Voice of a Murderer (2007) - full transcript

One day, the only son of famous news anchor HAN Kyung-bae, disappears without a trace. Soon, the kidnapper calls the mother demanding a $100,000 ransom. The police assign a veteran inspector to the case and assemble a top-notch task force to work under his command. But the kidnapper constantly outwits the police and continues calling the parents with yet more instructions for the money drop.

CJ Entertainment Presents

A ZIP CINEMA Production

A PARK Jin-pyo Film

SOL Kyung-gu"

KIM Nam-joo

KIM Young-chul

KANG Dong-won

This film is based on a true story.

Director HAN,
three minutes to standby.

So, what's your closing
for today?

Hey, now.

I hear people are really
looking forward to it.

Everyone's talking about it,
you know,

about your closing statements
being so refreshing.

You know the viewers
always come first.

That's the last ad, now.
Ten seconds left.

Alright, five seconds.

Super, start.

Second camera on standby
and cut!

Good evening, everyone.

We didn't have many days
of laughter this year.

Standing at the finish line
of the nineties,

we all had high hopes
for this year.

We struggled hard against
the tide of change around the world,

and within our country,

- it was a year that demanded
- Thirteen.

We wake up and realize
our faults as we face


The beginning of
the twenty-first century.

- Now, DBC News will begin.
- Seventeen.

Just a little more.

We declare war against
crime and violence...

Yes, it's been a long time since
our president seemed so trustworthy.

However, despite his ambitions
and declarations,

this was a banner year for crime.

Briefly said, it was a crisis
for public welfare.

In the year ahead,

I hope the average Joe will be able to

keep the smile on his face.

Trust you, sir?

Believe me, we'd like to.


- Hey, look sharp up there.
- Min-sun...

- Min-sun!
- We haven't taken a picture yet!

In this case, the suspect was
someone that knew the family,

and when he didn't
get the ransom,

Yoo Min-sun

he choked the child to death
and buried her body.

So this case shows how kidnappers

that destroy families are always nail,
always brought to justice.

Yes, now we can't even send our
kids to school with peace of mind.

Mr. President wants our trust,

but the world is in chaos.

The police are working very hard,
but it seems they need to work harder.

What good is it to catch
the criminal,

when Min-sun was taken away screaming
and returned cold and lifeless?

Crime is beyond
the reach of the law.

Must forensic science also
be out of our reach?

Madam, would you please
open the door?

Late again,
like any other day.

Look at what time it is.

Ah, home sweet home.

You reek of alcohol.

Oh, you don't like it?
Should I leave?

Sure, go on.

Did you pay for the drinks?

Of course. I'm the man.

Is he asleep?

He's asleep. He's asleep.

The heir to my throne.

Get up, kiddo.

You're a third-generation
only son.

Come on, Dad's home.
Gotta get up!


Good boy.
Plant one right here.

My heir, you believe
in your old man, right?

I'll take care of it,
so eat all you want.

So what if you gain
a little weight? Huh?

You're a man.
A man sticks it out, eh?

Cool and strong to the end.

Yeah, okay.

Honey, stop.

Your old man will
take care of Mom.

Have I ever lied to you? Huh?

Come on, honey.
Let him sleep.

Or not.

1200 families are living in houses for
normal citizen that's 106 square meter.

1060 families are living in apartments,
that's from 122 to 244 square meter.

In Bundang's case,
620 families are living in

house for normal citizen
that's from 69 to 86 square meter.

Through them for scale,

760 families are living
in rental houses

that's from 46 to
66 square meter in Ilsan...

Come on, let's eat.

Now, Sang-woo,

let's Pray-

Our Father, who art in Heaven,

Hallowed be thy Name.

Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.

June, 3 weeks, Breakfast
And forgive us our trespasses,

as we forgive those
who trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation,

but deliver us from evil:

For thine is the kingdom,
the power,

and the glory, for ever.

Does it hurt?

How is it?

How about here?

I'm tired.

Open your arms.

Friday, June 14th.
Weather: clear skies.

Sometimes it's like
my mom is a step mom.

She gets a kick out of
torturing me.

Today, she said my feet look
like pig's feet.

That was harsh.

I mean, I want to be nice
and skinny too,

but not if it means
more gruel and beans.

Jumping rope and
acupuncture sucks, too.

Will anyone ever
understand my agony?

I want to die.

My dear son!
I'm sorry that I hurt you.

Mom loves you so much.
We'll get through this together.

the mighty prince of bravery.

Batman and Robin,
soldiers of justice.

Don't come in.

DBC's nine o'clock news
will begin now.

Hello, every...

Ugh, why can't I do it
like Dad?

Going down.

Son, hurry on up.

Mom, you're so mean.
You're evil.

It's not like you do it too...

I hate you.

Good job.


Now, let's put on
your pedometer.

I'm not your real son, am I?

I love you.

Mom, Just this once.
I'm like one step away from dying.

Just stick it out a little more.

Then we'll take a nice picture of you
once you drop a few pounds.

You know what
the neighbors call you?

Are you that ashamed of me, Mom?

Don't be silly,
it's just bad for your health.

Do you want to grow into
a total pig? Hmm?

This is all
because Mommy loves you.

My tooth is shaky.
The one in the back.


You still need to wait a few days.

Now, go on down.

Sang-weds birthday

How is my Superman necktie

If only everything was
as dear as the heart of Yoo-jin,

who ran for miles on barefoot
everyday to buy medicine for her sick mother.

Yoo-jin's symbolic swollen feet
are truly touching.

They say children have
hearts of gold.

We adults could learn
a lot from our kids.

Have a pleasant evening,

Good work, everyone.

Alright, good work everybody.

Your closing statement was
really touching.

You might have to run
for office soon.

- A man like you...

Are you really running?

If the people want me to...

Sir, come on.

Good show today, sir.

- Yeah, you too.
-Which party?

Democrat? Republican?

Yes, is this Jin-ho's house?

Right, It's just our Sang-woo
isn't home yet.

Come on now, stop.

Even if he were to call home
he wouldn't be able to get through.

Honey, should we call
the police?

Call the police?
No, just wait a minute.

No, let's call them.

Just wait a minute, will you?

Teachers and security guards use
large sacks to restrain the culprit.

These drills are the result of
the unfortunate kidnapping

and murder of a young student
in Nara City, last November.

Sang-woo, is that you?

Hello? It's Dad.

Sang-woo, Sang-woo.





I've been enjoying the news.


Sang-weds father, I presume?

Yes, that's me.
Who is this?

Who is it?
Huh? Who?

Well, you're much calmer
than I expected you to be.

Excuse me?
Who, who are you?

I have Sang-woo.
Sang-woo is with me.

Who are you?

Why is Sang-woo with...

Sang-woo is there?

Ah, I see now you do have
a short temper.

Have one hundred grand, cash,
ready by tomorrow,

and have a phone installed
in your car.

The phone must be answered
before it rings three times.

Three times.

I will call back tomorrow.

- Hello?
- Who is it?


Oh, and I probably
don't need to tell you,

but if you go to
the authorities or upset me,

Sang-woo dies.

Hello? Hello!

Help me...


Help me...

Where are you going?
Hours Missing: 8

I asked you
where you're going.

To work.

You're going to work
at a time like...

The entire country
watches our news.

I can't back out on
a commitment like that.

I'll go and get someone
to take over,

get some time off
and get a loan.

Don't worry, just trust me.

I'll call you after
I get the car phone,

so don't go anywhere.

Don't call the police, alright?

Stay calm.

How am I supposed to be calm?

Honey, let me come too.
I'm scared.

No, he might call again.

You have to pull
yourself together.


First, let's just do
what he says.

Nothing's going to happen, okay?

Sang-woo will be fine...

I promise I'll bring him
home today.

You promise?

Promise to come home
with Sang-woo.

Of course.

Honey, I still think
we should call the...

No. Absolutely not.

He just wants money.
That's all this is.

Catching the bastard
isn't our problem.


Just trust me.

Request for a loan

Oh, no. It's nothing to
worry about...

Well, I think she fell out
in the field.

Hours Missing: 14

Oh, that's okay.
It'll only be for two days.

I might even come back up tomorrow.

You know me.
Don't worry.

Yeah, thanks.
Don't mess up. Break a leg.

Hours Missing: 18

Hours Missing: 20

Domestic terminal
at Gimpo Airport?

How am I going to find you
if I don't know what you look like?

That's the least of
your worries.

Is there a single person in Korea
that doesn't know what you look like?

Then, what about my son?

Relax. If you do
exactly as I tell you,

I'll dock him with you safely.


You said it's a Grandeur,
number 3699?

Are you sure
Sang-weds father is alone?

Yes, We'll do anything you want.

Please, let me talk to Sang-woo.

Our son looks big,
but he's very weak.

It's late now.
Has, has he eaten yet?

He says he wants
some Chinese takeout.

Oh, no. He shouldn't eat
food like that.

Are you kidding me?


No, no, sir.

Just please, let me hear
his voice. Please?

He's sound asleep
from the cold medicine.

What medicine?

Leave the engine running
and open the doors.

Open the trunk,
and tum the lights on.

Then, leave the bag there
and go home.

you must be waiting at home.

Hours Missing: 21

Hours Missing: 22

Hello, hello?
What's going on here?

What about my son?

That's what I'd like to know.


It seems maybe Sang-woo': mother
doesn't want him to live.


What are you talking about?

The phone only rings
three times.

Tell her if she doesn't
answer it even once,

she'll never see
her precious son again.

Look here,
we did everything you said!

The doors were open,
the keys and lights...

Just give us back our son.

Are you kidding me?

Didn't I tell you to
wait at home?

Look, I left the doors
open and all.

What if some random person
steals the car?

You have more important
things on hand.

Hey, you. I mean sir.
Sir, let's not do this.

Let's meet in person.
I just want my...

I'm changing the location.

Across the alley from the Daehan Cinema
is the Geukdong Theater.

Yes, yes.

Slow down to 40 kilometers
and keep it steady.

Forty? Why?

You ask too many questions.

I'm following you.




Once you arrive,
open the doors again.

What about the keys?
Just leave them?

See, you're catching on...

Go and wait at the tea house
across the street.

Is Sang-woo with you right now?

I can't always bring him along.

But he's okay?

Why, there's no need to ask.

I'll dock him with
you right away.

Hours Missing: 23


I see you're finally
answering the phone.

My husband.
You met him, right?

I've just arrived.

Please give him back.
Our Sang-woo.

Oh, now what should we do?
The tea house is closed...

Pardon? The tea house?


There's a chicken place
around the comer.

The alley is a little
on the narrow side.

Tell him to go there and wait.

Yeah, okay. Don't worry.
Gotta go.

Jesus, what are you doing?

Let go of me.

IS it you?


Where's my son?

What are you talking about?

Where is Sang-woo?

Let go of me.
Quiet down.

I'm a cop. A cop.
Try not to blow my cover.

Why is there a cop here?

She said not to tell you,

but your wife reported
the kidnapping.


I'm going to starve him,
starting from now.

You want Sang-woo to die,
don't you?

Sir, how could I ever...
Hello? Hello?

No, no... Sang-woo.

Don't starve him...

Sir, we just want our son back.

We don't need money
or anything else.

Silence. It hurts,
so don't shout.

I see many familiar faces
in front of the theater.

Shall I describe them for you?

One is overweight
and the other is of...

No, no, we don't know...

Please believe me.
Don't kill him, please.

Hello? Hello...



OH Ji-sun,
are you out of your mind?

Didn't I tell you
not to call the police?

Thanks to the stupid cops
there was no one at the chicken place!

What are you going to do now?

When he calls again,
set another place...

another place to meet, alright?
You got it?

Hurry up and get back
to the chicken place.

Hurry, hurry!
Bring back Sang-woo!

- Backs straight, chins up, - What's
with the scarf, jerk? Days Missing: 2

- Who the hell are you?
- Come closer.

Do it right or
I'll choke you with it,

goddamn it.

Get a move on, will you?

Are the voice analysis
results in yet?

Sir, it's only been
a couple of hours...

See, this is the fucking problem.

What's the best shot
we've got? Huh?

Wouldn't that be
arresting him, sir?

Forensic science makes
that the voice, sir.

Yeah, that motherfucker's voice.

Yeah, that damned voice!

There have been 11 phone calls
so far and seeing

how he never goes over
two minutes,

the suspect appears to be
extremely intelligent and cunning.

We've currently identified and
are investigating six suspects.

Are you saying that
out of eleven calls,

we couldn't get a single trace?

Once, we kept him on for a while and
traced him to the Samsung Trade Center.

But that was before
the kidnapping was reported...

Right now, we have two of our men
stationed down there undercover.

You think he's an idiot?

He won't call from there again
knowing it'll be traced.


I mean, I'm just saying.
Let's be more scientific about it.

Anyway, make sure this
doesn't get out.

We have to bring
the kid back alive.

Remember who the father is,

The nine o'clock news anchor.

Especially you, Detective KIM.

Control that foul mouth of
yours, okay?


Two jacks fell out over there
by the entrance.

Damn it.
If only I could rush in all of them.

Days Missing: 3

Good morning, everyone.

This house is a real doozie.
A killer view.

Hello? Doozie!

What's wrong with you?

Let's run one more time.

One, two, three.

The bastard is sure to
be brought in.

Our special kidnapping division
recently even...

Who'll take responsibility
when his life is put in jeopardy?

Please have some faith
in us, Mr. HAN.

Responsibility my ass.

Look here, Mr. HAN.
You're the father,

so it's crucial
he comes back alive,

but we're cops.
We need to catch him.

- What did you just say?
- No, what I mean is...

we need to catch the culprit
to get Sang-woo back alive...

So what we need to do now is to have
hope and work together. Have faith, eh?

That's right.

The kidnapper won't be
caught easily.

No matter what,
you must trust the police!

Now, you've already made contact
with him on your own,

which was very risky.

Luckily, your wife
contacted us now,

so please have faith
and leave it to us.

Actually, I don't know
if I should say this...

but, my girls were begging me to
get them your autograph, if possible...

My girls would also
if that's okay...

Days Missing: 4

You're really not eating?
It's getting cold...

You asked me
if I had any enemies...

I did seven years
on camera reports alone.

In reality, there must be
thousands of people that

lost their jobs, thanks to me.

Can you bring in
all those people?

Well, of course.
We should...

But first, lets narrow it down
from there to the big fish,

the really fishy ones.

I can't think of anything
besides that.

I just can't figure out
who it could be...

I've lived my life honestly,
as a model citizen,

and never did anything to
hurt anyone.

These black bean noodles
are incredible.

But why isn't he calling?

Oh, don't worry about that.

It's about time for
the bastard to call.



This is Sang-weds mom.

Did you call the police?

Thought I told you he dies
if you call them.

What? No.

Please, don't kill my son.

Do you want him to live?

Do you really want to
save Sang-woo?

Who the hell are you?

- Do you think this is funny?
- Don't talk back to me.

Who do you think
you're talking to?


You think
you can get away with this?

You've got some nerve,
I'll give you that.

Who's threatening whom now, huh?

Excuse me?

Get a grip, Mr. HAN.

Look, whoever you are,
I'll let it go.

I'll give you all the money too.

I'm getting tired.

I ought to just finish him
and all this...

Sir, I apologize.
I just lost it for a moment.

I'll give you everything. Please...

Let me at least hear
my son's voice.

He's alright, isn't he?

Don't make that kind of
mistake again.

Once the money is received,
Sang-woo will be safely docked

I will call again.

Hello? No, wait. Wait.

No, please.
Don't hang up. Hello?

Why, are you trying to
trace the call?

One more mistake,
and Sang-woo dies.


I'm watching you.
Every move you make.

Sir, please.
I'm down on my knees.

Sir, I'll, I'll be a hostage
instead of Sang-woo.

I will call again.

Sir, did he have
something to eat?

Did you give him
something to eat?

I'm watching you.
Every move you make.

The noodles are getting cold.

It takes quite an optimist
to be drooling and all.

It takes quite an optimist
to be drooling and all.

Where, where the hell?

Sang-woo, Sang-woo,
Sang-woo. Sang-woo...


Father, I was so wrong.

I was so wrong.
I'm the sinner.

Hurry and play it back.

- Come on, rewind.
- Wait.

Stop there.

- Hey, did you check the car?
- Yes, sir. It was a resident.

And the Chinese delivery guy? Huh?

Oh, that. Yes, sir, it was just
a delivery guy, so we didn't.

- Get on it, now.
- Yes, sir.

Huh? What's wrong with this?

- Play it back.
- What is it?

- Hurry up.
-Just one minute.

Son of a bitch.

What the hell were you doing?

What are those eyes attached for?

You're telling me
you idiots didn't know

when he waltzed in
and flipped the camera?

What the hell
are you doing here?

- Where's KIM Wook-jung?
- Kim...

Hey, why are you standing here?

How many times do I have to tell you,
stay with Sang-weds mother!

- Get out!
- Yes, sir.

Nice going. Real nice.

Who's the one
that called me in...

Inspector! Inspector!

Hey, get every inch
on photograph.

Yes, sir.

Let's see if anything comes up.

Be careful not to wipe off
the fingerprints.

Sir, I have a feeling that
this is Sang-weds hideout,

and since it could be
someone they know,

we'll have to be really thorough.

Listen up!

Don't miss a single hair!

Yes, Inspector.

The noodles are getting cold.

Hurry. Hurry on home, kid.

Okay, thank you.

- Can I get some more radishes.
- Yes.

The noodles will get cold.

Shut up, asshole.

You're under arrest
for kidnapping.

You have the right to a lawyer and
anything you say may be used in court...

Quiet down.

Shush! Just be quiet.

Days Missing: 7

1988, July to September
Reported by 'camera reports'

I know you're a hard ass and all,

but please, just let it go
just this once.

You can just report on
something else.

The viewers don't need to
now everything.

I swear, I'll never do it again.

Honestly, who doesn't
take a few bribes?

All I did was clean up
the leftovers, really.

I'm sorry, Jae-jun.

This isn't the kind of thing
I can cover up.

That money makes real estate
prices skyrocket

and becomes a civil burden.

Since when are you a man of
the people? Huh?

We're friends!
How can you do this to me?

You wanna see me lose it?
See me die?

You think you're the president
or something?

Don't make me do something
I'll regret...

Ugh, Mr. HAN.

Jesus, it's hot as hell.

Damn it. Mr. HAN!

It's like a sauna.
Open the door, please?

Sir, Mr. HAN, sir. Open it.
It's too hot.

Come on. Pretty please?

This is supposed to open easily...

God, this is such bullshit.

Come on, open it a little, huh?

I'm going out of my mind.
Losing my nuts here. Geez.

Sir, did you ask for
a phone trace?

Oh, the phone call ran
a little short, so...

Come on.
Do something right, man.

What happened to
the delivery guy?

He's a Chinese immigrant.
What'd he ever do to you, huh?

Stop barking up the wrong tree and
just worry about your own trunk, sir.

Go do your damn job, eh?
Chinese, my ass.

He spoke Korean better than me!

While some of us rot away
in a tiny ass trunk.

I should fucking quit
or something.

What do I get for it?
More money? Respect?

Idiot, looking for
some hope in life.

Haven't even had
clean boxers this week.

When did forensics become
some kind of country club?

Kiss my fucking ass.
There's forensics for ya.

Here. Take your men out to
dinner sometime.

Yeah, Detective KIM.

What about that suspect
from yesterday?

Dad, did you eat yet?

Huh? Oh, sure. Sure.

So did you take care of
the paperwork'?

Do you have
clean underwear left?

It's raining a lot,
are there any leaks?

Make sure to turn
the heat on at night.

- And when you turn it on...
- Worry about yourself, Dad.

I'm sorry, kiddo.

Oh, and I got a bonus
for the stakeouts.

Let's you and me go eat
something nice.

Hey, hey.
I gotta hang up. Gotta go.

Yeah, okay. Uh-huh, detective.
Alright. Over and out.

Isn't a stakeout supposed to
be quiet and hidden?

I'm closing the door.

Son, your dad is
sure living it up.

Days Missing: 10

Hello? Hello?

Oh my, Ji-sun.
What's the hurry?

Oh, Mother, Nothing.

I was just expecting a call...

ls Kyung-bae well?
And my grandson?

Yes, of course...

ls Sang-woo doing well
in school?

Oh, yes.

Let me talk to
my precious grandson.

I haven't heard his voice
in ages.

Well, the thing is...

Well, come on.
I'm not getting any younger.

Put Sang-woo on the phone.

Mother, Sang-woo went out just now
to jump rope in the playground.

Dear, losing weight is
all fine and dandy,

but aren't you being
too harsh on him?

Mind you,
he's a third-generation only son.

Mother, I'm actually waiting on
an important call.

I'll call you back soon.

Ji-sun, now...

Kyung-bae weighed far more
at that age.

Why are you making
such a fuss about it?

Just can't grasp it.

Say, when is Kyung-bae
coming back on T.V?

The new one, he's just not
that good.

It goes without saying,
my Kyung-bae is the best.

One, two, three.


- Why didn't you call sooner?
- Only! can ask the questions.

Are you tapping the phones
right now?


What do you take me for?

Look here,
I'm not that kind of person.

I'll be the judge of that.

Are you sure Sang-woo is
really your son?

Is he really
the precious, only son?


Let your wife know that
this is my last act of mercy.

What, what are you saying?

Sang-wads mother has
lost her senses

and is holding up the line.

I'm sorry, sir.

But, is our son definitely
with you?

Please, at least let me hear
his voice...

All the more reason to
listen to me.

Everything has been taken care of.

It'll be our
Sang-weds birthday soon.

Please, hurry
and let us see him.

Apparently, Sang-woo is
crazy about M&Ms-Ms.


So, let's start again on a new clay,
shall we?

Hello? Hello?

This time,
I want both of you to come

to the Domestic terminal
at Gimpo Airport.


Did LEE Jae-jun
make a move yet?

Yes, sir.
He's on the move right now.

Okay. Track him and don't let him
out of your sight.

Yes, sir. I won't.

It might be a double job,
so if you see anything fishy,

then use your radio.

Detective PARK, track him good.

Open it!
What's wrong with you?

You better open this door!

You're taking a shower
at a time like this?

We don't even know
if he's alive or not...

Get out here, now. Now!

Are you out of your damn mind?

Put it on.

Hurry! Put it on now!

Don't touch me. Don't you dare.
Where do you get the nerve...

Go out there now
and bring Sang-woo back!

I'm losing my mind.
I needed to do something,

anything to pull myself together.
I just...

Sang-woo, Mommy's so sorry...


Honey, I think he knows
about the police.

What should we do?
It's all my fault. What...

No, no, don't.

I'm sorry.
It's not your fault.

Don't worry.
Our Sang-woo is alive.

Hey Mister.
Hi, Mr. Newsman.

All vehicles report to
the domestic parking lot.

The domestic terminal parking lot.

I repeat, the next point of contact
is the airport parking lot.

Hold on tight.

Be careful!

Look here, are you going to drag us
round and round again today?

That's for me to decide.

Sir, I'm truly grateful
that you called again.

Please give Sang-woo back to us.

My wife and I, we're alive,
but not living.

Do you really want
Sang-woo back?

Do you really?

- What are you talking about?
- Then why aren't you thinking straight?

Why do I smell cops around?

His temperature keeps on rising.

What are you going to do?

Where? Where is he hurting?

- I don't want to be a bad person.
- Sang-woo is sick?

- So do as I say.
- Hello?

Sir, is our son sick?

Well, I guess you are concerned.

Sir, you must have children
of your own, right?

Please. We told you we'd do
anything you want.

Anyway. Then, shall we take
a nice drive today?

You're familiar with
the 63 Building?

Directions are inside
the trash can in front.

Se! off right after
you confirm them.

Honey, go over there.

Honey, over here!

What's the Grandeur':
current location?

The car is currently...
I'm sorry, sir. We lost it.

We're on. Wait.

We sent backup for the moment,
go standby at the first contact point.

Is there anyone who can
know where the car is?

Hey, trunk detail. What happened?
Did the point of contact change?

Don't worry about
where they're going.

I'm on them, so rest assured.


Why do you keep making us
go in circles?

Let's not play games
and meet in person.

I'm just making sure
no one tails us again.

Hey, I told you, no one is following us.
Why won't you believe us?

Our Sang-woo...

The child is fine.

I mean, how can we believe you?

So what if you don't believe me?

What are you going to do then?

No, never mind, sir. I'm sorry.

Once the money is safely with me,

the child will be safely
docked with you.

Yes, sir.

Isn't this a nice view?

I thought you two could take
a nice drive.

Yes, we're very thankful,
but please...

Alright, then. Pull over.

What? Where?

- You know where the cable cars are?
- The cable cars?

- Have you two been on them before?
- Came cars'!?

Are you kidding me?

Pull over and
get out of the car. Now.

Leave the car running
and get on the cable car.

Sang-woo will be waiting for
you at the top.

Yes, sir.

Yes, sir.
Thank you, sir.

- What did he say?
- Sang-woo is at the cable cars.

- Sang-woo is there? Really?
- Yes, he's there.

Really? Our Sang-woo...

Contact point has changed.

Get out, quick!

It's the cable cars
at Namsan Tower!

Contact point change.
The point has changed.

All vehicles report to the cable cars
at Namsan Tower, immediately.

I repeat,
report to the Namsan cable cars.

Excuse me. I'm sorry.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, dear. Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.


Wait a sec, wait.
Excuse me.

Excuse me. I'm sorry.

Excuse me. I'm so sorry.

Excuse me.


Honey, over there.
That man...

Wait, hold on a minute.
Just wait.

Honey, what do we do?
What do we do?

Honey, calm down. Calm down.

Look, he's getting in the car.

Oh no, honey.
No, he's leaving. He's leaving.

Did you see his face?

Please let us out.
Let us out. Stop the car!

Calm down...

Excuse me, I'm a big fan.
Could I get your...

I'm so sorry.
He'll do it next time.

Please. Next time...

What do we do?

That must be him.
It has to be him, honey...

No, it's okay.
It's all gonna be okay.

The detective is in the trunk and
Sang-woo will be waiting at the top.

We have to be calm. Be calm...

He said Sang-woo is
really there, right?

He's there.
He's there at the top.

- Of course. Sang-woo is up there.
- Yeah, our Sang-woo will be there.

Sir, how much longer will
it take to arrive?

I'm so sorry, but please...

What the hell
were you all doing?

The money's gone.
What about our son?

Why aren't you all out

Are you just gonna
sit here and wait?

Mr. HAN, please...
Let's try and give it a little time.

Anyway, the suspect got his money,
so he will bring Sang-woo back.

And we've got Detective KIM on it,
so everything will work out.

You're smiling at me right now?
You call that being 'on' it?

He's a fucking hostage
that's what!

Stupid prick.
Calls himself a cop, huh?

Aren't you being too hard on him?

What did you say?

You're all waiting around
for Detective KIM?

Hurry and start a search for the car,
get out there, and inspect the traffic!

Look who's the detective now.

- Detective CHA!
- What did you say?

What are you going to do now?

Just because
it's not your child...

Imagine if he was your son!

You think you would do this then?

Like a miracle,
like hell it is!

If anything happens
to our Sang-woo,

I will never forgive you for it...

I'll kill all of you. Get out.

You too. Get out of my house.

You're all goddamn worthless!
Get out!

You're all goddamn worthless!
Get out!

Mrs. HAN. Please don't do this.

Sheesh, Kicked out
without even shoes.

What about that bum,
LEE Jae-jun?

Apparently, he was just
going to a sauna.

God, I thought we had him

But we still have our men
out there on stakeout.

What are we doing here?

By the way, what do we do
about KIM?

His radio is off
and his pager isn't working.

I think something bad
has happened to him.

Don't even think something
like that.

Let's have a little faith
in him, alright?

Don't worry. He'll show up.

God, it's cold.

Hey! Over here!
Days Missing: 11

Nice and cool.

Did you get the prints
from the Grandeur?

There was nothing there, sir.

You ran over every single corner?
There isn't even a single hair?

No, sir.
He's a real thorough bastard.

Shit. We sure met
our match this time.

Hey, trunk detail.

Don't you remember
anything at all?

The door just opened
and this gas gun just...

God, I think my ulcers are back.

Listen up. Commissioner's orders.

No word for twenty-four hours,
and the case goes public.

Till then, watch the parents and

round up the suspects again.

But making the case public,

without even knowing
if the kid is okay

Then you should've done
a better job.

What's with the grudge toward
the boy's father?

Would you like it
if your best friend ratted you

out to the media
for his own glory?

He's a fucking animal
inside a man's skin.

How could he be human
and do that to me?

So you served two years
and got out six months ago...

Huh. What's this?
Days Missing: 12

You're still up for
three grand?

Wow, you need a lot of money,
don't you?

Yes, well.
It'd be nice if I had some.

A need for revenge and
for money...

Is that why you did it?

Did what?

Where were you between
the 18th and 22nd of June?

I was flying to the country.

I gave you proof, didn't I?

You're one sick little
bastard, aren't you?

You saved this to give
yourself an alibi, eh?

You're a regular Sherlock Holmes.

One lie detector test and
it'll be crystal clear.

Whatever you want.

This is just that bastard
reaping what he's sown,

just dying to climb up
that ladder...

Ut sememem feceris, ita metes.

Ut seme... Huh?

What a bastard.

Alright, then.
Let's dig this sucker up.

Next is their relationships
with acquaintances.

LEE Jae-jun has just been released
for construction conspiracies

and is being brought in for
Days Missing: 13

questioning as the prime suspect.

He is on very bad terms
with HAN Kyung-bae.

You mean the friend made
the phone threats?

Does that make sense?
He knows his voice.

It... doesn't, of course...

But, would the voice
really matter that much?

What matters is
this strong motive...

Well, our scientific analysis
shows that

the voice print doesn't
match up 100%.

Come on. He could've gotten
someone else to call.

LEE Jae-jun could have a partner.

We're still investigating that.

Forensics is all fine
and dandy, but still...

You have to follow
your instincts, right?

Is that how a cop got kidnapped?

Come on Mr. HAN.
What is this?

Just hold on, Sang-woo...

Don't get scared.
Take it like a man.

Keep it cool, son.
Cool and strong.

No, no.

Don't try to be tough
and just beg the man.

Beg him to let you go, boy.

Beg him to let you live.
Beg him to let you live!

Beg him to let you live!

Days Missing: 14

the mighty prince of bravery.

Batman and Robin,
soldiers of justice.

Wonder Woman,
soaring through the sky.

the prince of the sea.

Dad, your shoulders are so tense.

Does that feel better?

This is a bonus.
I won't take the coupon.

Feel good?
Ever seen a son like me?

No, of course not.
My son is the best...

- Hello? Hello?
- How have you been?

Did you get the car?

Hello. Where's Sang-woo?
You said you'd let him go.

You have the money.

Are you joking?
I told you not to report it.

Putting your trust
in the stupid cops...

it's tragic how things didn't go
according to your brilliant plans...

I'm sorry. I'm sorry, sir.

I'll give you more.
I'll even sell the house.

Please just give us back our son.

Your fatherly love is
quite impressive.

Are all well-off fathers
as devoted as you?


Seeing as to how desperate you are,
I will give you one last chance.

What? A chance?

You think you're gonna get away
with this?

Hello? Hello,


You sick little motherfucker...

What the hell do you want from me?

Who the fuck are you?


I'm so sorry, sir.
I made a huge mistake.

I'll give you more.
Another hundred grand.

Just let me hear
Sang-weds voice once.

Life often demands servility, doesn't it?

The all-mighty anchorman,
HAN Kyung-bae...


Dad, help me...

Sang-woo, Sang-woo, it's Dad.

- Hello? Sang-woo.
- You still have a hundred grand left.

This is your last chance.

Yes, thank you. Thank you.
I'll give you everything.

Thank you, sir. Thank you.

He's alive. My little boy.

Hold on. Daddy will.
Daddy will come and save you.

Just hold on...

Believe in God and go to Heaven!
Days Missing: 15

HAN In-su


Why didn't I think of
this before?

One more time.

Knock, and it will open.
Days Missing: 16

Ten years of trunk stakeouts and
now I've reached goddamn Nirvana.

Long time no see.
How you been?

Hey, what about
the free dumplings?

What'! Lao Mao'!?

When I think back,
I didn't have a gun in my hand,

but I still killed
a lot of people.

Who do you think you are?
they'd say,

and back then,
I thought I was God.

There was nothing that
I couldn't do.

I thought life was supposed to
be like that.

Pure glory.
But it was all in vain. All fake.

In the end, this is
what I've become...

God is punishing me.

I have to admit,
that family motto about

glory was a little over the top...

I hated all you cops because you
sit around helplessly and wait.

Sol kept putting you
down on purpose.

Well, to be honest, it's not like
we don't deserve it sometimes.

But we're on this day and night,

putting everyone and everything
we've got into it.

But he's one tough
son of a bitch, real sly.

Why isn't he calling back, though?

You think our Sang-woo is

in pain?

We can't lose hope...

Let's go public with
the investigation.

We can play his voice on the air,

someone will recognize it
and report him.

No. That'|| be the end of

I know you're going
through hell, but...

Hello? Hello?

Oh, uh. We just got these today...

Yes, Detective KIM.

Hey, detective.
How'd you know I was here?

The detective lady told me
where you were.

But Dad, you're a big mess.


No, I'm in disguise.
Undercover work.

It's clean underwear
and some snacks.

Thanks, kiddo.

You know Dad, this is really cool.
You have to catch him, okay?

I believe in you.

You got it.
I'll get him no matter what.

Days Missing: 17

I can'! trust
Sang-weds father anymore.

If you want Sang-woo to live,

don't let anyone know
and come alone.

Wear something in a reddish color.

Oh, and Sang-woo':
tooth just fell out.


Sang-woo, Sang-woo...

Hi, baby. I love you.

Now, what's all this?

It's a voice print analyzer.

Like a fingerprint,
each voice has a different pattern.

Do you want to try it?

Good night, baby.


Hi, baby. Baby.

Does it work even if you make
your voice sound different?

Well, basically, yes.

No matter how hard you
try to mask it,

the characteristic pattern
doesn't change.

At least, in theory.

So you should try to keep him
on the phone for as long as possible.

This machine will decipher
his tone of speech, origin,

level of education and
even the street noises.

It can catch all.

Can I count on your
full cooperation?

If all things were
as easy as words.



How can it tell
if you talk like this?

Just a freaking waste of time.

What the...
Damn it.


Uh, yes. Yes, one second.

It's for you.


Yes, I've heard.

Which words does he use a lot?

Anway, anyways...

I just, I don't know.
I can't remember.

Try to keep him on the phone?

If you know how,
I'd sure like to know.


You want me to work him up?

Now, you listen to me!

If something happens to my son,
what then?

Mr. HAN seems quite different
from on T.V.

By the way,
where is the child's mother?

Oh, yes. She went to church
for a sec...

What? Are you out of
your fucking mind?

Mr. HAN!

Mr. HAN!

The Lord cares deeply about you.


The answers are
inside your prayers.

Let us pray.
Our Heavenly Father...


Ji-sun, Ji-sun...

You can't do this during service.

- This is unacceptable. Please leave.
- Hold on.

- Mr. HAN, please leave the chapel.
- Reverend. Sir, I'm sorry.

Reverend, have you seen my wife?

Deacon Oh hasn't come today.

- Phase have.
- M-sun'.!

I'm so sorry. M-sun.

We told you, she isn't here.
Please leave.

I'm sorry. Just wait one minute.

She said she was going to church.
I'm sorry.

- Mr. HAN!
- Then where did she go? Where?

Ma'am, are you sick or something?

Why the coat?
It's the middle of summer.

Sir, why is there so much traffic?

Of course there is.
It's rush hour.

Lady! You gotta pay the damn fare.

Once you get out of
the first tunnel,

there's a bus station
at the intersection.

There, you will see a trash can.

Sir, wait!

Wait, excuse me. Sorry,

I'm sorry...

Wha, What in the world...

Are you insane?

Come to the in front of
Heehyundong department store.

- Cha, you majored in judo, right?
- Yes.

About time you used
your head too, isn't it?

Excuse me?

You completely fell for
her stupid excuse.

Would you go to church to pray
at a time like this? Would you?

I'd worry about the damn trunk,
if I were you.

What? The trunk, eh?

You try doing trunk detail,
why don't you.

Let me try that fucking
forensic bullshit.

Oh, wait.
You wouldn't fit inside.

You think science is child's play?

You saying I can't do it?
You little bitch.

You think you look
all scientific? My ass.

You don't look too
smart either, alright?

So stop saying 'forensics' this
and 'science' that.

It doesn't suit your image, woman.

I'm a bitch, huh?

What the hell are you doing?

So what did we tell you
from the start?

Leave him to us.
Don't act on your own.

Didn't we say that?

It's not helping us any
if she acts like this.

Excuse me?

What the hell have you
done up till now?

He slipped right through your fingers
and who the hell are you blaming?

Do you know who pays your salary?

It's all from my pockets. My taxes.

Ungrateful little...

If anything at all happens
to my wife,

I'll kill every single one of you.

Fucking cops.

Wait. Excuse me, wait.

See? It's hard.
Isn't it, Mom?

It is, Sang-woo.

It is, Sang-woo.

I hate the stairs.

Just looking at
them makes me barf.

Uh-huh, Sang-woo.

I really hate jump rope too.


Mommy's so sorry...
I was wrong.

My precious baby. Sang-woo...

Hurry on up, Mom.
I'm gonna go ahead.

There's no time. Hurry up.

Ma'am. Hey, lady...

Pay one hundred grand to HAN In-su.
I'm watching you.

The PIN number is incorrect.
Please try again.

The PIN number is incorrect.

You have exceeded the maximum
transfer amount. Please try again.

Someone please help me.

All services are closed at this hour.
Thank you.

Sang-woo. Sang-woo...


Days Missing: 18

Let us pray.

Lord, we thank You for
this test of adversity

that You have given
as a sign of Your love.

We trust that You will now
give us the courage,

strength, and faith we need to
pass this test.


Please, Deacon OH.

Reverend, sir, please find
our Sang-woo.

Please save him.
Reverend, I know you can.

You're close with God.

Our Sang-woo, our son.
Find him, please.

What are you doing?

Get out.
Thanks for the test of adversity?

- Get out. What did God watch over?
- Deacon, be strong.

- Don't lose courage.
- Get out.

Sister, you must hold on
to your hope.

Get out. We don't need it.

Please, find our Sang-woo...

Please find my baby...

- Dad, don't pull hard...
- What hard?

|didn't even pull yet...


- I didn't yet.
- Oh. Sang-woo, what's that?

Honey, how can you
hit him so hard?

Don't give me that face.

Dad, I'll be a good son.
Believe me.

Believe me.

Sir, you have to pay the fare.

Thank you, Dad!

Anyway, I'm watching you.

Write clearly, or else...
Days Missing: 19

Just write like you normally would.

Don't fake it.
The machine knows all.

Hey, Chinese delivery.
Speak in Korean. Korean, alright?

Handwriting is pretty similar,

and the back silhouette too.

Hurry and come out here.

Hurry HP!

Yeah, judo? What's up?

This is LEE Jae-jun's
wife's family register.

You take a look at it.

Huh, the sneaky little bastards.

HAN In-seok?
The bank account is HAN In-su.

Goddamn bastard.

Just by looking at it,
it's the same as LEE Jae-jun...

So, what do you think?
ls there a resemblance?

I'm watching you...

You said one eye has
a double eyelid, right?


Analysis shows him as male,
in his early to mid-thirties,

from Gyeongsang Province.

About 5' 11', thin physique.

His has an educated voice
and doesn't get worked up easily.

Judging by his extremely
cunning strategies,

he has had higher education.

We're not looking for the same face,
just something that feels similar...

You know, the impression.
First impression.

Let me see.
I was busy making the seal...

A lid. Try putting a lid on him.

Right, a cap.

A Cap"-...

- What do you think?
- It looks similar.

Do you really want to save him?

It hurts, so don't shout.

What is this about?
I'm HAN In-seok.

No, I don't have the money
to buy land.

For one thing,
it's very similar.

I'll need to bring him in and
get some more voice samples.

Okay, let's can this HAN In-seok.

Do you really want to save him?
I'm going to starve him.

He's sound asleep
from the cold medicine.

Hey, now. You have a cold too
or something?

Roll it again.
You better do it right.

His fever is getting worse.

I ought to just finish him
and all this.

Once the money is safe with me,
the kid will be docked safe with you.

Is that all?

Dr. LEE?
Is that good?

Okay, good.

You suckers.
You know what this is?

This is the suspects voice.
Down here, yours.

There's a resemblance there,
don't you think?

Disguise it all you want,
but in the end,

your voice is still
your voice. That's what.

Analysis doesn't lie.

This is the beauty of
forensic science, you see.

I told you,
I was down in the country!

Why do you keep accusing me?
Days Missing: 23

You! What were you doing?

I was in reserve forces training.

Here's the note of confirmation.

Well, I'll be damned.
Let me lay the facts out for you.

You sent someone else
to reserve training.

- We have all the evidence.
- What evidence?

Anyway, you've got the wrong person.
Show me proof.

Anyway? Anyway...
Fine. Proof?

My thoughts exactly.
You want proof?

Days Missing: 24

Mr. HAN.

Mr. HAN, sir.
Mr. HAN.

- Mr.HAN.
- Where's Sang-woo? Where is he?

A bit early to be drunk,
isn't it? Get off me.

You wanna die?
Where is Sang-woo?

Let's say I do know where he is.

Do you actually think
I would tell you?

Where's Sang-woo, you sick fuck?


I was wrong.

I'll apologize.
I'm so sorry.

So please, give Sang-woo back.

I'm the bastard.
Sang-woo did nothing wrong.

Please, Jae-jun. We're frien...

Friends? The fuck we are.
Spineless motherfucker.

Please, just once.

I'll give you everything.

Money. As much as you want.

No, I'll do anything you tell me to.

So please,
just give us back our son.

I don't care what happens to your son.

Should've loved him
when you had the chance.

Jae-jun. Jae-jun.

Sir, the suspect just
called the house.

He wants a hundred grand
ready by tomorrow.


July 13th, 1991
Days Missing: 25

Massage coupon
- Sang-woo

Good evening, everyone.

I am HAN Sang-woo, the son of
news anchorman, HAN Kyung-bae.

HAN Kyung-bae is too busy today,
so I came to take his place.

I'll try my best to do it right.

Please be kind.

Now, for our first report.

July 13th was HAN Sang-woo':
10th birthday.

His mother, OH Ji-sun, prepared
a feast of pizza, hamburgers,

and sweet-and-sour pork.

HAN shed tears of joy
and said it was

the happiest day of
his ten years alive.

We look forward to how they
might please him next year,

with an even bigger feast.

I hope everyone has
a peaceful evening.

Do you think the Frog Boys
will come home?

Sang-woos gonna need
some Pepto-Bismol.

You look good.
The mustache and all.

Our Sang-woo will too,
when he's older.

He takes after you, after all.

- Dad, Help me.
- Sang-woo, Sang-woo, it's Dad.

- Dad. Help me.
- Sang-woo, Sang-woo, it's Dad.

- Help me.
- Sang-woo. Sang-woo, it's Dad.

- Dad. Help me.
- Sang-woo. Sang-woo, it's Dad!

- Hello?
- You still have a hundred grand left.

Dad. Help me.

You still have a hundred grand left.

Sir, it's me.

About Sang-weds voice.

We said we want to be alone.

The thing is, Mr. HAN.
Forensics called in today,

and it appears that
Sang-weds voice

was a tape recording.


Well, we've got orders from up top,

so I think we'll have to go public
with the investigation.

But we still have hope, so...

Wait, Mr. HAN. Mr. HAN!

Days Missing: 25
Phone Threats: 41

You clearly have no devotion
to your son.

What made you think you
could stay home?

You've got some nerve,
I'll give you that.

- Give us back our son.
- You're obviously impudent as well.

You should've kept your promise.
The money wasn't transferred.

I told you, the technical problem
wasn't our fault.

Are you gonna keep on
lying to me?

Oh, I see. Maybe you're
testing my patience.

So then, you really want to
have a go at it?


Don't you ever think of seeing
Sang-woo again.


Mr. HAN, you're being
quite unreasonable here.

You're the one
that's unreasonable.

Alright, then.

Please come out right now.

We'll try to get this over
with within the day.

Put him on the phone.

- Then, will you come out immediately?
- I said, put him on the phone!

Dad. Help me.


Come out right away. Right now.

I don't want to right now.

It's raining, and I'm tired too...

Let me clean up and get some rest.
Let's talk tomorrow.

Hello? Mr. HAN... Mr. HAN...

Days Missing: 26


So, are you ready now?

I'm eating.
Have you eaten yet?

- Not yet.
- Eat.

Let's eat first.

Anyway, let's be over
with this today.

I will call back in ten minutes.

Make it thirty minutes.
I'm in the middle of breakfast.

You don't want to be
doing this, Mr. HAN...

You want Sang-woo to die,
don't you?

Anyway, let's do this
in thirty minutes.

Thirty minutes?

No problem.

It tastes good?

Can you eat at a time like this?

Are you, are you human? Huh?

Have you gone completely insane?

You think...

our Sang-woo is dead?

Who told you to give up?
Who gave you the right?

You can't give up, you can't...

Our Sang-woo isn't dead.

My son won't die that easily.

So please, please don't do this.

Promise me that you'll
come back with Sang-woo today.


Today, I'm taking the wife's car.

Excuse me?

There's no car phone,
so I can't call anywhere.

Let's meet each other right away.

Well, that sounds good.

What's the car's license
plate number?

It's a white Sonata,
number 3911.

Come to Jamsil Lotte World
by 9:30.

Put the bag on the ticket box
at the carousel.

Sang-woo will be at the carousel.

9:30, it'll be over there.

- Dad.
- Sang-woo. Sang-woo, it's Dad.

Do you want Sang-woo to live?
Do you really want to save him?

One more mistake,
and Sang-woo dies.

Sir, please...
I'm down on my knees...

I'm going to starve him,
starting from now.

I'm watching you.
Every move you make.

You think you can get away
with this?

Silence. It hurts, so don't shout.

Please, don't kill my son.

Seeing as to how desperate you are,
I'll give you one last chance.

So, let's start again
on a new clay, shall we?

Just hold on, Sang-woo...

Take it like a man.

Don't get scared
and keep it cool...

No, no. No.

Beg him to let you live.
Beg him to let you live.

License plate 4954, 4954.
Please move your car.

Hey, you! You can't jaywalk here!

Go to the sidewalk.

Get out of the way, please.

Out of the way,
get out of the way!

God. Please...

Just once...

Our Father, who art in heaven,

God, just once.

Please, just this once.

Sang-woo, Sang-woo!

Forgive us our trespasses

as we forgive those
who trespass against us...

Lead us not into temptation,

but deliver us from evil!

Excuse me, I'm sorry.
Excuse me.

Excuse me.



Sang-woo, Sang-woo.

Sang-woo, it's Dad.
Let's go home.

Sang-woo, Sang-woo.

Sang-woo, Sang-woo...

Let's go home
It's dad. Sang-woo.

Sang-woo. Sang-woo.

Sang-woo, it's okay, son.

We have to go home now,

Daddy's here now, son.
Let's go home.

Sang-woo, I'm here.
Dad's here.

August 1 st, 1991
Days Missing: 44

Goddamn it.

Sang-woo is crying.

HAN Sang-woo': body is discovered
after 44 days of kidnapping.

Died of suffocation
the day after the kidnapping.


It's scary.

When Sang-woo comes...

When he comes, it'll scare him.
Turn it on.


Ji-sun, let's...

Don't do this.

Ji-sun, let's have another child.
Sang-woo won't...

I said, don't.

You thought you were so smart,

acting all high and mighty...

You said I should trust you.

And now, what?

Let's have another child?

Sure, go ahead.
Go ahead! Let's!

Honey, that's not it.
Honey. Sang-woo isn't...

If that's not it, then what?
What about our Sang-woo.

All I need is Sang-woo.

So hurry and go and
bring Sang-woo back. Now!

Bring him home, our Sang-woo.

It's all worthless.

I don't need you
and I don't need God.

Sang-woo, Sang-woo...

Detective CHOI,
I said to pack the tools first.

In the beginning,

I should've just sold the house
and given him all the money.

You know what I regret the most?

The thing...

The thing that's eating me up

I called myself a dad and I did nothing.
I couldn't even play with him.

I thought all I had to do was
to bring him into the world.

I can't remember a thing.
Not one thing.

My DOLL--...

He must have needed me so much...

I'm gonna quit.
I mean, I didn't even catch him.

There's nothing I can do.

I just feel so helpless.
Like such a fool. A fool...

You said I should do right
while I still can...

and I want to.
While he's here.

I'm sorry.

Get a grip, man.

What's with you? Like you're
about to die or something.

There's a saying.

I heard it from somewhere.

'Heaven and hell all
exist in this life.'

You have to stay alive to catch him
and get revenge, right?

I thought you would need this.

Record Tape(No. 144 Sang-woo)

Sir, are you sure you're alright?

You must be devastated...

We were all so worried about you.

You're face is so wan.
Viewers will barely recognize you.

It's okay. I was on a diet.

Alright, everyone standby please.

Good evening, everyone.
It feels good to be back.

DBC News at nine o'clock on Thursday,
August 8th, will begin.

First up tonight.

The body of a nine-year-old boy was
found at the bank of the Han River,

44 days after he was abducted
from a local playground.

PARK Jin-oh reports.

I'm here in Banpo, where the dead body
of nine-year-old

HAN Sang-woo was found.

He was found with his arms
and legs bound with a clothesline,

his mouth taped shut,

and his body was frozen.

The presumption is that
he was suffocated, possibly one day

after he was kidnapped.

To the family that waited
for 44 days of pain,

news of the child's death was
an unanticipated blow to the heart.

The school HAN Sang-woo had studied
and played at is also in deep shock.

I hope they catch the man
that killed Sang-woo.


Although the police conducted
a secret investigation,

they still have no clues as
to the identity of the criminal.

The police must determine what,
and who, caused a young,

hopeful boy to return home
in a body bag

after these 44 days of terror.

- Director HAN, we've got 3 seconds.
-This is PARK Jin-oh, DBC News.

Yes, the truly unspeakable...

has happened once again.

The killer made over eighty-seven
threatening phone calls

to the victim's family

and extorted them for
two hundred thousand dollars.

Despite these efforts,
in the end...

No, don't cry.

Sang-woo didn't make it home...

Don't cry.

And his lifeless body
was discovered...

near the Han River Park.

You can't cry, honey.
Don't cry...

Sang-woo, I'm sorry.

Ladies and gentleman,
I apologize...

- No, no, this is a disaster.
- Cut him off!

- Camera one, standby.
- VCR is ready to go.

Sir, what should we...
Should we cut and turn to Ms. HA?

No, no. Leave it.

I'll take the responsibility.
Let's see this through.

Yes, sir.


WES my SO“.

I, I went through life believing...

these things only happen to
other people.

I'm sorry.

All the viewers out there,
please help me just this once.

Ladies and gentleman.

The recording I'm going to play,
listen carefully to this voice.

Sang-woo is gone, but the monster
that took his life...

is shamelessly breathing,
living beside you. Among us...

You listen to me very carefully.

There is no such thing
as a perfect crime.

I will hunt you down...

to the ends of this earth...

and I will catch you.
No matter what it takes.



Ladies and gentleman, please.
Please, please listen closely...

The voice that you are listening to
is the voice of


The actual killer, recorded in 1991.
Please listen very carefully.

I gave him pills because he was
coming down with a cold,

and he's sleeping now.


Please open the back seat once
and leave the inside lights on.

The back seats.

Leave the door open,
and leave the trunk open.

Then, you can go into
the bakery and wait there.

You need to leave the keys inside.

The killer is believed to be a male,
Open the trunk.

With an average build, approximately 5' 6" to 5'
7" tall Open it up all the way. And then close it

and speaks with a Seoul and Gyeonggi Province dialect.
then come straight to the domestic terminal at the airport.

He was believed to be in his early to mid-thirties
You have very little devotion to your child.

At the time of the crime (1991).
Someone was sitting in the back seat.

I'm telling you, there was someone
in the back seat.

Ma'am, then you will have
to come yourself.

To be honest, [just don't
trust your husband.

You need to understand this.

And don't bring other
people into this.

The 1991 kidnapping and murder of
Lee Hyung-ho. What is your decision?

More than 100,000 members of the police force have been
You know that this isn't what is best for Hyung-ho?

Assigned to this case over the course of the past
16 years. You want Hyung-ho to die, don't you?

Over 420 suspects were arrested and
investigated. Know that today is the end.

87 voice recordings and handwriting
samples have been analyzed.

As of January, 2006, the statute
of limitations I have your son?

Has expired on the case.

As of 2007, the murderer still
walks free.

In memory of the late LEE Hyung-ho.
May his soul rest in peace.