Vodka, Mr. Palmu (1969) - full transcript

A TV reporter is murdered when he is eavesdropping on a secret Finnish-Soviet conference. The National Broadcasting Corporation enlists the help of police lieutenant Palmu, who comes out of retirement for this case. However, some have their doubts about the loyalities of Palmu, seeing that he was spotted in a diplomatic soiree in Moscow just a few weeks before the murder.


Translated by: themagician @ KG

Written as continuation
to Mika Waltari's Palmu series by:


From Yleisradio:

Cinematography: Esko Nevalainen

"B" camera: Jussi Laine
Assistant camera: Matti Ruuhonen
Camera help: Karri Lehtinen

Music: Rauno Lehtinen
Lyrics: Kari Tuomisaari
Sound: Matti Ylinen, Ensio Lumes
Sound assistant: Leo Komaroff

Art direction: Aarre Koivisto
Costume design: Riitta-Liisa Haavisto
Makeup artist: Pentti Taivainen
Title designer: Sauli Rantamäki
Special effects: Matti Paju

Production secretary: Tiiti Taskinen
Script supervisor: Kati Kiiskinen
Art Department: Mauri Jaakkola,
Pentti Pöllänen, Eila Kaarresalo
Studio manager: Esko Töyri
Laboratory: Kurkvaara Filmi

Editor: Juho Gartz
Assistant director: Georg Korkman
Assistant editor: Ilona Tanttu

Thanks to:

Directed by: Matti Kassila

Production manager: Mauno I. Mäkelä

Production company: Fennada-Filmi


- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- Please have a seat.
- Thank you.

This morning there was
a telegram on my table -

that I opened carelessly.

Only after reading it did
I notice it was for a namesake.

The consul for ministry of
foreign affairs, not me.

Well, I delivered it.
It said...

"The vodka will arrive from
Moscow in the morning."


Something's going on.
There's other hints as well.

If they're preparing
important negotiations -

the chief police officers
ought to know about it.

You want me to poke around.

- Yes, but absolutely discreetly.
- Of course.

I suppose you should know...

I hear the Soviet minister
Baranov has arrived in Finland.

Here only the inner
tube knows things.

And the interior minister
isn't one of them.

Kokki, this is Virta.

Could you come
with me to Seutula?

To the airport.
I'll explain later.

Grab that camera of yours.
And binoculars.

Who do you expect to meet?

Yes, I suppose it could be
an encrypted message.

We'll see it soon.

I suggest you perform
a thorough inspection.

- (Announcer) 109, from Moscow...
- We'll be there if needed. - Fine.

That's the one. Let's go.

What the... that's...

Take photos.

It's Palmu, goddammit.

- Did you photograph the girl?
- Yes, calm down.

- Clear these through customs.
I'll go make a phone call. - Okay.

- Goodbye.
- Thank you very much.

- Anything to declare?
- Nothing.

What do you have in here...

Look at that.

- Dozens of vodka bottles.
- That's surprising.

- I've got the papers.
- You better have them.

From a special courier.

Well, well...

Where did I...

- This is government business.
- Yes it is. This is smuggling.

Listen now, I'm inspector Palmu.

- This is my passport.
- Well...

- We better go over there.
- Yes.

Well, boys.
What are you doing here?

Greetings from Moscow.

- It's good that you came,
to prove my identity. - Hello.

He claims to be inspector Palmu.

- And I claim he's smuggling liquor.
- I'm not smuggling anything.

Well, tell him I'm not lying.

What, standing there with your mouths
open while your boss gets insulted.

- I haven't insulted you.
- You just keep quiet.

- It's Palmu. - It is.
- Have you nothing else to say?

I'm just performing my duties.

Don't you understand
I'm not talking to you now?

Palmu, what did you
plan to do with this?

- I had to take it to...
- Where?

The hell are you still
interrogating me?

- Oh, man...
- What did you drop?

Hey, give me that...


There you go.

- That's good.
- Well...

- Are the gentlemen satisfied?
- Absolutely.

- Palmu, are you heading
to the city? - Where else?

Thank you. Kokki, the bag.

- You had a nice trip?
- Very nice.

But it was nice to return
to a capitalistic country.

- You get to live like a proletarian.
- So you were in Moscow?

- Yes.
- With that group?

No, they were just on
the plane. TV crew.

- Was there a special reason for
your trip? - No, I was a tourist.

What about the vodka?

- What of it?
- Where are you taking them?

- Government business.
- Which government's?


- I suppose I must explain then.
- I wouldn't tell you otherwise.

Probably not even then.

The truth about the vodka:
I visited the embassy in Moscow -

and an official asked me to bring
them to some negotiations.

And the Russian minister
wanted this specific vodka.

- What about the nuclear plant?
- No comments.

- What?
- It means he won't talk.

- Aren't you eager to go to Helsinki?
- No, boys.

One must live in the countryside.

- Palmu, we should meet more often.
- Why not, come and visit.

You haven't met my wife yet.

- Who?
- My wife.

- Are you...
- I got married a few years ago.

Well then, boys.

When you're retired
you've got the time.

This is going great.
The face is clear.

Attention, Reiska. Minister Baranov
exited the hotel and is leaving by car.

A police car is escorting.

Attention, Reiska.
They are heading towards Töölö.

Two black cars and the police.
Do you have visual? Over.

Yes, we're filming them.

You lied to us geezer, goddammit.

- This is the story of the century.
- Don't do that, I'll drop the camera.

They are stopping at some mansion.

- I'm running out of film.
- That's fine. We're finished.

- When are they developed?
- By six o'clock.

- Okay, I'll be in Pasila by then.
- Yep.

- Hi.
- Hey.

- You came.
- Yeah.

Can I come in?

- Okay.
- Yes, yes.

He could come in. Don't.

- We can't.
- Why not?

Who could stop us?

- Where is he anyway?
- Home, I guess.

- Reiska...
- What?

- Let me call him first.
- Okay.

Hi, I'll be out for a few
hours, so you won't...

A haircut, shopping,
and things like that.

Yes, yes. Bye.

The chairman for the Finnish
workgroup, who last fall -

researched constructing
the log drive tunnel.

The head of Saimaa Corp, Suur-Takala, -

returned from Moscow last night.

Suur-Takala says he was
on a personal vacation.

What business did
you have in Moscow?

I went to look at horses.
I own a stable myself.

Did you discuss the
log drive tunnel?

No. We did not.

In the afternoon the Soviet minister of
foreign trade Pyotr Baranov also arrived.

Recently he's made comments
about the log drive tunnel.

Our reporters contacted
minister Laaksonen today.

- Has minister Baranov come to
negotiate the log drive tunnel? - Yes.

I don't know the reason
for Baranov's trip.

- It's probably personal.
- Isn't it odd?

How? Friends tend to
visit each other.

- So the log drive tunnel will not be
discussed? - Not to my knowledge.

They say they want to close
the deal on that quickly.

So it would be out of the news.

Listen, reporter. Rumors are
plentiful. There will be worse.

Those were minister Laaksonen's
comments on the log drive tunnel.

Our camera crew caught minister
Laaksonen leaving, but where to?

And here minister Baranov
is leaving, but where to?

One of our helicopter cameras
followed the car through the city.

Here we see more cars
have joined the others.

Among them minister
Laaksonen's car.

Here they stop by a mansion.

It's difficult to recognize
from the air, but -

easy on the ground.

The mansion is Suur-Takala's

After this minister Laaksonen's
and Suur-Takala's -

comments seem questionable.

- Tough guys.
- Next up tomorrow's weather forecast.

High pressure area moving in from
mid-Russia towards northwest.

- Now!
- It's gonna cause a storm, right?

- Get out.
- The next film won't be used.

- Everything's going well.
- To "Svartträsk."

- What do you mean?
- Let's try to get more material.

(Speaking Russian)

Minister Baranov is surprised
by the media's behavior.

The bad press could affect
the negotiations negatively.

Baranov is astonished by
the media's lack of control.

We'll move to Königstedt.

Otherwise everyone will
be on live TV soon.

The servers were sent away
due to the secret society.

- You can't leave me alone.
- Fine, I'll talk with the police.

It's okay, honey.

Turn it off.

- Do you have the cable?
- Yes, yes.

- I forgot the photometer.
- You don't need it.

It's best to have it just in case.

Hey, Reiska. What's wrong?


Hands up!

No! Don't hit me.

- I forgot the camera.
- You'll get it.

Get up and walk.

To the door.

Nothing to worry about.
I need to make a phone call.

We need an ambulance and
the criminal police. Hurry!

This is constable Vilppa.

Yes and he's probably dead.

One is under arrest.

I must watch him. Hurry.

Good afternoon.
I'm TV reporter Peltonen.

- I'd like to interview you,
inspector Palmu. - What about?

- You don't know of reporter
Torpo's murder? - Action.

- Good. Inspector Palmu, you were
in Moscow on May 1st? - Yes.

Did you see the incident at
the Finnish embassy's party?

TV reporter Reino Torpo's murder -

is one of the most shocking
in our media's history.

It's the first violent act
directed at a working reporter.

The police behavior
is also surprising.

Police representatives won't
answer our questions.

At this point we can't comment.

- Where was Torpo's body found?
- We can't comment yet.

- Has there been any arrests?
- Yes, one person.

- Is he a suspect?
- It's under investigation. That's all.

Reporter Torpo had
just returned from Moscow -

where he covered the
festivities of May 1st.

With him returned the retired inspector
Palmu whose interview you'll see now.

Inspector Palmu, you were
in Moscow on May 1st? - Yes.

Did you see the incident at
the Finnish embassy's party?

I made a note of it.

Reporter Torpo was
involved in the fracas.

Could his language be
described as harsh?

I think so yes.

- Did you know the other person?
- No.

- Did you learn his name later?
- Yes.

Was it Tuomas Suur-Takala?

Yes, indeed.

We'll return to this
subject later today.

- Hello.
- It's Virta. Hi.

- Oh, it's you. Hello.
- Listen, Palmu.

Your statement was careless.
It could have nasty consequences.

Can I come there today?
Kokki promised to drive.

Of course you can. Bye.

Don't make so much noise.
The wife is asleep.

I warmed up the sauna but
shall we have coffee first?

No time for sauna.

Tomorrow's a heated meeting
between the police and the radio.

- Right.
- Listen carefully, Palmu.

According to news the
photographer has been arrested.

But they didn't tell it happened
on Suur-Takala's yard.

Near the negotiations.

You're fairly known, Palmu.

- Well...
- Yes.

Whoever can benefit from your
mistakes can vow in your name.

The negotiations and the log drive
tunnel are at risk. Do you get it?

Now I want to know
what happened in Moscow.

Did you know Torpo has
dated with miss Suur-Takala?


She's a former TV reporter.

No wonder she looked familiar.

In Moscow...

This TV crew was
also at the embassy.

I was talking with secretary
of legation Lehtinen...

- Izvinite, pozaluista.
- Nizhevo.

- What did you say?
- Why's the inspector in Moscow?

Just as a tourist. I met an old friend
and a colleague from St. Petersburg.

- What's this?
- What's the meaning of this?

Torpo was agitated and miss
Suur-Takala very beautiful.

And startled.

From the beginning I've felt
like it's about a woman.

I would discourage
relying on feelings.

We must consider that Suur-Takala
is a pillar of our economy.

These are times
when even pillars crumble.

- These revolutions...
- These so-called revolutions -

are just hooliganism.

Well then, Palmu.
I'd like to say, as a friend, -

to refrain from further comments.

Just say you know nothing.

- Well then, good health to you.
- Right, yes.

- We'll come to sauna.
- You're welcome to.

We'll see whether this
photographer is guilty.

Why isn't the police informing us?
Perhaps there's no investigation.

The police has their own methods.

- We have no deadlines. - It's hard
having to protect the negotiations.

But the TV scandal took
away the people's chance -

- to criticize fairly.
- It's not TV's fault.

Lies and secrecy only fuel
the sensational reporting.

But they made our job
look like scheming.

By manipulating internationally
established methods.

Secrecy is an outdated
method in the TV era.

Mutual matters must be
disclosed before they're settled.

Is Yleisradio's GM's
view the same?

Nowadays it's impossible
to have secret negotiations.

And one shouldn't even try.

I think these murder investigations
must be kept separate.

From the police's attempts
to protect these negotiations.

It's indeed two different tasks.

But there are similarities.

Yleisradio screwed up by reporting
where the murder took place.

That's why we can't
trust each other.

We here at Yleisradio -

see that the police withholds our
employee on insufficient grounds.

That's why we're investigating
the case on our own.



- What?
- The phone!

- Ask who it is.
- Radio's general manager.

That's what you get
for screwing up.

My energy is nowadays
directed at other things.

Remember that secretary
asked you not to...

Under these circumstances
I cannot accept the job.

- You're retired.
- That's right.




Right, right.

I could stop by.

But I make no promises. Bye.

Right, Yleisradio's car
will come pick me up.

Is that so important to you?

It's just a quick visit.
I'll be back tomorrow.

The secretary said you
shouldn't get involved.

He can't stop me.

- Be careful. Remember...
- Always.

Yes. Right.

- General manager?
- 7th floor.

Thank you.

- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.

I'm inspector Palmu.

- Please go in, the GM is waiting.
- Well then. Thank you.

- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.

- Welcome. - Thank you.
- I've heard a lot about you.

And I've heard a lot about you.

You can see half the
Finland from here.

But only the western side.

- A cigar.
- Thank you.

- What's the situation?
- A little special.

One of our employees
has been arrested.

And we've failed to cooperate
with the police.

Rumors spread among the media.

We'd like you to investigate the matter.

- Yes? - Prime minister Koivisto
would like to have a word.

OK, Thank you.
This is Eino Repo.


It looks bad.

The right-wing papers are making
Torpo some freedom of speech hero.

Who's been sacrificed
for political business.

Reporters' emotions
are running high.

But so it is in the trade.

Like when a cab driver or a
policeman has been murdered.

It's important to calm down.
Can radio and TV influence that?

I believe we know our
responsibilities here.

Have you talked with the police?

Yes, but with some friction.
That is why -

we've decided to hire
our own investigator.

- Who's that?
- Inspector Palmu.

Oh. Perhaps it will
calm down the people.

Keep me up to date.

- Of course.
- Bye. - Bye.

I doubt I can get any
info from the police.

- Unless you have connections.
- Not presently.

We'll offer you many
kinds of help.

Your driver and secretary
are waiting for you.

- It starts from here.
- Let's meet the girl first.

- But I know you. Hello.
- Hello.

Call Kokki.

Restaurateur Väinö Kokki and tell
him I'm coming to pick him up.

- Did you call already?
- Not yet. I'll call with this.

- Is that Kokki?
- Give me the phone.

This is Palmu. Hello.

Me. In Helsinki, yes.

Listen, I forgot your address.

Töölönkatu 52.

Put your jacket and hat on right now.
I'm coming to pick you up.

I'll hire you to work for me.

I'm investigating Torpo's
murder for Yleisradio.

It's true. I'm Yleisradio's...

2988th employee.

And you're 2989th.

Kokki, come out right now.
I am your boss.

- I'm waiting here.
- Where?

- Where are you calling from?
- A car.

It's a Batman vehicle.


- Hello.
- Listen, I...

- To ministry for internal affairs.
- It's not right for me to play detective.

- You left without a jacket and a hat.
- Where are you heading to?

- To ministry for internal affairs.
- What for?

I want to find out where
the line is drawn.

You stay here.


Fine. What do you want?

- To meet the arrested person.
- You can't.

It could benefit both of us.

This matter only concerns
the arrested and the police.

Anything else?

I came to suggest collaboration.

Listen, Palmu...

You're an old friend
and a colleague.

That's why I forgive your TV statement.
It was simply thoughtlessness.

But now I ask... Go home.

Go on vacation.
You've deserved it.

Don't beg me for information
then when you need it.

- Well? How did it go?
- To Pasila.

Unusually untalented individual.

Fits in the ministry.

What a labyrinth this is.

- This is the so-called citizens' hall.
- Uh-huh.

- Hey.
- Hello.

Torpo blamed reporters of corruption.

- No way.
- We're receiving it right now.

- I'll bring it right away.
- Good.

This is the newsroom.

- Well then.
- Hello. - Hi.

This is inspector Palmu.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Hello.
- I see familiar faces here.

- Hello.
- Hey.

Don't let me disturb you. Hello.

- Hello.
- Here's Torpo's statement from Moscow.

"Financial connection demands silence."

"A reporter may have bought
an apartment cheaper -"

"and someone might've
received a car for free."

"If they get caught they'll
lose their arm and legs."

"That's why it's important
to live with modesty" -

"and not to have too close friends."

Was that really Torpo's
last message to Finland?

Reiska couldn't have said that.
It's all propaganda.

Could I have that? Thanks.

Where's Torpo's desk?

Right here.

Are his papers still there or
did the police take them?

They would've if they
hadn't disappeared.

Maybe we'll find them
if we look for them.

Maybe, I think so.

- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.

- I'm Paasilinna from reporters' union.
- One of those insurance guys?

Not exactly, but we can help you.
Those who help are blessed by Lord.

Thank you. We have problems,
so they can be solved.

You must be referring to Torpo.
I don't know what his duties were.

- It's a strange environment for me.
- Well, yes.

We could help with Torpo's films -

- if they stay overtime. Will you?
- Yes.

- You'll get them tomorrow morning.
- That's excellent.

- See you tomorrow.
- Godspeed.

We can leave then.

This is the studio.

Here Torpo left on his last journey.

- Who knew where he left?
- The photographer and me.

- Nobody else?
- No.

- He left without the boss's knowledge?
- It was against the rules, yes.

He planned to get a
broadcasting permit later.

Torpo and the photographer
left with minimal gear.

They wanted to have a surprise
interview with someone at the scene.

- That's all we know.
- How did you learn about the murder?

From the police before
the blanket censorship.

Our own photographer went to the
scene. The police kicked him out.

- I can show you the existing footage.
- Sure.

Play the film.

Well, it went by so fast.

We can pause the film
in the editing room.

- Oh, well let's do that.
- Thank you.

Red button pauses.
This rewinds, that plays it.

This is a nice machine.

They knocked the photographer over.

- The police.
- Right.


Can't make much of that body.

This room is for us.

Huh, well then...

Why not.

- Don't break anything.
- Come on...

Well, girl, how about it...
Have you found someone?

- No. - Why not?
There's hundreds of men here.

Nobody's wanted me.

The qualification...

The qualification must be tough.

- Can I borrow a tape recorder
from here? - Of course.

We must figure out what happened.

The photographer knows
so let him tell us.

- He's behind bars.
- Let him record it.

You'll take the tape recorder
to the jail and back today.

- How on Earth?
- That's your problem.

And you... I always
address people casually.

- Sure, I'm Riitta.
- Väinö.

I have a first name too,
but call me Palmu.

You'll go through Torpo's papers.

Väinö, we're leaving.

You get to lodge your
old and poor boss.

I knew it.
Do you need a bath too?


This is Kokki. Hi.

Do you still have that hen house?

You know I own these
restaurants, right?

My supplier happened to quit.

Now I'm looking for a new one.

About 1,000 eggs a week and
60-80 young chicks. Right.

That's right.

I know, it's your shift.

I could visit the police station.

And we could negotiate.

Yes, let's do that. Great.

I've got another small
thing too... Bye.


I'll end up in prison
thanks to you.

You know very well we
can't bribe the police.

- If I get arrested at least you'll
have eggs. - And chicks. There.

It has a few questions already.

- How does it work?
- Press that button.

I'm inspector Palmu.

I'm investigating Torpo's
death for Yleisradio.

I'd like you to record
everything onto this tape -

that you remember
from Torpo's death.

The events that preceded
and followed it.

This is Kokki.

- It's what you ordered.
- Thank you very much.

Hello? Is that you darling? It's me.

Still here at Kokki's place.

It's good. Hasn't fed me yet.


I forgot the photometer
in the car. I went to get it.

It's about 100 meters back and forth.


Okay, it's done.

There it is.

- What? Will you listen
to it or not? - Quiet!

- What's that?
- Head out of the way.

It's a British detective series.

It has a retired inspector.

They've got good salaries.

The man lives in a castle!

Here only some
restaurateurs live like that.

Where did you find that?

This is where it should be.

I asked Reiska to wait...
It's difficult to talk about.

I forgot the photometer
in the car. I went to get it.

It's about 100 meters back and forth.

When I returned Reiska was
wheezing on the ground.

I was out of it.
Completely out of it.

I was bent over next to him.

At first I thought
it was a heart attack.

When my hand got wet
I realized he was bleeding.

A light hit me in the face
and I heard shouting.

At first I thought I'm getting shot.

Then I got hit and
dragged somewhere.

I heard constant swearing and threats.

Then we were in front of a building.

I realized it was the mansion
we were heading towards.

I noticed he's a cop.

A woman answered the door
and I got pushed inside.

I was nearly unconscious.

Good afternoon.
I'm inspector Palmu.

I'm investigating reporter Torpo's death.

- The police has already been here.
- I know.

Well then.

This is where the
negotiations were kept.

And this is where Torpo
intended to come.

He was too late.

There was only me and the officer
who arrested the murderer.

At what time did
the negotiators leave?

After the news.

Then a man was
brought here all bloody.

At what time?

Perhaps 30 minutes after
everyone had gone.

- Where was the man during
the officer's phone call? - Here.


The policeman made a phone
call keeping an eye on me.

I sat on the chair.

A beautiful woman
looked at me horrified.

Then I noticed my bloody hands
and I heard the word murder.

I also noticed there
was a chain in my hands.

It had a flat piece.

I realized it came from
Reiska's bloody chest.

And that someone had
killed him in the dark.

Reiska had grabbed the chain
and it had snapped.

It belonged to the murderer.

If they found it on me
I'd get accused.

I put my hand behind
my back and...

Pushed it inside the chair.

It's still probably there.

I said nothing about it to the police.

- Your husband left after the others...
- Yes.

You dated Torpo during
your TV career?

- Why do you ask? - I saw him
arguing with Torpo in Moscow.

Mr. Suur-Takala is
hot-tempered and jealous.

- Are you insinuating...
- Goodbye.

Wait. The man on the tape said
he told nothing to the police.

- Who are you then?
- A former policeman.

Try to trace the maker of this chain.

Visit stores. You know what to do.

- I'll go to Pasila to watch films.
- Yes.

I never get anything fun.

Play the tape.

Dim the lights.

- This is Torpo's socialization program.
- Uh-huh.

- It's on that monitor.
- That TV?

Steel industry moving to government
ownership is a topic of discussion -

after we heard Suur-Takala's
factory is shutting down.

Suur-Takala, why was
the factory shut down?

Well, simply because
it wasn't profitable.

And why not?

Main reason is government taxation.

It's been claimed the
factory's production -

was planned against
predictions and expert views.

Those rumors are slander. Main
reason is government's tax policy.

Earlier a representative of labor
union made a clear demand.

About socializing the steel industry.

Are you against it or for it?

All everyone talks about is socializing.

It doesn't matter whether companies
are private or owned by government.

Its effect on economy is the same.

If it doesn't matter then
why do you oppose it?

And why do you offer an unprofitable
business to the government?

Blaming the government for
unemployment you're to blame for.

At the same time you talk about -

how private entrepreneurship
is so democratic.

Government's duty is to
help the private sector.

It's their only duty.

I'd also like to say...

- That's enough.
- That's enough.

Next clip.

- This is about foreign policy.
- Okay then.

It's relevant to ask how
much Finland wants -

Soviet Union's active acquaintance.

And to support it and to expand
the current foreign policy.

"We all agree with Paasikivi."

This statement is repeated
by especially those who -

have expected Soviet Union to
attack Finland since the last war.

This point is spread by
Kula's own paper.

We've repeatedly pointed out that -

we're not against having a
relationship with Soviet Union.

Others happen to be.

Why is your paper so
stuck on war then?

Young man, history shows...

...What people want it to show.

There's another spike in
the foreign policy debate.

Foreign minister Hämäläinen, -

why does your party reject
criticism of foreign policy?

- And says it's against
impartiality policy? - Well...

- I've heard nothing of such things.
- But I have.

Why are you so indifferent on so-called
"new foreign policy's" representatives?

Our obligations and agreements
direct our foreign policy.

We already have enough bad
experiences with people like Kula -

- that we try to avoid them.
- Mister foreign minister.

I'd like to inquire, why...

In 1944 we lost Karelian Isthmus?

Then they told me to
get off the cop car.

Then a younger cop arrived who...

Kicked me in my stomach
while I lied on the ground.

He wondered how I can't walk
though I can run my mouth.

Does the Finnish police
force practice violence?

I can shortly and simply answer no.

It is possible that in
professions like the police, -

and other authority figures,
the profession is chosen...

Enough. I'll soon be brainwashed.

- We're finishing up.
- Some nasty means!

Was Torpo a member of some party?

- Yes, the socialists.
- The left-wing, like me.

- Have you shown Torpo's papers
to the inspector? - Not yet.

Are there notes on
the Suur-Takala case?

He was in your workgroup.
These are important things.

Reiska said we have to
investigate because -

- cops could be involved.
- Goddamn, they already are.

Tell us and show the notes.

Palmu, after reading them you'll
want to meet Suur-Takala -

who's in Königstedt in the
middle of negotiations.

They'll determine a large
order from his factory.

Hello? Can you connect to Königstedt?

Königstedt. Don't you
know the state mansion?

The switchboard operator is an idiot.

Hello? I'd like to talk to
minister Laaksonen.

I know, just tell him it's
Brunkeberg. He'll answer.

There's another idiot.

Hello? Hi, this is Brunkeberg.

I'll be sending inspector
Palmu to your place.

He's investigating case Torpo for us.

Can you arrange a meeting
with Suur-Takala?


Surely you can arrange it.

Just tell the cops not to shoot him.

Don't sell the skin for cheap!

What's that?


- It's done.
- Wait a minute.

- Who are you?
- Don't you know?

I'm the head of news, Brunkeberg.

But I didn't murder Torpo.

I hit him once but we
were so fucking drunk.

He talks a lot.

It's how he sees democracy.
He talks and we listen.

It used to be called a dictatorship.

Suur-Takala's folder is missing.

It's black and has the initials ST.

This one's interesting.

Read from here.

"A.B can testify that Kula
receives money from CIA."

"I asked Kula, as a test..."

"Rumor is you receive money
from the West. Any truth to it?"

"He turned white and
denied everything."

"I'll catch him one day."

Still remember Kula?

- The skinny man from the
Soviet program. - I know Kula.

The bitter author.
He owns a paper.


Just a moment. It's for you.

Hello, it's Palmu.

Good afternoon.

Well, well...


Leena Louhos? A schlager singer.

Where did you say I can
find you? Studio 1?

I'll be there. Bye.

- Leena Louhos?
- Her artist name is Tamara.

Tamara, huh...

- Was she close to Torpo?
- Not to my knowledge.

- She's dating an anchorman.
- Tarvajärvi?

No, Seppo Sonkavaara.

I'll take you to Studio 1.

The winter cold is gone

My heart so impatient

The spring birch is full of...

- Stay here.
- Fine.

Like spring birch gets
to feel new warmth

A butterfly finds new love

A bird finds another bird

They'll find a cradle
on a spring birch's branch

I watch how the spring
birch sways alone

Ok, thank you.
Take down the props.

Got it.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Can you tell me what
happened to Reino?

- So you knew Torpo?
- I loved him.

- Did Sonkavaara know?
- What's it to him?

- I heard you're dating.
- False advertising.

Did you see Torpo
before his murder?

- We met in the afternoon.
- Did you know where he was heading?

He mentioned some negotiations
he was going to film.

I felt like it could be dangerous.

Now I feel like someone's
constantly watching me.

What... We're on that monitor.

Tamara, change your attire.

- Excuse me, I must go.
- Of course.

To the beat, to the beat

The brothers of a noble country

Fill the pints, to the very brim

To the might, to the might
Of men like this

Everyone will fall
When they see it all

When we have the time
We visit pretty dimes

Those who miss us

The fire-eyed women

Poor maid if you stay alone
With the dear hero

You'll probably have this tomorrow

To the chase, to the chase

Women are game, when the
peerless man, takes the command

To the beer, to the beer
That invigorates

To vodka of the homeland
We trust won't be bland

One power shall lead our nation

I go to work and guard our nation

It's morning and the song
Of new brotherhood is sung

The great cause will be raised high

Like it brought our hero to the stars

It's morning and the song
Of new brotherhood is sung

Palmu! Palmu!


- Palmu!
- What?

- Where are you going?
- To Königstedt. Come with me.

- This building's like a labyrinth.
- What?

- I said it's a labyrinth this building!
- Say all you want.

Do you know what Suur-Takala's
folder contained?

Evidence of Saimaa Corp's tax evasion.

Saimaa's steel factories are
owned by Suur-Takala and -

Soviet Union's order goes to them.

What if the folder's in
Torpo's apartment?

Likely. It was so hot he
couldn't have left it in Pasila.

Did you take the tape recorder?

- Here.
- Thanks.



I'm inspector Palmu.

(Speaking Russian...)

It's important for Soviet Union that
the shares are large enough.

(Speaking Russian...)

- It's a bad time to come.
- I tend to do that.

Well then. What are you looking for?

I'd like to talk to Suur-Takala.

- Are you aware there's an
important meeting here? - Yes.


Minister, did Suur-Takala return
after the others from "Svartträsk?"

How would I know.
Why not ask him?

Do you think he'd be truthful if he
had a reason to hide something?

- What is it that you are chasing?
- The truth.

Listen to this, minister.

The open principle is
fundamental to democracy.

Democracy has many pretty
principles that fail in practice.

Principles the people
aren't ready for.

You're ready but not the people?

You'll hear of this again, minister.

No I won't.

But tomorrow you'll
hear of your firing.

Without an alibi this recording
would be embarrassing for you.

I apologize for my nervousness.

It's these meetings and
unfortunate events...

I'll ask Suur-Takala to come.

- You're a savage man, Palmu.
- Power corrupts.

- I traced that chain.
- Well?

It was made by a retired man.
He remembers it well.

Soon the whole TV industry is
"state within a state."

What is it you want?

Why did you come here after
the others on the murder night?

- Because I left later.
- Why?

Personal matters. None of your business.

Torpo's murderer also calls
the murder "a personal matter."

You don't want to comment.

Did you know Torpo
had a folder containing -

evidence of Saimaa Corp's
tax evasion?

You're not commenting on this either.

The outcome of the negotiations
seems important to you.

You're lucky it's just
the two of us here.

- Is he one of yours?
- No.

I already warned you
about this case.

A cuban, straight from Moscow.


You have no right to search
Torpo's apartment.

- My men found a messy apartment.
- That wasn't me.

Would you like a cigar
like your superior?

Who was that short fat man?

Don't you know the
chief police officer?

- About that chain...
- Oh right, the chain.

I found him after a long search.

He's retired and weak but
has an amazing memory.

They were made in 1947.

He even found the original receipt.

- He's made 10 of them.
- And who ordered them?

He was some... Just a sec...

Reporter Kosti Kula.

Kokki, you've earned a feast.

Are you saying he's our murderer?

How dumb I am!
I've seen the chain!

To Pasila.

Foreign minister, I'd like
to ask in this context, -

- Why in 1944...
- Pause the film.

Rewind a little.

That's enough. Play it so we
see the chain more clearly.

Why in 1944 we lost
Karelian Isthmus?

Isn't it clearly visible now?

We now have our murderer
but no motive.

He feared Torpo would
expose him as a CIA agent.

Likely but how did he know
Torpo would go to "Svartträsk?"

"Now I feel like someone's
constantly watching me."

Could it be...

Palmu, did you come up
with something?

He's thinking what to offer us.

You, Finnish.

Has survival instinct replaced your
healthy sense of nationality?

Feel your power!

It takes bravery acting with
national interests in mind.

Oppressors promise compassion.

Nationalized media strives to affect
opinions to effect change.

This programmed activity is
meant to destroy Finnishness.

Home, church, religion,
and our way of life -

is to be undermined.

Hopelessness is sowed by
underestimating our military power.

Economical connection is promoted
from Saimaa Corp to log drive tunnel.

The youth is being misled.

By exploiting scientific
brainwashing techniques.

We can see the result in
students' unions' unrest.

All powers must act
against this trend!

Where did you say
Sonkavaara's show is at?

- Mobile.
- We'll dine there.


Once I've met an old
friend, Kiilasniemi.

- Who's he?
- The head of Supo.

- What?
- Finnish Security Intelligence Service.

This is Palmu. Hi.

You're on the move late.

Tell me your worries.

- You know I'm boycotting.
- Bullshit.

If I can benefit from you what do I
care about some chief police officer.

That's good.

What do you know about Kosti Kula?

- Does he receive money from CIA?
- No...

Not anymore. He made a mistake.

He still gets money from guess who.

German neo-Nazis.
They are kindred souls.

But new information guarantees
he'll get locked up soon enough.

Why won't they fix that.

Can you see how much
info I have on him.

- What do you know about Seppo
Sonkavaara? - Fucking hell.

He knows Kula. He's suspected
but he's clever and vague.

He managed financial
aid to Kula's paper.

- Commission from some invalid
fundraising. - Look at that.

- Do you know what it is?
- Nyet.

There was a group of tough
soldiers and Russian haters -

who were certain Russia
would take our lands.

They founded a commando group.

Some are in the USA,
some in Germany, some here.

Number 2.

- It's Kula's.
- Found it on Torpo's body.

- Do you want him arrested?
- Not yet.

I asked you about Seppo Sonkavaara.

...Once again

If you knew the secrets
The pains and all that's pretty

Those things I carry in my mind

Like so

Thank you.

- I'll go now.
- Yes.

I gave my all

Absolutely all

Inspector Palmu sent me.

He's seeking permission
to search your apartment.

He suspects there's hidden mics.

If it's okay, give me the key.

I miss your company

We need to hurry.

I ended up in a world of worries

Now that I'm no longer
Good for you, anymore

I gave my all

Could you come to the lobby, inspector?

Well then.

(Speaking Russian...)

A beauty from Moscow.

My companion would like to tell that
reporter Kula works for the Nazis.


(Speaking Russian...)

She'd like to know can
we expect an arrest?

Likely yes.

(Speaking Russian...)



The flat occupied by Sonkavaara's
friend Tamara is owned by Kula.

That I did not know.

(Speaking Russian...)

My companion apologizes
for disturbing you.

That's okay.

Hey, boys. Found one.

Here's another.

Hey, boys!

The police came to my office.
I managed to escape.

They searched Tamara's flat
and found the mics.

You can remain free
but get rid of Suur-Takala's folder.

Contact me if you can.

- Who did you call?
- Taxi.

...Is life

Thank you.

- Kula has been arrested.
- Here's the evidence.

Quite convincing evidence.

- May I make a phone call?
- To who?

- Chief police officer.
- Don't do that.

I know it rubs you the wrong way
when he comes from the countryside -

and smells a criminal
like an old police dog.

You're smart enough to understand
there's two sides.

These guys relate to
my investigations as well.

But they are long and slow.

You on the other hand have
definite proof of murder.

Most importantly, only you
know in addition to me.

Now begins your chance.

Palmu goes to sauna in the countryside
when the case is solved, and it is.

Yes, the wife is waiting.

This has just one unpleasant detail.

Tonight Sonkavaara's TV show
is on at Kalastajatorppa.

Where a helicopter is given to the
police thanks to a fundraising.

Two million viewers will be watching.

The chief police officer will
accept it from a murderer.

The murderer is Kula.

Sonkavaara's involvement is still open.

It's best to let him do his thing.

I must take responsibility... alone.

Our collaboration has
been pleasant, so...

Excuse me.

Inspector Palmu's phone. He is.

This is Palmu.

Good afternoon.

I was about to leave
to the countryside, but...

Why not.

Right now? Bye.

To Kalastajatorppa.

Tamara. Hi.

Once I've announced you
the song starts.

- Mr. Sonkavaara, someone's
asking for you. - Coming.

- Practice the song once.
- Okay.

- You must've been surprised
by my call. - You're right.

I know Kula's under arrest,
that I'm being watched.

- They'll arrest me after the show.
- Are you involved in the murder?

No, but I do know
something about it.

- You should tell the police.
- The arrest would ruin my career.

If you're innocent there's
nothing to worry about.

I'll make a suggestion.

I happen to have a folder proving
Suur-Takala's extensive tax evasion.

If I get arrested a certain
paper will get it.

But if I remain free
it stays where it is now.

What do you want from me?

Bring me Suur-Takala's
response to my suggestion -

before the show begins.


- Gentlemen.
- (Speaking Russian...)

Finland-Soviet Union
financial cooperation -

has progressed
after the war fortunately -

and grown each year.

(Speaking Russian...)

As a guarantee is the treaty of 1948.

I know what he possesses.

A lawyer we fired.

- Who knows about this?
- Sonkavaara, you, and me.

Torpo's dead after all.

It can get long and messy.
The damage could be unpredictable.

I'll tell you my plans.

Two different kind of countries
living in peaceful coexistence.

If that's how it is,
it solves everything.

(Speaking Russian...)

I know a dramatic arrest
takes place in Torppa. But when?

(Speaking Russian...)

This new agreement
that was just signed...

In the signing event
Suur-Takala announced unexpectedly -

having donated his company's
stocks to the state.

This significant donation has been
in the works for some time.

It got fulfilled after the log
drive tunnel was approved.

The pipes will be manufactured
in the syndicate's factories.

Suur-Takala will remain
as the head of the syndicate.

- A significant donation.
- It saved him from a tax scandal.

How so?

Broadcasting in 30 seconds.
Start from my signal.

Next up the anticipated show
"Meeting at Torppa."

It's presented by Stenka Sonkavaara
live from Kalastajatorppa.

Good evening to everyone
here and at home.

Welcome to our show
"Meeting at Torppa."

This evening the show is more festive -

since we have the Soviet
delegation as our guests.

(Speaking Russian...)

We're dedicating the first act to them.

Tamara, go ahead.

The winter cold is gone

My heart so impatient

The spring birch is full of young leaves

Like spring birch gets
to feel new warmth

Well, what's your problem?


Our shows are always eventful,
especially today.

Next up is Go Go and Go Go girls.

A phone call for you, Mr. Sonkavaara.

- Hello? This is Sonkavaara.
- This is Kosti, hi.

I just got away.
I need an escape route.

- The police know about
your involvement. - I know.

I have no time to talk.
Call in 12 minutes.

Say the general manager is asking.

I'll ask the butler to fetch. Bye.

To all units:
He's dressed in a police uniform.

Left the station five minutes ago.

Who's calling him for a second time...

If there's guards,
go through the underground tunnel.

- Do you know where
you can get in? - Yes.

Good. Run until you're at
Meilahti's hospital.

I'll pick you up from there.
If the hijacking fails, I'll come by car.

Good. The helicopter can
start coming right now.


- Thank you.
- Next.

Good, good, good...

It's a bit tight in here.

And now ladies and gentlemen,
the anticipated finale.

Constable Jokinen is coming
here with a helicopter.

We'll be meeting him at
Kalastajatorppa's pier.

Jokinen said everything's going well,
including our fundraising.

In a moment the total sum -

will be landing at the pier
where the police will pick it up.

While waiting for it we get to hear -

a brand new traffic song. Tamara!

The newsroom is interrupting.

The other suspect in Torpo's murder -

just left this place and is escaping.

Likely through an underground
tunnel towards Meilahti.

The other suspect,
Kosti Kula, has escaped the jail.

- Goddammit.
- The police force is on the move.

The criminals will be likely
arrested during this broadcast.

You're watching a live broadcast.
I'm Rolf Brunkeberg, at Kalastajatorppa.

Potent Flash, for a busy man.
Refreshing and invigorating.

Potent Flash.

Attention, Sonkavaara
is here in the lobby.

He just came and is running away.

A new competition: Sonkavaara is
a criminal chased by the police.

To anyone living in Meilahti:

Suur-Takala has promised a reward
to anyone who catches the runaways.

Over there!


You fucking chicks!
I'll fucking shoot!


The helicopter has landed
on the nurse academy's roof.

(Speaking Russian...)


Is there an interpreter here?

"My partner and a nurse
arrested the murderers.

"On their way here with a helicopter."

You heard it! The helicopter's
already being useful.

This is a live broadcast
for the Finnish nation.

The helicopter is landing at the shore.

Criminals are brought outside.

The chief police officer
who just ran past me -

is hurrying to thank
the brave people -

who made this dramatic arrest.

Well now.

Well then. Spasiba.

This is true cooperation
and assistance.

Thank you.

We'll be returning to
Torpo's murder tomorrow.

I'd like to ask right now,
can you comment, inspector Palmu?

I'd like to ask my wife,
if she's watching this, -

to warm up the sauna.
I'll be there soon.

I'll be coming with a helicopter.

Well then, boys.
Remember to come for a sauna.

- Spasiba.
- Thank you.

- What?
- The song's forward synced.

Let her sing, guarded.

The newsroom ends here and
we'll return back to entertainment.

When you drive your car out of
the garage early in the morning

And you join the thrills
of the traffic circus

Then of course...

That big brother sees it all
Then big brother sees it all

So drive you poor little thing
With eyes on the road

You must slow down
When traffic is busier

You must never put
anyone else in danger

That big brother sees it all
Then big brother sees it all

So drive you poor little thing
With eyes on the road

You must slow down
When traffic is busier

You must never put
anyone else in danger

When you plan to take
a turn to the left

And you forget to indicate so

Then at best

That big brother sees it all
Then big brother sees it all

So drive you poor little thing
With eyes on the road

When the lights are red
Remember to stop before it

Follow the rules
Made by smarter men


Why did Kula murder Torpo?

There's no political murders in Finland.

Torpo took Kula's fiancee.

It was too much for an old man,
who had already lost his game.

You boys don't know how a young
wife affects an aging man.

What are you serving us?

Vodka, inspector Palmu.

This time it's Finnish.