Vogliamo i colonnelli (1973) - full transcript

Italy 1973. Giuseppe Tritoni (Ugo Tognazzi) is an ultra-right-wing congressman that doesn't agree anymore with his fascist party policy. He contacts many Italian Army officers and built a net of relationship in order to organize a Coup d'Etat (Golpe). Something goes wrong and the Interior Minister (Home Secretary) Mr. Li Masi (Lino Pugliesi) got the all information about the attempted Golpe. So the Minister organizes a counter-Golpe. Tritoni desperately, to save his project, kidnaps the Italian Republic President (Claude Dauphin) that immediately dies for heartache. Now Minister Mr. Li Masi is free to lay down the law to the rest of the country, realizing basically the actual Golpe! Tritoni surrenders and will spend rest of his time trying to sell his ideas about managing Golpe in Africa!

The so-called "Colonels ofJune" conspiracy..
..began on the holiday..
..of the Anniversary of the Republic.
But the first symptoms weren't in Rome.
- MlLAN, SAME DAY, 9:30 PM -
The explosion, which damaged a symbol of the faith..
..and a monument venerated by all,..
..arouses widespread indignation.
All Italy trembles with horror and outrage.
Ah, we are through to Milan.
Hallo, Martano, can you hear me?
Yes, Martano speaking from Milan.
You will see the damage caused by the bomb..
..exploded by mysterious vandals.
Mysterious, really?
Surely the target for the outrage offers a clue.
Yes, in spite of the discretion of the investigators,..
..a number of clues..
..lead one to suspect....
....an extreme leftist plot.
Thank you, Martano.
- WEDNESDAYJUNE 4, 11 :30 AM -
Only the followers of an ideology..
..which negates religion, fatherland and family..
..could commit such a crime.
It's a provocation..
..aimed at putting public opinion against the Left!
Minister Li Masi, conclude your speech!
We'll do everything possible..
..to make the criminals pay.
This violence isn't a casual episode.
There's violence in the streets, in the schools...
That isn't true! You're the provokers! Bandits!
Violence of the two extremes: Left and Right,..
..violence which saps the tranquillity and energy of the country,..
..undermining our economy and reducing our industry's profits to zero!
Ask the Swiss banks..
..whether Italian businessmen are making profits or not!
What about the 6.000 billions smuggled to Switzerland?
The Honourable Members, be so good as to....
The Hon. Tritoni, leave the chamber at once!
Alright, alright!
The officers are requested to evict the Hon. Member!
Hands off!
[The Hon. Giuseppe Tritoni, known as Beppe,..]
[..elected in the Pisa-Leghorn -Quercianella constituency.]
[Professor of Physical Education in 1939 at the Farnesina Academy..]
[..and Bersaglieri officer during the war.]
[Since 1950 a member of the schools committee,..]
[..and, above all, leading orator of his parliamentary party.]
Ah, at last!
Are you out ofyour mind?
What? It wasn't a real one, I did it with my mouth!
Not that! I mean the bomb against the Virgin Mary!
These damned Reds! The country's had enough!
If we don't move quickly....
The explosion had avictim,..
..a certain Rambaldo Schiro. - No!
He lost an arm while manoeuvring the bomb.
- Bloody fool! - Almost screwed us all!
- THURSDAYJUNE 5, 10:30 AM -
Moron three times over!
I'd break his other arm, I would!
How did it happen?
Camerata Tritoni, you're too severe.
Even so, he lost an arm while carrying out his duty!
Gregarious and loyal heroism!
But how did it happen?
The fuse was defective.
Our Greek friends are overproducing these days!
Look at him!
Fortunatelywe were able to recover the arm,..
..otherwise we'd have been up the creek,..
..as he was wearing a bracelet..
..with his full name on it!
The arsehole!
Nearly dragged us all into the shit!
Camerata Tritoni,..
..badly looked after as I am here,..
..under the surgical care of Camerata veterinarian Nerino,..
..l am suffering terribly, but two thoughts assail me:
..1) if I will be paid as agreed upon; 2)....
You won't get a cent! Come.
Camerata, you are complaining about us,..
..but the media are attacking the Reds,..
..and that's what we were after!
Yes, but Mazzante has been banging at me!
And what did you reply?
I told him: "Mazzante, you don't know Italians!"
"Now's the moment to exploit.."
"..the cowardice of these bleating sheep.."
"..who're terrified the Reds will take all they've got,.."
"..even if they've got nothing!"
"They're boiling, we mustn't let them cool down!"
Historical dialogue! What did he say?
Foryears we've been building up our image..
..as defenders of order through freedom and freedom through order!
That's the party line,..
..and we count on it to win votes.
- We will win power! - With a little Vaseline to help!
To slip in more easily!
Strong argument!
Then what?
I told him: "Fuck the party line!"
"Action is what counts! A handful of determined men.."
"..and the others will follow,.."
"..for ideals, for convenience or out of fear."
"There, that's my line!"
"And I'll follow it to the very end!"
- MONDAYJUNE 9, 11 :15 AM -
Colonel, your brother-in-law's calling.
[Tritoni, now openly in dissent, dedicates himself to the realization..]
[..of his long-cherished project.]
Tritoni! Service number 12 F/25.
- At your orders! - Good man!
In great form! Like old times, eh?
You don't forget them, obviously.
How could l? We were two roaring tigers then,..
..respected and feared by everyone.
But now... Just look at me. Ulysses! Hurry up!
Since the Article 121 deprived us of batmen..
..l have to go shopping like a damn housewife!
- We've come to that! - Dear Tritoni,..
..rock bottom! Don't you agree?
That's just what brings me here.
You must introduce me to General Bassi Lega.
Bassi Lega? Why do you want to see him?
- He's been in trouble since the '68 events! - I know.
Accused of convincing a group of officers..
..to support De Vincenzo's misfired coup d'etat.
Exactly. How do you know?
That was strictly Top Secret.
Exactly. I know there's a list,..
..but not the names on it. - Ssh!
Ulysses, how about some vermouth?
He votes communist.
Why don't you kick him out?
He's my brother-in-law.
Mywife teaches at high school, I'm alone here, so he helps me.
Kick him downstairs, I say!
It was hard on the General!
Early retirement on reduced pension,..
..with his phone tapped, parliamentary inquiry...
Me too. Because I was his aide-de-camp in '64, they didn't forgive me.
Even when I went shopping!
Sold out to democracy! But they'll pay for it!
Revenge is a dish best eaten cold!
Well done, Ulysses!
But you still haven't answered me.
You want to see Bassi Lega to get that list?
Your heaIth!
- SATURDAYJUNE 14, 10:00 PM -
[Thanks to Colonel Ribaud, five days later..]
[..Tritoni called on General Bassi Lega.]
- Do come in! - May l?
- Daddy will be in immediately. - Good.
- Take a seat. - Thank you.
- Anything to drink? - Yes, please.
A brandy?
Your heaIth!
- Haven't we met? - Of course.
Yes, at "Gold for the Fatherland" day.
A glorious occasion!
Excuse us, my dear, we'll go into my study.
This way.
Excuse me, may I phone?
- Please, do. - Thank you.
I'm sorry.
Hallo, Ciccio?
Tomorrow at dawn, departure for Grosseto.
Speak Italian, damn it, I can't understand!
Yes, don't worry, in the Alfa Spider.
Yes, tomorrow evening I'll be back in Rome.
Keep your trap shut!
No questions!
And if someone's listening in..
..he should know that while he's being a filthy spy..
..his wife's having it off with all the lads in the street!
What are you doing?
You gorgeous creature! I'm going to screw you blue!
What are you up to? You must be mad!
- Yes! Stark raving! - My father's in there!
- Yes! Yes! - Stop squirming, you cow!
- Wait a second... - Open your legs!
There, that's the way!
Who's there?
- Cow! - That's it! Yes, please, yes!
Take your clothes off!
- You beast! How I love it! - Marcella!
My dear sir! How dare you?
Under my roof!
Your Excellency! Forgive me!
- We are soldiers... - No!
You're no soldier! You're a swine!
To outrage my only daughter!
Give me back that list of names!
Excellency, I offer my apologies...
- I'm terribly sorry. - Give me the list!
That's an order!
It's a matter of national importance!
Indeed! That's why I can't trust..
..a bastard like you!
Let's not mix countrywith cunt!
Oh, gosh!
- TUESDAYJUNE 17, 10:30 AM -
[The General was given a funeral in keeping with his illustrious past,..]
[..if not with his present.]
[Among those present: the Doyen of Italian Generals Pariglia,..]
[..Admiral Fontina,..]
[..General Bosisio,..]
[..an imposing delegation from the General Staff,..]
[..a flock of Colonels, including Ribaud,..]
[..MP's included Mazzante,..]
[..Undersecretary of Defence Botolo..]
[..and industrialists: Irnerio Steiner,..]
[..Aleppi, Pacenza, Schianta, Socamillo,..]
[..Masticoni, Arranfa, Arronca e Scippa,..]
[..known as "tiburtini" after the area where they have factories.]
[The first name on Bassi Lega's list is Colonel Furas.]
[An exceptional military temperament,..]
[..in 1942 he was the only Sardinian..]
[..to attend courses at HitlerJugend Militarische Akademie in Bittenburg,..]
[..where he distinguished himself..]
[..in the celebrated "Scheidenwangs" duels,..]
[..which left him honourably scarred.]
- Do you agree, yes or no? - Yes, yes, yes!
Et benedictio Dei omnipotenti..
..in nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.
My dear Tritoni,..
..maybe between one ofyour important missions and another,..
..would you have a moment to console this poorwoman abandoned..
..in a mansion of sublime and infamous memories?
Watch out,..
..ayes would disturb me and a no would destroy me.
- What should I say? - Nothing.
What brings us together is my favourite tune: "The last post".
Personally, I find "Reveille" much more inspiring.
A cruel destiny brings us together,..
..with eyes too proud to weep tears,..
..but with the heart beating with emotion.
[Number2 on the list, Aguzzo,..]
[..invented a new system for winding gaiters on the shins.]
[The introduction of long trousers, alas,..]
[..upset his theories.]
[Nonetheless, he was much appreciated at the Ministry of Defence.]
....those who are dear to the gods.
The General Staff! Sold out to democracy! Caution!
....grant that your former companion in arms..
..have the honour to throw a handful of that same soil..
..which you loved so much,..
..Italian soil, nourisher of heroes!
Oh, my God!
- THURSDAYJUNE 19, 10:30 AM -
[Turzilli, third on the list, former lancer of the Republic of Salo,..]
[..in 1941 was a cadet at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.]
[His passion for horses..]
[..led him to name his sons after two famous charioteers:]
[..Diomedes e Phaeton.]
The pot has been boiling since 1968!
Italy is sick and needs an urgent surgical operation.
And our scalpel will be an axe! So, Colonel, do you agree or not? Answer!
Just a moment, let me get my breath!
I offer the allegiance of my forest guards,..
..200 valiant men ready to defend our poor Italy!
We'll turn this country upside down!
I knew I could count on you!
We will clean up this land once and for all!
- SATURDAYJUNE 21, 8:30 AM -
We'll only leave intact its boot shape!
Furas, Aguzzo, Turzilli, Ribaud and Falloppa are on our side.
Are you with us, Barbacane?
Goddamn it!
You're asking me if I'm with you?
- Vac victis! - What did you say?
- Vae victis! - What does that mean?
It's Latin: woe to the vanquished!
Latin? You can't even speak Italian!
It's the language of Caesar!
Well, then, let's render unto Caesar....
We must stop this country from rotting!
- Rot, no! Rout, yes! - That's the spirit!
- You're a Roman after my own heart! - 30 seconds, get ready!
Come on!
Count on us!
We're 250 flying barracudas ready to hop!
To hop? What do you mean?
To hop the twig!
To the last tree!
Come on, boys, jump!
The last to open his parachute..
..will get a free screw with Marisa tonight!
The first!
Come on!
Come on, jump! Come on!
[Having obtained Barbacane's support,..]
[..which, seeing the courage..]
[..and preparation of his men,..]
[..will undoubtedly prove decisive,..]
[..Tritoni's objective seems to have been reached.]
[Almost all the big shots of the 1968 list have accepted.]
Hey! Where are you going! Open it!
- SUNDAYJUNE 22, 8:00 AM -
[But Tritoni has not finished his recruiting.]
Position... Aim!
Fall in! Fall in!
- Salute! - To us!
The watchword is one and one only. It's categorical..
..and binding for us all. Already it is spreading..
..and kindling hearts from the Alps to the Indian Ocean! Conquer!
Conquer! Conquer! Viva Mussolini!
Those words from avoice more worthy than mine..
..tell you what the country expects from you!
Very soon the reins of this unfortunate land will be entrusted to you.
For our land needs reins,..
..the whip and the bit!
Order, obedience, discipline!
Let's forget the myth of equality!
Why should an engineer be equal to a mason?
All they have in common is their balls!
Because if that's democracy, then...
Musketeers, shoulder arms!
Gunners, light your fuses!
Engineers, sabotage the enemy ranks!
Crocodiles, daggers between your teeth and put paid to this democracy!
Destroy this lurid monster!
Long live obedience! Long live authority!
You speak as good as Cissero!
To us!
How's my boy getting along?
I've put him on latrine duty for3 days.
Quite right, if he's as badly disciplined..
..as I was. But what did he do?
He funked out of exercises.
I bet he was with a girl. Like father, like son!
He was found in the woods playing a guitar.
Tritoni Costanzo, report for duty! Tritoni Costanzo,..
..report to the tent!
Tritoni Costanzo, report for duty!
- Hallo, dad! - Costanzino!
- Is it true you play that? - Just a bit.
Just a bit? Isn't the gym drill good enough foryou?
- I'm not made out for that. - You are not made out for that?
Karate, target shooting... it just isn't my scene.
I prefer reading, studying and, above all, music.
- So drill isn't your scene, eh? - I did try, dad,..
..but it hurts my knees,..
..and then the others tease me. - Tease you?
- My son? - They call me a queer.
A queer? Beppe Tritoni's son?!
And it's not true, really! They're morons!
My God! What a disgrace! Don't you react?
- Daddy.... - Don't call me "daddy"!
Don't! "Daddy" to me, imagine that!
l, who've always collected the heartiest nicknames!
Tiger, Cudgel, Piston, Bazooka!
To hear that my son has been called a queer,..
..and on the eve of taking over power!
- You sonovabitch! Come here! - Oh, gosh!
I'll break your guitar on your skull,..
..l will, you arsehole!
[Now all the members for the coup are ready.]
[But Tritoni knows that this isn't enough.]
[That evening, his car stops..]
[..in front of Bassi Lega's home.]
Mission accomplished! How about a screw for the shrew?
What a poetic humorist I am!
It's so good to see you! I've got..
..monsignor Sartorello in the other room. - Oh, great!
His visits have been a great comfort these days!
[Monsignor Sartorello, Military Chaplain,..]
[..more military than chaplain, had been from 1960 to 1963..]
[..apostolic-military attache of the Holy See in Washington.]
Mission accomplished?
I know all about it.
- All? - All.
And I say: vis et animus!
Has everyone agreed?
Everyone except that creep Cagliotti.
Colonel Cagliotti? Yet he was so fond of daddy!
Yes, but now he's a General. I should have known.
He said quite bluntly: "What you ask me is against.."
"..my honour as a soldier."
"l have sworn allegiance to the Republic."
But you used to think differently a few years ago.
Anyhow, you're on the list.
- I was foolish then. - You think you're smart now?
And my fist was whizzing through the air!
I'm expecting his seconds at any moment!
But it's the financing that's worrying me.
Ah, yes? I thought you had big business behind you.
- Have they all become socialists? - No danger of that.
It's that they give money to the party..
..and that's useless.
They should give it to me.
Like Steiner, for example, the TV set magnate.
God strike him down! Excuse me.
Ah, yes, Irnerio Steiner. I think I know away,..
..to convince him. - That would be great.
Well, we'll see what we can do.
I should make an urgent call. Where is the phone?
l, too, have an urgent call to make..
..concerning the matter we just mentioned.
- Please, afteryou. - Follow me, Monsignor.
- WEDNESDAYJUNE 25, 10:30 PM -
[On June 25, Steiner gives a party..]
[..for his birthday.]
[The guests are welcomed by Countess Amelia di Amatrice,..]
[..a friend of the industrialist's..]
[..and chairwoman of the "Patriot Mothers Committee".]
[She arranges a meeting....]
We must increase our armaments.
Countries which are historically our inferiors..
..have their own missiles: ground-to-air,..
..air-to-air, air-to-ground. - Do you mean..
..we have no missiles? - Yes, we have earth-earth missiles.
- Oh, I see. - What I mean is "down to earth".
The new crime wave is due..
..chiefly to the excessive media freedom.
The less people know, the less they think.
Equality is only acceptable amongst equals.
Freedom, after all, means..
..leaving the rich to be rich and the poor to be poor!
A Republic, yes... but with a king!
My dear Tritoni, at last! Your absence was noticed.
Byyou, above all, I hope.
Always on the offensive, how incorrigible!
Steiner's expecting you in the library in five minutes.
Come, my dear.
- What can I offer you? - Nothing for now, thank you.
Beppe, Beppe darling. I was all alone with this old song..
..echoing a past that is no more!
A past of virile adventures in foreign lands...
- Why did you disappear the other night? - Mary Magdalene!
- What do you mean? - Whore!
But why?
You know why!
The other night, with that priest...
Surely you don't think that I'd.... A priest!
- What should I think, then? - You're hurting me!
Not enough, you'll see!
- Ouch! - You were paying him for helping me, eh?
- I don't know what you mean! - Really?
And the one who came to the gym? Who was he?
- You know Monsignor Sartorello? - Just about.
You're in the Church, too, eh?
You want to force Steiner to give you money?
- Are you from the CIA? - You'll find in your pocket..
..some interesting documents for your dealings with Steiner...
Not bad your Monsignor!
What kind of documents?
No business ofyours, cunt!
- It's your fauIt! - Really?
Since you've reawaken my sensual longings that night,..
..now you are in every man I set eyes on!
My burning desire for you reduces me to cinders!
Quickly! A bed! A divan! Or even standing up!
- Wait... - Where can we go? - Come.
Honourable Tritoni!
- You spoke to Steiner? - Not yet.
Marcella, I leave you in good hands.
Prof. Pubis teaches Philosophy. He's one of our brightest minds.
- Won't you join us? - Excuse me.
- What can I do for you? - Give us 500 millions.
Thank you.
[Steiner is in big business,..]
[..he's intelligent and smart..]
[..and much appreciated in high places.]
I'll give you the same reply I gave a colleague of yours..
..this morning. I'm really sorry,..
..ifyou'd come yesterday, you'd have been satisfied.
Why? Was there a third person?
- I dreamed of Giovanni Roncalli. - Who?
- Pope John. - John XXlll? - That's right.
He appeared on one of my 100.000 colour TV sets, which..
..for politics' sake have been unused. He looked at me and said:
.."Antonino, give up politics. Don't take sides."
'Incitement is a sin. Pax! Pax!".
- You see, I'm a great believer. - You'll understand if I tell you..
..that I dreamed of a tribunal.
You were in the dock with General Bosisio.
There! A Photostat which proves that..
..the General and you had supplied the Italian army..
..with second hand transmitters from American surplus..
..marked Volcan, passing them off as new..
..and pocketing 10 billion! - Ssh! Someone could hear us!
- But nobody's here! - I always tape..
..my important conversations.
I don't think I'll keep this tape.
This year no pilgrimage to Portugal.
His Majesty's disappointed..
..in the royalists joining forces with the Extreme Right.
Excuse me.
- My good friend, what's wrong? Feeling sick? - No, yes.
Some bicarbonate? I've got stomach ache.
You poor darling! I'm so sorry!
Come with me, I've got something.
Do come in!
- How did it go with Steiner? - Great.
We see eye to eye.
I even think we can count on General Bosisio.
A fine man, but with a difficuIt nut to crack!
I've got something that'll break him.
- SATURDAYJULY 5, 10:30 AM -
[Tritoni was right:]
[..his documents are a shock for Bosisio.]
[At the sight of them, his heart stops beating.]
[Officially, the General suffered a stroke..]
[..while at work in his office..]
....but with the heart beating with emotion.
Mourning becomes Marcella.
May l? Second Lieutenant De Fonzi.
An adventurer seafarer.
Well trained at steering through stormy waters, I imagine.
....grant that your former companion in arms have the honour..
..to be the first to throw a handful of that same soil..
..which you loved so much, and which....
How about him to conduct the MilitaryJunta?
- But he's a second fiddle! - Yes, but a great second fiddle!
....nourisher of heroes.
- Hold me up! - Forget about it.
[The premature death of Bosisio..]
[..didn't change the conspirators' plans.]
[ In order to prepare citizens for the "new order"..]
[..the squadrons of Ciccio Introna and Franz Cavicchia..]
[..plaster the city walls with slogans thought up by Tritoni.]
- Come on! - Hurry up!
[Four days later, the principal conspirators met secretly..]
[..at a seaside villa lent by Countess di Amatrice..]
[..forwhat will be a crucial meeting.]
[Colonel Ribaud keeps the minutes,..]
[..which will later prove..]
[..invaluable evidence of that meeting.]
Camerati, this meeting,..
..will go down in history as the "June 14 assembly",..
..during which a handful of patriots..
..decided to overthrow the shameful regime..
..which had disgraced an Italy,..
..so recently restored to grandeur,..
..reducing her to be slave of international communism.
I have the honour to introduce..
..the Deputy-Chief of the Secret Service,..
..of the young and alreadyworthy Hellenic Republic..
..who brings us good wishes, Colonel Andreas Automatikos.
- What did he say? - It's all Greek to me.
That's a funny one!
We must thank Colonel Automatics..
..for his significant proposals.
Once again, Rome and Athens are side by side.
The famous Graeco-Roman wrestling...
In the certainty that if our plan..
..should fail, the generous Hellenic Republic..
..will offer us asylum and comfort and cover our retreat.
Retreat? He's already thinking about retreating!
He's backing off! Kill him!
Thanks to the unselfish help of Mr. Steiner,..
..a man with a capital M, an Italian to the marrow,..
..we possess sufficient means..
..to carry through our plan.
- Does anybodywish to speak? - Me!
Colonel Turzilli!
I think it's necessary to open the windows..
..orwe will suffocate or die of heat.
Turzilli's motion approved unanimously.
Ventilation. Let's carry on. We must designate someone to operate the plan.
The qualities required: broadmindedness, astuteness,..
..capacity for tactical-strategic synthesis.
I wouldn't want to seem forward, but....
Aguzzo seems to me the ideal man!
- Aguzzo, as sharp as his name! - That's a funny one!
Now let's find a code name for our operation.
- I propose or-pow. - Or-pow?
The first syllables of "order" and "power",..
..the synthesis of our credo, or-der and pow-er.
Something more aggressive, like "Shake Italy"!
- Shake Italy? - Sh-ake It-aly.
Sh-It. Rather risky, no?
Camerati! Black is our colour, isn't it?
We must be as cunning as the fox, so why not "Black Fox"?
- Perfect! - Brilliant idea!
Black Fox motion approved!
Hon. Tritoni suggests we illustrate our political platform..
..forwhen we take over with concrete proposals.
Reintroduce the death penaIty!
Abolish free prostitution..
..and reopen the brothels under government licence.
Regulate the sale of guitars!
We must renovate youth,..
..through the restoration of old familyvalues.
New slogan for students: "Speak when you're spoken to!"
Re-education under observation for homosexuals!
Prolong military service to improve virility and character!
Order and discipline in bureaucracy, cinema and the arts!
Control over restaurant prices! They're soaring to the sky!
The other night, with mywife, for two steaks....
We'll also think about the steaks.
But now we need a name! The name of a chief official..
..of the MilitaryJunta,..
..a man who can speak to the majority,..
..the silent majoritywho are not deaf to the Fatherland's cry,..
..who can proclaim the end..
..of the parliamentary regime and the suppression..
..of antinational party politics.... - To the guillotine!
....and of unions! - To the guillotine!
The Chief of the MilitaryJunta will also have to win for us..
..the approval of foreign nations, above all the U.S.A.
I know who: Federico Fellini!
No! Fellini has insulted Rome in his films!
- Roma caput mundi! - I have a brilliant idea:
..Warrant Officer Eliseo Tallone.
Is he still alive? He must have been born in 1887!
I saw him at the Spa last October.
He drank four glasses straight off,..
..a rock! Lucid, energetic... A true man of destiny!
Aguzzo, make contact with Tallone, fix a meeting.
- To Tallone, hip hip.... - Hooray!
#The soup's boiling,..#
#..come and get it!#
Operation momentarily suspended.
Hosts are Miss Bassi Lega..
..and Monsignor Sartorello.
- Nice! - Ourvivandiere!
A simple little snack.
- Honourable Tritoni... - How are you doing?
- You came to give us your benediction? - A military one.
With spumante!
I'm usually abstemious, but this occasion...!
Delicious! Long live the Armed Forces!
- To us! - To the King!
- To our Royal Family! - Long live the Navy!
- Long live the Engineer Corps! - Long live the Cavalry!
Long live all corps!
Pure Italic grapes! Hip hip hooray!
#Our great day has arrived!#
#The dark hours are over!#
#We're the wolves, we're the lions, which the cannon awakens!#
Colonel Automatikos proposes Colonel Barbacane,..
..with the help of the Countess's schoolgirl Ancient Greek,..
..a truly martial exchange of tributes.
[But an indiscreet camera eye..]
[..is focused on the proceedings. Who is the photographer?]
Stop thief!
- Quickly, run! - But who is it? - Don't ask questions, run!
- Quick! Quick! - Bastard! HaIt!
Stop, you arsehole!
Stop him, you morons!
- What's going on? - Somebodywas taking pictures.
ldiots! It must be a spy!
What were you doing?
I'm afraid he's got us!
- Did you get the number plate? - Yes, here it is!
- THURSDAYJULY 10, 17:30 PM -
[The photographer turns out to be a reporter, Armando Caffe.]
[The next day he is anxiouslywaiting..]
[..outside the house of the MP Luigi Di Cori,..]
[..a member of the Opposition,..]
[..who is at home suffering from boils.]
[lmpatient to be received,..]
[..Caffe sends a message.]
Dear Luigi, I realize that receiving a letter..
..from a gutter press reporter like me..
..may arouse in you suspicion and disgust.
But in the name of the glorious past we shared..
..fighting side by side during the Resistance..
..not to forget tumuItuous..
..journalistic election campaigns, me..
..under the nickname of Guillotine..
..and you with that of Pugachov....
- Is it ajoke? - I don't know, he's waiting outside.
- Stop it! - You're such a baby!
Dear old comrade, I beg you to see me,..
..for mywhole existence is at this moment exposed..
..to extreme danger. Underlined twice.
Give me a benevolent nod and I'll explain my reasons.
Ave, spes uItima. Armandino.
I know what his reasons are: in his pocket!
But this time.... Ouch! Damn it!
Poor creature! Such astonishing literary effort..
..deserves a benevolent nod.
Armandino! How much?
In any case, don't count on more than 10.000!
There's going to be a coup d'etat!
- Is that all you can invent? - Me invent?
Just listen to this: yesterday I was..
..on the beach at Santa Severa with a person whose name..
..you'll understand I prefer to keep out of it.
I had asked her to pose for some professional portraits..
..for a cuItural magazine.
Just stretch out languidly.
What are you up to? What are you doing?
- Armando! - Ssh! No names!
Wait for me!
Unbelievable! Armando!
That face I glimpsed..
..was not new to me:
..Andreas Automatikos, Deputy-Chief of the Secret Services..
..of the Greek General Staff. That joIted you, didn't it?
- Anybody here? - Yes.
Excuse me. Hidden behind the tamarisks,..
..l watched the arrival at the villa..
..of a series of arrogant characters among whomIrecognised..
..Hon. Tritoni, then Colonel Furas,..
..Captain Teofilo Branzino, Colonel Barbacane,..
..Colonel Aguzzo and others whose names I know well.
It's all here, all photographed.
- All here. - All right, I'll change my offer.
Armando Caffe, say that you invented this casserole..
..of highfaluting names and tamarisks,..
..and instead of 10.000 I'll give you 20.000 liras!
Just get out. Rina! Myjacket!
Five millions!
You'll tell the party..
..I'll hand the package over for five millions,..
..cash on the nail!
Icould sell them to "I'Espresso",..
..but I'd prefer to give a political boost to the party.
Look me in the eyes. I'd give them for nothing,..
..but I can't. I have creditors at my neck.
Listen, I have a fever.
And, anyway, how can I believe you?
Leave me the evidence and....
- And then you can send me to hell! - That I can do now!
Mind your language, eh?
You don't trust me, nor do I you!
It's a long time since I could trust you!
- Those times are over! - You shit, what do you mean?
So, bad language is now permitted? Right.
You arsehole of an MP!
You think you can make judgement from on high..
..now you're installed as a Member of Parliament,..
..editor of a party paper.... - You're awretched nobody!
You're up to your neck in shit..
..because you neverworked! - I haven't time to work,..
..l have to earn a living.
In the shit, I agree, but now at last I have a chance to serve my ideals..
..and my pocket!
And God knows how needy my pocket is!
I've an inner self which demands satisfaction.
And I want to make him happy!
- FRIDAY JULY 11, 2:15 AM -
[That evening, Armando was dawdling..]
[..at his usual bar..]
[..where he'd drunk 5 cognacs and 7 grappas seeking consolation..]
[..for failing to convince his ex friend.]
[But what happened to him that night, was more convincing..]
[..for Di Cori than all that bla bla bla.]
Oh, Jesus!
Help! Save me!
- What are you doing? - Call the police!
- Quick! Go! - Bastards!
Look what they've done! Call the police!
An aeroplane costs as much as a hospital,..
- SAME DAY, 10:30 AM -
..a tank costs the same as 30 council houses,..
..the Nation spends 2.000 billions for the army,..
..but what about the HeaIth Service? Schools?
Armed forces and automobiles are our country's major investment....
- Bartocci! - Who's that? - Get me Di Cori. - Who?
Di Cori! They've taken a friend of his to hospital.
[While Di Cori now realizes that Caffe..]
[..was not inventing the story of the conspiracy..]
[..a delegation of conspirators is visiting..]
[..Warrant Officer Tallone for his approval of the speech..]
[..written by Tritoni, which will proclaim to the Nation:]
....freed from the tentacles of so-called democracy, wounded..
..and betrayed but still alive and indomitable, our Nation awakens!
Italians ofyesterday, today and tomorrow, be prepared!
Let us gather united under the glorious national flag!
We are sailing towards exciting new horizons!
Beppe, your speech..
..gives me the quivers!
Goddamn it!
Notice how I've avoided the rhetorical platitudes.
- Concise! Concise! - It gave me an orgasm!
There is a... There's a great past.
- You feel it. - There's the aroma. - Penetrating!
Yes, there's a great past in our future.
- Not a bad slogan, eh? - I like it.
I'd put it at the end of the proclamation.
Will sound good on TV!
I'm Honourable Tritoni and this is Colonel Aguzzo,..
..who phoned you.... - Sure.
His Excellency is expecting you. I'll tell him you're here.
- Brought back from Abyssinia? - What are you talking about?
He has a southern accent!
He just painted his face.
That's clever ofyou!
I'm Cristiana, the Officer's daughter.
- Mrs? - Unmarried. How do you do? Daddywill be ready in a minute.
Excuse me, but that gentleman....
Yes, Alfonso.
Daddy had brought back from Africa his faithful Ambalou,..
..who died last January.
So as to avoid upsetting His Excellency, at the age of86,..
..we hid the truth from him.
So Alfonso took Ambalou's place.
He makes a perfect negro.
Didn't His Excellency notice the substitution?
He has a simple heart and doesn't suspect deception!
- Cristiana! - Yes! Just a minute.
- Please, make yourself at home. - Cristiana!
Here I am, daddy!
- Cristiana! - What is it, daddy?
Cristiana! These are not "Servicemen's Noodles"!
You know I only eat "Servicemen's"!
- Don't shout... - They're no good! I won't eat them!
- Come on, they're good. - I demand "Serviceman's Noodles"!
Watch out, you're spilling them.
Is that your "rock"?
- Just look at him! - Who could expect it?
- He's gaga. - If we must have a gaga, we've got Pariglia.
He's still a prominent person!
You're such an idiot!
- SATURDAYJULY 12, 10:40 AM -
[Meanwhile, Di Cori has been trying to reach..]
[..the secretary of his party and the Premier.]
[But the former is in Piedmont and the latter in Brussels..]
[..at an EEC summit.]
[It's Saturday. Rome is deserted.]
[Di Cori can only find the Home Office undersecretary,..]
[..Ferlingieri, and the Socialist Party secretary, Bertoni.]
[The three go in search of the Home Secretary,..]
[..who is taking a mud bath cure near Naples.]
When you find socialists and communists on your doorstep..
..it never means good news.
Especially if they're in agreement,..
..and even worse if a Christian Democrat's with them!
I assure you that coup d'etat plots..
..are not exactly new to our ears.
You, Ferlingieri, are from my party,..
..but, speaking objectively, am I wrong?
There's always one boiling somewhere.
Just look at the sea!
What small frywe are and how insignificant it all is!
That's whywe presume to turn molehills..
..into mountains. - Did you already know..
..about the plot by Tritoni and his crowd?
I'm an undersecretary at your Ministry and I knew nothing!
You know what I think? I suspect that you want..
..to drop a firecracker with the revelation of this coup,..
..which seems such a farce,..
..to help your own political front.
If you want a minister..
..to become electoral agent of the Opposition,..
..it's really too much. You surprise me, Ferlingieri!
I wouldn't want to let the Opposition..
..reap the benefits of discovering the plot.
That's why I'm here. I'll tell the Premier tonight,..
..as soon as he returns from Brussels. - Meanwhile,..
..you take the measures in your power.
Give us the guarantees we ask for, otherwise on Monday..
..we'll tell the Chamber how you tried to minimise the conspiracy.
In which case Parliament will draw its own conclusions.
A demagogic assertion and an unfair accusation. I don't deserve them.
But I will do as you request.
Give me time until Monday.
But, believe me, the whole story is a farce.
So was the March on Rome, but it ended badly..
..chiefly thanks to people like you.
[ In spite of Li Masi's promises,..]
[..Di Cori, Ferlingieri and Bertoni are far from tranquil.]
[If they only knew that operation "Black Fox"..]
[..has already entered its first stage..]
[..and will go into action in two hours!]
- SAME DAY, 7:30 PM -
Aguzzo! Sum up everything for Colonel Automatikos!
Summing up: operation "Black Fox" will begin at H-hour,..
..that's to say, one hour and 55 minutes from now.
- 54 minutes! - Thank you!
There are two phases. 1)..
..raids by small specialised squadrons..
..to the TV headquarters, the airports and the telecommunications.
The first raid will be known by the code name of "Falcon".
Togetherwith a handful of my barracudas,..
..coordinated with the clandestine centre at Grottacelata,..
..I'll parachute into the sea near the Tiber estuary.
Taking them by surprise, within 14 minutes and 30 seconds..
..you will secure control of the international airport..
..and send up ayellow flare to signal: "mission accomplished".
Colonel says yellow indicates "epidemic on board".
Make it black, then nobodywill see it!
Don't translate. Make it white! Let's go on.
All aboard for "Falcon". I return to my battle post.
- And the fiesta begins! - Bravo! - Viva!
After the white flare, the "Electra" squadron,..
..under the command of Cavicchia, already in position,..
..will detach the high tension cable of Station No.2..
..to allow the saboteurs to cut the telephone lines..
..and thus isolate the capital. Estimated time: 1'50".
- What time is it? - Dinner time.
Under the circumstances we must make do with a sandwich.
I meant how long has passed since H-hour!
Exactly 16 minutes and 20 seconds. At that very moment,..
.."Pegasus" arrives from Grosseto,..
..led by Colonel Furas, who, with 30 motorised men,..
..will occupy the premises of TV,..
..from where General Pariglia, chief of the MilitaryJunta,....
- Present! - ....will launch his appeal to the Nation.
Thank you!
- Turzilli! - Yes!
One step backwards: exactly... 10 minutes after....
A step forwards, then!
....Colonel Turzilli's forest guards,..
..under the code name of "Hippogryph", have left their base..
..to occupy the Flaminio stadium.
The Colonel asks if the stadium..
..is an essential centre. - Certainly, it will be..
..the ideal camp for prisoners..
..who will have been rounded up by ouryoung scouts....
....disguised as Carabinieri and under my command.
This is the black list of people to be arrested.
The most dangerous subjects: politicians, union leaders,..
..Jews, journalists, foreigners and queers. - Go ahead, camerata!
We'll break their skulls!
The last phase, the most delicate: the attack from the sea.
- Over to you, Walrus! - Walrus present!
At exactly 11 :45 pm, you and your pigs....
Really, such language in front of outsiders!
I can't stand you anymore! The "pigs" are the special landing craft.
- Oh, right. - We'll use rubber dinghies..
..because it's not deep enough for pigs.
Taking advantage of the darkness, we'll surprise the guards..
..and capture the President....
....at his summer residence.
- Take him dead or alive. - Good luck!
- Follow me! - That concludes phase 1.
Phase 2 involves the intervention of our troops..
..according to the tactics established by our colleague Falloppa.
As the proclamation is read on TV, our forces will converge..
..on the capital entering it from West, South, East and North,..
..occupying ministries, barracks and other strategic points.
Time employed by both phases starting from H-hour: 1 hour and 45 minutes.
- Hip hip hip.... - ....hooray!
- What's he gabbling? - It's Greek. - Let's hurry up!
General, how's it going?
....freed from the entwining tentacles..
..of so-called democracy, wound --
- ....wounded and betrayed.... - ....wounded and betrayed....
- ....our Nation awakens! - ....with eyes too proud..
..to weep tears..
..but with the heart beating with emotion!
General, but that's your funeral oration!
[While the "Hippogryph" detachment arrives at the city gates,..]
[..near the "osteria del Frascataro",..]
[..General Pariglia is rehearsing the last lines of his speech..]
[..and getting ready to leave for the TV studios,..]
[..where he will await action.] ....under the glorious..
..national flag, Italians, there's a great future..
..in our past! - No, General!
There's a great past in our future.
- Isn't it the same thing? - No! - Yes!
There's some interference, Colonel.
There must be a factory or a power station nearby.
- It's H-hour! Move on! - 5, 4, 3, 2....
- 9:30 pm! - One second early! - To hell with that!
- Call Grottacelata! - Yes, sir!
Wavelength: 415, kilocycles: 122,4. Can you hear me?
415. Kilocycles: 122,4. Over.
- "Black Fox" speaking. Who are you? - Grottaferrata speaking,..
..I'm ready, are you ready? - Aguzzo, it should be..
..Grottacelata, not Grottaferrata. - Trivialities! Everything's fine.
Anyway, it's Grottacelata and not Ferrata. Wake up!
It's 9:31 pm, give us the connections!
- Okay, but keep calm! - Calm?
- With my foot in your arse! - You're getting nervy!
You're not Fischer playing chess!
DD3 in G3. I repeat: DD3 in G3. Over and hold. Say "okay".
Okay. DD3 in G3. Here "Black Fox" to "Falcon".
- "Falcon", answer! - Here "Falcon". I'm listening.
Launch DD3 in G3. I repeat: in G3.
Okay, "Black Fox", received. Over and out.
DD3 in G3, get ready!
All right, my dirty ducks, ready for a good bath?
A nice swim and we'll reach our objective!
DD3 in G3. We're already overhead! Slow down!
Slow down, for God's sake! Out with you! Come on! Out!
But that's not the sea!
- Lieutenant, where have we landed? - In a chicken pen!
But where did they launch us? Where's the bloody airport?
Fall-in! Fall-in! Let's get out!
Keep together! Lieutenant, keep us covered behind!
Hey, it bites!
FiIthy beast, it'll spoil everything!
Shoot! Go on, shoot! Shoot!
You bloody idiot! That's the flare to signal..
..that we've occupied the airport..
..and that the saboteurs go into action!
But that's the only pistol I've got!
Here Pl A3, call "Electra". Can you hear me? Signal white flare,..
..say "okay". - Here "Electric", okay for okay.
How did you manage so quickly? My action planned for 11 :00 pm.
- Why this anticipation? Over. - We're not sitting on our laurels.
- Say "okay"! Over and out. - Okay for okay!
[Meanwhile, Furas's column is entering the city.]
- What have you done? - It just stopped!
What happened? Are you blind?
- Quick, a phone! - Get off!
I must call the Command, immediately!
- MEANWHlLE.... -
[Keeping to the established plan,..]
[..the saboteurs Delle Chiaviche and Bortolin..]
[..are climbing up the pylons of Station No. 2..]
[..to cut the high tension cables and thus interrupt..]
[..the electric supply to the phone system and cut communications..]
[..with the rest of the country.]
Mum, I won't be home before three.
Work is work, after all! Let me talk to the kid.
- Have you given him his suppository? - No, nothing doing.
- Here, talk to him. - Mummy's darling!
- It hurts! - It's good foryou. - No, it hurts!
- Then grandmawill buyyou a lollipop. - You'd better tell her.
Yes, I'll tell her. Now sing me that song, come on!
#A little white doggy was wagging its tail..#
#..towards the....# Towards what?
- #....towards the sun....# - Official duty!
Okay, honey. Let me speak to grandma. Don't forget the suppository.
- Wish me good luck. - Good luck!
- I'll let you go now, there's official duty. - What? - No idea.
Colonel, some cappuccino? Another cappuccino!
- Hallo, Aguzzo? It's me, Furas. - No names!
I'm "Black Fox", you're "Pegasus". Use passwords,..
..and discretion! - We're in a cafe,..
..passwords unusable. Anticipated blackout..
..causing serious upset. Our driver is in a bad way.
Numerous injured people. Vehicles out of action. Operation suspended.
Are you mad? We'll investigate reasons for blackout anticipation.
But, while waiting. carry on!
General Pariglia is waiting at TV headquarters.
Everything depends on broadcasting the proclamation to the Nation.
Obeyyour orders immediately! Requisition other cars,..
..by force, if necessary! Sardinia is watching you!
Get me "Electra".
- Damn it! Let me hear! - Here "Electric", over and out.
- I'm just starting! Who are you? - "Electric"! - Your name!
- I'm supposed to be anonymous. Over. - Get me Cavicchia.
Where is he? Get him!
Justified absence: acute appendicitis and a high fever.
- I'll replace him. Over. - Schiro! I recognized you,..
..you idiot! Why did you shut it down ahead of schedule?
I received orders through the white flare. Over.
Just wait till I break your other arm. Switch on!
- I give you my okay. - You give me what? - My okay.
[The sudden return of electric power provokes..]
[..disastrous consequences among which the unexpected..]
[..illumination of the stadium.]
There's the watchman!
- Do you have a permit? Who are you? - We're looking for....
- Are you shooting a film? - More or less. - A war film?
- War and love! - Who's the star?
- Lollobrigida. - I remember her! Not bad.
- Where is she? - Look, he won't leave us alone.
- We'd better shut him up! - I don't get it. What kind of....
The General will be on TV any moment now.
Wait for it!
New York. Today at 4:30 pm....
Keep calm. Everything will be fine.
- Relax! - ....Mrs Indira Gandhi said....
[At the same moment, Branzino's "marines" were landing..]
[..on the beach of the President's summer residence.]
Everything according to plan.
In ten minutes, while Falloppa is moving in by land,..
..we'll have encircled the President!
Forward, and in silence!
There's a great tentacle in our future.
- Is that right? - Yes, well, almost.
- Your Excellency! - Colonel, I've been waiting a long time!
An unforeseen event, but the situation's under control.
- Who's paying? - Italy! - What do you mean?
- I want my money! - What about a requisition permit?
- I want my money! - Why should I pay?
I've already paid for two cappuccino!
That ends our programmes for today. They resume tomorrow at 11 :00 am..
..with the Holy Mass. Ladies and Gentlemen, good night!
What do you mean "good night"? You cow!
- Rip out the wires! - Cameras! Quickly!
General Pariglia has to speak to the Nation!
- But the whole network is closed! - Open it up again!
This is a coup d'etat!
- Are you ready, General? - Let us gather around..
..the future tentacles! - So? - If you wish,..
..but every TV set in Italy is turned off!
- When do the programmes begin again? - Tomorrow at 11 :00 with the Holy Mass.
Watch out! Let's get out!
We're buggered! Everything's buggered!
Forwant of a nail the shoe was lost.
If you're a true soldier, you know what to do.
- What? - Shoot your brains out!
- Me? But the plan was his! - Wait a minute.
- Both ofyou, then. - My plan was strategically..
..impeccable. It's the execution of it that didn't work out.
- Who's that? - Police! We're betrayed! The bastards!
Save the maps! They're not joking!
Nobody move! Hands up! Military police!
- Where's the Honourable Tritoni? - Not here, look for him!
- Perrotti, have you looked in there? - There's nobody.
- Go and get the others! - Come on!
- Quickly! - Me, I'm just a pensioner.
[ In spite of everything, inexplicably, the three MP's..]
[..who had revealed the plot are stopped by the police..]
[..on a trivial pretext.]
Has the supplementary licence fee been paid?
Look, officer, the gentleman is an MP,..
..a colleague. I am Home Office.... - I see...
We're just checking. We're doing our duty,..
..and nobody's exempt. - I didn't ask you..
..to ignore your duty, but, please, hurry up!
- Your lD, please. - Bywhat right?
Don't aggravate him. We've alreadywasted time!
This is sheer madness!
Watch your language. Nobody's mad here.
Certainly. But we've urgent matters in Rome.
One thing at a time.
You MP's should know that.
Spare us your comments, which could get you in trouble.
Threats, eh? Remember I'm a policeman on duty.
And an insolent one!
You're making us waste precious time!
Gentlemen, follow me, please.
- What for? - Offending public officials!
Who's there? HaIt!
[But nothing could stop Commander Branzino,..]
[..who has reached his destination,..]
[..the President's residence.]
- We must see the President! - The President?
- Show us the way! - He's not receiving!
He's convalescing from bronchitis....
Mister President, this is a coup d'etat.
Who are you?
General Alceo Pariglia has just announced it on TV.
A MilitaryJunta has taken power.
Pariglia? On TV? When?
We've occupied the city's strategic points.
What's going on?
Must be Falloppa's detachment.
You are deposed.
Come with us, please. Our cannons..
..are aimed at this objective.
- But, Mr Urbini... - Remember..
..a certain Dollfuss. Follow us oryou'll end up like him.
HaIt, everybody!
Mister President, we've arrived in time!
We've arrested the leaders of the insurrection.
The interruption of communications..
..prevented us from consulting the Premier..
..in Brussels, but the State is now safe,..
..thanks to the strategic positioning of the armed forces..
..who have occupied the capital.
Who's responsible for these follies?
He will not escape us, Mister President.
We'll bring him to you here. - SUNDAY JULY 13, 4:00 AM -
- 4:25 AM -
- Goddamn it! - Who's there?
- I'm hunted like awild animal! - What's going on?
- You're wet through. What happened? - Forget it.
A cruel destiny has overtaken me.
- Everyone arrested! - Don't say that! Courage, darling!
- Marcella! - Beppe! - Onlyyou can save me from adversity!
You, adorable creature. Come, let's flee together!
- Theywon't get me! - No, theywon't get you!
The hour of revenge will come! The lion will roar again!
Quickly! A haversack, a sleeping bag, a false passport! To Athens!
- Yes! To Athens! - Even if it means highjacking ajet!
- To Athens! - To Athens, yes! - There they are!
What's going on?
Come out and follow us!
As an MP I claim parliamentary immunity.
As a man I resent your lack of tact.
I swear that I spent the night in this bed,..
..with this lady, didn't l? - Yes, he did. - See?
Who's that?
Cavicchia? So that's what your appendicitis was! You shit!
- Take them all away! - Bitch!
- 5:10 AM -
Where are you taking me?
If I'm to be shot, I demand a priest,..
..as long as it's not Monsignor Sartorello. - Quiet!
- Last cigarette? - No, there are three more. - Go to hell!
I leave them to you.
Come in.
There he is!
....let us gather around the national tentacles.
Colonels, was this your chief?
- Yes or no? - Yes!
- This sonovabitch! - He was the brains of the operation!
Don't try to save your skins at my expenses!
If we're up to our necks in shit, you're in it with me!
This illuminating exchange ofviews is enough to justify..
..the measures taken: the intervention of the troops..
..and the timely blocking..
..of Di Cori, Ferlingieri and Bertoni,..
..who were more than determined to profit from this attack..
..on our institutions to increase chaos and ferment uprisings.
No! I insist that you have gone too far!
They're only a handful of mediocre subversives who tried..
..a coup d'etat but by such ridiculous means that it could only end..
..in a farce. - No! - It is also true that....
But Mr President! The March on Rome also began as a farce..
..and ended badly. What won't be farcical..
..is the Left's reaction during the next 24 hours.
One moment! The tape recorder.
I want all this taped!
Such is the wretched outcome of the policy of two extremisms!
Mr President, that silent majority, now implacably martyred..
..has reached the end of its tether and demands social peace.
Exceptional measures have to be taken and the present government..
..is incapable of action. It should resign immediately!
Parliament should be dissolved..
..and a government of experts appointed..
..while waiting for less troubled times. - You're out ofyour mind!
You want to abolish constitutional practice!
First of all I must consuIt the Speakers,..
..and summon the State and Defence Councils..
..to examine the urgent measures to be taken..
..against this... riff-raff.
Fortunately they are not representative of the Armed Forces..
..ofwhich you, General,..
..are both the emblem and the caricature.
Otherwise, my dear Minister, to avoid one coup d'etat,..
..or two as you say, we will get a third!
Oh no, don't say such things! We are deeply upset!
Our greatest hope is in legality. Mr President!
Once the measures we ask for have been taken..
..there will be a slow but significant political transformation.
- Infinitely durable. - Durable and beneficial.
Quite painless.
And to think that I'd have put bridles to the country in 24 hours!
Stop this! I forbid you to say such disgraceful things!
I'd rather resign,..
..than permit the dissolution of Parliament. Never!
But that's the end of democracy!
Nobody move orwe'll all blow up!
You think you've buggered me, eh? If you'd listened to me,..
..by now the President'd be out..
..and we'd have a MilitaryJunta for government. It's the President..
..who has buggered you, leaving your arses bare!
Tritoni, don't make your situation worse. Hand over that object!
Shut up oryou'll get it in the balls!
My God!
Dismayed though we may be by this tragedy..
..we can't help recognising the catharsis it has produced in us.
The obstacle has removed itself.
The Nation has learned..
..of its President's death with unanimous distress.
It was sudden..
..but serene. In memory of the Head of State..
..there will be three days of mourning.
The provisional President has authorised..
..a caretaker government with former Minister Li Masi..
..as Premierwho has promised emergency measures..
..to keep public order which of late was disturbed..
..by the behaviour of extremist and antinational groups.
Members of subversive organizations have been arrested..
..in accordance with the new police law.
According to a spokesman for the Home Office, new elections..
..will be held as soon as the situation is normal.
The secretary of the Rightist Union, deputy Mazzante,..
..has given his party's unqualified support..
..to the caretaker government. At the first meeting of the new Cabinet..
..approval was given to a bill..
..of the new Employment Minister Antonino Irnerio Steiner,..
..which will regulate the right to strike..
..and propose penaIties for offenders against the country's economy.
Here's the news: The celebration of the 1st anniversary..
..of the advent of the new regime in our country took place..
..with a parade in the lmperial Forum, where the garrisons..
..stationed in the capital, symbol of the restored order and discipline..
..received the grateful and affectionate applause of the crowd.
Latest news flashes: It. Colonel Emanuele Groppa..
..has been appointed Head of the National Film Office,..
..and the Chief of Police Larecchia to the direction of the Sanremo Festival.
Anna Maria Pagliuca is the new chairwoman..
..of the National Institute of Maternity.
Frank Coppola, responsible for the restructurization,..
..of the Latium coast, will be chairman of "Italia Nostra".
Ils travaillent bien, ces gens la.
- Hallo! - Bonjour, monsieur. - Je m'excuse pour le retard,..
..mais je vis dans un petit joli pays, Genazzano, autour de Rome.
Ne vous en faites pas. M. le General et moi have been watching TV.
Your government really gets things moving, eh? Tres dur! Tres bien!
We'd like to take over power using your system.
My plan can work in one night!
Une nuit, ca suffit. Vous avez compris?
Vous avez parle with General? You see, with my plan..
..very few men and arms are needed.
The seizure of power is 100% guaranteed, au cent pour cent.
Dans tous les cas, I'important c'est I'occupation de la television,..
..vous avez compris? - Mais nous n'avons pas TV.
- The radio? - Mon cher monsieur, the governments of our countries..
..have buiIt homes and hospitals for the people,..
..who'd never seen such things.
That's whywe've no radio or TV.
Don't tell me such things, my heart breaks!
- You've got telephones? - Just beginning. - That's sufficient.
A slight aIteration in my plan:
..transmit the proclamation of the MilitaryJunta by phone..
..to those who have it. - Tres bien.
Did you speak of money to the General?
- ll a dit que c'est un peu trop cher. - Jesus and Mary!
300.000 liras, too expensive?
You want to get a coup with dried figs?
- Good morning. - Good morning.
- Don't you know the new police orders? - Yes.
No public meetings of more than two persons!
- But it's a public bar! - On a public highway!
And then you're with coloured men...
They can't sit at your table.
- You're white, aren't you? - Can't you see?
- Jewish? - Not on my life!
Then you can't stay.
I understand.
- We don't make the laws. - I see.
- May I sit there? - It's another table.
- That's what I mean. - Good bye! Let's go.
Je vous en prie.