Voice (2005) - full transcript

While training after hours in her high-school, the aspirant singer Park Young-Eon is mysteriously killed and her body vanishes. Her ghost is invisible and trapped in the school, but her best friend Kang Sun-min, who broadcast in the lunchtime in school, is able to hear her voice. After the suicide of their music teacher, Sun-min, aided by her mate Cho-Ah, finds that another student, Hyo-Jung, died in the same elevator trunk some time ago. Meanwhile Young-Eon recalls details of her life, disclosing why she died.

- Hey, you scared me.
- Look who's talking.

I was recording you.

Didn't you sing along?

Why would I do that
while recording?

That's really odd.

I bet you heard yourself.

You think so?

Anyway, why do you

keep recording me?

To make you a singer!

Was that for music class?

Yeah. But the high-pitched part
isn't so easy.

I can't believe how different
you sound when you sing.

It's good enough for me.
Let's go now.

Go ahead.
I'll practice some more.

For an hour and 28 minutes,
I waited for you.

I ditched the others
so I could go with you.

And I should go alone?

Sorry, but I can't practice
at home.

What? Music is
more important than me?

It's your favorite song.

I don't wanna ruin it.

Okay then.
We'll do the usual.

The longer wins, okay?


So lucky!

Fine, I'll go.

Sing your throat out
for all I care!

Good night, Sun-min.


You're still here?

Who's there?

Who is she?

Why did she...


Good morning.

The First Day

What's up?

Wow, it looks expensive.

How many megabytes?

Come on, no megabytes.
It's a gigabyte.

It stores more than 100 songs?

More than a thousand!

- Mi-hee?
- Finish your homework.

Can't you see me?

Can't you hear me?

Hey! From here.

Why can't you see me?

Hey, this sucks.

It has a lot of static.

If you're lying,
I'll kill you!

I'm having a nightmare.

I need to wake up.

When I do,
evertyhing will be fine.



- Didn't you hear it?
- No. Nothing.

It's strange.
I'm sure I heard a scream.

No way.

- Good morning!
- Hi!

Did you see Young-eon
this morning?

I don't think so.

It's me, Young-eon.

It's me, Young-eon.

Can't you hear me?

Please, say something.

Teacher? Teacher?

Okay, I understand.

Sure. Thanks.

What is it, Sun-min?

Young-eon's absent today.
And she's not answering her phone.

Ijust talked to her dad.

Today's a memorial day
for her mom.

She might've gone
to her grave.

Why didn't she tell me?

They don't live together?

They do.

But he often goes away
on business.

- So...
- Hey, KIM!

Come here for a sec.

- Good morning
- Hi, Sun-min.

Are you date with
your teacher?

How's it going?



- I'll go.
- Sure.

Seated before the damn mixer

You can't swear on air,
can you?

I'm editing you out!

Who has this beautiful voice?

It's Kang Sun-min,
the announcer!

Sun-min, how are you?

My best friend is absent
without telling me.

Thus, I'm in a bad mood.


Is evertyhing okay?


"If I don't read daily,
thorns grow on my tongue. "

Hi, this is SWB lunch broadcast
on November 25.

What does reading have
to do with thorns?

I always wondered.
Here's the answer.

Thorns refer to bad words.

If I don't listen to music daily,
my ears go weird.

I've been hearing things
all this morning.

So let's listen to one now.

I can't get used to my voice
on speakers.

Everybody thinks they sound
different on speakers,

though it's the same voice.

The voice I hear is different
from the one that others hear...

That's creepy.

Right. When I first heard my voice
on speakers,

- it was weird.
- Yours is naturally weird.

Let's go.

Kang Sun-min?



Kang Sun-min?

Can you hear me?

What's this?
Is this a joke?

It's me, Young-eon.
I'm standing right beside you.


What's with the sound?

- Are you okay?
- Be careful!

- Is she okay?
- What's wrong with her?

You might've heard things
due to severe stress.

Try to get some sleep.

Young-eon's absent one day,
and you hear things?

- Leave so she can rest.
- Okay.

Don't cry.

I'm sorry, Sun-min.

I couldn't help it.

You're the only one
who can hear me.

Don't be scared.

It happened last night
after you left.

I should've left with you.

Maybe this is punishment.

It's me, Young-eon.

I would send you a message
on your cell after the broadcast.

You would wait for me
when I practiced singing.


It's your favorite song.

I can't open my eyes.

What if I open them
and you're not there?

I can't.

What's word...

I believe you're Young-eon.

But I can't believe
you're dead.

I'm talking to you now.

Except that you're invisible,
nothing has changed.

I have no idea
what's happened to me.

- She's talking to herself.
- What's wrong with her?


I don't know
how to accept this.

- I know you're far more...
- Sun-min!

I can't leave the building.

We can talk freely here.

There's nobody but us.

You're beside me, right?

Yes, right beside you.

Who was it?
Did you see her face?

No. I remember passing out
in front of the elevator.

But that's about it.

That's right! I saw someone
last night, leaving the music room.

The music teacher!

It had to be her.

You're suspecting her?

No way.

She was so nice to me.


Almost too nice.

She would never...

I'd be damned.

Where's the damn leak?

The building is new outside,
but rotten inside.

Teacher, Young-eon is
absent today.

What'd I tell you?

Listen. Of the notes you just heard,
pick one and copy it.


What'd we just hear?


You. You. You...


Do the same notes again.

Okay, begin.


If the notes don't go together,
they're only noises.

But if they do,
they become a beautiful chord.

Listening to the sound is more
important than singing well.

You should be able to tell

which sound goes well
with which.

Otherwise, they're noises.

Like human relationships.

See what I'm getting at?

That's what we're doing
from now on.

Sleeping during class

Snoring like crazy

Swinging the stick in his hand
Hitting students for fun

No help for helping students

Too lazy to teach
You lazy bastard

I thought of a place
that makes constant noises.

And this is it.

The boiler room.

It's the heart of our school.

- You hear the heart beating?
- It's spooky.

The music teacher is so cool.

Don't get too close to her.

Are you jealous?

A little bird told me
she's a lesbian.

- Really?
- I don't know if it's true.

I feel sorry for her.


I heard that larynx cancer had

ruined her soprano career.

She's able to talk now,

but can't sing any more.

If she pushes for it,
she might lose her voice.

That's terrible.

This is my favorite.

I can't believe
you still have that.

It was your present.

Listening to music on it,
I can feel your presence.

Young-eon, don't overdo it.


Do you know
where Young-eon is?

Why ask me that?

I thought you might know.


What are you doing here?

A voice seems to be heard here.

So I dropped by.

You hear it?
That voice?

It's time for dogs
and wolves.

Dogs and wolves?

When the sun sets,

you can't tell if it's a dog
or a wolf from a distance.

That's what it means.

It's time for the truth
to be hidden.

Or the other way around.


I'll get a driver's license
as soon as I graduate.

So I can drive you to

where we went long ago.

You know what it means?
You have to get better.

You know what?
You smell like my mom.

Hey, she's at it again.

I'm scared.

I'll tell Mom I'm sleeping over
at your place.

Who was that for?

For our lovely school,
of course.

She's officially insane.

Yeah, it's pretty bad.

- Look.
- What?

Don't you know her
from middle school?

- Cho-ah?
- Yes.

- What's she like?
- She's a freak.

She took a year off
in middle school.

It was her head that was wrong,
not her body.

- Her head?
- She was in a nuthouse.

No, it can't be.


Young-eon, did you scream?

What's wrong?

I think something happened
to the music teacher.

Sun-min, I'm scared.
Let's get out of here.

What's it doing here?

It's the music teacher.
Something's not right.


What happened?

Talk to me, Detective.
You okay?

The Second Day

Shocking news!

What's the bustle?

You're not gonna believe
what I heard.

The music teacher
killed herself last night.

Is that true?
If it's a lie, you're dead.

You're too doubtful
for a Christian.

I saw it coming.

Yesterday, that cello sounded

like "Good bye, Students. "

I wonder why she did it.

Maybe she got knocked up?

I mean that's a taboo.

Get real.
You're so dumb.

She was a lesbian.

She's absent again?

You know what?

They say the music teacher
and her were lovers.

It must be true.

No way.

What's up with her?

Is Young-eon dead?

What makes you think that?

I heard the voice too.

I started hearing voices
when I was little.

And I found out later that

they were from the dead.

If you thought she was dead,
why did you keep quiet?

Because it's not my business.

I think she played it
for herself.

Yeah, I think so.

But why?

Why'd she listen to this
before killing herself?

I like the song.

The song?

What song?

I only hear the cello.

There's someone else!

Let's talk.

We need to talk!

Go ahead.

Did you hear it
before Young-eon disappeared?

The voice?

I think so.

- Whose voice was it?
- I don't know.

How you hear her voice...
Aren't you curious?

A ghost can have a voice
with a strong attachment.

So it can talk to the living.

Like you and Young-eon.


If forgotten,
the ghost loses its voice.

If you forget her,

she'll become unseen
and unheard.

Is the icicle a life form?

No, it's not.

It doesn't perform
life-sustaining activities.

It doesn't eat or excrete
like we do,

although it grows and dies.

So it's not a life form.

I need someone to sing
on my behalf.

Who do you recommend?

Okay, I'll pick one then.

Teacher? I recommend
Park Young-eon.

- Go ahead.
- I can't

- No, she's joking.
- Come on.

Young-eon, come up here
and sing for us.

Go Young-eon!

She's been around us.

For a long time.

I think she sang the song
from the CD.

Say she did this to you,
but why?

What if I did her harm?

No way.

You're too nice for that.

What if she was jealous
of your singing voice?

You told me
she was watching you sing.

Is my singing voice
that good?

Of course.
It was more than being good.

I recorded your song

so I could play it
for the lunch broadcast.

As my present to you.

I'm sorry.

Do you think
my mom became like me?

I have her picture
at home.

She's smiling brightly in it.

She's so beautiful
in that picture.

Is she?
I'd like to see her picture.

Didn't you see it
when you came over?

I've never been to your place.


Not even once?

You never invited me.

Can't you hear it?

I hear nothing.

I do.

It's from the hallway.
Some kind of humming.

It's going away.




I hear something.

It's like a human voice.

But I'm not sure.

But I don't hear anything.

What's happening?

Talk to me!

It's coming nearer.

What's coming?

Someone's coming!

Stop it!
You're scaring me!

I'm sorry, Sun-min.
It's my fault.

You won't leave me,
will you?

Without you,
I will disappear.

The Third Day

You look tired.

What do you care?
It's not your business.

I'll make it mine.

If Young-eon is dead,
where's her body?

I don't think she's dead.

What then?

I'm not sure.
But she's not dead.


What does she remember before
she became whatever she is?

She passed out
in front of the elevator.

And when she came to,
there was nothing.

Better not believe every word

she says.

The ghost remembers
only what it wants to.

So you're saying... The music teacher
and Young-eon were lovers.

The word got out.
So they killed themselves.

- Is that it?
- That's right.

Everybody knows that.
It's almost a fact.


Did you see Young-eon
kill herself?

What am I,
a security camera?

Then keep your mouth shut.

That bitch!


Kang Sun-min?

What's wrong?

No, it's nothing.

What'd Cho-ah tell you?

Nothing much.

I don't like her.

Don't get too close to her.

Whom I make friends with...

I need your permission?


You talk to yourself now?


- Hi.
- Who could've imagined

she was a lesbian?

No wonder
she turned me down.

I should've known better.

So this isn't the first time
a suicide happened here?

A student named Hyo-jung.
She killed herself too.


- How'd she do it?
- That's...

Let me tell you.

Where she died...
It's right here.

- What?
- In this elevator.


He wants to see my mom.
I'm in trouble.

- What happened?
- Stay back.

You're not gonna believe this.
Young-eon is dead!

- What?
- She's dead!

She should've done it at home.
Why the fuck at school?

Still, thanks to her,
no night study tonight.

Stop pulling me.

What the fuck!

You're dead, bitch!


Like you said,
her memory isn't correct.

I've never been to her place.

She said she'd passed out
in front of the elevator.


Something's wrong.
I feel so strange with her.

Let's go today.
To her place.




Sun-min, is that you?

It isn't you that she likes.

It's the same singing voice
she's lost.

So please.

Stay away from her.

She's all I have.

Why should I care?

When'd you and
Young-eon become friends?

The day after her mom
committed suicide.

Her mom got sick
when she was in 3rd grade.

She'd looked after her mom
since then.

She must've felt sorry
for her daughter.

She jumped out of the window
at the hospital.

As I learned that
her daughter was in our class,

we became friends.

Sympathy turned
into friendship?

Not exactly.

I respected the fact

that she was coping
with the hardship so well.

But now, I couldn't be
more confused.

I thought I knew her.

But I'm not sure
how much I knew her.

Honestly, I'm scared.

Seeing her body...

Hearing her voice
when nobody else can...

It scares me.

What's holding her back is...

It's you.

It's time you let her go.

So she can rest
in peace.

The Fourth Day

The purpose of life is
pursuing happiness.

That means working hard.

By working hard,
we achieve satisfaction.


Thus, happiness comes
from having a good job.


What are the requirements
to have a good job?

Health, good credit,

Sun-min? Talk to me.

Please, say something.


- You asked to borrow this.
- Thanks.

Play the first track,
will you?

- What is it?
- Just play it.

This is SWB lunch broadcast
on November 28.

Yesterday... My precious friend left
for the other world.

Though she's gone,

all the precious moments
that we laughed

and cried together...

They're buried in my heart
like a book of poems.

Though we're apart,

I hope she's happy
wherever she is.

Let me play a song.
One that my friend sang.

It's me, Young-eon.

Can't you hear me?

Sun-min, please.
Answer me.

My singing voice is
the same as hers.


Check it out for me.

I can't disappear like this
without knowing why I died.

Why do you need the file
on Hyo-jung?

To confirm something.

I know it's here.

Oh, it's right here

That's Hyo-jung.

She has the same singing voice
as Young-eon's.

Like Young-eon, she sang
on behalf of the music teacher.


liked her a lot.

Almost too much.

As the rumor spread
throughout the school,

her classmates gave her
a hard time openly.

Then one day,

she was found dead
in the elevator.

That's all I know
about her.

Because of the teacher, she could
have a voice after death.

Like I do now.

As the teacher took
interest in me,

she started losing her voice
and killed me.

And the teacher killed herself
out of guilt.

Why are you so quiet?

Is it my voice?

What is it?
Say something.

I'm just tired.

- Of what?
- Evertyhing.

Even if she killed you,
it doesn't make a difference.

It's not gonna bring you back.

Do you wanna leave me?

I think I'm losing
my voice.

I'm scared of what's coming.

But you can't stay here
for good.


Were you with Young-eon?

Leave me alone,
will you?


Don't do it, Hyo-jung.

Leave her out of this.
It's me that you want!

Isn't that
Young-eon's voice?

Damn, who's playing?

How is that possible?
The electricity is out.

Are you okay?

You have to go now.

You killed Mom!

- That's not true.
- You were tired of her.

You were disgusted
with the hospital smell.

Not to mention the bills
piling up.

You didn't care
how the surgery went.

You just wanted her dead.

No! No...

You're making it up.

I loved her.

So I stayed with her
all the way.

Stop lying to yourself.

You knew evertyhing.

That you killed Mom.

That you'd been hearing
Hyo-jung's voice.

Stay away from her.
She's all I have.

If she forgets me,
I will disappear.

On hearing her voice,

you felt a sense of betrayal
against the teacher.

So you punished her.

Go on.
I wanna hear you sing.

Sing for me.


Sing for me.

You know what?
You smell like my mom.

My dead mom!

I'll never sing again
for you.

I know that

there's another voice
beside mine.


It's a lie!

You're not me.
You can't deceive me.

You're Hyo-jung.

You made all this up!

She no longer exists.

When you killed the teacher,
she disappeared.

I did?

I killed the teacher?

You made me what I am.

It's your fault.

Hyo-jung and I are dead
because of you.

You killed her to seek
revenge on Hyo-jung.

You knew she'd disappear

if the teacher died.

When Sun-min forgets you,
you'll end up like her.

The Last Day

I haven't heard her voice
all day.

You think she's gone?

Mom, I don't know
who I am.

What should I do?

I've been able to talk
to Sun-min.

But if I lose my voice...
What am I gonna do?

- You said last time?
- When I...

- You wanna buy something?
- Yes.

You don't have lunch-broadcast.

"Whipped by the harsh season,
they were in despair. "

Excuse me.
I'm here to pick up a desk.

Sure, it's that one.

I can't believe
you still have that.

It was your present.

Listening to music on it,
I can feel your presence.

It's your favorite song.

I don't wanna ruin it.

Young-eon, are you here?

Where are you?

I'm sorry.

I won't forget you.

I'll always be with you.
Answer me!



Why are you looking
for Sun-min?

Anything left you want
from her?

What do you want?

My voice.

I want my voice back.

So I can talk to Sun-min.


What is it you really want?

I know what it is.
You want to live.

To live?

To live...




A month later

She'd been staying
at a nursing home.

I see. How are you?

Much better.

The school wasn't the same
without your lunch broadcast.

I feel so terrible
for those girls.

Both Young-eon and Cho-ah...

It's been a while.


I love you.


I'll get a driver's license
as soon as I graduate.

When I do,
I'll drive you to Chuncheon.