No way, I win!

- You're a dead man.

David, David!

Oh, help me!

No, help, David!

Help me, somebody!

Help me!

- Oh my.

Honey, over here.

Hurry up, you guys!

- I'm okay, all right.

- Hey, Buck.

See you got a new partner.

- It's for the baby, is Beth here yet?

- Oh, here she comes.

- Hi.

- Hey, girl.

You are gonna fall flat on your butt

walking around in the snow like that.

- Well, there's enough
padding back there if I do.

Besides, with tourist season and all,

this is the only time I get to see Buck.

Can I get a hot chocolate?

- You got it.
- Thanks.

- Late.

- What else is new?

- Tadah, dah-dah-dah.

- It's cute, she'll love it.

- You mean he will.

- Uh-huh.

So where's Kelly?

I thought she was gonna meet us.

- Where else?

- I worry about her.

Ever since she and Peter split up,

she spends all her time on that mountain.

- It's good riddance
to him, if you ask me.

There are a lot of great guys
right here on the mountain.

- Yeah, name one.

- What about Stan?

- Honey, Stan's an idiot.

- I gotta go.

See you later.

- Not again.

Poor thing.

Kelly, this is base.

What's your 20?

Where are ya, Kel?

- Yeah Jake, it's me.

I'm on the west face.

Found another dead
raccoon, looks like poison.

I'm betting on a hunger strike.

It probably got sick of nuts and berries.

- No, I don't think so.

This one looks pretty chunky.

I dunno, they're probably
spiking the dumpsters down

again at Snow Creek.

You want me to come and get it?

- I'll do it later.

You sound terrible, go home.

All right, thanks Kel.

- Humans one, nature zero.

- This afternoon too, so you know.

Good morning, Buck.

- Oh Buck, how's it going?

- I can't complain, Mayor, how are you?

- Well, I'm fine.

It's quite a shaker we had last night.

Any damage?

- Yeah, a couple of broken windows,

some tree branches fell on parked cars,

but nothing major.

- Good man, glad to hear it.

- Hi, Mayor.
- Hey, Stan.

- Sorry.

And your sister called from
the mountain patrol station.

You might wanna give her a call.

- Okay, thanks Stan.

I'll take care of it.

- All right, hey, see you later.

- Well, no rest for the wicked, huh?

Is there anything else I can help ya with?

- No.

You know Buck, this is the best season

we've had in a long time.

This weekend looks to be even better yet.

There could be 10,000 people here.

- We're on it, Mayor.

My guys know what they're doing.

We lose telemetry all the time.

This is no big deal.

- Yes it is, now trust me
on this, Angel's gonna blow.

- Whoa, buddy, you are way over the top.

Osborne is not gonna cut
you any slack this time.

- Yeah, well, we'll see.

- Osborne speaking.

- Yes, this is Peter.

There's something down here
I think you need to see.

- Peter, I'm busy.

- Dr. Osborne, I think we are talking

a major volcanic event here, okay?

- I'll be right down.

Man, it's cold
enough to hang meat in here.

- Hey, Buckaroo.

- Sis, you are the only
person in the world

who gets away with calling me that.

- Yeah, family privilege.

You here to return my
phone call in person,

or for the free cup of joe?

- Well, actually, both.

Beth wanted me to remind you

that you're having lunch with her today.

- I can't.

Jake's out with the flu.

I still gotta do the morning rounds.

- It's your funeral.

And, did you, did you
feel that last quake?

- Yeah, I feel all of 'em.

Comes with the territory.

- Yeah, you have any idea
where the epicenter was?

- Best I can tell, the one yesterday

was centered somewhere
around Heaven's Gate,

but, this last one I
think was near Angel Lake.

- Did you have any problems with it?

- Nah, the usual dinky stuff.

Trees down, trails
blocked, nervous tourists.

Thing that concerns me most
are the animal poisonings.

- What poisonings?

- Raccoons, mostly.

Five this week.

- That's weird.

You think somebody's baiting traps?

- More like garbage bags.

This guy didn't look like
he had missed a meal.

Must have bought it dumpster
diving down at Snow Creek.

accumulation's two to three inches,

temperature's turning--

- What's the sudden
fascination with earthquakes?

- No, it's just, you know,

Mayor Hart gave me one of
his pep talks this morning.

He doesn't want any dark clouds

over the bright weekend horizon.

- So what else is new?

How many people are they expecting?

- Don't ask, tons.

- Tourist season.

Think I liked this place better
when no one knew about it.

- You and me both.

See you later.

- Tell Beth I'll call her.

- Okay.

- I've been monitoring the flux

in earthquake activity for weeks.

Now, the harmonic tremors

have really begun to escalate
over the past few days.

There's swarms and sudden spikes

all over the Mammoth region.

- I can read a graph, Mr. Slater.

- I know, but look, everything points to

an imminent eruption on the
west flank of Angel Summit.

- What does the State
Geologists Office say?

- Well they, nothing,
they don't say anything.

I think we should go to
a B, possibly even an A.

- I don't see anything here
to even warrant a C alert,

let alone a full on
geological hazard warning.

The Angel Lakes volcano has
been dormant almost 200 years.

- See, that's the point, it's overdue.

I mean, look at these
new tree kill reports.

There's never been CO2 pockets
on the west slope before.

- There were gas related
tree kills in 1989,

and seismic activity well in excess

of what you're describing here.

- But not on the west slope.

Now Dr. Osborne, I'm telling you,

there's a new magma
chamber building there,

and it's going to erupt.

I can feel it in my gut.

- Really?

Well, geology is the
province of scientists,

Mr. Slater, not psychics.

- Well, I was right
about Kilauea, wasn't I?

- Yes, but you were wrong about Shasta.

You remember Mount Shasta, Peter?

Four towns evacuated
within a 30 mile radius,

thousands of people ran for their lives

on your say so, mass panic.

The local economy in shambles.

And then nothing happened.

Look, Peter, I know you've
got a personal interest in--

- My personal interest has
nothing to do with this.

- You continue to collect your data,

and keep me posted.

- Maureen?

Maureen, are you ready yet?


- Sorry, I can't decide.

Which ones do you like?

- Whichever ones go on the quickest.

Now remember, Bill and Brenda Webb.

- Bill's CEO of Webb
Industries and Brenda is--

- Brenda's as dumb as a refrigerator bulb,

but he adores her.

Now they're worth at least 10
mil if I hook 'em properly.

Where's Jason?

- He said he doesn't feel well.

I said it'd be okay if he stayed here.

- Oh, really?

Hey champ, we're gonna be late.

This is a big day for me, son.

I would appreciate it if we could

at least look like a family.

- Well I don't wanna go.

- Let me put it this way,

you will get dressed.

You will be in the car in five minutes,

or you will suffer the consequences.

- Peter, what did you expect?

- Well, I didn't think she'd
second guess me, not this time.

- Yeah well, what can you do?

If you don't back off, Osborne
is gonna have you for lunch.

- Well, you know what?

If I'm right, everyone
up there is dead meat.

- Oh!

Damn it.

We got a telemetry station down.

I'm gonna be a while.

- Ah, it's so beautiful!

- It better be, for as long
as it took us to get here.

So, where's the man who's gonna make

all our dreams come true?

- Bill, Brenda!

So you made it, huh?

It's great to see you.

Well Brenda, Bill has
told me so much about you.

This is my lovely wife
Maureen, and our son Jason.

- Oh, he's outside.

He saw some friends, and away he went.

- Kids.

They just love this place.

So, how was your drive?

- Long.

This place is in the middle of nowhere.

- Well, that's the beauty of it.

But we'll talk about that later.

Listen, why don't we grab some coffee,

get to know each other?

There's a lovely fireplace
straight through there.

I'll get you checked in, okay?

- You bet.

- Find Jason and tell him
to get his butt in here.



- Hey, wicked line, guys.

- Awesome.
- Hey, man.

Hey, let's do the switchbacks.

There's some awesome hauls.

- All right, man.

- Hey, can I tag along with you guys?

- Yeah, sure.
- Sure I guess, sure.

- All right, thanks.

- Jason!

Jason, Jason, there you are.

We gotta go, sweetie, come on.

- But I'm just getting ready to go with--

- But no buts, your father's
expecting us, now come on.

Come on!

- Don't move.

Lose the pack.

Now lose the hood, and turn around.

- Hey, Kel.

Been a while.

- Peter.


- What are you doing here?

- I'm from here, you remember?

- Not anymore, Slater.

In case you didn't notice,
this shack's posted.

You're on restricted property.

- Yeah, I know actually.

That's why I need to talk to you.

- We don't have anything to talk about.

- Well this isn't anything personal.

- Neither is this.

Trespassing, breaking
and entering, vandalism--

- Don't forget littering.

Littering's a good one.

That's it.

- What are you doing?

- Take a wild guess.

- That feels like handcuffs.

Could you at least
carry my bag, thank you.

- There you go.

- Or I can take it, it's just as good.

- Follow me.

Okay guys, double check
your gear, bring your rope--

- You stay put.


I don't know how long
you're gonna be up there.

- Glad to see ya, listen.

We got a couple newlyweds who
went up the mountain yesterday

and they didn't come back

for their champagne
breakfast this morning,

so Jake, I want your
team to follow the route

down Silver Hill.

Mark, you handle Whiplash,
and you take Heaven's Gate?

- Sounds good.

- Now look, there's not much light left

so we gotta move fast, got it?

I don't know, sis, I got
a bad feeling about this.

If they're up
there, we'll find 'em.

- Now what's he doing here?

- Son of a.

How's it going, Buck?

- Peter, it's your lucky day.

- Is someone gonna tell
me what's going on here?

- I caught him breaking in

to the old mountain patrol station.

- Why?

- I've been monitoring things up here

for the past six weeks.

Seismic activity is really escalating.

- Well, who cares?

Angel Summit shakes all the time.

It doesn't mean anything.

- It does this time.

Now look, I ran a simulator program,

and all the data indicates

that a volcanic eruption is imminent.

- Volcanic eruption.
- Yes.

- Right.

Listen, Peter I don't have time for this.

I got skiers down.

- Wait, where?

- The west slope, why?

- I'm coming with you.

- Like hell you are!

- You don't understand,

there could be thermal
vents, sudden fissures,

I mean, it could be a
minefield up there, Kelly.

Now look, I know you know this mountain,

but I know what's underneath it.

You need me up there.

- I don't need you, period.

- Excuse me.

Excuse me, excuse me,
ski patrol emergency,

coming through, excuse me.

Okay, everybody fan out.

Jake, east side to Silverback.

You guys make trials west and south.

Anybody finds anything, blow your whistle.

- Man.

- Any sign of 'em?

- Nothing, I'm gonna
take a look down here.

Base, this is Rescue One.

- Yeah, Rescue One, this is base, come in.

- We found something, but
damn if I know what it means.



- Kelly.
- Mark.

You all right?
- Kelly?

Kelly, do you read me?



Kelly, come in.

Kelly, talk to me Kel, come in.


Kelly, what's going on?

Kelly, come on.

- Get a chopper up here, Heaven's Gate!

- What the hell's goin' on up there?


Will somebody talk to me?

I need an exact location!


Peter, come in!

- Okay stay still, just a little pinch.

There you go.

How you doing over there?

- How you feeling?

- Not sure.

Oh, the guys, my team.

- Hey.

They're fine.

Doc said they're gonna be okay.

- What happened?

- Gas vents.

Carbon dioxide, judging from the symptoms.

Actually, we were very lucky

to get out of there when we did.

Another couple of minutes,
we may have all died.

- I guess I owe you a thank you.

- No, you don't owe me anything.


- Not exactly how I pictured a reunion.

- Yeah, me neither.

Get some rest, huh?

- How's she doing, okay?

- Yeah, she's fine.

She's gonna have a pretty
mean headache later,

but she's fine.

So, do you believe me now?

- Look, Peter, a natural
CO2 leak does not mean

that the whole mountain's gonna blow.

- Look, Buck, I know you
don't think much of me,

but I'm telling you, man.

Something bad is coming, and God help us

if we don't get out of its way.

- Grand Cayman or Bermuda?

- Well I'm thinking of spending
a year in Grand Cayman.

- It's great, you'll love it here.

I'm not much of a skier.

- No more for me, thanks.

I'm feeling a little tipsy.

- Go on, Brenda, you're
amongst friends, enjoy!

- Well, maybe just a smidge.

- She's a sweetheart, Bill.

You're a lucky man.

- Yeah.
- Thank you.

- J?

I would like to propose a toast.

Good idea.

- To new friends, and new possibilities.

Hear hear.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

Cheers, everyone.

Cheers, Jason.

- Now what do you say we men folk

retire to the deck for
some cigars and cognac,

and let these girls get
to know one another?

J, stay with your mother.

Excuse us, ladies.
- Of course.

- Now this bartender has a huge amount.

- Jason, why don't you
go find your friends?

Just get back here by 10 o'clock.

- Thanks, Mom.

- Well in the daylight,
view is magnificent.

- You know I started out
as a salesman, Corben.

I could sell water to a drowning man,

and I can smell a pitch
coming a mile away,

so why don't we cut to the chase?

- Oh, a man of action.

You know, I respect that, Bill.

People look out there,
they see mountain, trees,

some pretty good skiing.

I see a fortune waiting to be made.

All that's necessary are the three Bs.

Brains, brass, and backing.

What a surprise.

Mayor Hart, this is Bill Webb.

- Mr. Webb, Corben's been telling me

that you might be interested in investing

in our fine community.

Smart businessmen are always welcome here.

I've got big plans for this place.

Welcome to Angel Lakes.

Take good care of him, Corben.

- Oh I will, Mayor.

When he says big, he means it, Bill.

Hotels, airport, shopping
malls, casino or two.

I've already got the plans drawn up.

Five years' time, Angel Lakes will be

the premiere resort
community of the Sierras.

Make Tahoe and Vegas look like dumps.

- What's in it for me?

- Right now, property values
are $75 a square foot.

By the time phase four is completed,

it'll be more like 500.

Imagine a return of, say, 30 %?

- I can imagine 40 better.

- But you said so yourself,
it was a closed trail.

So, why would they even be there?

- I don't know, all we found was the pole.

- You know, they are on their honeymoon.

Maybe they don't want to be found.

- What about the trail?

- What about it?

Keep it closed, post more signs.

- Mayor, that gas almost
knocked out my entire team.

We could've been killed.

I also think that's what's
behind the animal killings.

The what?

- Raccoons, mostly.

I thought they were being
poisoned, but I'm not so sure now.

We should close down the entire
west slope for a day or two,

until we can determine the risk.

- You want to start a panic,
over two missing newlyweds,

some dead animals, and a bent ski pole?

- How many missing newlyweds do you need?

- I'm not shutting down this community

during the best winter in
years, not even for a day.

You know how fast rumors spread.

It'd kill the rest of the season.

- Better than the whole
town, don't you think?

- You stay out of this!

- Look, Mayor Hart, all
we're saying is that maybe

we should check it out a bit.

- I already checked things out.

That's right, I called
first thing this morning

and spoke to a Dr. Osborne at CSGS.

She had some very
interesting things to say

about your young friend here.

That's right, I heard all about

your fabled predictions, Mr. Slater.

- You, you see this doughnut, Mayor?

Actually, this little hole right here?

That's right about where the west slope

of this mountain sits.

Now, as magma forces its
way through the surface,

there's a lot of pressure
building up underneath this area,

and it's gonna continue
to build, and build,

until it finally finds a way out.

And then?

- God!

You want me to listen to this maniac?

- Nice.

Now what?

- You heard the man, trail's
closed, we post a warning.

That's the end of the story.


What do ya think?

- We need more proof.

- Yeah.

Well, what about the daily
logs from the field monitors?

- They're pretty primitive.

Think they'll tell us anything?

- One way to find out.

- Get in.

I almost forgot
how beautiful it is up here.

- If you love it so much, why'd you leave?

- You could've come
with me, you know that.

- You didn't exactly ask me, Peter.

Besides, I wasn't about
to up and move with you

every time the earth burped somewhere.

- Kelly, you knew how important my work

was to me when you met me.

- Never changes with you.

You can't answer a simple question.

- Maybe you just don't like
to hear simple answers.

- I loved you.

How could you leave?

- I loved you, too.

But you kicked me out, remember?

- Peter, I wanted to be with you,

but you were more in love

with your work than you were with me.

I can't compete with a force of nature.

- I have room for both in my life, Kelly.

- I never saw that.

- I know.

It's because you never looked.

- So, I think I found a
buyer for the Campbell house.

Hey, you okay?

- Yeah, oh yeah, I'm fine.

- Buck, what is it?

- You're still planning
on visiting your sister

out at Big Pine, aren't you?

- Yeah, tomorrow.

- Why don't you head down early?

You know, spend a couple days with her.

- Sure, why, what's up?

- Nothing, I just, it's
gonna be nuts around here,

and I'm not gonna be around much,

and I just think,

I think it'd be best with
the baby coming and all.

- Buck, I've known you way
too long to buy that crap,

now what's going on?

- I wish I knew, babe.

I really wish I knew.

- Whoa, hey, we got a big
jump in the readings here.

- What's it mean?

- Check this out.

Here's a graph of normal
activity for this region, okay?

Now here's what it looks like

with the missing telemetry added.

- Is that as bad as it looks?

- Actually, it's worse.

- Whoa.
- Whoa, what's wrong?

- Wait a second, telemetry's gone.

Get under the table, get under the table!

- I smell smoke, we gotta get out.

Come on, come.

Shed's on fire.

We gotta get outta here.

Open up.

- Come on, hurry up.

Door's stuck!

- The whole place is gonna go up.

- Let's go.

- Wait, Peter.

It's buried!

We can't go anywhere.

- Let's try it.

- Help me.

You on?
- Yeah, go.

- Stan, what have we got?

- It's a real mess, Chief.

We lost power in homes, and
everybody's flipping out on me.

- Okay, handle it for me.

- What do we do now?

- You're the one who
wants to make speeches.

Get up there, and say
something, say anything,

just calm them down.

- Broken bones, and concussions

mostly on our radio man,

and ambos are already on their way.

- Good work, good work.

Take it easy, everybody.

Just listen up, the mayor's
got something to tell ya.

- Can I have your attention, please?

Everything's gonna be fine.

There's a downed power
line on the road to town,

and work crews are on their way.

Everyone just stay calm,

and we'll get you out soon, thank you.

- If I want evaporating
equity, I can get it in LA.

- Bill, calm down.

It's just a little rumble.

You know, it's not a big deal.

- Brenda thinks the whole
mountain's coming down.

She's scared to death.

- Let's just go, okay?

- Bill, you're overreacting.

- Corben, can I talk to you?

- I'm a little busy right now.

- Corben, please.

- What is it?

I've got 10 million
dollars, ready to rabbit.

- It's Jason, I can't find him.

- And?

We've bet the ranch on this one, darling.

I am leveraged up to the eyeballs.

If I don't lock this deal--

- He could be hurt.

- I don't care!


- Jason, where have you been?

- What happened to you?

- Had a little run-in with a big tree.

- Well, our big problem's

gonna be keeping these people calm.

- Guys?

We've got a slightly bigger problem.

There's only one thing that
can send up that much smoke.

- It's supposed to be dormant.

It's been dormant for centuries.

- Not anymore.

Buck, can you get word to Palo Alto?

- Power's out, phones are out,

even the cellphone receivers are out.

- What about the roads?

- Lodge road is trashed.

I barely got up here myself.

Until the roads are cleared,
we're pretty much on our own.

- Great, what else can go wrong?

- Well.
- What?

- I'm gonna need to get
up there and see it.

- What?

- Look, we don't know if the
quake was the main event,

or just the warmup act.

- Meaning what?

- Meaning that if it was just
a release of back pressure,

that would be a good thing,

because it means we're in the clear.

On the other hand, it could be a setup

for a full blown volcanic eruption,

which I think we agree is a bad thing.

Visual contact might tell
us one way or another.

- Oh Peter, you're not serious.

There are no clear trails up
that side of the mountain.

- I need to get up there, Kelly.

- Fine, I'll take you.

- You gonna be okay?

- Yeah.

You be careful.

- Oh yeah.


- Come on, sweetie.

We're outta here.


What's wrong?

- It's all my fault.

- Don't say that.

None of this is your fault.

Your father was a jerk when I married him,

and he'll be a jerk long after we're gone.

Now go on, get packed.

- Bourbon, please.

- It's on me, Sonny.

- I'll get it.

- Women, huh?

- I don't know what your problem
is with your wife, Corben.

- She gets hysterical, she'll get over it.

You know, Bill, once all
this blows through, I mean--

- Corben, this project is soured for us.

Brenda and I are getting out of here

as soon as the roads open.

- Well listen, that's
gonna take a little while.

Just give me a minute, okay?

Sonny, give him another drink, okay?

Let's take the high road on this.

You know what this is gonna do

to the property values around here?

- It's ash.

Get back, go, go!

- What's the likelihood
of something like this

happening again in the next 50 years?

- Jason?

- Mom!

- Oh my god, Kelly?


Oh please be okay.



Come on Kelly, please,
please be okay, come on.

Oh my god, Kelly!


Are you okay?

- I think so.

What happened?

- Well, from the looks of it,

all hell broke loose.

- So much for calling the cavalry.

- Assuming there is a cavalry.

- Let's go.

- Dispatch, come in
please, it's Chief Adams.


Allen, this is Buck.

Come in, please.

Allen, are you there, Stan, anybody?

- Hey, Chief!

You all right?

Yeah, I'm okay.

- You can't get her going?

- No, that thing shook
me right off the road.

- Yeah, that was a big one, huh?

- Yeah.

- All right, hop in, come on.

- Bill?

Oh god.

Bill, Bill?

You okay?

- Yeah, you know if we
make it out of here,

remind me to take up
aerobics or something.

- Or something.

Got a souvenir?

- It's ejected.

It's a lava plug, kind of
like a cork in a bottle.

If most of what came out
in the blast was like this,

then the eruption was like back pressure,

blowing out a clogged pipe.

Once the pressure's
gone, it could ease off.

- And if most of it wasn't?

- Like I told Bob, there
could be a secondary eruption

and a pyroclastic flow.

- Pyro-what?

- Pyroclastic flow.

It's a mixture of magma, lithic rock,

superheated gases--
- Peter.

- What?


Imagine a 10 foot high
wall of scalding hot lava

sliding down the mountain
at 60 miles an hour,

taking out everything in its path.

You, me, ski lodge, town, everything.

Whoa, come on, let's go this way.

- No, that's the lodge.

- Let's go, it's moving too fast!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

- Come on.

- Yeah, right, you're kidding.

- Consider the alternatives.

- That's for luck.

Be careful!


Ah, ah!

- Peter!

- Ah!

- Peter!

Hold on!

You got it, ah!

- Ah!

- I got your hood, climb up, climb up.


Ah man, ah man, ah man.

Just keep driving.

Stay on the road.

- I am, I'm on the road!

Well, this is great.

This is, this is great, huh?

- Yeah.

That's it, we're trapped.

Buck, Stan, do you read me?

- Yeah Allen, it's Buck.

You're breaking up pretty bad.

It's tough going,

but the National Guard's on its way.

- Thank God.

Okay listen, we're checking the roads

out of town for accidents,

but we just ran into a
rockslide on the lower road.

We're penned in here.


Allen, I'm losing ya.

- Well now what are we gonna do?

- We go back.

What's happening here?

- When's the power coming back on?

And the phones?

- Sir, I promise you, we're
doing everything we can.

- Why aren't you out there helping people?

- Ma'am, please, we're
doing our best, all right?

Calm down!

The main eruption occurred

at 2:45 this afternoon,

preceded and followed by
a series of earthquakes

that measured 7.6 on the Richter scale.

Casualties are unknown at this time,

but authorities fear dozens killed,

and hundreds more injured.

Rescue efforts have been hampered

by a series of rockslides

which have wiped out the roads,

and sealed off this sleepy mountain town.

For now, it appears that the visitors

and locals alike, are trapped.

Stay tuned to this station--

- Here's the latest satellite telemetry.

Plug in all the data points.

I want those projections on my desk

in half an hour, understood?

- Yes, ma'am.

Dr. Osborne?

What exactly are we looking for?

- We're looking for the exact chances

of a secondary eruption.

If Mr. Slater's figures are correct,

and they have been right so far,

there's another one coming.

Any more questions?

- No.

- Focus, Mr. Halpern.

Peter's on that mountain,
and he's gonna need

all the help we can give him.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

I'm fine.

Thank you.
- Yeah.

Where do you think we are?

- It's hard to say, it's so dark.

I think the lodge is
like two miles that way.

- What's down there?

- Not much, a few houses.

We should check it out.

See if we can find a
workable phone, or car.

- I was thinking more along
the lines of a hot toddy.

- Mom?



- Are you all right?

- Stop it, you're hurting me.

You gotta go get help.

- I'm not just gonna leave you here.

- You have to, honey.

Take the car.


It'll be okay.


Repeating our top story--

- What do you got?

- Power does not look good, Buck.

It doesn't look good at all.

I don't even think we can get it

back up by tomorrow morning.

Plus, all the volunteers that we called,

I can't even find half of 'em--

- That's it?

- No, I thought I'd get water
distribution going, you know?

- Good idea, there's no telling how long

we're gonna be stuck here, yeah.

Oh listen, tomorrow morning's too late

on that power, you guys.

Those generators aren't
gonna last all night,

so just stay on it, okay, stay on it!

We're on it.

- Helen?

You don't smoke.

- Seemed like a good day to start.

Everything's gone to
hell in a hand basket.

- Did you hear anything
from Peter and Kelly?

- No, sorry Buck.

- Beth?

- Oh, I'm sure she got out, honey.

She just couldn't get through
because the phones are down.

- Yeah.

- Oh no, please god, no.


- Lady, you gotta help me.

- Oh.

- What's wrong?

- I think I'm having my baby.

- Whoa, here, come on.

- Well, what do ya think?

- Looks empty, let's check it out.

Hello, anybody home?

- Man, this place really got hammered.

- Do you think it's safe to
hold up here for a while?

- The ravine seems to have
stopped the lava flow, but,

who knows for how long?


- How come every time you come
into my life, it blows up?

Actually, Slater, I'm glad you're here.

- Thanks.

I think.

- Relax, I mean it in a good way.

- Aren't you a little young to be driving?

- I've got my permit.

- I'm being rescued by a mere child.

It's okay, okay, just take
me to the police station.

My husband's the chief.

- Well, where is that?

I don't know where that is.

- Oh, oh god, pull over.
- Where?

- There, the visitor's
center, pull in there.

- Are you all right?

- Over there.

- Just one second.

- It's all right, oh my god.

- Whoa.

Don't worry, I'll take care of you.

- Peter, come quick.

- What is it, what's wrong?

Oh my god.

- Help me, please, help me.

- Do you want me to boil some
water for you or something?

- What for?

- I don't know, don't you
always boil water for babies?

- No, honey, just try to
find a phone or radio, okay?

Oh god.

Oh god.

- Hello, hello?

Come in, please.

Hello, somebody come in, please, anybody.

Make room for the trucks!

Come on in, let's go.

Come on, everybody out, let's go.

- What's the problem, trooper?

- Another rockslide, sir.

Took out the whole road.

Column's bottled up tight.

- How long to clean up this mess?

- Three hours, maybe four.

And that's just for the slide.

There's bound to be more behind it.

- What about air support,
can we get a chopper in?

- We can't fly in these conditions, sir,

there's too much volcanic ash in the air.

- We don't have much time.

Get some men up here, and
clear this road, move it!

Yes sir!

Let's get that boulder
moving, come on, let's go!

- Shh, it's okay, don't try to move.

- How badly is she hurt?

- It's hard to tell if
she's got internal injuries,

but she's definitely in shock.

It's not good.

Ma'am, can you tell us your name?

- Maureen, Maureen.

- Okay Maureen, you're
gonna be fine, Maureen?

Maureen, don't fade on me.

She's gotta remain conscious.

Maureen, it's okay, we're gonna get you

out of here, all right?

This thing has gotta weigh half a ton.

- I got an idea.

Okay, get it tight.

- Yeah, I got it.

- Got it?

- Almost.


- Come on, on three.

One, two, three.

- Can you hold it?

- Yeah, quick!

Take her, take her!

Get her out, go, go,
go, pull, it's dropping.

- All right, she's out!

Are you okay?

- Yeah, are you?

- Yeah, I'm fine.

We gotta get her out of here.

It's okay, it's okay.

- Check Lake Road, and Parker Pass.

- Is the road open yet?

- Not even close.

- You know, I don't understand

what's taking you people so long.

If this was--

- Mayor, we are doing
everything possible here.

Now get off my back.

People, listen up.

We have got a job to do here,

so let's try to keep it together, okay?

- Buck, radio, someone
keeps asking for you.

- Okay Helen, Stan?
- I'm on it!

- Good.

Is Chief Adams
there, please, please?

Hello, somebody come in, please!

- Yeah, this is Chief Adams, who is this?

- I'm Jason Cobern, I'm with Beth.

We're at the visitor's
center outside of town.

- Beth, what is she doing
there, is she all right?

Yeah, we're fine.

Beth says to tell you it's a girl.

- What?

But we still need help.

My mom, she's hurt pretty badly.

- Okay, Jason, you're
breaking up on me here.

- My mom, my mom, she's hurt pretty badly

up on Mill Creek Road.

- Just hang on, we're gonna
send somebody out there, okay?

Just hang on!

It's a girl.


- I lost him.

- I think he got the message.

- Yeah, we'll be okay.

My mom's still out there.

- I think she's okay.

Oh, stop!


There is a God.

You got her?

Hi, we got an injured woman here.

We need to take her to the lodge.

- No sir, we don't have
those projections yet.

Communication with the
area's been difficult.

Excuse me, sir.

Can you just hold on one moment?

Projections are here.

Governor, we have some disturbing news.

- Hey, stranger.

She's so beautiful.

- Just like her mom.

- The boy, Jason.

His mother's in trouble.

- Okay, I'll check it out.

You just rest, okay?

- Yeah.


- Okay Charlie.
- Going in, let's go.

- Come on, come on.

Let's move it, let's
move it, open the door.

Okay ma'am, what's her condition?

What's going on here?

- Steel beam fell on her.

Right across her hips,
she's in mild shock.


- Very tender around the pelvic area.

Okay, let's get her strapped up.

Okay, you're gonna be
okay ma'am, don't worry.

We're gonna take good care of you.

Okay, let's move it.

- Look, I told you I'm fine, all right?

- Hey, are you Jason?

- Yeah.

- Look, I'm Chief Adams.

I gotta thank you, man,

that was quite a job you did.

Are you okay?

- Yeah, I'm fine, but
we gotta get to my mom.

- Buck!

Buck, it's Kelly and Peter.

- What?

- They're alive, they're alive, Buck.

- Where?

- Search car found 'em
about a half an hour ago

on the Mill Creek Road.

There's a woman with 'em too.

She's pretty banged up.

She keeps asking about
somebody named Jason.

- Where is she?

- They're coming in right now.

- Mom, Mom!

Mom, are you all right?

- Jason.

I'll be okay, sweetie.

- Your mom's gonna be fine, son.

- Kelly!

That's it, sister, you're grounded.

And you, I never thought I'd say it,

but it's good to see you too.

Oh, and before I forget, better tell ya,

you are now an aunt.

- No!
- Yeah, it's a girl.

- Congratulations, no, you're kidding.

- Congratulations.
- Where's Beth?

- She's here, she got
stuck up on the mountain,

and evidently she went into labor

down at the visitor's center or something.

Is she okay?

Yeah, she's inside, come on.

Can I see them?

- I'm gonna get a little sleep.

- Okay, I'll cover for you.

She's beautiful!

- She's got my eyes.
- Better than your ears.

- Come on!

- I'm sorry I took so long.

I tried to--
- Shh, you did great.

From what I hear, you
saved two lives tonight.

Very proud of you, Jason.

- Thanks.

- That tiny nose.

- Jason?


Thank God.

I was so worried about you.

- Yeah right.

Where were you when Mom was hurt?

You were here, making another
one of your big deals.

- Son, I know you're angry.

- I'm not angry with you, Dad, honest.

I'm done with you.

- Maureen.

I don't know what to say.

- I do, Corben.

Go to hell.

Peter, we have
checked, and we checked.

- Dr. Osborne, are you sure about this?

I'm afraid
so, I'm sorry Peter.

- All right, thanks.

Well, you heard her.

Better go tell him.

- I talked to Colonel
Danforth, he's with the Guard.

He said they just reached
the Old South Road.

Now I thought that might be a way out,

but it's a no-go.

Bridge is gone.

- Well, the county just
reinforced that bridge.

Peter, what do you got?

- The news isn't good, guys.

It's, well they said
there's a 98 % probability

of a secondary eruption.

- How much time did they say we had?

- Could be 10 hours, could be 10 minutes.

- Oh man, oh man.

- Easy.

Kelly, you were up there.

What do you say?

- I say we have to evacuate.

- Well, to where?

You said so yourself,
the roads are all out.

- I don't know.

We got a lot of seriously
injured people here,

and a mass evacuation could kill 'em.

Oh no, we're all dead!

please try and stay calm!

- We'll all be killed anyway
if we don't get out of here.

Okay, there might
be a few of those, so.

- Oh my god.

- What are we gonna do now?

- There's not much we can do.

It's like trying to stop
a burning avalanche.

- Avalanche.

How long before the flow reaches us?

- 20 minutes, maybe, why?

- Come on.

- Don't walk away from me.

You're the mayor, for god sakes.

Do you realize what this is doing to me?

I am ruined.

Everything I've got,
everything that we planned!

- Shut up, Corben.

- Blast charges, for avalanche control.

The wire trips the fuse.

You just pull it, toss
it, count to 10, and boom.

- Like a grenade, right?

- Yeah, without the shrapnel.

It's all punch.

- I don't get it.

You can't blow up a volcano.

- No, but a properly timed avalanche

can bring the whole other
side of the mountain down

in time to block the flow.

- No, no way, it's too dangerous!

It'll never work.

- I gotta side with Peter on this one.

- Well, that's good for both of you,

but I'm not asking for permission.

Just your help.

We don't have a choice.

- Just be careful, okay?

Hey, we don't have much time, come on!

Listen, people, listen up.

We need to get everybody,
calmly and quickly

away from these windows

and towards the center of the lodge.

Those who can walk, please do so.

Those who can't, just lie
still and we'll carry you out.

There's nothing to get excited about.

Everybody's gonna be okay

just as long as we get towards
the center of the lodge.

Every able body in here,
let's lift these beds out.

Stan, give me a hand here.

- You gonna be okay?

- I gotta be, right?

- Follow my lead.

We're only gonna get one chance.

When I give the signal,
start skiing towards me,

throwing the charges into the cornice.

- Okay, and then what?

- Ski like hell.

- What are all these
people still doing here?

Gotta get these beds outta here, you guys.

Look, come on in here!

Quit standing there, haul it, come on!


- Peter!

- Go!
- No!

- Go!



- Oh my god.

Beth, Beth!

You okay?

She okay?

You okay?

- I think we made it!
- We're alive!


- Oh, geez.

Oh god.

Are you okay?

Thank god you're okay.

Where's Peter?

- I don't think he made it.

I turned around, he called to me,

and I think that he got
cut off by the avalanche.

My god, it's all my fault.

- You're damn right it is.

That's what I've been saying all along.

Thanks, Peter.

Okay, let's start clearing
out this snow, come on!


Help me out here!

- I guess we did it, huh?

- Yeah.

I guess we did.

You know, I've been thinking.

Well, I've been working really hard,

and it might be time now for a vacation.

- Oh, me too.

- Yeah?

- Yeah, what do you think about Hawaii?

- Ah, tropical paradise.

Sunshine and...

Wait a minute!

- What?

- There's a volcano in Hawaii!

You know, it never
changes with you, Peter.

- Kelly, Kelly, I'm teasing!