Vlogworthy (2017) - full transcript

[Long ring]

[heavy breathing]

[engine starting]

[engine revving]


[slow jazz music playing]

[man coughing]

My dear, sweet Elizia.

I've loved you these
many, many years.

But I found something new,
something greater than love.

Who is she?

There is no she, just an--

it, an-- it, a thing, a


that can only invade a soul and initiate
a longing that fills the entire earth,

up on earth to treasure
deeper than gold,

purpose farther than the Sun,
a beautiful masterpiece inside of me.

The local wizards have
opened my inner cornea

and unveiled my inner ear drum.

Local wizards?

Yeah, Alistair Newman say that I
have radioed into the new world,

the prime universe

and they've protected me
from the Lizard people.

Lizard people?

The Lizards, the Gray's,

the Whites.

Newman even gave me this.

It protects me from the abductions and it makes me a receiver.

To receive what?

Messages from beyond.

Does this mean we're broken up?

[Messy jazz music playing]

[phone ringing]

[phone still ringing]



Frederick, is that you?

[Screeching tone]

[Lilith banging door] Elizia!

[Banging door] Elizia!

Elizia, are you there?

- [Elizia] Coming.
- Hello!


Elizia, what is going
on in there?

Nothing, nothing at all.

Sounds like somebody's
being murdered in there.

Are you okay?

Yeah I'm fine,
everything's fine.

Is there somebody
in here with you?

No, just me.

Are you being held hostage?
Blink twice if there's somebody in here with you.

No I'm fine,
everything's fine. Thank you.

Well all right then. You know,
if you need anything...

Yep. Got it. Thank you.

[Phone ringing]

[phone still ringing]


[Telemarketer] Would you like to win a
free chance to take a trip of a lifetime?

No. No. Thank you.

[Telemarketer] Ma'am,
are you all right?


No, I'm not.

[Telemarketer] Would
you like to talk about it?

I don't know. I don't know you.

[Telemarketer] Sometimes all you need is a listening ear.
That's part of a telemarketer's job.

I don't even know
where to begin.

[Telemarketer] Start
from the beginning, girl.


I met Fred about
three years ago.

He was a swell guy.

He was the perfect guy.

He would wrap me up at night
and swaddle me like a child.

We would go get ice cream and he would
always wipe the drips from my chin.

- We'd go to the movies and laugh at the same parts.
- [Melancholic music playing]

And then...

Then what happened?

Then he became distant.

[Telemarketer] Distant, how?

He would go get eggs and be
gone for hours. And he would--

started wearing gloves,
buying lots of aluminum foil,

eating kale, you know.
It wasn't right.

[Telemarketer] Then what?

Then it was over.

Just like that.

He said he'd found

a truer path, a gateway
to the inner ear.

[Telemarketer] And why couldn't you go down this path with him?

He wouldn't let me.

He said he had to do it alone.

[Telemarketer] The true
path is the singular path.


[Telemarketer] Sometimes the only way to be at peace is to be alone.

Look at it this way. Fred is giving you a gift,
a chance to find peace within yourself,

to find your own path.

Yeah, maybe.

I don't know,
it still hurts a lot.

Almost too much.

I must sound like an idiot,
blubbering on and on like this.

[Telemarketer] Oh it's nothing, believe me.
You hear all sorts of things in this line of work.

Well, if it's all the same to
you, thanks for listening to me.

Anytime. You have
a good night ma'am.

You too.

I'm Elizia, by the way.
I didn't catch your name.

[Telemarketer] You can just
call me The Telemarketer.


good night, The Telemarketer.

Good night, Elizia.

[Phone calling]

[voicemail] Hi,
you've reached Elizia.

I'm either not here or I don't care about answering the phone.

Either way, save words
after the beep-a-de-beep.

[Long beep]

Elizia, it's Dan. You missed
two days of work in a row.

You haven't called. Did no one
get in touch with you?

Look, if you're not
at work on time tomorrow,

then I'm gonna have to let you go.
I'm sorry but I got a business to run.

Uh, hopefully, you
get this message.

[Long beep]

This one smells like bananas,
you know, kind of like,

it's been sitting out in the sun too long radiating by our mother-ship.


And this one,
this one smells musky,

kind of rotten,
kind of like meat that's been sitting out too long.

I don't know. I think my old
Frankie will love them both.

I just want this Valentine's
Day to be amazing.

What do you think?

They both smell lovely.

But you didn't even
smell my wrist.

I don't have to.

Your beauty is worth more than
a fragrance on an appendage

and your love shouldn't be tied
to extrasensory enhancements.

If Frankie can't love you without a certain smell attachment,

then you should seek
a new relationship.

Umm, okay.
I guess I'll take the one that smells like bananas.

Have a nice day and thank you for shopping at Fashion Style Mart Hut.

[Door bells ringing]

[soft store music playing]

Hey Elizia.

- [Glass breaking]
- Oh shit!

Um, I'm so sorry. I didn't--

Uh, I didn't mean
to scare you like that.

Listen, um I was just
wondering if--

Look I know that Fred uh-

Listen, what I'm trying to say is I know that Valentine's Day is coming up

and I would hate for you
to be alone and all...

It's fine.

Okay then.

Well in that case, uh,

if you care to join me for...

I'm fine.

Thank you for
asking, but I'm fine.

Okay then.



yeah-- I was just-- in case
you change your mind,

you know where to find
me. I guess.

I guess.

Okay then, um...

It was good talking to you.

Elizia, you've got to get a hold
of yourself.

You've got to move on.

We all saw the writing on the wall.
He was going nuts talking about aliens all the time,

dolphins, one plus one is three,
reading all kinds of pamphlets.

Yeah, you know,
he gave me that one book 101 Ways to Connect with the Dead.

How to connect
with your inner lizard?

Weird shit man, yeah,
you don't need that.

Yeah, none of us needs that.

Okay that's enough, guys.
Let's hear from Ellie.

Ellie, baby,

how are you doing?

What do you think?

How am I doing?

What do I think?

You remember that magic trick,

that great trick
when we were kids?

[Elizia] The top-hatted
magician would set a table

with wine, deserts,
a roast duck in the middle, all shiny and fat.


he would make his way

to the end of the long table,

grab the hem of that

beautiful red tablecloth and tug

so quickly and in
such a way that

all that delicious food and
drink would stay in place,

but the cloth
underneath had vanished.

That's what happens when

a professional, someone suited for the job,
performs that bit of prestidigitation but...


...when an amateur does it--

when Fred does it,

the roast duck is on the ground,

cake is smashed to bits

and the wine bottle
is shattered.

He shattered me.

- So, me and the girls have been talking.
- Yeah.

Yeah, we've been talking and we think that
maybe it's time you get back out there again,

you know,
play the field a little.

Valentine's Day is just around the
corner and it's a good time to go fishing.

Go fishing?

[Beth] Why don't you just grab a newspaper,
look through the classifieds,

see if there's someone that you can tolerate.
Could be interesting, right?

I like books. I like numbers.


Yes, numbers are fascinating,

prime, negative, odds,
even, square-roots.

Heck, without numbers we wouldn't have computers,
cell phones, transistors, chips.

It's all about technology,
nano computers.

Did you know that there
are nanorobotics bees

that can pollinate the earth
just as well as real bees?

Robotic bees?

That's right, we're talking
global proportions.

Numbers turn into science and science turns everything into automation.


Some day we will serve them.

Serve who?

The robots!

And I'll be damned if I'm not
first in line to be subservient

to my higher intelligent
Android robotic overlords.

[Spacey music playing]

Jazz, true jazz.

You see, jazz is like life,

out of the blue, sporadic.

Then how do you deal
with life, that is?

You deal by dealing
with what you're dealt.

Let me lay this down.

Say you're dealt the Sun,
you dance in it.

Say you're dealt
with the fool, you chastise it.

You're dealt the king
of swords, you fight it.

Say you're dealt death...

What, what do you do?

Well, you either re-deal
or you embrace it.

Either way, it's coming
for us all in the end.

Speaking of death,

have you ever seen a man die?

You know, in the movies when you strangle someone,
it only takes some seconds to kill them.


Well it's not that simple. You see,
you gotta squeeze real hard,

so hard it hurts the hands,

the eyes roll up
and the throat gargles.

It's hard, it's real horror.

It changes a man.


[dramatic music playing]

[phone ringing]

- Hello?
- [Telemarketer] Hey, girl!

Who is it?

[Telemarketer] It's me. You
know, from the other day.

The Telemarketer?

My friends call me Telly.

I'm-- what--

What do you want?

[Telemarketer] Oh nothing-- to see how you're feeling.
You were pretty broken up the other day.

- Uh...
- [telemarketer] I'm concerned about you, Ellie.

Please don't call me that.

[Telemarketer] But that's
short for Elizia, isn't it?

That's what your friends
would call you, wouldn't they?

Aren't we friends? I feel
like we're friends now.

[Elizia] Please,
please stop calling me.

Don't, don't call me anymore.
I don't know you.

[Telemarketer] But you've
always known me.

[Water sprinkling]

[distant barking]

[man on TV] What's up with the farmer John who is milking the cows,
you know?

[Man 2] Hey I mean,
praying is for church, huh?

[Woman] I haven't seen you
in church lately.

[Man 2] Well, there's not much
sense in my going to church.

[Man 3] Are you hurt?

Is the world letting you down?

Is the trials and tribulations
that you are feeling

making a black void
in your soul?

I'm here to help you. There is somebody that can help which is the Lord.
Do you feel let down?

Are you terminally ill?

Do you feel all is not right
in your life?

Maybe you're in a breakup.

Has that person left you?

Do you need help?

Well I have the good
news for you.

Please lay your hands

on the screen and touch mine through the power of the television.

Do you feel the healing?

Please touch my hands

and listen
to the Word of the Lord.


[Elizia whispering]

[man] Pray.



[Man in deep voice] Elizia.

Come forward, Elizia.

Go forward, one foot
in front of another

until nothing is left
but the light.

[Double bass playing]

[Elizia] Have you ever
heard God speak?

Like a real voice?

Like a man's voice?

Yes, an audible voice,
a powerful assertion or insertion into your brain,

into your inner ear.

I don't believe that is a man.

Then what is he?

If it exists, it's um,
cosmic force.

I don't know Mary, you sound
like Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Guys, I heard God this morning.

He, she, it whatever,
God spoke to me, like, audibly spoke to me.

[Mary] Oh come on!

Ellie, what did God say?

The voice said,

"Keep moving forward.

One foot in front of the other

until nothing is left
but light."

So what drugs are you taking?
Because I want some.

Seriously though, Ellie,
you're starting to scare us.

What do you mean?

You haven't been going out lately.
You've been keeping to yourself.

You're totally wasted over Fred.

[Beth] You're crying
all the time.

[Mary] And now what,
you're receiving messages?

[Elizia] I'm receiving messages

from the beyond.

You know, something
has got to change.

How, Beth? How?

Because I don't see
any changes in my future.

[Mary] Change with time
is inevitable.

That is a guarantee.

[Double bass continues playing]

Do you have any other scents?


Yes, other scents
besides bananas and musk.

We have a variety of scents
here at Fashion Style Mart Hut.

Something more with celery or parsnip or ginger.
Do you have something like that?

You may want to try the beauty barn located at 5th and Elm Street.

Thank you for shopping
at Fashion Style Mart Hut.

Hey Ellie!

Uh, listen um--

lunch break is coming up

and I

know this great spot that's
right around the corner it's...

I'm not hungry.

- Well, everybody's gotta eat.
- I'm fasting.

For what?

Wait, like--

like, uh...

Is it a religious thing?

Because if so that's cool.

Maybe, I don't know.


Uh, well,

some other time then?


some other time.

[Distant barking]

[Fred] --my inner ear drum.

[Phone ringing]

Bananas and musk?

Do you need help?

Shut up!

Shut up! Shut up!

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut
up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!



Who's there?

[Distorted voices] Join us.

Shit! Shit!

Join us!

No. Please. Please,
just leave me alone.

Go away! Go away!
Go away!

[Phone ringing]

- Hello?
- [Telemarketer] Hello, friend.

I haven't heard
from you in a bit.

Why are you still calling me?

[Telemarketer] Because, Elizia,
we are one and the same. We are destined.

Destined for what?

[Telemarketer] To be
together forever. [Giggling]

You can never leave,
you can never leave us.

- [Phone ringing]
- [screaming]

[knocking on the door]

Who is it?

Your neighbor, Lilith.

I-- um, is there anything
I can help you with?

Well, actually I made far too many brownies for my church's bake sale

and I thought you
might want some.

Oh no, Snickers, these
are not for you. [Giggling]

ah. Chocolate
will kill you. Yeah.

Uh, thank you, I really
appreciate it.

Um, I'll bring the plate back
when I'm done with it.

Yeah, that reminds me.

I've been hearing a lot
of strange noises lately.

[Exhaling] I'm concerned about the safety of my neighbors,
you know.

You know,
love thy neighbor and all.

What sort of voices-- um noises,
have you been hearing exactly?

Well, you know,

the occasional plate breaking,

heavy sobbing,

banging on the walls,

the kind of stuff that,
you know,

you call the police for.

Yeah, before you know it,

there's three dead bodies
stuffed on a steamer trunk

and then

all the neighbors are being interviewed on unsolved mysteries.

There is really no reason to look behind
every door and underneath every table.

I promise you there is nothing

weird going on in my apartment.


you can never be too safe.

Yes. Well, I appreciate you being so
concerned about my safety and well-being.

I really appreciate it.

- Well that is why I'm here. Now if you need anything...
- Mm-hmm.

- Yes, absolutely.
- Anything at all...

I know where you live. We are
next-door neighbors. Thank you.


Damn it.

Sorry, here's Snickers.
Again, thank you so much for the brownies.


[sound of the sea rolling]

[Elizia] Ah...

Well, Miss Cummings,
everything looks good there.

It's Elizia.

Yes. Well, Miss Cummings,
let's see what else we've done.

Blood pressure looks fine.
No irregular heartbeat.

Eyes, ears, nose and throat all look wonderful.
You're in great physical condition.

Then how do you explain
the voices, the hallucinations,

the blood in my ear?

Well, I mean, I can schedule
to run some CAT scans,

brain scans and a whole host of other tests and pokes and prods but

now I've seen
similar cases to this

and my gut's telling me they'll all come back as clean as a whistle.


No, there's something
deeper going on here.

I would like to try something.
Is that okay?

- Sure, anything.
- Okay.

I'd like to try
and hypnotize you.

Hypnotize me?

Yes don't worry.
I practice alternative forms of medicine from time to time.

Do you know the story
of Little Red Riding Hood?

Yeah, who doesn't?

Well, sometimes,
we have to remove the grandmother's skin to find the wolf beneath it.

What I'd like to do is crawl just under the meat of the problem,

to shed the skin, to find
the root of this phenomenon.

Would that be okay?

At this point,
I'll try anything.

Okay, well I need you
to look into my eyes

and pick your hands up
like you are surrendering.

Good, good. Now stare
deep into my eyes

like you're trying to look
to the back of my skull.


[Doctor whispering] Now focus
and let go at the same time.

[Clock ticking slowly]

Now tell me, what do you see?

[Elizia] I see men.

[Doctor] What kind of men?


controlling me,

harming me.

And how do you feel?

I'm broken,



[Doctor] What do you see?

[Elizia] I'm face down
in a field,

men in hazmat
suits scanning me,

judging me.


- But...
- [doctor echoing] What? What is it? What is it?

[Elizia sobbing]
Everything is beautiful.

Everything is white.

[Doctor] What do you see?

[Elizia] God.

I see God.

- [Clearing her throat]
- What is it? What did I say?

Um, I think you are much better
off to see a specialist.

This is more on the plane
of para-spiritual

than it is physiological.

[Clearing her throat] I'd like you to go see a trusted friend and advisor,
Dr. Flemming.

What does he do?

He's a homeopathic
holistic para-psychiatrist.

And he can help me?

Trust me.

Trust me, my dear.

[Soft music playing]

Um, hi. Can I help you?

Why do you keep the crust
on your sandwich?

Because it's wasteful
to throw away the crust.

You don't have to throw it away,
silly. Feed it to the pigeons.

I used to eat it
without the crust.

I know.

[Both] It just tastes
better that way.

Don't grow up, throw away
the crust, feed the pigeons.

Do as I do.

Be a fool, be a child.
We are all just children even after we die.

[Soft music continues]

[soft jazz music playing]

[Dr. Flemming] Tell me,
what seems to be the problem?

[Elizia] Everything.

Even more than that. Where
do you want me to start?

From the beginning,
Miss Cummings.

It's Elizia.

From the beginning,
Miss Cummings.

Well, things went crazy
after Fred left.

[Dr. Flemming] Your boyfriend?

Ex-boyfriend, I guess.

It still feels--

just saying that--

He started ranting about lizards and plants and secret technology

and he had this tattoo on his
hand that I'd never seen before.

What kind of tattoo?

It was an ear.

[Dr. Flemming] Go on.

Anyway, after that

I started hearing things, I'm


What do you see?
What do you hear?


God, the devil, heaven, hell,

like the guts of the world
have been pulled inside out

and I can see all of its organs.

My friends think I'm crazy.

They say I just need to get back out there and start dating again

but all I can find are guys
who are crazier than I am.

I'm spinning
and spinning and I just

need to pedal the other way.

I see.

Do you have a paddle, doctor?

Well, this proverbial turning
the tide of your whirlpool

definitely won't be
an instant fix.

More of a gradual change.

There's no magical bean or bullet or a
pill that you can just swallow for this one.

You see life is like exercise.

In order to stay fit and healthy you have to diet and work out and

change will come in time,

gradually massaging
the problems

and curbing the waters.

But there's always
that first step.

So what's mine?

What's my first step?


You must refocus
your energy from Fred.

Put it on something else.

Like what?

It's up to you.

It could be a hobby,



It could be a thing.

Do you like collecting? Do you
collect anything, Miss Cummings?

I don't know.

What do people collect?

Anything; coins, stamps,

comics, cars, knick-knacks,



Yes, gnomes.


[Dr. Flemming] Find something.

Focus on it.
Something that calls to you.

That's your first step.



[heavenly singing]

[soft jazz music playing]

I'm broken.

How do you mean?

I mean I've tried everything: dating, hypnosis, doctors, psychotherapy.

Nothing's working.
I'm broken, unfixable.

Oh Humpty Dumpty
fell off her wall?

Look Ellie,
I just think you're letting this breakup get the best of you.

You don't understand.
Something was planted in my brain that keeps growing

and growing until one day
my head is going to explode.

Oh brother!

[Elizia] Do you know the Church
of the Transfiguration?


There's this old church on St.
August Street downtown. It's been calling me.

Calling you?


It has a glowing door that
keeps whispering my name.

I've been going there a lot
at night just standing there,


You need some serious help.
You know that, right?

I know, that's what I'm saying.
I'm hearing these things, I'm seeing these things

and nothing
is working. I'm broken.

Beth, maybe we should...

I don't know.

Maybe what?

Well, remember when me
and Beth lost pops?

[Elizia] Yeah, you guys were
really broken up about it.

Yeah I OD'ed, almost died.

It was some scary shit.

Feels like forever ago.

Five years ago.

Well, we ran off to Nevada...

That healing retreat.

Oh yeah, you guys came back like new.
Do you think I should do that?

Mm, it really was
a bunch of bullshit.

Ten thousand dollars worth.

There's no way
you could afford that.

Not without rich parents,
right Davey?

Anyway, they did
give us one thing.

- One thing.
- One thing?

One thing that flipped
the switch.

Turned the dial.

Turned on the light and we
were out of the darkness.

So what was it?

A secret, a word, a meditation?




I'm confused.

they tripped balls.

Come on you guys, I need to be
healed, not more fucked up.

[Dave] I'm serious Ellie, it
really opened some doors for us.

[Beth] It's at least
worth a try.

What the hell?

I have nothing to lose.

Atta girl.

Okay, here,
you're gonna take this and you're gonna drink just a little--


Right, now just lay back
and keep your eyes open.

You're just gonna try
to clear your mind.

[Distant growling,
whispering and blabbing]

[phone ringing]

[heart beating]

[distant bells ringing]


[distant talking]

[Dave] It's okay,
you're all right.

[Beth] You'll be okay.

[Dave] You're all right,
we're here.

Oh Ellie.



[Narrator] Notice how the caterpillars
are the very picture of concentration.

Their focus is absolute,
rendering them completely oblivious to any danger,

any lurking predator to anything outside the world of this leaf.

Eating is all there is.

[Knocking on the door]


Not a good time. Leave me alone.

[Silly voice] Hey, down here.

It's me Snickers.

Oh no, no, no.

[Snickers] It's cool,
we just need to talk.

You need to leave.

Oh no, no, that's not gonna
happen. We need to talk.

No, you need to leave, you need to leave,
you need to leave, right now.

[Snickers] We absolutely need to talk.
Let me ask you, why Elizia?

Why what?

[Snickers] Why are you
so mad at me?

Mad at you?

Yes, and you've been speaking
the secret language.

Secret language?

For the world. The secret
language of the heavenlies.

Oh no, I only speak English.

I'm not a resident of another
plane or planet and you,

you heard wrong and you
need-- I need you to go.

What you got there?

- This?
- Mom's brownies?

[Lilith's voice]
Chocolate will kill you.

Do you want some?

[Snickers] Yes, yes, yes, yes.
Mom never lets me have any.

Eat up.

Argh! Yes, thank you,
thank you, thank you.

[Phone calling]

[Elizia's mom] Hello?

Ellie? Baby, is that you?

[Elizia] Mom, can I come home?

[Elizia's mom] Of course, dear.

Honey, what's wrong?

Why did you come home?

Nothing. No reason. I'm fine.

But honey, you were crying,
sobbing last night.

On the phone,
you were sobbing.

Mom, can't I just come home and
see my mom every now and then?

I don't know, I had
to get away for a bit.

Well, honey, I know.

Sunday is tomorrow, we'll go to
church, see Pastor Hanley speak.

Sure mom, that sounds great.

[Elizia's mom] I set up your
old room for you to sleep.

It looks like you
could use some rest.

Do you know the healing
capabilities of crystals?

The sacred bonds
of wolf and man?

The pure energy of light
and the laying on of hands?

There are forces
beyond our control!

Forces that have
controlled our way of life!

They're seeding the clouds
with false memories.

We are already dead, people,
and the rain has washed away all memory of our passing.

Open your eyes,
open your hearts!

Rip open the veil and peer
into your new world.

You're new world,
the real world!

So how was it, at your mom's?

I don't know. Weird.

Things are weird
no matter where I go.

Sorry, Elle.

I just-- I don't know
what to do anymore.

There are motivational
speakers. They help people.

Tony Robbins, Richard
Simmons; people like that.

Dave, do you think the government is
seeding the clouds with weird chemicals?


Never mind.

Wait, what's going on, Elle?

I think there's someone
following us.


- I don't see anyone.
- Don't stop. Come on.


Ellie-- Elle, are you alright?

This is maybe too traumatic for you right now.
We should just go.


No. These are not traumatic tears,
these are beautiful tears.

Everything is beautiful.


[Soft music playing]

[Dr. Flemming's voice]
Must refocus your energy on Fred, put it on something else.


[Elizia] Gnomes.

[Dr. Flemming's voice]
Find something.

Focus on that.

That's your first step.

[Heavy breathing]

[jazz music playing]

I'm really worried about Ellie.

How do you mean?

I mean she's gone into space.

I know, she's still
all broken up over Fred.

I mean she's broken up,
broken down, broken apart.

Breakups are hard sometimes.

She asked me about the
government seeding the clouds.

She thinks she's being followed

and she cried tears
of joy during a horror movie.

She's flipped upside down, Mary.

Maybe we should just stop
meddling, just let this pass.

She'll normalize from crazy, to angry,
to depose to depressed, to okay, to fine, to better.

It's a cycle, it's chemistry.

Yeah, I just wish
we could help her.

Speaking of Ellie, guess who
just showed up and wants to help

you blow out
the birthday candles.

Also she's drunk as shit.


[ambient music playing]

Davey, it's the birthday boy!

Ellie, what the hell
are you doing?

I wanted to give you
your present.

What would that be?

It's me! Unwrap me, silly.

Ellie, you're drunk.
I don't think you know what you're doing.

Oh, shut up and dance
with me, stupid.

Come on. Don't.

You don't tell me what to do.
♪ Nany Nany boo boo stick your head in poo poo ♪

Come on, let's just
sit down and relax.

I have to pee,
where's the bathroom?

Okay. See, see the hallway?
Yeah, go straight back. You can't miss it.

All right.

[Music distorting]

Excuse me.

Do you know
where the bathroom is?



Do you know
where the bathroom is?

Excuse me.

Who are you? What's going on?
What do you want from me?

[Crying] Please, this is not what I go through.
I'm not finished yet.

This is not the veil. No, this
is not veil. Please. Please.

I just want to go back to the
party. I just want to see Dave

and Mary and Beth
and even Cleve sometimes.

No! Please, this is not
where I go through.

This is not the veil.
This is not the veil!

Ellie, Ellie, get it
together. Come on.

You got to calm down. The
neighbors have called the cops.

Ellie, I need you to breathe.
Breathe. It's okay.

[Dave] I'm gonna get you
a cab home, okay?

[Voice] Hey!

Hey, Ellie!

Who's there?

It's me, over here on the shelf.

Mr. Stuffybottoms?

Listen, you can't listen to
those whispers you're hearing.

You can't let the control
room control you.

Excuse me, gnomes don't talk.

We most certainly do and I don't
have the time to argue with you.

Oh no, you're a possessed
doll, hell no.

Possessed is such a derogatory
term. I'm only a vessel.

Mm. No, hell no. You need to go.

Wait, we need to talk.

I do have a message,
if you'd only listen. Wait!

[Lilith] Snickers!

Here Snick, Snick, Snick.

Little Snicky doodles.

Snickers, where are you?

Oh, oh Ellie! Have you
seen my Snickers?

I let him out a couple days ago to do his
business and he hasn't been home since

and I'm so very, very,
worried about him.




My dog.

Have you seen him?

I am not available
for questioning.

Bye. Have a good one.

[Soft piano playing]

[music gets quicker]

[music gets very fast]

Um, I think you need to get out.

[Elizia] No!

No! Please! No!

[Crying] No.


And there he was,
Mr. Stuffybottoms,

up on the bookshelf, like
nothing had ever happened.

[Dr. Flemming]
Mr. Stuffybottoms?

[Elizia] Yes, my gnome.

I mean, that's what
I named the gnome.

He's not mine anymore.
I-- He won't leave and I just want to get rid of him

or it or whatever it is.

And you say he spoke to you.

Yes, he said, "You can't let the
control room control you."

First of all,

he did not speak to you.

This whole psychosis

is in your ear

or your mind.

It's the inner workings
being revealed to you.

I don't care what you think
you heard that gnome saying.

It's just you speaking
to your own real self.

And I think that in order for you to heal and to move over that bridge,

you just might have
to let that gnome speak.

I don't think I'm going back
to that Dr. Flemming.


Why? I thought
he was helping you.

I have a creature living in my house speaking gibberish first of all but

trying to communicate

something. I don't know.

A creature?

You mean like a mouse?
Like a talking mouse?


A gnome.

A gnome?

Oh, like from the Thrift Store.

Is this gnome like jumping up
and down and moving its lips?

He's not physically speaking,
like, psychically or tele--

what's the word
for brain thought talking?




I'm so tired.

I'm not even upset
about Fred anymore.

I feel like I'm not even alive,
like I have a foot in another dimension.

I've been reading a lot about this and what you're experiencing

is called supernatural


Supernatural personification,
it's when something or someone

enters an inanimate object so that way
you can communicate with the living.

You know, like the Djinn.


Genies, they're tricksters.

You know,
this thing is really evil and you've got to get rid of it.

But I've tried.
That's what I'm saying.

I've thrown it away
numerous times, but

Mr. Stuffybottoms always ends up back on the shelf,
tormenting me.


Take this.

[Elizia] What's this?

[Beth] Someone who can help.

[Cell phone vibrating]

One second.

- Hello?
- [Telemarketer] Ellie?

Is it you?

Yeah it's me, Telemarketer.

How'd you get my
cell phone number?

I just need to hear your voice. I'm worried about you.
You haven't returned my calls.

I asked you to stop calling me.

And what about Stuffybottoms?

- Excuse me?
- Do you want to get rid of all of us?

Don't ever call back. Goodbye.

I need to see this
Dante right away.

[Dante] Well, I gotta say,
this is classic Djinn.

They're tricksters and they're always looking for a new vessel,

someone to steal and create
a new realm inside of.

A realm?

A universe within a universe

within a universe.
It's where they thrive.

An evil wheel within
a wheel, so to speak.

What do I do?


first of all, we're going
to do a little test.

A test?

Don't worry, no pins
or pricks or needles.

A simple vision test,
if you will.

Now open the book
and tell me what you see.

Not exactly what you
see but how you feel.








[Dante] Yes. Good.


Means you haven't gone too far.

You, Miss Cummings,

are still with us.

We may be able to get rid
of these invaders.


Drink this.

When you get home,

stand in front of the gnome,

drink this, then

dance wildly.

[Dante] Burn the gnome
outside in a fire

and repeat these words,

"avid-mal-um, avid-mal-um".

Repeat those words while the
fire is burning and that's it.

[Elizia] That's it?

[Dante] That's it.

It'll never come back
into your house again.

Elizia, you seem like you're doing so much better now.

Seems like you're finally
past all this, huh?


I guess I am.

I guess I am.

[Upbeat music playing]

[John] Dear Elizia, I know that we just work together,
but I really dig you.

I think that you're a swell chick that deserves
better than that what Fred ever handed you.

Anyway, Valentine's Day is tomorrow and
if you're free then I'd love to take you out.

Let me know. Hugs and
kisses, John from work.

[John] Hello?

Hi, John.


I would love to go out
with you tomorrow night.

Wow! Well great!

Um, Alfonso's Cafe at 7:00 p.m. tomorrow okay with you?

Sounds fantastic.

So, I tell Mr. Kerbumple he can shove it up his backside.
I'm a stock boy not a janitor.

And he still hasn't fired you?

No, no. I'm a friend
of the family, I guess.

Lucky you.
One more customer complaint and I'll probably be getting the shaft.

You don't need this job anyway.
You're not like normal people.

Oh. What, so I'm weird?

No, no, no, not at all.
No, you're--

uh, you're not meant
for this sheep-herding world.

No, what I mean to say is

you're better than this world.

You're meant for better things.


a sparkle, a twinkle
behind your eyes

that most people don't have.

There's a destiny
under your skin.

No, no, I'm--

I'm sorry. I didn't mean--
Did I upset you?

No, that was


What you said
was really beautiful.

No one's ever spoken to me
that way before.

Do you really believe that?

With all my heart.


Elizia, you come answer
this door this instant!

Snickers is missing

and I think you have
something to do with it.

Listen John, um,

I'm sorry I've
been ignoring you.

It's just things have been
really hard and honestly

really weird lately.

That's what breakups do,

especially, you know,
when someone you love

doesn't love you back.

It's like--

Losing an appendage.


Yes, it's like someone
cut off your arm

and its gushing blood

and nobody can see it but you.

Sounds like you've been through
it before. Who was she?

My mom.

She said, "Stay here.
I'll be right back."

I was seven.

It was aisle three
of the Piggly Wiggly.

Never saw her again.

I'm, I'm so sorry.

That's okay.

The pain never really
leaves you though.

Then how do you deal with it?

You know, in school when
you see those safety films?

You know the safety films
that teach you what not to do,

like, don't stick a fork in the
light socket,

don't stick your hand in the
fire, don't drink and drive.


Well, when someone
hurts you like that,

it's kind of like a lesson,

uh, like a safety film
for your life.

I learned what not to do.
Because of her I'm a better person.

Because of her I will never
leave the one that I love.

I guess that's the strength that comes out
of the adversity that's placed upon us.

That's beautiful.

Elizia, you come and answer
this door now!



Oh, something stinks terribly!

Ugh. What is that smell?


Oh, my God. Ugh!

Ugh! That smell, what is that?

Oh God, no!


[Cell phone vibrating]

Excuse me just one moment.

I told you to stop calling me
and I would appreciate it if...

[telemarketer] Shut up
right now and listen.

If you want to stay alive then you'll do exactly as I say.

I see you and I see John.

If you say another word,
then you're both dead meat, you got that?

What do you want?

Go to the back of the restaurant and go through the kitchen door.

Okay, now what?

See that sign on the door?

Go there.

I got you a little
Valentine's gift.

Go ahead, unwrap your present.

Oh my God! What have you
done? What did you do?

[Telemarketer] I'm erasing
the competition.

Did you really think that
your little showman ritual

can get rid of us? A potion and a dance in a fire?

We're here to take you over.

We are here to become you, Elizia.
If we can't have you then no one can.

- Oh my God, John. What did you do with John?
- [Laughing]

Oh, sweet little Miss Cummings.


Oh my God. John.

[Telemarketer] See you
soon, girl! We're coming.

I've gotta get to my friends.

[Operator] 911, what's
your emergency?

There's crazy man who's
stalking me and I'm--

[operator] Ma'am. Hello?

Ma'am, are you there?

[Distant voices]

What's happening?

Where am I?
What's going on? Someone...

You really need
to shut up back there.

He's gonna have you,
no matter how much commotion you make.

Who's gonna have me?
Who are you working for? What's going on?

The Telemarketer, of course.
Hasn't he been talking to you?

He's got a big surprise
in store for you. [Laughing]

Damn it!

All right, little girl,
we've run out of gas.

If you move even one little pinkie toe trying to escape,
you're dead.

Am I dead?

You're in the in-between space.

You're inside the walls
of existence.

Now is the moment
for you to be free.

How do I be free?

Tell me, what do I do?

Relax, open your ears,
turn off your mind, and just simply listen.

♪ Elizia, can you hear me?

♪ Cos I'm calling out to you

♪ Elizia, can you hear me?

♪ Cos I'm calling out to you

♪ Daughter of the rain

♪ Daughter of the waves

♪ Daughter of the flames

♪ Come home, come home

[upbeat music]

Dr. Flemming, Dr Flemming,
there's a crazy man after me.

And he kidnapped me and I escaped and ran here.
I'm having crazy visions.

I've seen God and hell
and heaven and my baby.

He's coming. Relax!

What would you like
for me to do about it?

I need your help!

Well, I offered you an
alternative and you refused.

Where did you get that?

[Gnome] I told you not to trust the collector to get the job done.
That man has no eyes.

Shut up, Wintel!

Wait, what?

Ellie dear,

I wish you would've
just listened to us.

You could have joined us
peacefully but now

I believe we might just have
to take some extreme measures.

Take my hand, girl.

Join us, don't go to the light.

It scatters.
We are to integrate,

become one with you.
Please, be with us, girl.

No, please. Leave me alone.

Take my hand, girl.

There's nowhere to run. We're
coming for you. We're coming.

[Fast music]

Hello. Hello!

Hey! Someone help me, please.
Please, somebody help me.

There's a crazy man,
he's following me around and a talking gnome.


Hello, can any of you see me?
Why aren't you saying anything?

Please help me. Please. Please.

Please someone help me.



[Phone calling]

What's happening?
Is she answering?

She's not picking up and I've
left like five messages.

Where do you think she is?

Do you think she's in trouble?
David, I'm really worried.

Let's just go by her
apartment and see, okay?

[Soft piano music playing]


Hey! Wait for me.

[Girl's voice] Do as I do.

[Dave] Hello?


[Beth] You there?


[Lilith sobbing]

She murdered my Snickers.

She's a monster.

I hope she rots in hell.

Oh my God!

- Oh my God!
- We gotta go find Ellie.

[Piano music continues]

Where are we going, folks?

Shit, where are we going?

Where would Ellie go?

The coffee house, um, the bar.

Meter's running, folks.

Please just please give us
one second. Uh, nope.

Ellie's been going
crazy places lately.

Where would crazy Ellie go?

She's been talking
about that church.

The church
with the glowing door. Um.

The Church of Annunciation...?

Church of Transformation?

Church of the Transfiguration?

Yes, that's it.

That church burned down,
like, 25 years ago.

It's an old convent.

It got hit by lightning during a thunderstorm and burned to the ground.

It was in all the papers.

You know what?
Actually one of the nuns got trapped in the bell tower

and burned alive.

All they found was a charred
skeleton of Sister Cummings.

Sister Cummings?

Yeah Sister Cummings,
that was her name.

She died in that fire and they
never rebuilt that church.

It's just a playground now

and basically an empty field.

Sister Cummings.

What was her first name?

Uh this is a really
long time ago guys, uh...

I think her name started
with an E. Eliza maybe.

Was it Elizia?

That's it. Sister
Elizia Cummings.

Have you guys heard of her? Was
she your relative or something?

She was our best friend.

[Heavenly singing]

[man] Elizia.

Go forward, Elizia.

Go forward. One foot
in front of another

until nothing is left but light.

[Soft music playing]

♪ Elizia, can you hear me?

♪ Cos I'm calling out to you

♪ Elizia, can you hear me?

♪ Cos I'm calling out to you

♪ Daughter of the rain

♪ Daughter of the waves

♪ Daughter of the flames

♪ Come home, come home

♪ Come home, come home

♪ Elizia, I never left

♪ I've always been
Right beside you ♪

♪ Elizia, I never left

♪ I've always been
Right beside you ♪

♪ You are a garden

♪ Filled with love
And compassion ♪

♪ Where do you think
It comes from inside ♪

♪ Elizia, can you hear me

♪ Cos I'm calling out to you

♪ Elizia, can you hear me?

♪ Cos I'm calling out to you

♪ Daughter of the rain

♪ Daughter of the waves

♪ Daughter of the flame

♪ Come home

♪ Home

♪ Listen to my voice

♪ You have a choice

♪ Listen to my voice

♪ You have a choice

♪ So Elizia, come home

♪ Elizia, come home

♪ Elizia, come home

♪ To me

♪ Uh, ay

♪ Elizia, can you hear me?

♪ Cos I'm calling out to you

♪ Elizia, can you hear me?

♪ Cos I'm calling out to you

♪ Daughter of the rain

♪ Daughter of the waves

♪ Daughter of the flame

♪ Come home, come home