Voice of Silence (2020) - full transcript

Two men work for a criminal organization to clean up the after-math messes. One day, they receive an unexpected order.

Eggs for sale! Eggs!

Stack these up there.

Thank you, have a good day!

Two boxes, please.

Sure. Two boxes.

Two boxes… That'll be $8.

Here's $2 in change.

Give me another $1.

Listen to you!

Voice of Silence

Today's honest sweat is
tomorrow's happiness

You wore this as a kid.

When I grabbed my stuff, I
realized that mine was torn.

So I took this instead.
It actually fits.


A bit more, just a bit.

Keep going.

More… Okay stop! That's good.

Okay, stop.


What's going on?

My arms are numb!

What's that water dipper for?

What are you going to do?

You little pricks.

You know who I am?

Who do you think you are?

Answer me! Can't you talk?

Don't just stare. One word
from me and you'll be…

I mean… a word from me
won't change anything.

The manager arrived, he's waiting.

The manager? Why? Why'd
he come all the way here?

Hey, hurry up.

What could it be?

You should've told me.
What brings him here?

Welcome, sir. Long time no see.

Yes, I came for a visit.

Let's talk afterwards.

Yes, see to your business
and I'll come soon.

So hot!

Wipe the hangers off before
hanging these up, okay?


Hey, time to start.

Lift his head.

Hey, what are you doing?
Come out quick!

We'll be outside, so tell
us when you're done.


And if you need anything,
please let us know.

We'll be waiting.

Good work.

There you go again.

If they catch you doing
that, you're dead.

If you covet other people's
things, you'll fall into ruin.

Work hard to control yourself.

Time to delegate the truck
duties. You've saved enough.

Go yourself to pick up the eggs.

See how other people
work, take it all in.

Why do you get so distracted?

We should be thankful
for the work given us.

Take interest in the wrong
things, and there'll be trouble.

So, did you finish?

Yes, come on in.

We finished earlier, but
I had to make a call.

I have one for each of you.

You hung him a bit low.
Now my back is sore.

My apologies.

Hey, Doo-man.

Yes, boss.


If he'd talked sooner he'd have gone
more peacefully, without this mess!

- Let's talk!
- Yes, sir.

This time I'd like you to
hold someone for a few days.

That's a bit difficult for us...

After all, we usually
just handle the bodies.

I'm just asking you to
look after someone, okay?

I always work with you,
so do me this favor.

I'll pay you in cash tomorrow.

But actually from our perspective,
the issue isn't money...

I can't pay any more. Things
are hard for me, too.

It's really not the money, but
we don't do this kind of work.

Hey! My god…

You, come here.

Get over here!

What's your name?

This guy, he's a great
kid, but he hardly speaks.

His throat is a bit…

Just think of him as mute.

Oh, really?

As for your request,
we'll do the best we can.

Right, it won't be hard.
They'll send you the address.

Very well, sir.



You did a nice job.

You. Did. A. Nice. Job!

Good. Work. Today!

It was nothing, really.

- You guys clean up, then.
- Yes, have a good day!

Thanks as always!

What's with this weather?

Hey, wait a minute! Wait!

We put him in wrong. North is this way.

His head should point north.

Wow, I'm sorry.

My apologies!

With the mercy of Christ,

go peacefully on your path.

You've paid for your
earthly sins, rest in peace.

We are all sinners.
All of us, right? Amen.

Now shovel.

Are you listening to that
prayer tape I bought you?

If you listen well and pray
hard, you'll be able to speak.

I got that tape for you,
so be sure to listen.


Keep shoveling.

We're here. Wake up.

Take this.

Stash it away well.

How long will that old woman live?

Take out 5 eggs and give them to her.

And listen to the tape before bed!

Thank you!

That's not it!

Didn't you say on the
right after the gas station?

A 3-story building, on Route 24.

- Route 24?
- Yes.

- I don't think it's Route 24.
- What?

I see a 3-story building.

It must be right, then.

Is it 4 stories? Damn.

- Just a minute.
- Yes.

You see a 3-story building?


Drive past the building
about 300 or 400 meters,

and you'll see a dirt
road on the right.

No, a dirt road. Dirt!

Dirt, not asphalt.

Just come down that road.

You can park the truck
here. Drive safe.

Hello? Yes.

The person is in the room,
but we need to leave in 10 min.

We'll leave the key under
a flower pot by the door.

Thank you!

The manager said to keep
him just one or two days,

so let's be on our toes.

This must be right?

For now, bring that. We
need to keep him scared.

Not that, the bat! The bat!

Why bring the shovel?

Is it the wrong room?

It's B-102, right?

What's going on?

Is it the next room?

What? What is it?

What the hell?

It's a kid? The one we're
supposed to keep?

Who does the manager think I am?

Hey, Rabbit!

No way, if I'd known this
there's no way I'd agree.

I'll call him. Wait here.

Hello, Manager?

We arrived right on
time for the pickup.

But it turns out… it's a kid?

A little girl.


It turns out she's
being held for ransom,

but her dad keeps
haggling on the price.

They meant to take her brother,

a 3rd-generation only son, but
these idiots took her instead.

The manager must be upset, too.

Maybe he wants to pay
less because it's a girl?

Sons and daughters should
be treated the same.

What kind of parents are they?


you know what my home is like,
with so many people around.

So just for a day,
keep her at your home.

I know, I know…

But I took you in as a baby, raised
you, give you suitable work.

And for this job we need
someone who won't talk.

If you think about it, you
can do her a kind service!

Look, if I bring her home,

you think she'll just keep quiet?

What a fuss she'll make!

Then what happens? The cops will come.

And with my bad leg, they'll catch me.

And with no work, you'll be sucking
your thumb at home, right?

Just one day.

Let's go. Get in.


Am I going to die?

No, we're just going somewhere.

We're friends of your dad's.

But he'll come later, so
you'll stay with us, Ju-hee.

My name is Cho-hee.

Oh right, Cho-hee.
What's your full name?

Bae Cho-hee.

Wow, that's a pretty name.

Your dad has to give us
something, so he went to get it.

He'll come soon so don't worry.

You'll be home soon, Cho-hee.

Will he pay the money?

It's not about money…

Then when will he come?

He'll come tomorrow.

Tonight you'll sleep
at this guy's place,

and in a day your dad
will come, okay Cho-hee?


I'll wake you later. Get some sleep.

Thank you.

Every time he rides in the truck...

Cho-hee, say, we're here!

He says we're here.

Here, buy something yummy
for you and the girl.

It's $30. Don't lose it.

We'll get paid well after
this job is finished, okay?

Cho-hee. Lots of scary
guys around here,

so stick close to that guy, okay?


Oh, Granny!


Please save me!

What's with you?

Listen to your brother. Go on.

Be nice to your sister.

I'm hungry!

I'm hungry!

Where are you from?

What's your name?

Kim Moon-joo.

Is there a telephone here?

When my dad arrives, come with us.

I'll take you away.

And my brother?

Your brother?

He's your brother?

Moon-joo... Moon-joo.

I'm hungry.

Did you sleep well?

Moon-joo, is he really your brother?

You're nice, right?

Is your brother nice?

I'm hungry!

Lock up the girl and come
for cleaning. 11 AM.

Can't lock the door
because of my sister.



This may be a bad time,
but about that girl…

Who will take over that job?



Can't believe this...

Why'd he make us take that girl?

Could you tell me who oversees
the situation with the girl...?

At the manager's order,
we took the girl yesterday.

Then, she's not your daughter?

I'm a bachelor.

I haven't heard about
that. Did any of you?

That manager was involved
in all kinds of schemes.

It's a real mess. I'll
make some calls later.

I'd really appreciate that.

You can go in now. It's all ready.



Yes, I'm the man who called
yesterday and picked up the girl.

Yes, Manager Kim who
contacted you about this...

had something come up...

He's being killed right now.

I think he needed money
and arranged this deal alone.

Yes, let's meet and discuss this.

You should've explained
things first before dying.

Finish what you started.

After rising to manager,
it all ends like this.

Whatever you do, do
your best and be humble.

Always be thankful for what you have.

God, it's hot.

With this hot weather,
the stench is awful.



Will we meet my dad today?

Your dad said he can't come today.

But don't worry.

Then will he come tomorrow?

I don't think so. The
day after tomorrow!

Once you join a family,
you have to pitch in, right?

They're here.

Oh my.

How do you do?


I'm Kang Chang-bok, who called before.

You're early.

Last time I was a bit late,
so I hurried this time.

It's always a mess after a kid leaves.

Have a seat.

You seem to specialize
in this line of work.

Yes, it's true.

I can see you do well for yourselves.

I wouldn't say that.

But we're always busy.

This being your job, you must
understand the children's...

Before things get too complicated,
we'd like to wrap up this situation.

Wrap it up as you wish.

Our basic fee is $25,000.

And we'll bill you for any
additional expenses.

No, you see, it's not us paying you.

And you said your fee is $25,000?

The manager told us
we'd receive $3,000.

What I'm suggesting is, when
you receive her ransom,

we'll get our share,

and you can take more than
you were originally promised.

Yes, but this kind of
job is not so simple.

So we're saying, you take the child,

and then you can keep
the entire ransom.

If you want us to take the
child, then you can pay us.

We're giving you the kid,
why should we pay you?

Aren't you asking us to resolve
your difficult situation?

Then you'd collect the ransom
directly from the parents?

This being the busy season, we
might go for the quicker option.

The quicker option?

Selling her is faster than
waiting for the parents.

Then sir, we'll help you arrange
to collect the ransom,

and we'll each add a bit to our fee.

She seems like a nice kid.
How great to return her home?

You just need to write a few letters.

Your required supplies.

It's not much.

You can buy it all at a
kids' stationery store.

Supplies and Precautions

Get a sketch book, and pick one.

This one.

You want this one?

- That's $7.
- Okay.

Dad, prepare $200,000 in cash.
Under Baekhap Bridge, June 26

What are you writing?

I'm asking my dad to prepare 200 grand.

What's 200 grand?

It's a lot of money.


The kidnappers said they need money.

What's a kid-nipper?

The people who took me.

My brother?

Don't draw on the floor. Use paper.

Or your brother will get mad.

Let's draw here instead.

Here he is.

Thanks for coming so far.

The letter?

Here you go.

Pretty envelope.

Did you take care of everything?

Yes, he did.

Nice work.

For sure, someone will be
watching over the first location.

Oh, really?

So we should write a second letter.

I'll text you the time
and place like last time.

Very well. Have a good night.

Let's go.

Oh! Just a sec.

When you sealed the envelope…

...did you do this?

Did you lick it?

He licked it, what do we do?

I'll put this one into a new envelope,

but next time,

no saliva, sweat, or strands of hair.

You have to be sure
there's none of that.

I understand.

Remember that.

Moon-joo, let's eat that
when your brother comes in.

Should we put it on the table?

I'll open it for you.

Moon-joo, you're nice
so you can wait, right?

Since you listen well,
I'll give you a prize.

Should I teach you how to fold clothes?


Fold this in half,
then smooth this out,

then fold just a little.

Yes, like that.

You're good at it.

After your brother starts eating.

Hurry up!

Hurry up!

What did I tell you?

Please hurry up.


I'll cut it for you.

Taste good?

Can I go to the bathroom?

Will you come with me?

Don't go anywhere.

Are you still there?

Still there?

So my dad won't come
for the next 4 days?

He'll come after the letter arrives?

Hi Granny!

Stop it!

Nice to have clean hair?

Hey, Moon-joo!

We need to rinse it!

Caught you!

Hey, don't push.

Here we are.

One, two, three!



Good girl.

Let's sit down.

Did those jerks sell us a dud?

Oh, it works.


Maybe not.

It's always black at first.

We have one at home. Can I try it?

Look this way!

She says to look.

One, two, three!

Wow, it works!

Soon you'll see the photo.
But right now it's black.

What is this?

You need to shake it. Blow on it.

Cho-hee, look!


If you grin like that, your parents
will tell you to just live here.

You need to look sad, okay?

As sad as possible!

Oh, I'm sad!

To Mom and Dad

Pass the glue.

Finish this up. Put the gloves on.

Yes, sir?

We just finished the letter,
and are about to deliver it.


Draw an umbrella, please!

Draw it! Draw it!

Draw it!

Wow, he draws well.

Where's your mom?


Is that as far as America?


Then why don't you go see her?


Dad doesn't want me to come home.


He thinks my younger brother is enough.

Sit down here.

Those sons of bitches, they
want me to collect the ransom.

They say they might've been
recognized when they took the girl.

Do they think the cops will only
arrest people they recognize?

What a bunch of crooks.

Then what'll they do
if the letter arrives late?

Did you glue this properly?

I have no connection with them,

so they say it's safest
if I collect the money.

It's true, actually.

You see? I've been skipping
church, that's why this happened.

If the dad says he'll
pay but doesn't show up,

you'll have to take the girl here.

It's a chicken farm.

It's not too far, 30-40
minutes by bike?

I'll have to go far for the money,

so if you drop off the
girl, they'll take care of it.

Don't worry!

So if I get the money before
noon tomorrow I'll call you,

but if I don't call, be
sure to drop off the girl.

What time? Noon!

Just follow the plan. And
listen to the prayer tape!

A child who is obedient
shall be free of disease.

A child who believes shall have
blood vessels free of plaque.

A mute child who obeys
shall be able to speak.

A child touched by The
One shall grow strong.

A child who believes shall drive
out the curses of the ancestors.

One who obeys shall be free of fear.

Yes, it's me.

I don't see anyone with a blue cap.

I'm at the right place, at the
arcade. By the livestock center.


By any chance... The blue
cap! No, it's an old man.

Did they back out? 15
minutes have passed.

All right, I'll wait
a bit longer, then.

Yes, I understand.

I'm going crazy here!


12 sheets by 4 PM would be difficult.

6 PM?

All right, then.

Excuse me.

Excuse me!

Shit! Damn it!

Slowly... don't spill.

Dream Travel Agency:
Taking you to the skies

Did my dad get the letter?

I'll go to work with your
brother. Let's finish later.

We do charge differently
by age. But not by gender.

And type O is a bit more
expensive, but not much.

That's what we did last time.

We've got a long waiting list.

If the price is too
high, then forget it.

Yes, that's good for us, too.

When should we meet?

Sure, see you in a bit.

Oh, hi! So you found it okay?

Come on out! It's the
girl they called about.

She's here?

It's okay, look here.


She's not 7 years old.

I checked it with Mr. Choi three times!

I can't believe that jerk!

Hey, how old are you?

I'm 11.

Your blood type?


What'll you do now?

Sit down.

I'll call Choi now.

I'm not sure how the error occurred.

The girl just arrived,
but she's 11, not 7.

She just arrived now.

If that's so, then the
price you mentioned...

5% for each year. Right.

So 4 years times 5% means 20% less.

Then I'll call you later
when the delivery is done.

No, I'm the one who's sorry.

What are you sorry about?

Yes, I'll call later.

Have this before you go.

Take it! My arm hurts.

You can go now.

What? Need a receipt?

Then go on. It's so hot today.

You sit down here. Drink this.

Hurry and go.

He needs to go somewhere. Drink this.

What about my dad?

He can't come?

Your dad asked us to
take you someplace nice.

Drink this. Ignore the
taste, just swallow it.

The aftertaste is sweet.


Is it bitter?

Ignore the taste, just
down the whole glass.

That's right.

She's a pro!

I told you it's good.

Want another?

Stop fooling around.
It'll come back up soon.


All done now.

Where's Cho-hee?

Where's Cho-hee?

♪ This passion in my heart, ♪
♪ my head carried high... ♪

♪ Don't blame me for this promised... ♪

Oh my god!

Hey, you!

Get away!

Let go of that!

What's he doing back here?

Hey bum, you'll die like that!


Let go!

Get over here!

Damn you!

You little prick!


All right, all right.

You bastard!

My leg's busted, you bastard!

Hey, stop!

You numbskull!

Where are you going?

What idiot parked his
car in front of my store?

I behaved well while you were gone.

Good girl.


Can we play marbles?

You need 5 stones.

I'll go find one.

The door's locked. Just wait.

What? It's open.


Look at this.

Have you played hide-and-seek?


I think you'll be good at it.

01:12:13,627 --> 01:12:15,088

01:12:16,172 --> 01:12:17,715

01:12:18,799 --> 01:12:20,676

01:12:21,510 --> 01:12:23,304

01:12:24,055 --> 01:12:26,015

01:12:26,474 --> 01:12:28,517

01:12:29,185 --> 01:12:30,811

01:12:31,687 --> 01:12:33,231

01:12:34,023 --> 01:12:35,608

01:12:35,984 --> 01:12:36,901
Time's up!


I played hide-and-seek with Cho-hee,
but she hid so well I can't find her.



What the hell?


You scared the piss out of me!

How could you jump out like that?

I'm sorry.

I need to go home, please help me.

You need to go home?

Where is it?

I'll take you there.

Where's the police station?

The police?

I'm a policeman.

Come home with me.

A policeman...

Come home with me, let's go.

Let's go home.

What is it?

You said you wanted to go home!



Officer Choi.

How much did you drink
to be sleeping in the road?

Not that much. Why pick on me?

Stand up.

Han-sol, it's you?

Did you really see a girl?

Yeah, it was right here, but...

she ran that way.

How old was she?

About 10, maybe.

Her clothes? What
color was she wearing?


She's a girl, so must've been pink.

Pink... all right.

I'll go take a look.

You go in and look through
missing child reports.


Good work.

Is Moon-joo sleeping?

I'll go to the bathroom.

You're the bicycle guy, right?

What are you doing in
the dark? Exercising?

Let me ask you.

I heard a girl was wandering
around here lost.

You haven't seen her?

Yes, they say clapping
is good for circulation.

Is she here?

Yes, I'm the policewoman.

So you're his sister.

Is someone in there?

Is someone inside?

Get here, you!

Look at this.

I found another stone.

Hide-and-seek is no fun.

I've got you!

Let's do it later.



You're a good girl, would you help me?


Look. You dig up some dirt.

Then you dump it here.


God, look at you. Get a grip.


You came early.

Oh my.

I heard about it, but it's
worse than I thought.

It's nothing. Have a seat.

After the kids ran away, only
real chicks now... Beat it!

I keep getting pestered to do this.

But that crazy fool actually jumped
though the window, as I drove.

As you drove?

Yeah! He was punching me.

And I had to drive with this hand,

so I was blocking all his
punches, and I cracked my arm.

Wow, your life is like a movie.


Now that I'm older,
my bones are brittle.

But did you go to the dead man's house?

Yeah, I stopped by.

But nobody knows much
about the other guy.

He came on a bike, so it can't be far.

Isari Village is just 10 minutes away.

Not many houses there,
so it might be easy.

I'm sure we'll find him.

Granny, I'm looking
for a cousin of mine.

Wondering if he lives near here.

So what?

No, what I mean is...

Can't hear what you're saying!

I'm looking for my cousin,
but can't find him. A man.

He always rides his bike around here.

Bike? Then it's that way.

That way?

Do you know a man who
rides his bike around here?

That way? Thanks!

Seonin Elementary School
Grade 4, Bae Cho-hee

God, you're a shitty driver.

Sorry about that.
Could that be the house?

Go on in.


Was she that small?

Yeah, I think so. There's the rabbit.



What are you watching?

Your brother sent us to get you.

Is he with her?

She's there too. Give her a candy.

He said to give you this.

I'll open it.

Put on your shoes. Let's go.

Let's go.

Not that way. Hey!

Don't go there, you punk.

He's alive.

What's going on? Dig!

All right.

How could they bury someone alive?

Really, that's going too far.

Get the girl.

What a pathetic.

Just leave her behind!

Start the car.

See where it says Class 3?
Our classroom is below that.



I was so worried...

But who's that man?

Do you know him?

Oh my god!

The kidnapper!

Hey! Catch him!

Oh my god! The one in black! Catch him!

He's a kidnapper! Catch him!



Voice of Silence