Vodka Lemon (2003) - full transcript

In a remote, isolated Yazidi Kurdish village in post-Soviet Armenia, Hamo, a widower with a pitiful pension and three worthless sons, travels daily to his wife's grave. There he meets the lovely Nina, who is communing with her late husband. The two are penniless--she works in a local bar that is about to close down, while he has been forced to start selling his meager possessions. All seems hopelessly bleak, yet when Hamo begins to court Nina, their unexpected love revitalizes them.

Romen Avinian

Lala Sarkissian

Ivan Franek



(Song on the funeral)

Title: Vodka Lemon
(sub by oldman & sam)

Directed by Hiner Saleem

My dear, I am living well, so is our son.

Guje is living in Malgandar.

Kamo is in Alfevelli, France.
He said he was living well there.

Anyway, everything is just ok.

The kids misses you very much, so do I.

Dilovan is well, too.

His wife always tells him not to drink,
which makes him a little angry.

Except this, everything is just ok.

You have a rest. Don't worry about us.

(telephone ringing)

Hello? Romic? It's Robert.

Can you hear me? Hello! Hello!

We will call Hamo at noon. You tell him. At noon.

Hello? Hello?

It's Illeva calling for Hamo.
His son wrote him a letter from Paris.

Asa, call Hamo to come.



--Avail! --Hamo.


Go quickly, they are looking for your grandpa.




My father isn't here, he's gone to the graveyard.

(telephone ringing)

Isn't the telephone working well?

There is sound of electric current.

--Good morning! --Good morning!

How is the business going?


Yes, well.

Better and better.

What really is Kamo doing? Kamo?

His is in Alfevelli, France.

(telephone ring)

- Hello, hello, hello!
- Is that Hamo? Hello, hello, hello!

Hello, good day. This is Robert.
I am calling from Illeva, I have a message from your son.

Oh, Robert, it's you! Can you hear me?
I have a message from your son.

He came back from Paris?
No, he just mailed back something.

Oh, Kamo is coming back from Paris.

No, no, he mailed you something. You must take it back yourself.

I see.

What's up?

My son sent me something from Paris.
I have to take it back myself.

(Motorcycle flame out)

We are not sack of anything, leading by the USSR.

No even freedom?

We don't have freedom, but we have anything else.

The USSR pretends doing things for us.

We do a lot things for them too, but we lost freedom.

Don't you feel good to be lead by USSR?

I hope my son could marry a village girl.

We will not live along well, if he married a USSR girl.

That makes sense, brother.

(motorcycle start up)

What are you? I am an Armenia.

And you? What are you? I am Jess.

This is for you.

Help yourself.

Nothing else?

Nothing else.


Lend me some money.

I don't have money.

Doesn't Kamo, my brother, send back money?

Just a letter, nothing else.

(Knocking at the door. )

No money? How could it be?

Is it a letter?

(car horn)

(car horn.)

My dear, I am living well.
You sons are well, too.

Kamo is in love with a French girl.

He wrote a letter to me. Listen.

Dear Papa, I miss you all.

Miss you, my brother, mom, and sister in law.

Miss my hometown.

Papa, you should go to see mom,

Telling her I am good, living happily.

I don't have vacation, due to the work.

But I have a lovely baby girl.

You should show mom her photo.
And this is the photo.

I will never forget you, never.

Your son kamo, from Paris.

Did you see? He is fine, very happy

But he is a ungrateful kid.

He knows there is no job here.

It's pity, I didn't receive the 10 dollars I was hoping for.

He didn't send a penny.

But you don't have to be worried.

He is my son. I love him all the same.

I will pay next time. Can I get on the car?

Music in the radio: it's snowing.

(French ) it's snowing.

You didn't come tonight.

It's snowing.

My heart is veiled by black.

The scarves

Keeps the white tear.

Even birds on the tree,

Also feel it pity

You didn't come tonight.

I'm deeply in despair.

It's snowing.

I wander aimlessly.

(Sound of glass broken)

What did you break? I am sorry.
It slipped from my hand.

You should wipe your hand. What are you waiting for?
Clean up, hurry.

I have warped your clothes up.
They are in the brown case.

You don't have to worry about me.

I will clean everything in the bedroom.

Forgive me, my dear wife.
I leave too little time for you.

Good morning. Good morning.

Is it heavy? A little.

Buy or sale ?


How much? 30 dollars.

15 dollars, for my son.
He will be married in 20 days.

I bought it when I was married.

How about it? 10 dollars.

Ok. It's very good wardrobe.
It will give fortune to your son.


Thank you.

It's a mistake to buy this wardrobe.

You are always right. But it's too late.

Will you be more polite? Don't make me hate you.

It's you to make me buy it.
Do you make you hate me ?

You will only bring me misfortune.

Maybe I should leave you here cold to death.
But I am too kind.

Be seated.

(Sound of engine)

Can you unload the wardrobe?

No, I can't, I don't have a porter. We can.
Put it in the back. We will pay a lot of money.

Anybody help, help me! Ok.

Wait, our purse in there.

Wait. Where are you going.


Altode, why do you leave Jejja?

Altode, why do you leave Jejja?

Altode, why do you leave Jejja?

May I pay next time? Thanks

??My daughter is no longer a virgin
??My son will be back soon

It's not enough he comes back,
he wants to marry her

Your daughter likes him, doesn't she?

Your son likes her,too,doesn't he?
Any problem?

Here is your daughter, your son will be back soon

All are arranged well

Romic, my daughter isn't a prostitute

A bottle of Vodka


Miss, why isn't it marked as "Vodka"?
Do you mistake it?

It's Armenian

Do you remember the night when we were together?

Children are still young.
How many movies have we watched?

Everything needs money now

Gas fee, electric fee, water...

No Soviet Union any longer

You won't be together with me either

Forgive me, honey
I need to sell the TV

??Is it really useable?
??Yes, of course

How much? 150 US dollars

No! Too Expensive. 100 US dollars


Just this

??Good morning again
??Good morning

??Is the TV really useable?
??Yes, I've told you

??I will pay 100 US dollars
??120 dollars then

??Ok, 100 dollars

??How do you think of it? Do you like it?

No, not higher than 80 dollars

Then 90

No, I only offer 80
If it's not ok, we won't buy


Sound of opening door

??Anything wrong?
??Seems no

Would you please have a cup of this?

Miss, you first


I come back for you

Good morning

Can you help me to find a job in Moscow?

I don't live in Moscow any longer,
I live in Noworthbuk

Do you live in Noworthbuk?

I have a friend over there, hum, also brother
I have different job over there

No problem

Will you pay this time?

Come, come up, Miss?

Isn't the Miss here today?

What should I do?

??How much?
??5 US dollars

Electric fee 5 dollars

??Gas fee 5 dollars

??A piece of candy

Hold this


My daughter, don't buy anything for me

No, it's from a boy who is pursuing me

??How are you?

All are paid

By the gentleman

Hold this, it's for you


Radio "It's snowing??

(French) "You didn't come tonight"

"I'm deeply in despair"

"It's snowing"

"I wander aimlessly"


No, let me do it, you take a seat


??When did he die?

I have two daughters, the elder is married
she is in Kazakstan

Zina is younger. She lives with me
She is an artist

??Does she have job?
??She plays piano in a restautant

But no salary

Income is not fixed, only some tips

She engages herself to a boy
The boy loved her so much

But after he met an american one day

He left

My wife passed away not long ago

I have three sons, Guje lives in Samarkand

Kamo lives in Alfevelli, france

And Dilovan lives here, but no job


I'm glad to stay here,
I'm happy in your home, but I have to go

Will you still want to go?

I see you off with a friend's car

No, thanks. It's ok I go by myself

Come on, it's my granddaughter's wedding

(French) "It's snowing, you didn't come tonight"

"It's snowing"

"My heart is veiled by black"

"the scarves"

"keeps the white tears"

"Even birds on the tree"

"feel it pity"

"You didn't come tonight"

"I'm deeply in despair"

"It's snowing"

"I wander aimlessly"

??Good morning
-Good morning, how is the business going?

-How many bottles do you sell today?

??Really? it's very good

Do you know, Nina, it's too little profit here

I have to close the restaurant

??I have to close it, I'm very sorry

Yes, good

Hello, we are waiting for you

??How is it?
??What? ??The money you promised to me

Can you pay me a bit more?

You promised to give me 200 US dollars,
and job in Noworthbuk

??I know I did
??You go tomorrow

You must give me more time

Lunch is ready soon

??Do they come?
??They are chatting

Ask them to come here


Lunch is ready, come here

If you feel bad, you take her back then

Dear daughter, you go in first, close the door


??Good morning
??Good morning, how is your business going?

??Well, ??How much is it?
??The uniform? Just 20 US dollars

No, no, it's too expensive, how about 8 US dollars

??Do you like it? ??No,
15 dollars, you will look pretty if you wear it

It's brand new, no repairment

??10 dollars,
??Ok, ??No, let me have a look

Try it, try it

(Telephone Ringing)

??It's Robert, hello

It's for Amo

??How are you? Is this Amo?
??Is this Robert?

??You must come by yourself,
??If only one letter

I won't go,
??It's very important

A large envelope

Are you sure it's very important?

No, my god! How could he ask money from me

(Singing)Lenin, together with you

Lenin, together with you

??Why 10 dollars?
??How much do you want it for?

I said twice, at least 40

I treat you dinner and chocolate

And other money for buying,
didn't you count them in?

Gas, Car, Clothes

Even your underwear is from me

Come here! Don't you think you are lucky?
You are not the only prostitute in the market

Prostitute! Damn it

Good luck, my daughter

Goodbye, grandpa


Write to me, grandpa


I spare the room to repaint it

I want you to help me

??Good morning,
??Good morning, good morning

Buy or sell?


??Brother, we won't sell it,
??So? Goodbye

The end